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NBA This Week
Saturday, May 19th
Tim Roye the voice of the Golden State Warriors joins JD and Bonta before he makes his Conference Finals debut at home tomorrow right here on 95.7 The Game. Time details what we can expect as the series shifts to Oracle. Plus when Steph Curry will errupt in this series. At the bottom of the hour Tim Bontemps of the Washington post checks in with some East basketball and what starting the Hamptons 5 does to the Dubs regular rotation.

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Is the most isolation plays a team as ran in five to six years here and are you could say isolation. Teams play isolation all the time but the rockets. They averaged point two isolation plays a year or skis via gay. So we averaged 12 isolation plays a gay begin bump the double that game not want or not going to be the lawyers play like that is too predictable it's too easy to defend so we'll see what happens in game number three of the rockets can continue to play. At a faster pace. You're listening to 957 we gave KG MZFN and HD one KG NG San Francisco the radio home for every. Warriors playoff game. 95 cent in the game NBA this week it's John tickets and its vaunted hill in formats die nets. Palestine he gonna join us tomorrow. Here following a's baseball league yet to warriors warmup this would be the warriors and the rockets it's game three Western Conference finals earlier tip time. The only tip off time in this series that is not 6 o'clock Pacific is the game tomorrow. A 5 o'clock Pacific can start. So if your head into the ball game or you're gonna listen to it to here on 95 cent in the game be wary of that you've got one hour. Less than you normally would have mapped out your Sunday and be ready to roll up by 5 o'clock we are brought to you by American Express. Proud partner of the Golden State Warriors. Oaks card club play it Smart play and oaks and driven by career Nissan of Stevens creek we making easy online and premier Nissan of Stevens creek. Dot com Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post scheduled to join us at some point. We wait to get connected that with him here on 957 game. It's embarked times or Washington Post I do on asking a little about the lottery or somebody offseason moves happen in. There's going to be a lot of movement this offseason the NBA offseason has sometimes been battered in a regular she's over at that. Few years JD there's going to be a lot of movement here what happens LeBron James. What happens with coli Leonard does he move. Worse Paul George wing to be here Magic Johnson the other day say there's no Laker that's untouchable fifth if you know what does that mean. Does that mean he moves Alonso bald as he moved paraded Ingram. Do you what happens and Laker land Jerry West the clippers holding the twelve and thirteen picks there's a lot to get to in the NBA. With the lottery common up is what the draft so it's all she's gonna be fun to do what I sponsors about that but also is. RBC's expertise on the series here can rockets actually steal one at ORACLE Arena that's gonna be addicting that rocket steal one and ORACLE Arena. We've got classic borrowings on our hands your JD. Yeah and the big questions obviously leading into game three Stefan curry had a warriors get Stefan curry Roland in this thing. After appoint a pretty good game one but not hit in the three in either of the first two games of this series he's in one of those shooting slumps which. As norm I mean he said shooting slumps in in each. Of the previous three playoff runs at the warriors have had a obviously. Winning two championships so along the way. And falling about two minutes short of winning a championship back in 2016. When the rockets came from are the cavs came from 31 down to beat the warriors. Not in that series obviously after trade mongering got suspended so it's not totally new for carried have a slump but he's always he's always showed that he can break out of. But he JB there's this myth out there that stiff Korea has under performed in the playoffs are he's under achieved in the play elsewhere are I disagree with that. The U look at this run its when he twelfth sweeper team when they first got a taste of the playoffs against the nuggets and outlast them six games and you lose to the spurs are six he averaged 23. A game and eight assists and really he had a beat up ankle in a San Antonio series in the second round the next year we averaged 13 to seven games usually. Against the clippers or even have David Lee Bogut was hurt he struggled a bit at times and now when we remember game number three I believe we're Chris Paul played the army doesn't get a good shot off. Could have been a foul. Hey is low for no call you move on but. He's had big turn playoff runs I don't know where this notion that you could get a win the finals MVP doesn't mean you had a bad play off I mean he did it he. Sure he's missed a couple shots in some games Michael Jordan did the same thing. Tell Kobe Bryant I believe with six reporting for gained over Semitic it's a Celtics are they still what did you did you. It happens great players miss shots but that this whole notion of staff Currie underachieving in a playoff I just don't know where come from where's this narrative being brewed up. At age who's who's you know driving his bus were staff carried off is the playoffs he hasn't shown up yet like c'mon that's garbage. Yet I look I think. He played and an MVP level last year in the finals I think he he could've gotten the MVP last year in the final spin on it but Kevin Durant deserved every Kevin Durant was even better. But I look the worst hit two players that were in VP level. In the port in that in that final series. I I look get ill if there was a time it would've been. The last two series in 201680. Struggled but he still came back in. And essentially won them the game four against Portland out in the Western Conference semi final. C game five and seven again it's okay see I know clay carry the day game six but curry look at his game five game seven over thirty points a game really carried off and to blow. In any just got fatigued in the aegis you know at a wanna blame injuries for me because they blame injuries for that title lost Katie because he did play bad in game seven. Els one of his worst games he's ever had in the playoffs there's no doubt about that to turn overs. The shot wasn't going on he didn't have the explosion he struggled and that when I'll give I'll give people that one but the whole notion that he's. It's recorded a playoffs in his career assists it's laughable. You add that I'd look I I think yeah I don't think he struggled in his career in the playoffs I I really don't I make it's an easy thing to point to I think. That way as the competition level goes up. I think the greatest players. There's going to be fewer games where they play at that it lead level like I distinct curry. He still has a lot of big games in the playoffs but I I I looked at its death and we're just so used to him make in the game look easy. Then in the playoffs even the greatest players aren't gonna quite make it look easy as frequently. Not a he still has moments I still think he's gonna have moment or two or three in this series. Where we look back and we don't wow okay that's that's the Stefan curry we see right in the middle of January or that we see. 1520 times a year I adding we're still gonna see that for at least one game and maybe more in this series and I think we'll see it for gamer. A couple in the finals. But I just I don't. I think the finals MVP thing or him not having a finals MVP I just think that's something easy to pick cat when you're trying to it's kind of like sale LeBron James isn't. You know LeBron James is in a winner Taylor says he's three and five an MBA fine right. Right I mean Jerry West the logo they NBA has one championship how many final city Luke's. Hedo obviously finals in Magic Johnson loose how many finals that Larry Bird blues and happens in the NBA finals are you planning gets to top competition. In a league here but I do believe we will with a touch nodded. I think when curry gets off. ORACLE Arena doesn't sound the same one overweight curry is going that's one expected that Korea explosion at curry flurry where he just gets that crowd going in a frenzy. And really rattles the rockets in game number three I'm expecting a big war from curry can these tired of ignored hurts your round yesterday at the right to perform consider. Curry starter answering questions about his knee. He starter ahead he starter answering questions about how he's feeling physically. He's good he's ready to explode he's ready to hit shots you're released just in people up. No doubt about it John tickets and Vontae hill here on 95 cent in the game I NBA this week is we are with few Intel. 5 o'clock news opium plant called ski Kerry Keating will take to the rest of the way out on into the evening here 95 cent in the game is the warriors and the rockets. Game three Western Conference finals. Tomorrow at ORACLE Arena games three and four of that series coming up tomorrow and Tuesday we've got you covered. On 957. The game the other big question one deciding to carry going to is do you make a lineup change. And it it wouldn't. It wouldn't surprise me see if Steve Kerr does but I still. I think if you're saying. If you're saying that your best isn't good enough I just I don't know I don't like that look if you're saying that your hand it's five. That your guys. Are. Quite capable and keep that in getting it done against their guys in the first quarter to meet its once you go to down lineup you're going to now line up progressed in the way. Tactic it's more about is getting rotations in order. Because you don't wanna be left in the spot where you do start lowly Oregon dollar where you ought to have this five OK when he's referred speak off the bench it and what's next after. You know Iguodala comes out of the game well guarded you brigade in early do you wanna bring in Charlotte he's and I like Charlotte Mason and data west. You know when a coming off the bench at the start of the second quarter started the second the three wise men line up at the beginning of a Circuit Court that's what I'd like with the rotations. Not be started a dollar again. We're gonna bring in Charlotte race in a little earlier or your Garber you're gonna bring in Nick Young gonna bring in order Yahoo!'s initial start up a bit to the series up and do you really wanna live with that again now he's not killing yup. But it may come a time where he gets it's gets X both on the deep it's a bit and now. You look at the series JD you know we're PJ Tucker is gonna be offensively you know where reasons going to be so it's easy for Nick Young just pay. Rod battles are still in the count all you need to do stay here stand up report line don't go anywhere. But I wanna get back to the rotations were to bring a loonie and Iguodala off the bench. It may be trying to steal minutes I don't think it's a psychological ploy because you still want to end when it's not crack it's hard when it's crunch time in its when he target. You're going to go back to him to slide they're going to finish the first half but gonna finish the fourth quarter. That's where they're gonna go to sell when a soft and it's an idiot doesn't matter who starts per say. It's about getting your rotations in order and make sure they're ready to call in the last five minutes of the First Act in the second in and a. I still think nick young's been a problem in this series to at least to the Paul re F the pull them off before that he would stay in his normal role I think you'd still have Livingston. In the normal role obviously has changed since the start of the second quarter lineup a little bit that the fact that it would dollar. It is is on the floor and it has to come out and so his his rotation changes a little that you get Livingston out there with Nick Young. Basically Nick Young becomes a part that. Top of the second quarter line apple with the other guys that are usually on the floor. I just think. At this point if you start looney. Did it becomes a matter of OK who becomes. Who becomes the second guy in that I think the warriors are in a position where they. They almost don't have a second gathright and putting or so but by virtue of that I don't think you can make that change the album with you there NASCAR Murray asked to beat out right. Moody has to be that guy which is got me thinking OK if you do make the lineup changed the logical choice to me is JaVale McGee and you just hope you get something. That you got out of on the game wanna get to San Antonio Spurs. It it's hey he's your best there's no doubt about it but he's athletic he can run the floor maybe who comes away with some big term block shots baby he gives you that jolt. Energy that they needed after the all star break when a major change to the light up a starter JaVale McGee first first seven games are gonna seven game winning streak. Maybe can get that joke from JaVale McGee but if you start really like you said you wanna bring in Dana what's in the middle of first quarter it starts growing up the rotation as. The rotation so I think Steve courtesy get back to starting the three wise men in the second quarter bring that they develop a bid to Loney off the bench the six minute mark in the first quarter and go ahead start to bill McKee. 8889579570. AAA 89579570. It's John tickets and Vontae hill were effort being. Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post who joins his seats every week it's him Roy's gonna join us. At some point between now and 5 o'clock right here and 95 cents in the game. Viral on here until 5 o'clock it's got tickets and it's fun to hill NBA this week. We will let him Roy joining us at the bottom of the hour we are African Tim bon Temps in the Washington. The posted speed gun in my honest Fontana is a busy guy you think this is I mean. It went on Saturday but it is nice out there would be surprised that term bond senses. Out there walker rough this means war for Sunday in this forest. In this terrorism and so we'll see what's Obama tonight daddy it's I think it's probably more like he's got some GM on the phone number he's been our viewers sucked then like talk to a G in the dots hey why don't white called me right now I can't this guy maligned or. Go to Scott period mixed. Javy but table. Exactly unemployment will get to them. At some point here that the tax succumb and in. With different lineup combinations. 510 Nick -- is torching the rockets they need his points I believe are not actually agree with that he hasn't done anything to this point in the series that Warren and to be taken off the floor and I could happen he ever your sixth inning game gets rockets at a regular season go figure yeah go figure and I think his contribution in game one was significant as well as I mean he helped he helped them win game one. At three before halftime to tie it up at 56 thought Paul was huge hit another Big Three went Klay Thompson was looking to make a play. Towards the end of the shot clock he nails a three there are I didn't think nick young's we know about opening night where he hit the big target breeze gets a rockets and I want 22 to 121 loss. Nick Young he's gonna be vital and we figured there'll be a guard. That plays at a point cooker and it got to think we even discussed this and it's been Nick Young so far so they need to be this points but I like him coming off the bench six. I know within a different pole here in a different take on. The starting lineup they can start Nick Young spread the floor without giving up too much on defense. Says Nick Young instead of Iguodala. Happy it's the very can be. The starter my guess New Orleans you bring in allowing you can bring Sharon in the right hey I've spot beleaguered gotta kinda makes sense. Because like we we keep talking about the rockets who know what we're gonna do offensively you know we're PJ Tucker is going to be you know where Trevor Rees is going to be. Well that's not too far fetched Jeremy he made on the sum from a 65 all I would not be shocked if Steve Kerr went to went that direction. Our let's get to our next guest pledged to be joined by the voice of the Golden State Warriors Tim Roy. He joins us here on 957 regain its MBA this week Tim what John Dickinson and Vontae hill. Tim Howard yeah man. I am I'm okay I think I've told you before is the my worst time of the year for allergies but it's. So the Wimbledon today has now been one of my better days but I'm good I'm good. And you'd you'd need the three days take to get ready for the long haul here right is that is that how work you need three days to get ready because it's every other the rest of the last implement many feel I should take more time but. What but people need a but you know I I I think it's I think it's good I think it's the what people. You'll like it is exactly what you guys are doing. We have three days to analyze this and and and talk called out this and in that try to figure out you know what's gonna happen on Sunday I think actually. You know so we will Silva should be playing you know quicker I think. The buildup to me. Is is really actually I think it's great for the fans. Dennett there's no doubt about it what what do you think. Ultimately. You know it's it's so funny how these series go to him and in game one. It's while the rockets yelled and could the warrior sweep at night you think there was a window for them to sweep but if they played a little bit better maybe early in game two. That was a possibility but the rockets found themselves in that game. And any gain confidence is Steve Kerr alluded to it may wind up winning at silly your your left almost with the rockets. Feeling. Are the warriors feeling after game two the when rockets fell after game one and you don't know what to expect heading into game three. Yet you know I think I think it's indicative of what we have I think I think people. Actually sued after game one all it's going to be asleep and Ilya Molly you know the rockets what 65 games they're good they've got James Harden Chris Paul. They're both really give players an end of the but I think really think the lawyers. Can look at game two and say you know what we judge did this to ourselves in one sense hard and Paul are great players and there to get some some points but. When you have Tucker a reason and Gordon all going off in soccer getting it he L playoff career high. That's something that can be I think could be attention to DTL. You know I think can be can be really looked out of the well rockets had twelve. Corner three attempts. The court frees they took him in game two and batteries. But I think people were only allowed more in three games over the course of the regular season so that's a huge number right. There notes in your exactly right here Gordon PJ Tucker and a reason you know they combined for twelve of eighteen. From a three point line it's just cannot happen got to slow that down but do you think Steve Kerr tinker with the starting lineup. Because obviously starting Andre Iguodala kind of screws up the rotations a bit. Lot of people are clamoring for tomorrow moon this make the start. But if you start tomorrow movie it's gonna be the first big off the bitch do you wanna play David West in the middle the first quarter do you wanna save entity and it is. From the beginning of the second quarter or do you start JaVale McGee and try to steal. Four minutes right off the bat to get back to your regular rotations in Breeders' Cup bond loony in Andre Iguodala off the bench what he. On not sure exactly what he's going to do you know my sense would be that may be loony get the chance to start to to try to change it up but that suggests. But there's no doubt that that you don't want to great things about speaker is that he is flexible he can he will tinker he will. Listen to his staff and if someone comes up with a great argument. To have the bomb will be in the starting line up that he's gonna do it shows that he's got stuck to any one thing. As far as the starting lineup goes in so. You know whatever happens whatever they do is that can be huge shot because he's shown that he has the ability to listen to other people take your ideas process it. And then make the call until he I would be surprised to Obama and he starts victory. John Dickinson Vontae hill NBA this week Karen any 57 McCain joined by Tim Roy the voice of the Golden State Warriors you can catch Tim tomorrow. As he will have on the warriors pregame show for you at 430 you'll be joined by Jim Barnett in the call. Again for the only time in this series. A 5 o'clock but Pacific time start. Here on 95 set in the game all the rest of the games the rest of the way in in this round. To beat 6 PM Pacific time start Saturday you mentioned Stefan curry. We were talking about that a lot today in and the line up than in everything that the warriors can do believe when you look at curry how how concerned are you ever. With Stefan curry when he's not knocking down shots because you just feel like the volcano is ready to erupt. And any moment and and once he does. It it's gonna stay around and he's gonna stay around and get on a hot streak for a couple of games. Yeah they kill has got nothing on staff. It's it's that need help. And I umps are actions at that people are losing their property and and that's and it's a tough thing but they're going through it. You know final against where have you been there I guess every bit of that part of the island and actually supposed to go they. Have direct had been there to that volcano and in the L be overlooked ideally allow you to look at the crater in the and they were smoke coming out of it in and that seemed the word it enters the ocean too and that sets dramatic it's it. It's an incredible place that to think that that whole side of the island is one. Volcano. You know that's why have all these pictures coming up anyway I don't mean to make light of what's going on their grip but staff has that you know he has that ability to. Two to ignite very quickly on the basketball floor and and to get things up so I don't worry about step too much. You know I think in this series he may not have. As many just because he's expending a lot of energy on the defense side. I think they've isolated 143 times in two games right that's a lot of times we're guarding you want the best players in the world and James Harden. At war one of the best point guards are playing Chris Paul so. There's an energy factor I think into it but but. Nothing ever surprises me about stuff every time you think that maybe. He's coming back and becoming mortal again he does something spectacular and I fully expect something great out of a meter in game three or game four. Do you think they'll put the ball in his hands a little bit more it seems like there's been a lot of good catch and shoot opportunities he hasn't been hit number when he really gets on a roll. It seems like it's coming in transition or it's coming off the dribble. It's he cannot creates in and makes his own shots and and starts making plays for other heating give equal see that. And see him featured maybe a little bit more that way and then they come back to Iran knowing that their ran it. Can almost it when every once when he wants in this series. I think you'll see great money at step available ball more just to stay just again thinking that maybe. That would promote more ball movement you know I think build the lawyers haven't moved the ball the way they would like to when they do. And play that beautiful game it did it's it's incredible the ball moves it's hard to stop and in all the sudden that's what the warriors who want those you know those huge bronze to get stops and all the some bull bull bull with that ten nothing run. It's taken ninety seconds in the other teams called time out. I I think we will see those guys move the ball a little bit more because I think they got to a little bit of a habit. Maybe in the first round you'll Kevin Durant was handling the ball a lot and deal that's where he works right around an elbow and he was able to get whatever shot he wants. I think they need to get back a little bit too two of moving the ball passing is as much as they can't but the other thing too to remember. Is that Houston has won the best teams in the league of forcing isolation. Both these teams like the forced isolation defensively. And they're two of the best at it so the rockets are doing a little something to it to try to promote that. Right time you mentioned the passing in the lawyers in the first two games game number one I believe at 28014. Passes. I never did in game number two Wear hats wonderment 7073. Total team passes and we know Steve current company they want it around to reach 18330. Armed Iraqis defense where I think I've been really impressed with them and that's been. Most I've underrated them on that intent because Olympic Games to really tall series between the rockets and jazz. Echo wow this team can really defend or getting into guys so hot into Warner's own walk. You know how to they come back this is a cal lead at the rockets are presenting them PJ Tucker Riva. They're not you know they're holding they're grabbing or make you shouldn't display as brother so get off how can lawyers opens things up a game or three time. I think they get stops just get stops on their pick and get the transition. The one area where Houston is not very good defensively is in transition they're like 23 I think of the league this year. It's a way to get stops get the ball out especially to think about the way the rockets play. They got guys each corner they've got you know somebody ice at the top compel you shoot parts of self down once I believe by the rim and soul. If they miss a shot and it's a launch a long rebound although the three say. He'll be the other team gets it they're gonna get there and and have numbers and so the lawyers do that. I think that's gonna make your life a lot easier the more transition chances the warriors get the better off I think they're going to be. One thing that that I've noticed especially in game two in an oval warriors didn't play very well Tim in in game two other than Kevin Durant. But it's it looks like Mike did Tony really had to shorten things up as far as the rotation in game two and and I I basically read it says there are six guys that he trusts right now. It's capella. It's obviously Gordon and Harden and Chris Paul in PJ Tucker. And then the sixth guy yeah in that mix up food and Eva I know I can't remember who I who I didn't. Evan there the six guys. Gordon Gordon Gordon would be the act Gordon would be there it's hell freezes the other guy rich and gore and I didn't mention a recent. But it's those six guys in as the series continues to move forward I still feel like the warriors have an edge in terms of they have more players. That you're confident in on a nightly basis that are playable. In this series that you think that that rings true or is it hard to tell. And I think also to yield to steal us the strength of numbers he likes playing a lot of people. And that continues to believe as the series goes maybe they Wear down the rocket sold it. And I think the rockets would be a little longer the rotation. Saved by a moute was a 100% healthy he going to come off that shoulder injury and he's not self you'd tell. He's not playing the way he normally does. And he says he had a really good year for them but yeah I I think there's a potential there Judy to have seen them all Wear down the rockets over the course. Of the end of the series I think they like to push the temple a bit more to help in that regard. So far I think the paces right around where the rockets like the play they could like the unit that a little bit quicker they couldn't and get. Defense of stops paying attention a year to year. You're deep defense assignments and and coming with the force that they need when the warriors play with force that's that words Steve. Kerr likes to use they're really good and I fully expect that I think this that this is a team that. Understands who they are and and and what they need to do I think I think tomorrow's going to be a lot of fun I expecting a great basketball. Now same here it's economics wrecked and oracle will be on its feet and rock and for his 5 o'clock start as this one that's all right what did I went and makes it what I have through basketball and that's so stupid and it's obviously the basketball and we'll give you Heston you were more to a lot of you sort of sees an earlier with China trip so fatigue may be said again with the joint I think there's an ambulance and radio interview ready and really didn't know you gonna do you love to have trust edit the facility at the fifth at next year let's take a couple of games off maybe at Oklahoma City and the other you know what ago Oklahoma you and your Indianapolis for sup what it they've. Wes or does he know he played a solid three to four minutes in game number one. Came to a party Preston and with that tough wagon lineup the rockets like to present. He couldn't get out there on the corner two reporters are really got lost a party forcing shots on the office today and yet Chris Paul to finish someone on the short hook shot that he had. Are we missed another shot. What do you think Dave arrest David west's role is in this series going forward or Willie rack of. You know I think is a couple guys that they're gonna be hard pressed to find a role. Utility in this series and gave it might be one of them just because of the way the rockets like the play in the way the warriors need to play in this series he'll Ryan Anderson guy and the Houston side probably Agassi a lot of minutes and then he played a lot against the warriors. In the regular season not so much else so. Guess he could be who wore those guys because you know his scary is the paint. At this this series is being played on the perimeter. In Seoul. You know it may be I think we're gonna see mostly small lineup for the exception maybe of compel on end. You know maybe the nominee maybe JaVale McGee. And this is going to be a series it's Gil played around the three point line and I think that's gonna not bode well for guys who usually you know don't go out there guard. Tim thanks a lot man we will see you tomorrow oracle. But the wait you guys have built oral up today we did very nice man very nice. Probably with a terrific he was terrific and we got amount just in time for him to see the thicker the preakness or bury you go there you go. A high hi hope it will go palm for the other effect that you mention that chuck wagon he's the one they cast started that when they had chuck Casey called them chuck wagon. That's it's so they're extremely tough wagon lineup they believe their best small lineup. And basketball we'll see tomorrow since there's so much of the time I guess I Tim Wright joining us here on 957. Seven game buckets they were gonna go from one to him. To another our units to the confusion here how many chances out there what what's what's now Tim bon Temps at a Washington hospital join us here coming up in just a couple of moments we've we've finally secured. That's him bunt sensible chaplain imam a little bit about the series and maybe get into a little bit of the Eastern Conference final series which is gonna tip within the hour. Between the cavaliers in the Celtics in the cavs obviously gone home down 02. Trying to even things up in that series the Celtics trying to reach the finals. In what would be the first time what since 2010. When they lost in the lakers. Obviously Celtics won the championship though with that in their Big Three of right Kevin Garnett and and Ray Allen and Paul Pierce said back in in 200810. And he didn't you don't know how carrier being without a word and when Howard Gordon Hayward since opening night pretty remarkable. Stuff I mean they won game one of the Philadelphia series about Jalen brown. I mean almost a bigger shock to me out of all the things that are happening with the Celtics to win game one it's at its own in that second round series against the sixers without jailer brown. I mean this team is that they're gonna be a problem featuring optics. They got a got talent they've got depth they're going to be a team to watch out for once this run of the Golden State Warriors fans JD. Tim bond tips in the Washington Post joining us here on 9570 gave Tim I'm glad to catch up with you and I hate nobody. Orwell are doing very well let's you'll start the east is we've been talking a little bit about the west of mobile get to the west in a moment. Or do you expect to see as far as how this series plays out because what I mean what the Celtics we talk about every week with the Celtics have done. In the playoffs is just beyond impressive and it's seemingly becomes more impressive every single game. How you see the rest of the series shaken out. I mean to me ball well it appears they're in the same spot where I think game or get it turned out all be pretty surprised. If either quit or goals state loses game three you know cast down 02 got bigger injury at least get shot. You know I can't see the whole project can get swept right so it's bigger middle literally entering an actual goals late comeback in pre borrow them. Don't game for her the cap they would decade which two to go back to Boston and got a chance to. You know win games are close here's that all the internal state that we gain or cheers probably no right so they had agreed to meet game forces swing game bowl series and well look I think you know for a first grade and the Celtics have been they have been great and they are being opposite is right I think there there probably at this point I think thirteen is almost like pedestal so it worked out. They they've got a combination of doubt her the other roster picks government's got a lot of really good for a long time by that beat that they are one affordable whilst. They did interrogators beat the Lockheed they did have forced record book gains that they want three out against the the section the second round so this sound like this has been a perfect or possibly being his political writer had got it cost it two which tickets they got it back got. Basically. You know short of a jaw being pretty clearly got his bell rung it looked the same after that that goes out the beta dictated the government acting so. You know I guess I think they're gonna escape tonight and then they can. To be it whether it in game or not as whether that. Mr. Tony seriously that's just a winner also goes all the but he five. Right LeBron is so great to and that. He's gonna probably win this game tonight from the cavaliers but I'm just looking at the rest of our roster and we know their roster has been flawed policies and they made obvious. Obviously made a big trades at the trading day airline. But basis so you look at their roster make have a love it's a one way player at the stage of his career. JR Smith hasn't hit a three get in this series you never know what you're gonna get out of him George Hill. Looks Don the listeners I don't know what's plaguing him right now church of Charleston is he knows a one way players are guys gonna play solid piece that at times but not gonna give enough and offensively. This might be one and a bronze greatest feats if you get rather than see from 02 deficit. It beat this Celsius Celtics team and I know the Celtics don't have Hayward I know they don't have early they had a lot of young talent in the eight as you mentioned they haven't played well on a roll. The look back Cleveland's roster here is just. I don't look at him as a threat at all it's just a lot of one way players here are inconsistent. Inconsistency with outlook outside of LeBron James a mater gonna do it in this in this year's it's so disturbed. Yeah I mean I wrote after the pacers series and could be our regrets the prosperity cheapen it the game back finals yet. I think catalog that got short trip he's been really good it was good burst here they get 22 point the other night. But they were never got a everybody else and you know that that's got to change mention JR he's an awful by George show disappeared ought not you know crop Korver. That played well they can attack help bottle and it back Kyle spent the Wii so. I'm a little limited him in when he could go to him sultan you know let's say there's by no means they're going to be anything let. You know that's like me I think I think they're gonna win but I just based off of pure desperation and then. You know comes down to whether they can get that game four and give a chase or boss you get one way you know that you that. People little property of one when he bought that I could get that he's got to get to it's going to be pretty dot. Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post joining us here on 957 became let's switch it up and talk about the Western Conference finals obviously warriors and rockets. Game three tomorrow right here on 957 the game too much after game one it was the rockets saying. We've just got to be us and play the way we play they did make a couple minor tweaks in terms of playing a little faster and play much better defense obviously. Game two left us saying well wore the warriors. Say the same thing we gotta be last week at a play the way that we play what you think the warriors if anything try to change though in game three. I think that show up in that's about it about the disrespect Iraq it's great great game to buy. You could see in the first seriously game or sink a ship that's straight out of ops and you could just see. You know they just didn't show up but she cursed at their first Corky he. You know they they just haven't shown an ability to play to regain our our penalties they have been able to beat. The block didn't they need to be on a consistent basis and he thought that was that a change. One thing up recovers bottles required rockets into did not. Now I think you know I I don't know if that's something you know drama and created emitted and practiced that I don't know that's something that's gonna. Come back to bite them this season get that might just have enough talent to beat everybody that it won't matter. By bill look like if they do play the Celtics with finals you know they're obviously not there are more down a top expert. Its operations are relentless may keep common and you know but the rockets that is essentially what the rockets late date and chip and that's here's the other night in the eight they didn't show up in that is a huge. Properly because. Know each sonic game you'll usually it's 6073. Cusick hit. 161733. More times this series they do that the Peta might have or top spot. You know also I Woolsey what happened I got that I expect them to come out in it. Clearly while inspiration and I'll have to be a win program and then again it's it's got to come out to me like upset about to capture and may. Play like that two games in a row and did all three want. Are or are they gonna give Houston a chance to get home court back or not the hope they re just comes down Nicole's state. Can play the way to post you you know chat Sunday and Tuesday they should be up 31 by. The way this team has gone off season you know it's not a fait accompli is just expect them to do act giving out you know how poorly they've dealt with successfully or law. And you look at the rockets terminal right on the money here. You look at the rockets in the way they played in game two really. I think the first time I really took notice of the rockets yes certainly wants to five games in the regular season he'll look like world Beers are amazing. But to see them in the in the Minnesota series and had a fifty point third quarter in game number four. It legally it's already had the split you chuckles and Houston wins came to their rights and all of her come to jazz can they really do this with our rubio and rockets going there. It jump out to a thirty point halftime we gained thirty. It caught their game 41 at Salt Lake City Dell's impressive to me in adorn it defensively with the toughness I think it starts from PJ Tucker guy who came out of taxes. And with a journeyman he is well they're playing overseas in Israel and all over Europe and now he's got this contract with the rockets. And they got a lot of guys with a chip on our shoulder rocket took off a little mentally tough and I believe coming into the series ten. Hey they really impressed me at the way they've played the other nine that's why that no disrespect. A quick all state by city locals say it quite well I'm not sure they would or that she's like great I. We miss and there are a lot of people wondered if Barack could be able take part should come back Nat you know they have not able do that at bat out what they. I'll debate not proportionately to the news and experiences here I think back they wanna gain. And gave him some chance I think I think you know so a lot about there's these and other than your old well where Barack. So I was really impressed by German and I. Northrop said it gold states should be able to get this done. Mom you know if they've played a way they're supposed to but again they have not consistently played the way the supposed to all season long superheated to sit here and say. They're not there are actually gonna do that. You know I thought they were locked in and awaited word before you know before the other I thought there were locked in a way to add that all these coming into the series. They show that game line and your verdict I've been into. Do you think Steve Earl make a lineup changing and go to looney an inning if he does is is that admitting that the best isn't good enough for set to strong. You know I mean look I can see him potentially going in doing that if for no other reason then. They just are playing any of these other bigs and maybe you wanna try to stretch out the bits and different ways. But I I'm guessing they're just gonna stick with the death Clapton. And go from there I don't. I don't anticipate that changing what you what you go to Jack Clark not that go back from a lot the kind of like a lot and it I think at that point. Social I would assume the places where election. I think. All that stuff to me kind of secondary airlock in Boca I mean there are played saint static got any lecture on the street just the minute they lay it out so to me it's. It's much less about who they start in a much more about how they look at out why other battle but also a lot more than what five out. And I think they go a step curry goes ten minute Kevin Durant can get in the book he wants when the series he's on part of always. The best off with a player in NBA today. But getting stepped career contract early and often I think is a big key especially get mad or cool crowd roar and you've been out here for the last couple seasons two and oracle doesn't sound the same except carries hitting pity histories of fans really gravitate toward stepped carries energy. Getting him off to a fast start and a Davies talked about it all show. Having the ball in his hands more letting him make plays here it and reverting back to KB isolation. If the shot clock bogged down here but getting the splash runners stepped Korea off to a great start Klay Thompson off to a great start because really important for game number three. Yeah I agree with you I think you know it to me it's less about getting stuff going on to just about playing the way the war is always played. The kind of the kind of allowing the rockets to wallet into the same trap they're trying to lob rockets into it which is due. Just allow older mean guide isolate over and over and over and yeah act you know Katie Richie sic get any shot and I at a time and again each trying to. Get whatever you need are on quiet you know he attempted 38 point to know what this is not really a waste he colonel wants to apply right. And you know that that is why they went doctorate in you you know we help when in game one but they also. Got 28 from clay he got it in three dot moved the ball a lot more. Well people organ toxic that being involved you're you're the other night. It was really just Katie doing work and everybody else stay or cover up by amber so. And what you need they need immediate claims that goal and our question clearly get back out all. Or anything AS media back plane where the warriors playing not allowing the rocket dictate. The terms of engagement which are really get dropped into his arteries Marshall pressed quit spec market. Tim great stuff as always we will see out of the arena tomorrow night. Sort out what or April but he take care grassroots and Avago one Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post joining us here. I'm 957 game in BA this week it's John Dickinson and Vontae Haile as not take in first tiny. Here on 95 cent in the game mom on a Saturday used idea plays golf and drinks beer no days off for us JB were working every day no days off you're out playoff somebody. If somebody's get a get a day off that means somebody else asked to work right step up to the plate next man up and again I'm looking at it in the looks like I I just brought the calendar for the clintons in the standard and ten and ten were ten. And you don't and it's gonna go on until the series is so the next day off will be an and that's okay that's not a complaint. That's not pat myself on the back situations is the. It is just an anti Euro and Europe probably working on gonna be thirteen and this week out okay it's okay this is what we love and you know it's okay we're talking basketball talk a Western Conference finals. And I'm anticipating go when tomorrow game three. Game three and four this is it looked serious party started where we talk about a road team has to when. In order from the series to start what are lawyers did that game normally one series on rockets they come up with their counterparts swing game to block the Golden State Warriors are gonna come out tomorrow. Ready to go both teams I think we're gonna have a lot of energy exchange chomping at the bit the lawyers got that sour taste in their mouth. We've purple dream on green today with her from Klay Thompson he says he's. Guaranteed to be a lot better in game number three I'm expecting a doozy out of ORACLE Arena tomorrow night we'll see us temporary place yet that's whatever body do you look at port eighty how to step curry get off he's been storyline over the last three days will see how step curry starts tomorrow night because rockets. Adding that's going to be is the storyline number one that may be one age is does Steve Kerr make a lineup change and in Tim kind of alluded to it in a similar fashion the way I've alluded to it it if you're admitting. That your best line up and what. Most believe is the best lineup in the NBA period if you're admitting that that's not quite good enough to start a game after one team right I just think it's a bad message and and I know Steve Curtis and air about that. But I do think account I think Tim he said it may be better than I did it it's a little bit of a sign of panic. And orders and not a team that he's now and it. As the team that now has home court advantage in this series. I just see it as the warriors being proactive. In as Tim said maybe stretching out the minutes of somebody's key guys like Monique and make a dollar and live accent. I don't see it it's a sign of panic at all because I keep mentioning how. They're gonna play at some point he had this five it is steep curves are gonna bid adieu to the stick your head to slide lineup they're gonna be together. For about 1520 minutes in this game or at least 1520 minutes a game. But China still some minutes right off the bat and you know bring you Loney off the bench and bring and they get a dollar off the bridge and just have their normal rotations I think that's what it's about the whales can't do reactive. In Iraq continue to be proactive in being proactive as saying hey look. We could save the at this five lineup we don't have to start amicus or rockets we haven't gotten off to the best starts it gets a rockets and this had this five lineup. Let's go let's switch it up a little bit and try to add to me imagery to the lineup I think that's where you look at JaVale McGee possibly keep an ounce of energy in the first 45 minutes of game number three Blige. Don't see your family TV and make I know I really don't I get to me it's like it's ruining your bus if you're gonna do it but I just I don't know I don't see give they'll make the night. I just don't see JaVale McGee didn't into the series and most of some kind of an injury. That means playing one big baby too with David West I do think David West who gets the first quarter minutes or skewed he's the first half minutes. And maybe they don't bring them back in the second half that's been interesting being with David West JD is that doesn't play the last 42 hats. Games four and five it is more alludes to this minute I listening great at first it had been great met right arm cyst. Really kind of took them out of rev them up Adidas plan at a very high level. In his role he was hitting his may range jumper that made a great server hasn't fallen and it's may not be the series warmest ten Roy alluded to Seoul. If this is not the series for David West and won't he's the only bigger to plan the going to be plan a lot of small and I rockets small lineup. Took fright Judy a low I've not heard of that lineup but they played really well together to Iraq and small the top wagon lineup that they trot out there. I think you're more apt to see a couple of Jordan Gelman it's the new artists he JaVale McGee in this series that Indians hitting David West is a guy that becomes. Somewhat un playable I still think to get an opportunity in the second quarter Mikey said he hasn't played. Not in the fourth quarter as well interesting point here and question on the text like Penske auto sales dot com sex line. From the 510. Hey guys how can they protect staff and keep him from being targeted so often the media it's a simple put the ball on the sands right if you got the ball and in your hands and you get hit and thrown around. They're gonna call for house right feeds off the ball the clutching the grabbing the rag doll and write the stuff that the rockets have done you can't. If you're not gonna get a call this much if you play that way. What do you think the lawyers could do defensively to protect staff and you know obviously not switching any sand hey we've gotten we we need to stop being cute I. He's gonna be switch on the heart and Chris Paul what can you limit that can they cause the finals. LeBron James is looking for to switch on the staff corps and he's gives you step curry. It relentlessly. And they figured out a way to not give step involved and I switched a staggered a big date may play disclose that the immediate defense of what our staff Reynolds got its sagging off. Can they get to that I guess it's rocket steam or is it unavoidable because step Cory Johnson has switched. I don't think there's anybody that you could put curry on that doesn't at some point become a prospering error when I just I don't see in less you know less of mbah a moute is out there both her via an Internet and I think we've seen from game. To them mbah a moute is not gonna get out there I mean he was he he was pulled. Due to ineffectiveness. Anyway and that was the Symbian pulled. It gave I'm not gonna play the rest of the series kind of away unless it's a couple of minutes against a real non. Offensive. Line right. Nom I'm with you there are so you gotta you gotta get going he gets going you get out to a lead here guess or rockets or did you see. Less switching on occurred because this is what we haven't seen this is what we haven't seen JD is a rockets fall behind and have to make a comeback. What happens if they fall behind by ten points in this game it's in the twelve points Dulles you're gonna see a lot more isolation is maybe seed James Harden started the debt OK I need to carry us in. And shoot these shots and really try to get us back into the game here at cedar rockets play from behind once warriors win game three. I think the warriors were getting punished the worries win game three while we're talking about a game six though. A week from today that's gonna do it for us thanks to Cole and Whitley NRC Davis and Mike Schneider bill war Elton bond tents and Tim Roye. Cold skiing and Keating next and Tyson again.