NBA this Week 5-19-18 First Hour

NBA This Week
Saturday, May 19th
Mike Synder the Cavaliers radio host joins JD and Bonta Hill to talk about the Eastern Conference Finals thus far. Mike dives into his surprise of how well Boston has corralled the Cavs putting them in an 0-2 hole. Bonta asks Mike which Cavs player is needed to help lighten the scoring load on Lebron. Plus the boys ask Mike if he believes LBJ can carry his team to the Finals despite facing an 0-2 defecit.

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It's time. Drunk to fly them. So hard plus. What you know weeks. But for Munis sonics. It's green dot com. We welcome you good Saturday afternoon Syria it's John Dickinson and Vontae hill in formats die Mets on this Saturday at contrary to popular belief. They do not allow mats nymex to work twenty days in Iraq at that appear on 957 against sometimes it feels that way but say though well lately if you listen to this nation with pregame and post game and Andy's show obviously we too. Well obviously for me now it means I have to work thirteen straight days are rather old mates I mean it's not get a day off sake get a nice senator gotten on a tight I love and on his show we have fun two weeks ago as the NBA play elsewhere as a conference finals Eastern Conference finals are glad to be in and started deserves a day off he works hard. Absolutely and and back to back days off for study is still be back at tomorrow as he's gonna join myself and Vontae we've got the bridge. Tomorrow in between the east game. Which is 8:10 o'clock start right here and only 57 the game and game three of the Western Conference finals which tips at five. But we've got you covered whenever the a's game ends right at the tell warriors warm up back at 330. Here on 957 he gave in and get right spots that we are two guys state yet we've got no problem going seven plot some look at the calendar right now I think I can. The other. What the travel the back and forth I think I'm working on ten right now I wouldn't tell his go eat a the other way because it is the Western Conference finals. And all of a sudden we've got a series in this thing and it it looked like can in Vontae I know you were a guy a lot like myself. Who believe that there was a path. For the warriors to sweep this series we both love the warriors in game one I think we love the warriors in game one for about the last five months. It's right about a girl. I wanted to see him go to Houston for the first two games early quiet that crowd. But I have to give Houston credit to give Barack its credit because they came out in game two they didn't play great the first quarter and the order of play poorly which kept the rockets in the game you know they go up. At the end of the first quarter up 2621 JD but the lawyers for the seven turnovers they go oh for seven on a three point line to see no rhythm what so whether. Whatsoever and in a rockets on Sunday come in the second quarter with that top wagon lineup PJ Tucker. Trevor reason Chris Paul James Harden. And Eric Gordon and there are small lineup peace warrior stood appliance in a bloody game open in the second quarter really had a double digit lead to wrest it away so. Give the rockets credit they got into the warriors JD they were physical. They were desperate they played hard and really play the different now on the first set the portable faster. A game to the game one but the second half. The game to JD they reverted back to isolation basketball. Which gave the lawyers who chairs you get back into the game agents can hit big shots. Other Kevin Durant nobody can hit a bad. Basket regardless they warriors in game two. We got a great show for you here is we're gonna do with you until 5 o'clock bit of a truncated addition due to the link to the a's game as he's come back get a big win. In Toronto over the blue jays that we are gonna talk a little bit Eastern Conference finals as a while with Mike Snyder. He cavaliers radio host he will join us coming up here up before the 3 o'clock hour. Begins it will also be joined by bill war Al rockets television announcer. But Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post and Tim Roye. The voice of the Golden State Warriors are is going to join us they will come up in the 4 o'clock hour. Couple things to chew on not want to throw the phone number right out to start the show at 89579570. Triple 89579570. It's it's funny how these series take on a life for their own after game one it. It's all about Weller rockets might just be cooked in the state contributed eight point two slowed much isolation. James Harden is great but they couldn't get an inning at a anybody else any new fast forwarding game two and a desperate rockets team at home. In a must win situation. Before the series shifts back to Oakland for games three and four. And it's the warriors to leave the Toyota Center with it looking like. Well was Kevin Durant and nobody else can get anything done and they were more isolation based in what's wrong with Stefan curry. And is the Hamptons five in trouble so from one game to the next and that's just the natural swing of a playoff series when both teams win games but the your concern level over any and all of those things as we get closer NAFTA game three you. On up to come too concerned with Stefan curry all though defensively he's getting picked on he's getting punished. Other rockets are pushing them around he's getting used he's getting Swiss army James Harden relentlessly JB all over and over and over again you have to wonder. If that injury that energy he's expanding on a defense event is sapping his offensive explosion he just hasn't gotten into a rhythm yet. In this series are gay when he played solid you know you look at the stat line eighteen points and eight assists. He played tough pews Greek and what that big steal that led to Andre develop dunk. In a third quarter game number one in a lawyer score of 78 to seventeen Els accused sequence in a game at the gals who play the game. Curry showed scraping this their cell. It's easy get involved early JD let's see how we looks early on the map first quarter. Fighting has shot on the break giving them some open looks here run multiple screens on the floppy series Klay Thompson and Stefan curry let's see what happens air but. In I had this five lineup I'm not too concerned because I do think drum on green will play better at home I believe are triggered a global play better at home I believe all the role clear sort of go to C worse will play better at home so. It's 11 the rockets had to do what they have dude had to protect home court in war. They worked all year long for home court advantage they lost getting game one right away so we'll see what happens again but I'm not too concerned. If the lawyers come out and play very game taker to basketball can step curry role in early may should be finding game number three. Well really for me it's it's almost all about Stefan curry because it. Regardless if if you take game one or game two. And I like curry actually played pretty well in game one he just didn't make threes that he was solid defensively I thought he controlled the game. As a point guard I mean it's funny Edgar Allan trading and down game for curry can almost beat the prototypical point guard game. If EL from with the game that he would take from Chris Paul let's say or anybody else and say wow. That guy played pretty close to a B or and or even maybe an eight game. But the one thing that I'm left with above I think everything else. And again it kind of goes back to the back and forth of the series you have the rockets after game one saying now we just need to via us. Now you've got the warriors for the last couple days after game two. In drink my green saying today at practice that that they have won that game a series right where now is it a dangerous thing to say really. But if you look at the the way to warrior says of pattern in this playoff it's been three wins and a loss three wins a loss they've done that now. For a third time is this series is 11 if they do it again while they would close out the series. In five games Kevin Durant. Scoffing laughing at the notion that anybody would be concerned about Stefan curry is the greatest three point shooter may be of all time. Say in the lead a struggle was three point shot it's only a matter of time curry himself. He says he's healthy. He says it's just a matter of rhythm and and kind of shoot his way out of it. And clay Thompson had said he thinks there's things the warriors can do. To kind of get curry going. In tomorrow's game and throughout the remainder of the series the the only thing I would say the warriors can do. Is maybe put a little bit more on Curry's play in terms of put the ball in his hands and allowing him. To be the creator and decide when he wants to get his shots as opposed to what the offense come back to him where he's standing in way. And we talked about this before a show Kevin to ring can get a bucket at any time in the series where others PJ Tucker Trevor reason Chris Paul checking him. In the block Kevin Durant can get a bucket at will look as he Houston Rockets so. Why not try to get the other is going early let's step curry handle the rock at the pick and roll call and let him drive to the basket because he's been. Penetrating very well he's been finishing his layup Pasqua umbrella a authorities have done a good job their tribe and Iraq are driving into the paint. But giving him starter from the three point line to a thirteen so far in the series. That's which one is he going because that opens up the whole offense he talked about the lawyers and in how to rockets had home court advantage in this series. Not your lawyers have taken. Look we're feet to the know what Kevin Durant seemed he's been here in the post season. We when all of our home games. We're going to win NBA championship that's not aware of got to be thinking. They should be able to protect ORACLE Arena. Win games 34 having court advantage and really put the pressure on the rockets. But a step doesn't get going early JD that's what I'll be looking for I think everybody will be looking for that step Terry doesn't get it going are we in rockets get off to monitor fast starts in the first quarter forty plus 380 or some. Ass and I know we don't authorities ordered the lawyers on the Miller course lawyers get all the first quarter tomorrow night. It's shift the pressure back on two to Houston Rockets the rockets got it got to be thinking OK we get off to a good start. We want your back on October 17 we know Ohio played ORACLE Arena where bitterly tough work we were we were edgy here we have a chip on our shoulder. They get off to a fast start thinking reaction that pressure of a sudden shifts back to the warriors in particular OK when it's that are gonna get going or does he have that here to get going common off of that left let me and feel great to the screen. John tickets and Vontae hill in formats diamonds here in BA this week it's a special edition adieu to the early eighties game here on 95 cent in the game we are with you. Until 5 o'clock we got a great show for your phone calls at 8889579570. Tripoli. 9579570. Penske auto sales dot com text line. At 95795. As well. The warriors not. Not in trouble I wanted to won the Cleveland Cavaliers in trouble down 0:2 in the Eastern Conference finals with game three set to tip from Cleveland a little bit later. How will check in quickly with Mike Snyder. But cavs radio host and then more to your phone calls NBA this week here on 957 again. Right John Dickinson Vontae hill response is in for now. Here on a Saturday or with you until 5 o'clock it's an absolute pleasure to be joined by cavaliers radio host. Mike Snyder here on the NBA this weekend 957 game big game for the cavs. To say the least as they head home in the conference finals down to nothing Mike can we thank you for your time and thanks for coming on the show are you. I don't agree with you guys actually. I ridiculed as we speak we have liquidate the story so hopefully I'll oral. They're a lot. Sounds good Mike Gallo we'll hope for the best. Bottom line for me age you look at the first couple games in this series there are you more surprised at how well Boston is played. Or how poorly. Aside from LeBron James the cavaliers have played. But I am surprised epic down and it's that that bosses really. But they can't sit. Really try to truck crashed after that seven series Indiana meant sweeping Jerod that they're picking surely won't look like they are out. But that Jerry says yeah I hope I sat there are particularly general played pretty the other night. But everybody else do we prevent all that. Hopefully. The whole wall all pretty happy right because I know is that going emissions. Game they have blew it. Mike you look at advocate with Cleveland Cavaliers and obviously role players played better at home look for more for JR Smith he's so inconsistent so far. We know about his foul late in game two but to get him going. Jordan Clarkson off the bids AA and start apart some of something for he's role players I guess is really athletic Celtics team I think that's what everybody. Underestimated here is how athletic and physical Celtics would be toward the cavaliers role players. It happened you know partial to the employee the other day and that's the bigger he talks are. Good results don't ever arbitrage. Artery and it would literally they learned they complain that it probably happens well I rotation knock it. Oh it certainly get well he'll be here in particular credit that they. Put. I. Rotation he cannot bring. There are executive Jill Parker who are. They could try to put big adjustment they usually put but it touched in the shortly studio and then let hackers series but I don't show. Indoors but first two games so it really good chat up. For the cavaliers and pull out oh. Well. Just ripped a starter if so how do expect it to about ticket. He cheered quite want a sort of well and you tell me it was shot in the eastern okay. Mike Snyder our guest here on IE 57 game I cavaliers radio host that is the cavs in the Celtics are coming up a little bit later. This evening was early Eastern Conference finals game three is the conference finals now go every other day. For the remainder with the east and west L alternating days. Is there a sense in Cleveland. That that this could be the end again depending upon. How the next couple games go four abroad and for this cats team that was. Essentially put together on the fly as the season went on once the Isiah Thomas acquisition didn't work. But I'm sure that that speculation in the garbage everywhere I. I don't know that it's just you know there's an acute care career best of what's going to happen propagate pretty. Really knows right now all right all right because it's. Did that said they can put it some thought it sometimes but I think it's all gone I try to win this game that I that I I really believe that. What I needed a coordinator at the shooter wrap up but certainly this important talk and the roster that now there are have to be some dramatic bank already. Dramatic being worked out what are your hobbies when it. Treaty carrier ring so what are we actually had such a huge question mark. And factory or he won't become a larger market area employers. I can't get Adobe and our. Now there's no doubt about that might give you talk about the uncertainty in the offseason for to Cleveland Cavaliers on a look at the head coach title Luke obviously filled in for David black a when NBA finals and HIV chips they bin it obviously the finals last year losing 52 lawyers. Howard what's your feeling about Ty Willingham returning to the bench nick sees for cavaliers. General rupture air but I don't think broke all the changes the I don't holy hate America they didn't argue that some others but I. So it's. Moved in terms so. Shoes and head and didn't feel like that these are certain guys journal regulars here do little to regret that early appetite George we do what you. This year there are literally right and we got that could change at any diplomatic coup won't work the ball up so I think you get a little. Who do you look at that big picture but I have early you know what it does seem like. It's true it just really changing it moves so I don't see that maybe you're not many and it had been troubling I I. Situation. We're all going into a good relationship all the good players and up. I think it would certainly look at mortality. Rate to cure all for the equipment surely make a move there. Mike final question for today give a state that crystal ball went should reach and are we going to be seeing LeBron James. Continue to take over this series to a point where he refuses. To let the cavaliers lose. Without this thing going to at least seven games give me give me your feel on that. As we're just in a couple hours away from game three. Well sinners it's important parts of this supporting cast going into game seven against Indiana. And they responded that hey they are the only loser I'm a daddy can actually create. You don't want it took place our student Julio saw expecting bigger part of what. Good luck getting Billy exploiting. He has got back more than most other guys don't matter. So I really believe that took courses and expect it just become Beckham. So solid cars because they can Google went pretty well they can acquire a virtual virtual acute embarrassment that it's just open it. Outlook action to help let's check it. Certainly capable and good Q what they teach you that but it's just you have. These are very much more but the other guys and got provoked that hikes even of the preceding church. Mike we appreciate the time thank you very much in now who knows maybe will be talking to you again here about two weeks if things get turned around. Well let me just the sort of I don't know that the couple weeks ago this week what are on same color. For a fact that's exactly right that'll be the story line before game one of the finals if it happens no question. I don't play that characterization got a duty. All right so much a lot Mike Snyder cavs a radio host joining eastern fascinated I was gonna say stay safe and IRA in my body Stephen LeBron is out there Cleveland Ohio covers the raptors and I sought earlier is like wow it looks nasty in Cleveland but luckily they play basketball indoors JD gonna plan on outdoor courts so that's a good thing stay warm stay safe Cleveland but that you look at this is a cover as far as. Little surprise that it is too low and I was actually surprised and I ran a process that that the Celtics have 37 know all time when he leads series two games to nothing but game two with the way LeBron James came out there to get okay Vince is LeBron is gonna take over the game. But this Celtics team man with al-Qaeda or read without Gordon Hayward jailer Brown's plan with a. They know what tight hamstring this team is just relentless JD Jason Tait on. All Horford who a lot of people thought was overrated and didn't deserve it didn't deserve a contract to receive from a bought this Boston Celtics and Tony sixteen. You've got to play an outer markets and are playing defensively they're playing team ball markets more to stop at all. All of tough guys and a lot of two way guys are really before go to Cleveland Cavaliers are just did not realize javy and we Vinci watching the cavaliers all season long. But just are one way players like there's a lot of cards on that court who can't do anything with the ball they need the prior to create and we are suffocating LeBron James. Clinton's office just looks that lit pink and they don't look like it'll look like a team that should be in the NBA finals. They were thrown for a loop obviously didn't handle the carrier being trade demand very well and put him in a position where and they thought they made the best deal they could they wind a kitten and Brooklyn picked. It want to be in a situation where. Isiah Thomas comes over completely doesn't fit not fully healthy. And eight. I give him credit for at least trying to remake it on the fly because it stayed stuck it out when Isaiah Thomas we wouldn't even be talking about to have a there's planes are absolutely could candidate we'd be talking about somebody else whether it's Toronto or or whoever Indiana no doubt you never know play in this this Boston Celtics team but the Celtics continued to impress. Maybe not enough to get it done this year although heck I keep saying not enough to get it done this year they keep winning night at the sixers were gonna come back right when the Celtics had them down 20 didn't happen they went up 30 on the road. Going back at two weeks from today. When they play that game three infill and. We hope pick Philly and I can't remember we did to show that I day it is stated goal at seven we don't really talk about it all weekend they stole game three Philadelphia relieved but really Philly they lost that series not to go back but they lost that series a game number two. Late in the first half when Brant brown didn't call time out the slow things down become a halt the Celtics run when erupt when he 22. Celtics make a big room before have terminate take over game number two. And the Celtics when they outlast them regain the Celtics seems tough man what do they do what Marcus Martin future you don't Kerry rose here to look like a G league player last season JD these guys are playing well built and I. Irving generated. Is that I agree Irving that card reader and a inside that Terry Roger costing I don't know. I don't know but the Celtics they could make or if they outlasted Cleveland Cavaliers and you know tonight I do expect we wouldn't win but. It Evernote this Boston team they just look better they look like they have the better pieces today ever coached a better talent so nothing was surprised with the Celtics seem to be more. Are your listing to 9570 dainty DMZ FM and HD one key DMZ San Francisco the radio home. For every warriors playoff game right here in 957 game NBA this week it's John tickets and it's Vontae hill in for Matt stuff.