Mid-Days Show - Hour 1

Steinmetz and Guru
Wednesday, January 3rd

Steiny and Guru are joined by John Dickinson (Super Reporter) to talk about the JDR firing and Jon Gruden as possible head coach. We get into Mark Davis firing JDR right after the game, the Rooney Rule when it comes to picking a head coach, and is there any team that can catch the Warriors in the next couple of years? 


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He's he's not he's 57 yeah. What is happening in the Matt Stein redstone guru Johnson 957. Game. Thanks for joining us this morning. Really looking forward to today's show guru block to talk about. Some great gas. In about ten minutes really have John Dickinson on our 957 reporter. Would touch base with him about the 49ers in Iraq alone. Would talk to him about. The Oakland Raiders what's next for them. And then 11 o'clock we've got Donnie Nelson. He's the general manager and president of basketball operations for the Dallas Mavericks he's Don Nelson's son. And he's quietly been. A top the Dallas Mavericks organization for a couple decades. And EC at all in Dallas from when they weren't very good. Two when they won the title to now how are they gonna get back on top again and so Donnie Nelson 11 o'clock really looking forward that now we're gonna get into. The warriors after that and talk about how. I'll tell you why there's a team out there. It's closer to catch in the warriors and people think and we're talk about that probably in the second hour. In the meantime guru how's it going man not whale woman Lucia and her I had a New Year's resolution of drink you know Red Bull and I told you yesterday I didn't have won it today odds are snuck one in the car because I didn't want to look at me differently so why am I fell off. And I'm not feeling good about this already just it's only the third of January and I could last two days. So did my car and I thought I knew if I tell a big day so. What's wrong and horrible shame what strongly Red Bull that they give. We diabetes or something is sugars lesson for your heart personally set yourself up in a terrible way by saying. No more say I'm gonna do it moderation. Back is a better chance for example. I like to talk about what I'm doer not doing 2000 and ask you. I mean I write in on the trotted trying to shed a few in the next couple weeks and I just think it's unrealistic for me to say I'm cutting out beer and I'm cutting out chocolates. So last night. Half of the year getting half of course like this than for electric motor racing. And I had five Hershey kisses which is a 110 calories 122 calories each. They're upset that so I instead the Tony counts are ready get they announce. So like that are. Well now tonight the worst report wordplay next two nights for more American Idol is the way I get Phillip better and they go there could pay is there any doubt that Jimmy grapple is coming back oh no doubt at all. I am make you feel good yeah and everybody's trying to be GM I don't care fees franchise. If you give him the world he's earned it. But I'm telling you that nine Ers I think you're gonna be on hard knocks. They're they're the only six and maintain this six in ten team. It indeed this season to where. Nobody if they made the plows nobody would want a face I agree with that I agree with that wholeheartedly. And I think if you. Listen John Lynch yesterday Ali this is about the franchise tag at all. I think they're gonna go ahead and signed Tony garrote blow to a long term deal when it sounds like Iraq blow is open to. I think she McGraw blows gonna be locked in for 45 years in the next. Few months and end this struck I don't know home. This he's striking was atop a guy who would be thrown his defeat. If they if they franchised him because he's gonna I think he's in debt and then nine is like thank you for look you need me. It's something they can save this team more franchise quarterback just like Belichick did. You know Jenny G are solid but not meet I don't know if you read the reports to where they want us in the near Cleveland they did the right all of us in the amount here my point being I think Jimmy gee isn't dead did the niners. Brass. You don't buy even I think he's. He feels some type away from them. Dean in him the guy to take him to the you know upper Echelon of NFL teams I think it's I think it's more they went five note finished the season and and then you lose a game ranked no six and one they finish my British I don't mean it's incredible I think if they were finished own five. And that's really the way got to think about or what if they would've finished two and three and grow apple had let's say in five games ten touchdown passes. Five intercept Minnesota through Danilo differ yeah I mean think about that. Mean would Tim McGraw blows done here the last six weeks month and a half. It it's made most forty niner fans today. We got to keep this guy and it you know what we found out yesterday with John Lynch. He should listen and we gotta keep this guy we have to find a way to keep this guy totally snows. It's fun and John Lynch knows Minnesota's Joseph fan Alia don't. Really no more than you have to Jerry curl blows darn good quarterback he's going to be start game one next year. For the 49ers and whether that means they'll get sixty million guaranteed or whether that means he'll get none. Who cares and what's fascinating real quick gives people talk about Carlos hi all he serviceable vets find any. Why why would you settle. And how it's a good running back but we know he's been often injured. Why stop their goal to take Jimmy G of quarterbacks or wide receiver or linebacker is offensive linemen and that's why this offseason. Is so exciting. An important for the niners and why they're gonna be a factor come 2008. And as it relates to the raiders looks like they're gonna hire Jon Gruden. Although what we haven't heard anything from the raiders are Mark Davis. I Italian this whole thing doesn't sit well with me with the raiders one aspect well first of all you know I wasn't Jack Del Rio fan belt. You might do next in the nose I just didn't I didn't like is that to tell you the truth I thought it was a little smug. I thought he talked down to people who've but nevertheless. Can someone answer me a question out there. Why did Mark Davis fire here Jack Del Rio. Ninety seconds after the game ninety seconds after the game. Does it did there is no. Scenario. In which. You can tell me. He did it for this reason and I tell all you know what that makes sense idea and it always great move all traffic attract only classless. And you know what that's why I have no hope for the raiders. For the most part we're forward. Should not good enough it's not good enough for this for them the put out a consistent. Contender year after year. That's just the way I think they were twelve and four. They were having the disastrous season before the ball was kicked off in San Diego so how I'll give Mark Davis some credit for recognizing. You know what this. Got notice coach to take this to the next the next level stymied and he couldn't wait defy your deal real for doing what he deemed a bad job it happens in business all the time. And would have been would have been. The would have been much more professional. To fire him before the game. Until real would still be unemployed much you think Joseph. Real feels better on Iowa new limitation I don't know real I don't more respect for job I have more respect projectile real for what happened Sunday. In his three years of coaching because I'll tell you what Mark Davis comes up the means is say you're fired. I'm gonna say you don't want your way to tell him. Going to talk to impact you. Rotella mark you go tell him on fire telling him on fire why did Jack del real go in the room. You know why because at least he's man enough to go in the room because that was his responsibility. But hey I got to would you go wrong. Would you have gone in the room. I don't know that I would argue that they went in the room but Jack I think he wanted to go in the room MBS one doesn't help lines because for all his flaws. He's got to stand up guy mentality about some of them if you don't I mean every dud like I like him as a coach not really. But something inside Jack Del Rio. He's I don't know why I have to go do this even though I don't wanna do what Alfred I did done a lot. Right but that's not in his contract in the blue play is not prohibited for a don't just say you know what 12 after the game you did a bad job. I can't believe this is what week I invested in the quarterback he went south you'll find your this is a grown man business or is there any at the end of the day. How about what that he had no he's doing Mark Davis didn't know what halftime. He was gonna fire Jack Del Rio after the game that's what I believe what this Saturday night we'll report the good it was going to be the next greater coached. Why are we don't know that I. This of recognizing it's a pimple and I'm going to the store to get some oxy what is it didn't have to put on your face to fix to pimple. You did dead yeah knocks me I'm not now. I'm Brendan don't generally do that yet you don't have that he's got. Yeah I gotta give more credit. You American Idol and dime to nickel and dime that's wood that's what that decision was. That's a nickel and dime mom pop decision fired him after the game could command about always on the god of a coach it's coming now the tough it raider nation to gravitate crank that's great and you don't want like I said it is I have rounds I'd be excited about Jon Gruden go head to stop you from being excited about Jon Gruden I'm not going to be excited. About Jon Gruden because Mark Davis still owns the team and he's got no track record of success. 00. Track record also before I let you go starting that's right and you know what Chris told his warriors went to the playoffs once. Who wants. I did hear fiery guy you wouldn't Jack del real light that ridiculous man and what I said. I'm not even Jack Del Rio di. I wish Jack del real wood said you don't like telling yourself. You go tell and you just fired me. You break. Gimme an absolute flat out bright kid. You know what though there's enough there's absolutely. No supporting that there's no way. Rationalizing that what is are we DN stunning. They've and I ten is embarrassed in this cannot. What I envision a guy following up a well I'm just given Mark Davis some critics there he finally like I've had enough in this culture. He's not is he's not the one to take this to the net quite well that after we ten maybe and then you let him coach six more days and what tomorrow a lot of the fire down. Wait so you think Jack Del Rio is a fraud if your Mark Davis you mark okay Ronald M Davis told him get it done all right you made that determination today you meet with Jack Del Rio initial gutless. You can't fire Jack Hillary say. You know get get rated down in or take your Ken Norton I had. Let's pentagon Al batting here. Get out of here. More Americans are finding out where to find that would I draft I know I don't know why yeah hero. Because I don't care I'll tell you why you what do you want you wanted to block the chocolate here in a blunt okay pay cheque paid you probably want to know why the the bottle when you're fired and answer your career I don't why can't because the way. Mark Davis just fired Jack Del Rio and the way he's done many things it's. Prove he has no business being an owner the raiders he's never doubted he had an owner who consistently wins. Yeah. And you can make good judgment by the way he fired Del Rio. And wait fired del real was with. Celeste. Absolutely class falls under it doesn't matter how he finally being. It doesn't matter we are now we are today. We're gonna have JD John Dickinson talked of just doesn't matter if it matters because it's an indication of how you run your organization. And the way he fired Jack Del Rio is another piece of evidence that Mark Davis does not run a good organization. Because that's not what you would rule. What do you waited a day. You at least Jack del real could've gone in there and say you know I know my job status is on here till I'm not here. Fire somebody eventually go where meet the media are a bush league. Totally bush league. Number I asked John Dick. And about an analyst with. Now back in 957. Big game. That's Simon's Alvin drew Johnson 957. Game. Joining us right now he's our 957 game reporter. And a few people are tapped into the raiders the 49ers in the Bay Area sports scene is John Dickinson. I JD. I'm gonna start with what I think is it is a simple question but I haven't gotten an answer to it yet why do you think. That Mark Davis fired Jack Del Rio. Ninety seconds after the last game. But before Jack Del Rio would go into his post game press conference. That to me it was probably just the first time that he saw Jack Del Rio blow was dealt downstairs before it went into the press conference I think in that moment. Mark Davis likely guys wanted to needs to get it done he knew he was going in to make that decision regardless of whether. Jon Gruden was going to be the next head coach of the raiders or not in the know obviously it looks like gruden is going to be the next. Head coach of the raiders but I think if you were called just gone back to Saturday night there were reports out there. That the raiders were content on May be bringing Jack Del Rio back if they didn't get Jon Gruden. To come aboard. I think maybe that changed at some point during the game. On Sunday or Mark Davis was wavering over whether or not he was gonna make that change regardless. And in the moment after the game in the hours leading up to when he saw him I think it was almost may be Mark Davis look at it that is just his first opportunity. I don't think it was calculated. As much as it may have been import taste I don't think it was calculated as. I'm telling Jack Del Rio he's fired and now he's got to go way to face the media guide I think there's a realistic. I think there's a realistic and plausible. Scenario where Mark Davis isn't thinking about the fact that Jack del Rios got to meet with the media or he's got to meet with the media or anything at all I think in his own mind he may have felt. He was being stand up by letting Jack Del Rio know the first time he saw him at the end of the season. Aren't that tells me that Mark. Davis has no idea. Like the standard protocol after the game etc. anyway here's another thing wal why do you think god go I JD. No I I don't think it's crazy for that to be true bell. I really don't like I could see a scenario where mark it down to hear the part collected the PR department know you think. Watching it play out and look I've been out. Yeah I'd been out the last couple days I've been asked connected to it the last couple days but it sure had that look to let that they didn't know that. It sure had that look that that they didn't know that they -- mark told Jack Jack walked in Jack made the announcement and then everybody kind of was like oh my gosh this until we got no admired we gotta get him out of there. Yes he had tells me that that mark. Did it on the spur of the moment may be not that he hadn't been thinking about it but that didn't spur of the moment which. Is fine it's just. It's frustration like dupe the question I keep asking myself. Why did Jack Del Rio go in and do it why do you think he went and did because. I mean don't try to put myself in Jack del Rio's position I don't know if I would've gone in I might have said marked you go tell him. Yeah and look I think everybody's different in that situation look the one thing about Jack Del Rio and in the three years a press conferences that I covered when he was with the raiders. If he would stand out. At every moment that that he was asked to stand up and try and really control the discussion and if for small forceful manner he would stand there and and yeah there are certain things you wanna talk about but he tried offer. You know things on on subjects that he that he would wanna talk about what the one thing he would always do. Is stand there strongly. So to see him standing there and it may be and in some. You know instance try elbow almost break down a little bit or try to prevent himself from breaking down a little bit does it look like that it as well. Was the case but to stand there you know chin up. Hey this is what's going on this is what just happened I'm not gonna be the coach you know what I I think market think fifteen mil whatever kind of move on on that really wasn't any different. From the Jack Del Rio that I you know stood at the press conference. Our sat in post game for the last three years it really wasn't surprising to me I also think. There's some benefit in his mind of well while I can't believe the way they just did this I'm gonna go there and I'm gonna stand up and maybe it's it'll make the raiders look. Like he didn't handle this as professionally is as maybe they could have. Although I think that really you know nobody's really made a big deal about that I know you've asked the question it's a flock that I had as well but I think that the big reason that nobody's. Really given much thought to it is the fact that. People are so enamored with Jon Gruden and the fact that it really looks like this thing is gonna happen with him come and back that they view. The overall decision. Firing pending hiring John gruden is such an outright positive that it's almost like yeah who cares that Jack Del Rio at Jack didn't have it who cares they're gonna upgrade. So Mark Davis gets the benefit of the doubt Jack del Rio's gonna get paid. Nobody needs to worry about it. JD. Monday Night Football was appointment TV for me and I was felons dining in a lot of other people that would listen. There was not a game they win by that I was not educated on what the offense the defense the receiver the quarterback was looking at what they were trying to get accomplished. And I say that to say I'm excited for the raiders. Where you whack it if it is John Grogan and how confident are you think he can get this thing turned around and mainly stay dare. Carr's career. Well that's the number one thing right there if you look at the raiders' season from the end of 2017. Are looking to 2018. They dedicate their car back on track they got to get their offense. Back on track so if you're gonna make the move to fire Jack Del Rio is the raiders did. If you had to go out and you had to get a quarterback guru. Head coach and offensive minded head coach somebody that was going to fix Derek Carr get him back on track get the offense. You know back in balance keep the offense back to have an a lot of fun. Exclusivity. And I fake yelled that's why Jon Gruden is appealing that John records also appealing obviously does he was with the raiders before and Mark Davis is trying to right. May be Al davis' biggest mistake on backed into when he traded him. In 2002. So I think there's all those factors and it always you'll gruden has always been the biggest name guy. I day. The belief is the raiders could actually attained because if you look at the last couple decades a mean there was always this thought wolf no big name coach. Was ever gonna come really to the raiders because of the way the raiders and operated well Jon Gruden is the one. He's the one guy they feel that pie in the sky he'll guy with a track record because he was with the raiders. And liked this time with the raiders obviously tell it ended that they can actually go get. So I think that's why he was always that the only he was always the guy that it would come back to just because other. Top named head coach he's still the belief would be that they never com. Coach the raiders so but to your point yeah it's all about six in the offense and and I think John Gergen candy that I really did. They JD before we jump into the niners what what is loosely Reggie McKenzie do you think. I think that's gonna have to be worked out be whether or not he takes on a different role. In the organization how much controlled his Jon Gruden really want I know it gets reported to that Jon Gruden is gonna have. An awful lot of power in and that's going to be something that it's a necessity. You know was also reported that they were gonna have to off from ownership to it take pay him enough money to get him to come and I know he shot that down. A little bit earlier this morning so I think things are never really totally. As they seem I I think. At times. People view Jon Gruden is that the guy in his thirties is supposed to meet the guy in his fifties maybe he's toned it down a little bit maybe he's a little bit more about a team player. That he was you know going back 1520 years ago. But the one thing I do know is a Mark Davis really likes Reggie McKenzie and would want him to be a part of the organization so if that means gruden becomes. The head coach Shannon and the number one in terms of and you'll have a final say over the roster an in the draft and things like that I still think Reggie McKenzie would likely be asked a number two and someone that Mark Davis would trust. Greatly. In the process of moving forward this football team. JD I a solid tweet from these smoke Marshawn Lynch about it was to Barry Sanders actually about join in the 101000 rushing yards club. And how he wanted to leave the game. And I was shocked like gives Marchand. Do you know or have any knowledge or do you believe that we seen the last of him in the raider uniform. Yeah who knows flip a coin and he checked back during the super ball might retire he might on retire in March she might say he's thinking about coming back in June. Bottom line there he's doing the raiders a favor in my opinion if he does retired that they need to move on from Marshawn Lynch you know he he's not. That he hit kissed it just didn't work and I don't he played well in the second half but he was one of many different factors. That they created. A different vibe in 2017. And out locker room than existed. In 2000 at sixteen when I was twelve and fourteen so to meet. If he wants to flirt around and retire. Again then the raiders could say hey thank you much like they said to Jack Del Rio and and move on to try and get themselves. A running back in there. They can help lead got offense back to where was it to that. And sixteen and ideally you'll get waved and then have to do press conference a minute later. With his head held high like Jack Del Rio John you wanted out of the room we know that lets you judge no we don't Marshawn Lynch would not do their press conference that's true that we needed and joining us on 9570 games. We talked a lot about Jimmy drop below the last few weeks franchise tag long term deal you heard John Lynch is press conference yesterday. What what did you glean. From what lynch said about the future of the 49ers in Jimmy drop off. Well there's nothing new audience picks up from the Lazio last couple weeks and John Lynch is set every time he's asked do some version of we want Jimmy drop loaded V. The 49ers quarterback for a long time I mean I think that's his standard line and I think everybody gets that at this point it's just a matter of how much is that going to cost. And do you why don't we threw around last week's shiny when when we were doing the shows I think it's gonna wind up costing. More than people. Believe it's going to cost like that there is no sweetheart deal to be had for Jimmy drop below and and I really don't think there was ever an opportunity. For a sweetheart deal I mean we talked about it again last week a little bit but if the franchise tag is around 2324. Million dollars a year but it. To meet the baseline in terms of guaranteed money over a three year span for drop below would be and that. You know almost seventy million dollar range so if you start to spread it out over five years in and look to maybe non guaranteed portions of a of long term contract you're talking somewhere in between Derek Carr and Matthew Stafford kind of money right now. For Jimmy drop below so. I think that's why this thing is maybe slowed up. A little bit and I I think. It's because maybe the 49ers are quite ready yet to get into that exact realm of you'll find special commitment. To drop below but I think they're gonna have to get there eventually. And the one thing I'll tell you Matt. Is when that deal gets agreed to in the terms of a come out. And he's it a forty hour quarterback for the next five years at least under contract I think rocketed looked at those numbers and go. Whoa that's that's a lot of money he's that he's the second highest paid quarterback in the league or maybe even for a short period of time. The highest paid quarterback in the. Hey JJ thank you so much for joining us good stuff as always and LC down the road. Are just good guys. John Dickinson 957 the game. Reporting you know he's he's been saying that a lot that the drop the problem money's gonna be big. And it maim makes some people little uncomfortable that's the only part I disagree which ADR on. Yes he's probably gonna cost more than anybody thinks come OK I think everybody's still OK without I think like everybody. I'm seeing Barack alone knows hey we got to bite the bullet here and if it costs a few extra dollars. And at quarterback drew clearly they now I still think. The how much would be too much for Barack alive I don't know well what about it to put the people little room for restarting and I'll come in and say you know what. I don't know when nine field. I don't nine feel when you had nothing new quarterback so whatever this guy gives tiny. He excited did tell lynch was able to pull off too cute the coup in doom from out there that he can we agree that let's say look let's be. Conservative high and low order or you know let's give the biggest window. He's probably gonna get at least. Sixty million guarantee you would treat no doubt that's a franchise tags is fish species gives us sixties even I think a little low bullet should say sixty. And then the high number for guaranteed money. Let's say it's a hundred. Only anybody's got more to hundred no guarantee that they seek out foods got closer than nine B that's the most important gotta give moderate. I don't know I would guess I don't think people are gonna be like yeah that's not nice to see notice too much for Kia. You're not gonna do it. Not one occupied and dies in May not beat anyone at this guy doesn't dare call are not saying he will. You know what if he doesn't their car and then in the defense is adapting they're more like you know what this guy's a good quarterback but now. Hundred million guaranteed. I mean naturally you put yourself you're you're going in there Ted do you think there's a difference between. What's happened with car and quarterback who's. Done what I think I think their car had a bad year because I don't injuries. I'll have done many many factors coaching the new coordinator injuries. Whoever was going on internally. With the raiders but I do think that it caught a bad year I think he's going to be a good quarterback moving forward overall. I think from what we've seen with drop below. I don't think we're gonna see him fall off anytime soon with the star in the making if you have. It's a game at some point oh yeah whenever you lose to order a grown up. And I'll tell you what then that's gonna be that's gonna be interesting to see how everybody reacts to that. Because you are five and all and if you lose the opener and she's here how much did they like to admit the play I'll it's going to be a long week until we do yeah it's going to be a long week but. Nevertheless I think. Oh what I heard. What I heard John Lynch talking yesterday. Was that forget the franchise to our Cisco gonna figure this out yeah hundred too much time. So you wouldn't let me 6570. I mean our staff hurting guys they've proven commodities in this league at their job. We've got other facets to the team that are not up to par. He's. Mind you you have you must pay for potential. You have to for example. Right now I'm scares you this question right now both guys make. Fifty million guaranteed who retaken drop lower Stafford. I'm taken. Number two to rearm taken staff are you really and I imagine doing that if I'm taken Stafford and throw more of the ball a proven winner it's not his fault DS melted around them but yet he's taken the team to the playoffs. And he gets a lot donors doorstep about why the team doesn't win he's all they have. And they pay them like dad. I would take Iraq blow because. I'm gonna take a guy with an unknown outside and that's all I knew what. Maybe drop below will never be is good news staffer and then that was a bad decision by me I mean I'm not GM I'm just talking on the radio but. I think drop below I think he got to pay him for which I think he might and you like what you see. There's no doubt that that's it that's why people are in love with this guy got Pamela franchise quarterback mean. Everybody knows altered everybody in but there's risk involved for any quarterback rank. There was he would their car you pay a hundred billion digits are. And now you don't know what you have going into next year I mean are you more worried about drop below get hurt or you more worried about. Drop will be in fool's gold to fool's gold and if the reason being is he hasn't faced any adversity. Do you know any that I haven't seen. So I wonder if he throws three interceptions or the teams to win four and the media is in you know how does he responded that but everything did you see this I do just due to computer. He's gonna respond like Tom Brady response when those respond. But I would take staffer and they know that what I've seen in his career and how we can just fire that ball Lian. You know dumbo staffer. Fair enough fair enough easy marks on her dire. I don't care what these are. Where these unique young of the raiders' man and he's he produced more than Nick Young. We'll second on the scene you know I know that's true they're both the same player in the first half of the C middle CA or recently I was fifteen I wandered far often picks but they won by forty million. A look Nick Young he's gone. And I okay by the way everybody's getting on Dwight Howard. Guess the war it was absolutely phenomenal what I mean I pray it it'll win they won't do it if you don't know this is. It is to keep her listeners show before but I'm not a Dwight outran. I've got a hard 129. How are constantly around you and whatever and so IA flag there toys have enjoyed our truth. You know he did the next night don't you did he got one for nine they don't have and I knew what I know it was for you rewrite it again it your idea I have to sell there's no way for nines that are hello hello. I leave America forgot the tech tools already I had to do you see it and fell out my old age but I'll why don't why showed up Rawls died in a Dwight Howard played. Why can't he do that can sit night in night out. That he would be in the playoffs. He just can't he just came just can't he's not good enough to do it night in and night and hall of Famer. My father just don't Twitter and my dancers don't answer is yes you know I wouldn't stat wise he's a hall of Famer yeah any stat wise hall of Famer but he's also under achiever. What that body. And that app lettuce and I think is under achiever I think so Colby Bryant that's after with him a winner. Told us all we needed to know about the heart to do why didn't have if you ask me. How much better did Dwight Howard get over the course of his career he didn't he went the other way I don't I guy kind of regret nobody yelled that's crazy certainly didn't. Live up to the expectations. That. That he kind of sentimental old moniker of Superman. And nobody shouted like that India would Shaq was jealous that the dot. Actually never been jealous enjoy helps your body had no what I'm saying is. Like Shaq. Shouldn't have even dealt with Dwight how do you guys Dwight Howard can't hold a candle to shatter right to show action and even then went down memory and what he stood up for Superman NFL's shall look. He was sticking up for his own Superman yeah I doubt it which the F tattooed on a righted my ship. That's scary unknown and include I shot him to hack gathered it's got something doesn't know he has the sticker used in the slam dunked. Dolly actually and that's okay. That the raiders. They have to accommodate the Rooney rule don't thank. Now look. The Rooney rule and I know what it's why it's in place it's a sham. That you tried it needs to be updated and as a demagogue as a black man. I'm offended that you would bring in a minority candidate who just did. Up he's done. We rule when you know. Darn well pull you want to hide you're and I feel like if you know who you want to hide your. You should be a little hot. That person well do when the dog and pony show waste in minority candidates aren't so updated somehow the raiders know they want groove and started going. I grew and don't bring in a minority candidate just a very weird on. We juvenile to scholarship that's not what the rules put in place is sand is bigger than the Rooney rule but it is what it is and I am and I get tired of it you know you've got people on Twitter Twitter talk between your. Twitter talk about how the raiders should be fine female who you want you know what he is. You know what our world is right now nobody's gotten a job because of the Rooney rule outside a Mike Tomlin and the reason he got the job is because the movies saw differently a coup ousted him but Ted didn't brands in the hole. NFL ownership store where there it that's why minority candidates are getting higher stunning I'm sorry had to ship that that's I feel if it's a farce meant I disagree. And the reason I disagrees did you say why are they wasting these gas to I don't think it's a waste of time. I'll tell you why because if you do it the right way let's say you bring in. Black. Kandahar takes you time you know you're not gonna hire but you gotta do it it is a very good chance that well first of all you're given a black candidate a chance to interview. That in and of itself is helpful for his next interview that's what they say but then you have guys like don't get storm and then have to finish these so called my only rule interviews and goes up I gotcha I also think it's possible that. A black candidate goes in an interview for a job doesn't get it but is impressive and then that owner geno was like you know one at. My wanna check out this guy and his reputation begins to be built. And the next thing you know through interviews he beat you know. These candidates take on how life there runs and you would hope that that would happen naturally one hope you would hope that would happen naturally. A study come on these dudes are lame ducks blue black and brown takes. It and I give it your all her idea who who do you think it Jon Gruden is your guy I did go higher bag got I shouldn't have to stop. It basically give a handout or scholarship not a job. Interview in and you got guys would 1212. When he oral interviews we had no job they know. He's got twelve or what you know you give nobody knows what have been some people got like six or seven. And then they stop giving knows SI what does an awful or if the raiders wanna hire gruden I give it but. I just don't think so they shouldn't have progression when you play this Gerald come in for this interview you all it's only gonna resonate easily world and then everybody knows the interview was because of the only rule. If you don't. Am I get the job are minorities get more jobs and they should be because of what they can do. Not what color of their skin but that's absolutely not right. I think the rule had good intentioned they know and I'm with you and I think done. Who looks. It's it's not a bad thing to expose. General managers and owners in front offices do as many minority candidates is possible. Just how they interact. You know what I mean because I do think that. They just. Building relationships with different kinds of people is good for everybody and then I think Mike Tomlin didn't wild and in the interview they had no it's kitchen on hardy they don't. But how many my comedy is my timely and that when asked I got a live I got you know your era are we come back. We're gonna visit would Donnie Nelson the president of basketball operations for the Dallas Mavericks were also talked about. There's a team out there. That's got the warriors in their sites. And they could get them sooner rather than later. In 957. Big game. I got trimester Al would you root Johnson with you on I 570 game. They're coming up in ten minutes Donnie Nelson he's the president of basketball operations and general manager. Of the Dallas Mavericks really you know a lot with him. What could I wanna know is that he thinks Mark Cuban will be good president. I've learned that he might run and Don Nelson's work form for a long period of time let's wrap this thing up with the raiders I'll go out to the professor in San Jose what's up professor. Us. It. I assume so. Honored to really talk to me turn he's done. Here's the situation. With the warriors. The best team in the NBA can we agree with that yeah and I you know me ever but don't. End there when the best things all time right now. End to their head of every other team right. So how long you think this is gonna last for the farm for five more years to see it's not only it's gonna last so long that I see. 45 it may even go look motor for five. I think we're on the verge of upload new NBA rivalry. And you know it's swift that we got more now on the caps. Now. Now this is going to be a new is going to be better because your media outlet allowed. I shall then. I saw Marat was almost as an unimpressive. Return his staff Kirk help you out not quite that good. But listen the mood the Houston Rockets. Right they were just purchased by gentleman named Tillman for teed. And it usually more show with Joseph fort bond Lorenzo Neal. Eddie was asked about. Darryl Mori's comments. That the rockets are obsessed with the warriors and here's what he had assay. I think not obsessed with being a model Barkley played in every year they would have had been doubt there is that you got put together unbelievable super saints. You know I think the greatest scene ever. So there it is I like everything Houston's doing and I like what they're saying. They're seeing more coming from the throne. And the and isn't bad in today's. Politically correct this is what we will miss and in sports. And if you watched the rockets like I do. We need to be really worried about the huge they got size they shoot more threes in the warriors do. But I'm telling you studied though the reason I say they don't scare me all the way. It is last Thursday night in in Boston. James Harden. Could prove to me there's something. Going on inside his Dell home when he gets crunch time. There's no short circuit you go back to game six against San Antonio at home teach teach you look like he was on LSD. Something is up what James Harden in the crotch and that's why don't never overcome that obstacle which is the Golden State Warriors but they scare me. What if James Harden is the second best player on your team in the third best player in your town then then you're really in trouble. And that's what I think seat. The Houston Rockets. They ain't going anywhere. They're not going anywhere. They're gonna be. Climbing up the warriors backs until they get over and that one I know it's Golden State now they are. We hear LeBron named Albion mentioned Houston. Just don't throw that action. If you put LeBron James on the rockets. Are they better than you or your yes OK and you know why they are. I mean I think they got a shot to get LeBron how they won't leave Cleveland for the second time. How do you now. You don't his. Michael Palin duo that raft. There's still rafter went door he's stayed close finish and he's completely unfit for. Good if I mean you know what I mean dude you got me thinking and listen why. I say in this I don't warrior fans like to snicker at the rockets because they're kind of a poor man's warrior warriors but they're gonna get him at some point. They will get the warriors and the reason they will get the Warners is because they are obsessed with the warriors now I don't necessarily think it's gonna happen this year. But I think down the line a year to. He did it may do in the warriors are going into the new arena. And the team starts to cheer splitter a little bit. What I wanna get out here is because the good the rockets certain. The rockets to me. Deserve a lot of respect. And Daryl Morey especially deserves a ton on my dad he he's kitten laughed at because he said there obsessed with the warriors and they lost four. You know what he's the only guy gutsy enough to say oh I'm the only guy gutsy enough to try to take on the warriors should. Everybody else is wait and everybody else is is hoping something happens. Everybody else in their heart of hearts do rue knows they can't get it done. The Houston Rockets. Are trying to get it done they're trying to get it done right here right now well what and you don't want. They're not as far away Asian thing about Harden is now I didn't any younger you'll LeBron is now give me talk Chris Paul do my god I just didn't part of itself he's always hurt but. If it didn't all the stars have to line. And then watch how it happened for the warriors yeah but the warriors need to go down and when they go to this new arena so much killing him the tech is much in the way of only got two to three years no way you can take off I would direct you to take office staff writer and he'll win a title. It's dirt Kevin Durant leads. The world. And orders won one without Cady as she don't want to without a one month isn't all what your mission is that the Cleveland Cavaliers were missing two starters that seriously Yemen there. I'd listen I'm just saying. First of all the warriors are banged up headed into the playoffs this year. Who know what can happen to banged up. Well grandma and I know her today Colin Pope curry misses eleven games in the playoffs and the games he plays you know he's not a 100%. They listen the warriors could be beaten. Cleveland's eight out of ten they can do is gonna take an injury there's no doubt about it but you know I'm not wishing this on anybody but injuries happen all the time. My name all the time. And as fast Philadelphia Eagles I know just in sports. Let's look at the fortune of their season. So what are what I think's happening right now is the rockets are kind of become kind of the new clippers to the warriors. Are no doubt I'd like debt. And we don't have enough. Well I'll read it in the worst it is sad and you know what mark really bothers me tonight I believe Boston in in Cleveland play. He is that's good but adding to that is the lawyers and rockets spurs don't forget about San Antonio. And other than that if it's it's a down time in regard to. You know that now I do like the Russell Westbrook in OKC Kevin Durant dynamic that's what I yeah that's what were missing but they don't bet they hardly ever play. No I hear you I mean. Even they talk about the Celtics. Lakers robber from the eighties and only played twice a year during the regular season so they were when play Cleveland seven or six in the in the finals let me ask you this do you really believe this more your dynasty. Which I believe is set up. Set up Dick didn't do it could hate to lose and one of the big four. And it's do you got to take that job done I don't think you know I don't think it all went stiff one now I mean I realize that the regular season I get it I get it but you know yeah. Confident going in the first football playoffs. Why don't you wouldn't be confident with that without a need to know the exact scenario dark. But the fact like got a big salary gets injured the last game of the year is gonna miss the entire playoff has sought to they don't want it. I bet they go the Western Conference finals beat maybe I'm just saying they don't win it. And same with the rent. I think if they lost to ran. They've been big trial especially. Only Ashley plans include a little bronze we are totally right but but but let's say no injuries happen well in the wars are gonna win it this year and they get a winner for the next fortify now see there there is where you go too far. You can't project that far into the future we thought the raiders were goal of the playoffs. And in one mayonnaise has cornered and they taser coordinator which was their identity real quick do you think Steve Kerr did it for the long haul I don't. But we saw were bought back when we saw Luke Walton tomorrow lay his in terms status into my head coaching job with the lakers when he was here we saw Mike Brown the way relevant job when you hear Jimmie Johnson the great football coach said you're you only tool in the race if you got the horses and right now the lawyers have the horses Don that's good news and you're telling me these teams that might wind. EEE you don't even have the players they're going to be around. In five years on the rocky ship those young stuck with the holy warriors gonna we got everybody yeah I fail Unclei step drain indirect. Derailed 34. Her real beef 34 U I easy when LeBron joining his aides say how LeBron just to the bronze body. You see the bronze star and no way he's not on something. And G-8. This not a negative there's just no way that you got blessed with that. LeBron. Holds the key to the off season. LeBron is this year is the Rampage he would run you've been did you. She is questioned guru why wouldn't he go to Houston. Because he doesn't wanna face the warriors before the finals. That's why he won't go I know that guy know how he thinks he. Fast money well I'm Jane saying that it need ID I know Anita Alabama bedrooms dining out watch I know I know. I can change to rule that's all I'm saying things can change. If you went there I mean man that is sexy is all out doubting that wow. Best theory of course is scary what we don't crazy scary book written and that's why I don't think LeBron is going to lakers. Because if he goes the lakers have. Given up a year to not need I. Think he's got that's what I don't see him go insane and I'm ready go to this team and I know were probably not gonna win it this year I can't see him do and that. Maybe to get. I'd be surprised. I'd be surprised if he jumped in and joined a young Laker team do you think I'm onto something with Durant I mean excuse me hard in the crunch time. I'm starting to really believe he loses it upstairs. And that's why we saw a game six. We saw the two offensive fouls they were just like doomed. You or you have the lead why would you even make eight. I'm telling I don't know about James in crunch crunch time the real crunch time I'm starting to get a little did it didn't trepidation does that mean more people feel that way about LeBron James to right no he's got ratings. True Harden and haven't seen my feeling on that is I never like to make. Overreaching statements on a game more couple plays. Yes she can get on hardened because he's never. Got in the finally gotten past the warriors. But I'm a firm believer in the idea is you don't waited until you win it you know what I mean and and maybe he does struggle down the stretch but that doesn't mean you can't correct that over time we can't become better. Better attic for example if you know what I mean.