Mid-Days Show - Hour 2

Steinmetz and Guru
Tuesday, January 2nd

The Raiders and 49ers both finish 6-10 ... which team is better? Steiny and Guru discuss. 


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More technical fouls and drag my constraint on an even get as many calls are not at all oh look he's got him back. Do listen and 957 game KG m.'s CFM an HD one San Francisco. I don't know I'd try Muslims in the he's just losing their I want her she's losing some other warrior fans and I always wonder. As he's walking off the court get ejected. If Steve Kerr. And staff curry are just like oh this guy. It's the big error he's got touched the UK Polk the bearer. In XP can't force say in this two guys watch him. Steve Kerr no lose he's got the Phillies got engaged. Don't think he'd come on man I'm no good intelligence data you don't like it annulled tomorrow is totally monitoring weight all old. I think there's nobody on the staff either they're not comfortable in approach and or having that conversation but there should be nobody in pro sports is bigger than the coach governors that doesn't have a conversation go for being here. But it's looking bad in omelet guy the gives you all the leeway he's used at all odd man. Where I am. That's just where I am right now now in if I had some friends and family say you know what I'm not gonna begin to come to Odyssey in that I would be like I do it where you're wrapped with dad what he's not gonna go to no game is deal it's bad. It's a bad. It is it looks bad. I think it looks awful. He's the he needs he's the lead player in the NBA menus all know wraps every single. Call he needs it telstar any. The more I think about it he needs it man. You don't go to those dark places and deal up and do what he does. Without having a dark place you go to rent. And you did you live within the warriors alike than they lived with a two years ago when. It cost them an NBA title and then I dry if you possible might happen again he's listen he's in Dallas let's be honest. If that were new York and that it happened two years ago he would never live that down he had a pass out here. He got a pass out here for how severe. Ask you even though they won't it was full brunt fall out here OK it was the asphalt what did you want trade Monday due yeah. Pass out here. I think he's got a pass. His whole career out here with for your fans. And rightfully so he's a fan favorite. And it was like I don't have sought toggle loved rod min. Mean fails white guys who care and they know each others. So are I get it but I'm just I'm just sick of him. Totally suspended it was sixteenth I'm like yeah sixteen and sixteen where I'm halfway through the years got ten. So you figured they haven't talked to him before in previous years. Second have a net that talk will not come. Should be talking mustache Kerr who should be talk about some bus staff. I do know is Durant. In a good way. Looked like. I don't know windy getting in now because I'm so used everybody given me the ball with these hot plug one day out or I'm doing an off still made a statement. And it was a good statement like I don't forget about me I deal this. Superfund mama don't watch don't watch the game twice and I mean that's just what makes you must slow watched him play off the ball. He was up he was special. The handles. And I. Go ahead and let alone are to be venue Rick Janes. Curry's phenomenal. Did you know if you heard the way Steve Kerr talked about him after the game he's basically said I'm out there like Jordan. In a lot of different ways and I agree did he say might see. He basically said that he's never used the phrase know before he said no one's ever tilted the floor. Like staff curry meaning. The mere fact checked the guard in 35 feet from the basket changes the game of basketball south you have to pick up Michael Jordan 35 feet from the floor. A from the bucket fact she wanted to wait as long as possible to pick him right. So this is nothing. About stuff curry whose phenomenal spot. Do we quit doing jumping jacks and some are shall all swing stuff curry. Makes it. Nit wit out of center. I mean. This is the list of the game or this is the this is but this ball is life this is more ads aren't. I did I can't stand. When there's encourage our kids around Rudy go bad. Or more your soul I mean. Dude. Aren't good cops and because we're not huge for Gasol. I mean it's fine Gasol lick likely you don't shoot even if you do go. Oh man do I hope she's gonna shoot of course you get married you started that's where the games that people want you listen to embarrass your opponent. Listen. Any guard who gets matched up against the center on the perimeter traffic not a few of the longest for the last fifty years their eyes light up. And they usually make a play that's bid. So it's like IB EL IE there were fourteen other things that staff curry did on Saturday that we're more impressive than. Make it a three pointer over mark your soul. No markets all 270. Pounds loses badly it's a hole he made a big man loses balance that's tough. Other big men and their uncoordinated dude OK well let me just add to this there's little men staff has done that you. And Zach Owen sound that's impressive if not putting Rudy go bear in the blender. No input Rudy go bear in the blender you'll never hear me use that phrase by the way I have heard the blender here. Hamas inside Google put Abbott spin cycle they put in through the spin cycle he did carry. Courage I admit I can believe that and that the lick the ankle looked like he never missed one day test dummies and I'd sooner be OK okay that. These these special. And this team is the best know all our view of all time I can't wait to the next game tomorrow night. And then we give him two nights in Iran. It shameful bit hardened pulled up right from a basketball is shameful to fans. Or is this is bad we got to wait till the after the second half of the season or playoffs didn't do what I thought we were gonna get it. This Thursday night they play. Thursday and that I did play in about two weeks and that's it they'll play Houston three does that Thomas is back so the fifteenth again against clean low against Cleveland yeah I'm excited about that that'll be fun. By. Houston is gonna play probably the next two games against the warriors without James Harden. Bottom bomber at least the games are in Houston but this a bomber SBA can. It is so note that means. Origin of the best record new NBA again this year her before Sri here and remember how we started out you and I didn't did not. Pool or not just close opens off something wrong and well generally 67 great. Don't even care if they win 59. This team's won in the most important. The trophy I do you think he'll win more than 59 I think though I did a more wins and anybody by the end of the season. Going. Yet there's an employment decent. They wanna lose McGhee it looks like but it hasn't happened it's like to groom the job and every day that goes by no losers good news. Hey I just had out quick got started and I share with you of course since the warriors are movement. If they win the finals this year for Jim lake mayor I figured out where the parade should be. When I love me for nine go to and say no parking lot of the coliseum. Just to south they air. Just like a late have a big stage right daring you to fit everybody wanted to do was okay. Just how well because they're going to be not playing in their home place. Here a couple of years going into the air. Oh where would aid. When they're going to donate eighty. I just work on Iraq and what does their part just go around and and that way you get to see a more. I hate that idea. I don't know why he. So they go around like a trolley yeah it and it's not always play all of the new data relevant zoom right jolly trolley. Just goes around linked his budget that's how old is it seven more personable because you would see a more than you do would the last week. When they do it now well. 02 and I'm anybody likes my deal and feel free to use it just that you're gonna say I think you're gonna give me the old. Have the parade on the Bay Bridge. From one side to the other that Wendy's Hillary at both that would never to too. I mean they shut down the Bay Bridge when they put those. Faulty bolts and well yeah supposedly had no balls on the speech. About who America about the multi Madagascar not anymore know a little and got them fixed. I don't think they necessarily bad and I must sources do they got to fit. I think they're just like Q well. Motorola don't know. All right that crap crap shoot it. Sugar often. Treasure Island time no I didn't publish every time now I'm doing things different I usually go there to get my Red Bull says I'm not drinking nudged him moaning and to have convenience stores and treasure on one right there and we know that there right there and then on eleven and will do well yeah. A lot of people who live there is rough to me they they are winning used to be I used to live on treasure element that was in the name win this for years how still they are. Argo like Michael Jackson are you OJ we know why don't house is delirious abandon. When he left but it's not the same neighborhood you grew up or not. There's there's a rough over it real there. What is beautiful. About the views got to do not crowd abuse. There. So warrior at Dallas tomorrow acts Houston Thursday. Should have an afternoon game on Saturday against the clippers you're right 1230. That's already slowed in my living there. What was stated they started to get better Blake Griffin's back you're gonna make the playoffs. Think so yeah I do I do Austin health and improved I hope they do. The teams that I don't want to make the playoffs are the Portland trailblazers and sickened them. And the other team helped. Can stuff we get wrong what you don't forget that they're very they're ready and they're going to be a problem Rondo ended too big underdog problem. And they might not make the play offs. They've also been completely healthy which could change I Tyreke Evans is proved his game. Who he is supposed to have been halfway decent and grain from Cleveland proved your point about we just do the most catch your eye we come back. Canadian and a more 49ers more Jon Gruden and more Golden State Warriors should. He'll listen in 957 the game. In 957. Big game. Outside mets' Darryl would do Lou Johnson 957. That day. Yeah 2018. To everybody. We're big big new year for. But if your plan in a parade. Let people say don't hire me. They went to an ideal love the parking lot. I'm afraid I usually go from two point eight appointee now from point a back to point B plan right now. UNH is gonna be used on. So. Apparently. Jon Gruden now is acknowledged that he's. While you acknowledged that he thinks. He might be. Considered for the raiders job. Ready for this knowing that her. Gruden said the Bay Area news group move by the way I'm one jump on that sector oh. Gruden said well I think I'm being considered yes I hope Obama candidate. Gruden hopes is a candidate. So he's doing what you do these are respectful guy and if you wanted the process to play out the raiders jumped the gun. But this is what he's doing he will be the next coach and I just say this Tia. Win his Bay Area football being in better hands we're 22 coaches. Then they are now I grew incomes dull when mall. Beatrice sting I don't know I don't know. Newbie exercising but I don't know how. Great hails obedient that's all I'm saying oh congratulations there. Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area news group like Jerry they covers the raiders. Might be the first story broken by a local media member about five the others. As it relates to one of our team is the Vegas guy got the scoop on. All the Vegas guy the national guys they they I mean. Larry Ellison Bay Area media is not breaking anything it's all national on the national guys whether football baseball basketball. Shots fired in the bond driving around like you know break the next door. From the sides not as important as it used to be wow. Breaking stories by. The regional or local newspapers has essentially been outsourced to the national ask how much talk about Bay Area talk about everything everything. This is not an emphasis on that anymore. I mean who who can apply for a job it at the chronicle are the Mercury news and say you know I'm gonna I'm a break stuff. Around here like Shasta does. Or guy covering the warriors salmon breaks stuff around here like quoting around social media Ronay happened well I happened. So Gruner acknowledges he's he might be a candidate he's come in men's. Bruce talking before any coach was fired and come on hello Ali there's no he's also appeared. They're legit there live official. I pick corn do room. Oh you're just had no I do live in front though I'm Robin RTC so you don't you're driving the battle behind you don't look kid who's on the line or I didn't know I can't. I don't have them take now on this front would you fix up total western Pleasanton has that total Lester what's up lesser. It's better and can merit. Pay mariners are eight. You know regarded that this group situation common rhetoric however I'd. It's a director can help but be excited about and you guys there are being a relative. Fleischer. The raiders. Not Tim McGraw Apple's flagship station but I note below trend over the air but a better analogy of the this site that's when it comes to that I mean I would compared go real situation throughout the Mark Jackson. With the warriors I mean you're looking at a guy who helped change the culture around a little bit you know any got the fundamentals down got respectability back to the organization. Now with growing problem back cumulative Steve curry would an analyst for RL 67 years before he was coaching award. You've got to give it actually involved in analyzing and and talk with players and other coaches and so we're so. I think gluten been involved became pretty heavily and that aspect and how big. I think he seemed that it actually and then the evolution of Opel the last ten years. The geez coach you try to get the its upside and I think you're going to be bring back responsibility to crystal ball to the next level. I don't know how I but he can't help but be excited about it. I saw after the call was to appreciate it. I have a curator friend should be yeah and I'm an raider fan. Or greater observer. Moderator fans so it decrypt my work what you got to put this move down under the positive column. We'll talk we still got to see if garage below Shanahan a task in a word but it regarded with what just happened and you go fix it. This is like the warriors lose in the finals and the best. Are you Reggie does Reggie McKenzie got home I was killer Reggie we are. Anyway would be needed but won't find out how they needed us is John Burns dude it's going to be run your organs he's got a coach and running I'm sure he's come with all the power. All right Jon Gruden I am speculating. But until we don't know we don't know yet because they haven't talked they just started talking didn't prediction on the press conference I think Friday. When they introduced Turkey. I hated Turkey to the head and all that and that meant or just common group. I. Can you just. Got to get no more man I don't have to get on board what do you know libel reportedly did Nevada you know what. Raiders announcer staying here for good I get on board I'm done with them. I'm done with them I don't care people are upset it would mean. She's just another. Coaching firing and hiring as far as I'm concerned. And what were they 686. In the air offensive colds for Ghana has gone a lot area injury time aired it. Dirk cutters back by the way that's the other thing how did that John Clayton. Talked last week about now. Jon Gruden doesn't. Talked to teams with coaches. But somehow John Clayton said our he's gonna go to these go to Tampa Bay that was the batter is third cut I'm supposed to be. How he would now my group was going to Tampa this is why they're so currently this classic. How did you think crude a Beagle on the Tampa when he would have had no talks with Tampa because they had a coach in place. Right so you met your study you're you're you're speaking for John. John didn't say I wouldn't talk to a team if they approached me about a vacancy he's not hook. It didn't come out of the horse's mouth to say because your make and a story out of something that snuff and who cares if they get they had a coach already if you know there is the only knows I'm gonna fire my coach. Come talk to me about whatever it's good. And obviously that's what happened but it seems like your current off a bit that he would have those conversations while the raiders and Tampa had a cold I don't know how this business are I don't care she was talking the raiders while Jack Del Rio was a coach I can Carolina asked. What bothers me. Is this sanctimonious. Guy like you John dill like your Jon Gruden or Jeff Van Gundy who makes a point of saying. I do the right thing I don't talk to teams when they have a current coach. No it's an issue of investors are gonna say. But to actually do the option to shut down and also you're that guy. Don't say you're a guy who doesn't talk to a team with a coach in place it's all who care if you talk to won't. Also I'll just say you don't say that's not something I do because I too much respect for the guy in place right now don't. You don't would give me this the analogy I made with the warriors lose in the finals in the best to dove deodorant was going to get to rant that this is. This is up they are the raiders after a stinky season. You go and not even after the game ten minutes after the game's over you fire your coach and you get one of the most revered coaches. Some could argue an NFL history John Grogan offered his cell thought and he could be your new head coach some writer fans who say we would best worst sacrificing seventeenth. He did this guy to be the next coach hopefully for the next in the twenty years. Agreed grew an unknown. No okay I'll put him up there with Max out put him up there with the belly churches we have these did not giving up ballots I think his his intellect football intellect and be an innovator. Is up there watermelon managerial skills like he's got a Super Bowl. And I don't wanna hear who's Super Bowl was a new players and how long ago was. You don't wanna hear that either did nothing wrong what age yeah you're right there's nothing wrong with age but I just know this new roof twenty years ago and now. I'm a different person. I think about things differently but he's still the game's about moving the chains right. You'll get a first down cover your name and don't fumble don't throw interception. It's all there is tends to go to LeRoy in Oakland what's up LeRoy how you doing man. Happy new year slowly rose starting gate since you guys began and how much this wanted to say you know. It doesn't matter if the readers. Keep Jon Gruden said they can bring in Belichick and channel. These core players. Are these receivers developed and I can AT. They're not gonna win this going to be in the same place as they were last year let me Cardoza Knoll. It is being watched would be if it is rather a game changer. A game manager that he won a standard and Ed in the face of pressure. And deliver the ball that he wanted dug out of the way. Crabtree doesn't know what he wants to be sticky fingers are slippery lingers Laredo that looking watched it. Catch the ball or drop the ball they'd been pagan just put on the raiders uniform and have that rader much he got black. All of that. Although the word like that it out should come from the art. And I don't believe coaches come in and deal I didn't the I believe each player has to know who they are and where quake. We've enjoyed Ahmad. I'm are on board with you got a double warriors fan and he is gay all minorities to get on my nerves. A year or two ago and I would bet my wife. On the slash. Winning streak that we had to build games without straight month and I'd say we are better team defense simply. Defense certainly whipped out curry. And without great month would curry it's because we know their shortcomings on defense he's not. Barack and and an end and and an eight underrated defender brings you hot start to sit there and went straight line. As we covenant models. You run your mouth too much it's contagious. Now another Gaza do when they get work done everybody on the team is doing and so are my needs to show up. And play ball have a great day he died happy new year. That's a warrior fan LeRoy he says it just me that's why I brought it up because I do think the warrior fans that are. That is starting to get fed up with with drama. Well let me let me say this. A guy gives you all the drama gives you. Does he own. That that leeway with the rest. Where you're owned up do you have his back basically because in essence that's what the warriors adorned led by Steve Kerr. They they said we're going to tolerate drain month because what he gives us on the court. It's it's an abundance of energy. Almost never seen before and if that comes with him yell on the arrest. Will looked the other way we'll deal with it because if it was a problem so I. I know what becomes not worse that one then right two years ago on the final but yeah that was that that won the rap demo I mean boogie like look at cousins. Cousins. They he takes he gets a bad I was doing what he was doing for as long as he was doing it in Sacramento. And then eventually. We got to move on it became too much I could see happen which are month prince. What is it too easy free agent two years. We'll never leave itself. I'll bet you're right now he doesn't retire a warrior I'll bet she might now try my degree does not retire a warrior. You don't wanna make any bets like that because. I'll bet you want every player in basketball that they will not retire with their current team and you know what I'm gonna wait and most of those bats you know that wrote on that staff we know we ain't going nowhere a Texas staff ends up in Charlotte for like the last two years of his career. He won't be good but he'll go there. Randy I don't imagine steps now being did it hit it 45 years old. That boys you'll be able to shoot dead ball is long there's also always can avoid steps that ball it's going the end. But I guess to the courage Jason in or game Jason what's up man. Hey good morning bashing traveling though yet every day. Yes so I wanted to accommodate give my perspective only prudent thing you know BM. You know a long time later and then. Cheer them back in the game and industry and the technical perspective of now you know I think part of Wanda though are some this kind of and I heard a lot about that it's kind of a big deal of greatness. He's got a burning a lot of coordinators in people that we would've never had an opportunity to get before insults that cost more money. On the end up paying more per hand I think it's worth it because. It's the hardest thing actually with the raiders the last couple years as we just don't have the coordinators that fit. Our players in other words you know trying to work with our players' strengths and I I think part of that is just the Del Rio he didn't. He he didn't really have caught my dream match as far as screaming in people they're really gonna help our defense and really get car click and then. And but I just wanna get your perspective signing onto the water further raiders. Leaving Oakland. Would you be on board with this movie that I I wish you every day and I think a lot of lot of what I hear from you is that. You're here mainly upset that there leaves you kind of don't really get home or put much but if I want to credibly and would you be on board with this move. That's a fair question Jason that's a fair question. I wooten. I think fire in Del Rio was he was probably the way to go you want to be fair I phenomenal head I didn't think he was gunfire Del Rio. So yes if this. Fire were invested. I would be optimistic or I would be. Hopeful yeah for sure but our. There's even two years should they are we even into years all right. Pisses me off guru hope it's not what I got to it now I gotta would best in Jon Gruden. All investing Jon Gruden. And then. Maybe doesn't even turnaround. But lie. But by. Hey thanks for turnaround seal later. What if a guy like I saw what if you got a Super Bowl feel like I saw her win in those two years before they left. Say I would say it would be. Overwhelmingly. Bittersweet. It wouldn't be joy you that you can't blame the players for the moon. I'm blaming the players so why not root for more than one cannot believe that the rumors that's did the raiders they're not. Players there are greater players are part of the raiders organization. Which is moving from Oakland. Sealer error. How do you want. How do you want me to die then full when they're now leaving in two years. Here's the other thing I have a feeling that Jon Gruden is gonna come may and and I think he's gonna look at this roster and say you know what people it's not as good as you think it is. And so you know what I'm Terence and stuff down here. Guess what. Have a good 511 season and next I'll tell you he wouldn't he wouldn't dare do that. We did did you guys that he doesn't like hell TGI won twelve games keep two years ago crowd and that's why he's come in with a franchise quarterback fairly crowded trees are huge pride on this team that did did it Crabtree didn't play another game for the right as they wouldn't miss him at the wideout position now love Gramm and noted that it would have you know I'm putting the ball to give I had nobody then there would have been a receipt you can't catch the ball now did you see our Mark Cooper these last two weeks stunk this year yeah did you know why dunk. You know what they need. They did a whole team right now. Not a good defensive coordinator offensive coordinators they need a whole team a Sigmund Freud is what they need to glorify god. Derek Karr is somebody I don't recognize you a Marty Cooper regressed. In an unbelievable. Manner about daily don't forget the my strong. If you don't you don't mind if the conductor is wrong the music scale this down so when Derek Karr is another bad year they knew you know while I'm gone bad didn't. We'd be like Chucky what's going on but that's not that's why easy error. If it is true that Derek Karr. Is psychologically not the same quarterback is he was the last two years ago. I don't care who is a coach. That's a big deal we tell if 88 coordinator change. Especially one that car wanted. For the wrong reason there is no way he wanted there's not something more going on with their cause I hope that's not it but Jon Gruden wouldn't say JS included John Hancock on the paper and come detailed if you thought Karr couldn't be fixed you think gruden don't want Marshawn Lynch back. And you know locked. I listen to won't talk about religion before he was even being rumored as a coach. And I don't think I think ruins the type of personality. This kind of like Marchand. They can understand who's more of a pain. CY Marshawn Lynch George ray mine green but why why is pain in the world because they affect the locker room. Says Lou. Says maybe. A whole future what are you drained my greens personally doesn't affect the worst lie I've never heard staff I've never heard players say they knew they couldn't get along with I thought about not getting along it's about affecting the dynamic. Marshawn Lynch affected the dynamic of the raiders' locker room will you at least give me that. I'll give you that. That's also insult wondered Jon Gruden want that. But I will say he was the best player on the field in the second in the states and you know what I'll play devil's advocate the rest of the day. I'm gone back to my roots. And don't have to my room so you've taken Marchand what would they warn that it didn't know up until Marshawn Lynch played his best football when the stakes were the lowest how does that. When the stakes were at their lowest that's when Marshawn Lynch would that is not hasn't run the ball stop any. Anywhere at home are worth less due to. Yeah the last 68 weeks of the season he did. He did they start given all yeah. Well probably and on the theory note how about that he's probably had an ulterior motive is what he had you that you want to come back we don't even know if he wants to come back. My business and whatever whatever that whatever is best for him as what he wants. The hate on that I catch it. Let's go to let's go to bill in Campbell what's up bill. Hey guys. It. Well I'm not Sigmund Detroit but I am there's. I don't know if you don't do much Sigmund Freud analyze and the other cocaine and process. I look back between back and forth between the trivia because. Talking about the warriors. Matt. And dealt last year. When you said the raiders for gonna go thirteen and three. I thought man what he's talking about and what we would be grateful to be eleven and fight it. If I didn't get hurt last year would've been thirteen intrigued. And so I thought wow you know you pull that one out and I'm watching them this year. Obviously there are many problems but the biggest problem myself. And this is gonna come to what you're saying not combat production out of the psychology of things. You don't have to have people coming towards Syria and there's a problem when it's an obvious problem charmed I'm totally with you that. Would drain money. You can do the math we've got two championships put them. And and one can probably cautious and so he's doing one. But it is a problem it is it's a big problem you're right there the biggest complaint there's a basketball. But you know we've got a team that should win 65 games. Going back with the raiders. It couldn't come here and I didn't know that the card jumped in front of me and so what I wanted to say. Not always always he did he have the passion before. Did did people will would not regional players media were drawn to him. Yeah personalities what they think he's told us he's unlikely colonel way and that he's gotten attention not just to watch the raiders. But to look at the whole league could. And when he comes here and I think just what else say it. He's gonna bring in the big time offensive coordinator here and I think people are way overreact you would do well I would dare cards because the guy had. Coke second only to Peyton Manning. In the history of the NFL has that touchdown to interception ratio until this year. And that offensive line and the creek I put to the global fund on last year's merit it was ridiculous. He can ask you to getting creamed it and he was overcoming injuries. But you get somebody in there who really knows how to work and I'd love to see which getting I would do it compare I think he'd be doing whatever grapple is gonna do. In normal later piano like tonight I think I think when they brought inland. And and then I hit it men these guys are now somebody's help and the ownership got here because these guys know what they're doing. Maybe and maybe thanks for the call bill may be gruden won't play that role. With the right leadership. I would hope so. This is Pete this is this is very deed. This guy and also balls and I need this is what they needed their cars not done but as his mental. A you have Dr. Phil is your head coach this guy knows quarterback in. Indeed it did you know group Rudy doctor feel solidarity yet but I don't like him but yet did you rumble and I did well. I disagree with a group like a football guy. And have time to get in somebody's head and work and that's who I got to talk to Derek about being confident in the pocket. Which he's just not even root my group is more about. Here's how you actually cute here's how you win football games. I am the idea in enough to out earlier. Has Bay Area full body in better hands and then somebody told me Bill Walsh and Tom floors coasted to same town so. Or did John grooms a myth right now. Hold common man flat out coach for a decade but he's been. Around the game he's done it every team do you usually they just topple the miked I would go to Monday Night Football no all week Derek Garcia all these teams and don't find. Find out what their plane and don't run in the skiing hills given that much credit. Uh huh nobody even Jon Gruden right now is who would Scott Gaines he's supposed to be doing that's a pity party or any reason I'm happy. Kansas City with kids employed help me out kissing her home yet clearly. A wager hundreds of Kansas City right now the titans. There's no way he's in Kansas City when I signed a contract. When he shouldn't be doing the gay folks that took away our way and I don't really care problem more than do in the game but would you give me that he's seeing and what other teams are running in. What they're trying to run. I watched the game he tells me Dez Bryant is not he's supposed to go here and not that the guy they still noses craft. Keep in mind the players nowadays have no idea who Jon Gruden and what's his coach. A clue. A man they were ten. What is there and that's a great portal was had to do with any day. Among you are way down to teach our draft did you sign on the teach you this how we do here that's fine I just try and win but. Ali Jon Gruden means a damn thing to Michael Crabtree. Let's go to us steel reserve. So you reserves in Fremont what's up man. Cora also. Embody your career Clark commands and a minute or allergic so much and take all the man. I'm not sure how to look what does all gluten but luckily wanna. That step would be better than GDR and down what ever you bring him let them go we better it can't be any worse. And that's our car being psychologically. Wrecked c'mon Matt you got a couple major injury you do with a little give on the benefit of the doubt. The duke professor actually if you can it be tackled it'll go out and elect a king of baseball which is definitely a lot. East shot not block. Our children figured out there everybody Steve Sachs Steve and Rick Ankiel residing do you like that. Obama. Because you'll get more time gloating greeted there by ourselves. We don't care for every little rock band at a glance. There are a lot of you do it that there's a very small percentage that live in Oakland the majority the way to spend on the staying in Oakland this real. I had a clue what you're saying a lot of us. Don't really care what their playbook and have a plan but neither Bristol should never have been stolen all of them if it is ingrained in this well at least that's you mean. Got you got you still reserve I hear you. I just don't want you knew. Lights. Blame a guy like me before. It now you know I'm more matches than my heart again enthusiast that I digital cards. I mean like what would only say I'm bum. I'm looking forward to the 49ers that's what I'm looking forward to this membership open every now I don't listen. And you are there for all. Go to India and Martina is what's up Andy. Eight that a bill look at a map. I just want to I don't want to point out bed I don't even know they are shot at a British are part of a retired yesterday. Not your standard tweeted congratulations. Are congratulating him on the about a yard. Mark replied so. But the best I can't put my old eyes. Strap it on and I wanted to leave the game jet bite you big dog bill looked into yet slow. Not harsh I'd tweak a black hole tweet all the time I don't know what you read into it but that's what you down anyway. Then maybe while he might people on this that. Come back Marchand pin neat way and it's not as like a fighter saying the exact the exact afternoon can many camp if somebody wants him back. The raiders once in the race I only thing they don't have you back. Don't get me Rashard and watch TomTom bruiser who grew and why they can get to sacked on Barkley with a ninth pick will he be around. Laura got a ninety day when the split. Mama probably ours did Barkley. Shoes got a better future. Not here's the raiders just to me it's obvious Friday afternoon it would have been the nine or by a landslide right now it's just the niners by a slide. Well that's if garage below what we think he has. What if you were dress your clothes every bit. Do what we do is he's denies Derek Cole is every bit I don't know and we Don we thought would dare car he's been injured men and twice and twelve months. He threw the bomb to a Marty Cooper I not know what I thought I say where was this all year or where was this. Even if you don't pitch you throw it that deep they had even been trying and nothing happened in the last three days. That makes me any less excited about the 49ers. And nothing that's happened the last three days that makes me more excited about the raiders. They hi OK they got pretty Jack Del Rio I actually and that the problem and are now it's a big problem only for you now there's not gone anywhere you just gonna pay him just because you get from the extension. Mark Davis is all the end. And people got to give them credit for making this move there Eaton money they call for all the little hasn't been made yet apparently he's got to come on yeah. You can OK and you since page you think that so your. You're gonna give. Marc Davis the benefit of the doubt he can sign yet he can get grew inside sealed the well he's already done yes already already broken lol this the first time Davis has looked like his dad. He Jerry Jones isn't some major. This is paying nobody saw would come home no real debate right now I'd be big if Mark Davis sold the team that would be big ones filled up. Happens. I'm viewing everything is window dressing. I did is they got bad ownership. They had a bad front office and I watched that with a Golden State Warriors for fifteen years and they never had any success consistently. Never. So just because Jon Gruden comes in I don't think Abiola consistent success. Because they're ownership. Offensive. One at that what do narrowly won a Davis is with himself in the mirror did you know what I got to change. Your looks like he's take it he's done it. Now when your marketing coordinator option option it would not Mark Davis can change OK why why would even change for the betterment of the team. And that's why you win out you first you're right. Recognized you had a guy the should have been in there and didn't qualify for that extension that's the big part second you eat the money. All money is not good money. And he won it in got a hell of lookup a whale of a coach if it's true. And now the organization. Movement I can't wait to see what they do want it now the Turkey dumb war. Dick just jockey I'm sure watch out on a college football. You haven't seen him with a college quarterbacks when they go oh OK sand. Any watches film for the first time. Put some news for you ain't nobody's an expert on every pro team and every college team. You can sell I went back and watch the game there's not enough time in the day to familiarize yourself with 31 other NFL teams and then say. I also have a handle on the draft. Had a here. Here. Well. That's for your staff. That's free would you stats which of staff does and then they come in and tell you what they fail and that's the bit that's another Doug domino to drop who will the staff deep. That's most interest in seven and Reggie. Which on Sunday careers is Reggie retention unless they tell me the GM and Graeme many to have read some law. And you hear Del Rio said I talked to mark not gene not the GM notified me I wouldn't be coming back he said Mark Davis told me I wasn't coming back and nobody's been able answer that question. This group we just firing. I think I've seen my. Yeah that one I just I've I've thrown the question now I don't. Has there ever been a coach after the last game of the year where the owner told him you are fired. By the way go ahead and do your post game press conference. Your post did press conference which I was listening to think and aren't they part of yeah David why. I dropped cooler. Sounds fishy. In all I'm saying no would the fish is the fish is the Mark Davis. Was he was planning on fire and Jack Del Rio I don't think he was playing on fire him fired in Sunday. Three minutes after the final horn. You have a problem was New Year's Eve aren't sure about New Year's team I care about three minutes after the last game and then send an amended do the press conference. All you have is better than a lot of this car they can say why did a real deep move right there near life. It did move is what it is. It was a business move. What does she know about business was Mark Davis go about business more than I know he owns a team that doesn't necessarily. Mean he knows more than you. I'm I'm listen. I did it I I know that Jon Gruden huge name specially back here I know it. Am I know he was a great coach in his day. Per decade ago man. So that no as far as I'm concerned why can't read your fired real real Larry coached right. We'll see if he's lane cafe are dead as well and perform or art show or Jack Del Rio roar. Bill cower we'll find out as we know ideal kind of you know it is you niche in band and the death. If he came back to coach the NBA now not telling me all that well with all he had asked and that he it would be rough for him absolutely changed to where I absolutely didn't. Come home jumper and Gundy was coaching teams that won that 9082. I wouldn't like Jeff Van Gundy nearer my up tempo basketball team right now are when you hear and do the game's telecast just didn't feel bad guys talk about it doesn't mean you believe in it or that teacher corps. That's on sale and. It. I just a big game passing these coaches by I'm not saying it did 'cause you know they even sit on their keys tour and on and yet. You know what fair enough and I must say Jon Gruden the genius. Because sixteen years ago we did something with a bunch of vol players from Tony Dungy. That's all I'm saying and ask ballot but now he let me get another chance. And I would just lean towards it being successful I'm not a since I'm not leaning toward being successful because I believe ownership is more important that a coach. He. Then. The raiders ownership isn't good enough if her team out there are all professional sports who wins. But you know their ownership stinks. Consistently. Assault ship sinks but yet they win consistently in spite of it. I gotta believe the answer no. This is flat out no you better do moral and I hope you can do the research well don't use the Internet here because you're never gonna find out because we got Internet problems and hear the metal like net problems people out there might be like your assignments usually makes an argument he's a little more. Detail these guys facts right there trigger knowing that right now. I need I need years. And nine was the last time gruden coached. What you do in 2009. 2009. I was. Same thing I'm doing now. A one on the might you know 12009 I was working for Comcast doing TV I'm a cell and education nine years later and I couldn't be further I couldn't know less about TV. All eyes if I'd never been there. Well listen meg burns coming back if you wanna be excited all he did all eyes the football world is on Oakland that's cinco racked. Completely incorrect it's there where. There are rising San Francisco right now know they wore. This is there a small needed it's OK let me tell you this is now the same PRI's are bold well placed. That's fine for you all of you. I'm gonna be vastly. More interested in what the niners do in free agency and what they do in the draft then no raiders. That's I'm gonna be close but there are trying now. You wanna hear they're trying to render shrink. The 49ers are getting better the raiders are getting worse and the 49ers are getting daughter director says they're six intense XNT and blue. So what team won five and erode the finish of the other team. The Pope and about. What were I hope bread possible but they build the next.