Mike Silver previews the NFL preseason

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, August 11th

NFL Network analyst, Mike Silver, joins the Damon Bruce Show as preseason kicks off. 


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Yeah how we officially got football all around us with games hash tag pre season. And suspensions and trades to talk about with their very own. Miguel silver of NFL network it's always good to talk to him Mike ideal body. Excellent thank you we are even at the real season yet and we are already got suspension news. What have you heard about Ezekiel. Obviously the NFL has a smoking gun. Overwhelming evidence that allowed them to forget the fact that no convictions no arrest has been made they wanna sit him for six games. Yeah I mean I don't know much about the being honest but I do know that a lot of people justifiably. Well in the rhetoric it's then another agent like. Google over the league and on about the violence relative do. You know the severity of the crime. I hope that we're seeing. You know get out of the circuit bet. An airtight bats and I told him that. Any new word commitment to. Patrick penalties dead under Gordon's disparity. Of domestic violence. The other hand below question. You know employers suspending people. You know not been charged with a crime level look at them about the art. Area of the question. I was never in favor of that have bought it he did that send us your belt shortly after a program and I it comes from a good place as well. In that. Situation. It took over in that you know that I'm in charge our brand new got people like. Sacramento. Is the time getting in trouble sorting our brand. I am sick of waiting for I doubt that a lot it's the level. I believe in India should the bulk lot harder to avoid the situation now which only has been the cowards do make judgments about people being charged and Serb. Attack though court appeal well that batted we have. What are obviously trying to go back bargaining table. For the next two yet but in the mean. The league does what they call it. Violence Bob Woodward. So Michael let's say the six game suspension is upheld not even reduced if Ellie it really does missed six games does it dramatically affect the season. The cowboys are about to have or in some crazy way might they get him back in game number seven and got healthy legs to carry them through the whole rest of the way and it was a blessing in disguise. I think I. When you have bill required that don't have them for. Large bird that that is usually. A good thing. We saw the cowboys apart birdies. Juju ago running and burial lead oh and a great up a it went oh do you bought it about that belied. Any back good drive that it wasn't really. The same without. Her. You know tremendous debt so bill which it. I just go broke a story about the carpet premiere and getting cut their beds and that. People talked about running back the global. Market for us all to believe that one should believe that it doesn't matter the color. I have. Believe that I speculate back where police backed debt. They don't last that long so obvious where there are eleven people trying to. What bodily pain but it as the ball but he's a young player very much. I pictured there about a minute ago. Mike silver NFL network here on 957 the game. We gonna have the niners and she's taken off in about 25 minutes if you're Kyle Shanahan what do you want tonight besides an injury crystal ball game. I believe you know position on the talk about. That grows there. By the entire received a lot of yet bought. Oh did hurt. The book out. Outlook for. Several Olympic news. People expect to contribute by being the I want L. You know. A bright guy who. Guy yet at that period of that. The running game go and you know up the level Bryant or that during that it was pretty you add injury issues. Obviously clear that that blue route but that. Yeah it Kyle and you know obviously. They are all let Kyle and looked like Alba Brad Bryant looking somewhat like back out. Donald Penn will this hold out and in the pre season. You know it's aired out and I think to look for movement. You're looking at that burst rejecting game orders that are rooting for. Donald and to get more money in. A lot looked out all the oracle tackle this should respect that. It this year routing or dial due back in our body or. Left tackle this in a look awesome and screw that. I believe. That most fans are just rooting or been elected to rooted for. 13. Are not in battleground because. That that is where the leverage point it can vote. Right when we were about to go to you Mike knows just wrapping up the last segment talking about how bill stands always seem to be on the short end of the stick. High expectations usually dashed by about week four or five due to something an injury a clear this guy's not the right guy performance. Sammy Watkins for a minute there was their hope guiding got an authentic Jersey delivered to him today only deceit. Bills mafia crushed again its pork pork great fans that they have. What do you think is Sammy Watkins. Joining the NFC west and maybe unlocking Jerry golf a little bit. Lol you know that shouldn't be in the crushing moment it's terrible that you know the urgent changes. It a definitive vote right vote them prior to him underdog oil traded to get better at that by the way in fairness of them. You're allotted yet like all. They all of them and thought he would veto the next. Fallujah Beijing. Right did wrap it up and take Tim before Khalil met the good ankle and back after trading up. That is true and by the way they'll aka. Or what. Yeah well good yet. Thick oil backward. Letter receivers open but. You know. Weigh in Asia and there are let. Likely to try to according to trade. Prior. Straight. Buyers into it like it. Or read that he could just mail these they could be that number maker guy. Brandon John McDermott evident. A low density isn't value let's get out of it as judged tighter. Critical part department that I'd. Excellence. Realized. It was a bad trade and trade rhythm or. Much lower value but I do it is but it is that a lot out. They did add that Super Bowl touchdown not that they needed but come on. In the end look good out there and I mean. If you are programs. You look at him go and maybe but. Yet that's all you know I got a text. Returned back on the way that it does but it turned that. I news detect. Back. It went. Dot org a debt. They've played they've caught up in there there. You know critically number deeper in. Tight. Right right he's a slot play in the acts. Heated it's phenomenal numbers were up yet. But they played like a lot. To be it would take bubble like a lot of it looked like day to Marius on this Stewart joked that a guy or. So now would be like Antonio right now. Lauren Beckham got to go to look like a traditional. If you look like a three unique orders like Hillary I heard it don't say it like it but it. That's job all that there pocket. Kind of to the bull about that so I don't you tap it and outlook attack stroke. Eric got it I certainty that viewed that boat. You know. It also depends where you are in your. You know in your resume when Doug Whaley trying to get them reluctant they had new owners. Deep ball pressure we've got to make that happen now. The future. You know John McDermott a brand beer and play. Be what job. Program and it. At. The next for India they fired the coach other sort. It could be an understandable. Draper book in them like in April critical. You know very few guys might lose their jobs after one pre season performance but a five Mike Glenn in this morning. I am looking over my shoulder because. Mitchell Robiskie last night proved himself to be one of the five greatest quarterbacks that ever lived or played the game I mean that's obvious Mike as they you know it's Montana Marino Mitch. That's the latest basically. By getting ahead of ourselves. All you look for is guys to be cozy and comfortable in their first bits a live action and boy was he ever. I think you look for body language and it's that you'd pick them at. Apple look at parties. And about what. You did play it the shot Kaiser's yesterday Grilli. I'd like what I thought buoyed by. Brought out here. A time we bought from cart. And its situation ought to Jarrett got her a crap. As part thoroughly describe it junior which may have been little harsh but it. Don't last at bat so. Yeah I mean and so in the normal situation here. Yes there's a lot of partners employees. Perhaps but they beat incumbent just that one crap putrid you condemn the yellow encumbered by. I referenced that letter earlier and what you've Boeing company and that's really Michael and predictive. Data that answer that. Obviously. It so by going to continue. Like she's not comfortable and service looks like it is yet. We're gonna spend more of your time this season out on the road in big games cover them or in the studio with NFL network. On the negated by an item on right now we're talking about an. Eye opener. And so rolled about that. It now there are that little error of arguably more. Hopefully on the field do you predicament that. Writing so yeah I like about it that way. First got network. Gave him or Sunday news spoke. To vote. Layout you're about. To do features. Bill. Could hit the road again. I had two days out of the Florida. They told me that maybe national. The cliffs which are fairly natural to be. Will will do it happened but yeah out. Only got out about. He's covering the NFL and the dark side of the moon we must be talking with Michael Silver always good to Abby -- we're very happy here on our team all season long looking forward to our conversation sex body. Yet spectrum. You know were going to play out of Ottawa are people ought. There you go no doubt about it this thanks so much Mike silver NFL network here on 957 the game always good to talk to him.