Mid-Days Show - Hour 2

Steinmetz and Guru
Wednesday, January 3rd

Steiny and Guru are joined by Donnie Nelson (Mavs GM). We talk about the relationship between Don Nelson Sr. and Mark Cuban, Austin Rivers vs Seth Curry, and do personal feelings belong in sports opinions? Can you even keep them out of it?


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And you're listening to 957 the game KG MZFNNHD. One San Francisco. So we're effort to get Donnie Nelson and on the phone right now but we're also talking about. The Golden State Warriors they've got a game tonight against the mavericks a game tomorrow against the Houston they'll ask my suddenly went tonight. All of which you say that the Donnie Nelson I don't know. He'll probably say Tony five rockets I mean the match a little bit better what are they at the end of the day. They have nothing down low so. But other way to game the game doesn't matter that way anymore I think you have a CKD in the post. Now live. I'm seeing Katie in the post. We get Dennis Smith junior. The yeah I like him he's got shin if you like highlights. Who doesn't that's what it's all about a liability. Portion that's what they if you like you say if you like highlight at all you're the guy here yesterday. Saying all they here's what's Fleetwood console in a blender body you know what it is all about highlight here but he eats out. I don't think he makes his teammates better watch in Dallas and it JJ Barea. I owe him a lot of people owe him the puck he is a player he actually got a pass now a natural talent to be an NBA player he was not called an all he does know how to scorer he's got handle. A beret a man wanted to. That couldn't get enough praise for VW stay in the league and reinvent himself food with the ball is okay. Yeah good seventh eighth man he's stored and I know that's why they're handing 27. JJ Barea. Alike. I like what he did with Cuba and Puerto Rico they took. Mark Cuban gave his plane to go down there because braves got family from Puerto Rico got that down that value they went down there and and a lot of it's a lot of work after that. After that's. Hurricane then basically but I think the rockets. I and and I can almost hear warrior fans often but the rockets are gonna be the team. They're gonna be the team that eventually gets over on the warriors. And the reason I believe they will is because they are obsessed with the warriors because they're the one team love it that's willing to pay the price. To get to become better than the warriors and again it might not it's this reminds me two of the of the eighties. The bulls. Wait years. Years before they got over the hump of the Celtics in the and the pistons of my home and home first ran the pack his things. Couldn't beat the Celtics and then they beat the Celtics everything comes to an end I think. I think Houston will be the team and the reason I think they're going to be the team is because they're front office has a different mentality. Than a lot of other teams. I'll give you that and I wonder if you think any lesser of me I watched that Laker game the triple OT game were hardened pulled hammy. Dick I wouldn't garage and if I could brokered a bottle I would have because the wars doe two who don't play too many games. In this was a page that James Brown for the rockets beaten him. And I just feel robbed of tomorrow night TNT we got such. We got everybody and now Mardy gives her so I don't. Don't have to tell you it's not gonna mean anything like you look it was almost an NBA final tied the game for me and now we just got that ripped out from under us and to make matters worse they clearly given two weeks ago hey guess what I pardon probably not gonna play that bothers me now that really bothers me that I'm rob them of really want to know lawyers play. The rockets. Kinda stinks the kind of serious thought of drugs say. I mean I think it really stinks for the rockets because. If they would have been able beat the warriors went out and it's okay. Their home court but I don't without hard I don't think there's no I don't at home court door anyway yeah plus you still have curry into ran the full house tomorrow in Houston. Chris Paul try to turn back the clock that we know about how he does what stamp on national TV theme I did put the blender. What gets you know that that's the reality Chris Paul is basketball sat and James harder is not too far behind him and that's why it's and he's cool to. I'm telling you you've got to be in shape in staff. KD in clay. I don't know about dry month Arian and are just trying to get a player cameras you can get thrown out no now that I think hard not they are they teammates know he turned his ankle in the 505 this day that's good point drama agreeing with doubtful and I don't like when doubtful bradys and glass half full now why don't like the little mic next big key during my now. There was something that got under my skin yesterday. Not meet what's happened what me was. I'm not so we should always quote unquote getting on the drain mind green. Of course there are getting on trade mine green in fact that I was pointing out is that. What I'm detecting is warrior fans. Warrior fans are actually getting tired of train mine greens act. Me I've kind of been tired of some whiskey I don't like what he does a look at our make a marketed. On a rant about that turn off all I've noticed. Warrior fans now us partake in enough selling Keller can see it's I'm with you and I call the turn off it's like come on. We hit the you don't got to do it all the time that that's all you were say we let a guy. Steve Kerr drastic yesterday during practice. Because it didn't address city just says you know Ramos got a walk on that day just got to. Walked a fine line stay on the right side of it etc. etc. Is there a problem. Most say the problem two years ago. Got like ten technical fouls right now. So we'll see but you know here's the thing about tree in my heat he needs it but he has done like last year he did it. And I mean what I mean by he did it is. He fixed it he played. Without getting technical fouls in the post season. So he can do it. The first thing he's got to do is when he starts oriental and raven. And chirping chirping chirping and he's got to do now all he's walking away from an official how hard you got to beat hurt when he got ejected for sad that was weaker. There was almost fifty yards in front of him in the rest and he just kind of gave the wave some refs don't like the wave. It was that meet me outside tied way. That's what Dow I don't I don't like the way for and I know sometimes I can get on now I can get on arrests wrestle nerves. But that was a reputation technical found out there's there's no doubt about that it was quick. Absolutely quick but that's so I have that wasn't gonna watch during my for the rest of the game to the fans are the ones in loose. The warriors warriors are the ones that lose too because they lose one of their best players and they're not as good of a team but I try mongering but they got so many best players patent it really doesn't matter. It will close games are really really important against really good teams right now. So. Mostly. I'm looking forward to tonight's game to tell the truth tell me why. Also playing better and it's a little bit. Mean Dallas is playing but they've they're thinking all I've probably lost five of their last ten game will be over by the six minute mark in the first dallas' terrible and the folks in the metro play in Dallas they want I don't tell me about the mental. And I don't know about the matchup with strictly going to be over after six minutes all in the first court this is why we make a little bad. No that's below normal for that's a big what do originally eleven points in the first six minutes since gonna be over. Bryant can be over the first six minutes you're telling me tell you right according to bonds in Detroit mom was not do you know if she I would take definitely true I. You try to months years down the NBA yeah I'm single. And I know I don't crazy you know you see I know those naysayers don't you know Dallas is getting pretty you know or not you. The starting tomorrow. About it and I can't even name their starting five bullied people in the Metroplex want to in the tank that's how bad the mavericks are every time not only managed DNA. Oh was Cuban men do when that's probably afford to Donnie my own. Thinking about running for president that's the problem. That's a solution and. Neither president of the team now owned. Just watching this one Iran and engineers and that is bigger than Cubans always yeah he's too busy word about the NFL losing right away I've. Love Mark Cuban. I used to love amok I thought I don't know and then we marked as these. PC while Hanley lit Tyson Chandler go. Personally anyone knows him and the team has been in the tank sticks. Out it's been nothing promised a decade. They've been nothing in Turkey award in 2000 luggage aren't what we are run down the court all do I get my Kleenex. He's not beat he's that they should force him to retire sun turning day. The maverick but mavericks. Have you were forced to Dirk Nowitzki to retire him run down the court tonight. It's like he asked for tolls on the he set foot eight it's over man. And I feel bad my wife Cuba and allow win this you're you're you're one of the greatest you're one of the greatest mass sun but is over why you're setting those back but no one of the greatest mammals to and that's the problem he's still playing so scarring but it's is its own if you like double play basketball. No and I'm saying this is my dad's a masked man that was basketball is an embarrassment right now and march humans are worried about seeing the end and trying to run for president resident to make some some shrewd moves in regard to his team in that roster in Dallas and it's because he's got perspective he realizes that the mavericks. A one of his businesses but there's things out there. Way more important that's when the sale. When you got other things going that's when you see and his heart's not in the light can use to be true nice sort of think Gary's or you know I was thinking is man stuffed Curry's involvement a lot of stuff have you noticed she's in commercials. He does all this tomorrow and starting minutes take a pitcher and I'm out. I'm not to this kind of pissed nest that's why Scott the restaurant which say about the way I tried to set reservations. And it's a wait list. Try ease his restaurant a real clear why when my money is I'd I don't Damon Bruce got in there David Bruce Kennedy and hard to tell you truth evaporate that's. Dead serious. His wife when it was totally about it's it's pretty good food's pretty good now recently I mean when he made it two weeks ago he was there. Did you know shoot hoops. We don't have David Brock got a Charlie enumerate or maybe that's my guy Raymond Ridder is the PR director for the Golden State Warriors not international smoke. He was I some staff and I'm really Donnie Nelson's come on 1120. I go way back with Donnie Nelson would give him some grief today and really didn't restaurant yes Damon went to international swoop with killing his wife. Often a month on Damon's a level but they don't. I'm out of college a so called and said hey I'd like to get a reservation I said no no. A case like to get one tonight may well now known as Jan like a month. You have to he's only restaurant that good I gotta be careful we'll talk very very doubtful that honest to render Fallujah ruby red bull's barbecue. I don't want it to be known as barbecue. Because barbecue sounds it's like upscale barbecue I don't what would you call it a scale barbecue. But they would they don't want is like hey come they issues around jaguars are ready our lives and are a lot of different number Riviera area. We'll try again. We may call for McGrady had daily call for the I call back back and adding things got a call for sure. So good legit good Donnie Nelson apparently not gonna stand us up all together he'll be here eleven twining. And down. Some of Don Nelson. And they still live and why he thought yeah I love so why. He's the first one they came up with the death lineup going small really didn't make the new book to my new ball the fan favorite. This is one thing that what always marked his legacy is of course that the Webaroo if this team was Brady. He was playing these tiny. You know it was almost just as big as the web arrest quietly. Richard New York with Patrick Ewing pink. You really got fired less and you just fired like three months in New York detain me. And what they almost normal Patrick what was the rough about a guy I wanted to make Anthony Mason has always point forward. And Ewing just was not having that Don didn't realize how Ewing OR New York. Are we come back we'll be talking to Donnie Nelson. And talk and warriors big week Dallas Houston coming up. Now back. In 957. Big gains. Matt Simon Darrell would you root Johnson 957. Game. Thanks for joining us on aids. Wednesday morning in the bay Donnie Nelson president of basketball operations and general manager of the Dallas Mavericks can join us and just a couple minutes and to rule a look at it. What I wanna get into after after we talked to Don it is just how emotional feelings affect the way. People view others and what kind of opinion you have mothers and we're talking about is so TO. I'm ready for Fallon Holloway got ill for the latest on what I mean the fact that TERRELL OWENS is an alternate. That's a joke he is mantle so why isn't he in the hall of fame because he didn't treat the reporters correctly or you are a part locker rooms start stop what he did on the grim on the field. Star judge in these men from what they do Barry Bonds we know he was a general sure don't think he can do that. I really don't I didn't because the system is flawed because writers and the media. Pat you don't see all the sides of of a player or coach. And if they don't like the pollution for the person does some that they don't like each. Naturally gets into their work this gets into it. It's it's not wrong December 8 your high I've listened on the I don't agree within. But it's not wrong. It's not a hall of fame is not about the player it's about relationship with the reporters. I come over to my house you bring your kids and family about it too late he can I get knowledge name it's about. If you're a jerk. You're not gonna get the benefit of the doubt. Furious and why do I need doubt if five I find did it on the field or order that you don't want the court. Why are you the most idea to judge me is a man. Any should be about my stats. OK listen Kirk. I skipped the Donnie Nelson. Donnie Nelson is the general manager and president of basketball operations for the Dallas Mavericks Donnie long time no talk are you doing. Don me. I. Maybe then these don't make. They just wrote some bad about it I think he's a good purpose to whether what do you think then you know I Donnie let's go on. Yes. There you are Matt an area I can hear you Donnie can you hear me. I don't think Dottie can hear me or my not. Maybe Donny can hear me. I let's let's these probably that the Dalai RJ Garnett so we'll continue until we get him on and he you will be able to hear him say Matt. And Matt a few times and bad about the relationship starting it did you shoot this wrong man. What a fight. Apparently be honest with you so. I do an interview with. Pick a coach. As a mystique are now he's my only gummery OK Mike Montgomery and Mike Montgomery treats me terribly. I may eat each condescending our keys and even he didn't by the way like I. You know he. Rolls his eyes at me he makes a jerk out at me and public. You don't think that's gonna affect the way. I write about Mike Montgomery or talk about my my camera no doubt. And when he comes to hall of fame in what he did as a culture. You need to put church you need to stay in your lane in any shot now part of the formula I can have a terrible. My feeling about the culture not how he treated you and a damn interview that's what's wrong. Everybody is abusing their power or what they. TL is shouldn't be about what they did off the field is should be about what they did on the field take yourself out of it. Why. Forget about Paul claims and stuff like that. Why do you think that when Mark Davis. Fire Jack Del Rio. That most people are like and what what do you think. Nobody really has a problem with it because it's not about how you got five you're just isn't there Amanda on this I know about our organization move in on what I'm saying is. There are a lot of people out there raider fans and the media okay. That did not give Jack Del Rio the benefit of the doubt because they weren't crazy about him he's smug. He comes off as a little bit arrogant. We got Donnie. I'll believe what I hear it Donnie Nelson what's going on low pay Donny how you go and more on low pay Donny what's going on. End. And moon. The Donny there are now now. Hey what's going on here me now I get area I'll sorry for the I'll give anyone dressed in my hey how are you doing man. Today north Koreans. The I could go wrong with how we go politics right away I don't know if you wanna go politics remember I'm out here in the Bay Area buddy. How that Gloria. I'm doing great. And who warriors play the mavericks tonight I was just thinking man. Talked to Donnie Nelson in in ages I just wanted to catch up would you see our you're doing because. If you studied really low key in Dallas I mean. You're just not as visible as a lot of other other GMs there is no reason for that that's just the way you that you prefer it. Oh no. You don't whatever good job done cute we got. You know we gad. Pretty darn good coat show numb. You know high profile owners so you know I'm I'm kind of utility guy I'd I'd I'd go were the team need to make. We'll start out this way because everybody knows your dad was Don Nelson what you never got into coaching. All I did you know our coach for what fifteen years or so. Don't talk about the NBA level Tom Sargent. I mean I'm talking head coach. Yeah so you know when mark bought the team. I actually got. I got the job offer for the nuggets. Went out there and interviewed and got it came back to Dallas and my family. Then one lead Dallas so I kind of went to mark. And I said kind of stuck here you know. 31 I'm outvoted. Mark. Mark basically made made president of basketball operations and that's what I kinda transferred over on the management types. Donna you've you've experienced it all in Dallas. To get into the playoffs when in the finals. Now you guys are struggling a little bit what. 00 what does it take to get back on top. How long of a process do you anticipate it is gonna take in and what are some you're kinda. Foundational things that. You're gonna work your way toward tend to get Dallas back on track. Well I you know look at it we've been spoiled rotten when you start out with like they're Nowitzki had you got guys by you know Nash and Jason Kidd two years and finals why Asian championship. You know sip from the cup it's just been an incredible ride. You know look you know Dirk is sources forty year. Although we have another really really good year we've we know that that's not gonna last forever. So you know we've we each took a step in the right direction last year and you know acquired Dennis Smith junior and it's really you know we'll basketball he's been played a blade which is really put us in this. You know all. Cox or game win streak. Pay down the you know we're out here in the Bay Area stiff Curry's world and rightfully so very electric player. But he has a brother and his brother's name is Seth Curry and he's currently on your roster. And I just love to hear what he deals with you guys last year. And now watch this team now the mavericks and I'm saying. They miss this curry and a lot of people he you don't don't know Seth can play the way he can't and I believe. When do you guys expect him back and how much does a team miss some. Well the sooner the better you know we we don't wanna do what he's saying that's gonna jeopardize you know it is you know. Long term. Future and so were taking it conservatively. These are starting to I mean he's had a great year last year. We're open issue would be another building block cured but it hasn't gone to form. Though he's every bit of us are starting to news. Anyone in the league again and you know we're excited about you know the future going forward. Donnie Nelson general manager and president of basketball operations for the Dallas Mavericks joining us on 957. Game all I ask you about them the way the league is now and end up tempo spread the floor call it small ball I mean your your dad was the was a pioneer although he'll tell you that he'd learned from Red Auerbach armed. How long. Do you think this phase of basketball. And will continue in terms of forty threes a game. Position was basketball. Lack of a low post offensive players. And maybe your shed some light into what your dad fought. That why that might work play in small. Well you know it's funny because when the three point. Shot came in the play he immediately. Saw you know he's you know he's like look here again. No matter what card game you used you know getting all public order a sudden the privacy of pure you're all Merck say yes. A third more. In terms of points are spread or wherever is made massive. You know it's so it it it's it's a massive advantage and so I think what you saw back in the days of front GMC EM. You know really be you know boom only. All the words from this man was he wanted to inject skill and spa in particular shooting into the game and chewed. You know last I checked he was there and drafted caption are you what we understood the impact and he understood who understood the impact you know shouldn't three ball right up until you retired. And so on well I think its purest day I think any time you can check. Skill into you know positions it's a good saying I don't think the big man as corn quote. You know got a goal. BioWare would go Bert Ernie and like crap but I think you can continue to see. Small skew old outside and attacking. You know tight play because. You know home when you shoot certain. Beyond that three point line it's just a massive advantage of them you know it's it's stuck. It's evidence then you know what you guys should see there on a nightly basis will go home state. Donnie Spragan a Golden State when you look at the way that the league is currently constructed the balance of power. And you look at this Golden State warrior team you know I've I've been telling callers say I think this team that we can last five years on top or be right they are. How long do you take barring injury it if these guys stay intact at the lawyers can keep this going. Well I bet depends on how long you know those guys play I mean. You know they'd just very. Unique and special to have you know some of the all time great three point shooting in the game. Two or three of those guys lineup you're starting for us to you know lineup you're starting five. That's pretty rare. You know I think as long nose to the nucleus is an attack you know and hopefully they have a longevity of our old number 41 here where play until they're not Kamal mode forty year old gore I think you guys are are all positioned for the future. Dial one thing it's always kind of intrigued me about about you and and your father and Mark Cuban is at. Still your dad and Mark Hanna had a falling out at the end of it. And yet you've been an employee Mark Cuban for probably coming up on two decades now I gotta believe I mean. Armed which tells me something about Cuban without even I haven't asked but. Well look kind of boss is Mark Cuban and could you see him as somebody running for president. Look he he's there I mean honestly what you're most guys show I think. One things took a certain turn airport looked at last may have been what does so and hey you appreciate. You know what you've done but just cute soccer work out. Think 99.9. Percent of you know. The human race would have done something like that mark is not that mark three in his greatness it is really. He. TVT. Actually go against the flow he's swarm those guys that. You know when student bodies Gordon great he's looking for opportunities going that's how low key. Was a successful businessman sports entrepreneur why I think he would make. You know I think you would the LP a refreshing chance for those who. Two. To a lot of things so. I I've got no idea what his plans are but two them. They would certainly be fun and cool calm and create a shot. Hey Donnie thank you so much for joining us and stick him with that even though we had a little trouble in connection. At first and glad you're doing well and looks forward to talking to you again. All. Night that's Donnie Nelson he's president of basketball operations and general manager. For the Dallas Mavericks this is a warriors Wednesday sponsored by Porsche Walnut Creek 2017. Premier Porsche dealer. And by Friedman's appliance a trusted name in the Bay Area since 1922. I've always uncle Eddie answer that question because. Don Nelson senior and Mark Cuban. Falling out a nice way to put oil on water they suit each other. I mean they went to court it was not pretty and Donnie was in the organization. And you just think I'll there's no I had fired it where I was run marketing would be ahead you your guns and it is your last name on the buses you know. 1520 years ago and and instead you look at Donnie Nelson he's the general manager and president of basketball operations I mean it's then that is pretty incredible that Mark Cuban would. Not at held it against Donny that he couldn't hit his pops. And in the day in talk about the mavericks the state of the mass tiny I'm a big Seth Curry fans. And that the boy can play I know it's these guys to step is his. Shadow or whatnot Seth Curry can play in Dallas was one in the offense through him I was like this is gonna be a break out a year man and injuries are everything. All right Seth terror I think he's definitely getting louder and that's I guess what I was trying to say. Here reminds you a little bit Austin rivers. Who who's improved his campaign might really improves. You'll laugh when you say that because you had put. You have players and the only reason he wasn't in the GRD's lead was 'cause of his dad. But I I don't care about that the end big baby alluded to that do has improved to get. To shake and bake give it to the rim. Plays defense doc has to be proud also rivers player Ralph Lawler we atom on a while ago he said he couldn't but it's the biggest drastic change he's seen a player in the NBA makes from where they work where there right now also really no joke yeah. All right after article 200 scorers at the think about that formula. Posture river god I'd rather Seth Curry even then often route fiset played there yet it I don't know why and then all you can be but I'm. I'm sticking to my guns rice I'll always take somebody that I believe has a bigger upside. They might not and and Austin rivers may be. Then appear better player than him but I now Blake came back last night you don't always. Yeah now let's cut you might come back couple nights now Colbert your make a play on that either they got a valid ID said that in no Blake was back. We made yesterday he's in the clippers are gonna make you know like now. On the Internet OKC is all the way up to see our they and they got hosed against Milwaukee. Went into compost stepped on the based on how. Did you read this just wrong. Thank you. That's that's only they raise two million on you know one thing I just think there's an area that's human hair but you know what and you don't redo rice stick up for the rest yeah. Most of the time wasn't official but. That's. Uncalled for it's unacceptable chip recruit your baseline official. You look for it happened right in front of god man let's go to Kazmir in Walnut Creek Kazmir what's jump in here what's going on man. I got a big area again that I think we take my call ratio though it meant to show. You are. I don't totally what you gotta mr. in my dream big Green Bay if they would LeBron is there gonna go out on the same name upon everybody is getting tired of seeing these. Six foot nine giants crying like little while you're a grown that is I can't let go more than. If you don't wanna see Marshawn Lynch check you'll know odd they are growing employee no matter how delusional. All the balls Marchand did was complain complain complain and then. And anything that they're going to be you have Bear Bryant because Bear Bryant made him go down they're only only one good joke and I can't imagine having that guy in your locker room. Slowly but surely drama Andre won't turn in the back I always knew the reality show. I'm doing guys. Thanks Kazmir appreciated. Appreciate it we thought about hall of fame voter you can't judge Marsha on in the wounds. And say that's how he was with his teammates. It's just don't have an agenda. Marchand got an agenda dude I mean yeah I take a due to tackle me. He wants to be and these social released how home how it looks what's really is social media star. Right. Mean there's nothing wrong when that. Is our gas left in his tank there's a lot of cash. About the bad gas this high octane gas I don't know but I always is we're just the thing that I'm more interested in. Is that a guy. Stalking new gas talk and he was on Twitter giving me grief about how I've got to. Stop letting my personal feelings kicked in too. The way I feel about an organization heard our team more pollution what does that do what it means is that just because I'm upset. At the raiders are moving in that I should be happy that they're hiring gruden and I should be supportive work. Look at the raiders and a positive way you would be fake and you would have nothing to bring to the radio law. Plus it's like cat fight I live in Oakland they're leaving. I don't like key Obama will do you know if if you won't what do you want me to do pretend I light tip I guess that's what he would prefer or she I mean play for example. Like the last two coaches who warrior Steve Kerr and Mark Jackson. It was more likable. Likable and that is not a national lancer. The answer marked her any more likable but he wanted the first son of Smart I'm very likeable. You know what but he did that he made that had that's what he wanted. And that's probably what he regrets if he was the guy who does you're already asked mark DR Jackson's now we get ready hearing no we always thought there's no I'll stop that god doesn't have a sleepless night they're there have to be a sleepless night every time we put his head to pillow every. United Mark Jackson is never had trouble fallen asleep. I don't believe you see yourself in the mirror to tell you the truth is team that's sort of a big problem here exes so that's. He credits himself for what's going no credits himself I know he credits yourself. Our point is is that if she was likable and if you and I tell him I got another year. That's my point I say steal beer maybe. But but he's not he put on a facade. Of only 10 that is who we Wally says the cowboys who we wise. It's just if he was the church going. Take myself politely guy that we you do the telecast would Ben Dendy he would steal. That's why I feel bad form every time on your dual lawyer game like this is why did you go in there and be who you are you came in with discrete cold up among many people not like me it's us against the world and it blew up in this phase. Any bit themselves stymied. You would still be here with bullying bullying. Playing blink one thing that always amused me about Mark Jackson to the point of annoying me is that. He wouldn't let his assistant coaches talk to the media can now. How is security you have to be good and not allow pop. And coaches to talk to why he do that why because that's who bill did you. Act because he's that's that's who we is he's paranoid. He's got this siege mentality he'd put it doesn't come through on the broadcasting. Act out of them. The real Mark Jackson bullets all he's doing then that's you don't see him there all he's doing denounce any game I mean he can announce a game. And NC Mike you good guy but I'm just saying and that. He might get another year if he were he would and I was younger man and they would still be well that's why it does matter that's why look at Bob Myers. The patient nice job. He's been great you know what let me tell you something when the warriors stub their toe or when something doesn't go writer when this thing. Ands or whatever however it happens. You don't want Bob Myers gonna get the benefit of the doubt he heard he. And why can't like him more people who does that make it right in regard to when do you get a hall of fame ball it's not about. Not taking the pizza did I say how you do when this morning it's about what I did is upon former stymied in LA and you're right. But that it's it's it's wrong he always left for. Do I would take. Jerry Rice and I mean and it's my cash. To everybody you've seen it go by now you know embattled well guys are getting all I look at other body TO to his credit never said he was better job I don't have the numbers. Right at my fingertips. What Jerry Rice a 199 Chrysler held what Jerry could get two balls are. I regret some find out cheering. Unless his touchdowns compared with Terrelle oath it's knowledge day back okay going to take goes ahead of Joseph rice a guy that played on a broken ankle in the soup won't handle a hundred yards. Always a bad do you and Jerry Rice is greatest receiver of all time I had the best quarterback. You're right away from ray vision and ball time the numbers bear that out to Brooke I listen though. Don't make meet denigrate TERRELL OWENS Terrell looked them. Do you do you do realize you sit in the middle Sanford so I. When I love Jerry Rice I'm just saying you wouldn't have gone through all the evil it was he all and he was the LeBron James and football ads. I'll never forgive again my affiliate Jim Burke Tim bay leaf one of the depth on defense of that came out the magnet to the flat if you. Like he was on the basketball court would bravely. 153. Jerry Rice has a third more touchdowns. Terrace at a 197 touchdowns TOR 153. Six. And that's forty plus that's like another four years a touchdown cat playing well Montana. It's unreal Montana may Montero grounds quarterback I'm not saying that why can't why not. Like why why did Joseph Montana do everything for Jerry Rice Jerry Rice didn't do anything for Montana. Why would you use that kind of fear that doesn't make any sense. Honest I'll say right here Joseph Montana had with the greatest receivers that any quarterbacks ever thrown to Jerry Rice Dwight Clark John Taylor. Vice Versa I'll say Jerry Rice had the best quarterback info and but I but my point you'll take it away from feeling right and which Jeff Garcia just can't do it Tony Romo third best quarterback in forty niner fishery. I gave I don't know half Montana I Ahmadinejad Garcia he would love to burned. How did you ever start Ahmadinejad Jeff was a tough SOB to understand. What I want my receiver to look like in do. I'll never forget what I wanna battle of the bay would TOD there's a nine or does Charles Woodson called Carlton went about and ask him about there were Jerry Rice in TERRELL OWENS. Metal teammate he does that matter I don't care color really helps out but it's good. Performance related write what does what does god does in the locker room now they ball doesn't matter and not at all all really. Billy Martin when D'Angelo World Series and hate they were fighting in the dugout. Think I don't care about that stuff. What do you do on the field sun. I believe. Desultory more soft. We have gotten so I think did you bring me some cookies. Jerry Rice had better stats with Ron Amadon by the way in Joseph Montana. One thing I people call me guy. Necessarily think Joseph Montana's house stuff. And Ron Amadon I'm sorry stop I'm sorry I saw on both I'd have trouble differentiating between their great stuff I say who read a defense better shell or Ron Amadon I know that answer. There was do what he had quote sold football's got a million different characteristics so okay I'll give you Joseph Montana Rhee who could who ran better has been scramble. Mean that Joan and have to scramble you know why the ball. Like their car balls only Derek Kerr to quit early early I'm just saying. JTO is space to meet the best receiver to ever do we didn't have dropped she yes. Do you often overlooked when you I would vote for Terrell Owens but I just think that when you're. A jerk. Or didn't I live I'm just think it might not be fair. Which you may have to pay the price for the levees there and come home to brutal and at some point it might not be thinner if it's not but if I don't think it. If you say that they and I I have not been their record because. It's not what it's about in this a shame that he'll have to wait for a yellow jacket cult but if you go in the media like Randy Moss who quit on the raiders guess what he's a finalist in this first year and the reason their thoughts around in the air it's all the brush back won't be cults why would you guys do it because of the same guy. Off the field to the same guy but he'll never quit on this team and Randy is going in because now he's the darling of the media does a good job on ESPN. And this is sad. It's just I. I hate to nerves do you teach the guys who never played nerds geeks. The day control. When it TERRELL OWENS who's this does a game it is all laid it on the line they control if you give in or not based on how they they treated you this is sickening. So would be like if the boss came in do you instead guide to roof we like which you do you're really good but you know why. Nobody wants the work we view. Nobody wants to work would you you're not likable. You're paying what Murray negative. It is the roof. Pretty good at the end I did pretty good but they're really it's usually pretty good they're pretty good guru but you know what. You're such a negative influence. On the entire staff that you're actually affecting. The three to seven because. Damon can't stand Jew and you put limited a bad mood because. He can't nobody likes working with you so everybody else's performance. Is works 'cause it's possible we CNET and sports are apparently. That's a tough one. I'm doing my job don't. By the way. Well liked. Most of don't hope you do. I don't know put into. Understand that like that's kind of what I was thinking about this. Emotional feelings getting and brief saying but if everything is not right I I I give it unless you look last year. More to you would have made no real comes on for that interview I asked my question I remember that let's comical you don't play. I don't think dead so worried about Akamai and I was like oh cool I don't know how do the job that people listening and we're saying that OK so then sold. 00 exactly exactly so you know what guess what I'm a touch less likely come light healed because. You were cool then that is human. Nature. And you know it's like well let's be honest all this mean the media column this out there. Everything they talk positively about. About guys they like and guys who give them access. Guys who they don't light and guys who don't give them access they kill it's as simple as that. But he shouldn't be able to kill a career walk. Did you see why he's super see why can't she had you worked kick raked over the whole he's deserved it. Okay he did deserve it no one has a lot but why did it get personal with Jed York which she did. Because it got personal with the head coach. We have the best coaching staff the reason. That bridge as first of all Jed York was criticized listen. I I lived through Crisco and didn't criticize who threw everybody get critical landing go to a super ball and SE tibia just gone out to rice that's another thing Jerry York had gotten Jeff to Subaru they got bit. The point is Chad you work comes across her came across 34 years ago is arrogant. As a trust fund kid and his. Silver spoon issue in his mouth all those kind of things in you know what. Because of those things the criticism. Was taken to another level there's no doubt about that. If if Bob Myers at this thing fell apart tomorrow. There's no way the Bay Area media would ever come down. Meyers road America can't use Myers let me use Billy Beane mark Billy because Billy beings never won it. If got to believe dean left tomorrow or do everything fell apart from the days. There is no way people would rip. Billy Beane like they rip Jed York Q why does Billy Beane was a nicer guy more mature. Treated people better etc. Are your head coach for ten masters and your website you lose respect for those riders being in the newsroom live audio or. Or or do you know yet almost on the on the on the tour events this away is his weight is not what every sit up here. And pretend I wasn't. Harder hit all right listen to actually wasn't a fair PJ Carlos tomorrow when he was here. Just didn't didn't like his whole act Marc Jackson not a fan. There's intelligence there there's there's condescension use Steve Kirk. Because. I treat people. Trips this personally written about more positively. It makes sense well. The practice see Kurt won a couple titles obviously as part of the equation and installed a great offense Schuler. Sure it may be here when he's done if he ever does decide to leave. I just don't like when. The media doesn't egg knowledge that these things are pres okay when the media is known and I played right down the middle and completely objective that's. That's impossible. It's impossible to do you know what I'm open and you tell me if I'm off. I'm hoping he'll get sand and he has a chapter in his speech about how movement in ninety cried. How much it bothered year after year that he got passed over because I feel like the people they finally voted him in some they may not have a vote now they deserve that and I wanna hear that passion I want to hear that story of how much it bothers him is a man he had to wait to get in the good old boys club because of not what he did on the field because he wasn't the greatest guy is sometimes starting like Mark Jackson I believe it was an act was that bad actor and go Whoopi it was yet a bad act at any cost him his did. But TERRELL OWENS I think that was natural oh who was. What is shouldn't matter and that's the that's the difference I guess between you warm you and me. You're putting yourself and TERRELL OWENS place and saying. I'm alta like I didn't get into the hallway and you Hollis is ridiculous is. This is pair me up inside you'll notice a lot of close ignored match. You're paying the price you're paying the price for being a jerk your entire career it stinks I think it's unfair. Because I was a hell of a football player but again it. I was a jerk. I guess that's what I would be saying if I were Terrell Owens. He's not a guy. Well it's obvious why isn't on this parole or you are they getting out why isn't Weis says he's torn up teams he's torn up locker room sales now. What default in Asia in the price for. And again I'm not saying it's right. I'm just saying it's never. Got to be gotten rid of it's always runs right always always part of the equation. Politics. Just I tripped people up. So let's listen the most Williams they should start saying hey if you guys are. Are good and have dreams what day of the hall of fame did you how do you treat the media is is gonna be a big part of you have a new way to gaining. I want my roses now I can stay low that was a joke he got in after he was gone he should be any at. Didn't in my roses now when their make it to railway eight when we all damn well know to do is. It's not a top five receiver of all time. Again I'm not disagreeing with you I think you should be in the hall of fame. I'm just saying. I can get the reason why even if I don't even agree with that I I understand why it. Mean who ER has a big. Place in. Whether you did not also why I tip them. Why dwell on the football field to your right but I do think Pete I think teammate should command that affects the team. Don't you think you have a that's what I did the diminutive right. Some people just don't know was a great team made big guy wasn't a concise and her teammates. I wasn't good team when he yells now I did acknowledge that right now this is a team effort. You know I'm not talking about I can be talking about team has a huge now I am twelve player team is when I was younger working in a team environment. I was you know I wasn't I want to try to grow. Oh no this day that. I'm try and I'm trying to ya look at you gotta look at yourself maybe you don't want me and get the job is people like work and when. I got a bad attitude. Well I'm still better than anybody else do the job the attitude. So you know what. You lessen your value. They go guru coming up next pop up onto a hill. Poppy in studio. Nice. To what Jeff Garcia Bob Myers. And Damon Bruce love Marc spears at 330 thanks to listen and everybody.