Mid-Days Show - Hour 2

Steinmetz and Guru
Friday, January 12th

Steiny and Guru are joined by Tim Roye (Warriors PxP). This hour covers Warriors/Bucks, Reggie Miller's comments on LaVar Ball, we talk about visiting Milwuakee ahead of the game tonight, and get into the NFL playoffs. 


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Add their ego that I would no parent should be the reason you go away from a player if we need diapers every grown ups if if we get to that point Eric Gordon got about the Bay Area is known Eric Gordon great in games bunker. Basically trying to find the best conquer slash player. James Johnson I don't jobs now than when he does is Bob I know you too Jay Johnson and 2017. Ducks and you'll see some. I just basically jump don't pumped. Yeah don't sleep on Larry Nance junior no mention Larry Nance junior. Mentioned. Larry Nance junior great conquer. Are you listen and I 57 game KG MZFM in HD one San Francisco. We asked him. I hit a pair. Tens in Milwaukee right now I want there to do though in Milwaukee and are you kidding me other than to market are you is my hero that was my first favorite player Marcus Johnson the bucks. But what is there to do I'm in mill I almost called in to pop a show yesterday. Well you are democracy they're talking about Milwaukee. And they were the lack of Milwaukee I think we're half they were killing Milwaukee but. They were kind of now be a little snide. What they're small she's incredible. Dog he's a great city isn't known for its brock's beer. Brock's peer friendliness I would say people are incredible there don't get me somewhere we can go to where would you like. That's beautiful all let me read below creature didn't really look like lady Mary played Mary know they've got a late there. What's the point one it is not a figured out that Lake Michigan. I think Chicago know Chicago is Chicago Illinois this year yet Lake Michigan I believe in Lake Michigan. Did it delay is big. It's not likely marry you go out you look at Lake Michigan and it looks like an ocean you realize that don't yeah. You look far you can he rate far as you tend to your left far you can straight ahead can't see anything. It's been so. Yeah but yeah we got is the lake all. That's like they're betting man I mean they got boats out there they've got a beautiful waterfront. Where. They have concerts in summer events in summer fashion setter up. They've got a couple places in the city where the social scene is very nice now or talk pretty clear and pretty clean city and I love Milwaukee. I love know why I'm not kidding I've never heard tonight it's about an hour in. Fifteen for Chicago. So you can drive right and I'll tell you all probably have some good things to say learn off early. Well where was not only the murder surely but Tim Ryan and Tim Roy is brought to you by Porsche of Fremont opportunity awaits at Porsche Fremont. Tim my co host here guru is is saying we'll have to what he's in The Milwaukee Mile. What is in Milwaukee. I try to tell you don't want to. I love Milwaukee. Except for the weather what would you tell do rule about Milwaukee you've probably been there what fifty times by now. God. The least at least 49 NS a couple of times where does your mother defense did. Actually an Arena Football League game here in the summer and would also. At downtown was great and it. Yeah other than the fact that yeah you wake up today it seems. You know one point who's eleven degrees. Let's. But I wouldn't that it is it's really a nice place fits very. People are great here and yeah I've been up to Green Bay as well and have been blocked a packer called payments up like that lets look at. It's it's actually out they are they more these have underage whether or whether or stock there's no no doubt. Yeah and Tim just by the way just lets you know the sun has just come out here in the Bay Area. Broke through the fog and it might be short sleeve weather today. They just stuffed curry not play in tonight the warriors have announced. Obviously because its staff everybody. Is concerned. You know you're you're close to the team. As somebody close the team are you concerned. All they opened the door practiced yesterday. Some bouncing around in making American cap that they get at the end. A 100% careful about it and repudiate a figure also did try to keep it yeah all the same. The same message yelled through and through this is not about today's game until about the end goal. And I think that's what they're trying to leave. To make sure they're ready for that third there ready for L the end of the season. Yeah healthy way as opposed to getting an extra winners sell you know it's very much. You know I mean yeah I'll work hard we're in uncharted territory at warrior fans here the last four years you were in were. Looking at a team that is. Is setup suits trying to have a 840 year run like dispersed it. And the way you do that is you make sure that your your way to go in the spring especially can't and so I think that's what they're trying to do. I mean hurt anybody put like that but that's I guess in essence that is what they wanna do they wanna have a twenty year run they don't wanna really have a five year run which they've already had our should say the bumping up to ten yeah you're right I've never I never really thought about it like that come. So yes and that's basically despair to die and. Yeah that's what that's what you want you wanna beat that franchised. That every area even now say yes when he had throughout the spurred. You know I'm not counting them out typical like he'd come back and they are they're you know they're prepared so well coached they're so good did. That. You know there there are a threat every year and that's what you wanna be you wanna be got fragile human being is a team that's a threat to tie it. The taken all agree I think that the the long term view of the franchise I think it's. The long term view this season has to be in position to try to Ricci and it's hard. And the other part about it feel weak. Look at the last three years. In other than direct going down the way we haven't had that huge injury bug and maybe this is this they are year. But they're gonna get that bumps and bruises here in the wherein parents. So. GM knows step tonight you know step except the guy that that make them. You know who they are I think emote spiritually and in terms of the way they don't have that choice about the game. But they you know there's still can't imagine plywood. Would you don't Kevin Durant trademark green and quite an option that's that's pretty darn good. Did they give a darn good in the team's 33 and nine and a lot of people call me negative end. I just wanted to do a state of the union about the ditch and to me I was telling Matt you know. The last three years I just feel like it this juncture of the ditch was stronger. I'm not overreact into the game in against the clippers. But what do you think of the ditch right now the current state of it are are are you super confident in it. Leon I think I think they can live like cattle more shooting in production now that they're they're they're getting right now on. They're not getting outscored. Add. Alarming rate off the bench. I think David West is having an unbelievable year I think he's. Just an incredible pro Shia led Leeson is incredible pro. But you know wait when you take it. Yet curry Avalon happen everybody can't slide up one day and you've got to get some. So production not that bad that I think. Yeah I think they epic Mickey I would like to be a little more consistent they're ready they're I think he's still walking down this year but but. He had that potential he tried do the right based on defense. And and only cast he has been good but he hasn't had that impact I think on the three point money would have liked. But but you get back to change you know he might be able to get some more shocked that way in and and FaceBook so I try it and I'm not I'm not overly worried about it I think they would like a little bit more production out. Tim let me ask you about the trip in general. You've talked about this a lot when the warriors used to go out on a trip five a five game trip and they get to that be great three would be unbelievable they've. They broke it all those rules but I look at it this trip and it is. It is I think one of their toughest trips in recent memory maybe Dayton back a couple years Curry's a little banged up. The what are the expectations on this trip and I know five and older now but. This ain't gonna be easy. Not like a BC and I think that that. Yes wish would step they got the win now I think that part of the other deal part of the equation would step back plate that look at the schedule. They've got three games in four nights we'll end slow. Looked like you know this cal. Okay you know you wanna make sure that you're not you know throwing it back in there with a chance of continued. To yell reactivate if anything so they the price is to be cautious and appreciate the foresight to end up in Cleveland. And patrol lacks bite off the Bordick I think about playing great right now. But eat kind of you know they're gonna be great for Monday. And low. The same which so I'll try out deteriorate tomorrow night that the back into the back to back and oracle fly losing an hour. They need you to Chicago yield a little bit of a break in terms of bit the way to game to try and patchy but. Chicanos much better now though we saw early in the they're it's a pretty good basketball lower marketing and all the elect I can't hadn't the exodus Fiat reformer I'm really. I'd it's it's a really exciting year refer. Okay NBA geeks because there's so much good young talent this team and this year the class I'm not talking about the guys could well you know that's not been. The one with compared date all of sit until the one that they had the dad also. Look at but look at real large market and Kilpatrick could play your. I hear more Donovan Mitchell yeah I I you're you're absolutely right or dead or even tennis and half. So yeah I mean lots of good young players that are on the floor this year I think it's a real. Offend the great thing about the Liggett at the other 35 or six years is that one draft class he looked back and panic on wallet and I don't really get. A further collapse it's mediocre or not that good assistant great classic comes in and then in this past year I think it's gonna go down while the better once. Hey ten thank you so much for joining us enjoy the games tonight tomorrow and throughout the trip and stay warm my friend. Yeah I don't cannot try to have my doubts certainly gravel brow worship something. Nice and nicer aligning cools. Well let's say that free after. Well early in the day. Gotcha I did thank you so much appreciate it Tim royal warrior who voice of the warriors. That's his weekly spot and all warrior interviews brought to buy JBL the official sound of the Golden State Warriors. Ninety degrees right now in Milwaukee and never been to a the urban someplace really cold Europe Alaska. What we're right back to hear about guru in Alaska. 57. About Gradstein Max Darryl would do root Johnson hey it's time for the showers code word. But it's send you to the night before with Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis. Tech's pass. Pants Pete hey that's asks. 272881. Now for your chance to win messaging data rates may apply for rules or to enter online visit Entercom contest dot com. One randomly selected nationwide entry. What a trip to Minneapolis for the night before. I know you got me on pins and needles. The last of new and I lived in Japan to my dad wasn't in the navy offense let's have fun and it's time here. We're a little ask you ought to live there have been there. Okay oh yeah how old were you nine and it was there remember again and like what city where you and. That I don't remember okay sponsor dropped her hell you visit differ weaker yeah my dad did some hunting okay yeah and I was snow on the ground man of the month. OK we're I think was. Towards India wanna say November about Thanksgiving that Don before thanks to god Halloween my catcher my day is different I. He lived on the air and it was like a different world so what are you remember doing for that yeah Ian Cole Don. Where we can work crying any was that cold there was no Disneyland there was no parks to go to it was you go out there you can die. Guy and I got to ask you the elephant in the room question did you see other any other black people no no we didn't. I can remember we still talk about it to this day are really is not bad wages do of course we knew little adjustable Zia. Do ruined the last gas pedal you can manage your hands are tied me in the design and how more fascinating relax get less time. Down the guru Johnson within 957. Big game talking in. NBA staff curry will not play tonight will not play tonight in Milwaukee. He's expected. To play tomorrow. If everything locks and and it will see we will see the other thing not the staff curry cares about this but. Each game he misses probably. Makes his MVP case just a little. The probable won't stand here I know Alicia did yeah I'm here in some some bad things about Milwaukee on tax lines below and hear a lot. Everything I want to do so great YZ owner trying to move to Seattle nobody lives journalists who were born there and had no choice come on signing. You're wrong might you know what first of all my. What would be my brother in law my brother in law lives in Milwaukee and my best and avoid Dana. But from Milwaukee what does it mean when he didn't. We know he's your brother while they lived their but they law that is what I'm saying the people love South Beach. People don't love I know c'mon. And beer you can't just do that to Milwaukee and that's the home run it my point is every in the United States everybody has beer. What was their fleeing what does Kim Kim like social pressed it's no it's it's social. If you go to if you did OK if you go your New York City you wanna go get a beer. Let's say your loan or in with two people. You know another person go to bar yet to be here you sit there and you talk. I believe right there in Milwaukee isn't a chance you go to a bar where nobody yet appear. And you end up having a conversation we'd better go Ricky sports bar. There you error you Gilmore my sources say that the people who go to Rick keys are not back compel. People Milwaukee varying interest really glad I listen I did did you talk to people and Ricky and what season you're in Milwaukee so you're talking to people from Milwaukee learning about the city you find out why people love it there. I mean that's what's totally cool and even feel like you're not just the tourist in Milwaukee pitcher actually doing something that the people I do live there man I guess I'm asking what do you tour and what your spouse and Milwaukee on its people and people can be nice people anywhere there's nothing there's not a monument in that I hit it big yet Miller Park. I don't mind commitment in in Milwaukee is not the people get on the plane and say we need to stop the or go see I don't like power that does not just got it today. A bridge in Milan. Yes they do have a bridge. They do emperors. I'm glad I was never necessarily that Mets are no about Milwaukee while I mean by it OK though and I did my research unspoiled little world association. Manifest. He. You you're talking about tours to track plus what yeah Memphis and brought that admits this is right they are neck in that division of nothing to do well I would yet you should've said Elvis Presley's birthplace saloon Santonio. Two river walk. Ice just been. Just monument strip clubs city then you say they don't have one in other words. Told Dallas. Al c'mon. Why. Let's dallas' big thing. The cowboys. Coach you said mind. The weather yes the tomboy injury statue outside the blue that I got a pitcher went there. Most normal phone tablet this for write your fat little ways to save face are many. Think it is shot fakes. Milwaukee's home of Harley-Davidson. As a cool museum tell my motorcycle guy but it. No fear and division I saw motor site I would got to start talking sports but I saw a motorcycle outside Trader Joe's Sanford Cisco the other day. I'm not a motorcycle guy at all. What a beautiful piece I witnessed the whole thing that's similar to the guys are down he wasn't there she doesn't there I played. There's no and have been designed get a bit while my gonna die. These are. I'm very good I need I don't believe a good motorcycle. Eighty grand. I'm sure they have a moment of extremely explanation. We don't so cool don't might wanna I wanna get one but you kind of guessed right and made me very dangerous. Very very dangerous we're talk about Lavar ball earlier and Reggie Miller's comments about. Why a Magic Johnson has not come out and told Lavar ball in essence shut your mouth or. Try to get lines go out here Reggie Miller says it's time for magic to do that and it feels like a lot of people agree. And even you said boy looked Steve Hurst sticking up for Luke Walton. Rick Carlisle said stepping up for Luke Walton bandstand in god for eternity yeah sure sure. I think I know why. Magic and pulling you haven't said anything it's this. What's the number one complaint about the balls and low bar ball number one complex. Talks too much he talks too much and Rick Carlisle was PO would. That ESPN. A media company. Goes to Lithuanian talks the Lamar ball and he rips Luke Walton. And he's he's really mad at ESPN and well if Magic Johnson tells Lamar ball to shut his mouth for a lot Alonso is not here. You think that's gonna make a splash in the noose up. I mean that an end not only will make a splash in the news. We'll be doing. Everything. That. Nobody wants which is continuing to allow the bar ball to have a force I actually think. Actually think that magic Johnson and rob bowling pin I've. Made in essence an agreement. That says we will not. Acknowledge low bar ball. He's truly insignificant. We don't we absolutely don't want him. I well we don't wanna talk about and we will confident we will not as you would say we will not feed. Got a fire all right but. What about my assertion that they are disgruntled with terror head coach. So you can't focus on the fun are you got to focus and hone in on is Luke Walton did it in heat. If he does he have the wisdom. Take these good young kids to the next level the lakers got an abundance of talent you can't lose not enough ropes so I think magic is being quiet on all fronts and win the head. Never dropped he'll talk about Mubarak and also talk about Luke and that's what Carlyle Kirk and I love curry debt that's what they need to be focused not forgive Lamar bonds did you have. How will coach in the lakers. Crickets. And not doing a good job but we don't know what what may be going on. Why is now do it and met behind closed yeah well I mean they get a call Luke Walton and after LaBarge said his stuff instead they gave them a pat on the shoulder and said don't worry about stuff what's the difference could very Mann's mom when she's on toward her as she says something or she doesn't agree with the rotations when she asked at times no big deal eat eat eat they're mad at the wrong person and don't be married ball who's entitled to an opinion beat married ESPN. And that's the band then he was mad at least look for a -- he's just another man with an opinion I. I don't do it well if he's gonna be so vocal with his opinion. Then people are gonna respond I mean it's an inevitable side he. That you now you don't you can do it on Twitter FaceBook mr. Graham snap Chad. It did that's what sales usual I think's going on hardball did his thing said what he said. Magic and Polanco probably called Luke Walton then I said hey listen. Don't even if they're gonna ask you about it say whatever you want you look at it you got a contract. We love what you're doing here. Don't even worry about the bar ball in fact have a 23 of us. Come up with a way to deal with this guy or not deal with this guy which I like ten Luke Walton and Luke Walton probably some well on the and by the way Luke Walton who always is like food. Luke Walton probably said while we have to deal with a because I have media every day three times today and they produce when you're gonna have to deal with a so. And Luke will be like the mellow guy is Jay and downplay it because I don't really think it bothers Luc and sit out pulled about the devils talked a bit F word. And that loop that's hard to. Exactly. What I do think maybe some was talked about with magic and polling can that. They told blue okay look worse staying out of it. Because if we stay out of it. The odds are better that Lavar wool will shut up. Right and if you don't these kids you know why would you want. I hope for bad. And what these kids so you're from tinsel that I think you're GC let's look worse and yeah that's the worst thing to say about coach but he's lost the team what's what's more than that what. What's truth and worse she did say about a coach other than he's lost the team and the guys don't like plain for you that's the worst of all. Consultants and if you know what we're dealing with the modern day Don King you know he's drawn attention to himself who's not the star rookie said two days later Luke hasn't lost to team. Tyranny is. I mean it mopping and as you can't silence. A parent. Of a player in Reggie Miller I agree with that all we're gonna trade kid come on Reggie the buttons are too tight come on now. I certainly wouldn't trade lie so ball he has pause there were something crazy out there. This is all we're talk a little bit amount Milwaukee earlier and I definitely have it on my. As candidly would say melts under rated city morrow definitely one of the top four underrated cities in the United States. You brought our brought up Memphis you couldn't think of anything. And L he's got part of Mississippi. I can live to Memphis to Memphis a fantastic place to visit great food barbecue fried chicken they're great barbecue there. Will see you again. Gibson guitar factory mes did okay c'mon now. I miss a lot of this great music Beale street BB king's losing Clark's dale. Awesome historical attractions Graceland sun studio stacks civil rights museum. One of the best long weekend trips in the United States. Who along in New Orleans New Orleans is their tunes and we now desktop I did dole. You know you can stereo type there now I know walk I just thank you did I've never had a human tell me. Or even sell me on that's a destination. And now watch. You come on man you know I'm going to. I do you're going to hand all right I'll I'll meet you half points they do it's not. The biggest destination. But what also say is if you ever find yourself there you'll find out there's going to be fun. Org you can make it very funny it's solid we're talking about Billings Montana. But you never been there and I would love to do some mud in there and though some deer hunt and you're I told you that we my dad aren't so would probably. Hash that out already and we go to. DR. Then we get to dear we take it to the but sure we did deer sausage breakfast thousands. I'll bring you some minutes and I've never had been isn't never now for a mud buddy of mine. Had Dayton's gonna go it's not that I am against non run I just never. Panicked cooked up and put right in front immediately. Now that's not the only way committee did you know saying that weren't a low slot but when Johnson did another book. Virtuoso. Don't Penske auto sales that tax line 95795. But to heck yeah. Give me some but your host cities on mount under rated more pick me up and tax like tell me why. Once again the big news staff curry will not play tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks but hoping is that he'll play tomorrow. Against the Toronto Raptors that ankle still tweaked just a little bit. And the warriors will. Hold him out one more day. So we'll see how long does the flight from Milwaukee to two run well it's not very long while while it's I would say you're. An hour and ten minutes. I I would I think you before five don't know no I don't know thought the midwest. While the midwest Cesar close to each other Milwaukee Detroit. Toronto's up there Cleveland. We from like a flight from Cleveland Philadelphia. Probably only has nothing in the hour ahead. Maybe tops. Our 25 from Toronto to Milwaukee. Our 25 why so it's about infidelity from here to LA and Pennsylvania now has a city. Kamal 510 rip in Milwaukee. And Milwaukee and it was hell whack. Ginn is like Richmond going you know we have I have wasn't at the parts that are. Little rougher in Milwaukee. Yeah. I mean not I mean nothing matters that are fans everywhere are just telling me I mean again my best friend. Among my best friends diddley outs not listening much it meant. My boy do they can drop in Milwaukee. Loved it loved it swears by his family still where they love it so much. So they're young the draft. We should I had arson. Let me ask you this question what if you and I were the captains. Of the all star ocean and US first pick that's what I just said we should had our draft. The have been phenomenally went on and who would use your first pick. Your first Russell Westbrook. Collect from the all star game. Russell west no doubt the best athlete I think I've ever seen on the basketball court then what happens when the I pick curry. You'll pick LeBron no I'm not I'm Pete OK deep and it's a reunion and then what about OK he will say I'd rather not play well you hit the roof could do or not the kind of coach out of play for now this is man I would have to pay deal Westbrook. They start their pastor Billings Montana gonna mount Rushmore. Billings is tough a bit of village course played an exhibition game there about fifteen years ago. Are you kidding me no not at all they played sonics. Played sonics kids. If you live in Wyoming. Technically you're a Denver Nuggets fan. On a lower toward god that's kinda where Billings Montana they put the Sonics there for some reason it was a war your son excuse. I go to a lot of weird kind of cities who when the war is used to play. Exhibition games all over Yakima Washington us Spokane and spoke and I hear good things as Spokane and it was nice. It was nice. Total football. Has got some big games this weekend. I was thinking about this. If that's story's not written any ESPN about. Tom Brady Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft the story. That's not written if the patriots just going to end. Ho hum. This weekend's match up is it compelling. She's she's matchups as compelling. You know there was a look at these games fairway I knew OK New Orleans Philadelphia tomorrow I'll watch that America's it's chilly 125. And any time I never met Nat Simons about the fall out of his seat with two room. Number one pick Westbrook you that you're right I almost did that's why stop the draft I absolutely stop the draft. I just. God put the wrong team there. I bought messed up my bracket tax charge totally messed up my plan you haven't proved rerouted a huge so bad. So boy I know who's playing in Philly Atlanta. And you gave us is that they just blew everybody in the green room about that Philly Atlanta match up in Philly words cold ugly supposed to be between one of the degrees. 35 according and you had a solid core businesses that do our roster I hope this is a staff how seriously this is a staff is telling you lose data when the game. As a staff that refers to Atlanta field aren't landfill. Dome teams. Teams that play in a dome in Atlanta. Are four and 23. In the post season when they visit a team. When they visit the city and the game is played in 35 degree temperatures or less. Don't teams that play on the road in a game where the temperatures 35 and four under. Oh I just I can't see always worked for and 23. Think that helped him get off a little. Now that commands parity that is a steady output and all I'm liquidate all assets on the Eagles. Even though they don't have a quarterback. Nichols is terrible just a Philadelphia Eagles in the playoffs. People like that even if they're not Eagles fans. Police are talking about mean does anybody have an affinity for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans. It doesn't do a form. So. Thank god there's this. What is it what would you say cloak over the New England Patriots a cloud or uncertainty there. What if what evidence what the patriots lose. I lose told us that okay. Why would you say they're not gonna lose and they they watch sports long enough you saw shaman non. Little virgin now you have had you saw Villanova beat Georgetown and saw the Boston Red Sox come back from. 30 hole against the Yankees. Call on duty. So more fans for fuel. They're using this for motivation. So now instead of one in my fourteenth they're gonna win by 28. The fire has been really you heard the old saying don't take. What isn't it. Don't take a sleeping dog yeah. Yeah we shouldn't we and that's what we really don't any that's what you long as you're kicked in general. Domino tournament that used to discipline Nara Irish Setter or don't Danny. They do things in the back a tale love dogs and have regular news I'm Fred and Harry. Dig there's dogs and with those regularly. Yeah absolutely absolutely dog's name rocky and Rocco like clay. Oh yeah I think they're gonna win loss record to 28 points man this is just motivated the beast. In light of that game got to be. Twelve. Old guru would've known I don't know if the issue. And wouldn't only would I lose it was in this. Only Ireland Ireland and start. Sorting or you're not you're still not happy about that the Thai. Time of the games with what what's the problem there no pain football playoff game should be a wake up from a long United's regular blow whatever doing the right dame church and there should be a football game AT and pregame at 9930. You've got to grips the hash browns debate game but tomorrow no Saturday night. Saturday night for Dan since Saturday night is for the family modified thirty kickoff between the pats and in the titans. And I got away to 130 DC Atlanta and Philly I don't like that but Sunday I did that do that for Saturday. So. What you're saying is you're. Don't like that you're not waking up to a game tomorrow like it's Saturday night you're gonna have to watch again on Saturday night from movies and going out doing whatever would you ever want to get some exercise tomorrow well. We don't know what we recorded 24 hour fitness and Obama do that anyway. In the you don't know they work. Oh look how the game's over there pretty good are they. Have to belong to the club burden you know you'd have to play thirty bucks. I just couldn't get my guys shot blocked a lot more and you know they get a big guy OG. And I'm going up strong right but the rise to lift his is a little slower sunny and not tell if I'm like did he got. And do this remorse to run in Baghdad and young do it is thought that you know they're like grasshoppers to me now see this is where I can help you I could pump fake off. And one of the greatest I've never had a long time county may Selena and Demi in the foul on while comparable. Absolutely let sleeping dogs lie let's let you know dogs help me out why is the proper phrase. Josh Donaldson just made 23 million dollars he won his arbitration case in Toronto it's the highest. Awarded salary for an arbitration. Is beyond this 23 mile chase Thomas is Uncle Sam take it that took half. Yeah that. No farm I did get a big it's fifteen that what you do with pat what was he eight to lose and she's really like the fifteen that's a lie he can. Is generational wealth. A cop couldn't pull me over for speed and I just keep the that I mean. We got so much money can buy whatever you need. We also I would know you're so rich she's just to swirl around mind. Stores can be close ongoing and I think I mean. On film renewing a lottery you'll be in prison probably in ten days it sounds like I don't will be a fun ten days. Apparently you also tweet out that mammal was a minus four lock in the year that correct. The couple cartels are mid threes and they won by three. While the one who said before last game I thought Nick Young was gonna have a big night and I'm mad as seriously and people were saying all why would you say new you hate Nick Young. Then Nick Young stakes but first so I don't hate him and I don't think he stands by Nick Young doesn't mean tonight doesn't mean he's. Not capable of having a big game. You know I mean. My own. So. I tell you about distorted his foot you're talking about the cold no longer. Entertain funny story about. Yeah. They called expense reports expense report are known to themselves sportswriter. Who remain nameless. As a trip breast go to Milwaukee Toronto Cleveland. And he goes it's freezing cold this Aladdin. And so we bought half. The winner hat and so the trip was over any fines. I gotta fill out his expense report and on his expense report. He puts fat. Bought a half for 25 dollars tees and the boss. Took the expense report and said what's what's this. And the guy said. Do losing nine degrees here eleven degrees there I did it. I have I had I was there and the boss said no no no no no you cannot put this on an expense report. Here take this action took gimme gimme known. So if I went back or did an expense report for the exact. Same amount of money. Handed in the expense report and said find had. An effect on. I cellphone expense report well used to be able to now it's just so much that have been such a bear raiders getting into a little trouble. Oh. How does the Rooney rule that's been something that's out there. What worded it well I talked they were even though the Rooney rule but there's two issues here a forty condemned the Rooney rule beat. Forty come down on should the raiders beat punished or not if they didn't. The raiders shouldn't be punished the Rooney rule needs to be updated and I don't think it's worked for anybody but. Tomlin in Pittsburg. And you got to give credit to the role he's but this rule I'm against a handout I'm against the dog and pony show fake flyer out here because you're black or you're a minority we know you have no chip no no chance and delegate the job to me that does more harm and for the pundits deterred oh did you know do an interview and all this no. The bigger pitches you need to get thrown stuff in you can go hire who you want and until that happens like this I'm watching this Charlotte ownership thing very closely until that happens again we'll never changed the raiders by ridge's account said they interviewed two minorities. And I hated the way that the question was posed to want it it it it's like welfare to hand reality it it doesn't work. And I just think it makes good the participants. The interviewees. Like Jamie ray guys who have gone on in 1101000. Interviews and I get a job looks bash and to me is embarrassed and we got to take minorities think bigger picture in the NFL. Make sure minority gets this this bid for the ownership for the Carolina Panthers if you are concerned. About you know everybody getting this shot and put in powerful positions men and until that happens that is not an intense. I don't even ask for on that but I know that's what. I wondered though moos and would you say about the Rooney rule is more important than what I say about a rule I rule after I just got back. Appreciate that if you allow me to play devil's advocate. What what about an argument that OK all those things are true that you said. But. If the Pittsburgh Steelers hired Mike Tomlin. Even that one little thing even the only that's the only thing that's ever happened. I'll still better than nothing. That was not I'm not saying I subscribe to this I'm just playing devil's advocate. Well you know what the Rooney rule at least it at least got Mike Tomlin and the NFL's head coach. You get me there but that's not enough you're right okay absolutely am for you to instant the NFL to institute a rule. That it it it it's that they look at it and as it it's not enough so where we go from here sky raiders. Tomorrow we can talk about Al Davis and all that he meant to minorities and what he's done how dare you and I know it's about what have you done now but. But how dare you find them. If you know who is business and are there if you know who you want. D'Amico and you own the team go with that person is this good would this be. Completely out of line that. I can see a person being more. Upset. That. Possibly. Mark Davis hire gruden before. Del Rio was ever fired or certainly had an agreement within or then you go ahead and and fulfill the Rooney rule. I take this was a six year flirtation that culminated Farley with the yes. And Mark Davis said that in and that's probably what has the writers in hot water. But you get more on the ball absolutely you do absolutely feel about I hate the rule I know what it was therefore but it needs to be updated. And I think two candidates to get these dog and pony show interviews. They designed a Denny's rising rates that I picked Westbrook got first team all who wouldn't hate that okay F. Athletically. Give me another Westbrook in the least I'm just real quick did do is they freak of nature. You know I'm well I'm a change my mind. About the west prepared. If you pick Westbrook first at least you know you're gonna probably have when you're the only guy who plays the hardest who. I figure that out operation located at Russell Westbrook god it's screws it up for everybody else now messed around I could see Jack as he plays the hardest. He's just Phnom athletically though is he a freak he's the real. Freezing credible honest we we understand that tough yeah. The gridiron gala that should be pretty fun grid iron jalla is next Sunday. January 21 and it's for the ultimate chant championship watch parties can be looters in Campbell 1555. South Basque him avenue will be down there. Watching games I can't wait to read there's a there's AS special three hour live pregame show which a lead up to the game at one. I can hang out with a all your favorite 957 the game on air personalities. And even the ones you can't stand you can probably hang out when those guys who can win prizes enjoy food. Pleasure to kick off at 9 o'clock for more info visit 957 the game dot. Com my wife and I did was scooters but I had to man up I don't tell this I was told mine yeah oh I swear to god and you know she's like. You gotta man up. And do what tellers for work. What do I tell the boss. I'm a man of principal amount good comic flat out out but she would that this I don't know but I guess too much respect for my. My wife and daughters are not gonna go to new ownership everybody has sooners so it was not like. Your lawn. Yeah everybody has a hooters restaurant though you work with women. Yes but the women aren't dressed again only. Now I'm excited. Triple B guru. I now it's a terrible is gonna be a fun time that's going to be absolutely fun time if for no other reason than to watch me be very uncomfortable bouterse. And hunt and get comfortable on now I know my professional I can't I know I'm always watching me stick exactly. There's no doubt about that if this thing I found out. The highest the the most the strongest wind wins ever recorded happened this week. And that were in the Bay Area I'll Y 199. Miles per hour is up in the Sierra somewhere. 199. Mile an hour wind you know it's it's the windy this thing that ever happened without being without being in a hurricane or some stuff like I'm the one on 199. So out. What mile per hour guru do you think basically will knock up a human offered its feet his feet perfect. The normal sized gap. Man 4050. Now more net one point about about a 120 but I boy and I won nine. I'm arguing standstill 19 you know you're not and you know what it once when he. Rocks are moving forward so you think fifty you'd think you just gonna sit there. Fifty miles an hour and a fifty miles an hour is a lot but I think fifties and more fun out there and then dangerous and confirmation. Have you ever been a real windy spot star runner with a winning you jump it's kind of cool no I'm not a wanna be in any event I just like you know what you don't. And you know what that's like Gary got the stereotypes. You you don't you don't need to do that. While only gets you into midnight in the movie airplane onus. When they do the image of the basketball and they got two guys jumper and doll I know I have shelves but I'm likely mean you never saw airplane there are no I didn't see our Kara you know what I did see a caribou scene now now. It's pretty funny. I always I couldn't get off the floor and I just absolutely got NASCAR hall floor they SRI started to shoot. So anyway I do might make some predictions. About tomorrow's game yeah I got in Atlanta don't panic don't pick the saints. Beat the Eagles that's the only thing. My dad everybody I got the saints. Us gives me I have the falcons. 31. Hometown Eagles unknown Indians tonight and I liked his but he he he's being a real seventeenth. And then I got the patriots 42. Tennessee TN. And then also have New Orleans. Go 41. And they know. Minnesota. When you talk and let's give it up put your hand out the window. When you are fifty in a car it's not that bad. Attack attack. Attack. Somebody doesn't like the wind so the wind wind ruins everything. O Connell with them it's very late. None that didn't happen by take coming up next they've got Jim Barnett at 1230 Lincoln Kennedy a one Colette Azubuike at 218. Have a great weekend everybody.