Mid-Days Show - Hour 2

Steinmetz and Guru
Thursday, January 18th

Listen to Steiny and Guru argue over how to decide what makes the greatest quarterback. 


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The remedy if he was OK you're OK when you guards ever played above the rim. CoBiz. Really Jordan. Okay that's what our why literal word letter does not play above the rim. We talked about it. I'm losing hair yay you shoot a blue hair. Co Y if we have to rise many of old guys aren't right you play dunked on somebody to look at Tim Roy or yours box what's up Tim are you doing. I don't great bright sunny gay marriage got are you. Are you as a stay in there and for for today are you fly now. No worry we're here today. Just got a great tour about saint Leo high school here which got up from Democrats. And now I'm off to be as science and industry media in the semi day and then no guarantee that they Houston tomorrow. Ten years you know I I got a tip my hat too easy to type a guy gets to another it's just something productive. I sleep till 1145. And then. Panel look fruit you know little luncheon when Harry writes hey Tim bat this around today and did trust her I mean in a positive way I'm watching the warriors last night when the fourteen straight on the road. I'm trying to break down the game against the Chicago bulls and I'm thinking well what's really to break down the word of hall of famers in that the bulls or young. What what are you what are you ditch your enjoyment right now wolf when you watch the warriors where's that coming from. We'll get their enjoyment that that. You get it to watch. While the best teams of all time every night and they're so. Entertaining. And yet. Joint global watching it from a pure basketball. You know keep perspective they played again the right way the ball moves we shared the ball. So uncertain Oprah team of great scores it's it's probably the most unselfish great scoring team that they can in a long long time. They're legal back in the showtime lakers. The fight team like that and it it it's remarkable I edit every night I get to see something that. That's that's pretty special. Tim that the beautiful thing about working with star admits is he takes me to school in the educate me about to get my best tomorrow many days. And today we throughout the word F lettuce and and we're talking about the Golden State Warriors and I felt like you know when you look at the warriors. I was like what makes Katie to me so special to him if he can almost do everything play above the rim shoot go to the rack. Would you if I ask you who was the most athletic warrior of the big four how would how would Jim Roy answer that. While that's a great question. I probably would have to military mind. Just because. He's able to do so many different things athletically I think he'd be at the great athlete can't look Kevin Durant. Think about the way you play it's statute talk about gather at seven feet tall. And the actual being Null because he doesn't play that like it because Egypt had so much skill. And so much knowledge and he's got great timing and long arms but would dream on that so many different thanks. You'll athletically that that you know he can he can chase that I got from behind at auction I can rebound kicked the body key can ball panel cash and yeah he's he's just. Any good either basketball soapbox is that the all the smartest players making himself a good question though that's not. The lawyers don't kill you as much without question domestic English skill and with Wii Sports. And are I'm with you there and Tim Roy joining us these. The voice of the Golden State Warriors you hear him every game here on 957. Game Tim the team's go to Houston and they they came into this trip Tim and I was thinking you know this is one of the toughest trips they've had not just this year but I think in the last couple years if you really look at it and you don't want it I think they knew it was one of the toughest trips they've had been. That probably kept it under their hat but it's almost like you can tell. When they. Or when they all collectively deemed that something is important. Yeah and it may it may be hoping that that you re calendar or schedule may know who's good who's not good and it's reflected I think sometimes they're play. And I think coming here this strip I think that's what other type of church maybe of all time. When you can when considering a Milwaukee that good team their their long and athletic and they gonna. Real problem for the lawyers last couple years Toronto's Cuba. They're just gonna speculate that they did not try out loud but they're still mean they're coming off a thirty point win over Cleveland for. Cavaliers and the defending eastern Cabot champions three years trying. And then he had in Chicago who is logged fourteen and seven of their last 21 community game. And and then get used to it yeah I think it's what the toughest yo tricks of all time and an athletic she's deal I think it is going to be a nice little on mid season. Milestone for them they can pull it off because doubly sweet book of a five game road trip which is a real couple on and they would send a franchise record. First fifteen consecutive wins us a road. And they be one shy of the all time NBA record. A sixteen consecutive wins on the road I'll buy that get great Laker team that won 33 era so. If you yeah they're they're tricked their starting bit chewed up a bit I think this road trip was just would be needed in order get that count focus. Jim I'm no doctor but last night my living room when I saw Jordan they'll take that fall and they need to will chair and got a slap his hand on the court like you know in disgust I was like man. You know he may be lost for the year you are right they are front and center. It looks like the team avoid a major major bullet what was going through your mind. Well yeah that's who they know at that moment you column and then that will look at that sort of look and hit it Adam I know BX rays were negative but not heard any results and our because. And actually at the top of our conversation I've been doing other things today but. But. But yeah it's it's it's it's it's very disappointing for anybody get hurt. But especially on the first play of the game and starting and it's it's. He'll great venue in Chicago so it you know low latency what happens with Jordan but you know I think the warriors have shown this year. That. They are gonna take precautions and they're not gonna hurt anybody actual II page. Yeah I think the wolf we'll find out more I think later today we haven't heard already in and hopefully you know Jordan will be. Long out for too long because you're watching and continues so grows and you develop. Tim Roy thank you so much for joining us really appreciated. Enjoy Chicago. Yeah I'm gone into this media aired just a moment and and doubt. For any history books out there MO a World War II history you. And they had they have won this few. Intact. German U boats left in the world at this museums and I'm looking forward to that. So odd the Booth with sticks out to me when you say you vote is the line from risky business. When the fancy car went off the dock. And the cops comes and goes who's the U boat commander. But anyway getting Yahoo! thanks David George you know I like I should have a good woman. Very nice I would say more das boot and OK okay. Yeah two different genres there for sure but out of that but thanks like two RG. Embroil the voice in the Golden State Warriors had a monster jam is the world's most adrenaline charged motor sports fairly experience on the planet. See live at the Oakland Alameda County calcium from February 17 through the eighteenth tickets on sale now Ticketmaster dot com for chancellor for packet tickets plus qualify for a VIP experience. Visit the contest page and 957. The game. Dot com. This some people flabbergasted by me yeah. And one imagine that okay you but here's the thing my guy. My guy says. Two did you do this good with the fight out of places and you have to think who would look good and the most natural play in any other shorter. Clay Thompson he's got Brothers play baseball he plays golf but what about this athletic schism is defined by the 77 as physical qualities their characteristic of athletes such as strength. Okay content. Fitness. Carried it can run more than client. Anybody they can run more than clay without getting tired rather than neutral spree well in his prime. And then agility I mean it's please tell a lot of agility he's got to stay in front younger Gary's. Anyway I love me some play I was pulling them the owners. Paris but then there's an there's a right answer to an end to say that play at you know rob let's think JD is trying to. I don't want to destroy the entire vertical. I would think plays got a higher vertical how many stop. Your he doesn't he doesn't. Katie I do there are other night and LeBron just looked and made a business decision. AD is a freak of nature Burke's death or the whiskey on steroids. Towards Iran is. And you right Durant is I mean what how how did I not. Mentions right mind but I guess I'm just looking at a from a natural. God given gifts. And boy did. Katie get a lot under his basketball Christmas tree. The guy can do a lot of things a soak instead but I'm talking about jumping in and doing late in the game Katie is a freak man. I mean I'm just I mean again and doesn't quite Thompson have Brothers playing professional sports. Another area with no. I don't know a lot of the tough firemen that don't mean I can't go put the guy can come to your house if you got a three alarm and put out the fire what does that he wants to and I think a lot of athleticism is genetic. Well we don't they are literally shouted don't you ever. Yeah I'm hoping and walk and his father's Michael Thompson here Brooke who is an unbelievable. Up fire on his putter I don't know if there was anyone. One pick I know he was. Play as you know it's claimed I love clay I didn't take you to ask I can't get on the Michael Jordan of two guards seen what's funny is usually I'd I have heard. How do you tell the bet here is the way I tell the best. If you wanna know who the best athlete is that it's not a basketball player guide my answer is. Album shoot a basketball. And will be able to tell how athletic they don't you don't riot act like if robbed everything these balls go out the first run into this slide do you play impostor quote I'd like to shoot around with Buster Posey and you see a dedicated units so that my strong. Kind of awkward little bee thanks so. Think so and so if Katie wouldn't threw out the first pitch at the end the game and it just looked like. Clay did a good job but KD was like dude have you ever thrown a ball. Probably just a gym rat. Michael Jordan he played both sports. Deion Sanders Bo Jackson. There's an engine problem I we come back. Get off. Yes flood season topic and once they were gonna get on. Another argument I'm gonna have moved to her about Tom Brady. Okay we don't argue nonstarter argue 95 cents and. In 957. Big game. Let's go Mets general would guru Johnson 957. They did. What films are starting won the next Friday is asking are you gonna be at the gridiron gala they wanna meet you there and I. Having gotten one I oil to meet me. Let me just hadn't got to compete and I came to nude pics yes yeah I'm here. I'm sure. Sure a lot of people think it's okay wanna meet you just I'll be speaking of the grid iron gala gala. Well it's gala gala. And wanna say anything. We Miriam Webster how do you know because I was paying real attention in school in OK let its catalog. Well you know what I want you to read while looking that you don't hit join us for the fifth annual gridiron gala this Sunday for the ultimate championship Sunday watch party hooters. 5055 South Boston avenue hang out all your favorite. 957 game personalities when prizes plus enjoy food and drink specials all day will kick things off. We say three hour live pregame show that leads up to the 1 o'clock came from more info visit 957 game dot com and also. Forgot to tell you that her morality he's always brought to buy a Porsche of Fremont opportunity awaits. At Porsche of free months. And we get a football. Excitedly I'm very guys excited by Jacksonville. I'm here I'm off on their chance with that defense. With that defense. I'm a Minnesota is that going to be fun. After that I think they're gonna just Minnesota Philly how. How do you follow up with that miracle given just wanted to have a let down I apologize. For asking the question what's compelling about the Golden State Warriors in the first segment because you know what there held a lot more compelling than any of these matchups. I know darn sure know. I wonder if bug jail somewhere worldwide day on light the cigar here Whaley way to Minnesota. In Jacksonville and. As in Minnesota would be playing in home I kind of wanna see that go right first time ever I guess you don't want it well. Now I gotta say and I would see my Eagles. I got to see money go without a win here I know that's I think that's why they won't win is mostly about this. Let's say the Eagles win at all all behind fault with full well how like how laugh and I mean. What do you do with Carson Wentz I mean of course she's your franchise quarterback but you think about that for a minute. Carson which is now gonna come back from injury his back up led that team to the Super Bowl site wow. Wow is that going to be pressure on him more pressure that he could've imagined for the rest of his career Jeff hostetler we saw when they played the the jot those giants played the bills but. That won't happen because Carson wins is if you could say young star did he wouldn't have to deal with that stunning. Did you Manning doesn't have to deal that did didn't answer questions from the back of went on to win the Super Mario and crazy. In Philadelphia and don't. I'm just say in the football gods won't allow found to win the super ball because cars hardly waited I don't know you not he is the Eagles. I mean could you imagine that I can't he would beat me beat Minnesota. 1710. That'll probably be a somehow get or my Super Bowl they beat the pats 3128. I Carson went to sit there rooting because he's got a room all you do today on you know all those you know what if he smiles and everybody's gonna get on him like that guy from Alabama who got so doubt for business and look to look at me and there was a starter right. Host Hershey had Jalen hurt hurts you hurts. Man that would. Beyond that I'm so I am at right Carson went to his career it's unbelievably I'm taking you behind the scenes if Romney wins and I'm on that sideline and it's the super ball. Stunning I'm hoping the team loses. Do you know smile how you play dining I cannot take going home Noland the team got the ultimate goal without me. What do you mean what do you do for Eagles win it you trade falls yeah I don't mean like where they go I mean. I mean that the cloud around when it's from that pain we own. You if you know his best rookie. Was gonna go to class for the first time who knows how we would have done maybe would have done great yeah but he didn't get to play like their car. Oh what I'm by kitty remember that guy came blowing now rookie Connor Connor cut how to cook seed. I mean. Cat owner cook somehow led the pack led the raiders. The title we would they kept that in perspective because dare car star was that begin handy and I think you are and they're well Derek Karr in Carson went Serb. Not the same in terms of star power value I mean like all cars did the little cup a year to more than winter but I hear you went to get mobility questionable either the franchise. He talks. So. What are gonna have I mean is if Carson Wentz is going to training camp next year everybody knows he's the starter. Everybody cracked open one I mean it's. To what it once they start out 120. It's the definition this I'm epitome of support there are many people are going to be. Absolutely. And you know we all that is still the best the most popular players the backup quarterback right. And anytime the starters are there's turbulence is now again they've done every but please give me. Listen. Yet Tom Brady knicks false. Case genome. And Blake portals they sort of Super Bowl there's no dam on there is if I can liquidate our I don't have many assets but if I could I don't put every day and this is New England Super Bowl and it started when the story broke. What would sport than you these this these. The ray Warner I mean basically this is all this point we're now the point were Brady's just. Separating more and more from like a Joseph Montana what are we have a greatest of all time when he separated. Tells undefeated in the Super Bowl there you don't have as many as as as Brady and I knew what. They haven't been Super Bowl wins he also doesn't have as many people lost its in the same type a team which leads me to believe. There's a Tom Brady Kryptonite. And it's the New York Giants front seven. I did get after the quarterback it's your legs. I know has excelled every time he went to the mole which was only four times. He only went four times would you rather go to the Super Bowl loser not make the playoffs. Simple question I'll take not make the putt council chairwoman we shouldn't even continue its. They'll be on a bronze another worry confides well one other final let's talk about LeBron James I'm talking about Tom Brady's five in two so in other words Brady pays the price. Forgetting his team to the Super Bowl and losing but you don't hold it against Joseph Montana for not making the playoffs and that's why. Okay hotels are called for the team now make in the playoff run nose to the sooner we all know. The court about you know much. That. Iraq. Well right depended on your lie do you want number sixteen. Now. Earlier team not necessarily what he can complete seed competition look twice on the biggest stage. Those who lost is to me are seeing some. And those things because you were she a huge giants figured you how old Tom Brady shook Joseph Montana. No sooner than I mean there's there's no Kryptonite for Joseph this is when. That promoter like yo he's the Michael brewer where I go from here he's the Michael Jordan of quarterbacks man I love Tom Brady is a big difference big difference. Jordan played in six. Sue six finals that's a lot more championships didn't jell O Reilly Brady's been to seven. And final and will empty plane trips back home. That tells the spirit you regard this is this this is almost won this is where you did okay that's I don't matter what why now I mean why should we even. Argue further you think go to the Super Bowl losing. Is sustained. Well I think more disdain is not going to look off so I mean I wouldn't stop an argument I don't call it a blemish if you lost to the giants one time. But the fact that it happened to give you get I get it you rather. Not make the playoffs then make the playoffs if you're not gonna win again and the years corrosion get there I got knocked down trade was not it was not his fault so if you are Utah Jazz fans back in the day. They went fifteen straight years make in the class but unfortunately you never want it all okay. I can. You'd rather that fifteen years they never would have made the play they should OK here in fact when the warriors missed the playoffs for twelve straight years. During those twelve straight years the jazz went to every year you rather you're saying you drug in the wars in the Jack. Yes. I can that not I'm not this you don't call this is different. It's different little because we're all about DuPont rain while quarterback that ever played the game. That their clutches quarterbacks did I ever played the game right. So what happened when Montana didn't make the playoffs or lost in the post season Marshall would rather have. What I went so here's another here's another of your viewers. In balanced thinking. If Joseph Montana's Kryptonite is in the wild card game. Or the second game of the playoffs. And Brady's Kryptonite in the Super Bowl you'll hold that against Brady more. You know say and write no I thought I hear where you're going but I'm trying to do is bring you in my office and tell you. Did Joseph Montana to me has no weakness. When I saw Tom Brady lose to the same team twice. A week this was when they were rushing to his legs he gets happy feet. And then he does and how great was happy feet when he played in New York Johnson's Super Bowl twice and Joseph Montana I heard a bunch if he got knocked out the game but I don't you heat. Heard a bunch but they didn't change. Playoff games do you think he's cornerback played. Does that does that mean anything to. Does did the playoff games played mean anything. What is the death spoke and I don't want people to take on somebody go to. And that nobody would somebody go to the football reference to my got to believe Brady he's probably up to twice as many no one out and it is it is better than Tom Brady. And I MS is my man I'm just I shudder down my opinion real prince and you think it's just a slam though I Tom Brady I just think the criteria you use is completely flawed that's all. That's all. Hold it against Tom Brady forget and don't get killed one of dozens of people don't look for LeBron. They hold that against him because he's going to seven straight but have as a one mall just. It's crazy. So it's crazy so one acids in your tenure with how do you grade your system the sky any system. If you give the air it doesn't the result doesn't matter. As long as you get the error. You can go around town. Sipping champagne please only confetti saying you know what I've got to the championship. It does not matter who won or lost we battery Eli Manning or Tom Brady Tom Brady will be like Manny Steward told the post season. He's got a better winning percentage in the Super Bowl not to post season Super Bowl you ice to help but would you rather be 210 or five until I take the whole body of work. Regular season to Tom Brady's never led the league in interceptions and and things like that I've seen major deficiencies and how do you do these day let's go gem gem of a whale what's going come on man. We get competition there not being hit pretty good at that there's no way operating did not. The greatest quarterback Super Bowl or even regular season yet it's good that day he got to listen look what happened and plagued career. That's Kryptonite that it Eddie has wrecked the diet showed it yet it is being let back up. Jaguars break so would that Ed at the secondary they got that finally but it doesn't do Super Bowl record. Did you get the go or what they're very good Terry Bradshaw did that because he also play into it how about that I didn't get off. Thanks for call appreciate acknowledges that one more thing if I care that tuck rule he should have been they cheated. The Seattle if they didn't give the auto Marshawn Lynch just if there's all kind of flew to willow why New England ended up win in this. Wrong not what Joseph Montana. You knew who the winner was miss you question. Let's say hypothetically. They kept Montana. And moves Super Bowl it died too young threw six Anderson six coach of the chargers. Yes so let's just say hypothetically Terry. I chose the quarterback and they lost. So he was foreign one. Then what. It's five into them better than Ford one know. I'll take a foreign want. Okay and what about what I just mentioned the tuck rule. Officials are too often this should be noted ledger won should do. Who do. Who argues like that what talked about hard cold facts folks like tall man I don't got so he created on the spur. Should say they know we were 16 but Ray Allen hit a quarter John that's the day. You that's the get along when I mark it down on LeBron ledger for meat and we talk about his his legacy and his clutch this. I hope that it disembodied. I don't do what then everybody else does LeBron lost that finals against the spurs. Ray Allen hit they had the parade but Indira Johnson book club pro. Now are now that's out now I don't just like it looks down the IQ what were you let it. A rare does the Digisette you're just said Tom Brady got lucky in type game. That's what she's so they cheated the league cheated for him leaving take that people get lucky or what what you know I got lucky against Seattle the lead cheated in the tuck rule. Someone asks you just held it against Tom Brady for being lucky. Right Arctic blast that scenario after NF pet cavs and LeBron won four titles to. What Ford does he should've won that one against the Miami I appreciate. So release for three so. Macy's is tremendous right. I just wondered does driving around here is let Joseph Montana Joseph Montana would be right play he's in league with these widow and I would say Tom Brady's better. Just because that's the way. Joseph it's Jolie play when you could hit the quarterback just imagine sixteen back here with today's rules. You know I'm less concerned with who's better Montana or Brady didn't. Then you think can lose it in the Super Bowl is a staying rather than not getting their at all. Which is apparently better I don't that's the one that that's the law where you lose not it is better. According you do not make the playoffs and get to plus who has assumed the Kama. Is what I said war battle so I just do that out there you know I don't believe that. I'm telling you but I'm telling you why you believe I want to. One time is a blemish and the fact the Brady lost to the same team the same front seven twice. In the Spain and that's Cheney quite calm might graft is Kryptonite. Don't let Tenet does not have a Kryptonite giving real weakness Joseph Montana. Asked if not a inside path. Injury prone whose injury prone. Right I got banged up little laid his career are here's let's play this game. So you do think for I know is better than five and two guy I spell check that tomography for no better than five and one. I'm telling Norman defeated a one a day like OK that's Ford no better than seven and one. No. He's out anywhere you go to break off point could put. Where should break off point unless and argue doesn't all Mort I'm not an imam find out once more no better than. Let's say eight let's say somebody doubles. Is for no better than beat. And for. Yeah coming up over the super ball twelve times they want it eight but my dad is Ford knows better. Undefeated manned the Harbaugh told you know if he's able now I have to do this Welker and undefeated it's a joke he only played in four. That's a joke. He only played four Super Bowls but so what if he was under FISA on him. Nine teams and large amount Brady gets there every year and I'll play devil's advocate here Bay Area I'm not necessarily say and one's better than the other I'm just saying and I would rather get to that championship in any sport and lose then. Not get there let's go to sue. Go to the realist he says Montana's better puts up. Without preached you welcome Mike calls like tackle the disagreement you're welcome and it's up what's up real. I was going out all guns. Well pat well number first of all we are at home down I'm applauding Bob Brady and we don't consider the bar. I act number two. There's no such thing at the Montana rules. So I mean it's usually a bit of war I mean how many more what do you had been there was such thing at the Mon channel in the world that's been created kitchen Campbell honestly. I mean distributed injury prone. I mean I made I wouldn't Tom Brady had a rule that capture a lot of sheet. I mean what I've made some gritty role was when you think you have. Yeah exactly and the fact you've got a bigger problem without doubt anytime. They helped about. I can tell you I didn't even I didn't even. I didn't even know there's something called the Tom Brady rule. I didn't do yeah occurred did you guys. I'm getting half and half and yet this is why can't go to legs is this specifically for Tom I know that I know they won't I'm not Tom Brady rule itself I dice the poll. Realist I Tom Brady is a hell of a quarterback but I know he's been aided by these rules. So I was asked Holly's been aided by the rules you know I never bring that. However while Jeff Bridges Michael Jordan never lost the championship there Rahman Al player myself if you don't don't don't my mom and citi's own age six is a lot. OK I want as many things to therefore ain't far from 64 no when the truth hurts his mock election. But it's up there to meet heat he performs his best on the stages Joseph Montana along with Michael Jordan. Reggie Jackson the baseball version. Did his best work on the biggest stage Tom ready operating nineteen twice number I wasn't. Brady won was when they were down what 283. I have to come. Come on we had a great second half of any quarterback in NFL history and the offensive coordinator. Odyssey moon. To have the worst play call whenever it was angry dark I really don't like his. You know once you're like he played OK you know what do all of a you know what it he would stunts and Kenny Anderson was over the hill that's the only reason Joseph Montana I mean does that really what you did not really where you're going. Really I think the world like Tom we know why would you tell me who's the best sixteen undefeated in the some good stuff we didn't do suffer attacks lines like Brady edgy every right seat at ten Super Bowls. Move let's go to David in Sanford Cisco. Does David. You know like top rating ever. He's what they're Super Bowl but he never water came back. In shelf. They're gonna depression what Taylor works to bring Jane back little unsure what he's been field goals. What I wish sooner. You don't do the biggest deficit ever over home. At duke there. So yeah OENN. A credit Brad. I think that would actually make it different. Beating Tom Brady and there are Dave yeah. Doesn't not a people very were restarting. It's created a lot of people. Agreed with. Whatever they do king of France or whatever who. Lucent now Columbus to save the earth was flat a lot of most people believe that guy to ever flat the flat earth Jack. There may Carrera de now talk back in the day to kinda whose failure was slated to. I'm just telling you I love Tom Brady and Joseph Montana won two Super Bowls without Jerry Rice. Just I'm just let you know Joseph and me is to Joseph Montana football when it comes to quarterbacks. And I don't take a mob basis bus and a guy the last two times should the last three times against Seattle shouldn't have been one with the talk ruled they cheated. Do we can 28 to three game is over we know what that was about that often to play caller from Atlanta. Do you talk to people fall for you know shell man went up when he got how much I don't like sometimes arguments just. God I hate when they just die of their own they just Peter out I think this is one so. You know I mean this is fascinating note not committed ship. It's not shy and Lori from Dario on the matter Joseph or Brady now it's less about that then about you analyzing players for getting to the ultimate game and losing. That is the argument you think it's a stain to get to the Super Bowl and lose I think it's. Think it's a positive I would rather get to the Super Bowl and lose. Then not make the playoffs and now that's now that he did what you say the opposite and so I think like we're done with this all right one last what else could we don't. You will tell me on team sports. That they're better players than others right. There are two quarterbacks the stars and then you got the role players when you get to a championship. Auto mileage your. One due to more responsibility for the loss than the other. That's why would people wanted to come down here are some Barnes wrote for not making shots in the finals I wouldn't I went further than that I wanted to top. And I put blame elsewhere my point being Tom Brady is the star of the patriots when they. You don't lose is the team I'd look at the best player on that team and it was Tom terrific okay and how well it really all that responsibility so in other words what you're saying news. The years that Tom Brady. Hook. The patriots to the Super Bowl they probably one. Who playoff games I get there I took so they won two playoff games and lost in the Super Bowl you're still. You're still saying I would rather be zero and zero then who would want in the playoffs it's that's you know again. Again and that's where I wouldn't exactly why don't we anyway go away you know council has not taken right there with that what you just and it's not taken the 211. 'cause there's 00 means I've never got to be chipped what I don't want that yeah. And it didn't get to the chip is many times as Tom Brady he had he didn't he's not a repeat in players really super balls that's all. He would have a war. He brings out he he's gonna go to double that amount and how many losses on the ledger exactly you can tell. Maybe you wager pool I mean you major authority. Joseph was the best quarterback falcons lead 28 to three with two minutes and twelve seconds remaining in the third quarter and my guy called up and said Brady's never let it come back. He was aided this is what. The officer couldn't play call in front in the if you act like Brady was playing defense the linebacker wasn't offs number twelve south there is gonna take you may contact you witnessed the meltdown as we called. I'm done but this one let's go to Davenport just talk about Monta and Montana better than Brady let's go DeVon what's up man. It's not your daughter USA brought it all on you wanna say. My town is better than Brady like that's a subjective. Argument I think good good debate fair debate. When you're hold it against the guy who's gonna Super Bowl that's where somehow I doubt that to bed early and all of a sand on the biggest stage to perform better between the two. And I should don't want and it could he did the men in BP for courage and pump I have some of the best games Seattle included. So I guess all I don't know why not another Devin on the line it's a DeVon. They are you go and I think by my aunt Janet deathly better than Brady got debt to credit committee yet but about Tom I'd be out. Yet they're still OK okay that that one game plan would decrypt the player that I did touching around. I think not until last year it'd even be a combat. And I'd be quite out yet despite age you ask deeply gay and ready yet but he can't be degraded they're pretty accurate on your name union that did not too many. After that I nabbed the Mike and Al and I'm a muddy in my head down rated battery voltage. This thanks for the call. Jim Kelly good quarterback Dan good won't own foreign Super Bowl X eight X. How would that not patient even Bill Hall fame Jim Kelly. But they're Marine One of the greatest. Never played every once in Brooklyn one. There was Super Bowl so if you're zero and zero that might according to you be better than five and to know why I never loss to the fall. Joseph Montana fraud being facetious you don't eat your way past that but this time I did it I'm just let you know. Joseph Montana. The day of the super ball performs at his Optiem his best. Are allowed Michael Jordan in the finals I don't wanna hear about how many times you got there and you lost Joan never lost. Jordan never lost polls are all time greats don't. Go to Jeffrey Concord amenity to comedy the callers to take it from here because I'm out I'm totally. Oh what's that Jeff talked to me mom. OK let them guys I don't. My I think it just got doctor. Delight Joseph Montana how are you let each delegate and let. But they're very quick come I don't open number. Just help me Tom Brady's greatness throw in your mind. Like his signature throw yea probably doesn't have a Mike on ten. It's clean pocket an outbreak yard slant. Great place I read gadget. This could talk better that (%expletive) joke played bad it got played Aaron Rodgers has played. The older great quarterbacks. Either system quarterback but at the nature have a better winning percentage when he's out there when you play. Actually cut down trees out. It's pretty small sample size though isn't it. Got about 2030 games. Overall. Yeah I missed 121 you remember. Why it is bad data and finally there are you all forgot you know that the flag on the out. Play gave it knocked it about bowling ball it would about turnovers. If you check this year after they changed that law. The patriots turned the ball over less than most don't genes. It's about turnovers god it Corey Dylan who is a career fumble fumble twice when you with the patriots and during years. Gotcha thanks for the call that's great information system guy that's what they called staff curry too. That's what. Let's have people call this would. Uninformed people calls that I shouldn't say on reform act I knew football clearly but I disagree with a let's go to. And both breaking up a little he'll go to must have fun. Promised the (%expletive) am I say it right. I'm a proper stocks doing well yeah there's no matter how are you. There hey Matt on the con I let you showed is that we want to. Let's get numb and I bet on me being that Tom Brady is a way better quarterback. You know it isn't he did sort of super wolf what. Seven times I mean. To Montana didn't. He couldn't get there you know he can get that seventh. And Libby did get there we know what would be the outcome of that you know would be you could locate he had in the heat will Warren. You know you can't you can't say that Brady is a big grain of all time to get this seven times yet not been the giants twice. Well if they had a formula they give you know it's going to be coming in you can't you can't hold that against some you know they guy that you've got to remaining. I should call though both amazing. It's interesting to go to Mike in Livermore which some might. K. Mound and the better quarterback. And the reason you can do that Brady and the patriots have so many a tricks. You know attached to them. It just roll ruled that brought them out and and a lot at Stein meant to our quests. I'm right here as PJ Carlos Ramos said the literal spree well I'm right here if the cash scared. Are a few weeks ago Ben Roethlisberger threw a touchdown against the patriots the very last part to gain. That put them ahead. And the call was reversed. At the other stadium do you think. And just I can't do that at bat. With Tom Brady drawing that patent it stadium that bad call. Would have been reversed. I mean you're gonna think it's a cop out but at my answers I have no idea. I do I really don't. I just don't there's no way no way that that cult being. Called against Brady and that and that stated that she anyway that's my opinion. Oh thanks for the call appreciate it pursued. Tom Tom Brady. Playoff record 26 and nine. Montana sixteen and seven. And when you look at Jim Kelly don't want 55. Times to the Super Bowl Tom Brady on this front. Start to look at the AFC. Start to look at the conference the level of play and who Joseph was planned. What I know now Jonestown now join our discussion is a much at all there was no doubt. All stars aren't going to be announced tonight on each side it's true. Yeah yeah yeah cheaters. You talk about and then flew thirty easily get out there were two years in a row I couldn't care less. How close I could not he Jimmy with a Rick Barry wants to see there. Colin uses they were I can push the button you get Rick Perry then I could not care less. That they have yeah. It was great it was great taught that you did it I thought it was the real Rick. Now there's no there's only one real Rick. Figure. It's big you know let's finish up one. Let's finish up without me wanna knock yeah how about that. You. Can't tell you loved now love us. Our hearts kittens in new trains you know ten future it's just. It's huge and how adult act like kids. Like you still gonna get to where you're going. They're gonna have three do worse three doors on on the new barge traffic. On the these secure you've come what security faster lonely around security don't Bart. Now that's slam it's not a bad call them about a car to have somebody there are some law enforcement don't bark. Couldn't really tell you little bit about the new cars yet tell everybody takes public crashed. Tell me about the new fewer seats. On the new train all right more of my vote more standing there's going to be more standing which obviously you can fit more people within our car is they don't Venus why would be more seats. The worst and stay and they don't barred because you can did you hear me. Because you can fit more people I must say it's good you can get more people think about radio about a big empty box like a lot about these experiences just about her so nervous about him from point and that is the bomb. Really they've they'll have signs inside the Bart. Trains middle saying no taping. Act no taping. And they're gonna have spring loaded. Nature clamps. So away from home brewer died out long arc. You will have a place to put it now I'm just. You're like but bikes on Bart. Not public say you know why everybody would think that's something that I don't like Oman and I'm like dogs and grocery stores I saw one yesterday they're called what it can't. Compassion and comfort companions. Service went on national service you can now have one boat I call it a dog in ware foot in the wee stop watch football or. Well actually trains by Tom Barton. I think I could tell you I think it's pretty cool if you live in Oakland and you work in the sunset that you can take part and then get off ride your bike out to the sunset looks like Tony I know I've tried aren't trained to look like you know what somebody can be two or three people to beast anonymity got a bike. I did they allow bikes. I was just bite to where you don't win because you can't go over the lip while Jim McCarthy and you can't do bolt in the car like a fool you are take one hour 45. I'll hear from sand from the you'd pay out listen to the morning show on mowing and we all do because I wonder how shall I. Joseph blow would visit the Florida called emotional support animals. Extend or sometimes in. Shopping centers and would you say grocers grocery store grocery stores are come from dogs. Don't like dogs not we're not sniff in the world but to buy my food at no I don't. Oh yeah draw a line somewhere. Eugene stare towards going to be doing Super Bowl solicitor general because I feel like they're troll and NFL fans wasn't so. You get a promotion could do with a car and give so confidently broke off the smile. I know he got that he would get into. Lou court martialed for that but I guess he got a promotion authored the league looked at it as a huge mistake. I'm happy to. Oh I I know it's never happened but. Really it's been fought a valve. Seriously because I mean. It has been thought about. You know made entirely Abu if you don't I don't really help my team but I've never seen it out I gotta tell you. He should have been suspended or foreign at least come on now he's doing super ball. He may have summed up his sleeve from super ball there's something you know what let's agree on something to finish up the show. Bart needs a bigger security presence process that I like to take some of them money we're. Spent two trains and pain in the security guard livable wage to a solemn say to make it's that fine. I have a back today mice or I had a great time after I'm glad he did. I had a time and here is. Greg Papa and Biotech hill next. I could not care less.