Mike Brown

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, June 2nd

Acting head coach of the Golden State Warriors, Mike Brown, joins Damon to recap the Warriors Game 1 win over the Cavs. 


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Mike Brown. Is brought to buy Stevens creek Toyota in San Jose toward the deals are and all worry or guess sound better if you wearing JB a wireless headphones the officials sound of the Golden State Warriors in ninth by seven the game. Coach Brown Damon Bruce is a real pleasure to have you on today how are you sir. I'm doing good it and welcome back there could be. Could the doctor. Thank you very much good to be talking YouTube really it's it's it's it's got to feel good to get off to such a fantastic start as he did last night. There's a lot of talk that Cleveland can play better but guess what soak and the warriors some meat from a turnover standpoint you guys were geniuses last night though. I tell you what you know he's been pretty two no a year through two games temple. On the all the honorable. It would drew we collect we have toward power through. Be about global trade body in that just knowing that. It was great chance to win and then orca followed through the door probable the play well we. It goes by job keeping itself or. People are turnovers down and repaired. It seemed like good things we're we've either set records or ties the record or done something when it comes to look at least amount turnovers. Yet you guys are. That's that's the one bugaboo of the warriors pretty much over the past three seasons and to see you guys cure to the point about. Tying an NBA record in the finals last night just four turnovers. That's amazing it really was. I it looked like you guys had as distinct game plan to go inside early and often because they were gonna meet you and jump you would the three point line did that come to fruition. You know one of the things we talked about. Trying to put the ball and keep in Italy. And let him look at track down hill no we don't necessarily. Throw the ball inside pulled up a lot. A traditional teams in the NBA but. Should we but the there and their ability. Not only should all count all the trouble ball soon we we. Expressed toward Taylor who lives here try to drive it up or other words we're. Or we liked it when guys in front of both. The there you go out by the three point shoot quite a bit and that the bode well could be 78. Visa program to cut it. On the on the program. Recent price to see the red seas part open like that for him. I was I would that was abroad are acting Cuban divorce wasn't. That it. Michael Blake. I can't believe them into the light but again that's a testament to a who play whether he'll be the first to admit that. He knows what would you could change with good players. Know the players you have four. Around them it's no time out there or dangerous world in portions. I tell you this is gonna be the worst question you're asked the entire NBA finals by any medium amber or. That there are aware that the Rand guys pretty good how. Are yeah. It's amazing to watch the efficiency with which she plays with the you know we saw you beat the cavaliers in a game where Zaza out scores Klay Thompson that's not the script I don't think anyone was. Planning on reading but it happened last night Claes defensive effort was fantastic in on point and has been. Every single playoff game but the shot is eluding him why is that do you think he's press. Overshoot. The regular pass and I'm trying to get him going last night and just couldn't get government. But look where we in court back in watts and it can cause an equal shot coming. Well now. So when he is right there window without signal out and shouldn't use. We feel like you go double break out shooting and sooner than later. We just want you know. I have to wait years because he's impact in game defense which he's had some tough defense science to a course. The playoffs. In double from cryptic about it quite a terrific job. Lol again now or at least big guys work for the shot with the best record in your talk about collier and that there it's not about 11 player. In the NBA. He obviously in the top release so that have on their tough clay demonized job they can work. What all of all but the in the war. If you remember the run well on second. It's remote. Instrumental. In starting on the ground after that particular ball coming out with an out. In the and allowed to break out from bucket by. We have some good buckets Katy at three and then not back up while you're at war old boats out there and welcome plate plate. You know got the ball took the ball before made it all work out tribute brought one target given rhythm. He knocked a tree down in one or two plays later Clinton yeah. Hit the ball dribble drive it into the main draw to draw at all resolved. At times already delayed opening your pal eagle and so you Google stuff like that the car well. We know what practical way for McCain because in effect for. As you look ahead to game two and beyond do you expect any officiating. To be different I really appreciated the fact that they just like to play last night. And I think if you let the warriors run the other team's going to be in a lot of trouble. Hi I getting you know. Get your hands on the warriors is sucked in some refereeing crews allow. That wasn't happening last night do you expected to change a little bit. And the grand conspiracy get to find got away here Mike but. We're real happy with the officiating last night I'm guessing so. When you are but you know we've reviewed game. Crude for local laws that are weak but that. You know we have in the air because it would strip toward whether from baker bill. Put the simple put the sample put pebble put. You have four guys pick up every once the well what are those dual the ball out. If someone opened the head of the pack ordered. If not wings want to look more flat the defense. And look at our drive to gain with multiple multiple pick and golden door and down in in that's what are you in game. But like we can do that would global anybody. Quote the quote 48 minutes because we were there in Oakland. And guys have an opportunity left so that would ban on the floor they like that that it simple so. You know yes. It was who could appreciate and by you know the way we play as long as we play the Braves were playing in the open court. And will we developed a couple of time to time which we did last night. It could be it's going to be difficult as they won before like will definitely true. Coach house everyone coming out of the game it looked like I would dollar got is nine days of rest and he looked rejuvenated Zaza hit in crazy lay ups he looked fantastic. Everyone feel good after last night. The electorate in north entertainment Jane winters up picked up that second by the news in the immediate impact. You flex and defensively and were down toward the which ignited. Or group a little bit choke. He played well. You credit was called. Them a monster on the all. Glad. Throughout the course play at all in. But those that don't you know. So cold ruling by going great job trying to keep trust and all the last. I was fantastic he really was sent. You know I on the big personal JaVale McGee guy loved the run that he got the first apple we didn't seem in the second. No criticism at all everything you did work last night but what in Jabil that the court in the second half at all what we saw a lot of James Michael Mack could do is that it. Your speed thing. Rotating on defense just having the legs to to push faster. But you looked at Cleveland has gone really small. The big crowd besides Bob Richard Jefferson. And so I just at the by the well let Albert go mad Mac you'll Mac go back. Just because. He'd met up a little bit better or larger you know you really could. Concurrent RJ which might move to pale round. To bill to possibly weeks in the gut it plays more record. Politics is local river which you'll be able within an excellent article would back. Because of the terrible war you know battle. It quicker and more adept recording your program players. But we could still switch between two we could which stricker role and what a lot of situations. Which would help us more beacons in the four. On a personal note. I just wanna save you sir have ban. Hitting every mark perfectly with the media how you address the Steve Kerr situation how you've handled the team. It's been fantastic to watch you be so successful. And to kinda happy you're here to serve Cleveland a comeuppance we're not getting cocky we know that they're gonna play some games here. But that was very decisive last night and I I'd I'm just I'm so happy for you personally. Bay appreciate. Tell you what I like put it. Because that I know you've been. And you guys stand in a couple of players but after being in this environment in Rome ownership. Who compiled by others. Everybody else who works coolers. In Oakland you know Oakland and in the failure. Probably more on this if you're. Work and you know vocal the and I had. By the time and be cleared up but we're both you're about to see. Them grow old. Reason to say that put. Alford I don't really appreciate being reported. Lots that's fantastic like I said everything you said has just been pitch perfect it really has. Can you give us a latest update on coach Kerr we really hope to see him again. It is that the plan and I I've heard some leaks that he might appearing gained two. You would just how is Steve don't. It was important work for her. I don't go to until you go New York Bob are still you know otherwise. But haven't it. You know he's been looking really cool it now he's dead. You know a couple of really good days here and but you know who knows how he will feel more forward. We all want him back on the sidelines he wants to be back on the silent such an eerie it looked like. Clean. Lot of gear blew oh American type guy that old he's got a gritty. The he's got a pass in the in the no column about that now in the playoff time. Gains and and he definitely wants to be out because it is so competitive. And in top form like it would be afforded by the and so we're open we're playing. In Euro. Or significant happened. Whenever anyone questions Steve curse toughness I said idea ever heard. Anyone throwing hands of Michael Jordan but him. And I mean. God knows it remote island coach you are epic records when it was. I had the win and billions probably that with his career but he took hold all the mourn and to contribute to a day and so let's go to you absolutely. But after being routed them over the years and watch the coast. You are everywhere to actual flight and by the other than this so at the Olympic gold while it does a little while most of. Well I tell you I I know there's no step Ambac and with all the attention that's on new again. The NBA's always you know looked in the make head coach offers I hope you can stay a part of this for real long time because. When teams had success at this level people always come coaching and I think Europe. A huge part of everything we've seen this year this team is more disciplined and more prepared. Then any other season we've seen and I think you're all over that Mike I thank you today I wish you very best to locking game to. And I'm sure that trip back to Cleveland to Milwaukee down memory lane. I it does what would Obama looked war. They keep Laporte thank you Mike really appreciate it Mike Brown. Active coach of the Golden State Warriors do and held the job and I mean.