Monte Poole

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Saturday, July 15th

Warriors Insider for NBC Sports Bay Area, Monte Poole, joined Urban and Guru to talk about the Warriors offseason. 


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After Michael Harrington yeah. Who wrote a 95 point seven big game. When I first heard the music bureau and pick him why this doesn't fit our show but then I'm looking down. Pull back the curtain is called a rundown it's basically your schedule for the program and then I see who the guest is coming up right now and they've done all. The sense in the world smooth cool laid back in control our Dresser. Right. I'm Michael Irvin he's Darryl Johnson to get there were urging guru thank you for joining us. Joining us on the phone line and we're so happy to have him he's had a he had a very busy season is offseason shorter. Then most money pool from NBC sports Bay Area joins us here is they're warriors insider. Monty. How sure really was your off season or do you even get an offseason anymore. That that the pseudonym and that but it didn't opt to have more real the guy in the the F studio often joke I have a thirteen months he's been. That was like that but these tools and you know what about the treatment or what happened out Michael. Retreat. In women snippets of what we dirt the draft the next week. There's freedom to the next week you know is that the release and in the end though we're not hard wired doubled their. But just as we wind down in the NBA war two months. You have. Premier League earlier this republic happy hour. And yet to get the beyond their credit it is much. Walk slow. Bob May want to Monty doing graves. That well so your it it it below YouTube because. Now we got an excellent media before you Robert Gates we should in the morning and beat their I. But right same night that not happen right now let. Did not properly so I. Low rated ago. Would have been happy to go by. One you can put a happy hour into it matter around the area. But you're keeping them because of course of the season. You know words here when you're cover acting. Oh my opinion there are a lot of big Republican side and could be out. Evoke a bit too market too late. Government or. The voice you hear is that of Monty pool his wares in setter for NBC sports Bay Area in California can follow Monty on Twitter at Monty pool pool is spelled with two. Those PO OLB and BC. Asked Monty it. Offseason the social work to it almost to the point or it's nonexistent because. In my estimation. Basketball is done an incredible job the NBA has done an incredible job of closing the gap on the NFL in terms of being a 24/7. 365 league and that's a relatively new development in my eyes is is that may end and here's just here's my cracked theory. I say it's all KD it started last off season. When Katie made his decision and everybody flipped out and everybody had to have their say on it they talked about it for weeks turned in the months. Turned in the regular season turned into the playoffs are still talking about it. And then just went okay this season's over the finals are over words you champs again Pincay. And it becomes all this talk and then all these teams are trying to put a super team together to match what can be created that MI oversimplifying that he has kind of been the linchpin. Of them closing that gap on NFL. The book in particular to that level and here it restart I think with LeBron you met people at Miami. In that company started code that summary all the you know. The decision. You know taken my account. South Beach that look at collier and so. That was the that was right and so now. Seven. Coming to the Bay Area. That double the shocker to me people I mean I I I always thought they'd like to collect up some bad. Unless you return broke exceed that the worst worst sorts. And don't question would be great goalies and apparently was not heard back well. But yet that to the level because as you know black and Wolcott did it commanded that he's not the department run them the dirty burning in the word report earlier. Under a lot of angry people letting me say it felt they had been betrayed and so forth but. I think that's what happened but yeah you know he beyond that you have ever doing what he's where you this year you know America. Even now you know the date it had gone by without Carmelo Anthony murder speculate. Art debate about should we go pretty great we're Rico where would not. Not let it go to. That the big environment are almost as cute and argued the Titanic contract I mean their their. Properly up. That move would probably and much of it in reaction to out of the warriors are sure. Yeah here well big big move. Air and then end but I fear that there ought straighten him like that that. Burt. A lot of teams are up they're now trying to figure out ways to get things done. No Boston order with Paul George and make that Jimmy Butler. Our focus there there's a lot of movement in mattered that much movement animosities and it doesn't stir a lot of debate a lot of discussion that we're getting right now so I expect the carrier article admiral saying are we federal itself. I don't think he's gonna go yet. That there aren't. But I don't think you'll be in the much longer. So. That's out there under tree now they're a model ball phenomenon or not there where. Popular about human watching him in regards to map out a lot bigger sorties against the normally yeah well. The NBA right now and it is not our league and a lot of their market because they are in the new cycle also because. The beer a human to young people expect an inappropriate in MO yeah. Money. Pork. Yet you're spot on and I don't know if you know this but I'm the president of the JaVale McGee fan club and I'm very intrigued at his last roster spot. And I just wanna run this by you. Two to hear the warriors come out and say that the spot as his if he wants it blew me away and I'm just wondering. Do you think key might be JaVale disappointed in the end the lack of you know teams contacting him or the money may have not be in the air to where may be. He doesn't wanna come back and play for the veterans minimum. Do you think there are sucked into that because I'm shocked if if if the door was open that he's not back. Well the worse certainly letting him go up and and pedal and so on the open market. And it can get a better deal you know normal on them or not I attempt collapse here. Because victim a that he opted to commend gonna get a better deal. And nothing materialized yet although he met with several. Are nothing permit to realize. It and another look straight what are other big on the market at a remark track potential or are Americans wonder. Partly whether it be a perfect epidemic books of the warriors yeah. But I don't know if you'd be more technically well. Many works for the wars in near the target is that took real. The water we're going to replace the current diplomatic tonight. And that means is and is that. You can't do that over thirty minute prayer. He can't play thirty minutes when he played for the quarter and so if you're actually looking at him in to wrap yourself. What it is guide them pretty big market for. Well it in my. That's the question a in that and that's what they are really kind of reconcile the blue moon didn't that can get a better deal. I would it's what he really wanted to thank you Wyatt a better deal last year. In the wake up all the that the shacks. Where he would check student for awhile. And talk about that he did what these are the worst part about it that it met the moment. You know and and be good ridicule yeah I'm down in value. And. I bet mark did you were do you really think people around the league oh like collected GM what's. Of the hornets quote shack jackets make you funny JaVale McGee I'm not as into JaVale McGee is I might have been otherwise c'mon. I don't know what it wouldn't say that. His reputation precedes it and check the big part of them down but that. Yeah big part of that so. You know directly into the warriors won the one with the word good a quarter. That was out there last year. And so. Why you're not augur well partly because you can play on check it. Well that's what he was saying and so that's way you don't need you can analog thing which he jumped at protecting and whatnot. I'm a picket land now important like myself. Important part back now. You look at that what has happened to expand and yeah he wants a contract that other than a minimum and my period value and that the worst and we tomorrow. And if you come back at him that every parent. What a piece of paper get a better someplace else. We will move on here bureau period with the car. In the network and built a great outlet for commendable Poulter. Oh. It would give got a better deal they felt there. Nobody can be happy their embattled leader or not. To be back with the warriors. Lost you know the only one don't make men if it's a real prey to a real credit. Awfully cool in my opinion the worst to wait as long as they have because they're they're Latin. I'm elderly Isabel take your sweet time and money. It's always a great time talking to us where every time guru and hire asp our producer you wanna have county money poll is up front page you forgiveness and time on the we commend great stuff. Well they ignored critical compartment you very.