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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 19th
NFL Lead Writer for Bleacher Report joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on Mike Vick's comments, whether Kirk Cousins could land with the 49ers this season, and how the Cowboys will handle Ezekiel Elliot's situation. 

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He's day national lead writer at Bleacher Report when it comes to all things NFL you can follow him on Twitter at Mike ten year. Mike and here we Jolo in beds. On 95 point seven the game Mike good morning we'll jump right into the question we tease coming. Out of the last segment. The Oakland Raiders what would you say is the biggest obstacle between the raiders. In the AFC championship game this season. I wish something more interesting to say that the New England Patriots. The New England Patriots a team that like the raiders got better in the Iraqis and the patriots got better in the offseason and all roads go through that and they enable pop Ide standard. At that. A little more specific than that either one of the biggest problems that the reader's tablet your vision in the back to their quarterback got hurt in the season. Wasn't just secondarily. What a liability gave up too many. They've gotten better in the secondary the question is how they got so much better secondary they go out there and be. Tom Brady and play our game after the that's the question that won't be answered and we feel that we're currently don't borrow as you know the guy to date selected. And that the week he thanks but that the opt optical booking agents. Retracting it just to step then who's the biggest obstacle the raiders would face in their division is it Kansas City Denver San Diego. Difficult arena because a couple look at the Broncos and see what they're going to look like right now. Think that we don't regret it very strong defense and there's a request Auckland. 82 over the Kansas City Chiefs and I think you can singled you out there in Atlanta had to pick a team that's gonna go and give you the problem. I think the Broncos it is similar quarterback situation. If they come out there called just the but it ended rephrase eat at the -- opposite of philosophy. Either that he. At the experience to go out there and acted consistently with in the right this season. But the problem that you get into December in the playoff push. I think achieve anything might be taking it step back this year I think not just a lot of mulch on the back there are at its salary cap luckily Jeremy Maclin also going to be an issue. Next target with a lot of assets that aren't nicotine's a project that we're there when they're moving changing coaches changing locations things like that at the other end of the year at some technical before where they're trying to figure out what got a little bit more on the practice. The new guy on the scene John Lynch. Look at them and chain. Out of the what is successful year for them in what direction he season. Think he can be proud of the propagate. A lot of decisions in the Indy options and the union agreed to plead. Two in the draft process yeah getting that potential the bears great move. I think that they did good job getting what I call scaffolding free agents when you. It's free agent that you don't see anybody who's going to go up there when he was Super Bowl or you're not in the a lot of guys that they expect and the millions of dollars into the future on. Exactly take that step where they can put a professional roster out there have a professional locker room that veterans who know how to win in their he's the team a lot. And then that he gets better because he's somebody has got the line we're probably tripped away from the team as young people take place. A successful or. He's in is one of which they remain competitive. And they see young players about such a young players in this particular attack not just got like Rubin plot to the public got a well I didn't need to eat more out of it would force partner and arms that those gotten deeper into why that is switched network to make. Think you could have a five wins he's in insist that. But come out with. A really strong front which I think they've built and author of books were like cops and it can often look let let creep up the capital it two years. And lots of caps beat them and I trip there and be very happy with what direction that he wanted. NFL national lead writer and Bleacher Report my ten year we Jolo Indians on 95 point seven a game. The 49ers certainly have to caps maze would have the option becomes available after this season. Is it the right move to go after Kirk cousins or would be better for the organization to look for their next franchise quarterback in the draft. Think it cut them there and Chad and that is as total content. As he appeared at the. I think you'll be the right move assuming that we're not talking about 275. Million dollars or something crazy like that which you gotta go along with that situation. Any unique position in that they can build the program and then insert the quarterback to get it from. Back to develop this year they think they'll have a lot of young talent on offense right now but I think they can put it that been played it that often allied together. There at a position with a gala get a Kirk cousins to meet you in the reactor at some of their other other needs. That Ethan departing planes and got a lot this year and and be super charged and ready to compete right away. Don't get better you are all things being equal then continuing to go. Get their quarterback in the trip to might just not be exactly Shanahan wants to then say okay now if there was opposition elsewhere. You can get that the opposition count as young guys they get the quarterback become the great play. Devil's advocate would say that they have Kyle Shanahan has such a good quote sure of the quarterback it'd be easier to god and get a cheaper option. In the draft isn't this a route that they should probably take if you really have an elite teacher and that position. So maybe he should definitely the guy. He's gotten gotten a lot of witnessed a certain type of and after Biggio got a close out. How to play action they can take thousands that are costly. And two others other things that. I coaches look at these young quarterback coming out of college I don't think pointed out that the these fundamentals are there in the Iraq that the that they'll huddled on the wing it. That's the case. The cane about it. In the icu the ability. If not the question becomes like who are very good teacher you didn't see this guy is gonna keep potentially teaching these guys. You can read into that trap right now Houston Texans at picking the lock the O'Brien whose would be discreet future. At every year with the new plan that was going to be right now you can bring him along the eagle at the patriot would agree that it that was a lot or somebody else that I thought I was gonna learn from it you know. And what you're in the position to get that pop pick. Out there and if you dig somebody you know what you and you go elsewhere you that you're due diligence outlook for salary cap. You shouldn't be considerate especially bad policy that. It was a Tennessee Titans continue to make moves in the offseason young quarterback has some similarities to the Oakland Raiders. Are they ready to take over the Houston Texans and how good can this type teams be. The possibly have to play hockey learning about right now is below market marionette. I love the idea you know that they're Hart stepped in actually didn't adequately Davis I want gallant. When you look at ought and so linemen that attribute that there that really helps having a lot. They're very strong ones probably are toxic talk but the lines in the NFL. Problem I have with them as I look at the actions and the actions have also improved in the accident. Perennial big strong team in the Jacksonville Jaguars are out there and and they could finally wore around your I think the thing after six years. And a look at the titans. Schedule and you'd seen earlier on that get the warriors. And they get the Seahawks need some other sort of early on schedule at the ticket yet detected as Robert Ehrlich kind of know they are. Think thirteen at the potential take that step I want what they have in terms and it actually. Go out. He's playing very hard. Be ready to take that next step and want to lose in the raiders don't want to lose three early in the season with a tie breaker issues and run to another year whacked eight. Michael do readers that which is why what they did this so proud that and it's hard to reject any TV looking at the a lot of things right at people to take it seems that. NFL national lead writer at Bleacher Report my ten year we Jolo and bids on 95 point seven the game Mike. Based solely on football intelligence skill set and the ability to perform on the field. Is Colin cap or make good enough for a job in the National Football League. Yes yes yes over crop are ridiculously Pol Pot on all those Wednesday job especially not necessarily starting. If you guys starting job and it's like well you would be that I between the I don't know 88 when he Beckett and and 32 best starter in the right now assuming you don't bring up there as well we have. The opportunity to develop and bring him back here or take away some of that Jim console and and Chip Kelly opera it was something better but if we're talking about jobs if we're talking about well we have a quarterback competition. We talk about well we are 888 contender but we want somebody up and agencies of the injury Condit and we Gingrich. Absolutely I'll ethnic all of those front on a personal coiffed well. Turns against that is always an ever on National League matter had Bleacher Report follow him on Twitter. Mike tenure it's my tenure with Joseph blow in dibs on 95 point seven a game Mike thank you so much for your time this morning we appreciate it. Oh.