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Wednesday, October 11th

PAC 12 Network host, Mike Yam, joins the Damon Bruce Show!


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Welcome back Damon Bruce show but we dive into the pac twelve did not only talk about the conference who's standing down. But look at it from a point of anybody in this conference opened up the 49ers next year they got an early pick Mike jam packed twelve A network's studio post here on. Not a five point seven the game Mike good to have you on again how are you man. Damon it's great to be back talent he actually get into law and not a good sign that we're talking already about not NFL draft in an early exit is recorded as capital book till right now. A little bit but here's how quickly this whole thing moves I mean the last time we talk to you we were nowhere near a pac twelve. Women's hoops media day and that's going our networks today I mean what it's going to be the NFL draft. Right after we blanch. And it really wild man idea that we got actual women's basketball media day today targets surrounded by twenty or student athletes twelve coaches. Practice for our three and a half our show on the men's side and obviously you. I'm extremely talented team that there are sort of depreciation favorite potentially get too caught why Arizona USC obviously a lot of new surrounding both those squads basketball on a basketball related and then oh by the way we got some good football team golf aside yeah. My desk right now is littered between all basketball material at a screen all of a ball. Well I will let you get back to work here in just a second but first to help us out. In a loaded it season of pac twelve quarterback play. As Josh Rosen either through his own play or the play of others separated himself from the rest of the class is he the best quarterback prospect coming out of the pac twelve. You know that's actually a great question because we've we gave the moniker. Conference quarterback heading into the season and I think a lot of that and you looked to god and Los Angeles Rosie be at one minute and Donald beat the other. And and Arnold's number to look beyond your more interceptions. More so actually he's taken this year than he had all of plastered her classic games already. Of all the years I think that's that's part of that factor bit beyond crude and can be thought heading into the season was still the best NFL prospect that that was available she teams it's all all the NFL team and I don't do the best. Quarterback coming out of college and it is the best guy right now. In the country and I think that'll do the numbers bear it out but I think you can look at. What he's been able to accomplish on the football field in critical moment he came to ensure that he had some some issues at every gawker dot they're no good to needy. The margin. Of our whip and has been so small that every single drug taking makes. No one from the deficiencies we've seen on the defense side met in English more pressure on him and I think and a lot of ways Josh secret document. And in your right I think rows in right now you'd do best and that don't prospect among the quarterbacks in this conference. What he things going on wouldn't Arnold who was those certainly golden boy to beginning of year. I'm gonna say he's fallen on hard times I saw someone on Twitter I thought put it best saying this guy's trying to win the Heisman Trophy on every throw and you know I can't do that. I look act I think needy interceptions have been caught it forum I'll approach you think actually number one. The injury and I know everyone say you can point to any team in the country that's been banged up I. I get not trying to make excuses here. But the reality is if you look at what this offensive line has lookalike. From week one to what we saw last week I mean it is being decimated by injuries were talking about. First and second string guys that have gone down on an offensive line and I I referenced that dissect numbers that he didn't attack even nod I'd argue that she's actually don't have. The numbers in front of me but that's that's already more than you would track all last year repeat on every piece started weeks earlier weeks four against you talk oddly enough there opponent this week. In the end I think the pressure that he's had and look I don't look at about winning I've been on every turn I think you feel like you've got to hit. Yes certainly the five run home run at kind and I think a lack of protection act independently because of the banged up offensive line. On the fact that his running back when Ronald jaunt to that fact that cockroach you've been in that water because the interest. Keeping cars true freshman at. He's been banged up I think he's still trying to try to lose wide receivers and could actually gaining traction here. Are you occurred LA's former vinyl the actual network. I game and I thought senate that this is the USC got he goes. After he was overrated heading into an air overrated because of Sam Arnold and if not because in Donald operated. If he gets he wasn't sure necessarily about some of the lawsuit that this team sucked. In the NFL seasons ago knowing what happened in that little ball leadership issue but I train coming and and even feel like USC weren't necessarily up to that level. I think interest have been huge factor on and that's the one thing I would point cute and family issue panic at the barber. Talking quarterbacks have Mikey M of the pac twelve network here on the Damon Bruce show so. As expected here in conference play callous struggled to pick up a win. But under Justin Wilcox they're not struggling to compete I'm impressed by what this guy showing us in his first year. If you told me like two years from now and we're talking about Ross bowers slate were. We're we're just talked about Sam Arnold and Josh Rosenblatt. I wouldn't tell you the you'd be wrong about that this kid looks like he can see it all he's got a lot of throws and is bad. Unimpressed. Win this cal team. Even though they've had a couple rough weeks in a row. Yeah I would agree with you and I know that it at five under guard Allan green curry. Yeah I think they were from people that saw that back out and get freeware on the heat and look at reality is if you look into their schedule. When the rest the way are gonna be cut because I think you saw the runner was three enhanced on the housing and and looked. They need to go across the country and they got to North Carolina my impression home when he gets nephews he opponent. Also impressive. One lead place starts munition is tough sledding work for every team in this conference I know obviously organs seed catalog struggled this season but by and large begin to going to be relatively competitive and you're right I mean how right now looks like a team that. That we didn't expect and I think you know you mentioned towers and obviously you take out these young quarterback. In this conference and meet the biggest difference I think just to walk are done a tremendous job. I'm hiring you ask but what we've seen defensively. From the team and I'm not that common approach without their dad and I don't I don't mean to say that quite. Oregon and are are unhappy with Willie Taggart as they continue coach is the cap which had done a tremendous job. I can't help the bank. Knowing just in history with with what got Oregon program. That may be something and look at what he's been able to accomplish already the short period I'm account all that you imagine if we add one of our guys here. On the sideline guiding Italy and a great job I'm sure they love Willie Taggart what I. I think it. It got in the future and how good job just went down and short period of time. You RD paving the way out of Berkeley for just look at tax managed isn't it slowed down just a little bit harder or anywhere and what. Even when he got that job the job it's O unique. Still how because the academic stuff I think some people might guy named this is that a challenge here couldn't go to I think actually give credit to an index what do you enabled you academically with this program. Over the course for the last couple pieces where they've cracked to a better category you look at the last two quarterbacks. You wanna be the web not a creature are got you a big guys now. I think I need a lot of great things let me jump in right I was taking the foundation a funny bill and and he's really crude actually on defense is that. That was such a huge issue. Mikey M pac twelve network Stanford started to go in the right direction after slipped a little bit three straight wins and Bryce loves. We will look we know that no one from Stanford's about when Heisman Trophy McCaffery I wasn't in doubt when he's not gonna get one either but he's doing a pretty good Christian McCaffery impression he really gets. You know the crazy thing you know David it would we descent asks her for a while. And to write apps doing the nets are Christian date and I think that is. That even weird for lead at Freddie got a back that 250 plus yard game of nowhere in your perfect five weeks that he humility that thousand yard mark legal. Numbers like that a Christian with a little bit more effective in other aspects. I'll be in the return game we obviously are Christians do a lot of great thank you for coming out that backfield as a receiver I'm beat Akron lit a dynamic special player look at why in his pocket and take in the NFL draft of blood flow of his ability to be not only elusive but in fact people give them enough credit for the power that he had. It between the tackle that effort opposite the one is gonna jargon out so far this year. But I think the and a lot of ways. You know that could you would see him go per box fifty against the Utah our defense which is best defense against Iran. In the conference. At least be combined could in my in my neck and what you're bright you're able to do that against big boys like they have good solid pretty and that Utah squad that I'm really a true believer and I think right now bright. Lead that conversation I'm not saying he's the front runner to win it unchanged if he's not by any New York. It is is crime and I don't know how all steps to put it other than those terms and even that good. What do you think about Mike Leach shown up again on the national radar he's been. Hi Mel up on the loose for a few years since leaving Lubbock Texas and now he is back he's quotable he's undefeated. And he might have the team crashes the party. I mean the arrow reserves are for real. Undefeated right out the forgotten propensity that one you get paid out about. A Washington eight football in that impressive gaga Michael Lee can go look at hop that's known at all that the guy we get that. It's been special that he didn't seem defects well I you know I got I didn't have a date in Luke all. I think they're playing themselves right now in that playoff conversation being in the conference may be comes down to be out. Later this year in between washing machine and you dug her potentially that that opportunity to play the actual championship game put yourself in the position to be a playoff team that. To me Washington State the reason why they've had to ask it this it will lined up for a right and five consecutive game. At all for this team it couldn't have been better from Mike Leach's squad and they get that huge marquee baker when you started to doubt them a little bit. On the K you know KID this good at it and yet they they beat USC right at home. On a Friday night and they gave it on an Oregon team on the road anything Campbell there's a double appropriate. Just Colbert not yet and I'm not saying those things you belittle the job and watch it is done I'm using that as a reason why they can be get. And should be in that conversation because you and I both know damage if you go to C championship type team senate where the baseball postseason right now. I Grogan he's Kirk and I remember all the Yankee and I agree to that I've ever met and but it always seemed like they got a big breaks and these opportunities where. You know it just seemed like I did look either like they got lucky and I I don't mean this sailor blush that getting lucky. But I think things are lining up so well for them and you so much credit should their defensive coordinator. Alex graduate he's got done with that defense it'd been spectacular they look like they're undersized because they are the but that speed DS that like park pretty dark on the pollution and so what effect if for that. I tell you I was gonna ask you questions about Gary Anderson organ state that odd parting of the ways but I just realized that no one really cares so move on my final question in effect for. And I'm not trying to get you to pick a fight with Kurt Kurt Streeter ESPN. The Arab what did you think about Kirk saying you know. These pac twelve team should be grateful. We're putting them on so late you know pac twelve after dark is obviously something we enjoyed very much. I like the late college game but a lot of people are complaining some of these games are starting to late. I think under the primetime lights is where I'd wanna be. What do you make of what some people are trying to turn into a controversy I don't think it's a big deal wake up it's 2017. Have been a time slot all to yourself is a good thing. Yeah I mean I think that from an exposure standpoint no competition is. Is it really a factor if you look at the numbers on the mattress there actually more people. Watching those late night games overall than there had been. Previously and I think for me student athlete perspective that's when the challenge is Cameron when you're on the road. Peter played a late game and then you're getting back on the capitol Korea and I think that. That's an issue and look in a game and I talk to the palace is. I get it I get and I know what you're saying but it's not like they're out there enjoying their outright and at Cadillac that needs a little bit of the faction there and I think. That's one of the major concern but it may continue get Israeli a year you're on the West Coast you do an issue on campuses get out. You and I both of you you joke between sacred McCaffrey are and hurt and when what's happening Hewitt I I don't want the work you're not but to me that was criminal. Back to 25 in national award and to me as a guy that reference the fact I grew up on the East Coast. I bought into the business is being at you because I and then I moved out to San Francisco and I have been watching games on the West Coast and I can see how people on the lack of of educated. Sportswriters for example who aren't doing no work for example. To go out there and and not necessarily wash it seems quite a bit on how are really understand a good understanding. What's actually happening on the side of the country music is a huge issue right out. And tell me that the biggest travesty that we're seeing right now from make national narrative that this countered the actual does not get enough attention but he. A matter talent that they do you have. Mikey and says he's goes by is Israel bears are headline there's a click OK welcome to. Your turn out awful announcing it's gonna be a fun they are portrayed Mike really appreciate Jay you got to dig is up on our offering and stop bombed by one of these days just get in touch without B and tell us when you wanna come over. And we'll talk a lot of college football would love to have you studio soon man. 100% under I can literally looked out my window ran onto your guys don't excel next time we'll do this and personally get your took us over here thank you very that's good to talk to my daycare. My TM pac twelve network's good to have him aboard.