Mid-Days Show - Hour 1

Steinmetz and Guru
Wednesday, December 27th

Steiny and JD talk Jimmy Garoppolo (sign him or tag him?), the Christmas Day game and NBA replay, and Warriors pieces that can move ... should the Warriors move JaVale and Nick young?


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Constant use in downtown San Francisco. He's he's not he's 57. It go one. That's nine Mets along with John Dickinson in this morning on 957. Game will be here with a few until noon. And will be here the rest of the week at this time. From ten to twelve. And here's what we got coming up today at 11 o'clock we got Bill Romanowski. He contributed on five Super Bowl teams. And then from the Washington Post Tim bon Temps would talk about some. More years cavaliers residuals. And maybe a little bit about the jazz game tonight in the NBA in general. JD let's go oh man. What's going on Matt good to be with you saying glad they did an opportunity to do this during a weekend. I'm sure hundreds stretch our legs a little bit not just be locked in on the NBA game. No doubt about it and our start with the rams forty niners game because. If if this game would have been played at this time last year. There have been no intrigue and what a better game between two of the worst teams in the NFL. And now you look at this year and it looks like JD. That the eighth at the NFC west has flipped. And these may be. The two best teams in the division moving forward. As Seattle and Arizona and drop back a little bit I mean. It is the fortunes of both these teams. Have flipped in a hurry and that commonality of course is the quarterback position. It really is and the head coach position namely you look at these two teams met on Christmas Eve. A year ago and it was one of 240 niner wins in 2016. And came back end. Colin capita Glenn a comeback at the LA coliseum and it gave the 49ers were down. And you look at it now and I think TO the brands are what the 49ers want to become death 2018 49ers. Want to be the 2017 rams team that went from worst to first if a team that has a young offensive minded. Quarterback guru driven. Head coach in Kyle Shanahan and if you can make a case that the niners or even a little bit ahead of where the rams were right last year Jared golf look like a lost cause a year ago. Now he looks like a god it's gonna be a perennial. All Pro Bowl quarterback one of the best potentially in the game. 49ers have Jimmy go rock below. And they're gonna try and be eighteen Nichols worst to first but either way you look at it. You've got what could be the top two quarterbacks. In the division moving forward with Russell Wilson you're a little older. And two young head coaches that that mirror each other in terms their background. Yeah I mean the the fortunes of the 49ers have obviously changed with the drop below acquisition. And it. Yeah they want him clearly to be part of the future. But the one thing we haven't really discussed. When you talk about. A long term contract with drop below or franchise tag what do we don't know JG. Is. Medical couple once the signed the franchise tag it there are situations or circumstances in which. A quarterback who'd wanna do that I know we. Talk a lot about Kirk cousins and how that became an issue with the Redskins and cousins but. It doesn't necessarily. Have to be that way but you're talking to before the show that. And there's a scenario where did he might be perfectly willing and hoping to sign that franchise tag. Look at the price for Jimmy garrote blows go on out by the game by the wind and I think you could make a case in and the rams are gonna rest some guys in their their. Locked into their position as far as being a division winner. They can't get a first round pie in the NFC but I think you can make a case this is the best to wait. Opponent did Jimmy droplets gonna face in 2017. The rams had an offense that can put up points so you may have to play a shoot out the rams have some playmakers on defense. And they're led by Wade Phillips at the defensive coordinator there so you could make a case that while the jags were. The best defense that they'll face the rams are the best team but the 49ers and Jimmy drop look at face as far as barometer. So the price tags going up is my point each and every week. He gets another victory. To the point where if I'm Jimmy drop below it the narrative has been on the 49ers we signed this guy so I just I guess I'm just excited her outside them all. It's a two way street. And if I'm Jimmy drop below and every wind increases my number as far as a long term contract. I might look in the mirror and say I'm comfortable taken a franchise tag of 23. Million dollars for 2018. And play in and out. Unless the 49ers. Raised the stakes and come up with a long term contracts solution that fits how. Great quarterback I believe I am and we'll be in the future. Right I mean and you said it this way it actually makes sense. 8889579570. Is the number how do you want this thing to play out with the rock below do you want him to be Phelan about the 49ers in what do you want the 49ers. To doing as far as how they're gonna reach out but let's say for example Barack blows got a number. And a number of years that he that he wants and say once for years and eighty million guaranteed eighty million guaranteed. What he's he's he'll have a choice to take that right now or. Go back player of the franchise tag maybe have another big year. And then how much is he gonna be worth more of that radio wrote the for a long term type contract. Absolutely yeah you've got the 23 in the bank there on the 2018. Season essentially you played on a one year deal right at that rate. So if the price tag is already gone up to where we're talking about guaranteed money in the seventy to eighty million dollar range and air cargo around seventy. If for already talking about that what happens at the 49ers go ten and six or eleven and five next year and Jimmy drop blows a top ten quarterback in the league and looks like he's a sending. Maybe we wanted to eat. Elite the elites. What if he winds at the end and what they went twelve or thirteen games next year when a play off game not out of the realm of possibility. In 2018. Again. If the 49ers are not willing to pay him. For what he hasn't done yet but what he will be calm or could become. What he thinks he can become 20 that's the other thing it. He probably is thinking on the gonna sign anything long term now unless it's. You know what a great number the biggest contract may be of any quarterback in the NFL and he could probably. Come may and that and that the 49ers say you know what that's a little little too much too soon. Okay franchise mean no one. I love you guys but it's gonna cost even more next year then because we are gonna go eleven and final gonna win a playoff game and on the set this franchise up to be good for the next decade. While many you have to pay more. So it's. I wanna say it's delicate. I'd there are scenarios in which he could signed the franchise tag and it's not necessarily a death knell or it doesn't necessarily mean oh. Troubles brewing between Barack blow in the organization. And I think that the point that remains true here is the fact that it it it's a two way street it's not just wall signing guys 49ers will you have to sign him. To a contract he's willing to fork goal. The 01 thing that video you may look at. Franchise tag money for the next couple years. As it detailed and typically contracts. You look at him in three year intervals as far as how the money is guaranteed and how it affects your salary cap wolf my baseline. If you wanna say the franchise tag is 2324. Million a year I would multiply that by three and that would be my baseline. It's two in terms of guaranteed money. On a contract you weren't together and I now wish your right at 7072. As a starting point Friday if you go five and oh. And beat three playoff teams at the end of the year. I gotta think that number goes north of that because again you're you're paying it forward. Right you're the 49ers you're paying it that it and granted the 49ers may pump the brakes and wanna know what they had. May wanna see while then that would lead down the road of OK if you don't wanna pay. Top level money or close to top level money then maybe the common ground becomes the franchise tag for one year this is never been. Cut and dry Timmy. Oh yeah afford ours would love to lobby specifically with drop a lot I think yeah ball is waste because it's the sort of for want to sign new long term contract guests enjoy gonna take a long term contract is if you get. Absolute top dollar and because Jimmy grapple complain out right and if he plays well even if he's pretty good. Even if he's pretty good and not great. There's that option in line have just taken the franchise tag for a second year them in place so it's not a key can almost bet on himself twice. If he wants to edit the 49ers won a find out more it's all about what he's comfortable with now if you use that as an insult. And look I get to go if if the team came to me and said yeah you know what we don't wanna talk long term at all. Wish what are we gonna see how goes next you're yeah won't pay the 23 that. We won't pay the franchise say let's see how goes that might take you all are right say what you don't think I'm good. So I think the 49ers are going about it the right way in wanting to get something done before march 6 when they have to slap the franchise tag on him. But. It's a two way street there are variables in play here that wolf determine where I think in the next two months. 8889579570. As the number. Which is the niners do with drop below what should go upload do with the niners let's go to Mike in San Francisco I don't might. I'll go more power and light and variable aspect of what you're saying. The one thing about Iraq. Is he looks like world beater but we've been pulled Peter don't lie in our time so there but franchise tag. Fortune well we can't get. I how do you look at this. I think that golden child we needed him under Shannon airport one here. Under the pressure of trying to play better. Project rather then giving him their projects and coming Archie didn't look Ford Edge it's. I want grapple I begin EE EE EE have been. They're looking for the great court but he only six weeks I remember that he basically not quite brilliant at our blue on the pocket and and Drew Brees came. I'll I'll. I'll let kids but we didn't quite quote playing. It was built built built built built this ever wish that our Washington. What made French are in Quebec court. I think would you be excited he wouldn't be any debate think. Lately you're going to be like what would gra oh. They let it go and he would like ebit target. Toyota and had a great coach. KO. We didn't do what could be sure more than 88 I'd say franchising. Now it shouldn't become a little bit of an iPod I think I'd feel let down at him again because again. It's just have gotten cartoon yet auto quote and I don't. Catch up to apple airport are sitting here I actually project in which we don't look at certain. The long term debt are. Actions thanks Mike. EEU the if you the 49ers saying you're just gonna franchise and that's not the right approach. The right approach has to be we want you long term we believe in you or willing to pay you X amount dollars that's the approach you have to pay to. Because you don't want it to come off as an insult. As you don't fully believe in what you have. Asked if you're forty niners you have to play it like you do no doubt no doubt what you. Absolutely it is it may wind up being a franchise tag that may wind up being the best thing for both sides. And this is this is what I mean when I get like fanned staple hole got fooled before an intemperate it turned out to not be a good even though grapples a different type of quarterback. It doesn't work that way you gotta you gotta show this guy you want and yet it's rock bottom line right now in terms of playing that out bottle liners John Lynch. Asked to go to garage below in the first question got asked commenced. What do you want. What do you want you wanna long term contract you want our ER eighty million guaranteed or I wanna play a year. NBA MVP candidate and I get more X and your and hey maybe we'll have to pay your ninety guarantee because the the only it'll go up a few wrongs based on other quarterbacks and other other people get paid. I mean the bottom line is you may have to make a decision to take 75. Of 670 guaranteed over three. Or. 24 guaranteed over one. But then after this year. He could set him up for the hundred guaranteed but maybe eighty or ninety guaranteed trickier then any dad loved ones for it and it. Here than it looks especially if you're willing to and look every person is different. And we're talking about the NFL we're not talking about doing a random job I mean Jimmy grapples career could end on any plane or the course of his career. Could change on any play so if he wants to make sure that he gets seventy million guaranteed right away. Then I fully understand that but if you bet. On yourself that you're gonna be one of the great quarterbacks in the league as long as you don't get hurt and that injury doesn't change your career. You're gonna want to get more than that anyone exactly exactly let's go to Bowen San Jose how you doing both. I don't allow. I completely negligent initiated. A particular. Want your aunt the franchise would benefit our party. Well it or you don't you complete a shocking when the engine and can you wanna do you. He's gonna get any more in the long and also in Poland and you'd be in the future the cool and then. I mean that's. That's logical I look at it this thing would be done already if there was a number. You know Billy Elliot. There see I've got to think it would be grapple as best interest to do anything right now why gray but I mean if the number was high enough right there'd be you know and they're sure sure but. Again if I'm thinking of this from Jimmy drop below side. And what does she feel funny at the very least you go five and oh Ming you talked about it yeah I eagle 050 no I mean that's worth. Something different if it was sixty million guaranteed an eagle five and well. Well then it's at least seventy to 72 million guarantee there. Baseline. Go to Larry separate Cisco I don't Larry. Can't actually thought I actually called out Google didn't have no additional large total confidence in Atlanta I'm pro golf. Goshen and that rule. Probably 100 million. News. And without. I don't leave our country actually moving Garrett eat and I think that story immediately after that yes. You talk more money without a doubt about. I'm sixty million guarantee didn't get it done you don't think so now. I don't did in Pittsburgh what's going on red. Good are you gotta go well. All right let me go back go quarter. They'll sort of say yeah. So. Career. And I'm one vote gave it a good major black here he got hurt. We're not even to share bid guy durability. Is backed great thought they get makes sense but franchise tag him. Being how well he does next year might you were saying at the end up going to look like out there had been nighter in contention and whatnot and can stay healthy. Then we can talk about a long term contracts for right now he's playing great. He's added a spark for the 49ers and everything oh look calm down on long term contract and everything we don't even know they've got they helped beat and it you back. Good appreciate you taking my call. That fans are always gonna wanna go year the year right like fans always wanted to. All I mean yeah fans want it confused unsure what he's done one or is this what do you know. For sure but there's very little that's gonna change the long term like he's not gonna I'd. Aside from him stinking. Next year or getting hurt. There's very little that's gonna change that number and make it go down. In terms of guaranteed money while yeah you measure the Afghan religious or if he stinks next here let's say he did say he guards. Let's say he's pretty good average to win eight games he's pretty good he's about what he's been that they went eight games let's just say OK maybe maybe down a ticker TU. Okay it but not not awful. Walt it's not like Big Easy take a franchise that that point he could take the franchise tag and better himself again and boom so it's not like you're gonna get. Under the no it's not like you're going to get. A lower number you may get a lower number than ninety million guaranteed but it's not like all of a sudden if he has so so year he's gonna take here. Sixty million guaranteed. We proved when the baseline right now is seventy so I think beaten there isn't a great gap. I think he can Alfie gets hurt. Well then why he gets hurt you're probably gonna have to franchise and anyway because he could just be a free agent right otherwise so it. There's so again a lot of different variables in play with this thing I just I kind of laughed because. Fans on while we're not sure wanna see again that can't be the approach the approach has to be without well a long term. I almost get the feeling they've they've made that clear to drop below. That's just a hunch but I don't think day. How did you acquire drop below see Woody's done. And not. Be completely sold that he's a quarterback because I mean to listen John Lynch is done his homework and I got to believe that. Rob blows exceeding John Lynch's expectations. In these four games. So John Lynch was already sold on them are already lightly and that's why you acquired him so now he's exceeded those expectations that's why conceit. The 49ers and lynch say in what. I don't have to see how many more I liked him before he got here I just Salma another five games he did even better than I thought he was gonna do we don't lock this guy. I think they know that I think they believe that he's the quarterback of the future I think they believe he's legit. Again it's just how much you have to pay him based on what you've actually seen. And what you believe and to be because guinier paid and based on what you think he's going to be. Well we don't really know sure it's twofold it's you believe he's the guy but. For negotiation purposes. You're trying to get the best price you can for your franchise do so Europe why not the while it's only five games in the only started a couple other ones with the patriots and yet you're undefeated but that's not even have. Half of an NFL season that you blonde. If you wanna tamp it down it did it again the point is there's a lot of factors in play here. You wanna get the best price you can't you wanna show him that you believe in them if you don't want to take him off by saying. Prove it who just basically what wound up happening whether Redskins and Kirk cousins are OK I'll prove it. Go out have a great year they independent and a stalemated you know I'll prove it again and you'll wind up having a Pena did two years. And then you're gonna wind up having to pay the or somebody's gonna wind up paying me. So you wanna avoid that kind of a situation where it's adversarial I don't think it's in most of that rain now. But Jimmy drop below holds the cards in this thing when this play so you have to find a number. That gets him walk DNA for the 49ers but also makes him happy so I think the number. It's gonna it's gonna happen and get done the number's gonna be higher than people think it's going to be I. I would definitely agree with that are we come back would jump into some warriors late may actually contemplating making a move. It's possible 957 again. In nineteen. 57 big. Welcome back everybody that's fine let's along with John Dickinson on Wednesday morning in the bay thank you so much for join us on 957 the game. Revisit the warriors Christmas Day game against the cavaliers. Could just talk a little bit when you JD about the the officiating in the last two minutes and and the last two minute report. And that the NBA has put out. And what we gotta solve this problem that the NBA has with a replay because. What I'm doing right now is a look in. At that report. And we had watched. One incorrect call to incorrect calls. 34. Incorrect calls that DIA under. The biggest game of the season losing my game of the season and so working backwards the NBA. Missed two fouls on LeBron. Committed by Kevin Durant on the last two on the drive which one I'm I think I'm glad he's outlined why is this album twice is what the league. Says and also the possession before that JD. They had direct for a foul. With I think it was about a man I'll tell exactly how much. How much is it was. Therein. LeBron drove left and got a little bump and lost the ball I didn't necessarily think that was a foul. But the NBA called profound and so. You yeah have a situation where LeBron James. Gets fouled on successive possessions. No call and then they lose the ball. Now. I just happen. It just cannot happen which is there a solution to get there as it's called common sense okay it's called. I tend to lean and I know this drives many others in the media nuts. I tend to lean in the Jeff Van Gundy school. When it comes to do if you're gonna review it. Make everything review mobile if you're gonna review a play you can review every aspect of that play. Again right I'm IE if you're gonna say that the ball goes out of bounds off LeBron James which it clearly did. Think you need to be able to assess. Much like the league does after the fact that there wasn't up this call and there's a fastow. And what I think is that the F officials. Can look on the screen when they're reviewing whether goes out of bounds or not and the officials had to do you know while we probably missed that call. But the officials can't do anything about it so my point is. Allowed to do something about it it's common sense and I think in an instance like dad. Maybe you don't give LeBron the free throws but you at least allow. The cavaliers to keep the ball in that particular situation. Where he used to work. It doesn't create a situation where everybody watching on TV. And everybody watch in. In the arena. Sees that he got fouled. There but the only thing you can review is the fact that the ball went off to him and therefore it's going the other way it's a common sense rule. 888957957. Syria got a double weighted to clean up this. This problem it's a problem that the NBA has in terms of the the replay there's a hole in the system it needs to be in need to be fixed talk about 510 let's just talk about the fouls. That the cavs committed at work called there was one Fallon the last two minutes. That should have been called LeBron James on a rebound where he. I guess he held to drain mind green down so there yelled three bad calls in the last two minutes against the warriors. I just think that it. Yeah I think weighing. The NBA who looks at the tape of let's say the drive where theoretically got fouled twice how long do you think it takes. The game's over now they're working on the last two minute report how long you think it takes. Whoever writes the two minute report with whatever help they have probably two or three guys. Alan I think it determined they determined. It takes for them to determine how law if it was a Fowler now I'm sorry. Not very long it's really a few minutes I think you look at the replay I'd say you could look ready to play may be in five minutes or so and determine. By rule whether there was a foul committed and I think some of homer. May be inconclusive. And you'll lean toward what was called on the floor I think some of you deem there. While that he got hit or dad should invest that money in to meet you could do the same thing in real time during the game that the league does. After the game and I know we're talking about judgment calls but it's almost. It's almost like Major League Baseball or it's like the NBA when they go to new York and they write you know they're they're looking at it near and a conversation there to determine what's going on. Almost. If you look at it and you can clearly see it as a raft that you made a mistake or you missed a call. Especially in a situation where the missed call created and it. Manage and that's exactly what happened exactly and look at this this isn't about. The warriors had the benefit of the cavs did this were using this is an example it's not about that. So fervent in attacks line your thoughts got up and do has nothing to do what may happen who got the short and it could've been the other week we talked about more note on. Otherwise no doubt warriors fans and be incensed. If that was the case but. If you could look at it on replay in real time and realize that there was a mistake made. Then you should be able to correct it especially if that mistake created. The advantage for the warriors to a ball off the LeBron well. The other thing news. I think if you would do it that way which you say and is essentially you're gonna formalized. Something that no why. Great graphs have been doing since the beginning of time. Which is all of that play him. Derail it fouls. LeBron James it's not called. The ball goes out of bounds it's pretty close. The referee says will stay here stay here and there would direct coach always awful it was awful bra and you say. I could have called the foul. And I might have but I didn't want to let whistle determine the game. It's it's almost a make up call within a makeup call. And I don't necessarily think there's anything wrong with that the problem is is replay has become so precise and you can see exactly. The result of a foul. That you can't. Act as though the foul then wasn't committed just because it wasn't hauled. And then and then reward the team that fouls that's that's unacceptable yeah. An aid creates a situation where it also the way it is now puts the onus on the officials to call. Those fouls even when they don't have. Happen so then what I think happens in some games if you have what happened yesterday but I think what you see is a byproduct of what happened on Christmas Day rather. As a by product that you see officials calling fouls that don't happen. Much like the end of the warriors Celtics game they'll go on that go back early in the wind blows a tire re Irving got fouled. At the end of that game right and you won backing you look daddy -- thought that wasn't a foul Bryant a bit but you call it because. You don't want you to you almost have to call in case the ball goes out of balance or in case there's a play like that the gets reviewed three can't just give. He can't just make it right by Sam ball out of bounds to the team they've got fast. There and get a lot of LeBron gets all the calls what about curry it's really not a belt that is. About a rule on the this is about an absolute rule 95 series during the game is not capital in OT the time to review use this tape to teach. The offseason with the players represent what's clear is not a foul peace out dean com. That's a matter how fish can do it I mean really is I I think there's too many replays now in the NBA the CI. I didn't bother me tell. I'm the one guy. Eight in any sport it doesn't bother me it bothers me when they replace things they still get them wrong. Which routinely seems to happen in the NFL more than any other sport. From that drives me absolutely nuts but I ate it actually really bothers me when I see people complaining about how long it take. Who cares well who cares what. A few minutes here one minute there you know what big deal in game one an extra ten minutes because you reviewed some call it's real it's not so much about ten minutes longer it's the break in the middle. Of intensity. And it gains but the flow a little bit short and how many replays three plays did we have in the cavs game may be the real estimates. Two or three. And yet five auto reminder it did happen to us last year it did the inbound play we're direct got the ball and got fallows about Richard Jefferson. And there was no call and yes you wanna talk about Alan I'll talk about that when that's. That's every bit is ridiculous. I mean. The problem is is that. Was a no call on trying to. Trying to remember I wanna say delete came out and said that that call was actually correct now but did and that again I I I was young I was going back we're proud to start the show I was actually gonna research that and made a week it may be our guy curly and their team can grab that from last year but I want it any gigs doesn't matter I but. I wanna say the league actually said that that was the correct call I could be wrong on that don't. Yeah I can or Melo definitely can I just. Here remember but it's the same. It's almost not exactly the same but it's it's the principles the same that if Richard Jefferson fouled the ran. He could had a two shot foul loan can then that affects the outcome and then hit just not good for the warriors either. The port is is not good for basketball let alone. The warriors of the cavs or anybody and I. Actually just dug it out the league did say that it wasn't found that I was mistaken on that bug that did come out after the fact and the team and a report. Instead Ned yeah did falcon and Iran and before I get out of break when we make it clear I'm not saying. That this year it's a big deal because it capital abroad last year apparently was no I'm saying they got to fix the situation. The situation they got to fix it affected directly affected LeBron so. That's that's just where I'm coming from on that one. They could the warriors be thinking about. Shaken up the roster just a hair. Some rumblings about doing just that. Can 95750. Welcome back everybody happy holidays Merry Christmas. All that stuff math assignments along with John Dickinson. 957 game. And the Golden State Warriors. Beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 9992. Or on Christmas Day what did you make of JD twice seven and seven something like that yeah. And it is little rumbling though that. We're might be in the market to make a move and the name that's coming up he's JaVale McGee. JaVale McGee and the warriors get something for JaVale McGee Mickey came back a one year deal. Wasn't crazy about. Haven't returned under one year deal I think he was open for multiyear contract with the another team so he was resigned to come back here. I got to believe he was hoping for the same kind of role as last year but unfortunately. He's getting beat now right now by Jordan bell so the question is. Can you do anything with JaVale McGee do you want to do anything with chip JaVale McGee York. Do you wanna just sit tight within because there may be a place for a down lawnmower what do you think the warriors are wrestling with JD. Well I I think they have an unhappy player and and that in and of itself may not be enough to warrant betrayed but I've looked to be on the heat. Thought he can be a starter on this team he thought he had earned the opportunity to be a starter. On this team and yeah. No absolutely and he went out I think you wanted to get paid daddy he thought there was going to be a market for him. To be a starter and to make more money then he ultimately took what the warriors and it it didn't materialize. And I think you look at it now known as the warriors really need to sign him. At all channel and if they figured that he would be an insurance policy if Jordan bell wasn't. Ready to go quickly if damion Jones said he knee injury problems of the life of Kamal looting couldn't get up the speed but you look at it now. And Jordan tells in the rotation. The final looney is a guide Steve Kerr is more than comfortable playing in any situation including the end of games. On some nights which we've seen this year. And damion Jones is is playing in the deal league are the GA league now. And he's. A guy did is the future basically it of Il a daddy can play similarly to JaVale McGee's so you look at it. Every which way and the warriors don't you Andy maybe they wanted to have the insurance policy but if they don't need him and he may be unhappy about the fact that he doesn't really have a role right now looks things can change. Steve Kurt changes is rotation changes the ins and outs based on. Matchups more than maybe any other coach so to see you guys not play for two or three weeks hardly. He might play every game the next two or three weeks so it it's it can change but I think right now. The warriors are in a spot where. If you got an unhappy guy and they can save a little bit of money somewhere you almost have to look at it. Yeah I think can and we were talking about what a deal for. Mickey would look like because my first thought was well who once JaVale McGee I realize you only make it one plus million or whatever it is they didn't mean it's two million but it's its third. Don't veteran minimum whatever it is. And I'm having trouble CNET team out there that's saying you know why we'll take travail McGhee you're gonna have to to trade JaVale McGee you're gonna have to do. Give up and ask setter two I think and you you brought it up I mean could they could they package on the DNN Nick Young. Maybe that's 78 million dollars and eight. Million dollar player back to maybe he's under contract for two years let's say so that the team trade with they come off that money a year early may. It depends on how creative you wanna get and how many hope they if you Phillippe that you need a hole I mean I think you could. You could throw out there hey we'd take a second round pick if you're the warriors. For JaVale McGee if you wanna just assumed his contract to become a salary dump but that particular point in time I think. You could look for a deal like that I think you could also if you really wanted it it. Free yourself of the financial aspect of it you could attack to pick. Do it a future second round pick down the line to get somebody to take him. Korea I think you can also get more creative. And say. You know what makes young's not really fit men and almost in the warriors would do this I would d'alene that they wouldn't do this split. You creatively can look for a player that maybe could help you this year and next year and that's where you start to add up the salaries. And the cost would be taking back a guy for an. Added year beyond this year or maybe you would be a guest subtracting players that are at the end of the one there. Let me ask you this if you're the Golden State Warriors would you trade. JaVale McGee and Nick Young for Matthew Delaware Dover. He's got he's got two more years after this year not because that's. Dipping into beyond. The core four. Yeah the core four for the rest of this year and next year I would do anything beyond. Next seat I gotcha I guess that's when you have to start paying. That's when you have to pay Klay Thompson or not that's you know drain on got they would be got it would be had a gamble for this. Eight gambles not the right word but it would be so high gear commit to for this year and next year in math corps for championship window. Maybe a tell tell me it's. He's making tell looking at the players on the box because that was a team that was referenced him looking about their ten million dollar players John Henson is not somebody the wars in Beatrice and his JaVale McGee. In essence Tony snell. He's got. Two more years and possibly three sessions unless they plan for now yeah finish Spartanburg was. Telemundo was the other one then we get down to Jabari Parker. I can't imagine the military Jabari Parker they got to give him another chance and then we get down into the players would you like it's Spencer Hawes who still American money and Jason Terry for example it by the way. I'll give an example that I give an example in this. And I don't think. Like Lou Williams. And not the not the clippers are gonna help the warriors are doing right Lou Williams make it seven million dollars. And I thought he's making more than that well okay so he's make it seven million dollars. And that that's the kind ideologue but he's only it would be it's only for this year there are no but if it was for this year and next here. The only I'd that's of the you would consider it but if the clippers why would you why would you want to Vail media Nick Young. Well maybe if they clouds and moisture getting something else they would have to attach a future. India attach a freeze your first round pick and down malign our first and a set down the line. Our would you trade McGhee. And young for Lou Williams guys I next year's number one this upcoming tour every number one yeah I would be the thirtieth pick yeah why not. You only have Lou Williams arrested this year right by the UC it will abandon DC Lou Williams wants to take here you tax Payer mid level much you care. Right. What's funny is he a pay cut I love Lou Williams are really do. Not convinced the warriors need that kind of play our. I have like a nick yelled somebody they want somebody committee gets fifteen points in fifteen minutes had a great. And he might do it. Actually do what people think Nick Young dust. That I know my idea to me Lou Williams is a significant step up Nick Young right. I agree with that and that that that's the kind of guy weren't like if you are looking to turn. A couple of guys it may be you don't have used for right into useful player. That's the thought process. It would be involved in it and look I'm not saying that that would happen early clippers to do during the warriors who do they may have reasons not to do. Mariah but it. That's the kind of thing you could look to do. And I think it was just ailment he and and the you know report from market stops in the athletic about film share. Poke around and maybe some interest from the box side of things. You created I I'd and more Shaw is looking to get better. What's the one way they can get better they don't really have that scoring threat off the bench did you say they may not mean I made green yet. But ever would replace the Nick Young hasn't replaced Ian Clark. No I don't I think Ian Clark. Other game Clark gave the warriors more last year than nick young's even this year don't you totally that. So early and I think Nick Young is thick and then you've alluded to this and a couple of different times Nick Young is the kind of player. That the warriors. It they may not trust deployment in big situations and that's or you're almost finding ways to try and get him in there that's fair just to give my shot again. Died I think that's I think that's accurate I was just look at it Jordan Bell's contract. You look at Jordan Bellamy he's making basically two years two million. Make it 800 this year like one point two next. Yeah I mean I'll bet you when they drafted him they'd realize he was gonna be now factor when he came into the the salary cap on the luxury tax but but he's gonna are. Jump back into warriors in a minute but after the break we're gonna talk to. Four times Super Bowl champion Bill Romanowski.