Mike Silver on Raiders and what Oakland means to him

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, March 27th
NFL Network analyst, Mike Silver, shares his thoughts on the owner's vote to relocate the Raiders to Las Vegas & what the city of Oakland means to him.

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Mike silver he. Videotaped. A love letter on NFL network to the good raider fans in Oakland he is from Oakland. And we are thrilled to have them on here Mike silver joining us on a very busy busy day Mike. What I what do sat afternoon for tradition for families. Third generations. Of grandfathers and mothers to. Fathers and mothers to kids and now that that line will be broken the relay race at handing down the raiders in the city of Oakland will eventually. Come to attend and it's a very very sad day howry. You it did but. I don't know plate and you can Oakland and let it should have something done to it for a variety. Today. Yeah. Will go to separate bill American sports trivia or we will lose the love. Mode. What. Are some things a lot routine about the safety Arab. Look detain and loves it the most right now's a Golden State Warriors are gonna lose them to. A game. But you know this city with which your identity is inextricably. For better or opinion. That he would go. You know a lot going on here but it. You know. Oprah picked a lot of a lot of that. Wrote usually from people that'll live there. It's frustrated we couldn't greats of the Arab approach it's been a lot of reasons but one of them that. I'm proud of cities like Oakland general physical tell port that it decided to direct it. That would become hard to try to get it is stated goal. We but the priority than. Giving public subsidies. To. The leaders normal but the leaders who ought to be. Figure heavily encrypt so bouts but for example are proud. Of that there's. He goes and to produce them anyway commitment to. May I offer counterpoint mail offer quick counterpoint that the mayor of Oakland doesn't get a lot of credit for that if there were 500 California mayors. All 500 wouldn't of allowed it she's no out liars she is going with the flow with the state. You know all the OK so I'm not certain outlets in its but our idea I'm able to them frustrated because. There are many. Many people with lots and lots of money you would love. You know people are allowed. To. Entered into discussions. ID from what I am told they could open Collison Oakland without requiring. So that frustrates me that typical person's cells. Well stolen. And a you know we we are adult appeal like that who decided. Though remain in order for five use the Baltimore. Which audiences. Exercise that option you by Alberto good note throughout. Like he was able to still you know. I believe he's still the tried to achieve a couple of rounds and so. Well if you interpret that I'd pick bark. Would have been wise to consider them deal for about Procter and two and then the third thing is there and I were four beautiful so. Particularly proud they've Korea. Remember out of trouble against news. What do we do it you know we can't read relocations and took it but who bought Fred to order a video market. Yeah and you know just gained. You know I know vague on the part of it and but it can't believe talent and the gavel fell. Terrible optics when. Or worse over to them so. You know I I gave all ethnic I believe he. Very mindful. Overall what's happening to open up as. Took the team out of Oakland the team at a San Diego you put two teams in LA the LA doesn't look like he cares that much about the fact that neither one of them is Oakland. Where the raiders landing in LA means this whole thing is a chair is a game of musical chairs where nobody ended up sitting in the right chair except maybe the rams. May be but that felt like it was a very. Hollow wrong bell about five games in the this year the sensation. Of the Los Angeles were. The whole time I think I I think they're mistaking their picnic there. Eventuality. That the round up beautiful stadium that problem probably a couple of pot and do it by and so. There is that temporary. Saying that it's frustrating it is for what you have it. Re terrible temporary arrangement. Programs play in the coliseum. Which is awful. Chargers play down wage level you know they're the don't about that I think it'll find what they're of the stadium by October would rule out that the worst quality of these. You lower upper left. Came back. Now it now that we knew would get three years want to say about your orbit to. Orbit and so it temporary. Socially complex the president for each the date. Coinciding with the race play in the news started. Quite possibly have been poked out Euro our show that shall two presumed. You prepare as a regular wrote but it's up to let the clock on their. I said the oh network earlier pylori I think man should probably appropriate way to put it. An electric. Today I would bet that they want. A local cultures of a doubt shall. Crappy year. They get what Colbert. You know just get and it's you know. Episode I get the thing that roster boasts. When I'm partnered with the way. Well over the Oakland Raiders or greater. And greater patient. And I couldn't garbage for decades chrome. Mark late legendary father now from our betrayal and I don't particularly. There you all mean. Present outside the lead in the leaders. A bit abrasive elated because they did play there. Green Bay pass. Hackers are much bigger than the raiders reliable beat Chicago Bears New York Giants Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys there. Don't give him the fact that there and travel game span. The equivalent outside. Well it. It's going to Oakland Raiders worked real love it now they'll have the sense that they could work out but. Don't look that are working. He's spent residents. Art just gonna get on a plane any time you're. Instead go to the Reagan and and spending that money of that time commitment. I know we the with their lives like governor about it apple that I dated. It's student. You know the and you know direct to recruit people. In my orbit you're. On multiple occasions. The rigor. We know it is changing and the recognition Tuesday. That it took about old state of the art it up or. They're separate Israeli and so let's not let let polluters so we are using the police. That load them. The most of the most purely and it sucks and I understand what that is because we weren't gonna do. 700. Billion dollars well what they outlook coming from. Hours state legislature. Are. About it. I would. You know again I'm waiting for the day win the money that they're not giving the raiders is raises for police firefighters. A better hospital. No potholes. Again I money gets spent and wasted so much government only trying to even counted I think it's like a fool's Arendt it would have been great. Raiders. Here's yeah. I don't I don't know. Can it be better but it you know you look if you get a senator took million dollars right out of the record you lose only. Would human. You know the classroom that in more crowded as noted that oh I'm sorry do you it would be and you respond open. Guess I I I agree they should have never given the money but I think good leadership lessons cyclist leadership on both sides. Of this equation from the team from the mayor could have found owned it a solution you're just talking about how that solution probably. Could have been found to we have got Mike silver talking about what happened today. The I I I don't agree I believe that last part they're. Marked a quote my partner quote well. They were not regular Oakland because Oakland directive from the record deal. Right let me ask you about the significance of the 3121. Vote and how much influence Jerry Jones had over that tally. Titled it yet and you bullet I don't think that the attention to because. The fickle. And so there there probably. Fourteen months ago to help get programs that the oil charters have the option. But they. That that of course which of course the raiders. At the chargers in southern belt or you know. Probably you know is that so. In a position to. Not at the route that. I think known as. Based not on our rocket well you opt out of LA the is not gonna build it so they're marketable ones have. It is now we will we can't really tell him not to take that out student erupted. You know on the up. A little while after an apple you know I joke that we are right now to a writer Oakland. Bhutto supporters out there there have been appeal lies. You know it our world by. You know I act and then it dropped for at least. The principal say. You know. We have to do this now and you know there should opted out or. And to delay the vote in the U vocal more time out of work. You know received burglaries. That group. It's certainly did its a shame. We thought to stay might come we hoped for all the other reasons there would be a road block that appeared that prevented it but. Here we are Mike thank you very much big busy day we appreciate you joining us as always I love arguing. All right so he's a local so great that let the voters that it is that. They rule. We've all played it would who have to degrade. Thank you very much Mike's over here a good. Note to end on at least for now.