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Saturday, January 13th

John Dickinson and Matt Steinmetz talk about the Cavs and their drama, as well as the Warriors visiting the Raptors in Toronto.


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Volume. Like new Nissan. Yeah I did make port hole. Plus there. Barry did they have all warriors we'll take a knife point lead to those second floor. This is a big way right there. I'm nick young's confidence is never. Never an issue. He hits the three air warriors should lead by nine at the end of one that. And they would go on to win it leading by fourteen in winning by fourteen. 10 late 94 in Milwaukee first of a five game road trip but a difficult road trip is welcome yen NBA this week or 9570 game. John Dickinson mass Simon's Wiki for the next three hours as we do each and every Saturday morning talk and warriors and NBA and the warriors. That third quarter Matt's guy Mets a really solid button doubt. Two way ass hurt which is really what they've done on the road all year long it's been at home that those gains have been lacking. Real good ball game. Last night for the warriors I thought really solid terrific way to start the trip. There were few things that I noticed that I thought were positives for the warriors. The first one is. The young players. Who in specific McCall. And c'mon loonie really contributed to that win I think you could say that if c'mon looney doesn't play last night they might not win. And so now you're looking at some of your younger players contributing rather than just kind of playing when they're up fifteen or twenty I that's really important. And the other thing I thought that was that was big is just. Getting off to a good start. Without staff curry. And because they came with such a tough game last night it's got to make tonight's game harder. But if curry does come back tonight it'll give the warriors the kind of lift that they may need. To beat a very good team like Toronto when they're on the second half of the back to back. Great way for the warriors to start to trip and Milwaukee's it seemed that as we know JD there there interest thing they're not quite there yet but they're headed in the right direction. Well I think really the warriors were in in desperate need of a quality defensive performance and may be the box because they are the best shooting team in the league although. They had eleven threes last night. I I think they were in in some ways just what the doctor ordered a little bit for that warriors defense knowing they had to perform. Otherwise they were going to be in trouble it felt like. A lot of the games on that road trip when Stefan curry got hurt and the warriors rambled a lock down. And change the game with their defense. And then just move the ball get enough offense whether it was Kevin Durant who had a big game whether it was clay Thompson. Who knocked down those some shots at important moments or even dream on green you knew he had the the scoring game go on for him and I worry finishes with a 12110. And seven. So he was a playmaker he was a score. And Iran is just to rant you run everything through him in and you don't miss a beat. They got a lot of weapons even with Seth Curry out and I think. I staff curry was the theme of the week JD. Obviously in play Wednesday didn't play Friday where a wait and see about ten IE. And the thing about the curry injury. Nobody really knows. Except staff may be. And if you're old enough to remember Curry's third year in the league 1112 when he only played 26 games. There are some shades of that injury. In what we've seen the last week I'm not saying and that's gonna be like that but the reason everybody has such concerned over what most. Teams were just consider regular old sprained ankle is because a regular old sprained ankle was way debilitated curry third year of his career. So let's hope we can get out there tonight. And bounce back like he did for the last 45 games when he came back from his injuries so that's that's that's now the big theme of the warriors yet and what pat what's gonna happen with staff. I look at and a little bit differently. I think that they're reasoned no cause for concern isn't quite there yet and I said this to your earlier in the week when we did warriors warmup together. It mean if curry has another injury like the one that he had at the beginning of that road trip. Where it's gonna cause him to miss 345. Weeks if that happens again at some point let's say relatively soon. After he returns and an all all indications are really think he's probably going to return tonight. And play in the game the warriors wanted did avoid plane and and a back to back which is similar to the way. He returned two weeks ago warriors set a Friday. And then a Saturday game they sat and out of the Friday game. They brought him back the Saturday game against the grizzlies and and he just EE set the world on fire the five games that that he returned so. The warriors you're gonna play in similar fashion. This semi was. Oh really really really minor and I think they didn't want to put him back out on the night that he tweaked it. They wanted to give my a couple of more days they didn't wanna bring him back in that everything is just. The ultimate. In caution by the warriors. As to the way their handle on it but yes if it if it happens again tonight if it happens Monday. Then I think you start to get into that okay oh maybe this is something that becomes kind of a chronic. Issue for a. While it's one of those things were how are you looking at it. You have a very valid point of view I'll worry wart. Might think. Wow well maybe there being overly cautious. Because they're really worried about it and of course they are. But. It may be. I don't know maybe they're worried about well are clearly worried about it turning into something more and that's the last thing they want and if you told Steve Kerr look. Here's what you gotta do you got arrest him for five more games and then bring him back or they would certainly do that I just don't think. I think no matter when he comes back. Whether it's tiger whether it's a week from tonight it's going to be critical game. Because how he comes through that first game. It's gonna set the table for. At least into the and then the near future about that ankle. John Dickerson Matt Stein makes NBA this week here and 95 cent in the game to got a great show for appalled Jones raptors announcer is gonna join us coming up at 10 o'clock. Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post at 1030. And and Tim Roy the voice of the Golden State Warriors will join us coming up at eleven we've got the warriors. And the raptors for you here and 95 cents in the game with warriors warm up at 3 o'clock today it's Damon Bruce it's scary Keating. Tim Droid four and the warriors and rappers are gonna tip just after 430 that's I Metz you've got warriors wrap up coming up after the ballgame tonight. Yes sir I'm looking forward that want to I'm really looking forward to tonight's game Toronto's point extremely well there are sixty win pace at Boston home game out and they're a team that. Stereotype is they they're not gonna really be able to break through they're not a Boston they're not a Cleveland. What we'll say will see you get the sense Toronto as a team that is preferring being under the radar right now because in years past. They've been talked about but they never really been able to overcome so I think they like where their act the thing that struck me about this week in the NBA JD. Is we've got 200 talked about today and I'm I can't wait to get into it I mean we have. Gregg Popovich acknowledging that LaMarcus Aldridge ask for a train enough he's got no plans before the season. And that pop it forced Popovich. To look in the mirror and assessed himself and realize that he might not have been coaching Aldridge the right way. I think Jimmy Butler. Has elevated himself into the MVP conversation. I think the LA clippers all of a sudden have done a great job of hanging in there there. They and the pelicans are right there Cleveland as you would say where's I would say they staying. What's happened at Cleveland the lakers would Lavar ball Charlotte Steve Clifford come and I mean. Houston James Harden may it looks like he's gonna be back for next Saturday's game against the warriors so there's just. A boatload of stuff happen and in the NBA I can't wait to get in the show. James Harden quick healer that doesn't miss a lot of games but a quick healer because it seemed a when he went down debt. Yeah I think may be out here who cover the warriors with regularity you tend to think wall. Boy you see James Harden Gaudin your signal that the there's no way he's been playing that game because I gonna be extra cautious well right teams aren't as cautious right as the Golden State Warriors are with different injury. Yeah I think. If I'm Houston. The only game I don't bring in the bring him back against would be the warriors would want the warriors to be his first game back that's all it's a psychological more than anything because at least the rockets right now can say hey where's haven't beat us when we've been full strength. You mentioned the clippers and they're all the way up the money and 21 at the halfway mark the pelicans. Are right there in the mix as well the nuggets that under the blazers there's not really much that separates five. From nine. Right now in the Western Conference in many gets a little bit murkier beyond that you've got the lakers. And Lavar ball. And Steve Kerr add comments about Lavar ball. Rick Carlisle had comments about the bar ball. The lakers didn't really see any thing about Lavar ball in his statement that Luke Walton had lost the team oh by the way. The lakers have lost nine in a row they beat Atlanta they beat Sacramento. May be disbursed this week's they've actually won. Three in a row at home after not waited all game since before Thanksgiving. I've forgotten the San Antonio game so when you said they beat Atlanta if they can admit that I think Angel maybe they haven't done much but the spurs win. Solidify and I don't get a little bit yeah I don't go up to exactly. But the kings. And that Atlanta Hawks. Struggled all should know what the hawks are winning just the target our old friend trap which like in Atlanta and he's he's weighed just enough. But they're still pretty allow plug here's the thing that you look at the bottom of the Western Conference and in Sacramento right now and and Memphis I think tied Dan but. Last in the Western Conference is on pace to win like 27 games which is odd. Usually that get cute about a eleventh but there isn't much difference again between you know you're right men and fifty you know there isn't in fact it's only what. Less than its three and a half games JD and looks like ten. To fifty mean. You might want to give Utah a chance to get it together but. It it's probably gonna be too much if they've got to get it could get all the way back to 500 I don't think that's impossible that's getting that should be healthy here I think that's gonna be tough. But what it's also doing is it's separating. The West Indies to levels and it's looking like there's only going to be one thing to watch and that's the battle for any. Because it looks like it's gonna come down to two teams battling for one spot our John Dickinson mass diamonds in BA this week here on 9570. Game. Warriors. Is tonight's matchup more compelling. And the big one on Monday. This solid. That's pretty new here. Milwaukee's own Javon Clooney. Franc pair NBA this week right here. 957 game in a positive performance from loonie last night. Eight plus sixteen was three for 39 points at eight boards three assists. He played really solid defense as he tends to do and he had a couple of different rotations stints. For Steve Kerr last night that in Milwaukee is the warriors get done he played 23 minutes last night. JD I thought he looked terrific. And you click close there. And you start to look at his game and just think about it in the context of the warriors. I think he's gonna start getting more playing time rather than less. He's just such yeah he's very very solid he he plays like a veteran he doesn't make mistakes. And yet he. He's got activity NM but it's not the activity you noticed like a Jordan bell. But he doesn't get out hustled he doesn't get out scrapped. I believe they're not JD now start to wonder. The warriors might have made a mistake by not picking up that option. Because now he's going to be unrestricted. He is going to be on restricting and players like looney. I can see another team coming in and say and look at looney what if we gave him 20/20 two minutes a game. Well they're gonna pay him a number that the warriors will not masked woman when I took yet they won't be able to let us know to be able to but I mean they can't they won't admit deal making competing offer. Just on the surface of it. And if the warriors lose loonie is at the end of the world no but it's a young player. That. Seemingly was going to be part of your future and it's not going to be there I'm not trying to turn what looney did into a negative. Because. What he did was so positive now you have to worry about man I mean is this guy part of the long term and to me he's become more valuable. At least right now for this play off for this run he's more valuable than JaVale McGee. He's more valuable than Jordan bell. Means he is. She's rocketing himself up and David West type territory not there yet. But I really I'm sort of like him more and more and more just because. He just doesn't make a lot of mistakes out there. Oh he doesn't end when you look at the way that the warriors break down their senators and he's got the Julie again his six minutes each half 67 minutes you get David West he's getting his. 67 minutes in each half. That's your starter for each of the four corners Pachulia one and three David West to a four who's gonna get. Those other minutes and come on Lou he's the guy did he got the minutes. End of the first quarter he wanted to get the minutes and give every quarter actually last night including plane down the stretch. And at times you'll see dad go to JaVale McGee might get a couple of stints there. Either Jordan bells minutes had been there that's an opportunity for Steve Kerr to kind of play would that that that spot. Sort of in the bottom of the first quarter but I wanna look at it like it like an inning or bottom of the third quarter but. You'll looney sick I did. I'll be honest and look at it this summer may I just I need I wrote them all. I wrote him off you weren't the only ones may I don't know that I wrote him off because you know what I really considering that it's. Or you're right somebody off you have to think their their first night he's never really Iran is open until this year we were. Talking about it. During the summer. How was even gonna make the team who knows he can make that decision brought back JaVale and they brought back Pachulia and David West didn't retire. And damion Jones who's gonna need some minutes right. At that point Jordan bell. Was the gelding the guy that continues to make flash plays and he slashed immediately even in the summer league. So you start to look at it your synch and while looney hasn't done much. He didn't look all that. Healthy in this summer infect you look like you guys are still trying to find himself in the summer. But he came into camp and did everything the warriors asked him to do it and now he's a factor. In if you look at. The teams that he's played against him in Milwaukee one he set a positive impact involve the games against Houston which I think is interesting. Because. The rockets are dealt the rockets might be the warriors stiffest competition in the Western Conference but if they've got another guy that can play. Against that team employed effectively. It's gonna be tough for anybody to beat them. Here's what I was thinking. Everybody's in love with Jordan bell and I understand that second round pick came out of nowhere. Would sure bella bloom and looting art dissimilar at all with the exception of Belle looks like getting a much better athlete. If you think about it loonie does. Everything bell does and maybe better. Because he doesn't make any mistakes for example several builds a better shot blocker now they're the same kind of shot blocker if you look at the per 36 for example. And always about defense you don't want to lose these more advanced defensively right now than bell. So I think the only thing that just stands out that Delta's batteries. To lob shirk and maybe run the floor. Bells done a better job of that lately. But man loon east. See this is where a lot of people I think talks smack you know I mean you know I'll looney just. Plays the game you don't I mean that's looney doesn't do anything like Jordan bell we don't have good if you're loony and you're playing with curry and clay and straight month and derail it just stay within the box and he does that. And he's doing really well. John Dickinson that's done it here NBA this week and 957 game we got Paul Jones raptors announcer gonna join us coming up but at the top of the hour let's get into this road trip a little bit. Because I he's date. Before the break and tonight's game in Toronto. Sounds like Harry's going to be back. Monday's game as the headliner this road trip. Although they do play the rockets a week from tonight in Houston to close it out. Tonight more compelling game then Monday against the pass and cavs are always most compelling. A plane while low right now and the raptors are a team that always tends to give the warriors are run for their money although the warriors always tend to find a way to win. I don't know if it'll ever be more compelling and then the warriors playing Cleveland. I think at this point even Cleveland is 500 it would still be a big game. But I think Toronto is playing better than they Cleveland Cavaliers right now I don't think there's any doubt about it they blew Cleveland out the other day. Toronto is an interest in team. They really are on them on the surface they seem like the same old same old but if you look at their bench they've got different kind of players. They have the ability to. To be a little bit athletic and to play you that style and their bench is solid their pensions really solid and its young. So I am looking forward to this game tonight in a big way particularly because. No we're a tough game last night they what you want a tough game and players are playing pretty big ministry in my play 37. Kevin Durant played 36 in this one of those things to be where it's easy for fans say. House basketball scrum played tonight and then well the one play tonight and there won't be any excuses if they lose but the reality is play game like last night. Does it help you on a night like tonight as we get the blame a loss on it but it doesn't help you. I any time. Any warriors players playing 3637. Minutes that's at the high end of what Steve Kerr wants a plan in any game one Maloney game wire. You have to work hard to win it in the fourth quarter rally the warriors worked extremely hard especially defensively. In the fourth quarter to win that game. Now they play great first half they played engaged. They move the ball they played excellent defense they played that complete warriors road game that we've seen throughout the early part of this season the first half. And then third quarter it felt like. Well they they cal let out a lot they let out they thought maybe they had the game in hand and they did. But they let out and that coincided with Milwaukee get hot but also Milwaukee saying you know what we're not gonna get embarrassed they start. Really ramped up the defense the physical quality. And the warriors gave at all back it's rare you see the warriors give. Two quarters of dominance back in less than a quarter but they did it last night had disorder re win the game. In the fourth quarter by plane just as well as they had their first half. Other warriors essentially got warrior in the third quarter last night and what curt called the timeout may be less than two minutes in the third quarter he was against hot he was hot and I I know why he was hot. Relatively speaking because you know. This whole thing at halftime was let's get off to a good start the second half so we don't give them any life let's get off duke and and they did the exact opposite so look like a home game there for a few minutes. It it was it was Steve Carla I like to see Steve Curtis feisty ever won a war. You know what it was that I had the same thought you did it it was the perfect time it was the that was the right time. If you were gonna be mad mood because he had played great in that first half a US essentially word you were opening the door. When and if you come out in your life. Four are really good minutes the game probably is over because you're up 22. There was nothing synthetic about him getting upset there. Sometimes you think Steve Kerr almost has to get upset. Because he thinks yes to get upset once in awhile because he doesn't do it so often last night he was upset any had a right to be. And maybe most important the players knew he had a right to be so they weren't. Think in deep down you know he's just getting on us because he wants to keep a Sharma no he's getting on us 'cause we weren't very good. 8889579570. Triple 895795. Simoneau is tonight's game against Toronto. More compelling than the game Monday against the cavaliers of course Isiah Thomas is gonna play. Against the Kaz Stefan Kerry's going to be back against the warriors for the cavs Charissa scheduled to be back. I just look at Cleveland. Not a threat to me. Now they're not they don't know who they are they're probably get away in the east and figure it out. Nets you mean I OK when he's in the post season regardless of where they finish I mean look Boston is greatest they've played. If they had Gordon Hayward. And look at I picked Boston to win the east I'd pick Boston to win the Eastern Conference and get to the finals that was before Gordon Hayward went out. I I thought Isaiah Thomas trying to get here as I thought it was interesting on Charles Barkley mentioned. Of what Thursday night that they heat they say yeah Isiah Thomas is trying to get paid that might not be a good thing for the cohesiveness. Of this Cleveland Cavaliers team as they try to integrate him to figure out ways to win. You really get a ever picked. Iran over Cleveland in a series of everybody's healthy now Toronto's gonna have to prove it and fading Toronto's kind of showed that there are more apt to get beat. Before conference final bend actually knocked Cleveland out let's say in a conference final. And I do think the Celtics would have enough to win the east if they had it word. Reality is they don't have Hayward so his greatest they've played. Its greatest they've played then they they really are in a spot. A spot to come up a little bit short I think in terms of the Celtics. Are but I just I don't. We want to tough watch for me. They're not. The opposite beautiful to watch. Their they are hard to watch. The only thing worth watching is how LeBron James elevates the team. Because without LeBron James they are extremely ordinary the well look at it. And Isiah Thomas is gonna be. Something they have to figure out and I think when you look at it Isiah Thomas. You have room for every result. They could assimilate him in a way where they get better and they have a chance. There also is a possibility that it won't work and it's a month from now LeBron I'll be looking around and say and were you not only can't we win it or worse than last year. And then that's when it could all crumble and I can see a Celtics beat number I can see eight the raptors beat they are worse than last year aren't right right now they are yes absolutely. I'm still gonna give him. I'm still gonna give him a chance to be better because Isaiah Thomas only played three or four games or whatever it is. If I were a betting man. I don't know what I'd bet. I I would bet that they're not going to be as good as last year. Well they get to the finals I think there is vulnerable as they've been. In any of the past three years and this team. And I agree with that I just don't see a team that can actually knock come out because of more broad. You might be right but you know what. Everything we we we sometimes talk about how the warriors should run is gonna come to an end LeBron runs got to come to an end some time. And it might be this year not because of him but because of his teammates. I think that's very possible I think they can get beat by Toronto. At a Boston if for no other reason than you don't want Toronto and Boston. They've experienced the cavaliers and the cavaliers have gotten them the last two or three years. I think that helps because. You know what you have to do to beat Dan you know what you have to do to try to mitigate LeBron James. So what do you think more compelling game. Well what Kyle Lowry not at not playing hurts I mean that really does hurt. But they're playing well enough and they play extremely well at home it's amazing how well the the raptors have played the warriors they just can't. They can't win the game the last three minutes that's all it's come down to. But. Is it a more compelling game you know what Saturday morning right now it is a more compelling game does not the next game Sunday morning you won't pre. Sunday morning will be talking about the cast by the way cavs played in night. They play before the game you're not actually their next game I believe is is Monday OK so that's big for the cavs. Are you know what it may have had come to think of it but before I. No it's not gonna hurt that the warriors are on the road coming off two tough games which Toronto and in Milwaukee you're gonna be. I think it's possible warriors can go in there and just drop a bomb on Cleveland means Toronto zoo and it. Did two years ago there they sure did and they did two years ago when they went in there on the and the MLK holiday now and the cavs were in a similar form of disarray if you remember they fired David blatt yeah let's turn later on that week. And look like. They had no shot at that point to compete with a warriors and they did Washington when the championship of course many things happened in that series right. To change it but they look January whatever that was an endless seventeenth or eighteenth it was the eighteenth. On MLK day a couple of years ago they look like they had no shot they went on in the championship so it's not totally out of the realm of possibility. Like I just I'm I'm looking at them and they they've had a tough trip that blew a big lead last night in Indiana. But they've played at Indiana. At Toronto at the timberwolves generals format to. They did get oh win at Orlando. So they didn't total I think they lost that game the first time they've. And Orlando earlier in your Orlando's playing well. They did beat Portland but they've lost to the Celtics are they if they actually half of it if you look at. They've played some tough games at Utah law. You know that's a tough place to play just go on back day to Christmas when they start that road trip blues and a decaying is bad after losing here. But it really all started for the war for the cabs here. On Christmas they lose that game and they've got what she wins. Two wins in their last. Looks like age seven 889. The one thing that I'm so partnered. See with the cavs which I can see might be a problem is. OK LeBron James is a leader of that team and they've been there three straight years and they know how to deal with. And it ebbs and flows. LeBron James is a master at understating. Or look or. Putting it perspective a tough stretch. But the other thing LeBron does is. He lets you know when it's time to get going and he lets you know when it's time to pay enough is enough. Order effects acts. That is not easy for a teammate. Because. LeBron kinda dictates where they are in the season and where they need to go. The Cleveland Cavaliers don't establish a level of play. And then maintain it for months at a time day. They play well then they play poorly and when they're playing poorly LeBron James is the one who decides how serious it is. Well you know it's a long season we're gonna have these kind of things I think you've seen this in the past will be fine by the playoffs. Well the war at that it's not a big deal to the cavaliers until LeBron James says it's a big deal hot and when LeBron James says it's a big deal. Then his teammates need to respond. And sometimes. That's not as easy. Asset as gone it's I do think that can be an issue with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Internally. How serious is this all. How non serious is it what's LeBron saying it's better it's better. John tickets and that's diamonds NBA this week here on 95 cent in the game. Yeah let's hear you what let's hear from cavs coach tie Lou. On the deep personal agenda is potentially in play with his club. I've. Well do there don't do of course clearly they do he would reset it if they didn't bright they tried didn't he tried to walk it back. Didn't wanna get into specifics but it. I wish I look at the cavs to be honest I look at the cavs almost man for man and I think everybody on their team has an agenda. Well let's take a look at. What I mean. LeBron doesn't necessarily have an agenda but he's controlling everything and there's the cloak of him leaving no down overall out so. So LeBron even if he doesn't want an agenda he's got one because everybody's gonna wanna know. What's happened with him off the the Austin in the offseason Isiah Thomas clearly that may be the thing he's referred to most if if if Tyrone Lue was referring to Isiah Thomas they're done. Because if you say Isiah Thomas has an agenda for games that Geisel traded. It's over Massa took trade him and let him go muzzle trade him and let him go Atlanta right and trying to score 35 game for the final three months of the season and get paid. By IBM and an Atlanta JR Smith looks like he's checked out. He really had oh. Really what you know I mean it's easy to make fun of JR Smith I seriously think JR Smith retired the night that he was on the podium at ORACLE Arena when the cavs won the championship when he was cry and and if he memorized talking about you how much it meant to hand and now people. Yeah basically just treated him like he was a joke his own career. And indeed you know wasn't really that guy extremely emotional I don't JR Smith's played hard since that night. OK fair enough I don't disagree. Jeff Green. Mean Jeff green is wildly inconsistent. I don't know what his agenda is but I just know that if our teammate Jeff Green CD tough to play well if Jeff green's agendas he's not then get it right with and what would Kevin love's agenda being. He might be going and it doesn't mean although he also my daddy numbers but he only style but see I can see Kevin Love. Witnessing what happened with carrier ring a LeBron and deep down sand I mean. I can't quite carry did that of course I yeah I would do it too but I'm not that kind of guy reader radiologist the other way to my contract's up. So I fly you and you're also Kevin Love you don't have to cloud. In NBA circles and Italian carrier ring as a nobody if Kevin Love goes sideways they have no chance now you might well have no chance already well of course they don't have a right Jane Crowder and I had a tough year personally I don't now. I don't know. Take router and team on the same now he doesn't he doesn't but. Yeah I mean Boston's team. Noticeably plays hard. It's almost like Cleveland I said this before I mean right now with a further to cool to care in January. Plus two cool touch. Kerry and jam ball where to go warriors that way and the warriors keep winning games and 66 when pace which you know what the warriors have four guys who can. They keep it going if it starts to go south Cleveland's only have only as one guy who can kinda influence their path and that's LeBron. You know the warriors could be getting flat and drain mind green will be like most golf man let's go or. He might even have to say that he just might have to pick up as level play. And his teammates will respond what is it may just superstars. Well breast teammates are role players. So it's Seth Curry gives any kind of word to the warriors don't look at school I come on let's go out there let's string together some good solid ball games. The team's gonna follow him but the team that follows Curry's a team of superstars. So they're gonna respond in a noticeably better manner Robin San Bruno joins us here on 95 cent in the game hey rob you're on the NBA this week. We go our own troubled. I don't give Islamabad too much of a pass out these startling because if you for the cavaliers cavaliers. And other guys got that one they got one at best they can go leaving out short guys have seen double figures. Off the bench. The problem is the bar gangs and torture Mondesi did that they waited a lot of them are gonna ball. I hit it insert and door as Westbrook impression as. But I'm a big event the equipment they got a bit about app player and a clean every eight and again my ship. I am fourteen. If you put if you sell Dell curry. For LeBron James they do works. They do my work. Sunup but but but what you put out at them up quite a cabinet have to look at I don't monitors he would go last year that was started aboriginal people don't dog number on bell. But over the bar and then number. Little bit because they're waiting the body like a court sudden things got afforded twenty players. Yet the play people see bloodshed a ball and another injured when you bring our guys did it on the issue when you go way way. You that we get off the ball part of what they're doing the inevitable audit trail off the dribble a grateful to block the black to focus on that. We hope that you go back a couple of that would be called this is all iPods go I can't let. The problem the bar pretty big if in fact I can guess for the betterment and got away from cloned constructive right now. Boulevard and he got that same guy was five billion. Watson gang. Nobly but not a fact that these people aren't I don't paint what they guess. I got our rob rob good omen respond to you. And I'm. I'm responded I disagree with the than their bench is good I don't think their bench is very good. At all and he's not the worst defensive player on the team I mean there's just no chance he's the worst defensive player on the team he might not be playing great defense now. But Isiah Thomas thinks on defense and Kevin Love stinks on defense JR Smith does prior anymore. So I mean listen LeBron may be. When Visser doing that but he's not the problem come on. LeBron is not the problem and really perhaps the bronze in it for stats and assists. Meanwhile the only reason he did it first this is because I've always believed first and foremost he's a cancer that's what he wants to do. I mean you can make your case it's not fit together you can make a case LeBron isn't dove tailing his game. Specifically what this team needs this year but I have a problem with that being sold as LeBron the problem and their bench is really good I I disagree with both those they did. LeBron James is is hunting assists. As rob says I need their benches hunting points and exciting they got a double blow up or that their bench a little bit because if they have a good bench. I'm mobile talk about it India this week. Stymie some. That's when you hear in this week. Driven by premier Nissan and Stevens creek for the best deals music you're winning team in the south bay premier Nissan of Stevens creek online career Nissan. But Stevens creek dot com John Dickinson that Simons with you until noon here on 957 games he gets closer to the warriors and the raptors. As warriors warmup won't come up at 3 o'clock it's Damon Bruce it's Kerry Keating. And then no more years and raptors at 430 here or not if a seven game mad you've got. Warriors wrap party yeah. That one now they cavaliers bench robbed and San Bruno. Came in and and statistically they put up numbers come and all you can say go weigh in on this but. Cavs bench can't play gets the glory years and we go through this every time those teams play in and really be a little bit better Monday night may because they're playing at home. But that's the difference between one and one game and a series to me and winning no games in a series if you're the cavs against the war years. Yeah I mean I'd I'd get. What rob saying about the names. Of the players on the bench but. And you know what the bench might be seeing and maybe this is where were unfair to other teams particularly the cavaliers. I met I'd. I imagine the cavaliers get the warriors. I don't measure them against the Memphis Grizzlies you have to measurement gets the worries and and unfortunately for the cavs did you do that they come up wanting. The cavs have. A bunch of players it and I Dwyane Wade's one they can't play against the warriors when and when it matters Kyle Korver can't play against the warriors when it matters. I eat them they may be put up numbers against other teams but here's my thing if their bench is seven that much of an impact against other teams. Well how come there on pace to win 52 games and not. Sixty games like it seem like they're raptors won't run the Celtics why it will play are consistently and rob would say well that some LeBron James. Right. I I don't know I mean. And you know well I think if they've got. Benched and then Larry I got to be able to win more games into the slot but the bottom of the Eastern Conference and not lose to the Sacramento Kings every year. Let me clarify something that you said that I believe you believe when he says when you when we say that they can't play against the warriors. It doesn't mean that they might not have a good game against the warriors. Year may be there I have one gray gave not a legal one play in this series they win a series they they can't. Function at a high enough level I don't believe your screen can't play against the warriors Korver can't play against the warriors Channing Frye. As shown that he can't play against the warriors I think Dwyane Wade against the warriors is old and busted Italian job I think he's got a shot at playing disorders. Dwyane Wade Jose collar around can't play against the warriors although I think they probably already know that. Tristan Thompson can play against them know hey if one guy and he's not a scorer but if. Even now Tristan Thompson are Tristan Thompson play against the warriors if if you try to apply. To think that that hurts Cleveland two years ago when Cleveland beat the warriors. Course there were extenuating circumstances but when Tristan Thompson played well. He was a problem for the warriors have to play well against warriors anymore he's a non factor. It's it's it's clear to here's the thing I think of radical LeBron James. So when Michael Jordan early in his career now we're seeing a little bit LeBron later his career. If you don't have the teammates you cannot beat good teams individuals can not beat teams. And LeBron supporting cast. It's not good enough right now and because it's not good enough. Show and some some more warts in his game. Because everybody has them. And it's asking him to do too much it's it's not. LeBron not might not be playing great but not the problem. You know I mean when you could make a case LeBron is playing great and I know the defense of rating is down near the bottom of the league I get that. But you could make a case that offensively LeBron James is having his best season as shooting 54%. For crying out. I know. John in Oakland on the phone lines at 889579570. John you're on 957 game. Hey guys good marketing first time caller really really appreciate your show mad after the game especially. So I happy to have jet jet. And so did a couple of beat Eastern Conference but. Paper all the warriors gonna crush whoever comes out Eastern Conference no question about it is they make it to the finals. It's basically oh Berkshire we. But it's I think people more entertaining conference this year and I think Toronto is on the cots and you know even without worry. This week it's Kinect game that the testing a championship team get over the hump the clippers beat up I can't Toronto beat us without Kyle Eric's. So and then I think Bob didn't. You're out by the time the play outcome let a lot and they're gonna admit Gordon Hayward that not every year so maybe next year spread even may be the next opposite she's that good. Patent and then are we going to you know it's LeBron can carry them into the playoffs and obviously and then through the playoffs. You know close enough to be that good opponent this year you know he may be exhausted like what a couple of years ago and not. You know I didn't get beat them but at least it's gonna have you the bond obviously what you got to talking about. Carrying men but he just might be thought if you're caring about. No I need and you making good points thanks for the call John appreciate it. Eastern Conference is way more interest than it has in the past and I'm I would even throw even though. They're not like Philly makes the Eastern Conference interest even though they're in ninth place right now the Eastern Conference Sunnis more interest in the Western Conference. I don't know. Look at other records of the same we'll see that's the problem similar but I'd like Milwaukee Jimmy is a more interest in team the Portland this year. I should I think I'm more pain is a more interesting to watch in New Orleans we've we've talked. Well that that's like I say who's fun to watch a New Orleans is fun to watch for me well like Denver Denver now is I can't stand watching Oklahoma City that's a team that really that I can't stand watching them they're like they're likely Cleveland in the west to me but see you I had allows them and need to do this in the west it's throughout Atlanta Orlando or Chicago. Brooklyn. Color when you look at the numbers now I find the knicks intriguing just because they're hanging in there even the top teams in the Western Conference. Aren't the rockets are doing their thing that I like watching them their plan well. But are they really get beat the warriors probably not that they can compete against them they're probably not so it's a the spurs. It's amazing that they continue to win this consistently Eddie is this the one team that they're like the warriors this guy's attic why is barely played at all but. Every night it's Tony Parker's Kitna know. I hate to don't police Kitna 98. All these guys how to solve this leg every night they've got like three guys in addition nick wider to narrow nod off. And they keep winning at eight and a high level not any that were 22 and 21 and know they're 2815. They're on pace to win. 5556. Games do when that went out coli Lenard that's impressive as hell but. Sperm so that means it's still they're not tied to keep dialing. Time to keep an Iowa Minnesota Timberwolves all like them they're really time I think. So I find that they're definitely. Elevating themselves into an interest in T met for this would this kind of what we mean doesn't really mean better or worse but Minnesota's LeapFrog Portland now. For me on the agency teams and Oklahoma City. I still like to watch Oklahoma City because I'm fascinated. To see. If they can do if they can show flashes of championship play. Because they did against the warriors now that may have been an anomaly it looks like it was because the records 42 and twenty. But I still find the Oklahoma City Thunder kind of a fun watch even if they're under achieving. John Dick it's a match diamonds here NBA this week and 957 game Paul Jones would join us coming up but in just a couple of minutes. A raptors announcer is it's the warriors and the raptors coming up later here I 95 Sydney Games we'll talk about. Colin Kyle Lowry score all of the raptors playing so well at home. On they had just their second home loss of the year this past week is Miami went in and beat them. Only Miami John yeah I Dion Waiters done for the year. But yet you look up but never when he foreign seventeenth pretty amazing. They play a home series right now from play elsewhere and today they open up for the Washington. How big series appear real good Syria would be I. I don't washing C I think. I actually tell like Washington a lot of people don't like Kemp. A lot of people think they're you know they run their mouth go they run their mouth team it's their two. They're two angry and don't back it up I I don't like them now I because they play when an edge so I can I come coming into that in a penal league. Our players is so many teams don't play within edge. Like all are afraid to mixes up. Runner I actually liked the fact that they'll get up again if somebody's face and if you want him in my turn into something might turn a noble Scott. Why do I I'm with Valentin the problem the route one of the reasons teams don't play with more of a quote unquote edged. Not only because it on the personnel do it because if you play I would imagine you'll lose. You'll look works for the stakes are higher if you play within edge. And I just NBA players don't wanna take that chance so they'll just. Play at there are normal level. I think they're better than their record at 2040 team but John Wall missed some time so I actually think they're a team that's kind of hold that together. And they're gonna make a run and I still I think they're gonna I think they're gonna make sure there. Right inactive. 45 yeah I think they're gonna end up for. Unless there's another one of their ordinarily half game behind Miami they should they should they have. Talent wise they shoot hosts in the fir there should be a top ten in the top four teams are Boston Toronto Cleveland Washington and that's what we would've probably expected to the beginning of the year they would've thought maybe. Toronto might have been the fourth team. Oh wizards were sexy pick to be three or could they win the east I think most people thought that Boston was gonna be pretty good and of course Cleveland. Nobody probably thought Cleveland finish one just because they wouldn't try hard enough to finish one and that's. That's proved itself or ammo that proved itself out to be true to their seven games out of one but they they probably don't feel they need to be number one they weren't and won last year. They still be the Celtics could as we know those two teams now are. Completely flip flopped he had players or whatever Boston blame for going good players playing for Cleveland flavor Boston guy read it's it's just totally different mix this year. You don't think John in Oakland said on that earlier callers you talk about Boston. He wrote off. Gordon Hayward. As if Gordon Hayward is gonna play in the playoffs.