Mid-Days Show - Hour 1

Steinmetz and Guru
Tuesday, November 21st

Matt Steinmetz and Daryle “The Guru” Johnson are joined by Jon Morosi (MLB Reporter for Fox and MLB Network). This hour covers CJ Beathard vs Jimmy Garoppolo, Giancarlo to the Giants, Steroids and the Hall of Fame, and Jack Del Rio's comments after Mexico City. 


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CDC dot com studios in downtown San Francisco yeah. This is 957. Maurice gray area what is going on. And that's and that's a long mcdannold if you drew Johnson. They have Thanksgiving week things started slow down. Easy into the holidays everything's a little less crowded on the bar. Freeways start to filter out a little more. I don't do wrote I'm doing fine I had a wonderful drive. Being in now left to use about 715. Points is just you can't do that to give your by the time we need to. Song fill in the way you are here I'm ready. And every game in the NFL season now. As playoff implications. That I'm fired up to eat Turkey in two days. Watch my team in the rest of the other teams are huge boost. When many questions after that introduction wise how long did it take you get from the U into downtown San Francisco 37 meanwhile thirty that's good as it gets right. It's it's the record. So with a meter lights on yet. But Dutch is held just a few minutes is that not even minute and then what you got on the inclined. The speed limit as they said last night he's listening to the whispers as I tell me. Did you stop it yerba Boehringer I just Treasure Island yeah I did get you the did sugar water. So you stop at Treasure Island every time they virtually coming into the city wall sometimes I don't wanna know I'm late night just pitch your face that you never written refer I don't you know as far as. Now to it's a respecting. But. Eight out of ten times a stop my. Calling it the beautiful San Francisco ask respect. Some people would say you're not busy enough. In this day and age who had watched all of you know what it's just you're zen moment right it's just your five minutes to center yourself if it's actually three and a half. Okay you did that come back if there aren't there. Just think it's very interest thing. John Lynch talking today for none general manager is set to meet the media at noon today. 49ers won in nine kind of a state of the franchise halfway through this season type deal. And Charlie lynch I would say talks of the media. Here in the air it's interesting because. What do you think should GM be available. To the media pretty much 24/7. Or surety GM. Only talk occasionally to the media. Maybe not at all or once or twice during the season I don't think that's there. That's an interest being questioned somebody like John Lynch. Because by talking too much does he takes some of these. Shine off Kyle Shanahan where would you come down on that date it depends on the individual. And if they are just starving for attention like Jerry Jones he's the owner and GM he makes Jason gears job just that much more difficult. But. Let's just looks like a downed their earth sounds like it down to earth guy that if he were to give you a few minutes. It would never be something new would make Kyle Shanahan. You LB could not awkward moment so I'd like to hear from list and are gonna take is stunning the fact that they went gaga Rob Lowe. I was getting a little nervous because I was excited when the announcement came that mimicked how Shanahan were taken over and they got out to discard them like may be. And the fact that they did their due diligence and Witten guy Jimmy G. We don't know what he's gonna beat. But the fact that they wind got some unlike. That's the guy did need to take over and I'm happy that the forty dollars feature is in his pants. There's a similarity between let's say John Lynch. And A Bob Meyers for example ice I think when Bob Myers came onto the scene. Things started to happen. Our reputation of an organization slowly began to change you know that did you feel they need a good round now don't cash not culpable of this. My god not at all not at all in fact he was tired and then I wanna say he was. Kind of behind the scenes for a year and any took over for Larry Riley who was the GM now I didn't see it I didn't see it coming at all but. I do think that once Myers took over the general manager role for the full for the warriors. They got some credibility because he was a prominent agent in the NBA was kind of a new direction. Hire an agent for that position in the Phoenix Suns had done it but it was a kind of a novel idea. So. Things did start to happen after that night I could I get the sense that. Lynch is going to. Make moves. I think we've already seen that he traded for a quarterback he's the second round pick. It's just so opposite of what Trent balky would have done. Trent ball he was. He was a waiter. When he waited for everything and go out and get anything. And his drafts with skill position players was awful. Just didn't land anybody. At any of the skill positions and you can say what about cap predict I think that was Harbaugh is desk I really do but nevertheless. John Lynch is gonna talk to the media today what do you want here and say if you're forty niner fan what do you wanna hear him say. Or if you're a media member. What would you ask him. We asked John Lynch and on track disease like what he sees who's up who's down. Yeah in the room. Which is why who's starting this Sunday. I don't care where you don't and you won't lie. Because it doesn't have a coach. But they got a relationship it fit into the niners organization right I want to hear him say who's starting this Sunday when the key Shanahan any different would you. If that didn't come out of his mouth. Who cares who delivers a message that's when the Eagles starts to get into its tiny hole to head coach has to say it just tell D'Brickashaw today media often let us know star studded. But Shanahan got to know he's gonna break it off anybody and I'm sure that would be the case. But Seattle think they know who's gonna start Sunday. Actually no one I think come ons I sheets actually yeah I think they probably do know I think that's our best third. Don't think I did that would be a disappointment. How come what. What what better way to signified didn't do. Detention of the call are is here and have good rob we'll go up against the the legion of whom is Preisinger gave that to me yesterday instead of the legion of boom because they're done and over we CNET last night why not. Have him start against all bullish. It's you're trying to be now what's your new toy Jimmy eagle rock below let's quit wait even picked training wheels off let me go out there he's eager to play. 889579570. Talked about a little bit yesterday. Iraq below bad third bad third Barack below. But I also interstate in the the way lynch feels about the rest of the team and I know one in nine is one in nine but I'm sorry there's such a thing is a good one and nine are we looking at here I think so. I think so. They were competitive the first 45 games of the year. Then they stop being competitive I think essentially teen started taking him a little more seriously. I think slowly but surely they're getting a little bit better a little bit better. I agree we Steve Mariucci didn't win more games this season underwent two more games this season. I think regardless of who started quarterback and I don't think that's out of the realm of possibility though when you look at the rich history of the skill positions and wide receiver. There running back this team needs. A bit of everything writes Danny I'm excited when the draft gifts here. Whose score rob Lowe's gonna be thrown who's the next Jerry Rice. Who's the next heroics. And now I'm really got the next Roger Craig back here sorry Carlos Hyde. This team is gonna have to do a major overhaul. And I think start with the quarterback. There there are off to a good start but the only problem is we need to see imply any. Tony John and Banesha. John what's going on man Euro assignments in guru. A decade or. And I got to the current conversation I agree with you guru I keep thinking he could equally corrupt or play. I don't know we need to complete this someday go in and I'm not panic at the piano. You know leak in the gloom and not what used to be all right you know from one in the years we have a good QB situation. We are two good guys and I just think we need to be more patient look at the broader picture down the road in and look toward this dark secret Yemen which came in last bout it and you know the public glutamate and create concede you can't defend it like they be patient. And calm down indisputable the time that they need critical but stable right here groundout but he's still into it and do it. So I agree you can you know get the conversation berg. Who started this week next week in look look throughout the end if you can make you look article click that. Yet thanks John I agree with John I said this yesterday totally think about it guru. I think the 49ers. Have a very easy solution. To this issue and some really been an issue. Bottom line is Beth thirds the number one right now are the starter. Rob blows the backup. A third one his last game Acropolis not quite up to speed. So we king so you think he's now quiet until our Medicare fees up to speed. Third did enough last week to keep the job. Let him start against Seattle and here's what I said yesterday. Did the run the table. They're better than to run the table Daryn the Finnish foreign to three in three. Derek to give you some to think about in the off season but wouldn't that stunt the growth of your new toll when you don't buys something you can't wait to give only Heidi Tom Brady I think Tom Brady stunted our growth already don't you know I think he enhanced it may be. So now he just needs. I infield. To show what he has made he's not ready yet maybe only knows 65% this is nothing this is no one died in a best of stunning you haven't seen enough. I've seen enough of that third and I'm not saying he's bad. I just think he's no problem. Got a guy and it's steady though under the the issue in the best quarterback in our modern day in the modern day air right now he would be asked. Let's benefited from that to look at still time to do that. Okay let's go through some scenarios. What do you play grapple against Seattle he stinks. Essays throats these alone let's say he's fourteen for 31. Threw three interceptions and zero or one he's another Harvard plays because everything around the team in regard to play in results pinks. So yeah. So you wanna distinct. Noah I don't want them to shine. What if he stinks we can't just say it's him. We do know allude to the fact that you know he's just learning the playbook he doesn't have anything at the skill positions but the point is why are we weighing. This is exciting he just got to win out the way Pletcher Newt do you. Asked he's got the best quarterback on the roster right now okay now see he's not. We're gonna get a copy these starts out there on the on the touch in that bed when I just because that's a bet that. Is virtually outside in my control. In other words I'm gonna make it bet on somebody else's decision. I'll make a bet on. A gamer how a team plays or maybe what do players likely to do not make it a bad on who's gonna start. Why can't I thought now that no control all right. I can I can't I can't and you know. Wanna see him play is their graduate I'm listening to get the problem for best third. I just think they're. He'd start best third till. He shows you that. You can't get it done or he showed me got a few days before the Dallas game was just you know I haven't forgot that golf was shot one album NASA and that's who he is. But I C rule in a good why when I think at Jimmy eagle on out there for the niners and it did not win against Seattle. That's when you did your car is a fan and drive home like you know what honey that was a tree. That's the future. Why were these people do these fans have been beaten over the head with losing and and now we have a possible solution. Good looking quarterback all. Billions pocket look who cares if he's good looking like I said every pro quarterback is good look at. Every single pro quarterback is good looking. None of the pro course hardest and wins is now I do know now are you kidding me extract an hour on the hour all please. Guys that's 64. Got to Heidi thrown together on peace. Our idea maybe I don't guarded man he's all right could attend an Alameda. Can't agrees with two real you can't. Yeah. Me each but yeah okay. Storm out there. How did Hillary give bill. All right thanks a lot yeah sure it's just think thrown out there for Amanda not really learned. I don't know. I don't know I also think it's. Did the decision how important is the decision really are we making too big a deal out of it. Sometimes I think we are and then other times I think now or not its quarterback its most important position and all sports and if you're gonna do year the unit your home. Homework firmly into Shanahan. I think you would want this guy Jimmy G on tape playing full ball. As much as you can so you can evaluate him you know you don't want it to be college six quarters let me ask you guys are you willing to say. At best third. Is not part of the future I am willing to say that now the hollowed out let me why this. Backup quarterback pay you to stick around I just I don't think he will be this guy to lead the team into I just don't think he has it. It was nothing personal I just don't think he's that guy. And I don't believe they do either because they would it not one now. And Brian. Drop below and I take it looked at the college ranks geyser take instant when that taker may fields not but other than the you know the other two sure fire you know. Top notch quarterbacks. Patton didn't play like. I hear I hear you coming up at 1030 we're going to be joined by JP morose seeing baseball writer. The juncture we get stand and how man. And they're not gonna get stand if there was a scoreboard there are no leave right now give me that that means I will not give you that at all. Why based on what's reported did. Now. Not ever heard of leaks. Of course I've heard a leaks I'm just not buying in that the giants on the front runners I know what I'll believe the giants were the front runners when they get them. Get Stanton and I'll say I guess they were the front and our report I got sources indicate it have to do it today when you do your source bank of cameramen would resource this kind of same curtain you know there on line you know in Reno now you know you don't. Really there. Big time T this is where I'm I'm I'm right here within nine to five what does Jimmy gee done to be handed the starting job hello and what is CJ donned a lose it. The Dallas game. That was also the what have you done for me lately also can only play my best game. In my short career let's go to Ricky in Danville what's up Ricky. Because that no guns. I would say. It's a play bad third period because I bet. We can't wait out their own more and more week and this is going to be OB I'd be here like you're doing that the cowboys can't. And it beat their struggle and then it brought Jimmy didn't literally outside the club with Phillip I think they did you look at the market Goodwin. Touchdowns. Though there was quite knew what food Joseph Staley a girl like this tell but you know that the players around him farm bill and that there right now that's must my. That and maybe about the future and you know because you know let you gotta you got to let that third spell before you go Jimmy by. I agree Ricky thanks for the call. Lo there was detected earlier. Lisa for refined is it. Oh. Thirties trade bait. Why. I mean to meet your your quarterback situation. As of right now assault. You've got to want you got a starter back up. Most likely grapple is going to be the starter maybe yeah right this minute who eventually be the starter. Better to be the backup. Quarterback problems solved absolutely soft us for the five wanna study isn't every bad outside your control almost figure net. Good point however we have very good course and I'm glad now I bet on myself clearly by. I know there's there's validity there I guess what I'm saying is I'd rather bad on. The team's actions. And how they play you rather than somebody's decision marked. This is subtle reference a little nuance will subtle difference there but I hear you fine one I could. This day coming up play putting my money on the warriors tomorrow IE once I led the money on the warriors. I got no control over so he's right about that but it would be like. It would be like. OK Kevin Durant is not playing tomorrow and you sell batic task he starts. Taking a bath like that. I just wouldn't take a bat like it's 5050. Somebody's gonna start for Rick he got instead it's. Right but I but there's no knowledge involved in Iraq I mean for all we know curse pick in the name out of a hat. I was shocked if who has started assassinate Barack did a that was not my that would have been my choice. Don't want to have speed. So tight everybody loves cast being. I haven't thought he's been that great this year he's okay. He's been. Also reminded he's been tremendous kid is okay part about it is study hasn't been bad you can't say definitively he's been bad. He he's one out there looked like he belongs in my keys in basketball and didn't know didn't easy buckets out here. I don't. I mean Eddy anyone who court tell what can't he do what can't he do what can't he duke. He can take you to correct he can dribble he can shoot he can do fear is that it is no wonder that that could find it faced death. He's defense is over issues and he's already and he's an eighth man in the NBA but you still play it too much credit. I feel like he's got a great situation on its back let me just tell you what let me start for Doran tonight and my god do you or your depth until get me wrong I'll struggle. But the warriors as a team. They can carry guy in a big big way in a big big way. Let's see can you name one quarterback it's come from New England. The New England stable and become a successful starter in the league let you know is he really did in Dallas went. All those guys did. I mean I guess percent. Is okay. Now does that count in Indianapolis. Who's the other or forget while Hoyer of course was about that former miss and somebody. Castle. It was Cassel was somewhere like here we think the other guy who sell out. Given to knock the guy play for the raiders now that guy hit a guy like that guy yet. The guys played for Seattle Flint, Michigan out of play it's just the right so there's been a lot of two bit tired from the new now this guy and he's different. Opt out I need to see him play. Why don't you just get so no I'm not I guess if you want team. I'm wanting to watch a new dynamic to this niner team and what better time to do with an after winning and I yeah Jay this Noah died and I knew we. Indictment on him it's actually an indictment on him and it's a slap in the Phillies mallet Ryan mallet then would you Klein has always. As always has throughout his thinking about you gotta start Jimmy Jean from the five or know that's Seattle defense is not the same let's see what he's all about. I think we'll see what he's all about the last three or four weeks but why would you not have that five weeks why would you want a short change yourself. I think you really do have to get a look at two quarterbacks. And bat third is one of them and I think just continue to. Played bad third until we had that does is it true that you know one down. On their third. I'm on talent guy. He doesn't have the strongest storm and I don't ever want that to be a trait a mosque starting quarterback. That's why no joke and have the strongest army had the strongest mind but you you were look we're the new areas definitely you get a sling it around. That you know the football field. Apple hasn't earned it. Don't forget Tom Brady. Was once is Patriot Act did to him and Barry Bonds went to the same high school. Sarah hi Craig Jefferies too though baseball player. So what they don't get enough love Sarah hi we talk about how you it's too much love. Is that studies at Sarah higher had a conversation about say RI. It was too soon Roy Williams can and James Logan in Union City Eddie House. Know Roy Williams coached Kansas know the deep defense aback at Oklahoma played for Dallas. They all pronged thing. It's so what you wanna spend the next five Melrose ave area enterprise zone for all June. Lancelot. Where's he from. Was from them. Why would you signaling strong and he's from Sarah oh yeah hardly dared to Iraq. Eight birdies there nice big conservative politicians are very switch to de upon us. But this would fry take it. I thought John Stallworth. Was better than Lynn Swann now they're the man. Kind of like saying. John Taylor was better than Jerry right down but not quite yet there's nobody better and Jerry Rice and John Taylor who stood up I coming up to talk to JP morose seek. You Carlos stand and come to the giants. Can tell you right after this. Now Ben. In 957. Big game. Back everybody that's time that's a long way to. Johnson 957. The. John writes you can call. Twitter. John morose and John thank you so much for joining us and we'll just start out with a big question. What are the odds that Giancarlo Stanton. Is a San Francisco giant in the next couple weeks. Or that their epic Thanksgiving first and foremost. Thank thank you. The chances again the report they're barred mark Klein sent today about. That the giants and Marlins having deeper discussions. I think is is valid. I believe the giants if you look at the landscape right now. They have probably as good of a chance if not better. Did anyone else that did to get John gross debt netted the reason. Is a couple things number one they're clearly motivated to do so based on the word they were this year in bowl standings in the home run. Listed as a team. And I also Stanton does have reportedly ate it first play on the West Coast now. You grew up a dodger fan I think you would on the West Coast you would look at the Dodgers. That I still think there is that. Possibilities out there were some in the industry expects the the Dodgers to make a play. To try to get stared at the end we'll see how real bad idea and got beat it to dodgers' stepped think they've become. That the favorite because they've got also financial resources sense of two prospects and our I think also that's where Stanton would ideally like to go but that the Dodgers are not bad team. I think a giant because their combination of strong desire you know the West Coast. Being a destination that I've I believe Stanton will likely would waive his no trade clause to go to. I think all those reasons to they may have a slight edge right now in the St. Louis Cardinals. John do you think the fact that the Dodgers in every other team in the National League west made improvements and watching the dodges go to the World Series do you think dad's plane into the psyche of the giants' front office to go landed big fish like this because opt out there was no way in hell that they even had a a chance step to give Stanton. Or go to questions that in a couple things worth noting number one. That the giant already have the second. Most dollars committed of any team in the Major League two table for 2018 they have they have already spent eight Holland. Of money. But they also see I think the value in in competing and they're ready to look at the roster right now realize that. As presently constructed. It's it's not big winning roster. That being said I think that they are they also they analyze that with one significant back. They can change the way the lineup looks and feels and ended its 151. Player away from winning the World Series. And I think it. Maybe not I think they've probably got to have more than one player but stand in front of them I think wrap presents. And as big of an impact that he would almost any other club because of where the giants were Leicester where they still could be this is not. It's an all roster but it's not a bad roster I think that they get. More consistent performances from players like Crawford. You know video sport healthy she's been from belch. Did you give Stanton and I think it allows you to do differed. And more creative things with the rest of your outfield. Shrimpers standard and they can maybe sign or trade or a good defensive center fielder I think overall it's a much better. Outfield looks them. And I think that it but it all starts with getting that one big capital while the rest of the group of fallen around them in I think to the giants to their credit realize that you've got to. Spend money to make money so to speak and and then they've they want to make sure they don't lose its debt equity to they've worked so hard to build up especially had in this decade there in the Bay Area. Has then been pretty tightlipped about may be what is preferences are where he wants to go it seems like he's been. Himself any way under the radar. With a lot of speculation of where he might like where you. Maybe wouldn't like it does seem like we have definitive answers there is what from what I'm saying. You're right and and his representatives have been very coy about what he ought to do. And I think that is by design. Ed and that's okay because it. At Stanton want to let this thing play out to see how real good the Dodgers possibility is how real but the major West Coast markets are. Well four ways then. I don't think. That he is going to accept a trade to Saint Louis this is my eight. Somewhat. It's probably an educated. Opinion on this although not directly from him that that I don't believe he is going to accept a deal to Saint Louis. Unless the Marlins. Through is represented and say listen John Carlo. It's not gonna work with the giants it's not gonna work with the Dodgers it's not gonna work with the book Red Sox. And the and basically it's the cardinals or are staying in Miami one more year. I think that at that point guard he may well accept the deal. But he is going to be I think until that moment arrives. Very cagey about what he says big daddy he wants to let this thing play out I think he is whether directly or directly. Made clear what is preferences are and they get that the job of the Marlins to find an acceptable deal for them. That also works for stand instead badly it'll hold on trade clause and and when that would give them by the Marlins. Lucky the players that's working very hard this game and achieve a lot of things once you get that no trade clause. Yeah I think it's it's of the mind of some players. I'm gonna use it in under mysterious things the way that I want to Justin Verlander did that broke for a period of time where you want to see things play out. With the Dodgers in the cubs before he said yes to Houston and he waited until literally. The last several seconds. Before he can make that decision on the night of August 31 so quite a bit there's a lot to. Look at there was to a past president and Bur letter work if there was a very hard and fast deadline with Stanton. It's a little more fluid always during the off season without a similar deadlock. John I'm on record as saying now Barry Bonds is the best bet baseball player I've ever seen play and we know it's a struggle he's trying to get the hall of fame. And I was shocked to read the Joseph Morgan wrote a letter to the hall of fame basically say in all steroid all the players from the steroid era shouldn't be in. Are probably by surprised. How did you digest. That that news. Well a couple things we are I was on the distribution list for the emailed to give up above all they voter. So I received it to they would everybody else the votes. IE I've welcomed the letter I respect Joe's opinion. Need Alter every device chairman all playing. And it's interesting that historically. These baseball writers have actually. Asked in the indicated there were open minded to receive thing. Input from the hall of fame and this is probably as directors were gonna get it. In the form of an the letter from the vice chairman about how they would like us to handle. Steroid era candidates now. A couple things about the letter. An assumption and they statement made. Exists. Players who used steroids are not yet in the hall of fame. I do not believe that it accurate. I'm not gonna sit here and then indicate which players I think might have a could have used steroids. Gore already in the hall saying but I will say I am of the mind. And while they got Malone that they're already steroid use in the hall of fame. The letter. While I respect it's it's rhetorical. Place and Serbia respect manic comes from. I think is a bit late. And four swore the players who are there. To believe that right now as we speak that it is a wholly clean the and Christine membership as of this moment I believe. Is is not accurate that's my opinion. And again I think I'm not alone and that and that they keep. I I do believe that there have to be a line of demarcation swiped it. Oh at 2005. When MLB started testing for steroids I'd I'd put those that were suspended for steroid use that your mirrors. Rafael Palmeiro on brawn Alex Rodriguez. Fundamentally. Any different categories and Barry Bonds stayed to gain was was. Put on notice collectively 2005 in a way that the union and MLB had not done previous to that end to the extent that. There is uncomfortably. On the part of the hall of famers. It's unfortunate but the unit represented that was part of the framework. That's sustained this period of of neglects on the part of the sport in their holding people to account so it is a messy reality. I think it already is the reality of a hall of fame and while I respect Joe's words and certainly what they Connecticut iteration of the don't let out what are time. I think that that the premise that. It is to this point in time they clean all of same. Regarding security use. To me is it is is a premise that I do not accept to speak completely accurate. Yes certainly it's it's a complicated stuff JP thank you so much for joining us is always really appreciated and enjoy the holidays. I put you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving we'll see about. Michigan can make a game that there against Ohio State here Saturday. Boy. All right thank you very. I. Coach Jim Harbaugh yeah just any other way. Jim Harbaugh. We don't hear much from big Jim. This year I've been in any rap videos now now by the raiders are struggling. Jack del Rio's get them. A little bit ordering and we're talk about it after this. You better by actually put mental work and not by sitting around trying to figure out who's playing next time it's not about whining about what doesn't want wasn't for what should be there's more about putting in the work. Committee to believe in jails and going after. In 9576. To eight. And abdominal area that's Jack Del Rio right there. Illinois. As well I colonias that interview with Damon Bruce yesterday's head coach of the raiders and he's. He doesn't believe in looking back just get back to work. It back to work and it. Try to fix it. Out you learn from your mistakes if you don't look back on black guy I'm with you there I can't stand that I can't stand when. And anybody. Doesn't know that trash can is if it didn't pass so much. You used to just bother me so much about Mark Jackson the former warrior coach pat down man now would be like. Well you know last night's. I know I didn't play staff curry down the stretch of a close game but. We move on. And now Fisher took. You'll tell us when we move on will tell you when you move on now would you leave they then of course doll bill but I would put. I mean at times. We do who signed the move on to shake your head you know that they're further jobs. Damon wanted to get the people information that's what those were those regular questions. I don't know listen I knew it was informative hey is there any doubt. Is there any doubt. That. Jack Del Rio was gonna respond in the way did I. I don't even think it was surprising. They're four and six. The seasons go and self it's been a major disappointment. They're coming off a 33 to eight embarrassing loss. And he knows he's feeling pressure. Probably he's gonna get fired at the end of the year but clearly if this thing continues like it's continued like it's going now I mean there's going to be changes. But the best part about this is the standings. Did they have another lie another hotel this week it would mean on the desert you know why I'm sick and I'm you know what I'm not talking about the raiders. Have a life until they get the 500. They get the 500 we'll talk about having life. Don't have life right now. Oh in their own dot com must be wrong on our plea come playoff standings. One game back. The second wildcard now they're now they're one game at a does that second wild card buffalo no excuse me the ravens find inside that means I'm confident he just might go back yeah but but there's games back in the Baltimore closed how are not that that's why would lose out. Peek at its amusement. And then one of the raiders. Didn't better and I get better they're not getting better. How can maybe get that they just had a listen and this. They just had a bye week. And scored eight points against the nuggets took patriots a lot of people lose and I had 85 bears a lot of hands lose to the accused the pats 3828. So if done right there's a lie is no I really don't miss out no indication the rate they have lots by field goal. At the end of the day the stands are still the same. We finally better that they lost by three. Who really thought the raiders we're gonna be to tax. Need some people okay pop is some people did you really isn't right let's go. Your partner on Saturday Jason page said he liked the raiders who's got a good feeling about why he's not a shot it in Vegas. I told him he was crazy for that. They just lose it got ugly got out of hand I'm with you the fight got stopped here's here's artillery us how to say when Damon asked him if he regretted firing bill musgrave. No I do not that I wish him about this week I wish them the best. You know relic. Did that and probably an answer no point today and what's he gonna say yeah I resent editing and I wish I don't quit your playing them. You don't wish him the best I think I'll got a more about this one. No I think that oh yeah you're about their the breath out of Iran musgrave and so are all much and let me turn seven. They have a defense its underperforming. So it it it's not out of the realm of possibility for them to find. Who they are as a defense. Against offense did. You know encyclopedia or help somebody help Nancy Drew it's a mystery is why this offense is not looking like it was last year. This from the 530 starting YE Haiti on the raiders so hard richer all up on the one and nine niners. Fair question but there's an easy answer expectations are what determine when the season plain and simple. If you're expected to contend for the super ball. You have a different scale. A judge than if you were a team. That's just tired a new coach that is clearly don't and a rebuilding mode that is clearly trying to strip it all down. We we knew the 49ers weren't gonna be very good. We thought the raiders were going to be very good right now and that's why that's why you have to do. You hard on the raiders be harder on the raiders in the 49ers were not we're not discussing these teams in a vacuum you know what I mean. And the lucky part about where the raiders Iraq is just what I alluded to there are one game back. Their goal get to the day it's an anything can have the party. The wanna insight tears away asked Jack Del Rio sound from not the last but another piece of sound from from Damon's interview about tout the blame game. I was off broke my own Mac crew do wanna Pentagon's budget so I didn't. Good dinner on big. I like that that that's a leader. That's captain come on yeah sure you know Wesley what is supposed to say all the rest these guys in your state and and make it not about him Pete that's that's ownership he owned that war has. Has is that what it's. Hit it on me. What does that mean I'm not getting it done and everybody under me is not did they'd done better and I the end of the day also relieved it's only it's so easy to say put it on me when you sit with a 34 year contract extension. When you know you're not gonna get fired at the end of the year because we know owner doesn't have a lot of money and he's not gonna wanna pay you for not working and well he did they are just that I don't know I get you name it's like when Joseph it's like when Jed York says. I'm responsible OK you're responsible so why. What does that mean it doesn't mean anything. It's hollow it's flat out hollow Dylan you know our our show stunk yesterday when you're wrong would make. These are really give them it's okay our show stinks today. I pin that on me. Anatomy I'll take responsibility. You know I just take responsibility guess what I'm going home just like I'm always going home public sale photo lifelike I always am a pet the dog and come back here tomorrow. Did it on me means nothing I tell you what he's a loop we know had he gave you three names of people that weren't getting it done on his staff Bryant waived the world would be ripping him for not only. He's sick and do all these this park this department's I didn't debt all the here they're getting it done what a leader does. Give a message you move on how are they here I stink. That's what I wanted to hear it. Does this one out here did not pitted on me. Pin it on meet you this big army now what what does that okay what does it mean. What does it look like when you pin something on Delray hit it to us and many months abilities not any. I'm responsible for what's going wrong. What are the manifestations. Of him saying pin it on me it's I'm protecting my staff. I'll talk to them behind closed doors I'm not. You guys to pay out it's me right here I'm responsible. Canada and crude for an answer I guess but you know usually when you. Take responsibility than their. Consequences what are the consequences for two for him taken responsibility. There's a consequence when he gets some Damon next week after the didn't forget lemonade lick is bad they did against a New England is going to be a different answer. For the 510 you really think he's gonna say he stinks match assignments that's comical to line their rich appreciated. Well of course I don't think he's gonna say I stink. All I'm saying that that's a good one from the tax lifestyle you quote march action del Rio's fighting for his life I'm Obama. He is a he knows that man he's got fighting for his life so you guys a multimillionaire. The guy's gonna be the coach next year the guys rated football for thirty years he has no it. Thing happening to him that's put him a lot of help so she all our whole heck. They. You eat like Earl YEE it is why do you think he's just point 80 that it eighteen holes of golf I this is no big deal he's got he food. This could come crashing down on his already crashing down but it doesn't mean he's gonna lose a job as a coach Marshawn Lynch this year. He's done a good job of the same marsh on the has 67 against the patriots and and the one they showed out there. Well so I'll I'll you know Hillary nobody can. I never did I forgot to mention. I forgot to mention he's a Marshawn Lynch had a good game. When they lost by forty begged good you know what that's like scored 45 points what are you beat 132. To eighty at a basketball game good job great. Yeah I had a great day and you got blown out errors. Who cares that Marshawn Lynch listen had six IE seven that's a valid had Marchand said I had a good day did you say what you said. You've already judge Joseph do he can steal more on the rock for one half of football. Big deal. Against Denver you implement all that into the player what are. And that plan goes a way to measure casinos that are catching the ball that is that Jack's fault. As we should definitely shoes fit. I got a bone to pick review our talk and warriors yesterday with bond today. You said something that I'd must. Address we'll be right back.