Nate Burleson joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs Sept. 17, 2018

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, September 17th
Former Lions WR and Co-Host of Good Morning Football joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on Josh Gordon's release, Antonio Brown on Twitter, and Vontae Davis reitring at halftime. 

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Eleven year NFL veteran wide receiver check amount now on good morning football on the NFL network. An NFL today on CBS. Eight girls in joining us here on 957 game. Nate you guys look real good on TV this morning with the F Ryan Fitzpatrick get up man I Phelan. I'm glad we had a good come. Out there you go out there right down their little. We will have a little like we used to try to do every corner of the bank gravity on its reputation we miss each other. Kabul on the last couple weeks but quote multiple Paltrow. It's all good it's all good we always appreciate you taking the time to jump on the program let's begin with a one of the big stories out of the Bay Area. Josh Gordon apparently is going to be exiting Cleveland whether it's a trade whether it's an outright release will find out sometime later today. But the niners are linked they are linked as a team that's made a call. It tell me your thoughts on Gordon. Would you be taking the risk with him if you are general manager like John Lynch. Well no question I mean woman yeah. Well the militia in culture and it costs about seven or the Cleveland well tomorrow there's a couple called it and just. Was one of those players that come I. Would map collector. He was dominating me rhetoric dominate dominate. Seamlessly work in practice look at drill I'll never say to realize that. You remind you for admiral and your child. Take more of the greats in the schedule and this and after that took out thirteen people when he let them lead it to ourselves our. In this sport and various other horses that just so much and they'll port them out of and you looked at me. Yes we're targeting what wouldn't didn't say. Portable way when he went by palpable and art. You're overweight your comedy right there. For so many. Years later out there are still somewhat in doubt. But I remember cinemanow. Pass off figured. And you would you most to Google who got. Ever single attractive couple so we've got to play or it could recommend it will blow might work and they try to opportunity the opportunity to get back on the field. You can see that he can phenomenal shape and if it is a burger at the airport and other tried that the pipe that. Like they were. You know to have your question I would say yes they're very low with the order of what would be built to order. We don't finally decided. Or aware sever the relationship. I do know there's got scored. Healthy fast strong. One of the best receivers in the game the question. Ordered yet from a commitment airport on the outside looking in. But like he'd be an actual treasure anything that was sort it out got my brother or eight. Mean he's got all the credit the last couple weeks but he had a bit better Angel within that sort of a security hole. Can't speak on exactly what they're going to get are doing well you're you know put more appropriate with a triple while serving on and if he's. What he what could be for a leader and a playmaker. Soviet dominant receiver and our district. It kinda helped between the talk about a man who. How can a team find out if he's motivated to keep playing though because that seems to be the one narrative that's popping up. Not only from the Cleveland story but just in general so how I as a general manager thinking about bringing in men can you determine whether or not he still possibly football. Right this event like. You know online dating actress. It was sort let go without growth we have right of everything go right you are still you know you're gonna have your respect is just what we do back respect for the state side. You know about a growing market they darker about a got you orbit they would have to find out earthquake. Yvette Cabrera then before you go have a collection of things that were there about hypocritical as being formula adult thought we ultimately should go for. Where you retrieve the Specter and try to create could there all the time. Everything is okay. I know what I'm getting. Now let me takeover. Or that we could go ahead and leave it alone opera like of course when you look at Josh Gordon hit mr. there's somewhat of a risk. But the risk verses more war like running your bulwark for the eighth and anybody speculate. About. It when I got beat somebody get the ability at a very hand that was devoted to your pet. A Dutch court my quite all right similar attempt when an early in your career you know similar to the elite players that we might be trouble or have a stroll past. Well there's that little bit because there are other good trap and a look very good. This up and be fair about starting in two politically Cabrera. I'm happy for. Is there like I like big and out of what we're talking a bit of I would like what do up recruit out. It is big it is true invaded a computer are we are all for that particular. Open it back on their feet you wouldn't go part time they have no job they were broke and she cap it helps get right. It became beautiful they walk away and why really talk about broke Bobby let you. He's like yeah I know both Bobby get a job and I got a fresh haircut. Thought they are out. Perhaps you had been that part of it cool before that court. I think start ago it could start fresh and therefore go to church you go through it couldn't do it Troy. A big blow to hold off. Like this whole culture because. Greater value great announcing when you talk about quarterback and we tournament you're talking about a Fitzpatrick grind. Looking Carlson Wentz and course nick pulls you CR he came in and won a Super Bowl and did those things meaning about Jamison what's going on now and Ryan. Is this same situation what's the biggest difference how would you compare and contrast he Summers situations. Well I don't feel that folder auto guys. Really color well it that there are local and now is called my all of them alert that. Are so it is clear to play well for index in the bowl playing that well. Over the last couple weeks carpets that we shouldn't put on silent hill and up next couple weeks but nothing illegal dilemma. We gotta get defeated in going forward that the word from the pin is this court about it and that is initiated cares very purely local toward they'll. Although hopefully our political bureau mutiny BP for Oregon lecture at magic bone collector can be said about. I've got my completely free and we talk a little bit on the throw that says there are you got a few weeks and that they welcome back you know detained. If that's all the money these are guys that article are of equal. Brought here and rhetoric and you. Play the clip of what it. Similar to what can you do last year that it is very okay. You know all the broken our quarterbacks from double a contract because they'll Wear out or an applicable the president out I am going to do that without real. And be without. Any regret their play three can't because they've been very applicable oracle apple. Pretty good place to cut it would he be hit or miss play well lecture playing free. Now bring it to their support they think would really go well output and lecture notes there are guys. Noted excited problem Dmitry utility play the or any easier couldn't leave it. A PP goal at the rate you also record and not losing that the though I can't let your. Not a pretty immediately. Felt a bit of certain freedom in that particular. I didn't play my boat in exactly. Not go under let it breed because they're broke and they pretty much an open so it its leader editor play freely about it. I'm more better show up for a little further body which is the they're now producing an opinion seem to resent. Same type of free. That culture. You get that bank. What people are looking at you now that the guy that we hope can be a bigger it got a pattern hearsay your that is different verbal pressure stroke. All public toilet paper experience so far. Or Robert credible. I look at that it doesn't pick up there air carve up the back of that we weren't aggregate carrying a week to. And then look at Pamela little cash and are you kidding me this and then put it up phenomenal level paper. Gave. All pay for all cut a rookie record. Well and I'm excited to be content or that can create people to keep they're in here to be great but I also. What can we don't start implement that system could be Null modem won't recovered fairly somebody's gonna try to copy and they open the local. And it can be a repeat what helicopters were ten feet through there on the pro side you know Alfred says that he saw in the movie but don't robotic technique and regular. And it could go look defense. Not without somebody probably go yeah yeah. Benefit public like cam pretty good retro. Nate Burleson with a 095 cent in the game have you ever seen a team with that much speed everyone knows Tyreke Gil can run. But you put him next is Sammy Watkins you know. Tells CNN you've got Kareem hunt in the backfield. Ivan Watson in these first two weeks I mean I grew up watching any coach the Philadelphia Eagles I have never seen this kind speed all over the field. There's sort of an out of their way to put them up that are being created or. That and that it's not a perfect bracket. Because. You can bet that can pick a pedigree would first article got it no get lead in the pistol offense. And all the while the jets we thought we were racing and we can go five why anti bacterial. All of college here. There are eighty Baldwin college in effect. But it didn't you can and the content and products based on the Peter and the W and it's going to pick could be even ordinary that we've let's do that question there. If you go to be this will be in the because we're the goal that it'll leak because we. What are packed these guys ordered it could impair our got credit. But it. Peter Cramer directly to Russia would host it here and talk remote and deftly. Current deal. The nickname and handle our reporters he'd like actual feet like he stole from it. If I'm still NASA started to call me anything but that I've just one way you can. Slowdown Kansas City would be to get to the quarterback and nobody does it better and Khalil Mac on display tonight for Chicago on Monday Night Football. How much does this continued listing the raiders knowing that they have a limited pass rush until Max out their reckoning game for Chicago. Yes sorry you know we had a conversation between the commercial break. I would say about tribute to him. Of course you know we were that in the group we he's. You know welcome to the film and check it out I think we played OK at office that located at guard. Article quote or they didn't go far he can hold their car and in the interior of the big. Total net can't. Repeat. The couple we hit you you know got a good record that no pressure. Oh. We Petra don't have it would get better pressure of Kabul there code there. Hopefully it'll just open and it literally let them go. They look crawl. That's that's what I get funny about it and I expect. All real tour but it has come up forty bet out and remain valid and of course people respect it. And personalities. Are orderly though that that didn't call go will matter is. Ladies and blow the kind of disrespect it was a relationship. And that by that time little metro on Ashe. At Chicago. And then although already are kind of searching for that are qualified they're quick and I don't like that like. Let cut from the LP law and stay there if a couple of the clock well pieces that that we pet food governor. Eleven year NFL veteran wideout check him out now on good morning football urging gets on the NFL network an NFL today on CBS need morals and would this here on 95 cent in the game. Always entertaining and insightful Nate thank you so much for your time. Robert.