Mid-Days Show - Hour 1

Steinmetz and Guru
Tuesday, January 2nd

Steiny and Guru talk about Warriors chirping at refs, Jimmy Garoppolo and is Jon Gruden the new head coach of the Raiders?


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Constant dealers in downtown San Francisco. He's he's now 857. Happy new year 2018. That's Simon's Darryl would do Ruth Johnson 957. The game. What's up guru you don't man I'm feeling good I got a suit jacket on for 2018. Trying to put my best foot forward and I'm excited it's a lot did you do are you start dressing better in the New Year's coach is saying no I've always been a man of buzz soups but I hadn't put them on because some things have changed. I think now I'm just look myself in the mirror trying to beat the best I can't sort of. You question I think so let's face it there yet it T shirt on underneath the jacket so. Is that the look these days yet. You wanna put a button down shirt and tie on and I just wanted to teach her how we got a lot to talk about today man wow. We've got. San Francisco 49ers. Five straight wins to finish the season six in ten. We've got the raiders firing Jack Del Rio. With all reports indicating Jon Gruden coming back to the raiders. So for that right there we got probably two of the most interest in six in ten teams in league history right there. And then the forty the Golden State Warriors do roof. Seth Curry came back. Put 38 on the Memphis Grizzlies. Have the best record in basketball systems go for the warriors. One little. Monkey wretch his name is to remind green but we'll talk about try him on green a little bit later. Right now alone talk about the two football teams. Both ended six in ten amazing. And one team is trending upward in a big way and that's the 49ers. Lot of cap money. They got a lot of draft picks and let's let's already talk about expectations. This is a team that's gonna be expected to make the playoffs next year. Jiri do you have a problem with that no I don't absolutely not you look at the teams that once and divisions this year they were in last place last year a record number of and they've got a quarterback. They've got. Two players that I also wanna talk about air greed and Carlos Hyde and unity back are they gonna move on from them. And then we got the raiders who. We're trending downward in an unbelievable way. And now all they fired Jack Del Rio. And it looks like Jon Gruden is going to be the head coach so. Is everything now find in Oakland. A two room. I think you will be fine if Jon Gruden is the man who watch call of god of a football coach. Lot like caring teacher meets football every Monday night. I'm sorry he's Donnie if this if this deal happens and he's named the new coach of the top Oakland Raiders. They stole the little photo from the San Francisco 49ers some momentum that they built. Because nobody has an answer or I haven't heard an explanation. Of what happened to the 2017. The raiders. But I Mattel yet mr. fix it is on his way they've Jon Gruden comes to Oakland and you know the best part about this this marriage. Is Derek call or you have a quarterback who got the big deal last off season but nobody knows what happened to warm. Jon Gruden can save his career. And elevate his game. The new levels in new heights and I don't think Q would it got to under the previous regime I'm excited for both teams. And we did battle of the bay niche here. To find out who is a superior team in the Bay Area. Jon Gruden hasn't coached since what 2009. What does that mean well let me just a bit on the sideline and it almost a decade. He's been in the I think I think there's a very. I think there's definitely. A discussion to be had whether he's still. I'm on the campaign or lobby that fastball or some sort I'm just saying. I'm just say and the game has changed a lot it would be like if you bring it if you bring a basketball coach back who is here ten years ago I don't know that they. I don't know that they even recognize the NBA right now. Ten years are put in their run the football alone in the NFL. Smuggle more than they do now but to control that stunning that that you can you control what you do and how you get operate Jon Gruden just I don't know if you do. Listen to a mother telecast listen to a morning quarterbacks he doesn't sound like a guy or a coach out of touch this is. I'm on the tip my cap to Mark Davis if if the baby is delivered. This is humongous nobody saw this coming into what the team needs. Yes I'm a listen I'm I'm not kitten gung ho over. I'm John gruden I'm just not what why should I. I mean he's not. Commented on the open minded who won a Super Bowl. What year. Was a while ago and what year and is what Tony Dungy is players but he still want. I'm I'm happy that the raiders. Made a move that. They change their fortunes next year. I don't know that it will. I was asleep. Like how long but there's not he's been out of coaching for nine years. But he hasn't been running a restaurant or Obama. I'm not get a look at all the genius anymore we don't know fees genius she was a junior was great coach would love is going to be great coach anymore. Right and I I it's almost like operating forgive Hattig did I do I do actually with Bill Parcells. As good a coach in New England in New York as he was for the giants. I don't know maybe he was used it to cowboys to the playoffs. I'm just saying starting you'll forgive how to coach footballs or did you did you run the ball you catch the ball to score touchdowns and you stop the other team it's not rocket science and if you are good or great you. Add your own formula how to do with the raiders had no structure. And now they got one of the best head coaches. I don't wanna say ever a mind just like Shanahan Akashi NA he's a mind Kawhi or water. I wonder if he's decorate a mind but doesn't that bring excitement though as opposed to Del Rio is going out here again. The you know Guillen did did not. In the needle. I'm not a big Del Rio fan and you know that well. I think if you look at the raiders. What a lot of people were saying this year was. Their talent wasn't as good as people thought it was they didn't have they were twelve and fourteen year last year clout that they or their talent wasn't twelve and four. And there were people saying that and then they came into the season and they went six intend. So maybe this so I don't think we get operate under the premise that they have twelve and four talent would you agree that it. I'll give you you you make points and until we see. Top tier coach like John Grogan. Coming in with the same ingredients so he's got to win more than twelve game all of a measure of the playoffs and give the team a chance to get to the Super Bowl because those are we just don't realize is that last year but it would this year it was the Titanic nobody knows right and I. So now you that people second guess in the town like now we got a cult who can maybe coach up these guys and taken to the may level you know what that's is that who can maybe say things have a clear to Madonna. I don't know it's not a maybe I'll start one now to show how Shanahan has had more recent success than Jon Gruden. What playoff game are they in this case you're asking me right now sight unseen. Who would you rather have coach your team Kyle Shanahan or Jon Gruden and definitely taken Kyle Shanahan won't absolutely. You're taking group here are your guys your role as reliable. He will he won't he won a Super Bowl what fifteen years and also that's like saying you're one didn't so we Jordan would Tuesday it real still alive. I did anything really so let's forget yes OK this that you wanna hire Dick for real. It wouldn't be bad either on study that you are you heard this is all you're just reminds me of a little bit. Tell me. Little bit of a gimmick. In. I think it you know I think you can make a parallel to this is well first of all these dates. Not an exact analogy but. I really feel like the raiders brought back Marshawn Lynch to appease Oakland fans for the last two or three years. Waller in Oakland so that's an insult I believe to Marshawn Lynch in his abilities. He was good the second half the season on the Marshawn Lynch martyred in the raiders' best ally there's no doubt second part of the Zuma you always see how we can bring Marshawn Lynch back that I don't know John Olerud John gruden. Jon Gruden the one who you have to fill his cleats. Right now I don't see successor. On the right a roster the can be that bruiser and takes five guys to get tackled every time he touches the ball I feel like John got to come back then right there's no doubt. Right I know some people don't like his personality is big personality. I'm still it if I'm buying in. Or sell and I'm definitely combine the 49ers will overrun by and the raiders. Because there because. The last half of the season was more of an indication. Of what the 49ers can be weak weak right now the raiders we don't even know what they are. Coach no coach with no idea what that team is true we they have no identity. We don't know who's gonna be back looks like crap what they can get ready Crabtree how I. What did he do wrong kind OK get rid of Crabtree Marshawn Lynch gonna be a big decision. An entire new coaching staff in here. By the way I gotta give you theory on the whole del real thing. That I have. Docomo and Mark Davis was gonna fire him right after the game. But we won't want to bid Saturday night will report the girl who was gonna come back to the raiders so the embryo it was that he knew there was already the train was moving and standing why do you say that I'll say it. For this reason. I have never before. Ever heard of a situation. In which. The game ended. The owner tells the head coach he's fired. And then the head coach goes and does the post game press conference. Something's fishy something's fishy there I don't care what anybody says I'm Arnold. I'm not saying he didn't wasn't gonna fire del real he might have used probably got a fire Del Rio. Not gonna fire right after a while why would you do that why would why would Mark Davis fireman right after the game and then say oh by the way. Go do your post game press conference because file Jack Del Rio on might be like going in there. Maybe you are you going to hit a solid for him to be able to deliver the news I'm just told us is solid that's all throw you under eighteen Wheeler. We're gonna give you last press or you can share what some that you're not coming back as opposed to me take you know I might fuel everybody asking where's jackass yeah and Elkins mark. Runs out of the building. Mark doesn't do I mark and nowhere to be found. I don't think you know I think. Did you plan on fire Del Rio today or tomorrow but the game bothered him so much said he saw him after the game he kind of knew what he wanted to do anyway and he just said you know what Jack. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot but you've done this latter does it matter of speaking that tells you what kind of an organization the raiders so far. I think defected. Mark again this is eaten this contract and is trying to land the big fear pool he just got paid just got 750. Million dollars from they have a lot of money but it I'm. I'm eight what a gutsy move through this is not a Leo this contract everybody talks about not mark the last of this pockets. He doesn't have deep pockets he weight and is in the process it looks like land in the big fish think his organization turned around. I gotta give you got to tip your cap nobody saw this come in. I'm pretty sure it was just report the night before. That's Tony for hours on talk about before Clinton and my tale yeah. Funny that would that was oxymoron Jon Gruden MR Davis more target need to contract. Cut. I'm excited. Ambivalent. But come up we'll talk about more Jon Gruden Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy G. 957 game. And 957. Big game. Best climates and Darryl would doom Johnson Ricky on a Tuesday morning in the bed happy new year everybody. Hope everybody had a great New Year's Eve and is poised to have a tremendous. Tremendous 2018. I don't two Bay Area teams that are poised to have a great 2018. The warriors in the 49ers. Question is on the raiders poised to have a great when he eighteen. I guess may be now more than. A day or two ago but. His group no lock is issues are you sure they mean is say they end up border sending out Adam Schiff never tweeted that ESPN tweeted that Jon Gruden would. In fact be the next head coach for the Oakland Raiders and the fact that they fired del real as fast as we talked about. Does I'm like now on the announcement. And so I call a photo right. And most hey I mean look I'm not gonna sit here and say gruden is not gonna be the coach. I wouldn't I wouldn't say that but he's stinky and get away and delete the content. Don't say an end so they also have to interview a minority candidate to. Satisfy the Rooney rule that if you are one. And I want you can do why don't they just wanted to Mark Davis just invite Reggie McKenzie into his office and say Reggie. What do think about so maybe the coach of the raiders then you'd be like coma while Murray the GM a look at your fired as GM and you're not going to be the raiders coach there was satisfy the Rooney rule are predicting. Reggie and he will be the new GM for the Packers who mr. Dobson is. Transitioning into a new. Job with the Packers that position is wide open. Jimmy drop below five are now. The 49ers won six of their last seven games. The 49 Ers started out 019 they finished sixth in ten that's never been done before in fact nobody's ever been close to doing that before. You and I were arguing about they need a win at all when now. You're probably says they shouldn't win novels saying they do they need only just because it was embarrassing in the other you know the niners the richest history the other day and they're not. Coin toss with the raiders. This is gonna get nine who's gonna get ten. Is that unreal it's unreal but I can give a damn if the niners got T unit they got their franchise quarterback Jack and adds this I mean that makes everything else. No big deal they got the money the draft. This team will be in the playoffs and eighteen. I think if they're not in the playoffs it would be a disappointment. The question is seven cardinals just lost Bruce aryan so they gonna be only be worse. Or they set up to turn it around the corner here to west Seattle where they fit in both those teams taking a step back toward Nigeria better in Seattle most definitely. So it's a 49ers in Graham's. Forty niners and rams. Do Loomis dogs are watching their game with the rams and their old uniforms. If I actor Jim memory I'll I'll I'll like to see the white and blue you know I don't know. The ones that kind of where the colts colors you know and I got you know deacon Jones an exact and a deacon Jones by the way hard welcome back the NFL I believe so. Here's our mission is forehead fun yeah now he got fired then there was. Nothing great or three years because. The F fired that it was time Sula one year Chip Kelly one year and Shanahan won you're so he's been he's been gone for three years. That's for Jim Harbaugh is what he calls an extended stay though. I mean that's a long time for our bar right three years yeah and he didn't even Vito I'll stay one time. So people in Michigan my Ed don't let the door hit you on the way out. The only thing that can swell there's a bunch of stuff that concerns me about gruden is hasn't coached in a decade. Essentially. And I don't care what anybody says. The ownership situation in Oakland is still what it is Mark Davis is still run in the team and there's a reason. The raiders hadn't auto playoffs firm. Whatever was thirteen or fourteen years till last year I think there's a reason they didn't make it this year it's just complete the organization. Doesn't have enough stability. And now what they clean house race clean else. What is the lack of stability in the front office have to do with your just an example you're wide receiving corps lead in the league in drops. Source at the top Derek Karr taken a step back there's nothing to do with more Davis he cut the check for the coaches. To take these guys to the next level in duplicate. Pretty much what they did last year against what's done any they couldn't do with Derek Carr is the biggest concern. And that's why this news of John Grogan to meet is the best antidote. Geek. More back up and running and the car's broke right now nobody knows what they do trainee in June nobody knows. Why did Mark Davis fired Jack Del Rio. Two minutes after the final horn dogs are better performance the fourth and one they couldn't email lineup something doesn't add up that's all I'm saying that wow. Something doesn't add up I never heard of that before I'd never heard of that before. Usually the way it's done is. Jack Del Rio goes in to do his season ending press conference and he gets asked about his job status and he says. Well I don't know what's going on. I'm gonna be the coach until I'm not the coach anymore retarded heard that a million blood should have been a million and one on Sunday. Why did he say and Jack Del Rio into that room after you've been fired not that he set in fact what Joseph real going to of that room. So I think they'll reel waiting to do it because it did make the raiders look bad. And it made Jack looked pre stand up and eat like going in they're saying you know life I've just been fired. Go ahead and ask me questions they have a big man right there yeah you have to gang just come out there real perspective you have the game and you're obligated. To speak to the media after Iraq he's not obligated we just got fired but it sounded like he was melancholy word you he said his goodbyes how much admits oil I thought he want I need a standout guy. I hit the option to go in the air and tell the media that he's no longer sure what it shall we say you know what I'm I'm too distraught. This job. Was my childhood dream I cannot believe you're gonna fire me. I'm a broken inside I'm like oh I can't go into a press conference right now and I are not going to that was gonna happen. So then don't the raiders would have no press conference he'll post game press and now that when added I would have been another first that's kind you don't. I can't defend that but I'm telling you Mark Davis wants to win Mark Davis didn't wanna fire right after the game. But he got emotional I'll bet and he saw may just said you know what it's done she can do it now. That's what I think happened let's say wasn't a fire and maybe today a pitcher than two together on the field in the caption was that's never happened before where Davis is that in the lead to talk to Del Rio before the game. They don't Davis was on the field some Lincoln like. He must be safe. And then. Three hours did you work while your car bombs chip. He did give them all and by the way what's your biggest worry guru if you're forty niner fan right now going into next season. Honestly there live and up to expectations. Well that's that's gonna be I mean that's not gonna go away that he's gonna be the number one theme of the 49ers next year and I told you this in the green room Grupo low through the through threw two picks or X yeah yeah. Used to seeing him error and I'm wondering like damn who wrote this guy's human and Brady throws interceptions but I'm wondering. What are you wonder and are the opposing defense is in court there's gonna have go rob low on feel now to where it's going to be more difficult come next season if nothing he can't be fantastic. But I. Just think it's come too easy to his cred I'll drop below what this is going. We Rhode stymied and now he's the quarterback for week one when expectations are through the roof that inflation may be sold out soon. And you wonder. How he's gonna react to which as we saw dare carded a contract we assume they're going to the playoffs. It didn't he went the other way mentally dare car did not know what was going on but that's what concerns me. But it's a good concern fair enough fair enough. You don't concerns me most. Jed York. Ten York's words yet your worries me quite eat. Personally hates we had our middle game puts out now we know to catch user I am glad that it was about football. He was watching the you wouldn't go to wanna tweeting about business football business. You really want Jed York tweet about football. See this is the beauty of lynch and Shanahan. Ideally they're so good that they came. Bush. Jed York into the background and all Jed York has to do is stay there. Looks like he's starting to creep out a little bit you know what I think that's but excitement. York was so it he's so excited with the state of the franchise and the coaching GMA quarterback. They just fired off a tweet to let people know. I'm just tweet about it can't small business loan he was excited when Jim Harbaugh always a coach Wright when he should've been they would do some remote NFC championship. As any guys that he got. And excited and hurried and Jed York and they date. What's not there when Nate Nate that's bad and then made it you know things look bad. I did you see Jed York resurfacing can you. I mean is this team so was there anything wrong with the tweet it is era law that says and what are no no I tweet about. And that's why you. Tweet what you board member Jed York's the guys between you out an apology go to forty niner fans winning with class that. Bothered Jim Harbaugh and know that. All part that you like each other. They like each other when they were higher when no offense that's what the media portrayed the wind your coach is telling your G they'll own yardage you're not allowed in here again now. And the GM did you gotta go what do Shanahan says that it ever has not to attack a guy. I only to them on the sidelines yesterday. He does Sunday he's not dead tie that these dudes about football guys like whom he's a mind. And I'm telling it just on the flip side. I think Jon Gruden to give him a run for his money Shanahan in regard to play calling because I believe that's something you don't forgive Stein eat well. Let me tell you something. Let's say you didn't forget. So he can we call the plays that good we're used ten years at all. No come on you know come on that's the last time he was a coach plays don't Wear out and do good enough stop. I'm not Groupon. They don't go in the run up the middle is not called the line Bob okay now one verbiage but if you listen to my on the telecast. Ruling can tell you what teams that don't belong to him are doing and then when they don't execute. It shows you what they're supposed to beat when I. I do my own. When I was in the Jon Gruden and now he's the coach it's his job. It's a big deal. It's a deal. Why me. I mean the biggest stories that grew and finally. Looks like keys. They're a year after year after year after year after year we hear gruden is named why don't always hear that name because people know he's good at his craft. It happens in other sports. Thanks again and he was good at his craft and you know there's people who would argue actually wasn't that great in Tampa Bay at the end. That's what they'll say. Sir would you go so yes it actually been a good coach for 1214 years you have a quarterback depth. After the super cool see if you have on it okay yeah he's got looking at six. I don't know. I will say it's exciting stuff and this is the last bit of know you thought was coming that Oakland and I know I just this was not going dad I feel the same way I felt. When the raiders announced they were cited Marshawn Lynch. That's exactly that was my first feeling when they signed Marshawn Lynch last year my first thought was. That's got to do with and we know or leave it Oakland and we're gonna try to keep Oakland in the mix for as long as possible. And I think. Hiring gruden. Has shades of that but that's all I he's in but he had shades of that you hire Jon Gruden guess what. Maybe the last two years and Oakland won't be a calamity. That's got to me is the number one reason why Jon Gruden was high. But then in essence that almost makes it sound like Marchand and grew in more Ponce. They both needed something from mark they both want a death did you know iso ball then Hirsch and I gotta tell you this the niners had all they work it in the Bay Area and now all of a sudden the football world is focused don't just work. He's so culprit California. Possibly this this new coach coming back well it's also business let's also be honest about why it's a huge deal. Because Jon Gruden worked ESPN. And ESP and is the biggest media company. On the face of the error so of course it's going to be big news because they've decided. It's gonna be big news editor ESPN decides. It's gonna be big news that it is big news. Well it it's just the move like six straight coaches are gonna get replaced. It. You want. Great group approach let's like let's see what are you can do no. I'm not just sit here and say they're a lot to be better because he was a good coach fifteen years ago let's trip. I just know what he did to a Joni men named rich can end. Oh his career around. I know what he did for did that offense was phenomenal rate if Rich Gannon if you told rich dad and that Jon Gruden turned his career around he'd be a little bit offended. You think because Rich Gannon. Was one of the hardest working quarterbacks out there got that I got stabbed I know so that earn money helps Rich Gannon but isn't that at the end of the day what what it's all about. I don't even make them. Rich cats and you don't want to lose a jury in Richmond Kansas City was everywhere. They got to ultimately look like Jim plug it. Listen I knew I knew. Dan was good when he was at the University of Delaware where I watch guys hit but I watch him a blue hair and I want blue and that they say they say it's changed their well they sell. I think it's blue hens are asked that that could be the ultimate reward good bloom what's up blew me. I don't know puts it you'd say Moe sort of Blue Jackets remember Blue Jackets at soldier in Ohio to put Saudi king delivered that this is what I'm here for you if we were to give Jon Gruden a football IQ test 2018. Addition. You feel like you would be a tad bit lower than somebody lied Shanahan yes I would scored 980. Yeah you believe jetBlue gurus bust a little. On this new football but there is no new football this really is is all passing now yet but it's it's just. Check offenses are now they play chess and Grunin when I listen to him is Bobby Fischer. When I listened to that guy tell me what can pursue our. Just match in and chess match out. All let's go to botched. It's shocking. To go to Kazmir Walnut Creek puts up Kazmir. But I am go to premier jazz guard Britain Bellamy got to get some gotcha yeah I enjoyed both you guys throughout the years I maybe would you. Since we believe your man's. Wow isn't that that's more. Yeah when John brutal school aged. It is. And really you know employ him but I am I think yeah Dinka would. John root metrics firm and the eagle and Jim Harbaugh I mean that's the chance to end. Jim and good luck and no not again and but I don't want your mom bought when they could quarterback coach we'll get through one and B keys let's not remember who could forget and I. In general. I think if you look at the mobile you gotta yeah hub blockade on this go to more real and what true then this Mormon experiment every coshow comeback like Shanahan give it didn't like being passed everything else in my because the guys that are coming up learn not to them until there's took them to the next level and remind me of the great feeling they were the number one. And jujitsu and then. This guy came by name any problem to us stuff to the next level. They're Kazmir guys you know what thanks for the call I'm glad you brought in any wow Cleveland. I'm glad he started that's exactly what I was thinking gruden would return Eddie Bravo there's the comparison there's unreal. The jujitsu comparison. Unreal. I must say and if you don't wanna be except I'm not saying don't be excited about prudent if you wanna be excited about accrue and be excited accrued and I'm just saying. I'm not viewing it like. They've got a Super Bowl. Coach. Was fifteen you know I'm never gonna take that away for gruden I mean obviously he's. He got a legacy he'll probably go to the hall of fame and mostly because of his announcing career but nevertheless the hall of fame. And now. Let's see what he does in Oakland now you know a lot of one thing that bothers me is Joseph Gibbs he came back to coach in the Super Bowl in Washington Redskins head coach didn't go too well on the second go round put. You could say say about it for meal and he ended up winner with. The cardinals right on with Kurt Warner I love me and he really made his bread and butter in Philly with the Eagles so it worked for Romeo must say I can't work but. He has a piece is he or even dare car you up or down on him on Derek Kerr yeah. 'cause it it's a big deal it's everything to me there organized the answer. To our next season that's a good question where my own Derek Karr. Hammer Barack alone right now apple. I would take Iraq Iran raiders are going to be faced and out there and it. Then sales next year battle of the day if tunes here it's who has the better coach who has the better quarterbacks what teams and better position this is phenomenal for the Bay Area the reason I take a rock below is because I got to take. The guy who's. The better quarterback right this minute right this minute it's raw obviously gets mom now. Car obviously was tremendous last year. Sums up what color that comes. I'll get it back. And maybe maybe he's never as good as he was last year that's a possibility. But there any old column cornerback make enough plays then when people say that. Who was that guy in the number four Jersey if cars not as good as he was in fifteen. And sixteen. Then Tony well the you know sometimes I never comes back you're right I think there's probably been a ton quarterbacks. Who started out pretty well and then just never got better press would be honest it's the same thing could happen a problem. Look you come back now gearing or just like wow this isn't the quarterback he was for what he's not getting hurt either stunning. I mean I want to rock below those eyes. Those eyes are looking damn don't feel like a machine. Real quick let's take Matt in San Ramon he wants to say. Some about why they didn't fire Del Rio when they did in. Jon Gruden what's up Matt. Hey hey hey good calm morning there's Kim. Grew Wal-Mart then there so there are no dog Goetschl. Until I. Until Rio you do terminator door you know I'm Patricia because they're slow they had discovered there was no real. Although I don't know personally know John gruden. Yeah blue dog you have to Del Rio. OK well then why did why were all the reports out there Saturday already that. Gruden the man and and del Rio's probably out. All right yeah I mean did a good group for years removed for years. Even though we know what I don't talk about it go after. Although he probably OK good good quote I cannot go back to coach until the youngest pilot who almost ultralight. So. OPEC I gotcha thanks for the call Matt I. Jeff Van Gundy is somebody who's. Known for doing this. If Jeff Van Gundy will not talk to a team about a coach of the coaches in place already that's like one event Gandhi's. Stickler points so let's say gruden is like that drew and I listen man mark mark. I don't I don't go down this road until Jack's fired. Or tell you don't have a coach will if if if that's what he's doing because crews doing things the right way how does something like that become. Brings gonna be a head coach and he's got to get ownership before and even happens well I don't get that because if you're if you're the ownership in your mark Davis and you got your guys. Trying to drop contracts. In the mindset is we're going to knock on the door asked for the day. People know what your intentions. So that's probably to me were the report came from is they had intentions. And it probably leaked they were going to make the pitch to groom and and they want grown since you know what hey you got a coach go back fix that situation didn't come back to me we can talk. This pretty much what we're watching what why are the reports saying. It's a done deal. Gruden is back to the raiders 'cause I believe it's a done deal well then they talked before he got tired or did you say no just became a done deal last 24 hour I believed that it was a done deal before jag I'm fine thank you. Thank you so they gruden is in Saint John gruden I won't talk to. Well there's tiny it doesn't matter unless she saying the opposite picture of the kind of guy who doesn't do that and he has I don't know airports are rumors that we're talking about Jon Gruden hasn't come out instead I didn't talk did you know logged zillow real was employed we don't know that. All sane is it Jon Gruden hangs his hat on I do the right thing and I will not engage an owner of a team while he currently has a head coach. Okay woman at least. Live up to that. Break in the what do I care in general know bleak bleacher report's star any. Jon Gruden confirmed he's in arrest in the right you're a coach and better us yet and I've got to battle panel members and do you hope he's okay hope seasoned candidate all right Jon Gruden hopes he's a candidate in Oakland. Okay how we come back to talk more 49ers more raiders and some warriors still. Now back in 957. Game. Assignments Darryl would do root Johnson with few happy new year everybody. Funds start to may 2018 sports wise that's for sure. Looks like Jon Gruden is poised to become the next head coach at the Oakland Raiders. The 49ers head into the off season with some optimism that nobody saw comment. Couple months ago. And the Golden State Warriors have started the new year. With the best record in the NBA. Well away guru a wanna talk a little warriors with care because they play in Memphis on Saturday. And two huge stories to me came out of that game one is staff curry. Sits down eleven games and comes back and scores 38 points in 26 minutes and makes ten threes when most in the NBA this year. And three she was thirteen for seventeen from the floor his best shooting night as a warrior. Ever. But for one other night when he was fourteen for eighteen against the Charlotte hornets on the night his father got his. Jersey retired in Charlotte. To think about that for a minute. So on the one hand it's all good for the warriors. Curry's healthy. Plain gray. James Harden got banged up so Houston's a little bit of trouble and Jorge may not play on Thursday it was not a play Thursday the question is the game after that. Think it's on the twentieth or something like that. Why did no I detected a change in some warrior fans attitude. Over the weekend now bear with me going again. So drain mongering against the Memphis Grizzlies. In the first quarter gets a technical foul call. Its ninth day of the year. Leads the lead and drank. Second quarter starts. He gets called for a foul when he gives the old wave off like he always did she gets away with the most of the time they left Abramoff but apparently this. Let's bother the official game technical foul automatic ejection. And technical fouls now so in other words. Trent Green has more technical fouls then owed each cousins. OK I. By the way derail has as many found a technical files is booty cousins who that might be the secondary store. One thing I notice a look on Twitter is talking to buddies. Some warrior fans are getting tired very minds that I can't believe I'm saying that because strain mind as one of the players that a lot of fans love. But I get the sense. Warrior fans are even. After the end of their rope a little bit with him arguing and complain and and crying and every single game. Almost every single call and I got to be wrong right no and I'm taking one step further. I'll I'll watch and I'm re winding omelet commit to the face of his teammates. And the coach and staff outside as Steve Kerr. It's got to be real stir any. And I love you right I know you need that antagonist I know it's the raft but you're turning people off the way did he doesn't it. It's like what's next right you want one immediate the middle of the of the court in new in the red did have added it does not gonna happen. Why does he double bag if he's so demonstrative. It's what makes him great irony when I'm with you mum and he's turning in the fans against him it's a bad look. And I say that confidently. 8889579570. Is the number well are you right now would trail mine green. Yes she's a fan favorite yes she'll love is the motion. You'll love that you about Marty place. What does the complaining get out and then. I thought dream on was a player who warrior fans would essentially back until. They couldn't back him any longer I don't mania. But again just look at a Twitter that a lot of warrior fans. That I saw sand. Straight mind. Vote. All you do is complain why wouldn't count. Good morning into the side drama gonna say to lump what do you say to write my green when he's in one of those as my mom used to tell you to death we love you to death we know you're passionate drank but today. I'll let some of these calls go with that we can't afford delusion and you know what drank it's just. This is just into the optics are bad compare anytime you get or they are terrible terrible I here's the other thing and then. These things just the fact the warriors who darted defending champions and they're just it. They complain so much I don't pretend they would dominant helps herald bull look. The Golden State Warriors have the most talent in the NBA. They have a super team that the league is less winners jealous. And just let. Nobody likes when the best team complains to. Nobody. And the warriors could play more and any other team could just turn it look how dry the greens. A bitter attitude problem would. Just means. He's got more technical fouls. Enjoy it. Is much is DeMarcus Cousins. DeMarcus Cousins a leaks poise for a 500 team. The warriors are 29. And seven. There or whatever they are what if he needs it tells down anyone if he needs. That could that did become batted with the rest to fuel him because the opposing player scared they're not good and you know what I mean when are you aware every woman he felt he's a special K and that's why a special coats like Steve Kerr. Has not made this bigger than it is because you're right if he does have that conversation. He can lose Dray mind. And then all hell could break loose in the what are we talking about what we're talking about and cost the UN BA finals loan which is what he's already done. Because the warriors guys on NBA finals and a lot of warrior out there's no doubt so. Now last year. He controlled himself there were no issues he's had to pick why doesn't have to this year. I don't get it I just one he does is so special an uncanny. And I'm sorry starting the credit card did I give them to to do what he does with the that interaction with him in the rest. It's almost Max Talbot is now maxed out because. A G and he needs to go some dark place and that dark place he gets fueled from the ramps. I'm size it's just it's not right. But let me ask you this there there is somebody that loves the NBA if you orpheum would you rather be watching the new warm intelligent. Guys and so did just parked on the wrist and hand the rest the ball which it in under 500 car would you rather have it what we have here in the Bay Area way you know led Durham on lessons steam off the rest no not well. You know un un un on majority of the night to give you leeway to where you don't get thrown now. My friend wants to get it was my turn my grandma had. New Year's Eve pled to New Year's Eve plans to ask why want to go this hour. While the game was December 30 okay it was always sounded to me like maybe you might had a New Year's bock and all you okay that last two or three days. We're talking December 30. I'm just sick and dry in my green. Making out like he's persecuted. Like he's somebody different types. Officials are so consumed. And there are so. Aware Trimmer green is so important that the refs actually officiated differently from. Were white I kind of I don't we just were warrior fans lose me this is where. Great mind green loses maybe there is no persecution. There is no picking on. The fact he's Troy mine green is the biggest complaint here in the NBA he's it's speaks for itself and you know who's right up there have been derail it. I. The negative meant to be out following all the league it is apologize ended and up around the world. Who on the button right they Goodell leads the league and bewildered look OK I let's put it that they're so good stymied but I'm sick of this rumor to rest they have and it's still can't error. Don't care they're very rough regain a drain mind green behavior away. Other players don't and and I'm very I'm getting ripped for my assertion that maybe they draw energy off from the rest people a feeling that. Who did you go pouring it on yeah allowed rounds and maybe draw in my needs it like that's not an excuse soldier drain Mon may need it but if he may need that. Guess what that's a deficiency in his game. Total deficiency. That we give the scouting report or drape my green yes and terrific defender plays hard but you know was. He needs to get on the rest case to play at his peak hit on. Here's your name on Bailey now six. Now. You real like this is the other thing about train mine he's a Smart guy do we do welcome. It's Mars in the game so what what do you think's gonna happen he's going to be able to steamrolled the officials. In true. Officiating in differently. He's going to be able to leave this guy who gets technicals and kicked out and after the game on wanna talk I don't wanna defined put. It over there wolf is a guy. When that gesture did that warn him these deadbeat for him and now on out the second tactical quick. But the second tacked enjoy what they are not quitter and went and they she don't mob don't know he made the gesture was OK you don't want. The second technical foul ball and he's done any help others me. Wait a second what do second technical foul doesn't come for drain mind because they let him get away with more yak in than anybody else. See I look at it the other way. Cramer I'm green. Complain so march but you can't GM up every time he complains. So he actually. To modern way of thinking has more leeway and I kind of felt the same way about Rasheed Wallace. When he played. Rasheed Wallace complained every single ply so that. It's GM wants he complains and complains and complains and like I. That's enough I don't wanna throw you out that's enough while he complained again now I gotta go so he gets 45 chances. Real good 45 chances. Others wondered if warrior fans sick of it but okay these sick of it but are you shocked they occur. And maybe this conversations already took taken place. Hasn't had that sat down would dry heat in three years and say hey we need your current and we need to bring it back to Rama the problem is when Drake mine green is. Not emotional. Let's say he's just he's not drama and then you're right and you can tell him at that point hey man let's chill out on the officials and he's got. Chill out but what's the game starts. It would just be honest he can't control himself. Trying my cannot control themselves and you did I. What he does in how he plays. With what god has given him. He's a genius. So that goes to his smarts. Parents are starting people disagree with me but for some strange reason. He gets off any gets fueled. By doing that it with the rest and he's not the only NBA player both from a optics standpoint and asked does that. Who else does that are throwing it would dollar and there. Is he's lied to a dollar doesn't do it is demonstrably. So it he's bogey cousins don't but he's worse saying it. Right minds worse than DeMarcus Cousins gun say it another round say they're not they're down there even know they're not. Right mongering including his foul way more than the rest call and I did sometimes it automatically so then he should in theory.