Mid-Days Show - Hour 1

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, January 12th

Steiny and Guru talk Warriors roadtrip, a pick up style All Star game this year, and NBA Rookie of the Year candidates. 


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Constant dealers in downtown San Francisco. He is now 857. Bay Area what is happening. Friday morning and that's Imus Daryl who grew Ruth Johnson alongside you on 957. Big game. Holiday weekend coming up. No complaints. Are working a lot this week would would you echo. Suns got a couple basketball games. Moulds is that won him a row yesterday and I sat there. Yeah ever meet a gentleman that has so much wisdom. When a guy named mr. communities tiny. But you love and I know this guy gives back to the youth. All throughout the greater Bay Area Oakland down the Sacramento got you have so much wisdom to help me would. You know things and almond and embarked on one and when is you know about raising my son. How much at the gym like I got a doubleheader got to watch my son loop and I got some wisdom but this Sunday I do work well before with urban. Other than that I'm glued to the TV watching now the Golden State worries NFL playoff football bowl mr. community what would stuck with you. To be one thing that stuck with it. You have to give back. Given back is the biggest sign a character. That a guy or gal can have its so easy to go get that big call our did nothing wrong with those things but invest in back into the future is what's it about and that's what. May need to just a reminder of how proud I am to be a dad. But is bigger than just my kids it's about the community. I think you agree with that I. How can I even. Try to be sarcastic and make fun of that I mean you've just completely silenced me I think that's just warming before I think that's wonderful. And I mean that sincerely though I'm sure people think I'm still being sarcastic not believe you but that's great that's great we got a huge weekend of sports we got four NFL games. We've got the warriors Stew room. About to embark on unregistered not only the toughest road trip this year. I think this is going to be one of their toughest road trips. In the past few years if you look at these teams they all present interesting challenge is Milwaukee Toronto Cleveland Chicago. Houston. I mean Milwaukee's. An improved team they're over 500 they've got an MVP candidate they're young yes Toronto. Quietly now has been. A darn good NBA team for years and it looks like they're trying to turn the corner this year hammered Cleveland last night. Or you'll see Cleveland on Martin Luther King Day their struggle and Chicago's playing a lot better they were terrible the beginning of the season they leveled off a little and then the Houston Rockets and the good news. At least I look at it is good news. The source James Harden gonna play next Saturday and that is. The first nationally televised ABC game that showdown game yeah we got ripped off you know with the last time Al Golden State went to visit the lone star state but when you talk about lawyers and play end. Let's put Iran on the table I need to know which lawyers are playing because staff curry and me is everything he makes everybody's job easier may please remind green he's able to Adobe drain on. Have we heard anything do we expect number thirty out there tonight in moving forward or do you just rest dump. And left ankle society. He's listed as questionable tonight staff are listed as questionable. Then again tonight in Milwaukee tomorrow in Toronto. Ed you said what do I think and my my answers I had no idea I'd. Call that anybody has any idea how that ankle feels except staff curry. But with stuff curry and with the warriors they've been ultra conservative this year. So I would think almost that any time he's listed as questionable. It'll be Curry's call. I think he's listed as doubtful that essentially means he's not gonna play because of a play it if you called curry doubtful and any place tonight. How do you explain that will be an ultra conservative. But. We are gonna play and even though we didn't think we were guys you know I mean that doesn't make sense and the one thing I do know if he's able to placed on any. The big question is how does the ankle re active day after her shirt that's wore combat and we won't get that answer if he doesn't play each. So I'm eager to see amount they are what is it Saturday. How does he wake up and how does that ankle feel that's always the key test how it feels the next day. I've got a question for my producer will what's this for beef line what is that. It's on a morning show it's from the morning show so it's and it's a number that people can call in and then gripe. Yes said they had an issue is something calling NN and we play it on our. That is why Google right now you have something else anonymity they weren't too happy once and it it's a good thing they turn that number off once we get on there you go because they've run out of space on that. When that phone machine there whatever you leave a message on. There is something guru basketball related and I do think is. Fascinating involves the NBA all star game. And if you don't know. This year in the all star game. The two leading vote getters will be the captains of two teams. And then those two captains will draft. Their teams. From the remaining players who received all star votes and made the team Q so right now it's LeBron and curry. And it will be those two gentlemen. That pick the teams that compete compete against the Ali that's pretty core I love it so what's the problem. Who are step curry wants the public on who these two gentlemen pick. Include himself. And LeBron doesn't want any part of it Durant said he doesn't want any part and I'm like these guys are all stars. Who is so insecure. To where if you begin picked like the pick up game you talking about yesterday. I you call me if stepped curry picks clay. And didn't and you know LeBron was depicted. Didn't lose his running mate Isaiah Thomas I mean do you really think her relationship would be fractured. The NFL doesn't in the pro bill pro ball hockey doesn't. It would be must see TV disease death and LeBron pick they're all star mates. On NBA you're dropping the ball all right let me just to understand this so make sure I have it right. The two choices in theory would be for stuff Currie and LeBron James to be standing in front of 24 players. And let's face Jeff curry has the first pick and he says I'm taken derail it so they Durant walks over to curry I got LeBron looks and says I'll take into account Bo yeah he walks. OK and then it sounds like what it's gonna be is. LeBron and curry kinda well there in a room with a few other people. They're basically doing an awful piece of paper. Where LeBron would say you know what I'm gonna take and it's it's a combo so then you're right into the combo on the bronze teams and then when it's all over. You say here's the teams that's essentially what's gonna happen you were spot on her kept. All the question. The question then is. If they work if they hold this draft this all star draft. With curry and LeBron. And it's like a pickup game you're gonna be all the watched them. Draft. The players I guess what see reactions are. I'm really excited to tell you what you would watch all that the world would you gas. Why do you think the VA and hockey have adopted this this this thought process. Why would LeBron who I love. Why would he be so so insecure. Of the results go in public. In the imam made Katie number 35. That to me is a mechanism. Of not a general a savage. And step curry the fact that he wanted public. Why he can be the next president that's what you want quit taking yourself so damn seriously in all look have you ever been the last pitch I have. But I do I've. I've only really have only been the last pick in games where the players don't know me. Lol okay. People who listen must feel like this guy thinks she's sick who is it in your I'm Pete I'm just didn't everybody. Walking our little torn out there 8889579570. Would you sit funny or TV and watch a half hour show in which curry and LeBron James. Essentially pick the all star squads for their own team. No problem just Kevin Durant go walk behind Currie. Sick when Danny James Harden go walk and then at the very end it would be baby Marcus hall would be one of the last ones. Who do one alas all stars may be. I don't know there's always a guy gets sick I mean Chris Gatling the former warrior was an all star one year so he would probably be the last. But the thing is if you know what you wanna see who gets picked last while Miller for a bit is that they don't mr. irrelevant the last. Picked in the draft while any ideas how they pick the starters. I guess it'll just be up to the coach exactly I'll tell you know that I can I tell you haven't really made a following followed a little bit because the all star game. I'm not a big all star game guy I know why do you not like I don't like the game the best pick up game holy but I think it's I think it's. I think it's jumped the shark. Are used to be played for three quarters and and they tried the force now they don't even try. Anyway I'm not saying a decision to fill my cup of tea but this is this is a little bit. HIV yeah I'll say that absolutely it's intriguing. And no shocker this staff and LeBron. Wanting to right now is the top is the leaders in regard all star votes. What I love after rare and curry were the two leaders so they Daria and curry would be the camera. I know pink. It's so funny because Curley said. I think it would be you should be public I'll do it that's cool LeBron said while doing it but I don't want to do in front of the cameras. Where is Kevin Durant said I don't wanna do it at all. Are you wanna pick out pick on the pick the team KG it's not that serious mom may and that bothers me so he missed the shot and course time. A good thing backed into this I'm going down we Katie in his mechanisms don't Wear. Conflict he had on man this is the funding. We over a little bit I think it would kind of be interest thing. I'm really thinking would I watch it though. You know what and the best I can tell you is I might I might so. If I might maybe it it would generate a lot of interest. I don't know that I think that might be more for hard core guys have put. But who knows. By the way semitism and she called would be flying about my comment about Shaun Livingston yesterday. But said it was from the from the stage. He's the wrong word about solitaire and I was just c'mon people to the tournament. As or make sure didn't take it you wanna make sure that I I itself recognize that's all we come back we'll get a fish you're seeing. Stephon curry snub to remind green. You could see Seth Curry say no I pick enjoyment of checkup. If I'm like that is notre talking exactly and if I was fast asleep in the green room you not to depict our all star team died. 889579570. U wanna see this thing televise 9570. In 9573. Now in this day and do real. Close. Pink Floyd. That's the mets' Darryl mood grew Ruth Johnson hey. Well some fun you can join us at the fifth annual gridiron gala on Sunday January 21 for the ultimate championship Sunday watch party. It's a looters in Campbell 1555. South asked him avenue failed all your favorite 957 game on air personalities. When prizes. Plus enjoy food and drink specials all day parade kicked things off at 9 AM with a special three hour live pregame show leading up to game one. For more info visit 957 the game dot com. I kiss. Additional copyright two room. Looks like some people may be interested in this let's almost no way that I Charles Charles American canyon what's the talk about this. All star game pick in squads like a pickup game and go ahead and televise and what's up Charles. It was a bad bank certainly unsure. Elena hey you know Geary got to really fun militant Jews look you know you and other Asian make the gut in each you know each morning the morning's segment you guys down. It has signed a bank that's. You know debt we got game herself authentic there's such. An original part of this sport that. Embedded in so many community that. Not only do I want received you know stepped carry LeBron sitting there picking who they walk our I would take a step further I think would be really kind. In the day of the game Maine where are and how it happened around. You guys boom and you play it would be great at it find out if whatever it is twenty or. They can pick from you know east and west right there national TV. That picture glide LeBron pick it squad and. And let's go. By there now who'd been pretty cool thanks for the call Charles. Wow I mean how cool would that be you know cool or else it sometimes comes down to a pickup game guru. I've had this happen I'll lie where. Yet two squads play and a winners group they had a three that. Game over so now the five losers shoot for two spots off then they are make the foul shot under pressure await our NAFTA did better. That well wouldn't be an hour and a half in the doubles yeah yeah I'm being top this dad's side many of times. And there would admit you wanna get out what I've never gore I've never gotten more DOD is missing that foul shot. I mean. Is that you're. For guys like you and me. That these are we're at the foul line my game seven's I'm going to miss it man you don't you get to play catch your bag didn't didn't go home. That's pretty fly you don't like that that's almost too good to be true then my life like your home early though I don't Selanne missed a shot at Central Africa it. Both guys I'm kidding about Pink Floyd and be geez come on now or make me feel good. I'll go to will Maria and let's go all well. Call your own battles to lie like that wound. Yeah thanks very articulate talks are there are under or shut pro life. I've actually grew out of a lot to present art hot spot that I think your clock back all of you grew up. I think it would be awesome to see them being picked. And I know that they are committed adult wolf. You know Osama could be you know they trot out and give a whole bunch of kids and you know people good comment but you know if you get it black and something like that. All you can just go off what just do not put art you can liked it not too much defense in the game anyway so if you put up numbers are gonna do it don't get it out this week or pick a fight. I noted a completely different animal account what the Ultimate Fighter need to cheat. A lot of the title got her kicked laughter overlooked but a lot of them are very good that's all I don't really can't actually have another it's a different animal unlock French sports. But you know get kicked out laughed and thought necessarily. It is the worst thing all the people overlook you don't need we need to look like get it every shot but lost or short I would be critical saying it will brought a little area. Dish it out if the players backed us. Thank you well appreciated. OK so. I mean if we take this out to some kind of conclusion. One of the reasons they probably don't do it is they don't want. The last guy picked feeling bad or when the last few guys. Are sort of Q on this in the NBA do over yourself whoever that person would be do you think they would really get on the airplane back hope we live period. Bush. Let's take dad out to its logical conclusion let's say they do this. And the last pic is. Kemba Walker how about that Campbell walk and play. I totally kemba Walker's gonna be a little more wound up for the all star game imagine what I would look that's what we want. Well awards are grounded in vested not physically but I'm most in the least I do there on to something they they they got to go to make this public. Put it on TNT Barkley chuck and Ernie and sat have been fun man. This is the ultimate. Gift from the basketball gods but break it all the way home how to learn on start to come around actually pay on an. I wanna go David Stern and don't wanna room a brother pat her and you know what I'm talking about when they fix face jail here. See at least you know what I love the idea of trying to make it as close to pick okay as possible if because you know lying when guys. Would you say about the fix was there into the fix all your David Stern when they do it unfolded the end but you know what yeah dude I would love to see it. LeBron and he picks. Died. Do me a player Jimmy star takes indeed OK and it would just be fun to watch him beat. And O'Brian talking time. Task and LeBron takes. Emil Willard you know now. That would be pretty cool Ohio I would agree with that I would absolutely not a man but here's the question. Curry gets first pick. He takes during a which he rifled the ball to first of all what does he doesn't take during and we got issues right there I mean we got there that we got something fun go wrong. Our relationship is so strong it wouldn't be so it's like picking your best friend. I kept him I knew just happens to be very you know while in pitching we play together all the time go a different direction I try to tell drama and I'd say yeah I'd I'd say drag drag him how wonderful friend would he pick I'd say Tre Kelley. One week off far. They're one week where I don't want to play would you love you buddy know I'll look bright but if you if he's not playing with Stefan clay NK ED. As we saw the other night. What can he beat grandma well here's my wife or he would GE where he would get picked and I love to wanted to birdie here's the funny part I heard Steve Kerr. Talking about and it's a comp all you can ask to come Bob he was. We saw it was a practice for last year's all star game. And apparently tentative calm always played way too hard you just play the way too hard. And everybody everybody's Steve curse the other easy easy. T honest EZ you know like. And according to occur they did a great job of shaming him into playing less hard so I always think it is a menu. If you picked to remind green. He's the guy who plays to our all star game. And sodas it's become ball so is that good or bad that's great. You're on the other team. You know it isn't sure should I came up. You're on break dude it's true it's everybody on break when you're on the Harbaugh. Dining on runs you know when you're trying not to give her. I don't know if I agree that either I know that's a myth than a consent. And our notion is really true they are really true because too if you don't try. That implies that you not put yourself in any danger situations I don't believe that by the way. I think it's mental but you don't want that to be the reason no doubt no doubt let's go authority in the south bay how you doing what it. How does happen and you gotta go to great shows brutish sort and I see you regular army in the united Russia again as there. I got a problem there's look like I'm controlling a change. Was he embarrassed at all about. Picking his own team. And now and now we get you want. And I'll come on now. And it was pretty good woody got a new thinking that. It'll come down on them into actually shout they a bright guy around on jets. I just shoot brown last night. I did not I did not work at us. Yeah he got he got upset on the sidelines it looked like one of those coaches. But. They checked it out he was he was he was coaching the cavs again last night. Terms of yeah not YouTube are dungy ginger. All right thank you very much woody never lets call my hair I didn't get an a personal matter but he's he's absolutely right. Possibly send. Yeah curry got picked or what are okay. With LeBron as first pick and he picks terrain and word is curry go to C feel like he has to go to clay now own I don't know I didn't. I think you would that know what did you go Harden. So that's why this is fascinating man this is fascinating and to your 400 getting guys I felt. He gave one Westbrook. Daniel Westbrook would you mind he would yell less may even though he. That you don't like that so I'm guardedly to that is a part of it not Westbrook. First day but a guy like Westbrook what if he's picked last. Lastly I zero ME DT he's going for fifty are gonna post arise somebody but that's the kind of seeing you try wanna pull me away for well. And why I'm I'm I'm not. Against you so much use say oh you got picked last in the all star game. In the end that would change your view point one of the greatest athletic guards we see ever know I think what it would do though always it would provide tons of ammunition. For all the people who say he's selfish I. All the people who say the triple doubles are hollow all the people who say nobody wants to play with a Westbrook so the trolls are so I'm media I could see that being a big reason why it doesn't happen. Not they staff would go runs let's go to a writer in San Francisco what's up Ryder. Ballot a great show love all year who commentary. I am I think you're onto something here I want take it step carted out all I. These girls all like Rucker played our rule no rap. We got three teams glued without. That's why. How hard. Veterans getting better by the law and try to figure some more like pick up stuff that that you can incur some. Well I can put it. And you know what bring in some fair and shape backboard rather than the rectangular ones. About having celebrities coach in selected teams are there what's LeBron wanted to players are celebrities. Keep them away from it. I go about LeBron. DRE feet below has a good well I'm Bryant. LeBron picked Gary Ervin. Home. But that's intriguing but I think they would it would be basketball there would be about basketball add hell yes he would take. Hariri today would do you move. Wandered. On the first day smoking after this season he's gone but anyway. Morons don't you see last night. Of course he has a team of guys who don't understand the concept the defense but they'll still get to the title because a LeBron he's not. And Phil handy my god from Union City was without the guys jelly while they were on the conversation. It was a one way can't I can't stand up to LeBron and they may have feels drawn to do so well let's be honest I mean it looked like. LeBron wasn't yelling at Phil handy it looked like he was just addressing Phil handy a bowel what was going on on the court. Well I tell me is settled their long Broncos play charades if he was imitated Tyrod loom which you don't do. All I knew I mean you know more about that kind of thing that's a ballot for Chiron. About playing a game outside. No school I tell you know you're on now we're now what about the bird droppings are. Bode well it was outside the birds come see Eagles. No it's never happened to me in my entire life let me coupled especially now to pick up power right. Oh the trees. We don't have trees that are so big they go over the corner all your outside study hard would you run. In the Sutton does this Eagles and a pox now you don't ever know. Keep it indoors now aren't. Winners court losers court that's not bad. You have to courts in their most a lot of playgrounds have two courts has crazy like the eighth game of the B now I don't I there's only one dish. That eight game. 24 hour fitness now the guys who don't did did they treat their own little game another side and sometimes you live by them are doing their did thirty but the it's one you gotta had just one quarter. Hey Matt. Why would LeBron goes off on a coach he's coaching the team but when Brady does it he's being passionate commodity it's is now. No I won't let me no difference if you think there should be right. The selling class on this a wide Brady gets a pass and his lipped out like Captain America and then when other guys. I won't say have color some color so I'm not yell Randy miles drama Greenfield looks like they're read somebody the riot act he comes across that optics are different. We can go home for five hours on this man you know I don't. I don't. Doubt that there's people out there that think it's different. I can only speak for myself. What LeBron did would Brady does clear the same thing oh OK but you know. It happens all the time. Not know all the time but it. We do rant and train mine got in it in Sacramento I was narrower for about 45 seconds. Two guys didn't each other's face what are ballots. Larry Bird crumble in the piece of paper that Casey Jones-Drew up a play on our enemies I am at all. I don't ever happened did. He crumbled up to compromise and bill Fitch how how bad it's like you're out here to me the ball. Basically I did that Panetta to either player. Yeah. What did you imagine your son or daughter doing that to a yes I can because you want right. So funny we're talking about pickup basketball stuff last couple days have been thinking about. Me play and how is this. Her to tackle Marc what you owe it. After around thirty years what you FT TERRELL OWENS Stein Mitt. That's maybe when I'm on the issue are now I'm wise otherwise and I tell you I was let's go to Patrick in Richmond what's going on Patrick. I don't go on how long I'm LePera cargo because I'm mad I enjoyed your vote. All the time appreciate it better the sports talk radio arm went. To pick up without their therapists. Why and I said you know and in some of the Oda are conducting broad based bill if he gave rose. That's what they are putting up points but how dare you walk away. Well there have been neck that's been like that that will put subways. They had to go a couple of web but then they get. Patrick did you know what I was I was thinking about mentally what was called rocking jock yes. When they would have one basket that was like twenty feet. Nobody could ever reach that basket if you basket up 1520 feet it's so much higher and I think it's sold. Much higher than you think. I would get some breaking news right now that we got a drop. That's not good ma. Staff curry will not play tonight Stefan curry will not play tonight in Milwaukee or you hold him out. Again tonight. Cannot tell you how I digest that yes absolutely it's not. About when he plays it's about the day after and now we have to wait another day for the day to get to the day after the find out if that this is. Scary. This is Halloween scary I don't care if they come and go home Michael Myers scary. Am just enjoying their Halloween there was that Friday the thirteenth. Alina doesn't matter that Jason was Friday the thirteen million good call yeah. I don't know minorities and invited them to but anyway you get rumble on but there's a Friday move we're told minority. We did with her foot which ones that went ice cube fried. Ice and if I used to go ice cube way cooler than ice tea right. Wife's idea right now I don't see you know he was a rap verse three guys Vinny played the police on TV. He got paid for those roles but some in the black community say he sold out for bug planned cop after you are rapper but I do. Yet now though I'll tell you that put both legit you but cubes hot right now. Actually ice he's on a law and order. Yeah you know step curry tonight for the warriors can sit out because of his sprained ankle playing and so now we wait. See if you place tomorrow night now the really listen what. What may be happening here is. He's got to play. But they only wanted to play one out of the next index OK until tomorrow comes and if we don't act on it if I'm with you they're big board double shot up. No marshals and then I'm with you on if he doesn't play either of these games this week weekend. Then. Better not then I'll raise an eyebrow. Put it that way. I'm not gonna get all worried because we're still just talking about a sprained ankle disappears and our guy Marcus Spears said mark yesterday when he joined as fit. He saw staff and asked him if it was a playoff game to the don't necessarily had no debt that may be perk my ears up a little bit. Because I would've figured like I was waiting for Marc spears to say and he said of course she'd play. But when Marc spears said yeah he said he would imply oh ahead really wild. And while I gotta tell little girl is now playing and it changes the whole dynamic who wants to lawyer game. Kurt salmon Hayward what's going on sale. Brother Sam you almost. Okay so Barbara I have a production element guru and he brought about tiger rent expense often thought. Eric I think our earning an learned a lot you don't start game. How hard he tried to play what I mean all of you to love you on every critic that all your longer here. You know I mean securian whoever it didn't just this small peculiar aspect I mean that your that your own game knowing a vehicle game to watch. Yeah I'm I'm with you there I'm with you there. Are no I would like to see him. Split up a little bit it can assays on turner. I know we've been high on Jordan Deo in the car. When you get past Livingston and he would dollar. I'm cardinal were in now do you use. You've partly around on these young not having them you know did the best results. Start to wonder how deep destroy your bench is. And I now feel comfortable on saying as we speak on this Good Friday. It's not to strengthen the team like it used to be with Barbosa. Last year's version would most states. I'm starting gate concerned if the starters are done it if if we see an injury or or something can snag in one of the stars Donny much different pitches not answered the bail and I'm including Jordan. Yeah some credit words do I appreciate and this is the report was so I first saw from mark Medina. Who works for the San Jose Mercury news about the curry saw I was gonna read some of this because people are obviously anxious and staff carried mark Medina. From the San Jose Mercury news says curry did some work today during the team's shoot around without any setbacks. But the warriors are being cautious with curry especially entering a back to back. Game tomorrow in Toronto. Will be reevaluated. Van. So they're not saying and they'll probably play tomorrow. May. He. Pull there's no reason for them to say he'll probably play tomorrow because if they say that he doesn't play well against the back to back. Shares in the play one of the two argued it sure and Medina goes on to say only Casspi also listed as questionable for tonight. Warriors playing to reevaluate reevaluate him. Before tip off SP has dealt with some resent back pain. OK so there you have no staff curry ten night. And I'll let David West. Adam starters some in my bench guys to bring in the car we come back we'll talk about what the warriors do without curry tonight what's the best way to handle the all star game. We'll talk football. Listen and 95 cents. And 95750. Welcome back Matt Stein Nextel would do who Johnson 957. Big game just to go forward what's going. Stefan curry. Well not played a night against the Milwaukee Bucks he won't knocked. Play tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks. Guru is very concerned. I'm less concerned but mostly because. Of this tweet from Anthony Slater of the athletic. Solid chance staff Corey returns tomorrow in Toronto. He looked fine at practice yesterday. But the warriors not throwing him right into a back to back. So it kind of sounds to me like he's ready. He's only got to play one of these games anyway. So if he's only gonna play one want to play the second one to give me even one more day's rest that's common to choose the look at it that. And I'm with you argue that but the game after. On Saturday. Is moron be focused on to see how that ankle. They held up and if he's ready to go for a decade right and that's a well with the Martin Luther King Day game is and I can't so just really harsh things things sometimes those gains can be noon local time. Which means curry will play in Milwaukee Saturday night and then you say wolf is he gonna play Monday at noon but that Monday game I believe starts at 8 o'clock. In Cleveland. So he'll essentially have. Two days rest after. The game on Saturday assuming assuming he plays so. We'll see some stars tonight that's a good question so they'll have. They'll have played all of everybody but curry tonight. So I want you all remember that when 99900. Rescues and who's gonna star well I think living still starts I think she'll just go conventional since it's just curried. I don't think it's a night where. Her looks at the Seattle this is I don't think Kurt does a lot of all right I'm gonna look at the box with the best way to go. I think Kurt focuses mostly on the warriors. And so I think that. They'll start living since and I just didn't just start lending to Livingston. At least in theory the back of its. Assigned to spell the guru Johnson 957. The gain coming up 11 o'clock we've got him wrong. Timmy Roy the voice of the warriors apple warriors box. A chance he was a shootaround today so will even be able to give us more insight on what's going on with staff Currie and sometimes when he talked to somebody like. Him. Or Jim Barnett. They can talky awful shot especially Barnett now had not the Tim can't do it but. I think god intends gonna get on and say. It's okay then in my hotel click my allege is is is. Consist of disappointment. Do I don't I miss in watching this guy perform well that's true and I really mean that it's it's it's a dollar a little before this moron man. I appreciate him like I've never appreciated the player in a long long time I'm going back to Barry Bonds every night and I got to see him at that. I'm with you I try to find. Something compelling in every game. And I was. Fine with curry missing and 1011 games because I wanted to see how the warriors. Would reactor how they would play and OK I saw that didn't draw any monster conclusions. Now I see him back. I think prozac because he he is. The most exciting player in the league no doubt he tricked because he does things that no other player asks tiny. He's opened from fifty feet this guy is. Mostly got from the globetrotters they can dribble meadow lark climbed. Curly curly Neal O'Neill he's got that he can do what he can cut you can move without the ball he can shoot from wherever he can make a big fall down isn't. No that's that you stay. Put it in the blender or the grinder. He can do it all hate the past don't occur in the game right now S Dunkirk. Like you said you said stuff occurs most exciting player in the league and I'm not disagreeing here disagree with you but. If you think I'm shot guitars and got to the 125 foot shooter easy trying to say don't but it's what's amazing guru is. 1015 years ago yes two the most exciting player was there's no it's going to be you don't care. It's going to be somebody who dunks now you say stuff curry yeah it doesn't matter. I again and yet so who who is best done James Johnson from the Miami Heat now when you say Dunkirk in game Dunkirk dunk on somebody is mr. James Johnson I have watched it knew there was one time there was a clip not to long ago game you win baseline. 696 at. It's it's it's like watching a ballerina. So my answer is James Johnson who's the player that most combines. Great dunking with actually being. A really good players Molly comes in my for me it was. Great dunk heard Larry Nance junior but. It is he an all star type of player no that's what you gotta be to be really exciting I still think it's it's Kurt if I would say in my most exciting players and also forget somebody off the top my head I'd say curry and LeBron rank. Right now but I'm gonna tell you bears don't Kerr was Dominique Wilkins who also had game to back it up. How many kids yeah he he did yet he's he does or doesn't you know or I'm seeing less than a popularity county common. Oh I am right now that's the other thing I was gonna go Westbrook. What are able spurts pretty yeah Western Europe. Call to all that we call LeBron is pacing himself he'll give it to you now and again. What is its Westbrook on a nightly basis and from the 95 wide his first start living stand. Instead of just keeping the second unit somewhat intact wanted to start a caution lights are McCaw. In my I don't know and like I can't answer why he. Doesn't wouldn't wanna keep the second. Unit together. I can't I you to say for sure. The rookie point guard from you talk Donovan Mitchell he's got like a one and a half days he's been talking pretty good that did him the war are ready right. For what. Can George for why most improved player. Now he's rookie Donovan metro. So bin Simmons is not gonna win this. Because I know it's not bin doesn't have a jumper. Ben's got incredible numbers he just intimidated me on air it was my first intimidation session and what's funny I was there and wait a minute Donna Mitchell not a rookie I knew he was a rookie but you gave me the look like this was his second year. Under an appropriate that you said it was hard having gone and I look did you like it. Rookie could sorry now where things one of the things he gets under my skin is not an excuse. Hudson Hudson when you make a mistake like that. If you say something in my. You know primary. Orders front lines drain with Currie. We're trying to like get like dad worst guys got a great for a lot of curry and derail it and you make green. Which accidentally say curry right go to tax line there. No more good players is. For that awaits his cruiser was gonna on the rookie of the year no no Mitchell is what Utah is right now compose a bad boy it. I don't know why he's not gonna win rookie of the year playing in like Jaycee keyed I'm enjoying watching him control the pace. Made a pass just today starting to the others he was on one side of the court. Nobody cared or maybe even mention of it. In just did a right handed pass to win. Under the hole but under the open past a player that other side of the three point line where the player to take a three missed it I like to do special. Well I think I think he's I he's gonna be fine I don't wanna go out a limb and say he's going to be great or you'd just be okay. I always believe if you're best trait is passing in your great pass certain I think you'll always find a spot in the league and I think that's different than let's say you're a great score. That's all you can do. I don't think there's. It was guarantee you're playing a league just as your great score. Well let's say you're great rebounder. I don't know if you've got to play Little League if you just a great rebounder but if if if you can pay. Ass and that's your thing I think you're gonna apply I think he can make it. I just think there's never enough you can never have enough passers on the team and and of all the skills. That's true when people say does he make teammates better they really say it. Do you pass exactly. Is it good pastor to EZ pass enough that setter at setters are way you can ever make anybody batters and for good pass like a guy like Gerald Green. Why the hell was he out of the lead for however long. When is dude. Was obviously born to play on the hardwood she comes back from a couple sabbatical and just let me put it just goes. Crazy to remind you how good he is it the game of basketball but yet he was out of the league. No I hear you. And 510. Says. I don't forget about exactly mean that's a good one Jack Levine is very athletic known years he's been hurt. Because back tomorrow. You're Reggie Miller says about Lavar ball. All jump on this a little while you have no idea I'm not about Lamar ball but about magic in law. Well Harbaugh what do you say Reggie Miller basically just said magic Johnson's got to step up. Magic Johnson got to step up. Say go Harbaugh had. You do this one more time more you keep doing this. We're gonna lose or get rid Alonso already are just didn't realize I wish we had him on there did he go that far. Did he because of the conversation that magic is gonna half the next one is going to be with Luke Walton and why these young talented Laker team lost nine in a row that's what the conversation is that him Reggie you need to lose that the rabbit ears Tenet. The guy made a statement it to magic credit they had not had a rebuttal. Into the meat then just silence is Lavar balls. Don't eat it just becomes like a blogger are somebody on the text line OK you criticize look what you're not a fan. The colleges going away come on Reggie we're gonna trade. Our top draft picked it's going to be the next Jason Kidd tomorrow and I know you got that title they won all three in a row right yeah but they are. I'm in Iran. There are gonna tell you thirteen 1427. Start to come around. I will not get happy over three in a row after a las nine and a role. I have a theory. And I've heard this before I love them more about Magic Johnson needs to do this magic pulling together they shoot they got to step up. I think there's a perfectly. Perfectly logical reason why they're not and it will get into that after we eventually get ahold to Tim Roy. By Iger. I take Alonso ball in my team. And and even if he comes.