Mike Wise

Steinmetz and Guru
Thursday, October 12th

Matt Steinmetz and Daryle "The Guru" Johnson are joined by Mike Wise (ESPN Senior Writer for @TheUndefeated) for a deep dive on DC sports, especially ahead of the 49ers Week 6 matchup with the Redskins. We get into The Nationals/Cubs matchup.


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His name is Mike wise and he is locked into Washington DC sports. What is going on Mike how are you my man. I manpower moved girl could be your partner. What I don't want to close it out walk on one couldn't the corporation. I doubt. Important and you've seen about what only it's sort since 1992. We heard about it. Oh walk other than its soda mogul bought this crowd could produce port city. I don't think anyone thought I cut and it's just you know I I can't tell you would like it won't look like whoa almost comical about go to the out. I realize that we need we own fiscal climate Brooklyn. Out. Well let's let's start there with the nationals first of wall plot. Stephen Strasburg the whole situation with the easy got a pitches and he got a page. What what were you thinking going into that game. About everything that was going on around that baseball team. I didn't blow it more content oh. There's nothing worked from from an organization that. You know what's what's PR away homes and other ways behaves like you know they've they've done something or think you know. The men that have won a postseason series. Since you've been in Washington. They have found that some nice players once or not. The boy a lot of Cain who once division championship they haven't won a policy series. There's so much under water again I think that I really believe that. That they want competent to Strasburg was which way to go and so they decided to go attend a lower lower than. I don't sudden at the last minute after every everybody press pool outside it was or why would Strasburg pitch. They would back to him and he basically sort of wipe his whole. So I won't do Cold War or a bird while they're. Well whatever distraction. Now thinking he cares about that. Can't or won't mate forced to sit back and watch what we're going to war and Chicago. Now we know sports is not about if you're a good person or not but we've had dusty out here on the West Coast and I know he's a good man I'm routing form. But how confident are you and DC fans in dusty did you guys to the promised land because I gotta tell you might dot I was so happy that you guys pulled that one out yesterday. Mainly for dusty and the reputation he has and I didn't had done. So that I won't. We don't know when I was at the capitol and what got us this whole. Quote won't be the end when before. I don't know what we're a little bit on his broker would counsel Richard. Went back within. I've just been welcomed Obama's National League lead in final there was also talk about it plus tackle roots are. I'd go. What could cause some towns with sports because we know we agree with you I don't in the even I want to I don't think. Yeah but I Portland who are about the curtain. I don't think I would want to call my oh my rock through what are the charity work just these are just you know the car can. And and let the door open. All that good or not he would. Our Obama. Does this type of pick up to find out what is pitchers. Whom working too hard that ebitda and loot and create. Martyrs. He looked almost on cue Tom can never go away. Yeah I can get them going I don't can't fight tonight. In which did you watch these guys. And the crowd went through a no hitter into the sixth inning adventures are Turkish and I don't know if any and they want it. 80. Yeah did Tunisia and you know we did say you can't wait except tactically well yeah it is. Who goes to Groupon is what he's done. I can live without. Our code but what would pop up to the lefty righty we'll vote at some point I don't believe what our Olympic should go to. I would went a perfect score on how close of course you. I don't know Google analytics I would use your power that it how to I don't charge him. I'm market. Why are you doing the last five days or I'm glad I hope it goes off I don't I don't quite believe Tucker I think about it. When it matters on. What matters owns. Like I hit it about football I want the ball ball. Court. I'd might come with John percent I don't think drew a bucket. To make the score 42 is the same as a bucket that makes the score 10400. Until Mike why joining us ESPN's senior writer. At the undefeated you can follow him at Mike wise guy on Twitter. Kirk cousins has been linked to the C efforts Cisco 49ers. Ever since Kyle Shanahan got here. A couple questions Mike first of all what's the relationship between cousins. And the Washington franchise. And is Dick. Within the realm of possibility that cousins will be the niners quarterback next year. I think it depends on how things can't go out there and in the air as to what's how I wouldn't be I don't think any pattern here I. I think it he's conscious how Romney organization. They they they blew it which can financially a couple of years ago. And now it's just that to a point where you know he's OK I'll you know you can't keep franchise don't take this money by. But really have like get a long term deal somewhere else. I don't think you want to be here and I think you'll want to go work for couch in the end game. I think there were sympathetic or actually personally. And you know you look cute white. That actually TI do you want to change I don't think they're just too much car good stuff going on around you organization. They play pretty well this summer to a two and no person can do very well. We'll look very good. I don't get you Google launched. But I you know that you. Then there may be I can't tell you between blue Buick GM. And all the little things internally curriculum between good and her personality. And it just it's it's toxic. Management situation it's hard trying to talk down. And now I don't think Kurt Carr who want to be your long term actually our personal opinion he might have a great year here at this site you know I want mistake. But I could have ever believed that he wanted to be here. I think can't can't can't cover art I'll. They might take you so much it's NT would drool. The now I gotta do I get an MNC this charm and both Orton. Or banquet to try to destroy its best it awarded I saw how does that sound like a well it's really bad. While I went to battle through. Failure gamers might. Hey you know this is all about com. I mean I I think about the war years when I go to a arms or go to these kinds of things that's not what steps to. That's basically. While staff would go up there hitting out of the park which I know you'll Zuma man. You know vote for. You to improve. I'm Mike thank you so much for joining us likewise. ESPN's senior writer at the undefeated.