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Mike Klis covers the Broncos for 9News & he previews the Raiders & Broncos seasons with Bonta & Tittle on the Afternoon Delight!

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Who better to talk Denver Broncos football with him might Claes who covers the progress for nine who has been doing that for a long long time and Mike this is jump right into it new head coach Vance Joseph. The quarterback position still unsettled. What should we expect from a Denver Broncos this year other than a very very good defense. Yeah I guess it starts there so it can't write that. I'd in the predictions for this team ban now. More of them that he. Only met and that 79889. And seven so. I'm much expectations. Compared to what they've. Let it the last few years. And had it it goes to show a quarterback will do. First team all. That that story you guys are plain and bites from the last game of the season. In the story there which Trevor Symbian and not the first round draft pick. And want want some analysts skiing for the Barack they had no playoff implications they were. Already eliminated. On Christmas the week before at Kansas City every one thought. Excellence the first round pick would get some mop much needed point in time. And instead Gary Kubiak. What was Trevor Ximian. And now a lot you know it it you'd start all over here in early that Broncos what to expect from a 2070. It did you know kind of depends on what they have a quarterback. And they're going and training camp even Steven. And we'll see what happens error. Two different quarterbacks side traverse union has deployed the experience the accuracy. The savvy. Excellence. All the count. In so. You know I don't think it's early in its difference that's what you want. They take to their guy right now but other articles through the exercise of the competition that. And not. Eligible. Weren't it's one of those things were preceded truly is gonna matter. As far as how the Broncos are gonna look this season. Michael has covers Broncos for nine who's been to enough for a long long time and we bring down a differ brought calls that he is US rival of course of the Oakland Raiders. And what can still sleuth he scraping his own league system. We saw the zone running scheme their for numerous years Mike Shanahan of course Gary Kubiak and get away from that are going more power. In a Broncos did best in the softened to line it prior Janet Davison has a position calls ever again Romley re from the cowboys of course. Former raiders tackle meant a local Watson we're gonna expect more power here with CJ Anderson and Jamaal Anderson behind us off its line and a shift. In a right philosophy out Denver. Yeah optimal Charles should not Jamaal Anderson. Tackle the running back trio and now it's back. Armed. Yeah up by a quarry and not musgrave as there's no need it the goatee quarterback coach. An interest in mixed bill musgrave and Mike McCoy McCoy comes from Josh McDaniels offensive system. Which is Josh McDaniels opt outs oh in new England and that it is a power running game. And so. That is what they're going use Jeff Davidson in the off into line coached. One of the better ones in the National Football League. So. He's going to I used more that shot gun. Then yours the last couple years. I gonna look more like two uncles all cents. Although he got to change quarterback here from 2013. 20122014. That's what great Manny was struck the ball over our. Eric record manuals Sanders to Julius Thomas. And of course to marriage com. I it's it's supposed to look like that now the difference of course is going to be great nanny and isn't going to be a problem football. Soul. They're they're a lot of excitement around here a pop the knew what that new offense can do this. Because. Com. No one like he'll offer optional unlike Gary Kubiak soccer you know academic coach. Indeed dead duck died this team to the Super Bowl that he title two years ago. No one was ever amber looks as often. End soul recorded in the England style New England continued to have success. With the offensive Iran. And so the defense plays like it and then in the offensive moves. Bako to outsell ma. Every parole. My guess Rick Tuttle when you look at Dovonte Booker a guy who has really a first round talent and then slipped to what the fourth because the some. Knee injuries and went CJ Anderson went down mid season he kind of detected the rains and and you know may be a little bit of a ER hitting a wall there until that last game against the raiders when he broke out. If you look at the addition of Jamaal Charles. And you saw that the kid what De'Angelo Anderson there's been some rumors I heard that may be CJ Anderson. They might try and trade him and get that three million off the books what do you hear in. Yeah I'm not here and and I that rumor has been out there. The way that started wants you know someone destroy our blog at that would make cents. Com. I think first things first got in which you got Jamaal Charles. You know he obviously you'd it's a great fine. Artists might not find YouTube it's out there for everybody. But it would be a heck of a cop at Jamaal Charles is right yeah. In is what 80% of what it used to be in its glory days with the Kansas City Chiefs. That goes back to 2000 and fourteen. Should she was that the top of the game I he's been hurt each of the last two years and age the only injury yet to. HEL injury each need. In his career in when he adamant that it last year he couldn't come back from. So all that contract is the guy that. The Broncos only Panama or thousand dollar workout or should they Cottam dale Dickey got it. The team actually opening day roster at one point during million. And and incentives and bonuses and everything. What would take about a three point seven by Marriott at the epic. Played in all sixteen games. At 14100 yards in the team makes it play out so. It's one of those win win not type contracts make good time the contracts. You know he's right and and and he's honor percent. Yeah maybe they do go. About it Booker. India Angelo Anderson that you don't know which you got Anderson neither. And not it's it's way premature. I would think right now. The plan has four top. CJ Anderson and Jamaal Charles. Somehow makes it and not Dovonte Booker so you have to re running backs. And then maybe De'Angelo Anderson starts on on the practice squad or you know inactive on game day actually I associate right now. Not a broad goals on the defense aside at a ball lose weight to lose as it before too coordinator he goes to LA rams a Joseph woods who's a DB colts last two seasons. He takes over in our Romany Prius and beef because we know teams like to run on Denver we know about the great secondary bit off front. They're little light in the middle so they bring in Domata echo from Cincinnati and agreeing Zach Kurd a boost up the bolster the middle that defense steep it's gonna be just as solid but I'll wait follows a Joseph what's right they're gonna be any big difference there. Oh by the way you guys are out the most informed and studied. Radio interviewers that I o'clock come across the court ought. I thank you. Trichet that we do are we door for a dollar we do our researcher. The valued you do your homework. So. That. I think you were 28 against the run last year and they were girder for a you're war. And we can't stop Iran and work really was almost was that first game history herself a local. I mean you guys just pancake that defense to line up front. End. You know the I think your car and it buried modest gains statistic lies. What he would have to throw a ball are you guys church to get up first down after first down on the ground. So that's where release shall not. They did get some injuries are part. Vance Walker who's going to start to eat and sedan and the place Malik Jackson. Walker went down and and training camp. And html and they need Brandon Marshal there inside linebacker. Who's been in the running game. He had hamstring issues all of last year so you want an active. Der Walt was hurt. Often on so it did it mean they were not out at all against Iran in your right and it's that's where it all starts the secondary is good at all. Well pro people respect here. They all made at least one Pro Bowl recent years. The know why don't they call themselves. And it's still got everybody acts like straddle a little bit quarter. But yet up front is where they concentrated. You know like kind of like John Elway. Know he's a quarterback in you know you'd think he'd be about steel positions. But all addressed this offseason was the man prop you got mad on the offensive line which you guys are articulated. And then it got man on the defense supply. And it's not sexy. But it's worth the Broncos were we last year and any tricks them at least on paper now we'll see how it they all excuse. Mike let's covers a Broncos for nine used to do enough for a long time real quickly before we get out of here. John Elway says an extension he'll be there were 20/20 one Gary Kubiak former head coach is now scout advisor I guess we're gonna plays have a mountain Texas scouting rule quickly the news they're kind of expound on that. Yeah I've spent it's been a nice 24 hours for the Broncos sit and L ladies. On track had been something a concern has dragged on. Com you know it that the fact that they thought I would get it done Gregory easily. Com. Unsure. The speculation that maybe. Elway was tapped in for an ownership stake. Initially because there's some uncertainty in the ownership but here. It's in the trust was at all an avid non alzheimer's unfortunately. And the others there's all kinds legalities. Emirate to meet with that trust that. The Broncos just can't it can't shall portion of it so I think it is straight he'll come may be a lot of bonuses. He is the highest paid general manager your general manager. In the NFL I got that guys like you know Bill Belichick got worse to capture New England. He makes more but most of that you would think is as a coach. Who knows what Jerry Jerry Jones. You might tell one dollars general managers might insult twenty million ended general manager depends on. What works transform the books. But has appeared general manager always number is the highest paid now. People are excited and I mean you know I always walks on water around her error walks on mountains literally whenever. Cope with this. Croatia he walks on Coors. It. Yeah. Yeah probably couldn't let that course of public counts that the my closer estimate sort of time today and a doubles dope you got it will will be talking to you soon as the Broncos will be compete with the raiders in what should be very very fond of this in the watched this season marquis thanks to try to time. Are got a Michael it's covers Broncos for nine who's been doing that for a long long time.