Mid-Days Show - Hour 2

Steinmetz and Guru
Thursday, December 28th

Steiny and JD are joined by Tim Roye (Warrios PxP). This hour we discuss whether Durant is a legit DPOY candidate, if JaVale McGee is unhappy with his reduced minutes, and we talk about the future of Marshawn with the Raiders. 


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Easy easy 957. Assignments John Dickinson 957. Games and enjoying this right now. We have Tim Roy he's brought to you by Porsche a free month opportunity awaits at portion of Fremont Tim Roye. The voice the warriors you can follow on act warriors boxing on Twitter. Tammy what's going on my man I hate that you guys ever really carries you guys ever not on the air with you don't want your entourage guys are on the is there about you know unbelievable yeah. This is the three man station you remain you've known me know. I saw a Tim you know like let's night's game for me. You have one of these games every once in awhile where you can realize maybe how good a team is sometimes how bad a team is. Oh with Steve Kirsch said this is the word that the war is the worst three point shooting team over the last ten games. And there's still nine in one or whatever I think that's when it hit me that. I don't know the style. Or if there is one style and beat the warriors consistently. Yeah yeah they're they're actually 26. All with tied with Philadelphia Phoenix Milwaukee in Orlando slightly more lives actually oral Orlando definitely worse than they are they've showed. Freeze last ten games at thirty point nine and the lawyers around 33 point three B yet that that's it to me it's it's there. Their culture and their defense are wider kind of won the last ten. Because they didn't go all they didn't wring their hands sale Curry's out and then Niagara dream on and on drains outside everybody was out they didn't they do anything there that it's okay with good schools go to work let's go to business you know our business done. And they've they've had one yelled one night when they hit the gas and there is nothing there against Denver and there's nothing you can do but that's gonna happen through trees out here. It's just physically and mentally impossible. To indeed. A 100% in intuit 83 times a year just in the human body brain is not wired that way. And so. Yeah I don't think it's remarkable and their defense has been outstanding I think it had last night. Boy they did whatever it is whatever you know Steve Kerr is is saying at halftime keeps saying it's because of their third quarters have been outstanding. And the last night was just another example of that by the way do you know who who shot and in this time period we started December 5 through last night you know who's number one Italy three point. Shooting during that time which team in which team the Sacramento Kings now buzz this lakers. It's what you would not think of at all that's why should delay that's why so. I think helps a all the teaser action shot awhile but they just don't shoot a lot of they'd get they'd they don't see this this can't do that to a ton of them but let there it's the New Orleans pelicans. 45 point 9%. Bell Atlantic on worries actually shouldn't have got to get down there and that's an incredible stat I'd. Mean that one jump off the page to be like whoa how play. Do what they always say as for Steve curse halftime speech is I think it probably goes something like this guys. Let's go. That's his halftime speech. Stop the ball low and Tim how how realistic is is the Durant. Defensive player of the year talk because Jimmy he's been terrific he's made a lot of flash plays or no drain money green. Gave him the vote of confidence last night but then as you watch the the whole league. How how realistic is it. I think I think it would be incredibly realistic lawyer your word trade might not on the T. Because I think in in the the other grand scheme of a voting I think there or you know our analyst. Gets played out I think he'll build those tools to put votes. And so that's going to be harder I think for either one of them to win the award but I think both of them are deserving both of them had been fantastic. Heidi trademark greens the best communicators late. You know everybody everybody talks about you know the technical fouls on that but bite you watch him he is constantly tell him talking to guys about. Defense and leave any probably offence meant you know he's talking about guys about how to play the game and yet here's what I wanna do you know he gave Jordan bella Doug the other night by just giving him a simple instructions. You know wanted to slip that pin down an angle right to the rim catalog didn't even didn't see him. And so. So yeah I I think you know drew much magnificent in the end I think both those guys are playing extremely extremely well with the Pittsburgh. Seth Curry obviously still still out on an ankle injury. I was thinking and Tim who we have a situation earlier in the year which remind green wanted to play in Detroit he played and then he went out of the lineup for a few games. Same thing happened with the ran when he played Oklahoma City kind of went out of line for a few games being banged up. You got Charlotte on Friday there's no way you can tell me curry would love to play in that game. And yet I just don't see it I think they kinda learned their lesson if that's the way to put it. Yeah I think outlaw I think it'd that. Yelled the player is not always the best. And judge and jury about whether or not they should apply. Because they always want to play and they always will play 48 minutes and so. It's all say had negative reevaluate Mon Friday. If indeed he did play on Friday fined if he was everything was a 100% go it Sig yeah you're good let's go. I would I would venture that he would play one or the other game. Not and now both on the back to back you don't put that kind of pressure on right away and it's just too bad I yelled he's gay reevaluated right in the middle of back to back at it in the gulf. If if they're it's not a 100% OK you know what let's give them give her the weekend and then there yet Dallas coming up the next week maybe that's the way to go on. I think it very good about this stuff and I think you know drama and maybe talk his way on the floor Detroit. And and neck and one in the game basically at the end Ian Kevin Durant again with defense they both can both make great plays coming down Strachan. And so so you know they get maybe maybe they are going to be a bit more cautious. Would this one especially you know in light of the fact that it's mid season you know let's listen there's no urgency. To have him back on the floor right now. Tim are you look at pat mark caught me at one point at what point do you think key becomes. Consistently. Aggressive he's still obviously a very young player. And is that something new you conceived by the end of the year I know warriors are open that or is that still something where he's gonna have to evolve you think over. Many years to where he's just. Consistently looking confident in his game because he's a solid player it just doesn't always look like he believes that he's a solid player well I think it's also the. Bad teeth he understands what team he's on May be too much self. Mom because he gets out there and then he gets a look and then he says boy I act I got Kevin Durant over here are gonna give him the ball. Yeah I mean in our guidance Klay Thompson's are right on the throw the ball Klay Thompson. I think he understands too much that that bad he has stars on the team. And I think sometimes he needs to say OK I'm gonna make something happen here he did last night you look at first shot. And it got to a nice read them yeah I don't think he's gonna give you that every night you know maybe not I hope I'm wrong maybe maybe worlds of what but I think he can't get to the point where. Yeah when I shot is created for him that he will take advantage of that. And I love the way he's finishing at the rim they just just a variety of different. You know move so what he does that. Yelled the lawyers are even that much better. And I think that that's what they need coming off the bench they need players to be aggressive in the within within limits and also. To a provide little spark. Tim -- joins us every weekend all warrior interviews are brought to buy JBL the official sound of the warriors essentially what you're saying is McCall needs a little more Nick Young in him. Well in the nick nick when Nixon the car the lights always green. It's added it's always dream. You know then that's who he is and and I think you know on on this particular team this year that's exactly what they need the do they need to commit and make shots. And so. You know a bit but the cause is more of more rounded player and he's a guy and they can do a lot of different things and I faked. The last time we saw how both of those guys can fade in and do well you know inside. Warriors system. Hey Tim thank you so much for joining us appreciate it and we'll see out of oracle tomorrow. Okay why he would get ready for dinner tonight nature on the radio expecting these guys still out here this thing yeah. Depends where you need buddy to play and what about calling you by copyright and a I guess I would do and it's Tim Roy he's the voice of the golds they warn you follow him at Twitter on Twitter at warriors box. We think of the future for up front line of Jordan bell Dray mind green and Durant. I used to really get an athletic long. Can switch everything essentially. Make it some lazy he's almost the perfect fifth polite here. For any immediately obviously he's a little taller ray disc even two inches taller AK you could. Maybe say it right now I I think in a lot of ways he's the perfect. Fifth player for for all star. It's I'm starting to think he is too. Because I think if now you watched him for thirty plus games you realize that. The things he does. Are right what the warriors that's right at the warriors Alley so everything and he's gonna get better. I mean you see sometimes again look at me like oh okay great play. I did silly mistake and sometimes in the in the same sequence. Silly mistake. Bad pass turn over Ashley gonna chase down block right sometimes it's in the same play. What happens when he cuts that down what he's an again I every points to the defense we have lettuce is in the speed. All true. Actually think it's. He has the potential to be a pretty good offensive player you already see him dive into the basket last night he had a tough time finishing right it is going to be nights like dad. But for the most part this year he's been a pretty good finisher alas I was on the extent he has been and I think. At some point down the line. She's going to BF competent enough. Shooter I really do you feel like he's gonna be a competent enough shooter to where he can keep your honor. I don't think he's ever going to be a three point shooter. But I don't know because I haven't seen but I do you think he can start Mullen the Paul Millsap I thought was never going to be a three point shooter. More on the snare we can probably run down a list now players that we never thought we're gonna be an out and shoot and it's so you're right about that. Hi I just what I can't get over JD I think about this once in awhile I think about the warriors is two years ago. When Bogut was plain setter for this team. And we're three to five plays every single game where he he disrupted something at the rim either with the blocker within altered. And to think that he would remove gone and the team becomes better. At rim protecting although are they better rim protecting or are they just a better shot blocking team because. I don't know I'd love didn't know this that. Three point shots of the warriors blocked it. Other more than any other team in the league we drain among blocks threes Bolger blocks three's. Live client can block threes. So that they're not only defended the rim they're also defending the three point line. That's something that I Bell's going to be able to do to our whose garden last night he did a nice job the F switch off on Donovan Mitchell. And he was able to keep them in Friday also kept LeBron in front of him a couple times and that's not locking not locking up but. It's better to get blown by. It's definitely better than getting blown pilot did a nice job against LeBron James as everybody. Did and then that don't flat released this week everybody's the cross the leagues and predict unless the prime Chandler what many are triple double last night and several. Now they did it can't take the cast seriously why I I can't. Look up they're going to be fun you will probably get to know they didn't actually the warriors broke the rules technically. Now can go right to. To go suck suck it in again I'm not even sure that the Sacramento rule is in play. Which is in it's it's simple if you lose at home. To the Sacramento Kings viewers at home to McCain's. I just can't take you seriously and may be considered a joke. But again the warriors loss at home McCain's now I get an editor Rana curry. I know I also believe they. Eat any team can lose any game on the road. And we're seeing it this year in the NBA because every team loses like nightly there's just teams lose and dog games. Everywhere you look everywhere you look. I think it's a function of cavs got run out in Sacramento. They were hanging tough for awhile run out last night they were in there and nineteen in the fourth quarter net gain okay. Vince Carter baby. Vince Carter go ten for twelve from the field can't close my nice. Envisioned him making ten shots in the game anymore defense. Open mocks practice shots. While you know why you are kinda right because hot the other night. I mean JR Smith on Christmas Day was virtually catatonic I mean he he was. Awful. We can make sure. Game carry no weight he didn't Helio for the game he told you before the game he didn't care he was the only guy that was held true can't help him to Tristan Thompson golf. Tristan Thompson what's happened with him when he was a factor two years ago at a time and doesn't think anything matters anymore. Got pay again he's seen it all once you've seen it all nothing matters anymore. Question warriors. Direct a better shot blocker than Bogut but they bowed to better anchor in the middle bloop bloop that's a bad permits. The worst loss at home to the kings who says the six filing did that at minute that's what it was and out liar because they read. Yeah now curry entering anywhere else for that gave him an action game and they think that that was actually gain it made me rethink get them because. The warriors actually played I thought pretty well matched game overall in just got beat Greg and they had enough. It to post what is so I know what OK fine but that might. Look at cavs loss at home and that the cavs actually didn't last you know Austin home making glasses so aero. That the kings beat the cavs and the warriors. Second year in a row second year they beat your ultra cabs and we're last year was flip flop did beat. That's right they did lawyers are all last year Dan before that hasn't straightened. Speaking of cousins he ain't getting traded. People said well let's see what happens in New Orleans they might wanna lose him by the trade deadline day losing him now they're gone the playoffs and hey if you love this NBA conversation. Join us on Saturday mornings and in the noon. They're nice size seven again NBA this week we can do it every Saturday mostly tough night for you last night around the NBA because did you see one of your other boys Rajon Rondo 25 assists and not. I think it's Vince Carter who start out. Not that I'm Vince Carter now may I say in the king's. By the way we'll know pretty men admit I don't know team benefits from the lack of other teams. Taking opponents seriously indicate thinks. I there's no doubt like no team is benefited more this season then. They've kind of taken the mantle from the warriors called the warriors for sure right. All there's no doubt they are that well without a doubt they they are anti. What would that be 95. To 06 warriors absolutely. Absolutely why now. Only for that we believe. Remember when asked Doug Christie if I thought they were gonna make the playoffs and do you really polite about it. Now he was saying pump the brake may know this year I know I told them I said is there any chance it wasn't like. It wasn't like. They couldn't do it but he didn't think they could Steve Howe was talking before the game about JaVale McGee who. Isn't real happy when his role in the end the warriors are fairly open to. Pay removing him along if they have the right deal. You don't want it even hit even JaVale McGee comes in last night I didn't like the three but whatever mean. JaVale McGee came into play hard blocked a shot made me and made. Made three buckets are. I wonder. If he fits in no as the season moved for those four because I still several we talked about the roster last year being imbalanced. It's no less imbalance this year yet it's just. Look the league I think he's gone even smaller Jordan bells come in Indiana a phenomenon he's been b.s played really well. David West is gonna have his David West. Roll started the second. Started to force. It truly is not necessarily go anywhere on the Pachulia was also mentioned in the athletic story as somebody that the box potentially would have interest and it wasn't just if they only he was. It was me tea and or actually a but I don't see the warriors given up trying to win either just because he's the one guy and it's a bruiser right as far as the senator army and are still are. Handful it. Teams and players at least have that guy your roster. Or you could match amount right he did actually up on an ice pick he likes Pachulia as he does a seizure he's like Pachulia being out there. At the start of the game. Whether it's set the tone with his screens whether it's a guy and he can move the ball when they throw it to alone he just likes what he brings the table kind of set the game Mott. Why I didn't I like the truly is starting to because if you're gonna start trail mind if you're start clay Currie Durant. You know what you need the fifth player so it doesn't miss sit out. Just to be solid don't try to do too much that's why as as. Much is bella surprised. I'm still bringing him off the bench the rest of the season I just you know if you if you move Pachulia the bench what is it gonna give view. Thumb. And I. I just like that no no no need to throw bell into the starting line up. Know it but received her reserves the right to do in the and he said he would do it it's if a team. Won't play smaller against him and I and wonder if the rockets become. A team that because you could make a case. Julia doesn't need to play at all against the rockets I think there are some teams that have some success against the warriors. Just because he's on the floor. For those 56 minutes and that's why you've seen and in the playoffs. Even one away from bogey at eight times so just because it was. It now they they were in a position Horry they benefited them to play small put it would dollar and their portray him on the senator more. You'll figure something out so I'm not I'm not. He's reserved the right to do it I'm curious. As the season goes on as do we win actually does what your what's your quickly here. Pregame and you mentioned Steve Kerr before the game you're scourge just on power JaVale McGee's act. Well you know we have riff. This year include corn caucus sixteen players on our roster you know. Fifteen. Or thirteen considered up. I play a lot of people don't play thirteen you know it's always hard to play everybody. He's in a spot where. Jordan bellas kind of emerged. And the league has got smaller. And faster and with more three point shooting some most matchups. You have to have a big guy who can chase you got to the three point line and so things just happen on your ball's way so right now he's out of the loop. But as he knows and I know it you know that can change like that and his job is to stay ready. And at his job is to produce like cult autumn we may need him for energy on on lazy night and I expect him to come in and give us and Jews but he's so. He's great teammate and he's been nothing but professional and Dan and I were were counting on them. To continue to have to be part of the group and to produce one whenever it is that we we ask him to do so. I mentioned this to you last night Don warriors warmup and I said he and he was pretty he was pretty blunt about where he stands right now just wouldn't daddy get a chance to hear it. Does strong. That was really starts is strong as Steve Kerr debts yeah and all I do to talk more about that because. That's something that's kind of been float a little bit below the radar and you wonder how much the warriors are thinking about but there's no doubt about it curve. That's about as strong as he gets are we come back. More warriors talk much open the raiders to 957 game Stein mistaken since. Are now back. In 957. Big game. Welcome back Matt Stein mets' John Dickinson 957 the game. Talk a little warriors talk JaVale McGee. Oh what was supposed to ponder over the break I forget. So back to Vail just where he's fat with this female in the Thomas from Steve parent well. I'm not I'm a firm believer that things are always a little ahead of what we the public catch wind up. And so I do think other travails unhappy. And but I think. He can't be any more on happily eat he's got to play the role at least I can let people know he's unhappy but he can't be jerk. Because the warriors arkan tolerate someone being a jerk but you. You think he thought he had a chance to start this year. I I'd be more lighting team I think he had out higher may be opinion of himself. It in no way did he fit with the other four all star players. In that EO he had a good year last year. And they were trying to decide who they were gonna bring back in who they were and they want to bring in Pachulia and JaVale McGee back but the truly was the priority. Sure truly it was the priority JaVale was allowed to go out and seek a better contract seat. A situation where he would playing. And I think he almost came back as a last resort. And it was wealth I have to take the minimum then I'll take the minimum with the warriors at least. Have some fun and maybe one another championship and it it was a really positive experience last year but I also think he kind of looks at it like. How I move up let me think about making your own job but yet here you you take the job she's better temperature yeah exactly. And I think I would expect that for now you have a rookie Ryan writes and I hit you maybe think. Look I went totally speaks forum but maybe you think you're better than the starter. And then not only do you think you're better than started in a rookie comes in and he's playing more cannot thank god they couldn't get on the court into a bomb Lou and he is playing more. And. So not only that the one thing curse trying to do is is not let Jordan bell. Play through his mistakes but kinda let him play through his mistakes and no I. JaVale never really got to play through his mistakes. Means you romantic couple mistakes he was pulled out of the game. We're you surprised. Indeed. Somebody didn't come nibble and for more than the minimum. No. Well I shouldn't say that I'm and I thought somebody know that I thought too but they're all but yet there were teams that ditch and he was I think he's trying to get. And offer a little warriors offer was in the doors off price. I don't know I just go back to. And again this is this was the Marcus Thompson who voted no saying. JaVale. Wasn't happy for not given a must a shot at the starting slot. And giving all of the mid level. And Nicky up. On that I don't. Well. Do you believe I'm quoting. Marcus is okay with still the Mercury news before removed the athletic. Mickey believes his play this season earned him more minutes and money. And is looking for that on the market to be in a position to need me DE is a tad precarious. There are options at third string senator major question market but did you get in the part. About the money in and out starting spot. I believe at all I believe it all I believe. Geese. Not happy fun here's the other thing. NN out because I'm not Steve Kerr was as. Curt let's say is he can be and he still won it in an extremely eloquent way. So. Who's who's talking about trade Roberts who's talking about interest. In the player. Because I don't I think Steve Kerr would almost look at that as well I'm not talking about it in the media I'm not leaking that. Bob Myers is it legal battle though he could be you know in an attempt to maybe drum up. A market. I don't I don't think so though all who's who's put that out there and then. Old Scotty McGee leads to mean it would be negate. Trying to trying to put his name out in the conversation as to why don't play and where I see plainly should be planned and he wants to play Seattle all this up. This fight is Nick Young was part of this deal because they gave him the Foreman level as far as me that irritated JaVale McGee. That all had these two got we Catholic. I'm gonna go back to it. What I did little to tell immediate guy and shouldn't assigned either guy. And look talked about first world problems share I mean I look there's a part of me that thinks. Those guys were courted to come back by the players. Because it in some ways because there comedic relief fund and they're really fun when your 26 and you shoot the three. And and Nick Young sitting threes when it's a 25 point game did you males working on that shot he works on practice. 200 in the game every gets a good chuckle out of that that's fine right. The warriors have to slog through June that's fine I'm not like whatever gets you through the day would ever make a move all like things that make our job more fun to shore line. I I'm not sure they brought. Nick Young in and JaVale McGee back for the right reasons. For basketball reasons. And yet it to the point about Gmail being upset the knicks don't count all the mid level in May be one of more than I can only play on there either. I pretty upset too if I was making the Tucson burning Nick Young was make it five when his act. Miles from the 510 what an earth makes you think travail thinks he's better than Zaza because that's the way players and if you look if if you're. If there's a story quoting a source. Says he's not happy that the warriors didn't give my shot at the starting slot. That goes you did he think it mean that. In essence tells you that. 510 says McGee is very happy. He's just not satisfied all the way. 51 I got I got where's your I guy need to source on now what here's what I think's most practical tweaked our tax we've gotten. Even with the rise of Jordan bell they can't risk trading McGhee. And then have Zaza I have an injury. It's fair bit about deaths are made steps on top the depth and and that's one of the things that makes the warriors. Successful. Is death on top adapted tab and a million different senator options yet had bodies to play minutes yet more bodies you can. ET keep. The rest of your rotation on schedule and I think that's the one thing with the sad because they're so great in every other area right and a piece Saturday gather. But they have guys who do bunch of different things and you just divide the minutes Sunday and then doors always have more players in the may need. At the center spot on a given night. We throw around earlier. Where could the warriors possibly be vulnerable. And here's what I came up what now keep in mind this is this is day. I'm looking. For some thing all right I'm looking for something. I'm put myself in the place of another team saying what could happen why. Possibly could happen I got so we are saying I'm I'm already know put my hand but I. Oh yeah I guess what you know or comma I'm not saying this is gonna happen. I'm looking and I am reach an amount on the plane car what everywhere Paula it's I don't say that armed. Whenever I hear it is you're like get another team's sense. Here's what I'm thinking and I don't think they goo dolls played. Lately my son he's pretty good for daddy can make a shot. Art why I think he's I think there's a chance. Rebounded since I think there's a chance. Are here it is. I think there's a chance that come playoff time. The veterans. Dole do you view what you need and they give you because. They played their third fourth season ended June so I I think there's a scenario you're saying you don't follow but telewest and living and just. Are as effective in the playoffs. Then you go to the young players and they're not quite ready Jordan bell McCall looney. And so maybe there's a scenario in which. The warriors don't have as much depth as you say. And then GN and nick young and JaVale McGee I don't know Iran's coach there in their own category exactly of you don't you don't you might thrown out there and a lay easy game. As Steve Kerr said Sierra beat. That's not so I yes I think it is slight I think it's a big slightly JaVale McGee don't you. Well it's Kenny brings energy he does but you're basically saying at least that's what everybody always easy no saying when everybody he's saying. When everybody else is no doubt but I developed say wait a minute everything depends on with these guys are they want and curse saying yeah it does. I had no well basically the when the other guys are locked in an ominous throw JaVale out there because this page hit they park puts it bailed out there. That is true that's true. Are we got one more segment left and hop around and last segment you bounce around talk a little raiders' big finish up on. JaVale McGee in Jordan bella center in 957 again. In 957. Big game. 957 the game that's diamonds John Dickinson with the for the next fifteen minutes. I'd say hill become an out next is pop radiators and didn't just bought a solo. Bigger our tail serves big herbs the tall lefty. Crafty lefty herbs. You know he's listening and so I can take shots in his face cracked yeah a body was and I was a fastball guy had used a pump and I got to prove he could throw hard. What is he got six fun to see it couldn't. Jump jump pictured myself and I'm not sure I noticed in big lefty. The big left the job. Raiders wrapping up their season JD and it. Albert Korea this week. This weekend Johan don't know must win this week. I'll maybe get a Muslim a dad to win every day as. Every week from a week five listen I'm better when this one. I know I'm Anita were still play out for peace at six and nine other reality situation as they could have been eliminated three weeks ago. If if they Iranian state. Yeah exactly but the Monday Morning Quarterback SI Monday Morning Quarterback. Albert career wrote that. Either way. He's put out two scenarios changes are common with the raiders. And the one thing he brought up that I thought was carried interest thing is brought up the name of Mike Tice the offensive line coach. And he. Made it sound like Tyson may have had a role in all this. And it. How you might ask well the reason would be. No real fires musgrave. Maybe Tyson had a good relationship would musgrave or at least the mutual respect your comes Todd downing. And maybe Mike Tice didn't have respect former doesn't have respect former doesn't think he's the real do you think she screw up is running game exactly as play Colin. Exactly. So. Either way. It. Second half a year to get the running game right now eventually why don't we all kind of thought it was Marshawn Lynch. And I do you think. Marshawn Lynch creates. Environmental. Eat in the locker room that makes people uncomfortable even without doing anything just his presence. Just the way he conducts himself but as far as the on the field. It took about half the year to get a guy won in your body may be lost a step but he Eden is maybe he'll lose as much as we really thought. But it took him half the year and figure it out. And I wonder if that. Is something in play with say Tyson downing. About this. Afternoon the raiders should put on an impressive show against the chargers in Wayne going out I think Marshawn Lynch is not. I'm feeling great I wanna come uncommon back next year I'll play in next year right raiders got to bring him back right I can. You got Marshawn Lynch I'd cut Marshawn Lynch today after the season I wouldn't think twice. A tough putt what do you like if he wants to play another year or do you think the raiders do think that's what the raiders will do. I think he I think it's. One of play. Relatively. Long list of things that have to be hammered out. Brighton but in an interview at all pertains to the relationship between mark Davis and Reggie McKenzie. And Jack Del Rio is I I got to believe Jack Del Rio doesn't want Marshawn Lynch back if he's trying to be somebody needs. Gotta keep his locker room in line for 2000 and AT no doubt but. Is it a scenario where the only way because this is that this is what's fascinating about all this. Is it a scenario where the only way Jack Del Rio stays. Is if Mark Davis it's two or three things that he wants. And what I mean by that is let's say they I'll sit down and it's Jack caddie fixed it's how you fix that. And Jack says all right I'm gonna fire Todd downing I wanna get rid of Marshawn Lynch him and end. Mark David good minute downing yeah he's got to go now Marchand if he wants to play he's Oakland maybe we love him. He he's great for the fans is helping you don't share well he wasn't a problem he ran well the second half of the season. Look like maybe didn't lose a step why would you bring him back. And Jack says well here is that an added why would bring him back to marks and not you know Wyatt. Were born you're going to be gonna have to deal out one. Anytime you get in that situation where your. You make it deals with your boss or your coworkers the I'll do is you do that. It just it's asking for trouble forty starts asking for problems. Forty a starts the other thing here is. Weaken. Is sleek and all whose weekend about high east and down lane and that whole dynamic. Oh let's let's let's just be realistic if you're Jack Del Rio and your team went twelve and four. Last year and you're gonna go six and ten or seven and nine. You at least 12. Present clear owner that things are not as bad as you thing sure we didn't get a reading get a few breaks we got last year may and we get a little lucky last year but. But you know what a well in her rooms find. Back and listen to his post game press conference and the Eagles get him. On defense keeps coming around what you need you know he's thrown into mark Davis and say I fixed the defense because I fired canned. And I poet John O'Donnell in there and defense has been significantly better since I put John McDonnell in there yeah I get credit for that. I give credit for making the move and you know what I can find us another offensive core exactly Todd you know why that that was a mistake what ever. He didn't work with my week. Ice right away at whatever could be a look. I was still a lot but I I can get Mike Tice a veteran offensive line coach gadgets and play in the league. I can get Mike Tyson look at it Todd standing and be like. Her respect this guy right I've done ten times as much in the NFL right my life. Then this guy Andy messing up my running game and then that creates. Awkward work environments not to mention that creates you guys are looking each other in nod when they walk in the room or acknowledging each other's presence. Or how about just the relationship between Derek Carr your franchise quarterback and downing. There's obviously a big time relationship there that. You know as if they get rid of downloading how's that gonna affect. Call are you may be Tice the exact maybe Tyson thinks that he did Danny screwed up car. Bill musgrave challenged him don't come Andre was more creative bill musgrave work with Tice and the running game more effectively. So funny when you bring up Marshawn Lynch I had half the text saying you are right on the money JD I'd cut him right if this season. And then got half say Marcia is not the problem. He needs 25 carries a game. So next year you're gonna commit to given and twenty you're gonna give him so next year I'm not gonna commit to. Giving Marchand and more run at an Oakland says Syria can you're gonna commit to giving Marchand more rushing attempts. I year old there. I tell you that the problem the Marshall alleges tonight I don't think he can territory five times a game but I don't think he can carry twelve the exactly and I think that's been Datsyuk you nailed it. Right there it is I think they thought he could maybe be. A guy you can get a lot out of this he gave it to home. Twelve to fifteen times but the reality is he needs it twenty plus to be successful. To have an impact. Right and that's not really good for the race here that's now on the raiders need apply. So to me. I look at this offseason as. They've got to clean it up. And not. Make it worse is figure includes get ready Jack Del Rio. I don't. I don't either I doughnuts they want to thank you could do worse easily. All we're talking about that if there's eight to ten jobs that come open are there eight to ten what really good candidates say what you want about Jack Del Rio jacked up real I think is a solid NFL head coach and it's solid and he's middle of the pack. Maybe even toward the top of the really I do. OK maybe again and confident that we're talking the top news say fourteen for fourteen days. Hang in Africa a say in exactly. He may be DN lead in the middle attack and so let me GT get a lot worse. I mean you can get it reminds me of like. You think he got a bad. And then who's the next guy you know Byron what you think like. I usually just all these Sacramento Kings these analysts are looking spot Mallory cattlemen Britain ran its course ten years ago. Well you want to Blair muscle man. I was a joke you unable to Reggie CS never coached before he wind up with. Keith Smart. She's Smart tackle he's Smart made staff curling up with Paul Westphal. You wind up front about Paul Westphal wind it was terrible you want to put more coaches. So they have to be careful he's Smart made used to curve you can get one glove you can get worse and head coach position you could Jim Thompson who. Good call good call. In about G Smart so don't give me and grief. Often but they coming up it's going to be urban and by take thanks for listening and everybody.