Mid-Days - Hour 2

Steinmetz and Guru
Friday, December 29th

Steiny and JD are joined by Marc Spears (Senior Writer ESPN’s The Undefeated). This hour covers the biggest stories of 2017, who can (if anyone) compete with the Warriors? And lastly, we talk about LeBron James and free-agency. 


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San Francisco. He's he's 957. John it's. 57 games. You get a text from my god. Elliott and the good doctor gray got up there there. The good doctor before or. The good Dr. Martin Luther King reminds me I need to see your doctor well he's no more the penis and he did he do everything they tightened. Yeah and I we'll check out it was a huge shows the other day who. Doctors Eliot while he's got friends I can't places. Don't think he cares if you'd say his last name but let's not do that okay we won't really he he agrees with me don't life gets better. He says he's 74 life is still good I don't and I need him and I need him pumping me up till I want to turn now. Ashen looks come see doctor I can tell him funny store I'm almost half well no way in the back both have waited where he's that. Yeah this Luke in they almost just still young among those staff winner read thirty yeah yeah. You wanna put your little older. I don't care. What he thinks the biggest story of the year just act older. Locally nationally locally they're politically thing you know I'm not a man and not. Do not radios and run the gamut. The biggest story here to me was the warriors win the championship. In the Bay Area biggest sports story of 2017. In the Bay Area alone might have been and get an uninvited to the White House. No national or not to go. Not to go political season. The fund just doing this to be contrary or not but I think around blows a bigger story come on. And here's why. Yes the champ roars when the championship but you're expected to win the championship they just gotten Durant it was almost expected. Garage below has. At least for right now turned around a franchise. But I think he can overstate. How this forty niners team was going no he. Nowhere here's Jimmy drop below. And boom just like that they're gonna look I don't know which John Lynch is gonna do this offseason with the draft and with free agency. There's going to be a lot of people picked them 49ers go to playoffs next year right now I can tell you that. And rightfully so but what what do you think there over under number of these for next year who. I was thinking seven and a half or eight and a half something like that. I know my job gets a little. While every. Every number. Scares you when it comes over under type numbers you know now I know now they they put the number. At the perfect place for reason and I I just think they drop below. I mean obviously the story is yet to be written about Jimmy garrote below but. This guy is the limit that's the thing. Let's say they wouldn't of gotten drop below and they would have found a way to get Kirk cousins. There's just no way you that the the good feeling would be. Like this good feeling. Rob Lowe's like these the fact that he was that he's an unknown relatively or that he hasn't played. I think that plays into this in a big way because. Nobody can claim to know they know what he is is a quarterback. Everybody likes the signs but a guy like Kirk cousins there's already. Don't you give me a pretty different here sharing. And can work with him or you know one that Kirk cousins doesn't have a high ceiling which is pretty good but he's never going to be better than pretty good with drop below. And in fairness we don't know what the ceiling is what the basement is for Barack below it's just wide open. Yeah no I think you're right I think you're right about that in it's really like the expectations have changed already in that. Now you're looking at next year allies. Thank you said this in the last segment here and the expectations that they're gonna win every game where I think the year or that they should win every gamer most games I I felt like. 49ers could have escaped this year. Where next year even push and 500 would have been a positive. Seven and nine he may he get around the air. And that would have been a positive but now would you be dropped below in the mix almost feels like they just 79 X yeah that's going to be decide appointment mean I think it will be. I think it would all skipped a year and a CNN dot. That's a little bit unfair no doubt because they've almost skipped a year they're rebuilding they're gonna have a year taken out of the middle of their rebuild. Just based on how he's looked for five games are right or games and the fifth one on Sunday. If we don't know says is to own nine. And why he's dropped below the biggest story that's. Kinda why did I think more egregious store I'm signal in the warriors I don't like I said I I don't know if I'm saying drop below to be a little bit of a contrarian here. When you win a championship that's normally the biggest story. Just a bigger story would've been a store or any championship that. Would have been the biggest story so that we can quibble back and forth the other thing I can pick up from. Good screw in a big stories in this I can't believe there's not some bigger in this. Evan Longoria. Really. Think like that's one of the bigger stories in tech I'm. I'm gonna separate I upon its losing 988 blessed bigger store hours split that out though and the kind of positive negative or not positive we're like had a good story beds or cause it to me there are some do support to meet the raiders collapse. Is the biggest. Negative story what what do you think is bigger than raiders collapse of the giants' collapse. Bigger so what's a bigger story that the giants don't get in the Bay Area forecasters they're bright they're shots. Hook up and they won championships are alike but as far as the biggest disappointment. It's got to be the raiders based on expectations. And you said you judge a year based on expect eight rise. The look at life that waited like I look at. I look at life is a new year what do you wanna get done this year in your life so some years it's like and you know he's just surviving the next year. Well it may be as you get older that's that comes a day I don't know but here's the thing. You don't you you evaluate you are well in my at a better spot that was disappoint you but it's the expectations. Right there and firm. The raiders it was sky's the limit they're not going to be a 500 Michael six and then. So that's the biggest disappointment like I think the giants thought they'd be competitive which you know a lot of people. Did see trouble brew I sought out the brain that's numbering and not your I mean use I say do you you and you gave me the classic like. I UBE you know why you look you you reactionary. Like because I want to do. I like to read the tea leaves and all times and you're right he can give you a little trouble sometimes. But I am ever tell you like. I was sick for five different times. In February march and even early April after they actually start playing gays in the giants could really stink this year. And I just remember get a lot of not a defined benefit the stuff you all we are here you are here when you talk about the giants they'll be fine. We're not fine you go to that well or year. Get the hang in and make a run. But I do that over and over east game lead in fairness sometimes you do take it to the extreme slight bit like the other day were at the arena and you declared. You declared the Cleveland Cavaliers frauds I believe I just well impostors I forget IC watch and I'm. I use ice don't want to watch them like I can't says they're not standing still I only played. Hard against other good teams I hate that. I hate that and the cavaliers basically don't play hard against everybody. And less there. The warriors and sixers the Celtics. Brock gates. Firstly. I I just I can't stand when a good team. And they are the most extreme case of it only plays hard. Against other good teams they play like dogs against every bad team. Drives me nuts NASA pet peeve of mine like the warriors. Like I give the warriors credit when the warriors play. Like they're cow and a half into it may be against some teams they still got one they still locked in in the third quarter they still walked in down the stretch. And they built least give yeah. Prior quarter dinner on the night like debt and win and I wanted to. Give yet nothing I want it does and when we get into debt. Tehran's role players just aren't that you did in the I think the warriors role players although only now that that's the other. Fun game I like to play. Why did a fun game I like the final watch and cash and I was doing this I don't think I shared this one with yet but I like to get the box score out take a Paramount. And like fast forward to cash if they play in June. And it was well this guy can't play for again this year it was all you guys can't play against the warriors. For the cavs in how many were there it was wade was on air Korver was bin on there we didn't play badly or Christmas played. What age could stay six and he stinks he's I don't think Dwyane Dwyane Wade's not me not gonna be a factor against the warriors in June he's just not I wouldn't go that far I'd say he might games just not Tristan Thompson's well I don't know what's going trip I can tell Jason's. Did. You say you're you wanna it was funny can you came down Biron on the post game show back Kevin Love you like the Kevin Love play well those are just thought he did. And maybe he didn't play as wells I thought he did I'm uncool giving you that's what we're having a conversation but can. All we don't you all know then pass the cavs roster with. Kevin Love played well down. I am a taunting JR Smith was in a coma that night well that's another guy afternoon I'd. I only can play quietly he might be done I mean he's been around for a while JR Smith and you don't want. I don't go around a little when I say he's just she only listens to see had a full fall off the course no one knows me and selective engagement. You just come up blue. Unease that this year I've never heard you use that I don't like that selective engagement I don't like teams with. Selective engagement. I'll raiders til Vegas obviously. One of the borrowed bad stories of the year at this I forgot about this when Dwight Clark. Dwight Clark is a big story from this year. Not necessarily a positive one or. We could change at a little pee start celebrate his life for me what a great. That was the moment that was the start out that wasn't the catch. It was it was the first signature play of the 49ers. Dynasty again is that that 81 NFC championship game in January. Of 1982. I told you this I think I actually remember war I was for that game. I wasn't even out here I was back east. Because I grow up outside of Philadelphia was an Eagles fan. I hated the cowboys so march. That you watched it yet how much did you gotta root against the cowboys. And I remember I was at dinner when my parents and and we saw an. Is the well I remember the catch I remember the soup made sack Fred dean. So I can occur I don't know who may be sacked well again I don't know why can't remember they move the ball well the few little bit after the Nikkei finished yet again. Jeff Green kiddie play him. No Jeff Green stakes. He can't play I'll tell you can't play and then again I want my Famer Isiah Thomas can play and that's series. So I mean I should hold out a little bit and I think Isiah Thomas because he's so competitive that is true I. Isiah Thomas wants to wants to be that's true so maybe that celeb like I think they're gonna lean on him and a lot of those games that they've lost. This year because they just haven't given a crap. So I. Again Isaiah Thomas is my favorite player but he'll help them and that respect. That's your point and that is a really good point yeah. And he's everybody all the time yet that I will give me then absolutely you know Alston played badly Jae Crowder didn't play badly against the warriors Christmas. Mile combined I think at fifteen which fifteenth a lock for the cavaliers Jae Crowder complaints weren't I think he can to. But you know what so what do we got Derrick Rose and other data can't. Bomb boy any ball our core is being sued Arthur hello and doesn't do enough. What about. Who else is there a bomb or get one guy forget and got caught up well and about all and he and and then. He came in and stuff. 8889575. Seminole triple late night finds what's and I heard today seminal what's the biggest story is it is it. The warriors who won the title. Burst Jimmy G. Or is it something else well I think some people can say theoretically it's the raiders moved to Vegas. Or how about the navy's ball park fallen through but I think it's to me it's you know me JD I'm upbeat. I'm as upbeat music comes hi I'm lol I got a drop below and or the war pushed. That's that's just what I and I acre rock below I think too and that's fair. Let's talk a disappointment have a bomb garner home gardeners. Motorcycle injury or motorbike injury really. Abetted the giants bad season amid doubts. That killed it if it wasn't going to be killed already yet it probably was going to be killing myself. I think so the folks. By the way our guys is that Vince Carter. Drop those 24 points on Jeff Greene yeah. Yeah I remember you asked that yesterday said well somebody said how this car scorer point four points to get point four against. Cavs leave Wednesday nights at a game after they play the warriors here how does that happen a terrible defense but he had was. Our Jeff Green not find it is man. I do agree sometimes it's it's crusher like they're games that you can seek common. And the cavs just. They just admit I think it's a function solely of LeBron James. Because. So much is about how LeBron James. Is feeling come playoff time or. It's all about him being healthy come playoff time that. He engaged the regular season so well and he knows what he needs to do so well but he brings the team either down or up with him. So for example. The team can tell. When LeBron like I didn't think LeBron. It was a full force on Christmas I don't think he was offensively aggressive at all he was he. Still much is what I thought well when is actively change. Well because I don't think it is an I don't know that I will own fair price it might not aware. Cast can be a real threat to the warriors I guess I I I in looking wanna see Isiah Thomas played I came out and I came Monday think in the there's a greater gap. I didn't I didn't know I'm just curious real quick like why would you say that because. Yeah or here's what it was tough and with a minute I have to go to games behind what I parry. Well what I'll say yeah limits on the no even those that's not a zero sum game we don't know that now. God is that's right Marion Thomas is not as course curry the better player that's not what your kids Curry's a better player and it's the warriors are gonna play better to a man. With curry on the flow are getting give you that end. Why I'm not gonna give you that tomorrow and I'll tell you why again it's got nothing to do with Thomas better than Curry's not better than Kurt we topics you'll get hints here. A blow for Thomas to be better than anybody. Thomas is gonna get here is. But he's not gonna make everybody else better. And he's gonna make LeBron James Thomas is easier to defend late in the gaming carrier there's no there's I in the ring or are you show that because the war as a head games. Where they'd let Thomas go for thirty and three quarters and you get nothing in the fourth movie or he'll get nothing in the final six minutes. I hear you but. I think look I think I say Tom's gonna make LeBron better. And the reason I say like the other thing is we don't we have no clue how. The cavaliers are gonna play with Isiah Thomas they might be. They might be better. Not just because of Isiah Thomas speech but because they got Crowder tool and may be Dwyane Wade plays well they've my god in the tax line says. Dwyane Wade not playing badly for Suffolk I think. I don't think wage there's a difference between not playing badly and can you be a factor against the war. So I think that you didn't weren't here and there to meet. I played ten here and there. You know I think I like for exam I'm here you talked talked plenty about if you go back two years to have. Cavs winning game seven. No it was a factor in that game JR Smith he was you why in that game they Lou why was he factors that came didn't hit 53 something like that and while that. 08 wolf you have to allow for that possibility. And that's what I mean yeah and one game that's so and Dwyane Wade might help you were two games. Okay I'm you know when I want to pick it that's not six. And you need. So you need baby way they need LeBron hit four threes they need way they had three or four threes they need corporate hit three or 43 that's how they will end. They don't do over the water rice why can't they do that they're awesome they're worried they don't want. Are there no get hit three years and donated one game interleague series one Gailey did in the series usually go one game. Last year last year he doesn't seventeen. They did in one game they did it actually in two games but they lost one of the games they dated and like doesn't get his thing and they they actually played pretty well game three their loss today and I and I think that's what allowed continue to play well loosen the warriors which. You there. I just think your I think you're right I'm off I'm not saying the cattle my grandma's finally they can beat the warriors. I'm not going that far Annie and I think they are farther away from being able to beat the warriors than they were. June 12 there are totally disagree with you that's my that's what I'm saying I completely disagree or from last year talk Wetteland sixteen now. Let's talk about last year dead that they have a chance last year. Cleveland right. I think have a better chance this year you know why he's because I think I think. I think without anything happening at all. Just the way life close the gap is closing with the warriors no matter what happens the gap is gonna close to bumping get any bigger. And also I just think that's what I think that's what happens the style of basketball is changing. The warriors are ahead of it. And now everybody's gonna just slowly catch up. What how long's it gonna take that I can't answer that I don't know. You know I do Welch I watch games like I it can now watch him and the context of OK who's really gonna challenge warriors you know I did last night. I was watching and the rockets and the Celtics. You know yup I thought is this you're gonna you can that you probably gonna hate this but it's funny. I look at the rockets and I can you know why if the rockets drop LeBron James. Right on the roster they already have don't take anybody away and then let's say like a reason up. Then that team could contend with the warriors the Celtics. You take LeBron James you dropped him on that team that Apollo command claims carrier could probably wouldn't happen right now but you dropped him on that team. That team could probably compete. Well the warriors. These teams are a player away. I have just don't the cavs don't have the other pieces sit cavs have LeBron. But they don't have. They don't have the length and a flood of Susan and shooting that the rockets and the Celtics have. But those other two teams don't have LeBron so he added up and they don't it's it's all these players that wanna win championships and compete with the warriors. Will some of the need to figure out their their wives and their contract to their timing and many did. It together on the right team at the right time to try and do it whether it's greed or reports I mean are you know. Selfishness or whatever they haven't if they really wanted to do it would have been done by now nobody's been able to do it yet the warriors. Have four got. Yes I teams take it three all I'm saying may also listen I'm not nailed the cleanly gavel on an attack not roll the cavaliers out. And I. And one of the reasons is because I think there's also a chick you know it's the time January 1 yeah the finals for six months away may nor did his sixth. Once more broken down. Then they are right now. I do think there's no I there's a fatigue that comes with these long runs. And have to allow for less than. What what are the odds you would have to give me to take the cavaliers in a bad. I mean that's a good question. Why do one. Probably not now you meet UB eight to one I'll take the cavaliers so I'm not saying it's offensive calling for the I just I. To allow for the possibility. That. Cleveland to beat the warriors in the series you know why I have to. Because if I don't. Help appoint a lot channel six months. I mean it's not a matter of not liking the warriors it's I want competition. I want them to be challenged not that I'm not that they know as I wanted to necessarily lose I want to be chalice and I'll I think the cavs could challenge him. If if things go. I think it be great if any team challenged them legitimately. A mini series Oklahoma City series two years ago. Ended series with the warriors in the cavs two years ago was really good I actually thought the only games in Cleveland. In game three game four last year were really good games but it's the warriors are gonna win the one of home and they're gonna run the cavs out of the building down the stretch the other three games and our goal as they did well they can be a short series. Are gonna talk all about this with Marc spears of the athletic coming right up. Now back in 957. T Boone. MS Simons John Dickinson 957 the game thanks for joining us. Best. Joining us from the undefeated. He works free SPN's the undefeated marks Biersch mark thanks for joining us that's seriously that's my best. But cover your eyes 48 I just did just uses a clumsy awkward beginning of the segment global rally it would be much clogs your market I didn't know each other and it would no doubt there. But I apologize mark what do thank you James Harden last night getting those calls are. While crime scene Marcus marred. And let them make it looks Smart dog and mark mark may and may even close. Means but it looked like James Harden blue today. And that's that's a tough while ago and have been really tough for them ever since Chris Paul went down in their. There's nine days and how much different Chris Paul make sure that things are our whole group called the plays next. Thursday when orders from the town on our blood speed that I don't really count the first lawyers saying that he's. Spring night in a lot going on bird. I really like defeated warriors would postpone it because. Yeah does bring a different. Always a different. You know of maturity to that squad not like the thank you Chris Paul plan that would after. Marco we were thrown this around about the game on Christmas and between the warriors in the cavs on preset. In watch in the cabs and I'm I'm put Isaiah Thomas coming back in there as well. I feel like the gap has been extended. If you look at a potential. Four failed to meet for a fourth straight year I know the teams are different but I I feel like the cavs have less go on form than they did even a year ago what do you what do you think about it. You know it is really hard sell because. I'm hole I don't know and nobody you know I'd they have going to be announced and I I'd assume they'll be back in the next week or so. But there's no training camp he's been hurt and it also doubt that the barring Schindler. So. David did end. I'm nick I think LeBron and a lot of guys are gonna have to do. Really almost abducted him more than more than they had gotten better keep in mind. In our that is going to be a free agent so. You're gonna do everything in his power to gain is. This so that he has built by an all star in this league although at this point probably in the all star game. Mom. Didn't prohibit this income may have. I don't know how big of a bad thing that they get a good thing but they get the thing that's gonna take awhile and are trying to integrate him. Might put so that team in the beltway for a little bit slow. Up another game peers as speaker they're playing -- I believe in mid January. I think harm's way and yeah. Now. Yeah and and by van I think people really get an idea of whether I'd say it take until the next level or. Manage it's going to be hard for those guys decode digital data collection Suharto. Well and how tricky think it will be Kazaa I kind of view it this way you of the cavs have been really struggled. Against weaker opponents they've struggled didn't look like they care. They've lost a lot of games to bad teams but then against the good teams they've come and blocked the and they played well and actually run a lot of those games to be Isaiah helps you in those games against the bad teams is he did he is. And you'll need that punch. But it becomes tricky because you're also trying to figure out how to win or them. Against the good teams at the same time it's almost like Evan two different teams on a given night. We and you know I think what you are talking about goes up blue. Don't even know that I'd say it can get away from the cocoon that bored with the process. Or you're in the Eastern Conference there at the bridge. Margin for error so. I think Cleveland like road we're going to be one or two there's nobody really pushing toward and we believe it. No matter where we could beat any team in the Eastern Conference anyway regardless the word games played. Saw how I just wonder you know sought to warrior mother import process until they're gonna hurt I really feel like. Like. Like Cleveland has its own. But yet you know put your point perhaps there are T give them a boost. That they need. I can see them be and excited to play well don't. Yeah I just wonder sometimes I wonder if you're two blood that from a course standpoint. Where you think the spurs creative now watch their game last night against the next I know coli Leonard didn't play. You never wanna count them out too soon I. I don't see it with them I think I think they're just a little too all they're they're too many key players two to merit to them one more left Cinemark. There are koala at all alone which Arum. He takes third there came a Major League scored. You need we are have to admit when they play that war warriors the next game Warren. And awaited spurs look. The way to warriors murderer that nervousness there for the warriors right is that fair. Then obviously record our Burton Tony we're guarding her own so to me he David. You know he'd like OP want to know be many goalie hope. Fifth. Even if he's playing in a utopian involvement they got to start to view is that good you know what I have brought about. Perhaps the rivalry or. Who wouldn't get up to play against the anybody can consider his position at Kevin Durant and quad manner. And that that's huge respect for both spoke. If we wanna know dispersed can be just let's figure out what acquired plan and our and so far Manny. He's been struggling actor couldn't so much time off. Yeah let me ask you this to finish out market coming up to the end of 2017. What's the one thing you would do. To the NBA to improve the game. And that's one thing I would do. Our own. You know what I argued it doesn't stop. Prior to the rest. You know. I don't think that a lot of people realize it out so hard that job it is. I remember political colors reverend. But basketball term at one of my teammate been put to bed have been one of the participants can permanent chair and took off running and yes it's it's hard enough you know I've done it story word you follow arrests. And you see. What they go through. Amid today's red carpet ten times worse than a yes so you watch instant replay you slowed down the game is not played that way. You got a two minute reports he got everybody liked watching anything they do not insane. And that they did some category that word well. You got too many resident showboat and then in our collective called third strike on a charge in dividend actually open that are needed so I would words. He won't you wanna really see how tough it is a ref I mean how good they got it would direct go watch college go outside school. They've they've got their trust in the world I think even what the frustration. Just let it go you know. They market. Happy new year my man thanks for joining us and best wishes for 2000 and some are almost an hour and a half. Hello hello how long you think you know hit me with this six months are not doctor Barbara I know your red ball mark thanks so much. We're joined this Marc spears. Of ESPN's. The undefeated at. My dad. Happenstance. Damn I'm giving yards. I like giving marked. Did you like you saw you knew why don't you jump then oh well I did that he was already talking and I just won the URE top I didn't wanna I fi I knew he would. He'd make it. You make the right apparently I have something in common with. With Jack Del Rio. I'm obsessed diamonds you have great basketball history but you just don't have an eye for today's talent. The warriors are way ahead of any team right now. Some kind of stuck in the past according to a 51 now and he said also I've looked out the most important part great points to eight. The young players no way we're doing JR and on tax line there's no way eight. We'll tell you don't have this box score book had always go for five Izzo for five. JR Smith. The other thing we haven't talked about and we'll minutes we can just. To your point I'm gonna agree with you hear about no shot. Shark Jose call the only. Again that's his time. Well now I know let's talk as the kids say he's watched part of who again. His part for moral that would be Isiah Thomas and Derrick Rose right for them for for oral cholera when he me play this certain their third string point guard. In essence. No you weren't so maybe that's to your puppy. It'll look a little better. And we don't know what does this chick can give him there. By the way mark spears could job explaining how tough officiating is. I want to officiated a warriors world. Basketball on the lip that had to be it was the war rushed to the mode was the worst bunch of guys I simply playing away. Think they can call 800 people you have to EJ RY I quit like direct the game and a half I walked out I citizen ridiculous. Our guys didn't to Fraser called guys. This is. Doing that too and I we come back we're gonna wrap up 2017. That's Imus John Dickinson 95 cent in the game. Bond and. But no. Now back. In 957. Big game. That's unmatched John Dickinson 957. Game hey come watch the raiders gets the LA chargers New Year's. 42 sports lounge in Walnut Creek party begins with a special live broadcast the raiders' opening drive that starts at 11 o'clock what Bill Romanowski Chris Townsend. Check out the brand new NFL floating through menu at fort blew 42 sports Landry in downtown Walnut Creek. Boy that's offseason Kevin Durant. Came the war leadership. And he didn't really change the balance of power but. He established. A balance of power. Where the warriors were the top teams in the warriors were reestablished essentially right because I think they were primed for a decline. Off of losing the 2016 finals I do not think the warriors would have won the title last year with out Kevin Durant I agree with you. I don't think they would likely would have beaten them. I agree with you and I think you could make you case if he'd stayed in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City at that point. Who could have been MI warriors they lie almost beat them in prestige so that would have been another year of Billie Dunn a man in. You know what they would have bad obviously try and add players as well. It would have been a heck of a door to have the final couple rounds of the playoffs. Yeah a zone so what I'm I'm getting out of if that's the warriors have this big gap it doesn't matter how big it is there's a gap between the wars and the rest who leaked. LeBron James is the one player who's a free agent at the end of this season. Could it. Impact the warriors and the balance of power in the NBA so you're saying he's coming to the warriors on a minimum deal. No I don't think he would do that place senator I don't think he would do that outlook that death lineup. Curry Thompson. Walter ran a dream on green LeBron James. Come. It could be any all star team he can take that he could take the taxpayer mid level that they take Nick Young next year five point three million are you cannot and Nick Young Scot come back nick young's cornerstone. Anyway what is Roy. This is kind aware you know I guess people are saying don't rants better than LeBron. As the torch being passed. And I'm not ready to go that far hey here's what I here's what I say about. About the rant and and LeBron if you put LeBron James on the Golden State war she instead of Durant. There and I mean the wedding it they are absolutely positively winning. Now you put Iran on Cleveland. Take LeBron off their team I think Cleveland's works. And Cleveland's abortion. So that's one way that I that's one reason I think LeBron sweetened LeBron better if LeBron interchange with Kevin Durant. I think the awards will be even better. I don't know I don't wanna get into that game. Well let's I wanna get in that game or not I'll get into the game of if you're LeBron James and you. Want to win another title or two where are you going if you're not going to the warriors. That's the big question that's that's the only thing the warriors have to concern themselves with where LeBron James is going to maybe bogey cousins is at ten I listened. The the only way. You're gonna beat the warriors is by putting together another super team well here and loan. Ronnie and bogeyed cousins once with Chris Paul Paul and James Harden that would be that that would be that you think it be Iraq. No that would be another and Eliot he's four guys got you got creativity Ed media think about it. Now look at that would also be completely different rockets team. It would also be completely different rockets seemed it would probably they'd have to play completely different way. LeBron what are you ever think you're going to disperse. Eighty. That would be an upset to me I can see that suited the the place I could seal hunt going where they. Might be able to beat the warriors is Boston but he's not go to Boston because a loan because the Cairo. All the other thing he started to think about when you throw this around is the place is LeBron can go. Are not really places you wanna be just in terms of them look I know he's from. Akron and northeast Ohio includes a Cleveland Cleveland gets a pass because he's from there right by. You really wanna go to Houston. You really. I want you really declare a few stand. You at shady they do well at Houston Miami and they've been able to sign point before but it's like it's really wanna go there like that's the one. Wolf. He's that's the thing everybody says oh LeBron may go to a lakers and I said why. I need. I don't think he's ready to give up a year to give to people soy acres. He's giving up on a title there Miller go to San Antonio own. Wanna go to Oklahoma City we go to Oklahoma City Iran and obviously they they'd have to clear and I'm here and I hear you. I think he's got a I think he's got to go. I don't know he's got to go. Unless they free hundreds of millions and read and see who gets closer. But that's CO thing you'd think it could be in play. Agents say he had. Stay for one more year won't be signed another one user base for one year they get rid of Isiah Thomas they use Brooklyn's draft pick to draft this said that the that pick won't help him immediately the problem is he got a win now if he sticks. I know maybe I do sign Isaiah Tom looked as it now says he played a game so I wouldn't wanna or maybe trade that. Pick if you can get some kind of veteran player you can help you win right away. Yes I just don't. And that's why like Daryl Morey because he's looking at the warriors and saying look we gotta beat them period. Period not so he's not saying you know water two years down the line might be easier one or two years that no he's he's old fort right now. So who can beat the warriors right now with one move forward water to move this. You can't revamp. In a year and get there in fact that's why I don't think Cleveland. That's one of the reason they Cleveland. Did hurt themselves that's nominee say it's one of the reasons tight re really did hurt Cleveland. It's because Isaiah Thomas is gonna have now four months to figure it out. And then they're gonna play the warriors. May be in the finals a team that's now been playing together for the second consecutive year they've got two years under the belt. So. I mean that's that's big to me that's big that's why. Barring something crazy I don't see Cleveland beat the warriors. Bought. I don't know I mean I just don't know. Studied outline that you just read off gave me chills well I think JD read it all hot. Tunnel almost want curry Thompson Durant LeBron and dream on green. Yeah what. Would you play. You wanna play the front finally on the floor be LeBron before it doesn't matter 248 says LeBron at the sixers they be in the finals. I see I think they're a little early to I think they're 23 years down the road. What about Boston he's not go to Boston because hi res their Minnesota. I don't see him there but it's not miss so sort of get together by the way. The SARS started figured out defensively offensively and it blew hugely to Milwaukee last night so they can you know. I thought they came back in this one again now Minnesota loss. Jimmy who went to Jimmy Butler with a big shot at an attitude isn't. Couple nights ago an eight day yes no Minnesota had a big lead in Milwaukee Milwaukee came back and beat them. They ground let's try to run the same thing happened to another team Diaz is who else blueberry Philadelphia ninety exactly right and the rockets blew big rock who won on the rockets to a big lead 26 in Boston and Philadelphia had a huge lead in Portland. And Portland ran down ballot outlook alert went out Willard. Now. LeBron report. First I think if you if you put co YE. LeBron and LaMarcus Aldridge together that's that I ain't bad. That ain't bad at all. Now I wouldn't go to New Orleans with New Orleans gonna do with bogeys. Well I think they're gonna try and re suck and hump. It's crazy is that now because they're in the playoff mix they're 500 don't they're better than expected the other teams that I think could have been playoff teams instead and then stained. So they got to go for the eighth seed. At this point manicure I JD that's gonna do it may not fun show. And you would really a New Year's Eve plans yet three seconds and tell me we're trying to get to the next two days first yeah you're right you're all right Michael Rubin is next. They'll have Omar Vizquel on thanks for listen everybody happiness.