Mid-Days Show - Hour 1

Steinmetz and Guru
Thursday, December 28th

Steiny and JD talk Warriors 3point shooting in the last 10 games, whether or not there is a legit argument for Durant as DPOY, and lastly we talk 49ers expectations for next year and what kind of contract Jimmy Garoppolo will have. 


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CDC dot com studios in downtown San Francisco yeah. These these 957. How's everybody doing out there. Outside mats along with the JD John Dickinson. Monet another lovely day in the bay I never. Ever fail to appreciate. Life out here in the Bay Area the question is does Jimmy girl polo. Appreciate life in the Bay Area we don't know. We're talk a little bit about Jimmy G and about 1030. We have Tim Roy coming in at eleven to talk warriors. And the warriors beat the jazz last night 126. To 101 and years. Here's some that I was thinking about JD. And it struck me after Kerr was talking in the post game. The warriors. Made a name for themselves with their shooting their three point shooting their offensive prowess. And the reality is. Without staff curry they can't she moot. They're not a good three point shooting team in fact you could say they stinging OK so you've got the warriors who were great offensive team. What Steve Kerr says here I think our defense is where it's that should and then take it a step further you have Kevin Durant. MVP two former VP forcing former scoring chance scoring champion. Talker image deep offensive player of the year show. Everything is. Topsy turvy. Round that statue eighty this unbelievable I didn't even know about this stat that Kerr broke out after the game last night. What we can hear from Steve Perry Christie Kerr actually did he mention in the post game press conference he kind of set it up so what will roll let's just different Steve Kerr about the warriors tears in the last ten. We're dead last in the NBA in three point shooting percentage over the last ten paces dead last I would guess but we're by far the best defensive team. And saw love what we've done since just been out in terms of how morphing into. This defensive. Juggernaut grinding teams. We haven't had the same pace we haven't had the same force without stuff but we're finding ways and tonight we broke free and and I'm hoping that'll carry over. You know the next couple games good job we just we looked like we finally got into a slow and we've just been around. You know we've been in a little bit of a run offensively but. You know it's just not there rev the engine and he does a better than anybody and. There you go JD. I don't eat better last night eleven for 23 for three so they didn't know there are held there helping this stretch where they are last put this to me is proof that. There's no one way you can be to war she can't beat them if you stood by slowing it out I should say you can't beat him consistently. By Sloan and out you can't beat him consistently by play in their style you can't beat them consistently. By plane somewhere in the middle mean sick about it the best defensive team in the NBA right now the warriors. They can't really make threes and yet they're. One loss without Currie on one loss. Teams always think well how do you beat the warriors and they tend to think what you gotta make the game is ugly as possible right either have to get. So many shooters on the floor that you might have a hot night were you actually make more threes than they do you and play at their pace which to me is just death. Right kiss of death your look and you're looking at an eighteen to two run at some point over the course of 48 minutes if you wanna try and run of the Maurice you might do it. For the rest of the game you might do it for forty minutes at a 48. But. Eight he can't do it is gonna get to cry yeah and that's what happens so frequently even then there's the best of the best. But then there's another subset of teams and the cavs have kind of gone both ways that the cavs were a team that. Would say they need to be ugly and mock up the game and make it extremely physical. And that's how you beat the warriors and then they came back a year after they won the championship essentially doing that and taking advantage of hobbled Stefan curry along the way. And they said no. As a team we got to shoot the ball better and play more open and then hit three ease. And then it get run out in their final scene in all the games zen ORACLE Arena but the bottom line is. Teams think that the way to beat the warriors. In large part is to make the game is ugly as possible Walt what the warriors have shown is. Even when they don't pick threes which might be their best straighten. Even when they don't have Stefan curry who might be their best player. They can become a team at that point. It's better than anybody else on defense so if you wanna make the game ugly especially without curry. Because they don't have the safety net the warriors are still gonna be too because there's so dominant defensively and then you've got Kevin Durant. Who's the finals MVP and one of the greatest scorers in NBA history and we're not talking about him BM. One of the greatest scorers in NBA history we're talking about a mile deep offensive player of the year. It's crazy it's crazy and most when you think of a great team. You often think. Well they just impose their will on somebody they just make you play the style they wanna play the worst can almost come around the court and say hey. What are guys guys guys were playing next to the opponent. The play half court and play full court you tell us as well what each half way. And will be achieved either way I play three out of four days I mean exactly. And one thing that last night. Is it really did hit home with how they can win anyway and I started to think about this. What is it well what would be their biggest vulnerability. The war should not I'm not really sure I know. So I wanna throw that out to the listeners 8889579570. When you see the warriors play game like last night when they lock in defensively. They score a 126. Points they do it without curry. Sometimes you do look at this team many think they have no weaknesses. How do you breakthrough. I don't know. You have to hope there have been an off night they're not fully engaged defensively and their turn the ball over it's almost not even about anything you do. If you're the opponent it's all about what the warriors do are they going to defend at a high level. Are they going to not make careless turnovers which frequently pop up. When they don't play well our R&D. A if those things if they're not doing those things. You better hope that it tonight or they don't make 1030 right right otherwise you're probably get. Beat you know it is JD they can do about three or four things to beat you and I. They can beat your blue with a three pointer but you know what if they're not making threes then they'll be true with the defense. And they can just do it in a million different ways the other thing is it last night. I mean yeah derail a tornado warning took ten shots clay took twelve shots they got. Contributions from everybody Hamid Al. Are the bench points I can't even add it up 6360 I realize I'm 6363. Bench points. It's just absolutely incredible. And I guess. You know you always go to the themes and turn overs is always the reason that people give. Why the warriors might get beat. But they don't. Think they can turn it over enough to get beaten a self contained so well. Turnovers tend to come in bunches. Like Dell I ten in the end. Quarter 78 and a quarter they'll have maybe 1415. And half. Half and then they'll go the next staff and had two blue moon but in the half that they have to. They're destroying you yeah because they only have to because their move the ball they're making shots so it's just a matter of in the and the only reason I came was close last night. Was because of the turnovers for open source and a quarter the First Act because the jazz. At a ridiculous advantage in points off turnovers orders were sloppy weather to mislead the baskets. And it was allowing the jazz to hang in the game and even have a lead until warriors grabbed the lead right before the half. Third quarter warriors. They cut that off. To rant started blocking shots they start run on the floor Jordan Beal got in there. Made some plays. And before you noted it felt like to Stefan curry game that third quarter felt like the kind of game where yeah 4222. A Kurt he's got eighteen in the corner and hits 63 scare. Did but. Carries on the bench. Shearer a month not a part of it. And they're still able to do. Yeah it's. It's pretty it's pretty scary is what it is when you think about the warriors and all the different. She's is they have gone ahead and I get a check myself because you know we had this conversation a couple of different times. Who's the one guy he came he can take away that would hurt the most and I've been. Absolutely without a doubt. A bit dead set that if Stefan curry right. I lost one game without Perry. And opponents may have some that do that they have had a favorable schedule over that I still think. Carries the guy he can't lose for the longest amount of time especially if it's playoff scenario. But I figured out they figured out a way they figured out a way to do well door hit. They figured out a way down the regular season this year to do without curry their drink months been in and out at different points they still won games that dream on. It's amazing it really is amazing it is quite Thompson deceased dad never misses any games. Maybe he's you don't want to get a bad call oh well you know why you can't go wrong pick in any of them and I'm really not unlike you because clay is his Mitt. He's the one he's the one constant there. But he's probably if you would vote he'd be the fourth pick I curry probably be long and derail her dream OB 23. And then clay wood before even though everybody acknowledges Claes a heck of a defensive player may be one of the best two way players even on a light that phrase. Speaking of defensive players just one thing I was thinking about Kevin career. 'cause there's let's let's listen it would dry remind greens said about Kevin Durant defense after last night's game. Six years ago. If not deep leading candidate. You know they chips. It's really a race right now in no way he's been clever and different side of all it's been spectacular and also lump. It's that they know what's his sources are impressive because it always seemed like it was impossible to do at the but he's getting more more attention Florida and and obviously you know he's covered our defense tremendously with the ways thrown us out of all so I devote to our vote out so far right now. Talk about it. Defensive player of the year and we all know when the warriors. Went out and tried to get to rant the reason they wanted him was to anchor their defense. Said nobody. Said absolutely nobody and yet he's anchor in their defense in a different kind of way along which ray mine green. The block shots or evidence. And those are proof that he's very active on the defense event what I'm gonna start looking for the second half of the season. Is how good is he really playing defense. When he's playing man to man defense or when he gets switched out on a golf murder big man. I'm not saying he's not playing great defense but what I say this sometimes block shots count. For a disproportionate. Part of a player's defense. You're gonna go home tonight you're watching film notice from now long from now on star was Charlotte tomorrow your legal backlog through the first whatever 35 games. And you don't need to reach out to Ron Adams made you can sit in a film session when him. Dual podcasts. You don't want some FaceBook live you know what Ron Adams is the kind of guy who. If you went up to we sit and rock absolutely yes if you really better than he was in Oklahoma City he'd say you know what he is a little bit better watch. He's blocking shots that's a big fan of those shot blocks are. They're also momentum changer facetime and I was exactly it's like when Stefan Perry hits a three last night that Iran blocks we don't like Harry threes as they did the crowd it's jus look oracle loves. Oracle loves the guy getting swap it. Oracle loves it they love that they love a guy didn't served as Jesse died their guy I think it might get them hide more than anything. It's it's Stefan curry three. How you did JaVale McGee. Or Jordan now inning Nick Young guys. And attendant Iran block closely got to be the top five. Got five things get oracle jumped in there I would think so that's that's pretty good let's let's go to John in San Francisco. So John how you doing man. Hey you know get that in Belgrade hard to find a niche right but I think they'll their biggest actually killed or vehicle on. Don't you have that guy debate another teen superstar and get it all probable it god who is committed to pull Iraq even gotten rid of aviation. About to get caught up in nice chip on the outside. And let even dead you don't give you did you get a team like look offers something that later a game. Keep it low that any got a guy did gab about entirely. Good may be waiting game but they don't you know I created it in their. Eat it hard to feed a team you know. Eating them for two in game theory is all. I did another prove they're credited you've got one guy once superstar and they're really not. In all. Saying that they're gonna have a budget that got that Republican opponent we know any need windows that we leaving little. One thing and get Inky song wind they'll. In in different NBA who who who that you would like to sort of political. That's a good question actually called John I did exactly we're going to basically when we step curry goes out when Kevin director was out everybody just. Bumps up one in the pecking order that's it's really simple as that curry went out during its okay well now I gotta make sure I score. And Klay Thompson says I gotta be a little more locked in because we we've got to have me and dream on says you know would be looked to be a little more offensive minded. And the next thing you know they have it. Covered up for they might not be as good but they still have that void. Taking care of. Well the term that was used when curry went down was well during its usage is gonna go up an idea I kind of I was like oh yeah of course it is. But and I kind of laughed at the thought but I also thought well there's no way he can be as efficient as he's been. Right if they're usage is gonna go up or it's gonna be Oklahoma City Doran. Rail on again rush I thought well Oklahoma City to rant at times can be a volume. Volume scorer but for the most part of the war shooters he's he's so much better than he was like that's the thing that stands out to meet. To grant is. Better than he was. Two years ago us and I think he all I thought that would've been his speech or that he had already peaked. But the reality is he's. More what more can. Defensive player of the year round there I mean. And you know what those things tend to have a life of their own MP LM VP of the league. Which I think he's probably a top five candidate now. Oh absolutely he's got to be a top five just because Curry's list now it doesn't game crucial archive bon Temps today heal a straw poll Tim bond since the Washington Post read the whole bunch of media would give me your top five he would he wrote about a flu washing post him and we were to move. Many that they contributed to that it would votes. And at the time he did it this is right before Stefan curry got hurt I had Stefan curry fifth. On the list. It's in my top five now yeah does carry Emmys because of how well he's played overall but how much he's been able to step up. With reality I mean if you're saying it's Hardin and LeBron. Maybe I mean yeah honest their 500 and I I don't know Macau. Larry Irving got off to a great start I clerics did you can make you case the two branches high third. Pardon. LeBron Durant. I think that's fair I just think it's going to be tough for Duran or curry when the MVP just because they're gonna split you know what I mean. Voters are gonna look and say why can't really differentiate who's more important curry your dog ran song gonna throw both those guys out or at least dropped them behind a player who knows the best player on a certain team. This from the nine to five question for you both we keep talking about how much more talented the warriors are than any other team but for me as an athlete the coach I believe it is the will knock this deal alone. What do you think I'll tell you this I think every great team has an identity some kind of identity. And I think you have to have an identity and the warriors have. I think multiple identities they really do they can out score you they can defend yet and so any giving game JD. There's almost an unspoken communication. At certain points what are we got to do. And they all just know what they have to do yes they got shut down you talk and get out on the breath that they did 4222 ball game. One that's what that's not the teams beat Utah. Other teams they'll only be you talk is you talking a score so what do you have to do on that night if you wanna be you tell me give you sometimes it is that simple although we lose that context. Because the warriors are so great for sometimes you don't have to be even great warriors. Sometimes you just have to be better than the other team right. And a lot of teams beat you stop doing. In some fashion what the warriors did the Utah locked in and out for a quarter now a lot of other teams what to push 42 on a mother do and dynamited and 32. But the result would have been a fifteen point when instead of a point five point win and they done that way. They shot 72%. In the second half. Seven that's Villanova like and Villanova Georgetown light I don't Villanova beat Georgetown and there. NCAA finals in the in the eighties but you know it was a different kind of impressive game. The way I looked at last night the first half was kind of first half we've seen before in this returned back in the days where the the third quarter they just don't I mean they just don't that was one of the best quarters of the season. What do you think can lead to grant. Defensive player of the year. Chatter well my frame on greens gave women's vote citing distinct taken on a life Mittal. And more at the beginning stages and I I think you're absolutely right. First I would become more and but if you really think about it practically. Who else is out there okay we'll go bears always in the mix when he's hurt. Why Leonard look while he's been hurt. Patrick Beverley salute while he's been hurt. So who's who's who's left the mean what who blew my medicine defensive player of the year candidates. Even try my green. I can't think of anybody else off the top my head the Dwight Howard used to be talked about his defensive player of the year that's you know he's not there anymore. I guess Jalen brown. Real good defender in Boston but I think it's a little too soon for him. People talk about LeBron I don't think so anymore. So that's the reality is I I. I can see how he could win defensive player of the year. Because it's DR Jerry Jordan no not really any more. So yeah heat it's I think it's his Duluth right now. Well and I think what happens as well as look the media is looking for different warriors angles that they haven't. Talking about or written about before. And this is the one that's just start and it creepy and and I think what the lack of a ton and other candidates. And the warriors did not rolled a point where they're probably going to be the best team in the NBA again. Even though they struggled to add to get there there there now and are on their arc is going up I think it becomes the next logical thing. Be asked about constantly. I mean it because that everybody's gonna I think it at some point now you're gonna add ten stories about. Why do rant so great on defense and why he's defensive player of the year candidate and look word that new years to get three months to go in the season. I think it's something that's going to be on everyone's radar now. Every game the rest of the way. Let me throw another name matches. Why isn't Klay Thompson talked about as defensive player of the year fewer flashy plays problem yeah no I don't think that's right on the money but in theory. He's the guy who defends the bed not only the best two guards on the other team best guards on the other team whether it's. A point guard or shooting guard all right when we come back I'll get into Jimmy drop below and more specifically John Lynch never did. Talk about how John Lynch. Move pulled off an incredible trade and he did it. But Cody you've done one more thing to make it even greater we'll talk about it. And 957. Pick. Matt Stein Mets. I consider him alongside me today. Great day in the bay hey it's raiders' opening drive on December 31 come watch the raiders take on the LA chargers. On New Year's Eve Sunday December 35 to 31 1:25 PM at blew 42 sports legend Walnut Creek the party begins with a special live broadcast of raiders' opening drive starting eleven with four time Super Bowl champion Bill Romanowski and Chris Townsend come check out the brand new NFL drink and food menus plus when tons of prizes all throughout the game that's blew 42 sports wire engine guerrilla Walnut Creek for more info visit the events page united 57 game dot com. So the raiders and 49ers both finishing up their seasons. And talk a little bit about expectations. Especially. As it relates to drop all the 49 because. There's certain pattern that always happens when we see somebody kind of burst on the scene. And we're shaded exactly with Jim Graf Jimmy brought blowing on me just ask you. A question at the very end okay so grapple those come on the 49 Ers. And things have changed he hasn't lost the game in new attitude. And then there's there's hope. And that starts to build. And then when that hits a point then the naysayers come out and say hey pump the brakes he's only played four games. Five games he's had enough. Placing teams that weren't very good so pump the brakes and here's my question. Why should I pump the brakes. Why if there's one spore. On the professional sports landscape. Where you can goal. The last place the first place it's football it's the NFL we see no botched times this year with teams they're going to the playoffs so. Pump the brakes are no wait until he gives me a reason to pump the brakes or they do. That's the question the question is why pump the brakes yes tell me why should pump the brakes. He hasn't done anything yet so really and I look I know he hasn't he also hasn't. Not done anything yet because he's won every game he's played well in every game but the reality is next year is a total reset. It you know next year is is almost the beginning point for a legitimate evaluation because he's given the 49ers. Enough hope. To where they now think that they're rebuilding process can be accelerated. So I think the way they look at their off season. Is different than maybe they thought they were gonna be looking at their offseason before they had the ability to make the trade and even before he came in and played at the level. He's played out now that's not to say that they can't. Be a really good team next year they can't be really good team next year because. They're gonna have a draft and they're gonna get to sign players and they've got. A tonic caps based it signed players and that's even after they. Worked out a deal for Jimmy drop low whatever that deal winds up being. And you're right it does happen in the NFL every single year it happened with the Graham's. Gonna win then I am party won the NFC west the forty years ago clam on Sunday. The niners could be that rams team next here with yeah young coach the young quarterback. They could wind 101112 games next year if it all goes right but you pump the brakes because it's got to play out. It's gonna play out there's still. Going to be as six in ten are five and eleven team overall. Yes I title conversation. This morning wanna run by it is kind of interesting. Soccer in two. NFL agent he's got Joseph Thomas in Cleveland got Mario Edwards junior for the raiders he was Barry sanders' agent back in the day in fact we're just talking and sometimes when you talk to him. I know from way back he just. Says it like his and I was like how the heck did the pay why punish the patriots trigger pull like that I mean the guy is really good and he basically said they couldn't play they couldn't they took place. They just couldn't pay two guys and I said man John Lynch won it you know I was praising John Lynch in Saint John Lynch's. Got a team on the right track you'll ice and like John Lynch studio like telecheck get along with them he said. I don't know kind of talent evaluate areas and I thought and I said what do you mean he goes won't. We have no idea what kind of talent value later using interrupt anybody yet. I mean or didn't know all. He hired Adam Peter C hired Martin Mayhew and when he hired play he's hired people that have been talent evaluated just help him along. And he's also got Kyle Shanahan. Who on the opposite side of the ball is viewed as a talent to evaluate her based on the offensive mind he had. Right he's got to make the final decisions and go. We got to see what he does with all this money and we got to see what he does with the draft but as I was telling Pete about. How amazing job glitches or how amazing I thought he was. He says to me oh you know he couldn't. He could have done something even better and I said what what do you talk about. He goes well I mean if you truly genius he could've. Negotiated an extension with a rock always part of the trade. And so you which have to do their sins get permission for the patriots weren't able to get that. You have glitch talk to grapple as agents say look who where it will one trait for you and give you an extension. Won't give you forty million guaranteed. Eighty million overall or something like that and more are uploaded taken that. Then John Lynch would be looking at a contract extension concrete had flu. Well I'd Sunni there's no reason that Jimmy drop lower his agent would ever do that I think I can now be well. Jimmy eagle rock below once stability and says I want stability. To me if you Jimmy grapple you wanna play and show. On a team that's. Void of talent. You can be the straw that stirs the drink to justice he has an at a minimum earned that full franchise tag. Liked the forty niners are in a position where look they were trading for Jimmy drop below the deadline yet they obviously wanted to see what he did do but they are. Obviously we're going to need to see more than 567 games. A Jimmy your awful to make a long term decision were the only reason the only way they're guaranteed and Jimmy drop loan to doesn't eighteen. Is if they're willing to put a franchise tag on him so that right there would guarantee him 23 point four million dollars for next year there's no way in hell you would sign. Ideal for Jimmy drop below the guarantees yet forty. If we can get 23 or toll for a bit just for show up next are basically yes. Boyd you're assuming drop below. Has complete confidence in himself. Which he probably does but what I'll say when you. I don't know I've never done it before why am I probably wouldn't. Find me I don't know but all I see things better yourself and oh yeah yeah but that is the quick. Even though you believe in yourself you haven't done it he hasn't done it for a full season so may be the thinking would be. Drop below same man. That's going to be pressure give me the bird in the hand so that. I don't have to worry about playing for a contract. So I can just be myself and and play free now. Hi this is his opportunity to show he's got an even. Average quarterback play. I was gonna get him paid. Because again the 49ers have to give in the franchise tag just to get a look at. But that's the trump cards that he's got in in yet they did to trump card for the 49ers. That they're guaranteed to have them for next year. But it's a trump card for Jimmy drop below that he knew who essentially the worst case scenario. He was probably gonna get that 23 for next year. Because the forty narrative or let him go or look at him go I mean if so then yet that point maybe he wouldn't have gotten. As much money. As a free agent Dana maybe you would have been taken a deal right around what you're talking about forty may yell was forty million guaranteed. But he also would have been able to pick his team in picked his situation. At that point as well so to me it's just I I don't see. Upside for Jimmy drop below is was this was set up beautifully for him to come and and do well and even if he did you all that well it was still gonna be good enough to be. A moneymaker former. This very thing that wouldn't have been good enough you think if he'd come out his first game and thrown five interceptions. But what's his name and and energy guy Peerman and if you if he had been a bad quarterback Brian if you look bad if you work looked let's say. If you look like Brian Hoyer and remove any ill at the beginning of the year will change pace going to that would be bad. That would be the conversations we be having at that point would be. If you're the 49ers how can yet. How did you discuss franchise tag. Right. You almost have to give the franchise tag just to get another look what he really is. But you don't really know what he really is and he might be batting you might ham for one year 23 million and then at that point you'd be uncomfortably and offered him the forty. The you're talking about in terms guaranteed money over a longer term contract so that's the worst case the worst case would be your. Almost beg and drop loaded take. Forty over a longer term contract in terms of guaranteed money because Joseph really wanna pay the 23 right if you're not sure what you this will work well beyond. At this point I mean he was this your gut what's your gut tell you. Badger big argument or bill agreed to a contract might gut tells me that they're gonna agreed to a long term contract. And the long term contract he's got to make people a little uncomfortable. What that number winds up being tracked I think it's gonna be our number right it's gonna be a number where people are gonna be like whoa really. This guy's play seven games started seven games. And it should serve as a cautionary tale because it 209 says I didn't need to pump the brakes look what happened to my boy Derek Karr from last season compared to this season can't talk more about this when we come back to listen assignments Dickinson 957 game. And 9570. Stein mentioned John Dickinson along with him 957 the game talking forty niners talk and Jimmy dropped below and its its sole. Interest thing to me how things have just changed so quickly. And that's the way sports can be that's. I realize we're talking two different sports but. That's why you must. And you better appreciate where the Golden State Warriors are right now because it ain't gonna be like this forever. We thought the raiders were going to be going up we thought the 49ers were big trouble now is just the opposite we're talking about. What the 49ers should or shouldn't do. Would drop below. You UN John Curley our producer brought up a real good point we're talking about what if what if lynch could have somehow extended drop blow at the time of the trade but. John Lynch is made reference to the fact that they were up against edit everyone else's yeah. And I think the belief was it deal Bill Belichick act as if the 49ers have balked. Belichick had another team he was Coughlin right and didn't and it was the drop close got to go somewhere. And it was strike now or you may be watching this guy go to another team in the next ten minutes right. Right and so the 49ers got together in and challenge reference sensor. Should we do this and they did it. And then they and then all of a sudden you know he's Paula Panetta's you've. He let maybe this is a cheap shot but I really don't mean to be but the one thing. I keep thinking about his relationships. John Lynch is relationship with Bill Belichick had to factor in in a good way. In terms of this trade and I just wonder could. Could try balky have pulled something like this off. Probably not I don't think so we either believe he'd. Met that second round pick would have been hard for your balky give up right. Because we got some you know athletic. Defensive end. With a torn ACLU asked Kobe back in a couple years TDK I'm happy should be getting that's an athletic defensive tackle that he wanted to lose. Thirty pounds and make him a defensive end or rush linebacker. But let's talk about what it's really gonna take may be an ACL guy. Let you take a flyer on a guy. Let's talk let's talk about how the 49ers. I'm not only get or acquire their franchise quarterback but they're gonna find a way to keep them told about the guaranteed money we know that they and its. They're cars gets seventy million guaranteed easy sign that last year JD. And we hear about Matthew Stafford who's got approximately ninety million guarantee maybe a touch less although that just a little. Murky you were kind of explain and tell me a little bit of some of that was money they TRE had coming to yeah I was already dire converted into his guarantee value meal that's right and so. He Schaeffer told me it's more like eighty ish with a another twelve tacked on from previous that they just. Put in the guarantees so that the number is somewhere between seventy and eighty in terms a guarantee from Derek Kerr yeah. Math yeah that it's. So right now Matthew Stafford has the most guaranteed money of any quarterback. Let's just pushes deal with that number forget about the overall number. Well if if Stanford's. Got eighty guaranteed. To make a rock below. Why wouldn't sign a contract for any less than eighty at this point because every year it's a going right it's going right. And the going rates gonna go up it's good to be can we drop below its gonna be good to be Aaron Rodgers after left Jimmy garage below couldn't have picked a better point. To be Jimmy Barack below. You know what I mean this trade happen at the right time to. Because. Make this trade a year ago is probably not this polished. And it now he comes in six games perfect it's it's more than a gamer to know but it's not quite a full season. You know you're gonna get the 23 Tony for the franchise tag Geary T did you know you're gonna get. That if you continue to perform. At the level that you perform he can get that for another year pray and then all of a sudden you look at it quietly 4950. Guarantees and to me I. I I looked at it almost as you're Gary T. Money the baseline I said this yesterday the baseline for your guaranteed money should be considered three franchise tag swore. That would be my baseline if I was. Jimmy drop Lowe's agent and so is the most times you get fresh and then what and then I would look at that that ends okay. And obviously that number goes up and it will because it's an average of the top five at the position and there's going to be a bunch of guys getting paid there in free agency so. Let's just say it's 23. Let's just say it's 232323. So that's what 69 moon so it's gonna go up so sign around seventy right so it's seventy million dollars. Guaranteed for three years. That's your baseline bright it's Derek Carr money because here we are a year later. Because of how we can be franchised. And this is where idea I'm starting to really come around and that you're taught uncomfortable that's right. And I don't want to tack on another 45. X could make do little more uncomfortable. Because I think we're gonna when this is all said and done if the 49ers are gonna get a deal done. I think it's going to be a deal in that. Seventy to 75 million dollar range in terms and guaranteed money out that's five years and 125. Or maybe maybe maybe it's less in terms of the total maybe it's maybe they have to. Front him more gearing TV room and then maybe it's all the little bit less. As far as let's say he is a really good. And it and you wanna sign him for five years and you signed him for five years he plays Wallace 31 to keep them for the duration that contract. Maybe a little bit of that because he's a younger player. It's offset that the back end is that you always assumed EE you're not assuming when you sign I gotta find your deal that. Boy you'd you'd just he's got a stake you're gonna want out of it after three years especially for an offer that much money exactly go. Yeah maybe that's Sally gets a Justin but in terms of the guarantee. You look at car five the non guaranteed just the total number car of five and 125. Stafford five and 135. What's to say drop below isn't. Five and 115. More we are one OK 75 guarantee. Now let's. And a what what effect will Aaron Rodgers have on anything. Or Matt Ryan who's also freeagent. Will woke up that next year after next whom I think it was the other big quarterback is a free agent at the end of this year cousins. Right anyway but let's say Rogers. Is Roger's gonna set the market I guess what he will he go first or. Or will you try to get something done before it's I think I think Iraq was probably got a number in mind. And the other factor in play here too is yeah I think he does have a number in mind. And I think it's a sick it's hot it's a high number. Yes it's it's a high number I showed me. Yeah I know it it absolutely should be and I think again it will be I think play it's. And we did in team. Any quarterback given new deal that's significant is going to. Raise the bar overall just because it's it would make that baseline franchise number fee once upon a franchise tag that would go up. You know it's funny JD is should the 49ers sure in the 49ers how much challenge for this match. No really asking the question Wu. And what a couple lows not quite ready to. Get married to the 49ers maybe there's a situation where he may want the franchise tag and. Here's the other thing the 49ers need him right now more than he needs no doubt that's a great point and I think it that's also value. Had DO ENI I I like I'd I'd put it across the forty dollars more money I put in terms of you know he's just start date and somebody. And you're like wow this this person's a ten. This person to ten. Right out of my league and you start thinking and why I keep I can I can be put this person for the next fifty years right forty years or whatever right then and but. Come on a little strong. Headaches and all of a sudden it kind of wigs that person not a little bit more maybe it's the other way around maybe you really like the person that they're coming on a little strong end to order toward you. So if you drop below and your kids get a gift to take into account. Take out. Fans right now it's a little overwhelming. Like. Drop below locked up to that podium. And walked the home in new media asking him questions and he's played grade and I think he knows he's a good player obviously. A little overwhelming for him I think just how old. Bad lead the 49ers needed him. Right now in this moment and look I don't it seems like he's a pretty. Low keyed com home you know kind of guy but maybe he's thinking jeez since he's he's. We started Dayton and and they and they want a Mary Meehan beer and even the next fifty years. We think about this so overwhelming for the 650 the money given is not uncomfortable it's paying someone that type of money with no track records talk about Iraq or car and Stafford had proven history. That's why they got paid so the comparison doesn't work between where I should say among. Drop below Stafford call. And I think he's right. But he kind of did what did you finally did it matter if it's mitigated because of what you're talking about the niners need a rock or more than drop alone is the nine Irish. Yeah and I also think again it it's the franchise tagged money I mean drop below complain that now if he wants. So it's a you're not gonna take less now and you're absolutely apparently give it if drop Los and you know what I'm cool with the franchise tag. Franchise not I don't take offense to it. I'm not mad I'm not gonna hold that against yet I'm not gonna see you don't believe in Maine maybe he's 100% comfortable with that. Take the franchise tag and he's pretty good next year. And he's getting but his number goes up. Because he's pretty good so that the 7075. Goes up because he's pretty good and let. Maybe it goes up to a point where the niners still art like it died just too much you are looking at whatever. Well he can say okay all take the franchise tag again meant. And a French instead number will go off. Again so at some point. If you're talking about him didn't. Fifty million. In terms of franchised had money over two years right guaranteed. Full Whiting and now your after a second you're either gonna do a deal. We're looking at that situation again. Why do you pay in the 752. Years ago now they teachers shows you're right corps dropped blows got all the leverage here all of this he's got to get a deal that makes you feel uncomfortable there's no way there's no way you're getting the problem for forty million gear indeed. And and and then you look back five and there are older now and go wow what a bargain right. Well. It appears getting mean he's what 27 years old twice he's 26 years old right now he's going to be 27. I'm looking at his age 26 are going to be easy is actually not 27 become a member. It just turned 26. You look I mean this is this is prime time but yeah he did do. He gives you a four year he would do a B you don't play. 44 find your deal be thirty. As of yet another deal. There you're right by we come back. You take a step away from football migrated back in Jimmy gras float about 1130 but next we are in talks more years with Tim Roy he's the voice of the warriors 957 they get.