Mike Golic

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, July 27th
Co-Host of Mike & Mike joined the show to share his thoughts on whether kids should play football at a young age despite the article about CTE. 

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Mike goal at eight ear NFL veteran co host of Mike and Mike on ESPN radio. Radio hall of Famer and you can follow him on Twitter at ESP Angela keys joining Jolo in dibs. On 95 point 7 a game good morning Mike thanks for your time how hard. Do it real well doing real well. In the last hour. We had a conversation that really took off and we took a lot of phone calls on it as well because look Lorenzo Neal has been willing. To talk to parents about the issue to advise them and that's the study in the New York Times about CT he in brains a 110. Reins at a 111 for radical players tested positive for CT. You have children who played football when you're asked by parents about CTE football the youth what do you say. I mean that that's a whole lot about my my wife has been involved with the other solid USA football before you as a football in the and heavily involved does that does that. Mob that goes around the country and talks to other bombs about duke football and and and things they're doing. To help again communal from. Let's tackle hitting time during the year to that. During practice Tuesday heads up football to feature cultures are qualified so there's a lot to talk about as far as that steady one thing. I deeply yesterday we talked about it is. It is you know and the Q that's opposite Boston University that the Saudi about it she doesn't like that line so the headlights as Robert. Let them. As it operates test positive for CP comedian it's. It would send it to me look at this I should read the article. That's without people read the article. In the article said that by sampling because it's either of these players whose families that are there guys it's something that it wasn't a random sampling. These people that they thought they had issues are so most of the people like plate with a dull that don't have any issues but now. Finding out that sort of secular is and so you know brought brought. Something that can happen from repeated at tribal. We will understand that and believe there can be some of let's find out more and Erica I say that out there we need to learn more people crushed before I'm like. Wait a minute I just read this article and and the keys that we need more research I read another article that actually refute it's summer course but these urologists. Are saying we need more study which is still to come and play Buick commonplace alcohol prominent place. Genetic element a plate gently history come on the plate. I bet right now guys are the parents of Little League players. Like what we listen to what we believe that we can. You know what I want to read that would rather than saw what I tell people quite honestly I should. In all honesty I said we're finding out more and more able continue to but to me is that it's the best time. We had kids play because that is the most focus on you for all right now. Because they have tried so now we're getting better equipment were getting coaches that are qualified more qualified we're we're too in the way which in the end at all. On the rings and also chill out top fuel our ten years old. In the proper fundamentals of football to keep our head up at tackling or hitting less during practice so. I think quite honestly the best time to hedge your kids get it in play. I've said if if I fail that and parity in orbit on the planet so that's fine. I say to parents just to make decisions based on education. And sheer. Yeah my can due to more and signings at Purdue and we want to move making cuts and gathering. Came on to data you located CDS and I said that you know he going to be OK that's it it's not about me. You you understand what could happen and a lot of times it doesn't happen to a lot of these young men but. You know I just want parents and noted hey parents have to be an advocate for their kids this kid's gonna make decisions sometimes is not in their best interest. In also soccer is huge rise you know Mikey girl's soccer because. I think a lot of you can China in this as well it has a lot of it has to do those guys and parents are teaching their kids how to work they're trapped in their neck to strengthen. Muscles that will keep your head in more of a base you know for you won't have that chart you see soccer concussions for girls as to the root so it's not just football. That's that there because again the emphasis being in this are so many ways. That you couldn't help to like it's that strength and in the neck and Nolan some soccer leagues they've they've banned heading the ball until you're at least nine years old. Two to get that out of the game early and so a lot of sports are taking precautions forest your exports. You can try and make its eight year. You know by proper nutrition proper exercise. Proper technique. So instead of saying my god look at the fear of god it never played football never play soccer never play hockey never played lacrosse and everybody just. Sits around and plays the game and in and we every piece station you know is is okay. We've reached it's an issue this year let's see what we can do to help. Lessened the factors that can we do and let's work that way and strategists say oh my god we need to get rid of all I'd just to be like themselves again the answer. Might goalie joining us here on 95 point seven the game transitioning to actual on field football topics lot of excitement out here about the Oakland Raiders might do you think that this team. Is ready with Marshawn Lynch in place to take that next step and maybe get to the conference championship. I highly doubt even that decision much later to I think you need to work place emotionally I mean. It took care here are you know you got fullback mark on that offensive line profit to rise becomes the sexy talk. In the NFL and no one's more happier than the fact offensive lineman. You know because two people talk to them in in that kind of apparently now and I believe it and doubts really opposed to two of the top lines Tennessee and theirs well. So I would just talk about this morning I mean going into the seat in the Lehman such heavy favorite. In all of their games in two represented the the AFC. And we are talking about who's who's the biggest threat I think accelerated the raiders indoor Steelers. As the top to the rivers are set in yet to look at the situation you know. He just took a car which don't have to take that cool Mac this year Jewish yet. Mark appropriate other big money guys certain traits among the big money to offensive lineman but. Look at the situation is is trying to hold together that team is on you can't. What can do it struck gold Seattle's Russell Wilson being sure brown quarterback you have to pay him for awhile. A lot of people look at Joseph Flacco and it would the ravens will be cashed in and got his big money that next year and since they haven't done as well so. Oakland so Matt's situation where they keep a lot of those players in the war through maneuver. With the cap to keep the players that I would of the count on that team alarm detail about that seems so. To me that that the team that that could challenge. To win Roland in and looking way too far at this point we have an event preceding game. Lesser. An actual key would be that whole field in the playoffs which will be difficult because local place that much more difficult division but then the patriots do. Mike you mentioned Joseph Flacco and the ravens it turns out he's dealing with a back issue now it's not considered to be too serious possibly ease out three to six weeks but if this turns out to be worse than originally diagnosed. John Harbaugh Jim Harbaugh the Colin cabinet connection could juicy John Harbaugh bringing Colin tapper nick can't. Actually put it in if we wanna have a connection at that moment. It was your coordinators efforts Cisco. Jeopardy to record was 45 and fourteen when Romo was as coordinator and when he was and I think it was like three and six feet or something horrible numbers or those other people so that and other connections so. Yeah right now ride now it is is that back up quarterback. Do we think our capita I know. Cap protects issues are more from the pocket. Tacos the pocket formality a pocket so that's kind of how are often drugs that would certainly be something they can operate cash to get better as the pocket passing but. I think at this point and college applicants chosen not to really talk about it thing. And he never got the work out where I think it if the opportunity arises he should jump on that team needs. People to see him play football again. It's I think attribute that opportunity in in Baltimore. Mike if you have some time before we let you go tell us about the work you're doing with oh Max three. All of that it's it's you know these this fish oil pills sometimes you're just like oh my god you know official told Hulk. They take and all that but everyone figured that I believe in the in the fish oil in the Omega threes and and an old factory has been fantastic for me in my white. 30% for the act like give I have three dogs and a thirteen year old lab that make for actors. Well no way no chance you got caught. You've gone too far this time Golan. Kelly you're my wife and I take it every day and my dog. Take it every day but no official rules smelled nothing like better taste at all I mean I absolutely believe in that's a lot you know as at any person and at a football players you know it as you would know yep. Joint issues so. This'll help sat out it makes me feel so hot item in the best shape. My life from you know work it out and eating well but there's no doubt that you'll actually has gone a long way to help me get. Or am right now so I couldn't recommend it more easy to take no fishy taste and and it really really well. Eight year NFL that and co host of Mike and Mike on ESPN radio follow him on Twitter at ESPN goal it is my goal it would Jolo and dibs on 95. Point seven the game thank you for your time Mike terrific interview hopefully we can do it again soon.