Mike Silver

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Thursday, November 30th
NFL Network analyst, Mike Silver, joins the Damon Bruce Show to preview Jimmy Garoppolo's first start as a 49er, and to discuss the Raiders chances against the Geno Smith Giants. 

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Mike silver from the NFL network is here before we worry about word maybe a liberal reviled warriors your warriors. Now I'm no word about the worse or better yet the wars and worry about the warriors put. Once they decide to worry about the war at W everything will be then people there. The bigger problem they restrict finals appearance problem cola look general. Get a role in Mike's overt role with us from NFL network the move has been made is Jimmy garrote below going to get the niners rolling in the right direction. Mike Dee care to place any bets on just what this performance in Chicago might be like for him. I think they'll go I mean I saw him come in the forties in Arizona they were covered up a chapter to give a period. The last year's season opener of the sudden there at the southern and opener. You know I thought at the time that you look. You know themselves crazy now open for people remember it look like a young cub great idea that. Getting top or not. Doing the things he does now and you know single handedly. Men and the people but he was very efficient then. Accurate. Our. You know made it throws he needed to what the well in new numbers about what I saw in that that was the big game that matters and deep but. That should have been it would Wear on. That opened up the year it was a Sunday nighter. Yeah the old school and then you know that to be hurt by it. But I didn't. You know I'm really excited that it a lot of people meant well. Really like them you know part of me wonders. How much the patriots route we love them because if you really love quarterbacks or. You'd find a way that string that out there by opinion but it you know just because. I'm using about that doesn't mean he's not really rule. I technical. Do you think the patriots drafted Jimmie grapple they really thought they would be to him by now did date you know what were they worried about Brady not being able to just defy age and mother nature by playing so well at the age of forty. I hope so I mean the Sterns gonna organizations that the video card that order we've picked there aren't they shouldn't. Been planning for example forward to the group trapped it a bigger outlook. It's a sport where not only do people get old quickly is so great branding but. People's careers and absolutely as a result took the so. You know and but he told you that general figured out and not allowing for. A lot of horses and Galarraga quickly Sharia I would imagine the patriots. Have been caught in the that's for a long time and they're gonna have to come up with another Clinton now and hopefully her courage of the men using the operatives. There's something to control. Mike's over NFL network here on 957 the games could have come along so the raiders officially haven't caught many breaks this season Mike but Paxton lynch last week geno Smith this week. That feels like a couple of breaks to many. Yeah I mean on paper but it. Felt like over the giant Eli Manning coming and look out at any of you see the oil you. Let us that they were in the I don't let alone also yeah it racquet break let. You know the raiders are in a situation where. They you have been. A lot worse than we expected. And yet still. By the great to have you. If you let disaster. The spotlight so you know they want to. Make a run at Brooklyn there fortunately for them in position to going to be. You know that the Portland and you know finally elected because number two you're not there as well which. Interesting and so you know wasting go go to the game. A week ago I feel like maybe you'll. End up playing at a. It is winning of division Mike has anything to do with having a hot experienced quarterback in a pretty nasty defense. The chargers are about to make the case for the AFC west year 'cause they don't both of those. Well they look like the best team right now on our least bad. And that is these shocking fall from great because the most inclusive equitable collect Palestinian. In the league and local all Denver of course it is on salvageable complete. Disaster the raiders then you know. Are accused of appointment at the charters you know coddle those are two game. Sure of what we want the public boat that they have a competent kicker which at the and then not. So you electorate at Cleveland rookie coach for keeping them. Engaged in keeping them you know competing and because. Of those three situations not only that it's but right now the court must. Certainly the New York Giants are coming in here don't look like the best team there's an uproar over everything they do this season in New York then Mac could do is the most. About to lose his job guy I've seen in the long time in sports. Are we all know it's gonna end poorly there. But is is he getting. Improperly raked over the cold for the way they handled this whole Eli Manning benching thing because like I did there's nothing he could do to people would say Willie did a good job. And yet your question I've not been overly wrought by. You know human general beleaguered. Like personal reaction to eleven anything with a lot more than a repeal vote collect yet and neither out of it. He's not going to be the quarterback of the future probably bet but policy without their slope which understand all all strive. You know they're going to you know what the impact of the game. You know committees. And in the the blues shark bit of the reaction around the but he. Yeah from or giant escalators and you're debate that other quarterback Michael rivers I've been a little taken aback by. Just felt strong strongly people feel that was. Horrible thing though I'm kind of transit. Pickle that into account in order public reacting at all hope I've been out a statement that they'll let people put. The media didn't seem that socket at me you know real close with you Jack and I could told you. A thousand reasons why it get on the ball and Cleveland. If you get fired right now and what it says that tobacco Ol like got fired. Up well. People lose bigger part of it would anyway it would. Had two Super Bowl victory that Margaret thing is being crude and the hole there probably. Such yet again that he. Quarterback of the top of the draft next year. I. Didn't remarkably deal. In terms of overreaction. On the reaction. Might in my entire life I've never seen quite a reaction like the one Tennessee got. During this Greg Schiavo debacle that they've gone through and they're still looking for another coach. Is this a watershed moment for social media either. It's good or bad it does matter I think that we just saw something happened that we've never seen happen before where basically a pile on. A fan concern. Created a fork in the road that'd Denis school had made a higher talk. All you're asking me does something in the same week that he president. Arrange that should dial out. There are sent that it's confident that shall consider that they've Euro lives. Americans that mobile around the globe so if you put it in perspective. Not so it watershed moment. Torture. Likes. You know there's there's a lot of crazy stuff going and on Twitter all the time. Or output you know. And you. The first they gotta say is vols fan. Seem to have this disconnect between what they're program relief is that what picnic it is that is. Staggering to in other words like come out and I know our police in the universe that I am really excited about just woke up to our coach an opening. Shahzad. And you know I get it. You go and intensity that. Their band kind of feel like oh what a proper job. College football field. What we're seeing a lower standard out there UN. Mean not the BK the other Vegas I've probably a great show more than. Indy. Pro football analyst or writer and yet I'm on its side of every outfit. You know absent that evidence that he actually. You know witnessed what. It was claimed that he would have little ultra greens weren't for out there that complicates. The with the Cree yeah. Characters that there's an in my trip that was used. To do what you said which has just nonstop and unpopular and it out of the system. You go go over an hour. You know I think it's unfortunate but it can be the root of it is the fact that. Ten days does not a realistic assessment of its glacial. Did I hear you mention they're going to be the raiders game this weekend. How would you do. The other equals. These. Entered the U like benching. Like the other deployments and to reacted strongly to the library. The story of a guard you let me. Not an airplane and yeah integrators. And and the at the civic yeah a lot of fun and less well on little more of them one of evil. You know I know you god you're here to the ground always and you hear the whispers what do you make of the whispers that Del Rio has lost that locker room on CNET refuted I think rod Woodson himself said this is nonsense and Charles Woodson or some would sooner I it was just you know I I don't know what to make it did I. I don't know what to make of del Rio's voice in that room and and you know I'll watch a Crabtree. And Talib did and I think here's an undisciplined team but they rallied to win the game saw I want to make this. Well. I think Jack stands a really really good thing it's it was a war or contract extension but in particular place. I've been struggling for a long time. A certain level of professional success and indeed had a big rule again. Adding them to a better place. I think that. You know a lot of people questioned the decision to changeup and corners. After the season it seemed bizarre on papers so if I have not worked out the way that they wanted that apology that couple that call. Obviously he's fired from the corner mature and so that's something that he's got an answer for you know I I I believe there shall. Level of discord that I don't think it. You know people were surprised at what when a team has expectation like the raiders will sound. Byte did and it. Our roster have gone frustrated you have through. I would expect there to be. You know some. Sort of mostly guys grew up an accord are now you go to court there well that's. You know I don't have any knowledge that it's a lot them because they're in the exit well they certainly have reason. Put their head down and try to grind through it and you know they get out the water table from the the pending and Jack in law so object in the long time to get it if UN. You know you're gonna go out credit that you don't win. This guy's going to be falling so you know I think you would believe it's fair to judge my record and unfortunately for them are only gave out a couple of. It's amazing they're still in it somehow no indication that they're ready for it but their stolen it thank you very much Mike silver and it's on network great to have you on then. Enjoyed Sunday over Oakland man. I'm. Thank you Mike silver NFL network.