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Thursday, May 11th



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All right we have Michael urban with us of course hosted inside the bigs right here you can hear him with the guru. And dev deprived of the Hilltop on the pride of the Hilltop mall. This is the pride of the actual Hilltop Donte' Benedetti diamond curves here at the second or just talking about. After all cotton and obviously a lot of talent but needs a little bit more work no Madonna the PCL. I'm what is that like as you've covered this game as a beat writer for a long time. Even though I kid knows he's got a bright future just to hear those words that you're no longer gonna be playing with white baseballs and you're no longer going to be getting on a plane in these nice hotels. It's got to hurt brag. But I'll no doubt about it and by the way good evening to you throw it. It. Average nobody wants he hears that and yours and you a lot of it in group whoever the group. And the last thing you wanna do. On its commitment. And inaccurate you take him in a move like that because Roger occupancies and it. Pretty high expectations. Elevated not mine that Idec rise. And he said you don't. They herbs he said. He told me rookie of the year and side and I did not say sorry I did say rookie of the year are about society. You know there's a big lobby packed on over the top a little bit from registered hole. But you. He's clearly a part of their future and he's clearly someone at work opening could be coming if this year and not to thank you know we need to remove him from the spotlight expectation. Given and you know what baseball people caught cold more older partner. What that means to record another but if you let people if there. Or more ago privacy. Isolation or whatever solitude that work through whatever worker. I'm but it it's you've got to get a mixture. And that's part of the root of America America we're clearly not wearing. The possibility that it would. Help me with this serves as a guy who pitched and college it during the day. He's three and oh with a one point 89 ER rain at night he's 014 with a nine point 47 ERA. Does on the ball carry more during the day how they how do you explain that. I explain it probably a different. Type of adrenalin is it nice and big league ballpark for them. You know big time things don't move a little bit slow or I think on the field of respect for players and pull media here covering it. You know whether the actual patent or not I don't know but it seems slower to them and maybe when. And speed up a little bit for row you know that our hearts are beaten to the PP tractor. The littlest thing can grow lop off so that's. That's the only thing I contribute here I mean with catered it beat you you're you're ready to keep the ball better here that there land. But but would pitcher. I think it's different a different feel to the bodies yet to wait longer in the data directly. Some people are better in the morning and afternoon and there in the evening. Who knows that the department memo. You know I'm looking at Andrew Triggs and we we know the days are a team that loves the big guys who are minimum wage and so they try a lot of guys right now trade does work now Furman they. Rotation this is the guy I believe he was a USC for five years now on just a reliever and even in the minors a reliever. And now a starter and her Zach and I we think OK now is a starter and his routine a little different he needs to get stretched out a little bit more. It's easy for us to make that transition but you pitched how hard is that transition. It's really hard but you know made by these. Exciting about trade. The big guy you can do that and do it seamlessly like that our act just loved it they love to be it baseball means. So much them to be given that responsibility it is. The popular undo and figure out how to get ready. I'll figure out how to say something or metric and they're on the order to give me the ball and go out in everything I've heard people around him. That's kind of how treated not like over the top that like. You know popular walked in the club Muster anything by. He's got a quite confident that they really I can he would use Turkish. Big herbs and Michael Irvin catch him every Sunday with guru nine to noon inside the Biggs also this Saturday twelve before a non baseball exclusive. Cheryl check that I gonna to join desperate kittles actor writer 95 point seven again let's cross the bridge. Our that I know you've covered a bowl teams but when it comes the giants I can't remember the last time be more talking about. Caught fire sailing and and and trading at the deadline as opposed to bring it in pieces Todd do you think that they can play well. On deck I remember because I was doing pretty low. Over India are you. I navigate like we're talking about. The in regular weekly spot with Bobby having the time it got promoted. Like negative. My elderly person. But. It. It out indicating. There I'm coming to him and it is so so long ago were talking about like. Friend and a big and he's hired. Along I'd bet. It brings me to equate Al because it seems like you would be the number one piece. And everybody knows he's gonna opt out is and how much more money he can get he did that on purpose but I'm wondering how voted for a doubt don't affect his trade value would teams. Wanna bring a man for a rental not knowing if he's gonna opt Demi is like an opt out how would that affect his trade value herbs. It it'll it'll affect pretty significantly by. The only thing that you can entertain the idea. Erica. Whether it's been a good sign that monster deal winning opt out or. That district it can market and ripped out Atlantic after. The big money means there are I don't think about it I have to give a lot so. Think the gently that it eager parents. Where the wrong not only would now at that I'm on principle. But I really don't think you know I know the argument that year. The signs point towards that being a possibility but. I don't think that's the reality I think though only jeans and shouldn't Wear the change where money really isn't that much as. Michael Irvin is with a Churchill and Zach racked up more questions for for big herbs. When asked about the Mets as he member when they had generation K and it was a Izzy and wholesome fur and and her will and will send. Well now you look at Dick rom and four in and and Harvey and and and dead. Wheeler levered that they and that the wheels are are falling off Stephen match. Yeah your. Yeah no doubt so you've got senate guards sand I don't need an MRI. He pitches on his own he gets hurt you've got I'll Harvey who can't pull off the law Florio roll like Derek Jeter dated. It seems like the dysfunction from the knicks has seeped into the Mets. And you used to hang around the Big Three back in the day there out of a lot of attention how come the Mets can't seem to pull the soft and rein in their young stars. Or at the request mean by the word. Excellent stricter referenced there. Are bad I got on flying ball in the basket upper right. You know it. We're talking about Batman never shocks and day usually I group of young pitchers. Similar and only that way Erik though Oakland the Greek jet. That same level of forty and accomplished identical to what the victory actually you know you never struck me that beautiful part they always all part. Really well especially ever real kind of getting. Compared them. The same level account but it. For whatever reason but what shocked about it is that it. This program around. And pride and supplement the numbering like this where. You think you run a leadership and looks from the outside. Integrated senior media you know exacerbate. It looks from you know like. You bought control rudderless ship and pride in not that these guys individually at their struggle which of course. They're the whole city cricket ground and while. Upwards of a pop at some point. I know how much you love this speed up the game movement I joke herbs but seriously are all the things that they're trying to put in I was with somebody that didn't really know baseball that well. And he asked me what they held a shock clock was in center field Nawaz try to explain it to a and then there's the hole there's the hole. That time limit on when you can challenge dings but it doesn't seem like they're even implementing that I know Manfred is hell bent on doing this but it seems like what they're trying to do is not working and they should just give up on the whole thing and just let baseball be as slow as the naturally he has. I totally agree they need to focus on things. That they that they control and that matter. The most ridiculous example that is who I'm sure you guys agree I think that burglary and is that. That before wide thing like out of acute. That's an idol like. That impact. After about it or during. But let's think about how much time back days in that thing worked out about on average. Probably. A minute and a half per game that's being generous. And OK okay that you consider that for that and you have or more active in the greater success. Okay agrees it's seven minutes off the ever ball really think that. There. Not so little they really need to do. In this highlighted after it won on the web site that I checked out during a debate. It's hard ball popped by NBC. But it is. Tara I blocked for outdoor or about but that the point. It hardball talk was making is that markets start like they do in the NFL and NBA the individual baseball and there's. The tradition pounds or positive. The market teams and market. You know franchise at this story the glory French that it. What they expected spent the past week or ten days. Waited just a barrage. Of tweet they created a contest. Call PG sixteen. Where they spent gobs and gobs of social media energy and manpower. On coming up with this mythical tournament of its sixteen greatest moment of his career. The Nevada retired years ago I think and yet it Jeter is due to marked him but he dominated their social networks seat. And it like where where Mike Trout where's Jon Karl stand movement is the homers where the guys. This unit like the audience clapped on good days and maybe passed that down and their kids will learn to of these guys it's just. It happened right in every it's almost like they're trying to be. Asinine in nine pay herbs you know what I'd I think what rob Manfred thinks he said if they say seven minutes which I think we can agree is that's that's probably generous amount. They're thinking that seven last self these where you're giving yourself a puppy face or crown a flowers. I think that's what that's what they're looking at right. Where I was so I so wanted kilometer bridge rob Manfred currently the back it up. I don't know that he is you move. He hasn't given much reason to. We got a commitment are rubber mat Carter. You know how I know he's not I'll tell you how I know is now but silly because he doesn't hate DA's and want them to contract. Good point although he made secretly she got tricks up its sleeve I'm sure he's not on record that. So you think that whole milk toast routine that's all just for show. I don't know I just have I've yet to see something that justifies my initial optimism about the. All right herbs and I'm gonna leave you at this my my favorite quote a known you all these years and it made me think. Herb said one time Zach if you are hall of fame voter and you vote for a guy who doesn't make it. Our someone makes it into the hall of fame and you didn't vote firm you lose your votes not to. You don't know what ought terrorists. I love that interest and Brian how close of that and if you got double duty this weekend as Zack was saying how might. Yeah at twelve to twelve to four on Saturday I'm excited bureau and act. Or every Sunday nine to noon we've been led big all. Your doctor of law but on Saturday we get duke and also works so we'll probably won't be much baseball. Which I'm thrilled about his forehead you know last decade I've kind of been pinned as a baseball at a about the moment here or there are no better under bout bought and this year. Alright awesome stuff herb is meant action taken its time and thanks your insights as always buddy. Are the players are good talker you have denied it.