Mid-Days Show - Hour 2

Steinmetz and Guru
Wednesday, December 27th

Steiny and JD are joined by Bill Romanowski and Tim Bontemps. We discuss how to fix the Raiders, how to handle Jimmy Garoppolo (contract-wise) and replay in the NBA. 


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And around San Francisco. He's he's 957. It would mean the rest of this week from ten to 12100957. Game until memorial Wednesday brought to buy. Porsche Walnut Creek at 2017 from your Porsche dealer and also Friedman's appliance a trusted name in the Bay Area since nineteen point to joining us right now. He contributes on five Super Bowl team she's also the founder of nutrition 53. Bill Roman else give bill how you doing man happy holidays Merry Christmas solid stuff. And carry guys aren't doing well bill what is the let me ask you point blank who. What would you do if you ran the raiders how would you approach this off season. I am I think I'd have to take a strong luck. Acts. Are. Looking at the coaching situation. Arm in a lightning Ed Jack walked the team. Or this is that situation am backing beat their. With the new offensive coordinator. I know all all. Take it deep diet. Ended their car. It Dunbar recouped our. And find out why is going aren't what did to a bad because they basically. Did show up this c.s are. Yeah and then I would be improved hangs on the deep Arabs inside the ball style you need another corner. And he need another dominate inside hash Russia. Made even more linebacker. I'll order some things I went G-8 thousand plot but why would start where. Now bill OK when you take a look at Derek Carr how do you fix it you have to have a heart to heart with their car did you have to bring him men and and ask him if he was healthier nod or did or did he trusts the line your DD trust himself. For crying out loud. Arm you Eli quick you have to chill air is. Bitten this situation where. I think get. Worried are. You he get either you drag its feet are here. Because. Even a big challenge it he had would be injury from the year prior. Is he not overt that injury. From. A medical standpoint. Then you've got to look at. The operative coordinators situation or how do you go. For a billion while been all our. Here are bad kicking act. And you fire. Your offensive coordinator. And bring in somebody that it never did an offensive coordinator. I don't get those. Back will. And it does that make that to make. Ads. In out it on the PGA now. I don't know up I would have a lot out of that topic. That's. Bill Romanowski joining us on 957 the game talking a little raiders. Will. How tough is it to play late in the season when you're not play in Freddie thing. It did that happen during your career I always remember you as a play off type of player but. We ever part of a team that that's simply didn't meet expectations. And and then you try to figure out why at the end of the year. Well I have try and I didn't make the playoffs. And will want to admit Billie Piper sheer. Employed right down to a lack game if we want it we would have been in. Are in Hamburg they're out. Mike port year bear. We did make the playoffs. But we did now we we hope we act we needed some help. From some other team that we didn't get it. Was that the year you won six straight didn't make it. Yeah I would are kind of acts. And we destroyed. Their Chicago Bears. A lack game at that these. And they were in the playoffs. So we were hot. And playing really well at the end of the air but we get it may yet so there's tool bomb. And one year right Becky here are the raiders. I would sure I I gotta hurt in that these are. And then a couple of years in Gothenburg. Opts out the year endeavor are more indicative of what that fight and pardon me I love big game up football. Any chance I got to go out compete. And do what I love. Hey I. I didn't have to be paid I like playing him first shot then yeah. But I love playing the games so why do in a situation where it was hard to get motivated. Bill when you look at. The 49ers. And another opportunity for Jimmy -- apple ought to go up against a playoff even really made the best two way team. That they faced and on the rams during and and and they may arrest if you guys split but how much of an opportunity is this. To continue to evaluate what's San Francisco hasn't dropped below. I think they've now. I think it is pretty clear. Yeah out there are on day one. As they had not been black outs they have they even amid the game that he got a good bet that area and it. It out virtue or three play. Without standing ban for a touchdown. Indeed been nothing. But great. It out. Ever sent out to me you know why you got. That idea just got a key. All he'd moved that ball forward you can leave their teens have web momentum going into. Next tier. Now all that bad I hate saying he has got what we're talking about this before. About getting grub blowing in. So you could figure out what you had to do with that first round pick. What the had been taken quarterbacks early we'll get what they don't have the ticker quarterback now. They got a quarterback and they got to back up. We're back here so their quarterback situation has pretty much that. Now what they gotta do know is they get out at you know get more talent on not bad and keep upgrade ma'am but themselves from Deepak. Hey bill thank you so much for joining us really appreciated and enjoy the rest of 2007 team. And our dads Bill Romanowski. Four time Super Bowl champion. Yeah I don't think there's any doubt that the 49ers. Think they have their franchise quarterback in drop below. The question is how's he gonna be handled in the off season and and John I've been looking at some numbers. And you put it in a very compelling way I don't wanna steal your thunder but it's I'm gonna because it was so I don't know smarter and it was that. Derek car signed a five year 125 million dollar contract wins. Seventy million guaranteed in which you're saying is. Rock below. Probably thinks he's better than Derek Karr well that's a conversation more casually in the Bay Area and your so in other words if you came match. Rock below with a 120000070. Million guaranteed. I got to believe he then says wait a minute why sign a long term contract with seventy guaranteed or right. Or do I take two franchise tags which is gonna guarantee me 46 or 48 anyway. I mean it isn't an easy decision. Or in that case it might be an easy decision for him. He might wanna play out of the tank if you can afford. Niners. You have to make data offer really really good estimate got off for almost. Good enough to warrant makes it makes the fans a little uncomfortable that that's probably. It is I think forty niner fans are thinking and I just pointed out if he's good news franchise macabre but guess what. Franchise and twice he might make fifty million and a franchise stagger slightly less than that. And then you gotta pay him. Five years and a 150000000. And ninety guarantees. On ninety guarantee is what's Stafford has signed into Detroit 92. 92 million I mean this is this is you think corral blows agent. Is it gonna go into the 49ers and sell them on look at it and you got some better than the Stafford. Got something better than. All I think you could make the case. That right now Jimmy drop below. As Ernst at least in between those two contracts that timing is everything but that would almost be my baseline. My baseline would it look. I know he's only started what seven games or this will be the seventh game this week. But again if you're gonna get a deal done now you have to pay on the unknown. You have to do it. And the 49ers are gonna have to pay again I'll use that what they didn't terminology just used 49ers are gonna have to make a deal that. On its surface may feel a little uncomfortable. Just based on how much he's playing right the only way to meet it gets done now. No I think I think you're absolutely right and forget who the caller was earlier. That listen I think I think Jimmy drop below can handle pressure. I mean he's driven the team down the field late in games for Gore's. But it. Do you think there's. A different dynamic. At playing for him quarterback in the last five games of a lost season. To comment in next year and people are gonna think this team can make the playoffs. Yeah. And it's an unknown I think he'll handle it fine IQ is true you looks home key plays the game and third calm manner. Just look at the way buys time and is able to make a thriving even a play that was kind of luck. A gunslinger kind of apply to play three roll last month the word count look like Joseph Montana really sure it hit slipped its side arm that looked like. Like a risky play. But you know what he didn't do in a way yeah daughter risky fashion. He made the play very calmly even though it was a very high risk type of a play so I think that's how he'll handle the bigger picture aspect of regular season and expectations on what the guys coming from the patriots are now just kind of from the patriots. He did it mean no team has expectations like the patriots he gets that even though. He may not have been the guy they actually had to deliver on those expectations. 889579570. How do you handle Jimmy Barack blow this off season how does Jimmy go rock below. Handle the 49ers that may be that the more important question JD really. No let it may be an egg and I think so much of this has been framed as well the niners need to get it done lock them up what are you wait for what would your weight for. If you're waiting for Jimmy garrote blows side to. Except a number that you're willing begins amid their did the reason that this thing is it does because there just isn't a common ground yet on. Guaranteed money I mean if if there was it would be done obviously the matter. Earlier but they might have they might just said. Pick this up the day nationals season and they might not even really talked about it at 209 says I have no problem with five. Years 125000090. Million guaranteed. And you know what that can make you a little uncomfortable but you know what that's probably what it would take his UEL you'll get. You get a lot of while for seven starts yep you get a lot of heat got Matthew Stafford money for seven starts to move he got more than Derek Karr for seven starts looked our car. I mean your card. Had played. Three years in the league when he got that contract yes he had any one while gates. As NFL quarterback you know wouldn't be a 13 and then one says that once while he won a lot of gays Agilent and proved himself to be a number one. On a playoff team or he proved himself during the seven and nine season to an even to a lesser degree the three of thirteen sees exactly C have more of a body of work. To say that he's may be more of a sure thing. But look at their car. I know where to position word majority of experts if you ask gum. They dig Jimmy rob Fuller right now for Derek Karr. I think they're willing Jimmy drop Lowe's agent isn't. Doesn't know that write that down on a done our piece of paper and silent and away from when he talks to John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan. Foresee except the Detroit its efforts Cisco IU and Troy. As long top reporter in 957 game I'll let you got the death as a long time on the ranch and I'm looking and polished product column Ali did visionary Obama a question mark for much I didn't mediation exciting quarterback in this week. Come miraculously. And there will be full not consider locking that guy -- that that thing out get out of all of this that they -- question then everything I've gone out what do we teach them about what if you believe what it is it's revocation option lot of going to another plane still misstep will blacks we already got a deposition from one in the last seven yanks then we really don't be coached you know night long creek with no pat talks goodwill will be back in -- cabin and background looking like Cleveland brown that they don't lock them out oh lead in locking looks an entity that remark that. Well he's I don't I mean you you've got him under control is on you give Nash franchise tag. And he's not going anywhere person for multiple years he's not going anywhere so there's plenty of time. To figure it out and so I don't think it's gonna do it at that point although it could put yeah there's a risk for Jimmy to rock below and doing that if you're gonna do for multiple years I don't think. He may be comfortable doing it for one year I I don't I think he's gonna want some guaranteed money. Based on his claim it especially if he goes in backs and I I could see Jimmy drop was saying. All play one full year on the franchise tag because I'm going to be so good. And we're going to be so good as a team that the how many 824 million point three million. And then I'm gonna get my hundred guaranteed or whatever it is because I'm gonna be so good. I don't think you're gonna do it twice. Because then then but what's the point right if you're sorry if I mean well you may do it twice if you don't have a good year. See that's another factor it would no right to pray you don't have a good year your Jimmy drop below the essence can go all in again on yourself. I just if he's gonna sign the franchise tag I wanna decide it with a smile on his face yet mate and maybe that he's the case from the 510 you guys sound nots. You're already saying he's better than car. LM AO you know. I don't think we said he's better than car but I think right now some GMs would say drop blows better than car but the main point is if you wanna sign drop all the to a long term contract it's going to be need. In Derek car's range of maybe upwards of Derek cars rain that's all. It timing plays a role in this it's like you Stefan curry gets the the money to Stefan curry gets while the guide to the next guy. That gets the Max in the NBA he's gonna get more than Stefan curry because that number's gonna go up. The super Max number so it doesn't mean that that players better than Stefan curry. I mean Mike Conley a one right was the highest paid player in the NBA. My problem this mean that I did or tiny no doubt be in the right player at the right time so just because Jimmy garage below. Isn't the better player than Derek Carr doesn't mean he's gonna make more money to look at look Cooper who is Derrick Rodgers who think the best quarterback is in the NFL hire writers Tom Brady sure. They're not the highest paid player in the way. Now he's Stafford is and that's establishment. Nice player sure. But Matthew Stafford never been in the NFC championship game or super ball or anything like that. Let me put you in the position of the 49ers and if you're the 49ers JD. After the season would you give him. Five years. 145000075. Million guaranteed. I would do it I don't know that that's enough right now aka the yes that in I think that's almost the baseline offer at this point. We might be early in my career I think the baseline offer is. The baseline I shouldn't say the baseline offer the baseline starting point. For a negotiation. To meet is franchise tag times story that that valued. And to and that value that's guaranteed that's what's got to get that guaranteed aren't so be about 77 spots abouts that's starting point Brian if. Drop below is already done what he's done what they want intend team may go five and all the one in ten team. And it hasn't lost in his career. If that's your starting point of course with the number to get the deal done is going to be more of the mentally right there's no way the niners or get them on a deal a bit like this. This notion of why he's still he's unproven he's gonna do this he's indeed he did not get amoled on the DL you're not gonna get back. Sweet deal on Jimmy drop below you gotta pay the man is money. Yeah there's absolutely no doubt about that. From Cooper in the 51 on the scatter when I was getting out early playing with no pressure or expectation. To interpret it that's pretty. It's pretty easy place to be on cures is shown plays under pressure in the NFL next year 'cause. And he's never had to before us LeRoy in Oakland what's up LeRoy. Well good morning guys just can't I mean are you guys doing. All right well you know I'm a lifelong 49ers and I have been dumb. You know I think we need to wait until March and franchise tag Jimmy G and and I'll tell you why. It on the 49ers Braswell Gordon looked. You know part franchise tag the mid march out to play him more money later on advised you'll find out that he's the real deal. But I also know their history shown that. Hey look we knew hey guys money you get what they guaranteed money. They usually requests right after that I don't know why would you look Stafford. You look at jobs. But card debt Derek Carr exactly you look at those guys talk like you know if it is. If it's good this way and on the forty not a direct plans to charge taggants. There and you know I'll I'll say it out they're meant more money later but I need to see. More. ABBA ABBA ABBA ABBA ABBA body of work it just for five gadgets take apart franchise them and turned out to be great. I'll pay more money I'll look at that that money had insurance but so be it seems but I've got to wait begging god. I keep it that bluntly that's fair and look I I wanna see how he does and a full season and expectations set up by a foreign one or five you know finish to this year. But there's a risk there and the risk that if you come to Jimmy drop below and his agent with date and we wanna see more. That's that's a quick way they know what that is that's totally change doing that he is just no way not but if you do that tell you get a guy to say you know what. All play much yeah. I don't franchise tag and then I'll go back to new lingle absolutely that's how you put a guy and that mindset does not tell you look to me droplet every different. If you've got to meet out why like. You don't want you got to prove it right then you know why I'm the type of guy that would play out in balance. No matter how good we are. Mean I think. We don't know Jimmy drop blows agent may tell John Lynch. Right after he says hello you're on a number don't even don't even. We don't wanna be franchised. Right and Jenny Connolly you'll have to handle this were Matt and John Lynch will say well we don't wanna franchise you but if we can't come to a number we ain't giving you away. So that's where it starts dude. Become a negotiation. And I I do think if you're the 49ers now. I think I think they'd be ready to make wrote a long term deal would drop below because I think John Lynch is ahead of not ahead in terms of light eaters like Joseph lake like the other stuff I think the process is played out. A little further within the 49ers organization like. Nod nod wink wink links Shanahan. Noted. They're gonna do everything to sign this guy for five years in the off C looked may. Look they want deal. There's no question in my mind that they want to Newt it's just how badly do they want to add and again I I keep coming back to the fact that if they if that Gilles gonna get done. Without a franchise tag. It's gotta make people uncomfortable. That's the way if you're driving around. I think about franchise tag might make people uncomfortable well it's uncomfortable it's not what you mean Iraq blow once right you said earlier if it if it. Put the franchise tag may wind up being what's best for both sides of the 49ers don't wanna commit eighty million guaranteed and drop below isn't gonna take sixty. Our fifth eat it innovation then at that may be the best thing for both sides to play it out for one more year. Now as long is that doesn't put in Jimmy drop below is mind that he's ticked off because he doesn't think they believe in them. To where he's gonna want out at the end of their club control years. There should be interesting should be interesting I got my money's all on. They'll be entering next season with the long term contracts and contract it makes you know mood yet he's out wow I'll tell you only stereo or car. Tim bon Temps Tim bond tends ratio hope. Tim by tips is next from the Washington Post. Now back in 957. Big game. Now assignments and John Dickinson with the united 57 the game but everybody had a great Christmas. And an upcoming. Good time on New Year's Eve. They took the next time I'm gonna be off New Jersey this Sunday ready your seed this Sunday and and what you'll have to work Sunday no level not because there's no home game balls away. So you are out of all. Out of the race. But she grew up with a smile on her I will only be better say rendering a similar no doubt and at this point I'll say this some. Nobody cares that 'cause I'm not this is an heavy lifting. But. Amassed two days old Sunday Monday to get back the clock you people all my Brothers back to back and why. First back to man looking forward to it absolutely no again were in the war on that same schedule were a lead that actually work were tied to everything the rest of the week or two initial arrest we have. We're both doing warriors three times for the NBA this week. Why you don't need you're gonna need those two days off definitely early worker would meet the next four days what's incredible is the warriors played three or four. Took today off then they got another three or four days it's. They are common by the bushel these games right now so I got this I mean I mentioned this yesterday was on the morning show there. The NBA schedule for all this conversation about. All this conversation about. How there's more off time built in and everything it feels like warriors played fifteen well this this last. Two weeks is felt like something's gotten jump start I felt that way even before or and I know they've played what two when nine days or something like jeopardy even with that. It feels like deuce. I mean how many times they even felt like there was an extra day maybe twice. I mean it's just it's what Ed just I don't I just seems to have been a ton a game like one of the off days come. February or late January again. By the NF what forty's off starting on New Year's Eve right. They're Sunday Monday Tuesday off I think they have the so I think the next game after that is January 3. Minute sockets therefore days. Offense that ain't bad now and then and then they play back to back and play another three and four yeah. Four or five simulating give guys time off I'll get some time off you know what I have told people I don't. My work in that Christmas the to New Year's will other stuff going on. Knowledge stuff well the beauty is there stuff going on yeah there's nothing really going on in here. So nicely laid back to skeleton crew. You know I mean it's. Let's just look it stinks it really had to meet the holidays I love work and holidays that I look I love it. It's very different than in the middle of the summer because there's stuff going on you got war in in the highly ten young warriors gone yet forty niners going on NFL the talked about. Jet baseball hot stove with the job there's tons of stuff going on in December. Toward the end of the year who did you get to that dead period in July. There's nothing don't want. Are you talking about. Claw here to all star break it free agencies done. Training camp isn't there yet Syria you're either Reagor educating how many games for you hear you good you're out of the sixteen games the 49ers schedule could you know what that is for the fifth time. And your your asking yourself. How much each Jimmy drop below wind is gonna cost based on a contract besides. For the fifth time and now mark. Should now I'm able to look at the schedules because you taught me before the show. How you figure out an NFL teams scheduled. Which is. Pretty interesting. I knew it was something like that but you brought some clarity until the next you're gonna be fun because the NFC west Boise AFC west of the forty action raiders. Are gonna play Levi stadium for the first time but now the dates still yet to be now are. That usually happens around the end of April early names so at this point. You know you have to play the 49ers opening week of the last week arguing they were in B Todd did it April 20. Welcome David the schedule was announced this past year and got you. We think about curry he was evaluated yesterday said he's making progress but they're not hasn't been cleared it to play. This is gonna be reevaluated Friday. Which we are they they're practicing tomorrow too I believe they are practicing Dumars and that would be unnatural I'm my CD Daschle. Kind of a special practice for curry. Yeah I get him acclimated. Into things and see how he does and then you reevaluate him Friday you decide whether he can play or not I think you said something uninteresting. About you know immediate plan and one of those games are and they'll maybe it's not bolster so I don't know what you play in the Charlotte game and then rest him in the second game or maybe just point in the second game and you see how he responds and then you've got those multiple days off right to factor there as well so maybe you reevaluate him Friday and say OK you're gonna play Saturday. And then you got a couple of days off before he ramped up on that road trip for Dallas and Houston the clippers. I think he's coming back Friday just makes it 10 Charlotte game because you are in missile until they don't miss any games important then. We're talking a little earlier about. JaVale McGee and whether the warriors would would. Move him quite frankly and I I JD I said this about. A month ago or whatever. Quinn cook came up. After the curry injured out I don't think that he's gonna be around come playoff time I just have a hunch. It's just not. Not working out like last year you know say and. It's definitely not working out like last year. It's not you can make a case that Jordan bell. Has supplanted JaVale McGee is his role as far as his minutes the things he brings to the table. The delight that his teammates. Have when he's on the floor with them the Alan duke game beating the energy right factions personality on the court the so glad to. All of that that they get which of our that they got would you film indeed are now getting from Jordan bell. And now Kamal loonie is a guy Steve Kerr comply which wasn't the case a year ago. Our time by intense now join us joins us sees from the Washington Post what's up Tim I don't read. Don't without barriers. Good a good start here. I got the last two minute report I'm sure you sought from the Christmas Day game between the cavs in the warriors. Do you think there's a problem with replay and if you do how are they fix this. Not only is a problem I mean I I don't think it's I don't get a problem to admit mistakes were made. Well I mean that's kind of the whole point is I'm in the past people would. Grumble and complain about calls and there wasn't any recourse is saying all who is right or wrong about it now we now so. I mean look I don't think it was appropriate way to do it and it is I think people would find something to complain about you know kind of regardless of of what the don't want what the circumstances were and I don't I don't think letting Iran the same it I cannot go back and look at various serves you know there's a couple mistakes. Oh yeah let me let me be clear not so much the last two minute report but the fact that you can go to replay. But you can't. Really address of a call or non call you army just at face value you could. Every play the ball clearly off LeBron James when you reviewed that aspect download what you also on the replay. Tim can see while there was clearly a foul maybe. Then he had that. I am yes I am with you got of that I think one. The one thing that happened with the replay system that I'm not a fan out and I certainly did you ought to try to get every call right that that. Well there's a group complaining about it afterward find it to one issue I have a say in the past. Nor Iraq would say hey maybe there's a bowed out and over nominee get the ball and offense. I can give them another crack at it. And now with the way you replay rules of work that I have been taken out pray that they're kind of down the thing now as you go along Canada and the debt that like on that play. Out what it being that would have been cannon ball in the past. Singles out an hour now and it did so I do think there's a way to meaty. Address that that was specific thing that would be good but. But yet the media I I don't think hey. I mean I think that in general replacing it can go to bed. You know it'd be you know being we can we can really start looking like remove baiting go back what big twelve or which I don't think anybody agrees caught I think. They get a slight change that is good is like a nice week by helping you need to be ill gotten rid up entirely because that side. You know because a couple issues with a. We could it be as simple as just adding that a common sense ruler does that is that a slippery slope Regis did you could look at or play the officials could look at a player like dad and basically say. It's going to be cavs ball because we should have called a foul maybe you don't get the shots. But you even it out for you you lease given the ball it did but. As common sense would dictate. Yeah I think I think I think we get into it something like that CD it's pop because then you have all kind you get peoples are screaming about quiet all of the place right. It off if it. If they want you know it can get the thing about decade right let's say. Stated the letter stated their rescue that I am on Monday it sell well this version of the junk all gonna give them the ball and then. The captain at three win over pot willow usually you do we talked today about the injustice that. Not warriors didn't get the ball and should've walked three and out let the cap hit can get back in the game in a blues and again the ship right. So I think that's when he gets kind of pop but I do think if you. Got it someplace where you can go hey you know like like the the ball big block this got a lot of foul so readily give the other in the all gonna call out something like that I think our way to work by. You know it in the nominee a lot of these things are easier are obvious solution though what that money but I I do I do think in the large enough. Grant you think that that happened replay has been upon development not a negative. Hey Tim thanks a lot for joining us really appreciate it and we will see you out and oracle took a long way. I'm actually gonna go to Sacramento in the hopes that I bet on the bases seat that you but I. They're all available Friday and Saturday. Are we look forward to have a deal would have found. Him contents of the Washington Post A jumped in late about that. Now what Isiah Thomas and potentially an arm that's always a big game for him. Gone back there or he was you know he noticed he was wrong to in his career perspective now is that flat out this respected there now are we come back. I got one last point to make on the rent and LeBron James and then I'm letting it go forever. But now back in 957. Game Barmes. Assignments John Dickinson. Joining you here we've got fifteen more minutes and then work your way to bond sale but these guys Gary saint Jean Rich Gannon. Jeff Garcia. And Bob Meyers and budget will be joined by Michael. Today so be urban and bonds himself last thing on the replay and. What are my big problems with it is that I believe replay the way it's used right now. Can't help but. Put officials and a bad spot he can't help but hang amount to dry session this gesture Emma say it again it if if the three guys on the floor. They probably didn't wanna call. The first bump or the second bomb because. Like everybody says JD. You don't want the officials to determine the outcome or something like that so in theory they could've been officiating. Perfectly. They might have officiated that perfectly. Not enough for a foul this late in the game I'm not call it. You don't want Obama to give the ball at Cleveland say they slowly officiated her arm I know but but it looks like they screwed up. But they really I don't think they did screw up. Because I. I don't necessarily think it was an automatic foul leave there it was it was close. But I guarantee you if if the officials would come out with a foul on Kevin Durant out of foul line. And LeBron goes in makes two foul shots which you might not done because he wouldn't shouldn't free throws well but he goes and steps up and makes two foul shots. Or your friends are gonna say a tip only to call that. I can't believe you called Phelps I can tell you know what they'd. They don't opponent especially after last year's Christmas game more to rant did get out right wasn't called and then this a good point from the 408. Let's say go to replay. And you see another foul occur in away from the ball maybe. A player of one teams grabbing another player shirt which is an automatic then what you do what you do that's a four weights is what German police seek another Felton they call it to where does it and I'll stand right here because I'm done making my for my -- but. You know just. I think some have the cleanup. Has always. I just wasn't. Satisfied without ending. At all. I'm all in favor of common sense some however I think Tim bon Temps of the Washington Post he he. I think he explained it properly if you're going to be able if you're going to be able to. Assess a foul. You have to be able to just assess the value can't turn it into a total pray he can't make it had bought a ban can't uphold that I guess because then people are gonna complain. Ed there's some kind of favor to its shows. Boy and then but but the only thing that would it spur that replays still. Is a possession situation. Yeah I don't. Oh ball goes out of bounds essentially. The ball goes out of bounds yet that's that's why you're reviewing their Bryant and again they eat you look at my kids and you should be able to look at everything you see. You look at everything you see and you make it it you make a decision. Based on that some people say oh let's do subjective. They're gonna favor LeBron they hate the warriors they're gonna they're gonna do this they're gonna do that. But people are gonna save that and think that so you have to make it I won its literal. It was an awful abroad or not they're crazy kind of way I would almost. Take that decision away from the officials. Calling the game the three official at the floor make New York. Make New York do it but then it becomes well New York once LeBron play. Fine but at least at least everybody in the building knows it has nothing to do with the officials in the arena but again the common sense prevails. To meet my perfect world. You look at that specific play and you say. Cavs ball underneath the basket. You're not gonna let him shoot the free throw I don't you're also not cannot allow the foul to create Deanna but that's what the end the NBA does not one that because. That's the kind of officiating that. Everybody hates because it's. It's not. Precisely others there's still don't know why that was kind of close to the Fallon didn't call it your ball out of bag but what you'd call it that if you don't explain it that way though to where they have the they have the autonomy to do that. And it become it looks like you're totally miss in the call what what look what stops the officials from gonna look about it and just. The citing met its cavs ball anyway. Like why I like I did but did it looks blatant like your wealth or seen mob money issue is. I didn't necessarily think the first foul at the foul line which they said was a foul on Durant. I wasn't sure that was a federal. Even watching it on replay that one to me you did that when you need to take relief. Right that sound isn't need to be called this LeBron still was able to get to the basket right I agree with that but. Now they deemed it wise but okay. I mean physically. It's fascinating this it really is because. The cavaliers missed out on two possessions down the stretch and I came essentially and you know what. The warriors if it would happen to them they would have been missing two possessions that's just just change the outcome of the game and you know what we're not talking about instead. Jordan bells offensive rebound off him off the missed three getting now to Klay Thompson knew its history. And that's sets everything up because it's 9592. After clay knocks down that shot so. Now I mean that was a big play I thought. It. Jordan bell not gonna start tonight JD. What do you think. Occurs. Real motive case I think he's in a lot of this is. Making sure that Zaza stays engaged not that he wouldn't buy. Look I think you legitimately lights Pachulia with the other four starters I think he likes the screening and and he went out of his way to point out the fact that he isn't think they screened well. Well with that starting lineup with Pachulia out I think it frees up. Curry I think it frees up. Klay Thompson I think they run a lot of their offense through Pachulia. Again whether it's him as a passer. Or him as a screen setter I think he likes that I think the other aspect of it is Jordan bell can come off the bench and had a role for Jordan fell off the bench. If you start Jordan value bring Pachulia and off the bench there's going to be a lot of nice for you just not gonna use Pachulia. And you might as well just play in the first 56 minutes they've each half and that's it. That's his night the Los it's a special case where he got a big man it's going off. No traditional big man that's going off like it DeMarcus Cousins in May be wanna play in the the last six minutes. It's. No you're absolutely right you're actually right. You know and of course is 707. Saying what about staff getting tossed around. During the NBA finals that nobody was talking about and you know what I'm not gonna. That's right why are the last two minutes. The most important well because in the last two minutes that's apparel which remind green said today. At practice that it's really pointless those last two minute reports because OK they made a couple of mistakes last two minutes you know that means they probably made. What fifty to a hundred mistakes in the previous 46. Crucially. Ali is that many you know now I'll bet you it is fifty to a hundred mistakes in a game. This isn't so no I don't think it's that many I really don't what. Why there's so many in the last two minutes or you think this game was kind of an outline I think it was kind of an ally guiding typically there isn't that many. And continued to on the same planet. True I mean. You know that would be a fascinating thing and here's the track that whole game is dead and we talked about it we didn't that of the three missed calls in the final. Two minutes and how many of them when. You and I only thought one of the most wrong. If you and I only thought the actual foul on LeBron going up we run the other calls refine it there I would elected drive go at the foul line and we and even noticed a foul on LeBron. That they did right call didn't yet know you're right I Fowler yeah. So it until you apparently Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson word. Really really rant and rave about that because things get any always goes nuts because he gave he's telling me and then he wants you to do if you if you can see it. May get right right. Don't tell me that only part of date you can change don't tell me you can don't tell me you can look at the replay and see a clear foul. And then you can't do anything about it as if if that's the case you should even be able look at it all. And in this case if you could look at and all what I had the rightful outcome in a way. Yeah. Well that's gonna do it I think we beat down on the death at the very end but it's something they'd. I could talk about for awhile but we won't tomorrow JD I'll see you tomorrow and I members stick around for Vontae hill Michael Irvin. They'll have rich candidate 1 o'clock and a plethora of others.