Mike Shumann

Rick Tittle
Sunday, August 6th

Former San Francisco 49ers Wide Receiver and Super Bowl Champion; NOW sportscaster at ABC-7 News joins Rick Tittle to talk about the 49ers in Training Camp.


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All right let's bring in the former 49 our wide receiver Mike Sheehan and of course that ABC 7 NEWS Super Bowl champ. And down Mike you know hearing that Malcolm Smith got the torn packed and he's he's out for the season. Is this just a perfect opportunity for Reuben a Foster. To take over that line backing core I know Bowman. Is the savvy bad and he's got the long contract from what I'm hearing Foster. Has just an infectious personality. Well what he's been and now a delight to watch breakdown like you talk about their record personality to crack it. Kind of makes it fun to play football again it's almost like he's completely football and he's got so much skill he runs sideline to sideline. He sent out three or four interceptions in camp already wrote you got hurt. It I dove and at the corporate dep right and as all of his official world. You know through all this contact wants a seat starts. Our the sharks at one point Indian Lombardi was the GM said we need to get the sting of losing out of the sweater. And we can move forwards are the niners this year it's not about all at this assess if they get 456 wins. It's really just we like he's the sport culture a lot but really it is change in the culture and getting the stink. Of losing out of that Jersey Iraq. Well there's no question that the guerrilla but it editor needs but. They had a scanner went through that was bill all these worst. He was horrible to report Jeanne. And he pretty much took on the same attitude you know we got a Janet it's our culture around here. And it start to a certain players that will work ought to be one guy a problem of course is that he's been there. But he's also been Eritrea for other organizations. You know bloody. What worked the war in particular group of guys also that you can pick up the slack here but. You're right yeah I'd say they can probably win six games this year. But it's more about establishing what they would do on both sides of the ball and the way they wandered and a carried himself that he. This got TV slugger make up on. I had to go. Out. Man period that are. There. Yeah every time lag I don't go on every day like Utah and I go on they spray paint my whole face to make me more Alpine allies that on a stand. So well shill or what the niners and the last couple years with with Cali in and of course with the with Tom Sula. What was worse was was it that era or was it when you were there and the interim coach asked hey who wants to play quarterback. It. That would have been Brent O'Connor and everybody yet heard it I'm not yet Choi who core. Freddie solvent that plated at the university campus relative rigor is huge. The birdie budget that not you don't know what the president did reveal like. It's bad now bad luck tomorrow like there's an oak. It was pretty bad at that point I'd say actually at that point that was the worst. First of all out on the roster so that gained Taloqan and then back. And but. It again pretty low runner on Sula. And then of course last year were Chip Kelly if I ever change that they've got two guys. Out yet and jobless aren't that they routes. Yet it's that to me I think it's remarkable that you know what we were talking about who's going to be the GM would it be Louis Riddick would have beat these guys in Green Bay or maybe guy and Seattle and then. Let's just pick up the phone Annie is like. I'm your guy and I give you had credit for listening to on course he did overnight to see if they would he and Barack would leak hit. But you have a guy who commands instant respect a guy who is as polished. As it is and a guide to me who has been actually net everything he's ever done. Well there's no question it was a great player all growth broke all want at super ball knows what it takes. He was that kind of get this through his body around Tokyo like Ronnie Lott used. And that's kind of what he expected that it is being about you you're gonna play organized the trip when you're done whether and so. I think about the great art like you do that we are all shocked like why. Where did you come from you know that I have yet in. Rock not leaked out and the chat they didn't. And they assigned to monitoring now. They're on the same page and turned out. And I thought there are very Smart to resist the knee jerk to ditty to Robiskie Erica Heiser as a Watson has a look at next year's draft with. Louisville quarterback UCLA USC Washington State Wyoming Washington. I think all six of those guys might be better than anyone. Who is in the straps so to bring in a lawyer a guy that Kyle trust and he knows can. You know not embarrass the team and run and I saw offense I thought it was very Smart for them to wait for either next year are cousins as it works out. Rather than a questionnaire and you know Brian Hoyer a little bit like Alex and he got a game manage her. And again get the ball players and out and out Carla side is running. You know he get it checked out at McDonnell that I had a year at a yield is about alt though. Environmental bill lost games and we don't do that views are at it are. Again only kept five players previous roster so. Out and get the people he wants in there and I'm Lance. I think lawyers would do mark Q you know through next year. Yeah and we know that the offense was was horrible last year but did the defense created giving up seven straight 100 yard. Pressures and three years and around now the first pick Vienna a pac twelve. That defensive lineman how is that front we talked about the errors but how is that offensive line get a hold up. That day help I think they're going to be and that's why I got. But there. Epic at Dulles there but you know they're ready to kind of we can't great NFL players now than it was well Ahmad. It's going to be he's at that active that slides are now. And you know look at pitcher out there are people there and knock people out so I think it's going to be watched. And listen no one can predict what's gonna happen but both Kyle and John have six year contracts. Do you think that Barack and I know Prague is still involved who has brought you know involved on draft night but. Do you think that jet is actually gonna sit back let them do it let the football people handle it when they ask for a check he'll just signing give a tone. I think it is because that he saw what what happened when he got involved the last couple hours. He's right or need debate he got that people need then there. Now let them run your organization and I think will finally it got to the heart and sold currently by stadium which has been. Best thing that they've been banned from panels that so yeah I think that yet now realize that it's got elected yet you do their jobs. Finally issue is there anyone with the niners a camp whether it's maybe first or second year player up hecker may be an undrafted guy that. Icon has you know stuck out to you so far. You got a lot and that'll go days Trent Taylor slot receiver. That they got into a debate blizzard that didn't. Have a little guy. I note that it you know open and that's what you like quarterback lob that because. It on the slot you give that guy company's first guy you say. And I that you're surprised that people have acted on the reps early. But I think eventually. The beat goes on it. A lot more. There's elect somebody like that camp. Edit Erica that aware. I'm meg is Smart and as deputy attorney you know already. Got China you know make their degrees temperature and perturbed that. Yet Trent Taylor out LA tag and that you know comes in at five foot seven I've seen you you're you're much taller than 57 so he really is a little again. Well. What I've tried yet outside and the slot though a lot different now that that's because the law. A little different but. I'd like to buy them but it's still like him. Up YEI I period might be might be a return man to. Yeah you know look at the other hardy hit. And you know despite the violent nature of the game. You learn how to protect yourself at depositions. When to go about when to run at about. But he he backed up. And I elected anyway and Julian alma and those guys I just absolutely. We've asked me on my chin and fall months that are out Mike Shannon checked him out on ABC seven is a shoot thanks for your time and your insides really appreciated and we'll go to bed soon. All right good stuff that's a Mike Shannon.