Mid-Days Show - Hour 2

Steinmetz and Guru
Friday, January 19th

Steiny and Guru are joined by Marc Spears (Senior NBA Writer for ESPNs The Undefeated). We talk NBA All Star game, NBA suspensions, and Raiders and the Rooney Rule news. 


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That it's no more. Ludicrous than the three point line I don't think. You know Jim we're we'll have scores 170 either. That's with the NBA wants right I remember the days they used to be like debt and they weren't shooting threes in India it was looked up and down. Let's go to Antonio in Oakland what's going on Antonio how you don't want. Antonio. It's up. Hey I'm young opponents say a little hard. All star game I mean them. Then in the east west direction and that our go to guys and match all yet Groupon should occasionally Netflix and all your quarterbacks can lower growth. Test our yards I'm sure thing that's between under. But like. I read an allergy that's a bad analogy Antonio. Okay what is our advice guru saying how Kurt plague of bill that beard on act well thirty delegate foul called into the game really. So it would be that much or whatever the young little different. Tomorrow until you're not on Antonio you know I love you Eagles of the ballot seven times in. Staff. Cutting Antonio often sort of where you. Yeah you know but c'mon now I mean anything really each other thinking that seemed so most of the playoff Tbilisi so weapons. They should do it but they want to bat and he's still a blog also filed every year and Burger King beer can that no. Basic thinking that they needed to rid of All Star Games stuff you wanna pick up lethal weapon accept deep team mark. Down with you there I'm we will fully on board with Brady got somewhat Brady. Almost say you know he'd straighten that tough to beat the jaguars then maybe you'll pay such. Let it tough to beat her as a boy if you wind mode and have not worn a majority of these centers. He and the best cornerback Walt aren't you might be now when either really going to be about or write a lot aren't coming c'mon now. Ian is it indeed though that grant. Yeah so it's not. Audio for not felt well I'm an objective fact. Had a baby got an idea Antonio thanks for the call a lie down or objective. I can run for eight Antonio I'm gonna make you taste some times. It's real immediate taste of what it's like to host a radio show. Antonio is moronic. Cut him off. And Antonio is an idiot. Come on Antonio welcome to be in a show host Antonio. Never wanted to get an radio business. That's what you Jenna. And the DG DG dot com excellent. Bush suggest and pay the winners money are we over analyze in this so it's really probably probably need. These guys should be at home with their families. You know on a nice highland if you're single with them with my candy door whatever the fact that they're showing up to play this game. Are we doing a little bit too much. I just checked myself like. It's exhibition game rewrite relax. Who tears that nobody is playing deep well I didn't throw off the backboard and I used to play above the rim. Some thought off the backboard and how I like dead people all but thrown off like there. Indeed it's well this in game. Now I'm I've. I guess my exhibition game but I don't know there's a difference between exhibition and a game where nobody K Hersh. An exhibition your I get it they're trying to put on a show but there's no. Nobody cares about winning or losing the game nobody. When they all star game last year. I have no idea but isn't that the point. Now I ask you won the finals. Won't tackle I just I. The only thing it gets this we can talk about the warriors yesterday other warriors. Have lost some. A little bit of being compelling because they're so good right well what is the warriors greatness has. Limited. Competition. When they play there's no crime took less exciting. Same with the all star game we know they're not even trying not even for price looks like if they don't kill one iota. Yeah you see guys like you know I can go to Moscow and my guys down mustard don't go that pretty mover that three from fifty feet because yesterday you stated it was like going to watch employee. So if if if you go watch Westbrook performed. And he's. Like cooled. Because I'm not really sure they can do you never like to go about our daily or didn't know what magic I'd know I always used to watch it because like I said. And people among our elder notice. The game Clinton was or was it pick up game for three quarters and in the fourth quarter. He's tried to win and now wasn't it wasn't playoff intensity but yeah that that point you were not. Gonna allow guided dunk just give a lesson and for a long time there it was kinda understood that was the way it is and everybody was kind of final minute what we saw doorway to my generation knows a couple of years back. Each you know in the second half oral wouldn't Kobe went up to you know do the donkey got hit in the nose. So I'm I'm just say I think the intensity the roles are still they are like under 56 minutes. Let's play. Let's go to Billy boy Billy boys in Berkeley with a Billy boy in Berkeley. Go at that guy exactly Billy boy. I'll eat or better yet what's up Philly boy yeah I. And yeah on this I deter my radio on and initially what elegant and say that you know all star game in general that don't work anymore like I had its fans. I'm more interested in the events around me again McDonald's on. Major League Baseball so again I thought the home run derby I don't watch the NBA all star game I want a lot of three point contest in the dunk contest to forget about upon hockey. But I think what I went all the whole living Q what you brought up an interesting point is that you know I grew up in the 82 and I I did go watch the game but I think. Everything changed when they introduced the dunk contest don't you start building events around the actual game they become more fighting in the game itself what you've been. Yeah no I agree I agree I'm with you and thanks for the call Philly boy I'm with here. What do I like about all star weekend I like the three point shooting contest. I think I can watch the dunk contest as long as it doesn't linger here than those notorious the new dug out there. Yeah and there's not too much time between the dunks and that's what kills it cannot tell you that. Gonna take some are really like. Is when you see the players that are not in the three point contest a dunk contest like LeBron and they'll be there sidelined with their kids then you're just there I financially they just did flick regardless superhero and I guarantee you the pleasure now finally to steal my thunder what do you think that's not natural. Not Westbrook calls LeBron was on Adobe to court all bro moment right now I don't obviously there and then they got that not only do what to Wear in the ice. Who's Lulu. That's just me. I think that's a turn off my culture and for. Knox has shot a one foot was good I mean I'm just I'm just telling you know. You even more different eras well what do you read our rob you. You don't like to see what LeBron when Aaron and who is what I liked and if somebody did you write down our you know I know I'm not and I'm not I'm not. Dismissing that but I just think. Boy are you ready to make a stretch here I'm rich I'm gonna try to make a connection I might feel like you're crazy but. These guys they get they're they're dress they dress in crowd. Credibly well tiger fashion style is now no doubt about his stuff is would trade my green wears them. Yeah I don't race you would see that's where we get to song look at those guys. And when I see them do what you know that I. Well it's just I it makes me feel like basketball's not as important to them passing time I know it's a stretch I'd I know it's a stretch. I know I like where you're going but I think I have a great day like what do they care they win or lose when they're getting paid twenty million anyway so. I these last dunk three point contests in fashion show. For me I'm honest on that I don't mind that I don't. I don't mind that guys and we are now stuff fall tightened floods and anyway but I don't know why don't you might happen Jordan is aware sued in response that's what it's about these dudes and I mean so would the type I mean yeah. Tell me let me ask the millennial that what he's with a tight clothing. I get fired if I told you what it really I tell you don't know when we're done but my theory. Bomb but it's it's it's it's god it is very so you don't want to think we're gonna see John Stockton shorts coming back. I don't I don't see why not there when the version of the pants that's what I think it. I'm the enemy just the story short I think it can happen Ciba wasn't just in about the short shorts is we never knew they were the shore shelter of that is true. Then they put the rule and that the what was the fab five solid although I don't they with you got to give him credit though. This blacks and that Capriati I don't wanna I don't know probably get in there and I've told you this before right. Now. I don't mean revolutionize our league they didn't they did I was Wear baggy shorts web. Color fab 51 of the fab five when it went they went it went 99 the just stop right there stop right there I'll show you the Franklin and Marshall yearbook. Where I had. I sort of how the mind and off starting. Had a good record no. It's a little bit lighter note I took also Lancaster County Suffolk god a big way and then it and then of course it shifted the urban America and that's where all can. Probably got a Godzilla. I'll tell you how well a million times there are some trends that I started. That have now become signatures are. And what I did that trend from when did you say you know what I like that regularly I never liked wearing tight close ever hated it. You into this demo isolate would you put something on the fits you know like it's two tight I don't like it has set the wheels Larry did you look better when it's. You know Wear baggy clothing. Some college for example that the out. Yeah a lot of urban and kids Wear them oversized white T shirt that could I started that. I started that back in 1987. Are any ideas. So I don't know you aren't you but it sounds bad I didn't even started this story didn't know you shouted. Margaret what I've urinal Lancaster Pennsylvania know I have the but I'm sure a lot of people like me have him. Yet the horse and buggies and Lancaster Pennsylvania did you know that and probably why hadn't been there and move I'll tell you a little bit about Lancaster Pennsylvania. Ever see the movie witness. I'm Chris Kelly McGillis that's like on Saturday night for Kelly. No I think William was lampooned that I did not have fled Karen Lancaster County yeah. Are we come back and talk about Lancaster County horse and buggies and no English 957 games. Now back. In 957. Big game. Welcome back and math assignments Darryl would do root Johnson 95 cent only game I got to draw a penalty flag on myself what have been. I was wrong about witnessed site. Wouldn't he. Thank you. Terrorists are forward Harrison Ford not Tom Cruise they can solo. I guess so but it was Kelly McGillis. And he wouldn't do that but I appreciate you as always the tax while yes there outside of Lancaster Pennsylvania there are a lot of towns with what they call provocative name in my buddy Frankie just simply wanna not I was hoping he'd give an explanation. Didn't do too this is welcome to intercourse yes Lancaster County Pennsylvania. That's directors a town called dinner little delay in the lottery. I tell my whole burden hand. Then there's blue ball. Just tell you they're you this year there's a lesson from. Ball I just got Mark Shapiro that's great. You know have he's going to be ten tour they turn 3510481112. Is big time your NBA writer baby for ESPN the undefeated ma man Marc spears you follow him at Marc ESPN. Everything convenient for you marquee yeah you got time to talk to us. Man's I actually did you know moment to feel better to do all of circle but there. The greatest. I'm sorry and I am actually this I know you got a lot of ties down there. There are family so numb the sincere armed. Cordero already here that. Tucker through our pelicans practice and just. Trying to do more than just make the players available which they just hope we don't. So you got a raw. Our older okay the all star game it. You know they have. I think they had a chance to make it really compelling. It almost feels like everybody wants to see the picking more than draft would every want to call it what do you do what do you think they're not do when it. Obama. I think they've ordered there or that they don't want embarrassed look on they don't hold on it. Hum or and there's probably more so than anything of their the last start it. Our own on the imagine you know all the operative of laughter are they correct. Probably you know bigger person may take it personal. It is. And then try in that game since this is what crash and then they might try in the game. Yes yes I'm I'm diplomat for the players who agreed. To do that that they wanted to do it arm privately. I don't know that this changes the game out of the girl political play our because. Seemed to make stuff. But LeBron about it he's gonna talk about the play heart rate. Mark I need to pick your brain here week the last time we had John we talked about the rams and the relationship with the players. And then we see guys like a follow. You know don't mayhem he landed that hay maker. We hear about the rock in escapades you know what the clipper game in the Kiki bend away comes out. And just suspend them two games and I'm asking you to me I thought that was real life if you're trying to send a message what did you think of this as tensions. And in the fact did Blake in rivers. Any Chris Paul didn't didn't do. It is the hard thing to say it because only a few people. Like well maybe not a few people wait really really don't happen. You know fall I mean I think you were fairly. Liked them there until Martin became very. Right. Except that they don't Molson doesn't know. Oh why did they basically got ten days or through the museum well the bear cern facility. Home but I'll mom. You know I'm I'm. Don't like to talk about because I want to revise the all strict in the global orders or Iraq tomorrow. So it won't be the case for the reason grainy and on about that dramatically changes everything where I'm. Trying to provide. Relief. To fight for what all that that match is gonna be confirmed either. In other rockets and the team that people were bugged very remote so what you would do well. I'm not even sure tomorrow communication to a horse. Yeah I kind of feel the same way mark. About they came tomorrow I want I want it to mean more than it probably does but that's that's the way it goes a. Norton good or computer. He got. Rebecca all reported truck. You know pay this davis' it about a talker got to you know what I wanna come back to back corner while we're well. Paula looked toward Barack poli game time decision has that. I'm mark do you think. Ours our rhetoric and. Who have Faris found. I mean that's coming back part I guess you have to be very you know his dad he got us with the women's pops. Yeah he's countries elephant down there and that's tough no longer so that is what they wanted to talk about the so Kiki van a ways down the guy who hands out all the disappoint them right. So there was there were two things that happened this week one is. Few rockets players try to enter. The clippers' locker room. Then there was another incident in which aired a follow. Tried to take by elites his head off with the hay maker. That hit but it kinda glance that could have been much worse. Our resent Gerald Green both get two games. And Arron Afflalo gets two games. I don't I don't understand you have when you have two players. Who engaged in no physical altercation whatsoever none. Maybe they would not that they didn't they never got through they never got the chance. You have aired a follow who had he connected. He connect our attorney wouldn't need who knows what would have you're right. Tell me if I'm the NBA that's what. That you got to nip that in the bus I tell you wouldn't get into games and there was a stooge advanced new deal we gotta get him back on it was phenomenal but. How do you equate. Trash talking or what have you. To actual. A random act of violence because that that's what was gonna happen had a follow landed that punch. I mean I think Kiki and silver should be embarrassed to put Brad on the Ted did do you know you just gave two games right you sit in a bad message. And narrowly. Now players make OK I can go after Stein Mets are now because I'm not only give two games when before might have been seeing you know what I was thinking that exact same thing not necessarily that specific. But imagine your air follow what did in the league what twelve years typical mark got a song about that big dent in the league forever. Made a lot of money. And now he gets into a little back and forth with by elites. He's hicks tees legitimately artist like you can get I mean it's. I can see a guy saying you know what I am gonna take this guy's head off and you know what I'm gonna get four games but I don't really care because I'm so mad right now see that's wrong I know what's wrong but it guys lose their temper let's face it. It's only get two games for that. I had four I was like I think you'll get four for that C that was my minimum. I can find out that they were trying to send a message because a whole rep for re seeing right let's just toned everything down. But Dan Stein I feel like they encourage. Dumb windier than not inmates but to encourage guys to go hit lose your cool. Did you read only miss two games and I DN market mark said it we don't know what transpired with. Green. And I resent. But damn why I'll ask you why are they didn't suspended him Blake Austin rivers in CP three. I guess they were trying to break it down Bryant although the what I know you're off while there were no clipper suspensions because. They were where they should have been and they were in their locker room good boy he's no reason and green apparently are the investigators to one out walk through this back hallway and getting in through the door Tug. I don't know what Capello was up to in the frying. But they interviewed more than 21. People including teammates and security. And the consensus was that Harden and Chris Paul or try to. Either tell a reason green don't do it all our hot in here trying to physically restrain monitor that's why nothing happened that's correct that's correct still Kiki dropped the ball with two. I'll follow just that now I feel well I mean if if you haven't seen the punch go take a look at it on you to borrow wherever cool he wound up and you tell me if you think two games was fair for error while I had for at least four. Let's go to brick in Chico what's up brick. All right gentlemen. On. Underworld or give other. Aid. An idea pretty got started. You take the best from the east at twelve. A break about in the war. Three person games and you have a wet face each other and at that and yet he faced each other. And the winner of the east of the three played there three. Of the west half court stopped. So you got fourteen trees cut each conference. Right so yeah yeah yeah what you're turning Scotland. Though a couple of the playoffs are bracket. And then you have so that way you have exactly. Three games total we have. And then you can play in both the same time if you walk. Slide. But yet but I wake it has you know and then the time your candidate you are caught them proper regard yet Tenet the way. I score when. And then that way pedestrian that seemed on the back up in the wet place pedestrian meant team from the east. Yeah no I understated completely thanks for the call brick and wood I put it to you this way but BMI DR RR. Actually like you actually like the idea but it'll never happen yeah I don't like it any payments from the Big Three why don't like the Big Three are. Barry your ball all want the Big Three I really do I thought it was going to be on the like you these guys out there like gearing learn and and an end and power I don't feel like I did that half court. And I was in the half court player either or maybe that's why. John meg either needed to pick up steam like Scottie Pippen dribble dribble and then like a locomotive I couldn't do that in half court I'll tell you could just grow up by the half. Hash mark then start your move and have much luck. But now I'm I'm coast to coast I'd like to see the guys were on show time you wouldn't. Can play half court when your kid we have 10 am we did but you don't play out well. We'll play daddy no I didn't like it out in my kid who nobody likes it if she's not mean everybody likes five on five hour. There's pros are getting worse than the four on four everybody wants to play full court that you got to cherry Palin yeah. And then you got to cherry picker rules of the game you're cherry pick every now and again to my you get about three cherry pick your cool. But if you do it every time and then we all know. Need to get off the court should think it more to write a book about pickup basketball kind etiquette and rules and stories that I'd like to help out and but one latest one way to solve that problem. Your play four on four which one play full court is you can't cross half court to the ball crosses half court you play a little bit like hockey. You are saying but that's you know I had not done a society if you play for a for a full. You're in shape that's what that's about. And do you I'm like you know I don't wanna be a part of this but the endurance is times a hundred conform fork. Doing a lot. Tell you what you played good 212 or three on three and only half court. I conjecture that can get to ring and instead were fell what's going on rent. Yeah are. You don't. Sound yeah oh. Yeah. So big that you don't know armed followed two days suspension for the punch. OK if you're all buddy you are on 957 the game. They was going on well. That's what we're young what do you what do I think about the Apollo launch it. I just wanted to make mention on the whole Florida fallout two game suspension which is ridiculous if that guy would a connected. You can see any attention on his face. Showed his serve easy like you said. Memorable for well I think session a bit he's the anchor thank gave suspension. Could discourage any further action like that in the future by the players. Hey thanks a lot for the call ran appreciate. That he got around to it and he did the double take. Repeat what. They're not curry David. What does he think he's got to get by through screen so I mean man. Safe Fort Knox a disaster and information for you Michigan is actually where in the Johnson's mini version of the John Stockton short shorts are things I guess the the ones down did the baggy ones are gone. Not done from everybody you get more wounded. No I got I got star Roger Castro Valley has gone Roger what's up man. Am the guard eight do you admit to gain. Competitive. Education K. It's into that whole court and what you eat yeah it basically say. But limping a little outdated true red dog bike that's. Baseball player Q&A key. Thing all right that whole court accurate change and I don't think it will senate. That I don't know what will. They suffered caller I know it's funny you know the warriors have an open practice every year at oracle one. Yeah every year Torre training camp the warriors have an open practice at ORACLE Arena and they fill up like half the bill I have to watch out that you say you twilight. Now I'm like this might be like oh yeah in the reliability issues but no but they get a few thousand people out there. One of the traditions is the rookies always have to sing something in front of the front of the fans funny I like pais and some guys are really shy other guys are all over it. So yeah I don't know if that's gonna make nothing who's got the doha and can't even take you to be in the last person picked. Think they gonna dress up and got a little breaking news here I'll get an idea that this is right up your Alley or something in my mind. It is you've been talking about. Now breaking news on the raiders. Have complied. With the Rooney rule while they were hiring John gruden. They complied with a really know what did you mark when they go yep Tennessee that university of I am the other guy who is spot but they're Bobby Johnson mark cousin tired you don't want to call me crazy. I heard. My sources said Bobby Johnson. And gruden. It was like neck in neck for the longest time and they ended up flipping a coin and they ended up with gruden it was so close your eyes yeah her die and yeah yeah I got just tell you yeah you're not out here you're not for that sure ray you know I'm now are you the dog and pony show is a common. We got to do better and like I said. Only in the team they need and are who you want but if you wanna gruden in the owner was fixated for six years. Dammit you're able to go hire who you want. Yeah we haven't really done a good job of fixing the all star game today. What was so what's actually wrong with it. Because our we entertain damaged. I didn't listen there's just the difference between how to pick up game okay that. Even has a little bit its stake plus to what they're doing like there. Almost. They're fighting guys to drive I'll buy them and done all right as in the past it would be like. Make a move Lowell Tea Party and you're Bob Meyers and you get that call a play charades hello this is Bob May not deaf curry tours ACL in the all star game going all out how that call gonna be taking. I thought I thought one of the true isn't true isms in sports is. You get hurt when you don't try your best that's when you do get her back to her dad saying these guys are playing their best. But you don't want to give her at that place out. I'm saying if you're not playing a 100%. A lot of people think that's when I heard that's a myth. And yet data. My dad had a lot of players are allegedly. So you weren't going to yeah get her they are quick quick again. You know blue bird magic to. I need what's the telephone like why do why did why would. So they're more competitive no they gave the world is different society is different these guys got a different style brand I like to see the dribble one in the clamor and what the ball land in the dark. I know I'm not gonna give game seven in the finals. But I. I just likes among big super friends got I like seeing that passed the talent on the court together to Wear that gives me enough I don't need at. Don't take this test and intensity is fairly mixed I you know I think you're what all star game is good Altria from what I see that all through we don't. Lucky though when I was growing up. And into the eighty's and ninety's. Different eyes dosed on your grown out of baseball all star game was fun little weak side below 010 win you know they say how. I wanted to win and play before. Home field advantage was determined he grows and our guys the leader of the day is a man. So yeah I don't I don't know what the answer is very addictive. But we're okay I get rid I have only got what do what do they what do they just took a week off and there was just stood side I don't and the three point contest and Rihanna doing a concert. I I wouldn't hit the you have in just mention the steals thing which I take is do values don't want to just get rid of that sure. Don't want Iran didn't have the skills competition should be a celebrity event. Now I'm slay your avenge all millionaire players and they don't get it all play error the new players are. Just awful what stays batter Saturday or Sunday. Sorry of course it is why is it better. Because I like seeing who's the best three point shooter arrears and the dog contest because I like a light the the key and these stuff. What LeBron did have shades no shake Carney in the building and who's with who. I can I just like to do that man pop culture. What do you say you don't like that I'm not that I know I wanna beat Jack I don't why don't I don't know I don't dislike you I misquoted him. I wish I could Wear clothes like those guys scared man. They. Refusing straight trash. To my daughter said to me in relation game on value you told me that's why I'm just saying that. Something's gotta be done I think yeah somehow bring hatred just give me. Low states rather than no stakes so I guess you're not a fan of the pro ball. The no not a fan of the all star game baseball like no I tell you liked baseball all star game because when the pictures on the mound. He is trying to get the batter helping and when the batters batting he's trying to get hit so you don't think that's just trying to score on high real estate if well it's not that that's trying to score but how re doesn't give a rat's behind. You know they return doesn't care. But at least I pictured it like for example wanna be a losing pitcher in the all star game. Now I'm not saying you're gonna go out treat like game seven which wanna be a losing pitcher all star game or. You know why. I'll throw line at you because it's this being that it's just staying on their resume. How continued the end game how can you be one of the greatest players all the players daddy lose any NASCAR I wonder if they. Do you think so late. We can get a box score after the game not get a box score but I don't know if they put that on your ledger like Darrel Mitchell's if you go to bailout reference still on the little. So no matter let's appearances. So. Did that that's a different sport don't you you get me on the sport. Baseball you're right the pitcher is trying to get the batter out there is no there's no doubt an ad in the batter's trying to hit it to Timbuktu but the basketball football managed just. It is what it is enjoy and enjoy it. By the way got a text from Marc spears of the undefeated in our own. He's now please put me back on our. He arrived back at 1141. And it. You know it's one illicit drugs I was ready to put him back on the now that he said put me back corner kind of don't want. But I just found my town it's around and we got a we got to show also loved so I got a list of players here who were said to be. Possibly. On the trading block I don't act. You tell me how many guys you tell me that these players in theory could make a difference on. A must start with a team first is it looks like the Charlotte hornets are trying to. Absolutely Terry Dan poker. Is Kemba Walker a game changer. Yes for what seems the clippers. Okay. Put the clippers. Put Kemba Walker on the clippers at KK has beaten the warriors another not be no lawyer but I believe they can get to the western cut they're playing good debt to the Western Conference finals what about what about Dwight Howard. What if chops as you know why. We want Dwight Howard out of here. I'm told them a big deal our fan and what if you go to future Dwight Howard on the Cleveland Cavaliers wouldn't he wouldn't he would not hail no he was on the rockets in the lawyers went throw me. That NASA play now you wouldn't do what what over the top and I love you. Why Howard doesn't. If you're a warrior fan was already out there what's the Western Conference finals and he's a big reason they lost here I just a warriors alike mosquitoes to him brightness democratic it was and he doesn't have blast came to love. Fed last game but don't it was a Saturday night lawyers is now that you don't want. You know he's telling them the hours short I think you're I think if you threw it. Dwight Howard this is a complete tour I mean one on the Cleveland Cavaliers. You got to give them a chance that they'd have a chance what would you have to give up did you come that's a good question did it certainly the Brooklyn tech absolutely Michael Jordan a company like the wide this new delighting our you know what they. They made. They may do something like Tristan Thompson in the paint for Dwight Howard. Maybe they get off this money and they get it you know I got to tell you if I'm if I love it. I'm just yeah owner overcome you'll ever and you get rid of that peak I almost I'm disappointed in you. What about. The Andre Jordan. If you go into your leaflet it now sees different than Howard he he's faster quicker younger and he's more Dayton he's more defense of oriented. Yes he's a game changer she goes to Cleveland if he goes to Boston he's a game changer why I'm downtown Boston broke quick just Horford when push comes to shove Horford is not dead he's not dead dead. Dead dead dead they do down there that they need. I'm an assist kemba to the cavs. I don't well I mean clearly Isaiah Thomas would have to be in that tree. Right they can't have kemba eyes they don't know and Isaiah bothers me you know it your foot. Isn't. One of my thoughts. Isiah Thomas is from Seattle or Portland up in the Pacific northwest. What about. The pick. Isiah Thomas for like CJ McCollum. Need. He's got a break that out at some point or are they know has been brilliant absolutely and I see it's it's still whichever one it's a less certain now. Of what you have before we talking about it I T important. Right but they get picked to go. Right here are a yard out and hear guys say is from up there may be resigned they think they can resell our first round barely make it I don't think that changes the fortune but that pick could be very attractive and CJ McCollum on the cavs do him in dame got to be broken up by used to say as my poor man's death and clay but yet they they just do too much of the same thing. Choice Randle make it different shoes Crandall's applies here a man you can't. Can't you can't say they're not given the amount one can know what I think they would give a Muppets that I wouldn't trust Julius ran a little playoff game. If I'm if I'm a lot of it was his first game playoff game to heat is a monster with wins with energy that is like how we Red Bulls. I mean it's just the net he can bring the ball yes. I hear I don't. He has the potential stalker boy tell letters and reports that a game like we're Zynga is the important thing is is been and that paid 2000 debt. But on the left handed drama green. To Israel shooting threes now I did not that that's what you look he he's an enforcer and I watch guys did Fallon or did fouled they know where you bet they should I update that Brando is a beast. To own ice as Tampa to Denver. Yeah Denver's back court warrant playing your way each who I don't know who he is. Yet tell it it's a little too late and tell mom not being a jerk about that. RY ears couldn't commit until like 1050 I tell you how can I thought he was on. I love it yeah I mean I love how you get nervous you'd be at the grid iron gala dinner didn't hear a trial Galen both times list. We did some details on a two room past the fifth annual gridiron gala this Sunday for the ultimate championship Sunday watch party it's a looters. 1555. Self Baskin avenue hang out all your favorite 957 the game on air personalities. When prizes enjoy food drink specials all day. Rich kick things off at 9 AM with a special three hour live. Pregame show leading up to 1 o'clock. For more info visit 957. The game. Docked time yet have a couple apple Martinis there all star problem Moses and I'm also bring a pimp my daughter said data you know sign autographs and I did not a teller. Now you know you can ask for an autograph yeah the last Gallup. It was for a moment couple pitchers I wanna do. If you don't sign only if I'm sorry. I don't see it. Did you deny it live outside what are even put sometimes if you catch really good mood I'll sign but only if it's a flash. I did everything we don't I don't talk. Good how can you don't sigh I can you disappointed somehow I don't to ski at mount Kerry bush but I'm. Say hey can you sign this I don't know if you do execute doom the Lion King I don't think I am kidding about I don't sign it's not like I get asked a lot sometimes good sometimes somebody wanted to sign share. Right and the handling the shirt they'll look at the shirt I'll say who's this. And the view I stepped curry. And that's straight month and Mike. You do understand I will decrease the value of the shirt if I slide it right now you do well. And that there are others do the best policy auto czar you know why don't have a few days when you get a surer hats signed it not make you would never Wear it. People stuff. I don't believe there's any market for the sign memorabilia and unless I'm missing they cannot talk back in the day on no I think when when. When is the last one we had the beta where you don't see are grafted on and it's like an autograph what via the Internet Roland the the that. You know the authentic signature could still have something to cow palace every year but the fact that we don't know. Might beat you you deal with the Internet at Roland that there's been too much faced up to Eli Manning thing with what all the stuff he signed and then they said it was fake. It was because look these are thing there. She's on a sonogram right our digital mask on and tell me that's fine this unanimous. Right but but there's many. All. We got more breaking news this is kind of stuff Jake they're fighters this in the cat now now. I don't wanna read this. Evan Longoria. I'll be number ten. Old number tango buddy jerseys buyer well number team and Evan Longoria number 1001 notebook that's it'll be. Was torn to be up. I've always said I'm I'm terrible on numbers I can't remember any that's my you know I lose you are mad at me yesterday but when I did the Jackson 5 then I would. Doctor Jeffries clinics throughout love numbers I wanna take a survey and I think Elway. OK I mean sometimes I would I would do this occasionally. When I travel on the road let's say I have to. Idea three different hotel rooms three different nights and on the first night I DN room. 24. Typically a maximum 52. I thought I'd be in room 52 and I'd be like god I'm actually a Mac that's my room that there and I know I gonna yeah. And then how we get to. It's not there remember any like what if I heard what what I urge her to. We don't know what. Hotel rooms of 33. It's usually like 330 or so they have to say are who was three. Johnny ray from the book. From the current Johnny Wright yet so then I'd say OK Johnny ray Johnny ray bird Johnny ray bird so then I'll know 3333. Thursday I'll always go like my pass go for my phone I'll. My wife Elizabeth I do the tantrums like 23 territory to it in Georgia sugar then I'll do Kobe Shaq 34 right away. And I got to change original I got you she's listen to 03 says Campbell to the pelicans. Or the T wolves pool why our military that they. Would fail and what about David they got because. We we already dismissed and how close New Orleans this 20 how close New Orleans is to watch the tail. Terms of playoffs after you better than I am a good match if they get if they get the PG or score a slasher. I did say if if not only nationally through the bullet they do need deck but led those grow on trees don't. You know get a shooter. Really the warriors one shooter right now believe it or not they can use another shooter can't believe I'm saying that but it's true. Yeah threes always dilution that there are thought that threes always Iverson. An eight Ron Amadon. And why. You know I I always thought Ron Amadon got hosed here in the bay are. Just how. Lot of contingency of four is not our friends then a quiet while appreciates the white of the people why don't. What other people they absolutely love Joseph Montana. But they don't likes the idea because they feel like Joseph left because of speed but he had nothing to do it fitted with the team continued to win. And Ron Amadon won Super Bowl I would live or burned it's like the love you have for that I can't you cannot let go okay like I know. Now with Romo you're actually watch. Never gave Derek the chance which you know I think it's like it's like. The San Antonio Spurs had David Robinson today and here comes Tim Duncan know they were friends he mentor Tim Duncan so the tour players that fans love them both. And they should there was a lot of what are the well he didn't run off to add moral. You laugh on his own people look at Joseph Montana not even younger niners uniform because the speed moon. That's where the board of the hate started faster it's real man. And I'm doing Miller Romo. I can win two super balls he's not nine and I never won anything. But I just know is a good quarterback and our shared is knowledge with everybody don't broadcast from the 501. Sky any thoughts on the warriors kitten Lou Williams. You're greedy SOB. You guys just didn't come close to. Although you know you want Iran to Mitch Aaron Williams of the warrior and he is a good this old man. I mean. Not much closure number and high school real quick mock. My priority for my Guinea worm cards for a different energy authority for you where the enforce. This'll. Bring this whole show full circle you ready yet I don't know what number was beleaguered I was 52 in high school. And you know why aren't a whole Jersey. And you know why it's because fifty two's where the larger the extra large is and I hated wearing tight uniforms. They always give me ten or twelve. I'd have trouble putting it on IBO light it would be like a bite suit you know like those bikers Wear that sort of fronts guys yeah. That's what it would look like can look at how well attend. Their client is almost are calling it 52. And then I had a bunch of different numbers ought died I had signed 34. I was kind of guy normally. Who. I gave my number to anybody care to meet the uniformed soldiers uniforms the larger actual large. I wouldn't care you know say that is why did not have the home of putting. Did have one number maybe had to do with. I'll suspension noon they can't get him back fit into your dog does seem a little bit Kamal stymie. Black that didn't happen. Dude why do you think I know so much about. Teams that have chemistry issues in the locker room. Because I was a chemistry issue in my locker room I. Figured I'd like that's sort of made I mean of course I never played the NB I was never gonna play in the NBA you understand but like the locker room dynamic I always feel like I mean that's basically the same people at high school best way to play college basketball. The dynamic of the locker rooms the same I mean the money is different did the play is obviously. The president. On the high quality cast of characters can change you can do something to be something no one Michael go to the next and you could be put your place. So. And I was a little Slobodan problem I had. Only doing that only one day I'll tell you. How I got kicked off the tee I. I came back the how to run a man coach made me run. I would lie and say hill Mack hole ski up next Ross Tucker 1218. Sam aim at 1 o'clock. Michael Robinson to thanks for listen and everybody have a great weekend.