NBA Playoff Preview

Zak and Guru
Monday, April 17th

Zakariah & Daryle,"The Guru" Johnson discuss the NBA playoff picture.


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Well welcome and it is the easy NG cast guru and we decided on a name Hussein is done it's over put to can't sleep take that big without than it is to throw the flag cast. Now here comes trouble OK here comes trouble are those two that we have right now noble put it up for a vote Terrell that there were Johnson Zacharias. For right now does the NG cast we're gonna put up let's forget for good ones will put it up for a vote. And we'll let the people decide as we are after all men of the people and we end up choosing the one that you recommended. And we're gonna send you a fantastic gift bag mom both star burst whichever you prefer congress did not I was bald knob mill does there's a few puddles on attitudes to. All right he's gonna give you good small bag of candy and I will give you something great. From the fantastic people here that 957. Again so you have a recommendation if you have an idea that you think will be. Either throw the flag cast or. Here comes trouble cast. You consented in ads exports on Twitter ZAK sports he's got triple B guru dvd GU or you well first weekend of the MBA playoffs. Or in the books. Guru and I'm wondering from your vantage point when you saw when the seedings were finally settled boy that came down like the last day. But when the seedings were finally settled over some matchups that you were excited about Morris matchups we are going to hold on. And before I get to that how sad or how big of a travesty is it. That there were so many play in games the last day of the NBA season but yet teams just mailed idiot they got a problem Adam silver needs to get it fixed and. I was right there on my outlook too remote in all the teams were crying and I mean openly coming out and saying it's a respite on saying even if they came in and said you can't do rest. They'll just find another way to singles guys out and the worst Barbara can't even if your broccoli and crappy season one to take some I try to knock somebody off their bit for the their profit out like artillery to do it on the line they're about to rest all summer why they need a rest that last game it is shameful. But what are you looking forward to bury his roster in Chicago OK I go back I'm older than you Larry Bird Michael Jordan when he scored 63 Carla we're gonna get. But I'll tell you a lot of people are taking Chicago lightly. When Isiah Thomas who are respected your best player. You have a problem at the in close and Al games and the way that I look at the Chicago Bulls would do wanna wait come back. I think he fits the league they are gonna do that to the Boston Celtics in this Eagles seven. And output in our brackets do we fill out my gosh I only in this series real shocker in the first grade. Out why Powell one of the very few times and MBA it is three dig aid's gonna knock off a one I'll do. That's a bold pick when it comes to ease. I think Cleveland Indiana is going to be a lot better than people think I don't think India is gonna upset Cleveland but I think they're gonna give them. A longer series then glee was probably hoping for Cleveland's. Defense is leaking loyal. I understand. That you've got to ramp up slowly and it's the first round and maybe that up playing their hardest yet but they were fighting for that one seed as showman they've blown out block is totally out in the season lost the number one seed and the problem here is not the offense that got Kevin Love they've got Tristan Thompson they've got LeBron James they've got carrier urban. They've got JR Smith they've got Kyle Korver led got offense coming out of their ears there prop. As defensively they're slow foods that there. They are slow foot and out registrar the statue. Cleveland I'm with you something is wrong in his on the defense of being in the stars when LeBron. He can't go when the blue Zach. I'll hold them to such high standards a guard everybody's man like the Tasmanian devil because he's older PS to conserve energy and now are you watching guys go by JR Smith they're going by car reach him going Bob loved their goal by everybody. Body isn't terribly wrong or if you so I dobbs and I just don't see Indiana haven't enough cash native beat Cleveland but I feel like he could go six or seven. It'll probably go six games at least. But I think blossom get by Chicago. Where I can see the upset being in this is the other series in the east Washington and Atlanta or five I could see Washington not only beating Atlanta but beating Boston also. But I liked a Washington team a lot today. I do too. But I got a call somebody out John Wall has not got past the second round in his career Zach. And him and he'll want column a poor man's different clay but I'm a reserve that for port Lincoln is really game and we'll call them. My point is. Pressures on him to get out of the second round you got to get past the second round if you're the wizard they had not done that they're all in. They got peaks they got weeks. They got to take care business in this series and if for some reason or another that they lose to Atlanta and Dwight Howard and pays more. This kid are mostly BS stamp on John wall's career to where would you think about or hear his name he loses a fast guy with the basketball. I think you're wrong because I mean this is the first time he's he had a team capable of going for in the playoffs and in this the first time Washington finally surrounded him. With talent the real quickly to go back to your. Poor man's. Stefan clay so that would be import man's splash Brothers. Would that be that three Brothers. I like that now that would be the league Brothers the leak brother this is a fox athletes not just the last snap literally Little League drew America let's let's at all of that jerk. Others yeah. It begins you variety actually the F auto plumber let's see if by the end this thing come up with a better one but finally get any thoughts on Ron Allen Milwaukee. That allied Milwaukee yeah I think they got enough talent to knock off Toronto. And it's like Larry in DeRozan and I've been there done that but don't sleep on them because that they can get fast Milwaukee. They can pose a threat to Cleveland I'm gonna take Toronto and that series I'll ask you this before we get to the Western Conference who out of Toronto Milwaukee has a better chance of giving. LeBron. And the Toronto Toronto at the bigger shift but I can see Milwaukee beat them network fill it out a bracket because we are not accountable would go on these mixed them and out of bracket. And we're gonna make sure. What you say and what you predicted your wrong and how we and I don't get enough love song we got the brackets yet and we're gonna apple right and the only time something's been on the record. The college tournament I'd historically. I've finished in third overall the station at about eighteen entries. I'm let's move into the Western Conference odd ball we'll get to the warriors here obviously in a second but of the other three series the clippers in the jazz the rockets and the thunder the spurs in the grizzlies what do you like the clippers. If the clippers go wow I know a seven game series and lose. Game one which would be clipper like didn't all the momentum goes to Utah and I predict Doc Rivers. Blake Griffin is CP three that whole experiment will be blown up in L light so I'm rested and relief watching this series deceived the clippers to get passionate doctors and tossed scrappy. They got a couple guys that can ball allow I don't think it's enough would go Briere in Haywood dizzy by more now. What with the clippers right there I'll say this about the Western Conference matchups. There's not one that I'm not interested in. Normally in the NBA playoffs people go yeah yeah wake me up in the second round around you know there are also losers. All of these series are intriguing to me. Whether it's Portland with their young back court we saw what they did against golden that I got America it's ball county supposed to play it ended in five. But it sure felt like seven when they played that's a good series the clippers in the jazz a big will be a good series. The rockets in the thunder is the one that I'm looking at the most why tell me why the tool. Best players in the league by all accounts I don't think anybody would argue that they're gonna finish 12 in the MVP voting. And they're actually get a duke it out now I know all the votes are already in. You big go that you'd think all the votes are already in but some people that has any bearing gifts like I know that they don't vote after the series and that's what they. It would go in the world we live in it all back and replay of Iraq now you can't know Casey chips are now. I am back who's going to be the best player in your during a Westbrook yet but after that what they have. Damn well. Robbers are not a lot in just click the antidote in the formula the Daryl Morey in the Houston Rockets used me as lawyer like yeah and they don't care they'll shoot thirty to 43 you know I think that's just too much what if Westbrook does this that. I feel like behind closed doors they'll go check to whatever if he's not the winner now. For MVP so almost like their plan frame VP. Finally we love conspiracy theories I'm promising you devote yourself or whoever the MVP is no owned by whoever counts the most let's go to San Antonio Memphis talk about a first round draw for the spurs. Getting Memphis who I don't think it's a great match of them I'm not picking Memphis summit to pick disbursed but I think it's gonna go. Six or seven. You know what boys to men had a great songs act it was of caller into the wrote me and I think this is Laura for the San Antonio Spurs are gonna get an email and would get to they're gonna get past may have this. But Memphis is scrappy but they just don't have enough office they're starving when it comes to offense. Whoever loses this series that it's a sit back to the highest degree. And when I look at Popovich. I look at the man that knows. He's looking at the bigger pitcher and the bigger pictures of Golden State Warriors. And as currently constructed he does not have enough offensive weapon tree to beat the lawyers. I see them go six games would myth is but either one of these teams or threat I'm not excited like to Barbara as. Part let's move back over to the Eastern Conference in the first round you've got Cleveland I assume right yeah. And then out of the raptors in Milwaukee you were kind of lead in boxing you go on books though my heart is vote my brain is. Going Toronto Arkansas got to Rome and then do you have out of the rafters in the cavs gaga camps focus of all the same there and Washington Atlanta we take him Washington Mutual for you bulls and wizards. You know what I'm able wizards as John Wall stone hard for me itself which is what I'm going win is and then cavs wiz. Outcasts via politics and religion are eastern coverage is pretty much the exact and any shocker there except as Chicago beat the number one city while you're gonna have. Milwaukee beating Toronto. And then I took the wizards over the Celtics I mean we both did that so that's beaten one number one CBO we picked the same upset. A guy on the other side Golden State Portland under the gun deaths due to our no not talk whoever's Jack I'm gonna Doc Rivers clippers yeah. Yeah same exact Brad all delegate differ year rockets don't under I'm going to Houston beyond go on thunder why now spurs grizzlies San Antonio cents on its rockets burst ongoing rocket stock guy I'm gonna go spur Western Conference finals is quotas steady gets used in a Golden State. Sweeps Golden State I've Golden State over the spurs. In the Western Conference. And then it'll be cavs dubs in the finals who gets the lawyers for one. Or does it should have been 41 last year we want to waste any time on that we know what went down there you go hit us up on Twitter he's actually putting guru dvd gee you are you send in York. Podcast name ideas right now we have. Here comes trouble cast and we have throw the flag cast right now it's the ZING cast. We'll put it up for vote once we get all the nominees but if you have another good one adds exports. ZAK sports enjoy the playoffs everybody.