Natasha Paul

Franco & Kags Podcast
Friday, July 7th

We sat down with Natasha Paul, Miami Heat beat writer & contributor to blacksportsonline, and talked Free Agency, Chris Bosh, and the new landscape of the NBA.


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Welcome to Franco back tonight at seven game I'm Gianna Franca and am manic again yankees and red edge I guess is that Tosh a call from black sports online she covers the Miami Heat amongst other things the NBA for short. And it's been crazy it's Russia. First right advocates and ask you a little bit and hit it has been I know associate years with the lawyers it's been. On fire but we ask you a little bit about Chris Bosh right out of the gates at thirteen years only. Okay eleven time all star two time champion and obviously his illness did sidelined him the last few years. With Miami and now he's been officially waits a DC we're gonna see him play again in the lead or. Tedious medical issues are going to force him to retire. Prior I think you know I don't think our. Team doctor is gonna give him. The democratic race for me. And you know and as much as it does not regret and apparently they're great people like Egypt. She at all. Let it be activity about it helps protect kids you know am I mean. They are more at. You Al you look back. At looked pretty good. That Mickey though it best interest to not play that by an. We're trying it's equally keen are. Anything like that you see went one they partly eaten about our contracts. Are. Short and I. I'll they're good eventually retired charity nobody everywhere at the ever again. At some and I expect they're gonna happen. A ceremony at that point. Where Crittenton will be there are so. It will there it should be we're really trapped in trying to do what in his best interest and I L. A lot of people. Optic truck rally because the what happened at mount Alito. Play it really they would try to shorthand Chris that it would it's just good at bat and. I can imagine that it's it's more like out of almost protect the player from himself at this point to with. With Miami and everything that's going on there now when you look back on his career what he say about Chris Bosh is tree in Miami what he actually meant to the city. You know don't give Chris box enough credit for what he did and back because it's. You had Rodney. And lately the RU I my. End my needy because it hello your commitment to come out here called degree count didn't get any more iconic and that. How are we have LeBron DG. Chris actually Ali in the shadow but on its box and get that out and kick out it's Ray Allen. That bet is they'll credit cards have won eight notes to. In its of our time recruit by the instrument that eats. Guess. I think people like sacred spot was adequate but actually important that he grant that. Without him. So let's suck free agency anti chat it's been a frenzy everything's been happening so fast it's kind of been on fire which has been really fun to sort of pay attention to and cover. Of course everyone is moving west stars like Jimmy Butler Paul George Chris Paul to the rockets. Miami resigning Dion Waiters that you guys missed out on Gordon Hayward a what's the feel from Miami do they need to do more. You know. They need to do works that they. My duke and who. And elegantly he. I didn't feel I didn't have a bit at court he would ever gonna I actually the Celtics. Even. Old coat right. She Horry. And the IR. A lot of people have a way that he while the Arctic where the number one team east saying that any strategic intent either. And a lot of people that they would give the cat. Work correctly that might opt query I'd get hurt. I don't know what could that happen. But I think he going to topics would probably give a better chance of going to a final. And going to be you know let's say. No matter how close he got there. We we talk about we started out he didn't eat we ended it great play in the heat have now. Yet leader to separate kind of speak out for the seat and they're pretty much solidified that. So I went. And I think he would want to go to that team that would be proper. Eat and eat out and it. You know even with him at it and would did not happen. I asked you as somebody who covers the east and you spend obviously so much time with Miami. Was so many players heading out west it's almost lopsided when it comes to. How many how many calls are coming out west right now do you think a leak should consider reshuffling the playoff system. And maybe it was like the best sixteen teens said doing the whole east course west. I've been me Edgar Edgar and he needs to go to get it will redo our I don't know. LeBron if you were to go to lakers. A a that. Okie. Too happy. The cool and popular going to hear it like beach wrote back that happened. Pretty bad at the end of that day is why the it like you bet that the I hated I can't. Let that you don't. The ticket that seem to get up and bit the eccentric apple back. They probably. Play out here because they can go back in the day. You know it is at it like back. And that we consider it be that may be able this year. That meet the occasion to meet and get where he has got it it's. A it became what you can. Grade I mean the lawyers and what they're doing they've completely changed the landscape of the league. And when you kind of see everything that's been happening in and free agency and teams just sort of in a sense they're panicky ME do you get that as well as I mean. A special teams in the east it's like I mean they they have it be just don't compare to what's happening in the west right now. No they don't and not the end of the day. With the award the top of each but why don't I thought this team and an eight. I. And the match to thank you say no I I but you know with more important and attacked the killer. He'd want he want that they eat and he's willing to act like an hour. And back up. And you get back regret it because he's happy drink and eat act now. But. On that teens are kept taking less money so that our eight. They don't agree pick. The book. Green light in Africa by Everett that he. It. He got in the gay or. The way. They kept. The key players and they add to. That effort that would mean. Great agents on the part. About. Want them from the here that want to honor the crap. Really good at and T Mac and I. Could be or. It yet another. Really peaked later years. The need to be. While my other thing is what's been interesting about the whole idea talking about Kevin Durant taking less money it seems like the media has taken kind of a negative tone on it. On the idea of him taking less mighty keep this team together. Why shouldn't negative vibe when it comes to something that in the past people or praise it. Well because. Our tech team that classes. Potentially given the warriors a record Germany. In the graphic and the here he left that ago oh with a weary team and act or act like people like a little you know it's not. They're gonna get that out for. The only way you know people like Charles Barkley naked talk on the act they want European unity Turkey have hearings. Delegate. That just off of your mind and your match you know he does it for sure. Went to present at bay. And which makes her great great great like EL fire and and stuff to watch and Twitter and social media opposed speed at so I am I how Bob Black sports on minds at the stories you guys are having. A little bit you know it's there's seems to be more of or kind of morbid. Like the forefront of some entertainment news on black sports on line is this something you guys are doing on her prince or what's the what's the what's kind of driving range. I'll point trying to intriguing. Entertainment and in the world where it. By again he'd be Ali attic. I expect in Bartlett I. And it should not see like. People like Craig actually and Beatty meet. Thank you can't help but talk about that because they'd been you know you'd cracked are actually occurred. On page so. When when you. And let our. I mean reality celebrity in Graham not all I'll eat our people. The ER -- Ali back T or. You know statement ignition like Rihanna. Show. Do not hurt it chipped it and write a great. Like completely understands I do a blog she actually called the film buff. And it's all about integrating into sports with film and also entertainment and you know one of the big ones you have a big Stanley that all of a sudden. You have the boss and blondes a ball was drafted number two by the lakers and now. The bar with everything that he's done this last year their popularity has grown so much and now FaceBook. Is gonna be doing and you duck he's series a brand new reality show basically. On and on the ball family and is this summit argued the entry to watch and then what do you think about the rise of the ball famine where they're going. Well he I don't watch reality TV. Yeah and I quote I'm well I. I let it right. My gut that. I I would. Not ever bag it actually went in our back about why. But it it let all the IEU in the track each other. Blackjack though I. It acts like harder when it could bury it written that day looking at their ilk are. They'll ever have to sit. Out fired. Well our concern. Is doing it right see you Randy. The ram you're signed eat. Hit on an out and cracked and she sales. He knew he had it at age. When he finally did you you see that he. That like you don't go at them. Probably peak like he act you. Expect the lender added. You know being glacier that there are are allowed hockey or that he bit. Lacking a bit right there at it out. The problem with anything right and you know it is at 91. Late I mean I mean. And you know. If they can do it themselves and why not do it but I'll have it where it but they elect capitalistic society they'll only see people. Do we eat then you know better. And why would not support and Lou. That have nothing but respect for what to eat out got a minor league rule out. Step back and look a weak person and that loud pop epic and I would you know. Embargo and and I said earlier that. Up on that go to leak at. LeBron oblique it is the best in her Sherlock. He's used to help. Oh for sure I couldn't agree with you more like talk we talk about on the podcasts all the time winners there is a love our ball story or anything about his kids. I completely support what he's doing day at those boys love their dad and he wants nothing but the best for his kids and himself his family's. He's just trying to may get these I I get it I totally get it into Russia. And let it if they. Right sport probably in the white because it will be by my side. A look. At it that way back like I. A I think it is like it's six in women are six and happy that five and how little black. Okay. While I. Hate that I just say I tell you converts and earnestly cheaper and less eggs and that's the key that's began. At 800. He'd just wait until Anna and I both have boys and tiller boy's feet get big and that's where we actually share the issue is the girls. Those are that age or converse no problem it's supposed to have you on thank you so much how could every want find you on these social media. Areas the U. Actually find me on. He is sports talk Russia and Billy Graham and I actually have a few you can eat it while she would talk talk at all or not. Russia though he knew. I had to yell and urged that panic but we are at at forty years. The original sports and Sasha yet he tell you the energy. Go right I know following you on YouTube channel I've did not know he had once and I'm a ticket out the ass. Thank you might think it united Ali the pleasure and add on that. Love having let there be additional. We will have you back soon I promise yes. In that fashion. Nikki I it's all the hotspots remain. So what you get at after perfect. Perfect we gotta set yet oh he's so excited to go to Miami right now. I can't wait I mean am I mean I I don't wanna be gone by it accurately on the Havoc at times that Miami and he's got Thailand sent some pictures and now some mean may not want to share. Hostile to mere under a regular post pictures. I'm excited and I'm gore my parents so cool it will be it will be attained tree and will be kind may god. Kind of food and I. In well what with how little bar and his son sang at the would you be I'm good news on this gonna say my dad is a one out man really. Not old meal my dad oh definitely have a great time in -- be reading books and enjoying the spot. So you carted us your dad and that would go to tie with your mommy just pax I'm party and everywhere you can't. All of what do you do. I got in Italy is such a baby you're so yeah I'm the last. All right OK to have Natasha on a frank and tags and she does being a lot of insights you the NB a pace to set Miami obviously she covers it covers the heat that she is a testament east to be yourself it at all that's obviously would pay attention about. I was so much more focused on the Pacific especially yeah absolutely so you can find her at. Sports talk the tot he ice financed you on social media at Gianna underscore Franco orgy on Marie Franco on its program. And that at and it cut and I keep KE GRE KS or at and a cat scan AG as Graham and every point nicked him. And beyond this mean I exceeds just made a snapshot how well. I made yup I'm not a social media jobs you give me on Twitter and beyond just me and please if you guys when we hear from anyone. I can do my best to try to get them on the so we wanna make you guys happy. Ass debt that we do that and we do that that's exactly what did you make you happy on Franken checks.