NBA this Week 5-19-18 Second Hour

NBA This Week
Saturday, May 19th
Bill Worrell the Rockets tv announcer joins NBA This Week to preview the next two games at Oracle arena. Bill examines the overeactions for both squads following their respective Game 1 and Game 2 losses. JD and Bonta ask which Houston player must step up off the bench andd wether or not Houston's short bench is an area of concern. Plus what the Rockets confidence level is headed into the hostile confines of Oracle arena.

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Mets who were brought you by American Express proud partner of the Golden State Warriors. Oaks card club play it Smart play and oaks Ross are driven by career Nissan of Stevens creek we make it easy. On line community sound of Stevens creek. Dot com we are with few until 5 o'clock we shuffle things around a little bit here. To open up the phone lines and also to get back in two warriors rockets conversation Doral the rockets television announcer. Is going to join us now coming up at 330. We've got Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post he joins his teacher every week on this program at four. And the voice of the Golden State Warriors Tim Roye. Is going to join us coming up but at fourth thirties we get you closer to the warriors. And the rockets' game three Western Conference finals at oracle going to be fun. Out there in Oakland tomorrow with the warriors try to get off to a better start by Tate and they did in game two I thought there was a window. For the warriors to really put it on the rockets early in May be forced the pressure to be. Insurmountable. But there were a lot of turnovers and sloppy play date Steve Kerr said after the game the warriors allowed the rockets. To gain confidence and once they gain confidence and figured out the right guys to play they were cooked in and they were tough to slowdown. Get a tough wagon line Opel snow jokingly talk about Eric Gordon. PJ Tucker Trevor reason they played out undermines not when they combine for over sixty points in that. In that game to win in twelve of eighteen from the three point line they regain confidence and about the lawyers will come out we talked a day on the afternoon light JD and we both thought. That the worst come up faster writing to the warriors home. The regular season would reappear. And what I mean by that is we seen it over and over this season. Where they're just kind of come outs lol. Lackadaisical they throw the ball around and that's what we saw on that first quarter to seven turnovers. We see them down ten plus the Dallas in the first quarter of fabrics. Down into the Phoenix Suns at one point when Steve Kerr decided to let the players' coach and I can't. The lawyers can do this could come out complacent but you just what you expected to happen to Wesley carpets Arnold's in a look back to all the great teams in NBA history for what I've seen in my lifetime to Jordan bulls you know Shaq and Kobe and the lakers. You don't Tim Duncan spurs they just wouldn't allow that happen and we'll go out there and smell blood in game over to really take its loan solicit the lawyers. Kamal kind of aloof with dowdy the read only gained two and let the rocket's case and confidence. I was really stunned by that wants a rocket settled and hit a couple shots they went off and I took off but. There was a window there and a fourth quarter I thought early which stepped curry open the fourth quarter in the line up. It caught on a little mini run he makes a couple floaters makes a floater jumper has a nice pass and actually you know there are down eleven and are taken okay. Chris Paul has 5000 now. Now the trying to make your running get back into this game really snatched a soul away from Houston Rockets. That didn't happen Eric Gordon makes a Big Three over drew Mark Green rockets globe fourteen can direct comes down. Misses a three in an off in base that we game two is over for map point. 8889579570. Up Penske auto sales doc on text line 95795. From the Penske auto sales stock contacts line. 95 the warriors are fine I think people are freaking out. Because this is in reverse this year starting on the road. Taking care of home court like usual and it's a wrap if if the warriors do that and it is although that would still be a six game series. It almost you mean there is only there's really pressure on either team at the start of game three it's one of the few times in a series. When it's 11 that there really isn't pressure I mean it's the one game where. If the warriors when it okay will they held serve now that they have home court advantage if the rockets when it I think there's pressure on the warriors for game four. And maybe even there's pressure on the warriors as game three goes on if the rockets get up on them early but I think it's the rare instance. Vontae in a series. Where there's no pressure game want to be pressures on rockets right game two was clearly on the rockets after they lost game they'll respond at game three. I'd take its its debt down the middle as far as pressure goes and obviously depending upon who wins who loses game three then then there's going to be a pivot point. The wrested away with more team having the pressure on in regard. If the rockets go off to a fast start tomorrow on though it look it's a forty minute game the game is not going to be one in twelve minutes. But you don't wanna rock you don't want the rockets being confident to SATA or Korean and shut that crowd up. Because that fan base tomorrow is gonna be in a frenzy at starting game number two readers no doubt in my mind what your kids cannot stand a rockets they cannot stand Chris Paul and James Harden. But they went they need to tighten up defensively the rockets are getting into the paint. Their their dribble penetration whether it's Korea on the ball whether Stewart ran on a ball. Even Klay Thompson hasn't had a best series defensively Andre Iguodala hasn't had a bit series. Defense that we turn Mark Green talked about it today it got priced out in game number two insults at the rockets to get up to that big lead and eight go ahead and taking three. Not totally irrelevant. Not only are there warrior is going to be filling a pressuring game over for another rockets have confidence JD in Iraq is this that they can sit back and say look we won two straight games in the series. Gay one we boys are not playing our game they're gonna be filler like we should be up 30 where did this even NBA so. You don't I think a mural Warner's you need to win game two to put that pressure back on a Houston Rockets for game four. Let's get to bleacher days in Oakland here I 957 the game bleacher days you join me MBA this week what's up bleacher. Why and I'm hanging out in mind and. So today is now let's get well let's put. I think we yet I think we had to go on at once there look back we today call us I activated 8957 FS 70 it Whitley today not to get too inside baseball here. When bleacher Dave on the line and then we had lied to and lion one on at the same time that's when we heard of dial tone because there was a guy on line to god I thought it was a three way call us. I okay let's go to way to get the doubts and ago way across the freeway caught somebody else maybe irks me though some are also columnist sales targets may be what do determine bleacher call us back in and will get you right to the font front line it it AAA. Now I'm 57957. Europe a couple of questions now from. Game two to game three the big one obviously is Stefan curry how do you get Stefan curry going and to meet. The simplest answer. And I'm not worried about Stefan curry medic and eventually he's gonna get in a rhythm and he's gonna have two or three games that are just gonna you know not the doors down in this series. But how great how do you get him down on it and he's played much better and ORACLE Arena. Obviously. To me it's about. Put the ball and it seems to me it's about not allowing by playing him off the ball. Not. They're gonna call more of those south's right that's just it that's just a fact that the united b.s off the ball. You're going to be able to get away with this is a Cali so to me it's put the ball in his hands. Knowing that you can always go back to Kevin Doran. When you need to go back to carry a rant because the blockbuster at any time way it's right for their rants he almost put the ran it in a box after the side. And you try to get curry go and get curry feel when it in right curry in that ended in net hyped. Oracle's own cloud in his car and Jay-Z N and everything right because that's when he makes plays for himself any makes plays for others opens the floor today he'll make plays for everybody else and you know you've got the rant almost in your back pockets that that's the one thing for me. Would be. Let curry get its hands on it let curry touch it let curry try to get into a little bit of a rhythm I speak at times. It Curry's. Probably the best shooter ever right right from three point absolutely etiquette times when he's off the ball. And they move it around and they kick it back to me he's not hidden in their thrown around a little bit I think at times he takes some bad shots. That daddy doesn't hit some quick shots trying to find it. Where is if he's got the policy and cities in each hit a pull up priests come off the pick and roll he's he's shooting that that 27 reporter with confidence right. I just I think that's a better way to get him into a rhythm then wait for the ball to come back to the haven't take almost the clay Thompson Croatia. PA and it's funny when you say step curry bad shot like what is a step curry bad shot I didn't even if you win game 20 there's no doubt about it he's been picked. I thought early in the fourth quarter he forced it a little bit he forced different deep. But it really Klay Thompson I'm looking at him he's talk about his game one where he scores of 28 points in just a 153 point attempts the rockets made sure he was not gonna be opening game number two and I thought clay really took some bad shots in game number two JD. Curry had a couple where it was all slightly open but it wasn't really in rhythm. Quite counter relief force in the only took eleven shots in game two. At least 78 have a bad shots I believed in and two for four from a three point line it's almost being probably do you have to have stepped Corey on the bomb making some plays. You have to get Klay Thompson involved early and get him going when he gets off totals fast starts there because as we keep talking about JD. Can a direct can score well in the series delicate scored Willy gets anybody in the NBA and especially in this series they have no answer for Katie so we know we can get a bucket and the return but it splashed brother's going early on in this game we. Let's give bleacher David of the shot here in Oakland on 957 again what's a bleacher. Then you got to get your technical group and others got what was let me put you. Well they can't. You know and then they had been excellent on what did the same time the there was nobody there side instead yeah we we. I'll admit it that you don't bid committee and then there's nobody there and it'll. Come. And don't know I think dumb. Hampton I mean I think that name patty rotted the mother read. Were negative and all the port security not in. I think that's going to reinforce occurred since then anyone over legal guys are out. I'm saying when they're needed. And I'm predicting new he's got to start tomorrow. You don't want to enter into seeing everybody goes crazy about you know Perry added as critical off got 93. And you people are part of like bond no I didn't want to give him his leg you know it could come parallel the creek it beat back in. And nobody. Hard as well he's. What you night. Good save. Instead in the dig about sticker is the all week only thing I said Abbas that occur is how do you keep her from expending so much energy defensively. And how do you get it going offensively because the way he's penetrating lets me know that that he is closer to 400%. And he's gonna he's fine he said he's not the wrong with the physical and physically I don't think there's anything wrong with him physically it's just the way it rockets are playing courier beaten him up. And he he just hasn't found a rhythm yet again once he finds it it's gonna be there for 45 games so is it going to be game three. Is it gonna be game for I mean whenever he hits it it usually lack. They've done a nice job on them but you also feel like. The explosion is coming because he's kissed at that point now eventually at some point his career. We won't be able to count on that anymore right we're still very much he's in his prime right now did exactly where he's at his prime. And it's coming it just like it was common for James Harden just like it was you know it covered for Klay Thompson at some point. In hating gay one didn't have a game to clay is gonna happen again. At some point in this series and it's really gonna help the warriors so I don't think it's as much about the leg I just think sometimes we're so used to. Not seeing Stefan curry struggle. That. When he does struggle we all look around and think well something has to be wrong I passed to be hurt or. Something has to be off that can't just be hey he's a great player but he struggling a little bit 888957. 9570. Triple 895795. 70. Penske auto sales dot com and I'm 5795. And Doral to join us at the bottom of the hour. It's. Every single. Warriors playoff game. The game. Do you think they're waiting for a call. Northern California Honda dealers Memorial Day race to save our biggest event of the year. 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Until 5 o'clock we will be with you here and 95 cent in the game in back tomorrow to be at John tickets and of these next time it's going to be Vontae hill as well beyond that app. After the a's game lead you right up until. Warriors warm up with county. And it's tiny and guru that's at 330. Warriors warmup tomorrow will probably get it here about 2 o'clock and take you to 330. And then now sky any end. Downey. And the two rule have you covered with warriors who warmup and a wrap up tomorrow 5 o'clock tip line here on 95 cents in the game let's keep moving on the phone lines spontaneous Steve in San Francisco. Joins us next year on the NBA this week and any facet of the game may Steve. Card I'm just about passed that would that erotic. I start to we got a bit wheels out here he got to pay bills or runners on me c'mon. Well OK I got a few comments. So warriors. Are like a maddeningly inconsistent team in I don't know why ours. But the other night Klay Thompson's fumbling the ball. Skeptics when it crashed malware it. Cool well is that they're professional athlete I don't know what so it's just that the coach is all. I think we're a little bit spoiled Steve to be a vertically on Jessica and we thank you for the phone call. Bill taken out violence I don't preach I keep listening here and 95 cent in the game I look. It's a cold warriors in consistent is. It's borderline laughable because they wanted DA gave it studied it but again. The standard though that that were used to the standard that they set for themselves winning 67. The first year and semi semi three and 67 again they get Iran may win the championship and they. Drop one game for the entire playoffs and that's only after they went fifteen start they just are the Albert so why I think the media at times get spoiled. And I think that leads to may be a little bit more. You know. What's wrong when this guy what's wrong when that look the normal course of the playoffs is. Teams lose 4560 games teams win the championship lose 56. Game sometimes more right and I always say this spot data ticker staying. You can go sixteen and twelfth notre win a championship and go sixteen in Omaha. And what that when the Celtics wanna check beach it would KG Paul Pierce and Ray Allen you know up. And eleven wood seven a first round Agassi Atlanta Hawks said he gave jets says this and they'll say it's six and six yes six with the lakers 7776. Politically and Easter car was a Detroit. They beat Detroit in six assessing whatever was that was dead and I and they want it six and I was guilty of three to try format. So came back to Boston audience and then he beat they beat the lakers of course in war mine game or six in the final so he can lose 101112 games is okay. Does that factor they've only lost. Four games of force as you three games so far in the playoffs were all up in arms about all what's on all of the lawyers. They played basketball with such a high level always say they've broken basketball they Bruin basketball for me for a rat's a what my life because of the way how. Because of the way of the way the played with all the passes over 220 passes a game the and selfishness the way they shoot the ball we know players should really. Changed to gain an outpost earlier we support a little bit here. What the Golden State Warriors so. Don't freak out they go up there and handle business more for game dream for walker to be said Hough the rockets are frauds we all do that sold a wouldn't freak outs is quite yet. It just doing the math quickly sixteen intent. Sixteen and ten I I gave the Celtics one more loss actually better today than they still does it make sure we make sure where exactly he'll have accurate yeah. Yeah it's at the major government have to correct here. On 957 and in that so we roll on NBA this weekend Matt Stein Mets will appreciate the attention to detail in his absence of any literal nature. Of what are conversation what is Matt's time is going on a day off what is a match start and it's 21 day off talks golf it's yeah that's he's probably played about. He's. 24 holes. Mean that's way seven holes play between 27 to 124 point seven hooker. I would say on a day off no doubt in his back to back day victory I know he's probably love it it right now yes site don't I think that's definitely. In play let's get the colossal in Oakland colossal up next year 95 cent in the game. I heard director Greg Moore called guard recruit wanted to get a couple point. For all we need anguish that the show would step period angry. Revolution at the game of basketball he really needs. So that you saw in the playoffs and you can assure you don't want to Haiti to become the new web split with the isolation ball. So he would step. Go early in an angry. And when you've been well it's this small let opinion that most in common all you read the book and then. Quote real physical with them towards our power forward David West as well I didn't sit com I'll be it. Would it do rag and maybe they'll look back into port and about in this late but I. Got a note that we could be physical Ku didn't need it grew. It that we live our toward Everett Dirksen. Where are gonna move will need to show when we're really. Gather around their show we have it bad let's be critical to. And let's start program would be if you're from rib protection. And you know other wonderfully you know the 08 air basketball where they hurt are our we're going to be critical which are sport. That's what I want to see but let's get angry step. Katie blessed that there is led jury agreed bring the ball. They'll start the movement to throw a bit to go to Canadian. Social. And like there will be you were gonna win the next two games in the mayor and saying you know I knew that I knew and what they're gonna change they're putting their picture taken the call. The cabinet. Thanks colossal not he's he's right on I have been saying this after game two I don't know if you need somebody the release in the message by picking one of these rockets. You wanna see somebody at Jim Barnett has been known to say this too and he was right on point. A year ago stepped Currie ease he needed to drop carrier lingering needed to get physical card reader sent a message say look this is not there's gonna be a walk in the park. The pick I'd never seen. Other than Steve Nash JD in the last 20/20 five years in the NBP. And all star the face of the league. Get picked arm like this over and over and over again. John Mark Green you don't want him picking a flavor. Played her spouse that's for sure. You don't wanna restrict mongering but somebody needs in the physical match is say look stop picking on our guy. Let's play let's get more aggressive play with that bad so he's right I agree with them. By saying like look courage for the play angrier no doubt about that he'll have a chip on a shorter because he's tiger. Of answering the questions about his the ask answering questions about his body's defense Jamar agrees got to come out harder. Are very good Dallas got to play better but somebody does do this in Iraq it's a message here and maybe the Roydell ball here near to the chops since the ninety's like message is displayed offer that's that's the biggest thing to got a game to JD with the toughness factor and that rockets play tougher. Well the only dad and I think it is capable of may be due and it is David West it's actually going to be on the floor but the warriors have a little bit of a David West problem even in this series I don't think they're gonna see Pachulia. On the floor I don't think you're gonna start me deal Aponte I know you'll alluded to there may be a start McGee. This is our students and wanted to JD he had just try to steal some minutes and maybe to meet an NAC will begin a scene you're gonna see movie for sure but. Just habit rotations back in order bring alone in a good dollop of their troubled love to see that. At the five or six minute mark seemed to bill Miki at least for a series. Can we can still fortified minutes I'm not saying he's gonna change the dynamic or anything like that not know he struggles. Defending the picker row he gives up too much space to the shooter. Just try to steal some minutes still some minutes somewhere and and does have Loney in the Iguodala Kamal debates because at the end of the first half we're gonna have to hand this five on the floor at the end of the game you're going to have had this five on the floor so when I try to switch it up at the start trying to get a better start. Yet I just and I wouldn't be I mean I wouldn't be surprised if cabala when he starts in incurred goes away from the Hamptons five to stick to buys a minutes. But you also have to make two moves if you're gonna make that move in and what I mean by that is. OK if Louie goes into the starting line at the net means Iguodala gum comes off the bench when hoosiers second center in the game at that point. Success so is looney your first sinner in the game then in dream on obviously gonna get some doubt in his dream on does he gets a doubt. Before the end of the first quarter seemed to back in at the beginning of the second quarter if Clooney's your starter. Then who plays the second stretch run basically the bottom of the first to run well. And because of that in the conundrum that it creates. I'm not sure we're gonna see Rudy get the start I and and there's also a maybe I'm crazy for saying in this but a psychological. Factor about. Do you wanna go away from your best buy it in a 11 series and Ike is Steve Kerr saying something to everybody. But what if he says. I'm going away from my best five players as starters in game three of the series that's 11 and again and maybe that's. A little over the top but yelled you're the rockets or you're watching the game you're thinking wait a minute this is the best line up on the planet that. And the warriors put that line up on the Florida middle of the pelican series. Today changed the series and now courage role in whether it's seemingly for the rest of the playoffs. But now he's gonna change it up I mean if you're changing it up it's almost like admitting that your best isn't good enough. Yes the I singled you sand and understand which is saying JD but I I still believe they had this five. And when it's nut cracking time as pop always likes to say crunch time in the last five minutes of the first half. Last five minutes of the second half for last six minutes of the second half. You know it's most like to most likely going to be to have this five. A good dollar saw Blair there say hey look when he game it's an imbalance the return to get some momentum going and I have to arm will roll it up to him despite this the lineup we believe. They'll get us out to a lead eight and give us some momentum going and perhaps aren't. So I don't know you know it's just more so about Seve rotations are breeding give good drug as units you start loony right. You wanna bring in David West and a six minute mark the first quarter out of big Steve Kerr wants to do that you know we stuck and bringing Zaza Pachulia do you bring in Jordan belt. IE with all the rest cities had and an activity of Jordan will not play enemies playoff games. I don't know part trust Jordan bella that situation and I don't think Steve Turk trust Jordan bell at this juncture of the season because of all the setbacks with the injuries and fallen out of a rotation so. Again I am lean towards McGhee starting only because you could steal some minutes and start in pregame Mooney and Iguodala off the bids because as you mentioned you start Clooney who's gonna come off the bids investor concern are we don't know. Let's get to our next guess it's a pleasure be joined by racquets television announcer bill Orel he joins us here on 95 cent in the game. As gave threes tomorrow right here on 95 set in the game bill thanks a lot for coming on power you. Okay. I didn't let sorry let's hurry up because justified getting ready to run the break it's. You all you guys Taylor yeah definitely we we could stretch this thing a little a little bit are not a part of our audit. Appreciated bill surprised. At a meeting this kind of the nature of a playoff series but are you were you surprised at the overreaction if you will act. The way the rockets lost game one and then the over action if you will the way the war cougars lost it do as opposed to. Both teams need wholesale changes but wait a minute they're the best two teams in the league all your law. It's the smut 36 year nothing surprises me everybody over reacts. When you get to the final four teams in the NBA. Oh LeBron looked terrible LeBron look great. Chains dribbles to much scored 41 points. You know of and you look over and then say well. They can't guard anybody on the other side so you know and this is typical. I I don't look at any saying. That the rockets did not play as well defensively and gave more. And I think the fact that Golden State one game more and they weren't quite as efficient in game two and that's what happens Houston became the desperate to any. Now Golden State will be desperate tomorrow night so let's just see what happens. You have curry stepped Kurt can guard anybody and James didn't score on anybody so you don't you don't overreact to too you guys are great players like that. No you're exactly right bill but I I do wanna focus on this taught wagon lineup which I thought cheesy game in the second quarter. We really the first quarter warriors turn a ball over seven turnovers. Did make a point where yet there were only down by five at the end of the first quarterback talk wagon lineup comes in. With PJ Tucker Trevor reason that regards. Paul Courtney James Harden and relief full bag came in PJ Tucker to be caught in that and a lot of people logger senate PJ Tucker I commission like that again. But I look at the numbers game what was an anomaly for PJ Tucker he's actually shut the 2.0 really well for the rockets during this postseason bill. There he has and he has salt sees it from the corner PJ Tucker as the number two shooter. In our conference. Behind to resell on the quarter stories so Tucker can shoot that corner three as well as anybody. But he got a lot of good looks because Chris Paul was doing such a great job. Of penetrating. And meg getting passes in the rockets were doing a great job of taking that second passed and making it a third press support passed and getting a real great shot. So the rockets were really moving the ball well. And I think Golden State will make necessary adjustments. And we'll see in game three they'll one. The things that they becomes a parent as a series continues. Both ways is certain players begin to look on pliable and certain players begin to look like they need to play more as I'm looking at the rockets. It looks like the and Tony really trust six guys Tucker reason. Obviously hardened Paul. Gordon and capella how do you see do you think he's gonna ride at a riding out what those six in an who. Will he buy a couple of minutes here or there for because he Anderson didn't play in game two. And Bob moute looks like it guide it did he just can't do enough offensively to be effective after the injury. Yeah I thank god bomber they still hurt and you know east peace knocked that shoulder out. A couple of times this year and so it just looks to me around the basket he's not competent. In shooting the ball. I think the key it is. Eric Gordon. Can he continue to shoot like he did in game two and play great paper original Gordon is very tough beast he's a big guard. And he can he can bumpy around a little bit and it always Gerald green's a guy if it. Mike wants to go to seven man peak in cheek and always used Gerald Green and he's kind of up and down defensively. But Jerel can achieve some big bucket so I think that's the one thing you if you're right that's what I'd been Tony bidding game injury tightened his rotation. And you know Lee's long time outs they have in these games. In the finals. Will help the rockets rest. Their starters are more. Bill morrow rockets TV announcer here on NBA this week we JB a bunch and Indy 57 game. Bill weight as a series shifts over to ORACLE Arena and I know James Harden assassin demons inside this arena Chris Paulus has some demons. Inside to Serena how copper it rockets now commonly gained three. Because we care PJ Tucker where you cross ball tape we play our game with the best team out there NBA we can win anywhere any time according in my Dan Tony art party what would what is divide you're getting from the rockets as we head into the Toyota biggest games of the season for them. Well I'd get up by permitting the 165 being an also the best road team in the NBA this series so it doesn't scare them. You're talking about guys. Who have been around the league alone patent they're all veterans. One Capellas the only kid he's a little wide. As just things going on. That he really had two of the best teams of their there's no doubt about it I think these two best teams in the league and nothing's gonna surprise the rant curry. Iguodala tops and agree you know those guys have seen everything so. He you know it's just whatever team goes out makes a place keeps their turnovers down. And I expected to Golden State's gonna shoot a lot better. From the three point line in game three so. It's going to be a tough very physical contest. And it sound oversimplified. But if you just play your game eastern teams they play their games. They're going to be in good shape. Bill we appreciate the time ma'am we're gonna get you out in time to catch the preakness and. You've got it they're just yet never the starting gate this guy. I don't know joy it takes a lot. Bill wore out long time rockets a television announcer. Joining us here and 95 cents in the game in the least these horse races are big deal they are a big deal many here they are dealing oral I I I couldn't believe he'll be in in this outright couple weeks ago for the Kentucky during a mean it was every bar. Amir used to see in all football party and NBA playoff party and all these things you walk around late in the afternoon honest on that. Derby Sadr right. It's like every every barred tell it like derby party mint julep racer O specials and pitcher appetizers. And come watch this is a huge deal. Are never going to baseball games as a kid at candlestick for the Oakland coliseum when those derby days hit the preakness are Kentucky Derby. And between innings in which show the race on the Jumbotron. Did you mean partially did you sit there and try to get fitted it's such a quick grace and Hillary announcers and calls and we know about dollar days got a base metals and so it's. Course this is a big deal also would give another Triple Crown winner your JD but back to what bill was saying a rotation will be shorter throw rockets. And with these longer timeouts it kind of bit of benefits down the long days you know the days off between game 213 doping fresh but do you expect anybody. Say if we can play Brian Anderson who shot better on the road. As a pollster hall at home in Houston can play Anderson can still minutes were Bob moute can ill Hulu is gonna do it other been. Eric Gordon and PJ Tucker. And click cappella and he's got caught a couple of pretty quiet in game two yeah it was all about Gordon a reason PJ Tucker but if they're not going in James Harden she's not at 44. OK and my death toll trash can trust Gerald Green kind of. Let's say it's nice IDS six guys that's the one thing that became very apparent in in game two to me was the fact it. I mean he had green Anderson on the Florida gather in game one right which. I mean allow the warriors to get very comfortable even with their defensive minded unit at the beginning of that second quarter. And help the warriors really get on a roll before the rockets made a run right before the half I think the rockets have six guys now you can't play only six. You're gonna have to play a couple of minutes for a seventh and eighth guy or maybe even a ninth. But I think that's the one area where it worked for the rockets in game two. But can you sustain that throughout the entire series and I think the other thing you have to keep in mind is the schedule. Because it's their first three days off between game two in game three now we're on every every other day of the rest of the way. And I think the warriors still have more players. That are capable of making a positive contribution more consistently as the state moves on and as it. Now goes every other day the rest of the way. No I agree with you there he's taken the dollar's gonna play better at home data Wes would probably play better at home shall Linux in you know which which are gonna get from them. He's been here before so I agree with you there. And just thinking about it looking at the other night. Gerald Green plays fifteen minutes but then you've got to six guys or to talk about. Eric cordon off the bench obviously Capello Paul Harden a reason talker belt played about 33 minutes capella play 31. Chris Paul was in foul trouble. Click appellate picked up 2000 our first half. They've dealt with foul trouble. It did Tony said you know what we're gonna trust her sponsor on the floor now pickled stirred first half where to trust compellent and optical is third in the first half they really trust. Did Tony really trusted his core guys here but can at last gives the Golden State waters Cheney shoot this well defend at the level that they defended that game number two. And not get fatigued here and a fourth quarter so that'd be interest in the seeing game over three. Robinson amber knows up next here on 95 set in the game rob your on the NBA this week. Oral route it's up some prop. Like there's not include money to go before you worry more about him he's not a true point guard me about Spain was happening is that goes on in the rebel. Not assess what they keep me very depressed before the civil ought to go to court. And it it always did it by is that I watched last game I want go to mom went to go. They like they were declared out of baseline and iso and go to court we're gonna put it by some kind but not the part where again. I think take you got about what they've been the last game try to do is. They came out of what we shut that were bad shot vocal and they try to go like. They put the ball there let them do what we do is going to be a legal wrangling yet but there have been in another thing is it's. Dignity and good play and and repeating that let me find him a great minds that they handled a ball that I think what we'll wrap wrap this. What I lack it while it would make good their four guard over all the wars. The commander mark on the clamored in the I didn't haven't been good Gooden aren't being guard about the slow it was bad girl I collected about the ball. Let him do his dirty work played as. Well thanks rob. Chris Higgins operated out and we reached it we surveyed Iraq about the Erica up real quick here I 957 game know we appreciate the vote to the one thing I do think we're gonna see bond table won't he will talk but this. In in a couple of minutes I do think you're gonna see curry. With the ball a lot more in his hand outs initiating the office the one adjustment the rockets made from game one he gave to. Was the ball was in hard teens but. Chris Paul initiate gospel our show. And they they got into it faster and thank the warriors are gonna get into it faster and they're gonna get back to curry but they're gonna get back to curry not in. In a haste catch and shoot way they're gonna get back to curry and a stark cocaine and wrote to work cannibal Wayne get your own shot off the dribble John tickets and kotsay hill. As boxing is in for Matt Stein it's NBA this week roll on here on 957 again. The warriors got. Thinking do. Coaches players and fans are by the. The game. Hi I'm patty from the other unsafe way it's time to celebrate our graduates. Stock in our store first custom cakes for skilled cake decorators can customizing anyway you wanna. The corners she is only 2999. Don't forget to go legislate for the ceremony marks Laura associates can create a beautiful morning Elaine. 1699. Forcing Miller when he won 900 number I mean inflation or concerning this year's tour graduates out there. This is patty from Auburn Safeway and most CU seem. Worlds. 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Wanted to get to this taxed him we do have to bon Temps the Washington Post coming up in about ten minutes. As he joins the show every week JD. Why do you never ask the other teams guy if the dubs it rockets both played their a game who do you think pulls it out. Well the reason I don't ever ask a question is because it's. A simple answer is the warriors are on top of their game they win. Period. A period guidelines. And if you get the rockets TV announcer rockets radio guy or anybody who's covered Iraq with the Houston. We're gonna say hey there rockets on a better team this year baby just some guys is still another lawyer guy. I'm Jessica I though it I think anybody from other teams get in Debian like. There are gonna what to say these are not gonna wanna say warriors eyes Matt Bullard earlier. Week as bad bowler say how does I don't wanna get into predictions are just what a joy the series and see how it plays out these guys are going to be you can give thirteen so. You know it's if the lawyers played very game which I believe everybody who watches NBA basketball believes. If they play their a game in the series they will win the series and be NBA champions and go to the finals and beat the Celtics and cavaliers. They'll be fine. But the lawyers throw the sinker and it really JD. Game one. I would be to see me play great to what is really haven't played great this series yet yeah I had a pole sitter will autumn game one with a scrappy guy Eddie. Feed the ball to Kevin Durant Klay Thompson got open Eagles all pretty 111 quarter points but it wasn't there a game. I think it I disagree with that'll then I don't pop we were out when I was knowledge you guys. Wednesday I think it was before game two Greg cannon mentioned that a little bit what do you I would not played pretty well honestly I thought it was. Four road game it in and firemen were you got to win one. I've got the defense was really good I'd that they let the game kind of come to them they withstood a couple of early runs I hung in there. First quarter down one doubts wall for a Tony three for they generally stronger America that a bunch of guys come through formally Nick Young was a positive player. In that game Klay Thompson was really good dream on green did did everything. That they dressing and check out. As this plus seventeen and as second half you really stepped up. I thought it was gritty but I also thought in game one Iraqis build a Mollison bad possessions James Harden dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble. Ali pass their reason for tough shot up upper rockets really shot themselves in the foot. Offensively in game one but I did you point to lawyers did played solid defense. A tough Stefan curry was really gritty really scrappy and edited the floor especially in the second half but then I came away game when I go. Lally won by thirteen or no closer Menem's final margin of victory. But I came away think in the lawyers complain a lot better they can play a lot better remained in game number one. You know curry hitting a 13. I knew clay Thompson would get 53 point attempts in game two but only get four game to. Are those little surprised by the way they move the ball game ever too but I do think we've seen we haven't seen the best lawyers in this series. No I don't think we see the best from the warriors in I don't think we've seen best from the rockets to be perfectly honest I their I think it was close to that game too. I think he could Neal Mike might be take away from game one was. The rockets can and have to play packer in this series like I got the like the warriors could almost maintain the level. Of play from game one throughout the series and I think that would would be enough did to get it done any Curry's gonna make more shots eventually. But maybe curry makes more shots and and I were to rant dozen or curry makes more shots and I were clay Thompson doesn't. I also thought curry played better yeah I agree with Steve Carter in his assessment after game one. Leading into game two he he said he really thought Kory played well other than the three ball in game Warren I agree with that I've got to do to not great defensively he had the mistake obviously the first play of the game. Pardon got wide open Harden had some tough shot hard hit tough shots against everybody pardon at ten shots against. Against Iran against curry against everybody that was that was garden and so I think get yelled you look at that but other curry held zone and battled and really controlled the game from a point guard at perspective. Yeah I'm looking at this preakness stadium over to an NBA this week educated see the horse is covered are on the track right Dell sold all week. They're the preakness Venice is a fascinating race but back to report about curry game number one. Yes he did he played a lot better than people thought they'd look at the points in the assistant at a Washington game over to really see how curry played in the controlled that he finish at the rim a tubby did a very solid job considering. The weighted rockets attacked him and I came gained two. It just got off to a bad start to seven turnovers they were never ever really. Able to get an offensive flow and had to revert to Katie hey Katie Delis out with a bucket he did that and I think he can do that it will win this series he may well wrap. He may well averaged 35 point two game in the series because. The rockets have no answer for him how about this stadium purpose that you. In game one Currie clay in Durant would they have 83 points the trio. Anyone by thirteen which was really close to him and that he didn't really get much from dream off from a scoring standpoint Iguodala does go seven minutes. Seven of eight from the three point line to be free throw line. And then you know on the Euro hit a couple freeze your three threes in a game for nine points. Did does the big political state Weyers hurried to rant and clay. What do they need hat. When sure warriors victory don't you think it's got to be somewhere around the real home. Haven't at least 75 combined 7580 to combine because if they don't get that. Where's the scoring gonna come from can count on nick young's score in the economy Iguodala hit a couple reporters can you account Andre Mark Green I haven't uptick. On offense. What he did the magic number easier for curry clay indirect when it comes to getting buckets. It's probably around seventy. Yeah I think it's probably out I mean just off the top of it at top of my head I EL thirty. Maybe one guy with thirty in and then a couple of twenties and that it unit and it's seventy range. I think that's that's about right and they need big east only a couple of other guys right. You don't drink might get a little every enemy Yasser dollars in threes and drank moderate in threes or Nick Young its three threes like he did in game one. I ill I think I think seventy can they could live with seventy. What do you see if I make a dollar so far this series because has it you know he's a Swiss army knife he's a guy who kind of calmed everything down. But the rockets are okay within shooting he really has he took a tough fadeaway jumper are remembering game two he just really. Look like he hasn't gotten into the flow of things in the first two games of the series you were down there in Houston when you think of in our during the dollars play so far he's Western Conference finals panicky. Spent all right and I I think he's been OK I mean again it's DA hasn't taken a lot of shots admin during mongering and didn't take a lot of shots. And in nine combined you know five and four in in game two of the series so I just I think what you wanna see out of Iguodala. Ostensibly is is that him being an attacker. Yeah I think that's where you know and a low key weighted that he can really be of of the benefit is trying to get to the basket and sometimes he doesn't wanna shoot the free throws although. He he did okay. In game one from the free throw line but I think you wanna see him slash and I think you wanna see him get not transition. And interest taken it to the basket I mean he. I think almost gets into a rhythm where he can knock down shots from the outside I think it starts when he's getting to the basket and and even get in the liner Duncan the ball. In transition any I think that's the best way to have Iguodala via. Positive player on the offense and. Yeah and I like to see and come up a bit in his game number three guy whether you wanna start Loney McKee. I just don't wanna start Iguodala public saved him despite and I do think to your point which were sent earlier to be about. Maybe psychologically. Given a rocket to victory or by saying hey we're knock on the trot out our best lineup because you guys have an answer for I think they could say to him to slide in the series and I think it's necessary. To two start to hit this five I don't think they need to win the series I think it was that appropriate fear that Steve Kerr always talks about with Clint capella. And a way to get off to a fast start you don't want the rockets because they've been first quarter job and Archie don't wanna get off. Two big turn start. But I think he'd get away if we keep playing four minutes. And getting back to their rotations here or getting a good dollop back off the bench. In his normal role it and finished the first half of them despite. In finished her first the second half what they had this five. But I wanna see a dollar come off the brains can Tyrell a kind of calming things down you really get into his game as you mentioned JD jarred into Iraq. Penetrating and dishing it may be hitting a couple threes and get back home crowd involved and really get some confidence in this game offensively. Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post joining us momentarily here on the NBA this weaken any FactSet negate JD this and the Penske auto sales doc have text like JD how can you say. The dubs haven't played. They're best in game one maybe that's what happens when a team meets a better team you have to consider the possibility maybe the warriors have a load. Lower margin. Of error now I think that's that's absolutely true back I think it I don't I don't think the warriors have played their best. In this series yet I really don't but I think game one was I thought they played really well in game one I don't I don't look at game one as. Well they won. You know they really war accident in and they just turn around go to did you and I don't. I that they were pretty good eye and I that the rockets were pretty bad uncertainties are I mean they got nothing. For many and there are other guys in Chris Paul was fine and Capello was okay they have solid gains only really had bad games. Don't think he really good games either the you know like Chris Paul had a quiet one victory in game one because you Barton yeah did get a good to get any good game right but was really an impact for me no not at all hours it was the only guy it's everybody else don't Yelp and at all Chris Paul have more been impacting game number two. Despite having foul trouble. James Harden miserable terrible draw what you got out of whack they got out of rhythm. And it took some tough shots and other day and Eric Gordon come off the bits what is fifteen it's hard yes he carried it but they can't win like that and I think the rockets realize that they can't win like. What was it 45 isolation play.