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NBA This Week
Saturday, December 16th

In the final hour of NBA This Week, Matt and JD talked to Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post and Marc Stein of the New York Times. 


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Now back to the NBA this week which dying message Dickinson on 95 point seven big game. Our number three and that means the one and only Tim bond sense of the Washington Post. It set off for us right here in 957 McCain NBA this week. John Dickerson asked diamonds were proxy by American Express proud partner of the Golden State Warriors oaks card club played Smart play at oaks. And driven by premier Nissan Stevens creek we make it easy online premiere Nissan and Stephens creek dot com Tim what's going up body. Doing well I know you're going to be in LA for the warriors and the lakers and that's the big night obviously Kobe Bryant getting his jerseys retired. At Staples Center we were thrown at around before you came on just don't know where do you rank Coby. As far is the all time greats in NBA history. Probably lower than most interesting particularly outside the top and fault. Shooting guard. Somewhere in the top five it is Jordan and then he'll probably. You know and Jerry West later experienced some order. All but I mean lucky he's and Patrick Dwyer won five titles. Really was limited and it players who lack. Thirty years or so after the bridge from Jordan to. You know that the next era players and anyways and conduct in Anbar dirt at each cell. You know what you know also probably goes on industries. Of one of the you most of like that fired at age you are rightly so. That I think career and I'm excited to be there on Monday because. I think it's going to be a really fascinating. Acting right at Staples Center. On political talk is seen him yet. I'd like that is going to be very aged and especially get to the fact that the lakers to the French I don't think gruden John from Colby or adult yet played for two years. In the early then. It was really an active player the last couple years retort to kill themselves. You have to think it is gonna it's gonna be really ignite them it would be aired yet but we're. Did Tim I'm I'm with you on this one with Colby. Just start to throw names out you know I'm taken Jordan and taken bird and taken magic and taking auriemma taken LeBron I got a tape wilt. I guess she got to take Russell already you're down to Europe descent to Europe to eight or nine that's no disrespect to Kobe Bryant. I actually think. You know it's easy better than a team Elijah one well to me that's a fair debate it's not. Definitely Coby Nassau if somebody says it's definitely Toby. I'd say well to I think it's closer than that type. I'm with you on that. Yeah I mean I think anybody team behind it docked in it. All. You guys probably see but he but by even that we're talking about. And that's where alzheimer's what. He's he's certainly I eat very. You know that that article it back in LA. And fight back they played. Know that your jacket the jacket then they'll packing back and won championships later Powell. It was day. You know he it'd be his career happening anymore and a cry out. It was kind of he was in the car who I was perfectly matched with the team that he played and paper. In oils and Alec careers in league just for sure. Tim on a team that came up earlier on the show as the Denver Nuggets what when Matt and I watched him in when I've watched him at different points this year. I see talent and I would see talent but I didn't really see how they wanted to play or how the pieces all. Fit together we both watched him a couple of times this week mat against the pistons and I watched him last night and on the were down big team Bakken won. Against the pelicans that for the first time. I kind of see what the guards and then obviously Yokich in the and then of course are gonna get Millsap. In the fold their two how how do you see. Denver as far as what their trying to build and and does it look like maybe it's finally coming together. Yeah I mean I think the thing about Denver's it in the seat plane to predict he met way. On the up there it was Saturday but is better ball hurt for much right so it kind of throw things open up the air but they have a very old team. They have a lot Alec. Com and I think you know it it's really need matter they Connecticut coach Mike Malone. No I still questions about their long term ceiling because I acting to top it. It'll be a Leo it is easier you are your what are your best players in here is starting that are I am not sure you can win the NBA anymore. With the senator as you could sensibly. No I did at any good. On so I think that's something that they have the circuit determine whether that's gonna work or not but it. On there and credibly on. Lots of lot of young players a lot on opposite. You know I think it would say the data regards to a actually healing his they're they're gonna be a factor for. A lot title lat in in depth leaking that I'm intrigued to see where. Where they go up to direct this season Ehrlich the next. Tim when you talk about possible contenders for for the warriors Cleveland Houston comes up maybe Boston San Antonio. But everyone's always safe including myself. And you always put the disclaimer well I don't think they can beat the warriors in seven game series but. When it comes to Houston Rockets is there anything they kid let's say do or accomplish in the regular season. By that time may be home playoffs we like they can beat the warriors if if things go right. I mean adding that the case. Mean there there are seen you know they have the ability because under their three point shooting they aired in the back and they would call are currently. They've added an upbeat that I think they have the potential to beat the mythical or street or. I wouldn't I don't think it would be. But I I think they're the ones in a potentially could. I'll just simply because they have the ability to. To do so offensively in and changed. Change the map in ways that it really in order teamed up. In ought to lie. I think that that I think that gives them you know an interest in level. Making it unit to me like you to Cleveland like I think it the this here that want to see is rockets warriors about it that the once you're gonna drop practical like belt now. Two years ago everybody wanted to the expert warriors right and then we got you know one of the great series I've ever seen and but worse years that separate coming in and Arctic cat beat them in the finals by on immediate. Mean rocket warriors would be fascinating battle on a ball out of off the court storyline it was standpoint and acute indecent aren't good enough that. If they if they Bobble it read it in they can definitely give them out. Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post joining us here on 57 game NBA this week John Dickerson Matt Stein Mets. With few of rockets Syrian warriors there and spurs are and I think we agreed to timberwolves Iran. The nuggets look good day if I said T Oklahoma City easy and if I said Portland New Orleans Utah. It's three teams for two spots. Who's get NAND. I mean not that is before the season I had I hit the eighteen I had in were. Mort don't think she mentioned plot Portland in Utah so I would. I would say Portland in Utah but I disagree over your own comfort outlook last play church at top speed and well nobody is not a lot injuries packers' other needs. But I. I'd doping it. It yet and adapt some of the trust that you talked seen what they're structured place merely could coach. Donna Mitchell played well. I think did better at the end of the day I trust them more than I trust bought it in the that a lot depth up better choose senators and you know one of the old bat goes down. They're they're really troubled me so. Not a Portland probably safely in. Barring of about a catastrophic injury to what they're wonderful they're art but. Pocketed at Denver any Tariq government aren't. That entered the world any current public out there and he's and in. Uptake Utah by. I could see that market he got one being one that you don't like the bulls last year old and he actually got come right down in media worry to determine. Tim let me ask you about the Minnesota Timberwolves and and fib and though. Play in these guys heavy heavy minutes what what do you think about that and is it sustainable. It's not anything new comet been doing this for years then I'll. You know I mean rock idol the sustainable or not but. Al so don't really think it's gonna change credit it's one of those things where you know people can. People can jump up and out and throw their arms up and yell and scream about Utley probably two things but. We are adopted and how he's gonna go to a certain way right like it retreat program that that's the way Peter McCall and what are you gonna do would stop playing you to rotation is gonna play a lot of got a lot of it. Elected Tony do with a similar thing in. Excuse that people are famously chopped out again maybe. Maybe we'll look situation won't work out the way it both teams want them to buy it. I think people he'll complain about they're doing like demanding that they trees that are like the old the old guys there. You know it they'll phrase that. Elected captain dictator strikes have been told Geithner are very define what they do it I don't see them radically change it that's. Yet into the the warriors real quick have you been. I don't surprised as ever though the route the right word but. The other they want eight erode their very banged up. How do you look at the warriors you surprised they've kept up this pace. Or now this is this is how deep they are in and and this is what you get when you have four star players. Yeah I think I think you're exactly right I think that's what you get when you of course our choir also think it's what happened would you cap REIT has to be focused that boat right. That the team that had a lot of injuries like he said oh it they're going to be able to stay at the level that they need to they need to be locked in every. Have everybody there or back to the game and fees in company gains and catalog up. Up through it and and struggle or you could barely winning or losing Reich about ultimate aero peek around the pair would be Washington. But it it you know and get beat by Detroit right sell. Powell with step out with straight month bank up they need they're got to be locked in ready to call him. Not the privately now that they're locked in ready to go on and agents are waiting change. On my guess is when they're they're big healthy they're probably gonna start it back the other way and it probably start to fade in and out of you know attention and attention span and focus by. On right now need to be locked in they are clearly Alter or out. Tim or what do you think it Jordan bells overall game in and his potential in Matt and I throw back and forth a lot and I see some offensive potential in his game I know he gets credit for doing. All of the other things in his ability to switch in his defense and it is just his energy. That it makes a lot of mistakes yes but I see some potential for him to actually. Develop into a pretty solid offensive player eventually in his career what do you think about that. Depend on what you define it solid I mean I don't think he's never gonna if you opt not to repeat personally on a bullet but you as per would be an excellent pass. After and insult you can run belt kind of short roll the trademark green has been so successful doing he'll present that pick. We're snapper for PD and they roll a few feet kept the ball to a point like turner making a dribble need to coordinate after making a patch right but that that's really. Central Bank what not a legal state does Ruben NET so well on I think he's got to purge really go to those guys situation particular issue at all that would obviously be. And added that that would really make him battle by. I just dole I don't really see that part of it is developing much and I think part has called state dot. Right with their team replicate we need you'll rebel. The ball much to do. I'll buy but he had overnight aptitude for work around about it you'd like in use in the range war chop block companies are going to be an excellent passers so. I'll look I think it's that children and I I think. I think it right now by the gap I think you'll be starting Saturn next year. And I think did you know draft and the united second round by an epic portables that the words that probably got it even more pragmatic pat college yours to got a can really help a couple of pot. Jerry that's a good call Tim Tim by attempt to the Washington Post joining us I ask you about. LeBron James because he's a free agent at the end of the season. A lot of speculation has him going little lakers for the life of me I cannot understand why he would go to the lakers I don't think they're ready quite yet. But this past week or maybe you're the two weeks ago we're starting here. They might go to Houston. What where do you think he will land out aren't let me ask you this way do you think he knows where he's going next year. No I don't. I think that it I think the most likely option but he stayed where it because. Egypt is in the logical option. That clearly makes sense for indigo bright. That this thing I think people need to keep in mind when I think about what brought if you recorder did you. Is dom. It could go back to point and back between fourteen. What was the overriding reason Ron changing ball. That he went from one team that was what situation to we'd better team that was that it matters that you age right. Electrically Atlantic went to wade Chris Bosh. Court for Miami Cleveland to play with catalog and harder to younger players the same position. As Chris option anyway right dull. For all the talk was going back all out of a cute going to team better position be good for the next four years. Soul I think when you look at this next decision for him. I think that the same rules apply. Is LeBron going for a team that is from that is better position to win in 2019. But the team is currently. To me. I don't release the hobbies that I think are their right now I have I. I got the way. That the lakers are acting like they turn rating Herman lob the ball into equity or something right I'm not saying that's something that's been talked about it as being like. If you could say hey LeBron you called LA need to play with ought to work. OK maybe that will Robert K I'll play with the lakers uncle told told the warriors made the mean LeBron has LeBron has I think going to be extremely. But something you know we got the Bill Russell there's no way rather think about you got to think about it like all the watch the race where. We think it give up. That final streak is go live in only predictors of the year and play what possible raining and it destroyed by the rockets are the warriors next here in the second round last. I did all these. Soul to me you're like OK using media Philly packet. Side you know porting it's not a big talent but predictable app state. He's in things intrigued people could stretch of Chris Albright. I think is dole traditional art for air Maury can make it app. Apps space work they're abroad there been a and so when he got including right in extra who aren't that it basically Beatles three got. Hell I'd be cute he'd do. So I'm happy when you can just run doubtless options there are really any logical it that's likely mean I think we'll take pride. Rolled over one more year wait and see what happened that's why I think you are seeing the lakers kind of actively saying. Hey maybe will just wait a year if you work apps it looks like 2019 because nobody has been reported in of people we talked about it is. What they're LeBron does. Final deal right you've got collaborators of preaching a quick cup is Prejean got an upper region the third pair of what you got next summer better able. It what you what you get to that point. Like maybe you could have to a three guys Colbert who want your. Contractor particular thing you can do there. That there could potentially open up the situation we could meaty side to. Seoul. That means a much more likely there that we hear it happens because. I just think the more likely there preview backed up to contend next year. And a lot something changes. In a lot connect kind of stick to the fact that I think you at least six about one year he's been. Tim what do you think where Philadelphia is that worth third of the way into the year that they lose last night today in three overtimes there there right at 500 or are they ahead of where they wanna be right about where they wanna be I mean is they've had some trouble finishing games but the main and it went in the game the other night. If they've had a couple of bad losses lately what what do you think of the sixers when you at all op. An epic there right where they wanna be obviously DeMarco policy has gone well but I think is gonna give back help in. And I think. You know it does look to bigot that what we all say about six certificate and you see it to all of beat him and senator how eager to make the putts break and I puppet that is going to be fine with what I think really what. Or Joseph while it. Is that so many injuries don't bulk out bodies all species we want to. Act like it's questionable yes the fact that includes forty and it doesn't that doesn't seem great. I opted triple overtime game and trying to wreck wreck reality it's a. No but it won at some point east your wondered are they gonna pull amount they not how it was a tricky situation watch in the game plan is playing well. Exactly no incredibly tricky but look I think it's if you talked you saw the six's the start of the year to all of these companies sixty eights right. They ordered that you we are going to make. Welch all of a place to play or somewhere a little more that sixty. And they're group therapy clinic buyouts so if they get in the playoffs this year Jalal plea that. It's an eighty you'll read anywhere around well into two rounds in the blouse topic. I'm betting that it flight. On what did that you keep up so yeah we needed to be keeping temperatures can you draw call Ian and what happened and what happens at a ticket policies and apple. Not that I think the couple. Let me ask you this Tim could you were talking about the Western Conference and and who you think's going to be the top eight. If you look at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. And it you got ten teams basically right there are you know of of I'm not conclude Brooklyn but I'll just say of Philly Miami New York Indiana I don't know if you wanna go any higher than that. I would I would include Brooklyn and that may. That directly. OK so who the to the three teams then. That you don't think are gonna make the post season among the let's say Indiana New York Miami Philly Brooklyn. Our. Or I'll. I'll just say Indian in the Nixon the two surprises for me auditors jittery as good as they've been taught that bid to give it a second there to our. Yeah I'm I'm with you and yeah I mean. You know I. Indiana electoral people agree that you saw the other night he goes against all George and people really was for. All you know I think he's he's benefited from the fact that he's kinda. Well into all items eBay mean Brinkley the things happening. Well the news about what's going out the ball particularly people in our operating. The debt level at which carting. In so you know call populate victors in this incredible player that you talked about all. Or not covered or out of Brooklyn I am a big edit it personally he's in good player to authorize but he got it. So Pete is like that I Corey ought to order regarding. Under robber meets a need that. But at an assigned to us. Way to go to acquire but not looking at it now and we'll look I think. If you had a tummy right now politics now quite yet is it. Miami in Italy are no black spots in India are now out of them in my any kind. It kind of a weird he's. I just think what they're I think there'd have been no probably in the flat out the end of the day Odyssey through the coat Austria so. I think bigoted and billions in about how I think Haley. It was do we look at how the attic or grab you coat attic of Ilya at getting around him reason to win they want approved the Dayton all sorts app Asia ethnic people at about sports ouster. They got the player and it all means a there that played eighteen of their twenty hole so are odd but Burkina Bible that you need on the road. You know I know that they're hot. I idol that Iran and Iceland right now it will grow into tonight's you know being in game Balata Cardin. But I. No I don't trust them to sustain all see I'm I think it was releases that incredible. Bring Nokia and interpret these Gary I mean I'd be excited about X 20 all work. To sustain his given back the app someplace like so many old. By Tim last one and it's a special request from the tax line can you please ask him his opinion. If the rim has reached or surpassed LeBron as the best player in the league right now. Not that that doll that no disrespect you Katie at a ridiculous seat that has been a monster and he. She ought to chop all over the place but. No look the Bryant LeBron skills that means you you look at it you look at this season that is. You get to see that this cap in the ad and I mean remember back. Got like a ball that go when people were asking you all callers. Should cast trade Bryant. If you are cap gonna be like sixty in the you know again are you gonna are beginning to make the conference finals. In college RD Howard to get it from close to be opposite buyout. While and then the cap of one I think like fifteen out of sixteen games. I you know I another 21 any app or backed record in the NBA. Don't shockingly. You know having the bass player currently under team and get result. I have yet no disrespect to Katie at all I think if you were acting anybody if you got to win a game we picked it burst. I'd I'd be hard practice that think anybody would pick anybody. Tim takes a lot they would appreciate it. I got asked him bon Temps the Washington Post to be back. In the day his supporters to be back in the baby's death Cleveland and Washington in the nation's capital tomorrow. Afternoon evening. Not in DC before he'll head back to to LA for the game. At Staples Center and then back to the back. Sometimes you. Look at at a player all season long which are not really looking at a stats. And then you look at his stats and go holy smokes or. No option LeBron OK but yeah sure I'm sure direct to the same I haven't looked liberal brush shouldn't. Shooting 58%. From the feel he's shooting 41%. From three. Nine point one assist when he needed to lol I mean this guy you could say he's better than he was last year and he was terrific. I'll give you an example of when I did that with LeBron I did with a rant this week actually did it with LeBron about two weeks ago was when bon Temps. Sent out his straw poll said they rank the top five. For the MVP race and was a mistake and I am I dominant really looked so I make a point not to look at a lot of stats until about this the quarter pole or may be a third of the season. And I was thinking OK we'll hardens my number one I know that. Where's Ty read Anke honest deserves to be in there. And and I can I had curry in Durant as much 56. And then I look at the numbers act or you put LeBron is Tyreke too. LeBron for all the and then I would dual fronts number as the holy smokes the bronze got to be number two so I went hard LeBron. I agree mcinnis that's what I he's ago is honest. And actually put curry. Number five. Although we were doing it today and put during a five. I just had the same top three hardened. LeBron Tyreke. Fourth was Durant. This is about what two and half weeks ago and actually at fifth LaMarcus Aldridge at that morientes San Antonio's record was very good he was playing extremely well. John Dickinson Matt Stein Mets here in 957 game NBA this week were driven by premier Nissan Stevens creek for the best deals. Visit your winning team in the south they premier Nissan Stevens creek online at premier Nissan a Stevens creek dot com Marc Stein. Joins us coming up. Now back to NBA this week. We're starting this Dickinson on 95 point seven big game. Our back we see here. John Dickinson mass diamonds let's get to our next guests in now with the New York Times it is the one and only Marc Stein. Joining us here at night Tyson Gay markets an absolute pleasure thanks Jeff for coming on. There are. We're doing well let let's just start in the Big Apple with Carmelo Anthony and his return with Oklahoma City obviously of the feed the thunder got the win last night in Philadelphia. What he expects. In the garden for that return of Carmelo Anthony. I don't think he. Has a lot of fans there but I also have to say even though. My employer is the New York Times I am probably not be foremost expert on the emotions of New Yorkers and he told eyes I do not live there eat in mind. Even with working there I'm still based in taxes on the cannot sit here and by that I know exactly how they handle respond. No. But I I really think he would. A pretty popular guy there and I think last year he did. Kind of win him admiration for the way he. You know he was you know he he sat there while they knicks were disintegrating. And it was no Lackey was the culmination of of them really that run of years. You can Hewitt won all we sat there and took all the questions and try to try to give me entered even though we didn't have the answers. So you know I can't imagine it's gonna be as hostile as. Paul George going back to Indiana as we saw earlier this week I think. Nick's band were of the mine he mellowed deserves to go somewhere else to go try to win a championship and they like their team their Abbott fund the knicks the knicks have been a pleasant surprise may be knicks fans to get a little too excited over you know. Pretty average team that averages have been better than what they've been thing for the last several years. Mark one thing we we did see this a tonne in the NBA were players go back to their older arena's. Was to re going back to Oklahoma City. In essence the the worst of it I mean that you know if you would try to put it put it into a chart you will I'm Cleveland was a ironically the only area I mean. A game I would not the LeBron going back to Cleveland but everybody who was there that that was. Right yes so I guess I guess what I'm saying is I think it. That you know we directors backed Oklahoma City LeBron goes back to Cleveland I I'm with you is what I'm saying I think I. You know at least it just depends on circumstances. Melo did not want to leave the next. Carmelo wanted to hiring neck and I think Nick's band. Understand that it's completely different and the circumstances of Durant or Paula George leaving their key. Let me ask you this Kobe Bryant's getting his jerseys retired on Monday. Mark in the warriors are down in LA for that game. And of course. You talk about Kobe start talk about one of the greatest players of all time in week. We spent a good fifteen minutes to a half hours try to determine whether Kobe was top five top ten top fifteen top whatever. Where does he come down on your list of the greats of all time. Think he's got at the top ten I don't. Have it fine tune into a top five because it's impossible and I tried not to even go there because it's just. You can't win the U eight days it's Steve it's just too hard I mean I. If I you I would need more time into it on the spot of figure it out and I think by virtue of the point total all the championships the longevity the one team thing which. I'd probably get bonus points for which is irrational that ominous Celtic person so I like he's spent his whole career. With one DB got it beat top ten and I'm sure he's if he's knocking on the door of a top five but. You know I think it also depend on your perspective on the child of the eighties so magic and bird for me are are trying to Wear dark. And I don't think. Bird would probably make the top five in anybody's list. Mainly because his career was cut short by injury but that just kind of beaten to. How hard it is if you watched Larry Bird and it's time to you know you're looking at one of the absolute all time great if it's if it and it. Up do you guys like fifteen minutes on schools should. Yet now you know what you're right the ballpark because so you know this semi Kobe can be polarized in the get the people that love them. Say he's top five easy baby people who are crazy about him don't say eight top fifteen in other time you know I said. You might be in my top ten start look at it names but yeah I mean you're the ballpark with I think. A lot of conventional thinking. How I tell him. In pounds ago and we were both these would be I. Think you would have said Bill Russell. Number one won eleven championships and then as time has gone on. And analytics. Have come into the discussion so much more. You will actually hear people denigrate the Russell's achievements because I'm from statistical odds he's not pleasing people. And look Jordan's probably going to be number one on most people's list. But you know. This area that we're in now that you'll actually hear people say that he suggests the opposite Russell wasn't really as good as he once they got his team won eleven titles. Right and are also it they'll say there were a lot of teams back on it and it's better it's that are. Is that that it's one debate I like it dodge. Marc Stein our guests here occur in the 95% in the game NBA this week marked a now with the New York Times. If I ask you. Cleveland. Houston. Or Boston. Which of those three teams gives the warriors the toughest run for their money has Houston surpassed. Cleveland did an inmate who where he had that Boston and that. I would say I think Houston has that Q it has the highest feeling of those teams. As currently constituted. You know that that that James Harden Chris Paul partnership is working out better than anyone could have hoped. And you know the little moved they've made like bringing in about lieutenant PJ Tucker you know those those are guys who can play against the warriors and do so effectively so. The rocket will be very interesting come playoff time also you know. As aggressive as they are that day they might not be done roster wise. I mean I'd I'd have to say Cleveland would be next in line because I don't think there waiting in the east and so you can actually you know we know there and play the warriors if they would in the east. And the warriors get to the finals so you've often been at great story here early in the season but. Without Heyward I'm just I'm not ready to put them in that class. But look they may they've been proven me and a lot of people along with their staying power basically you know as were the past the 13 mark. Where what is Santonio fit in you think the windows closed. You know you should never think that this bird but I mean. Until we see more from Kauai it's hard to talk about them. As a team that did. Beat Golden State fort tied in the series but. I don't know of anybody can beat them four times in this series so. I don't I think even even the spurt that they were being honest with it would say that there. Not that conversation yet because coli just came back in the got to manage a minute and it we're still a long way from knowing. You know a long way from seeing him at his peak. But man. You start about writing them off and I get scared I don't want you know and nobody wanted nobody want sick on that limb. That's true that the mark guy I want to ask you about read a relocation and expansion. You wrote about the NBA Mexico City how realistic can is that. At what's the plan for at the whole idea of expansion in China fascinates me you know Seattle is still one out liar. As something that the NBA needs to fix eventually just because Seattle such a great city. How does Mexico City relate to maybe some of the other cities around the country. That you know are trying to get in this mix of have been an NB eighteen. I would say based on where it is right now you could make the argument that Mexico's CD is. Number two in line behind Seattle I don't think that an exaggeration I would put Mexico City and it. A pretty much any other American city you want a name. Now Vancouver I think it is in that mixes well and maybe Vancouver has has the slight edge. Over Mexico pity but look the league is going to put it she leaked team they're not going to be fascinating because it's really going to give them a chance. To gather firsthand data on how realistic is obviously with the population there and the potential TV dollars there. You can totally understand why the league is looking hard at it they're looking at hard they ever have. There are so many logistical concerns about Mexico City that. You know that they're not they're gonna there's a lot of skepticism that gonna have to be answered and I think that's the beauty of BI DF putting a gene league team there because they're really going to get to be able to go on the air and happened dated experience. To kind of look at the idol is going to get editing it took the matter how long it takes. And is it going to be expansion. Or relocation are we gonna see a struggling franchise. End up being sold and moved there. You know at this point Adam silver says over and over no expansion no expansion I'm not thinking about expansion it's not something we're actively considering. But he had also called an inevitable. After X amount of years I'm sure it will come up one way or the other Seattle is going to get a team back I think everybody in the league's feel that way. Why do you mention Vancouver I that's always an interesting one because it never fully got a chance but didn't do well before the good grizzlies moved Demi nimble why is Vancouver. I consideration. That's more of a gut feel that I just think he will get a second chance I'm right if the league. Does continue to grow I get you know you hear cities like ages. Louisville. You know. I can think whatever whatever other cities you wanna name I get tend to think at second rant I think Canada that you know the league. Yeah I think Seattle their biggest regret. They didn't love having to leave Vancouver Wendy PD there and IE I think. They would like. They would date they liked it better when there were two teams in Canada as opposed to one and I get I get. I didn't have that feeling Vancouver gonna creep back into the conversation again but I don't know we're talking two years five years ten years. Yeah after the current TV contract expired. I mean is it hard for media get you up a precise forecast and something like that but. I just think they're gonna they're gonna instantly back in the conversation. And just a final question for you when you when you start to look it may be struggling franchises and alike in a Milwaukee's get an arena Sacramento's got a new building. But what is it what are the teams that you think may be would. Would be on the move for the would be have the potential to be sold that did our work it out or in Iraq. Like think around the league most people would point to Memphis. As as an uncertain situation and and New Orleans I think those are probably the two that you around the league people would say. You know are those teams get at the end I was CDs for the long term. I think it's a fair question. Mark great stuff man we appreciate the time our thanks more book about body. I'm Marc Stein and joining us here in 95 cent gain a great Marc Stein you know the other city I've put in there Charlotte. I put Charlotte and they did nothing to college basketball state it really is. Charlotte would be in there. I almost wanna put Orlando in the air but Orlando's there's not going anywhere build instrument runs news dominated state just opened that I guess it's not a question that you'd asinine you know when he said Vancouver. My eyes kind of you why why do overreact Vancouver Vancouver was it good does party to prime will you get in a league. You get this sense that the league may be feels like it it made a mistake by putting a team up there without. Like a plan or without. And infrastructure in place or without the support it was gonna need and now it feels like you fast forward to today and they do those things with a Mexico City. Or if they're gonna end up let's say in Seattle for example. I just tickets and that's dime it's NBA this week thanks to Marc Stein and come back we'll wrap it up. Kevin Durant. Catches it and takes a middle left can't dribble off of bell screen throws Kathy Kathy turns in launches a three. Note that you rings and it's and it's appropriate to what goes around them to switch a group leader humble. This week this guy that's Dickinson 195 point seven. Kevin Durant making everybody better. Unless warriors team and especially. When out Stefan curry on the floor. For the last week and a half nearly two weeks against Nelson's career went down know with that ankle injury in the Al recast the went out of his way to point that out now in the post game on Thursday night just how encouraging he is yet to the role players on the borders roster. You know what's funny is these over the last. Year too with the rent one of the things that we found out is that. He is an all around player he can pass. Jack couple triple doubles with Korea he's national defense. Which you know what's really hit home with me particularly in the last three weeks is. He's unstoppable. At what he still does best and that's scoring. That game. And I think you're with me on on this when the game the other night at home. I can remember who they play Dallas Dallas Dallas man they hit the warriors didn't I know they shot 60%. They did not. Play well against Dallas. But Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson each. I would say made about a half dozen shots. That. Work part of the offense that worked great shots. People were standing around with their individual. Greatness. That's what won the warriors the game on offense. To rant. I mean this is on carnival you put somebody bigger than him on him he can go behind you put a smaller guy army shoots over him. He keeps the game very very simple. And I've actually gained a new appreciation for him in the past few weeks about how great a scorer he has a mean. One of the best I've ever seen in terms of just scoring got me can't do other things but he does that. As well as anybody I have ever seen. And I think at a better level than he has at any point his career I guess I think we we touched on this a little bit last week cal playing with the warriors and the other great players and the system has made him a better. Individual player to now where do need more for a month and I it feels like he's got. May be another level just a little beyond he he's a little bit. On another level compared to what he was even at his best with Oklahoma City. I would I would say that's correct I think he's better now than when he was with Oklahoma City it's. It's kind of unfair because well he's won it with the warriors and he plays with better player I just think he's like that has made him in defeat finally there via. There's no doubt that. He's better defensively. That there's just no doubt about that and that may be just that a function of you know you got to play a little defense when you play within the Golden State Warriors but. Mean he is. He's building his his legacy in his lifetime. Resume before our allies the me when we look back at Kevin Durant. We will realize that this is his pride it wasn't three years ago and Oklahoma City it will be three years from now it's right now. Title like if you look back it and the current players but if you ever look back at baron davis' career. You realize. His best year. Or years were when he was here believe it or not those years were better than Sharia and then when he left here it was over. So we saw Baron Davis at its peak we're seeing Kevin Durant has peaked too. John Dickinson Matt Stein Mets NBA this week here and defensive in the game driven by premier Nissan a Stevens creek for the best deals visit your winning team in the south day. Premier Nissan Stephens creek online at premier Nissan of Stevens creek. Dot com we had urban and do route coming up for yet at the top of the hour what do you think about this week up on the schedule the warriors. Practicing as we speak they're gonna practice tomorrow then head to LA. And Manny gets tight there's going to be a home game Wednesday home in Friday's home game Saturday. I will be out at oracle actually the next two Saturdays is a worries of the plane a couple of 530 games to get to game on Christmas after that it's going to be seven. In eleven nights. Beginning on Wednesday they're going to come rapid fire to close out the year. We'll just take in the next game against the lakers. I don't I don't know what to expect because they're gonna retire Kobe's Jersey. It's you don't know if the fire the warriors up more than it will. Pool in my mirror the lakers tied eight and just scattered well it's also the warriors know darn well this is going to be a big TV game it's a marquee type game. It's just so hard to bet against the warriors on anything Patel I can't I always just you know me JPG 81 game at a time who'd they play later after the way. I played in Memphis in cash on Wednesday grizzlies one last night did lead Atlanta parent Conley didn't play I still guys there. It's amazing how an eight they're losing to Chicago. About maybe moving this all the ally all of their. Based in China have done I mean it's over Matt got they can keep it together and I didn't want me yeah I know they're they're right there with Phoenix and Sacramento what's Atlanta's rep Atlantis and or and a whose is it team above Atlanta Chicago's eight point one ABS and won five in a row Bryant as they currently three and 23 tornado eaten 13 it's one eating into one unit incomes after Memphis. As far as blower motors now warriors are tough tough schedule or schedule a Laker Syrian town again lakers come back so it's gonna be like Rodrigo war eagle. Now we get one in between there's game next Saturday night to lose at home home by the way. Home back to backs. Friday Saturday the next two weeks to. We get Friday night games and we're ready to show and we're revenue were basically sleeping and oracle next to Friday's OK so they play the cash and certainly played a lakers on Monday. They play whom on grizzlies Wednesday and lakers Friday OK here Doug gates Saturdays here that ending Christmas against the cats and then it's Wednesday Friday Saturday again. Would you saw the hornets. And the grizzlies are in again said the great play aggressive stuff it's cool but if and the thirtieth. In the same home Stan. So. The reality is if the warriors do wanna quote unquote keep curry out you don't miss a lot of games. In other words if he is you know on a normal week if he's out let's say two more weeks to be a guy's gonna miss five games 56 games sure. It is out two weeks now are gonna miss like eight or nine. Mean that place so many and a and so they kind of got a break early in his injury because I don't think they they gotta stretch where they only played two in nine days. But now it's gonna get always catches up. As a second two consecutive open weekend a more open weekends. Like man against Saturday or Sunday on a game Sanderson and at the back in action I don't trust big show thanks everybody involved Rick Camelot. Tim bon Temps Marc Stein. Wanna think Alex Scott Arctic Lucas Alexander for RC Davis Matt Stein Mets I'm John Dickinson. A would be back next week live from ORACLE Arena nine until noon. And here I 957 game coming up next though it's urban and doom room they've got you covered right here. Throughout the afternoon they'll be tight cannot talk of sports and taking your phone calls here and I facet of the game urban girl next.