Mid-Days - Hour 1

Steinmetz and Guru
Friday, December 29th

Steiny and JD discuss Pachulia vs McGee, 49ers/Rams ... and we play "Who is better than Jack Del Rio?" with all the other coaches in the league. 


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Constantly used in downtown San Francisco yeah. These these 957. Here we go. Stein mets' John Dickinson 9570. Did. Another beautiful day in the bay and sons now. 2017. Wrapping up it. 2018. Around the corner. So good this the last show of the year JD. Regular show ten to twelve that's the last Monday through Friday show and your new guide that shows galore and now I know will be over the course of the weekend will be out warriors warmup tonight getting you ready for the Charlotte. Hornet's against the warriors and tomorrow the warriors play the grizzlies will be NBA this week in the morning we'll have more usual warm up rabble so to big -- the warriors basketball coming up and then we head of the new year it is this the first acceptable day to say happy new year yes yes it is because the last school work day yes. Yes OK all I gotta tell you coming into the city these days has been just. Wonderful I've noticed you've been actually taken the train yeah all take in Bahrain but the one thing I've noticed is that probably could. Notoriety now I guess I got my parking spot all week right out on the street right out in front. Like this Saturday yeah you can't you can't pulled the meter until nine but I'll just sit there in my car for about 847 to about nine. Listen to the morning show. Figure out what I don't wanna talk about after hearing their show and then I'm just give the OS is a shot at Tony because he gave me a challenge when we came in. AJD you my parents. Our English teacher yeah did you know that I did know that until sometimes they take things more literally than other people take things and yesterday you you said something about Jack Del Rio. And he just got me thinking. About Del Rio about Shanahan about when the niners are donuts Sadr tell how good coach. Del Rio is he's half right in the middle. If fifteen maybe upper half a it may fourteen maybe eighteen and I eat at the time Sid yeah look yeah that's probably true. I don't think it's true. And so now trying to figure out we got a young coach. In Kyle Shanahan first year we've got Jack del really its twelfth season which is. Boy there are a lot coaches have more years under their belt right now. Then Del Rio Belichick's obviously want. But probably count on one hand it. And so I remember before the season. JD. I said at the start of the season I'd much rather have Kyle Shanahan as a coach in Jack Del Rio. That's him before Kyle Shanahan coached a game and my my simple reasoning was. Chad has got a bigger upside. I think we know Jack Del Rio is we don't know Kyle Shanahan is and I'd rather take a shot at Kyle Shanahan. Even know what he could be more maybe he could he could be I'd Lane Kiffin none of that lately Dennis Allen maybe can be Dennis Allen. No knowing that could even happen I would still taken Kyle Shanahan over Jack Del Rio plus I think I would of agreed with you. In that statement. Just based on the fact that Kyle Shanahan as an offensive mind in an offensive. NFL landscape. Today I mean you look at the guys that they've just got jobs we Doug Peterson. You look at it. McVeigh in LA you look at Shanahan it's a quarterback. It's a quarterback guru Lee gets an offensive minded league and I think. Teams are trying to find the quarterback and head coach they can roll with their quarterback that's the quickest way to get better and not. And not just go from bad to good but go from good do. Competing for championships and competing for super ball so I agreed with the I'm not one but now you look at it after the year. And it's a no brainer that you take out Shanahan. It's almost like you to every team is trying to find their Popovich Duncan. You get the coach who can or Belichick Brady obviously or maybe McCarthy Rogers. Peyton Greece. It almost seems like that's the goal where that should be the goal of every franchise won't release. Darrell Russell Lowell I mean it's a driver style quarterback and you bite. And care more for defense of guy telecheck would Brady's Belichick's morbid defensive guy all he knows everything about everything about football all phases. But so much of it is find and that god it's gonna help your quarterback did to the next level. You know I love the play caddie games trivia games lit us shore. So I did some research on on your Del Rio and what I found my Dell Rio del real assessment. And what I found is that the which you were say in terms of maybe upper half of the middle maybe around thirteen or fourteen. That's actually why put Shanahan. As a coach about third finish. Nor put Del Rio. 25. I put about twenty fond fussy I want you all love remain okay we'll make do this is the fun game I haven't 889579570. Feel free to jumpin. So what we'll do here's just throw some names that you and you say either. Shanahan batter or you know with words you rank among low. Love doing this stuff checked. And it and these are no particular order they just they might indeed they're not alphabetical vote and I really some of these coaches aren't going to be around next year but. One at a factory and MI SS on our ballot can't they take it the question is all lying like anybody can Bruce area and also with Sarah and her. Syrian I would take Shanahan over variants. Based on the fact variance is going to be around next year and Shanahan is younger and there's an upside there so I would take Shanahan almost as a younger. Up and coming Bruce area it's. In a way I get she I would take areas over Del Rio based on variance track record and how he's been able to. Apply we've already said we both take Shanahan over Del Rio so. There's your ratsiraka. I think scary incident they Shanahan close. But I would give the edge to carry ins because I would. I'm Jim the edge of the track record also think Gary and CEO he he actually does deserve some of the this kind of fall apart and they they're window closed fast. And I think Gary says some to do with that. And remember he keep came in there. Talking about Super Bowl Abbas to remember there's that audio clip I think the first day training camp on one thing to say oh here they don't remember that it was like everything we do is going to be about the Super Bowl. And the reality was there window can already closed. And I think he accelerated their window closing so he's kept and he gathered where they haven't turned into a joke. But I also think he deserves may be some of the blame for. Why it's. Gone down as quickly as it has and why he's. Now gonna be out although he's had some health issues to you. Got your partner. The end Quinn. But Danny Quinn I take Dan Quinn over and over Del Rio and Shanahan. John Harbaugh. Yeah I'd take the are involved both guys Ron Rivera. I Ron Rivera is actually pretty similar to Jack Del Rio tell at this point and I'd I'd put but I'd put him. So that's a tricky one. I don't think I want Jack. Dominguez super exactly so why all of the apple I think twelve win season right up so bad he's better than Del Rio right off the bat he's been a super ball stopped. Is better coach. That's the way I would look at thank you almost have to put Rivera had a bowl status at this stage OPEC. I'm Mike McCarthy. Those guys Del Rio. All right that's five I think I think Mike McCarthy's a pretty good head coach but again even there there's. You were talking about it before the show that the Packers for your Rodgers to only have one Super Bowl. In his career it's kind of it's almost amazing when you think about how Aaron Rodgers is talk about why he's talked about as a quarterback that you think is 15 sue writes. True but so something and I will Rogers and McCarthy always haven't had the best relationship but they've always. But able to stick it out. And work with each other but yeah I I would put McCarthy. I'd put McCarthy had to Del Rio he's mean they made the playoffs every year since 2009. So yeah he he's put amenable Andy Reid. Yeah eighty reads no brainer to me. Sean McVeigh. Sean McVeigh is right there I think we Shanahan and tell him ahead as Shanahan. I think you've just because he's had that one year of actual success next year for Shanahan. Will be worry you judge how he is anything comparison amid you're down cornerback. They'll be yell on the second your return but yeah I think all of those guys are in them actually make Mae and Shanahan and Del Rio are all kind of in the middle. But you've acknowledged rather Shanahan again he loves that clearly Iran is maybe my middle is dipping a little bit farther. Out and gays. I'd take till real Adam day he's made he's made the playoffs in his first year and I I'd still take Del Rio I know when there's something going on there. When Miami got eight Soledad and gays I mean I'd. I'm not I don't I don't he's he is that quarterback guru kind of got offensive mind but I think del Rio's done more in his career. That's fair Mike Zimmer. Nice simmer no doubt in my examiner simmer for sure spell check we won't even have to Peyton. Yet champagne for Sherman hello my guys Philly Peterson Peterson there's a world of twelve by the way he's Del Rio arsons accountable for up to about eight okay well I'm. I Mike Tomlin. Yes Tomlin chair. I'm way more similar Del Rio letting people think you know I agree he had more of them he's more of and we're playing football like man named. And grind it out in not a lot else is and knows there Pete Carroll yet Pete Carroll's yeah great coach Jay gruden. I think J. Crew and probably take Jay gruden over bowl oh really well yeah okay. Yeah I'd actually you know it's funny you'd think you'd think I'm crazy not to look at this the ball Linda they were talking about the Washington Redskins coach Washington Redskins this year. They've they would pretty buttoned up well coached looking team for a good portion the year I actually was impressed with. How they want about their business even though they were always winning games. John Fox. Which is suitable. Super Bowl did I think Jerry than Delray that's a CI and boy I don't know. Yeah I don't know about that well. Who's got a better track record and I guess John Fox does but I think John Fox is one of those guys that's. On the downturn. Similarly to Del Rio just based on the fact that he's a good defense if guy a and in an offensive morally yeah I see that he's he really that got like if you really the guy you want to be your head coach when you have a young franchise quarterback that you try to develop its satellite right Jeff Fisher. Was the head coach. Of the rams last year and Jared golf looked like he was completely lost write a point of people start to think could be a bust. So I think it's kind of like Del Rio and Derek hey you can make dad I think you could make a similar statement about the real car. Marvin Lewis. And a track record speaks that he's got to the ball but he'd rather I mean. Here's the question I have. Marvin Lewis has gotten the bad angles to the playoffs seven times in fifteen years now he's always seven in the playoffs. Tell me. I would rather be. Seven of fifteen years in the playoffs always seventh then Jack Del Rio three post season appearances. In twelve years. And only won one playoff game yeah I'd I would rather have I would rather get to the playoffs. Every other year I would want out of every four as you put awards show. Not concerned seventeenth Jim Caldwell. Could please bring into real yeah I need six huge impact. Did not get that shady. There's not a coach in the league right now. Who's coached for more years then Del Rio and make the playoffs fewer of those years g.s three of twelfth he makes upon us once every four years shall. That's stinks when you compare to other coach bill O'Brien. Bill O'Brien I'm taken bill O'Brien put a bill O'Brien Shanahan. Shanahan again put forward. Shin and moving forward. But some of the Bill Lawrence and other guy or sums and miss and always feels like trying to get this next job he just seems a little easily to me. Does it just seems like something's not something's not right there Anthony Lynn. I take Hillary over Anthony one I'd yeah I went to the Mike McCoy Anthony Lynn kind of combo Del Rio. I dug her own. I know they're pretty similar. And I are pretty soon yacht. I'm gonna say Del Rio I'm not convinced that I don't look at how undisciplined. At team is as I've seen him play a few times lately Jacksonville. And I'm not sure. There is also never wanted to entire he'll never won the division title Doug morrow just did. I just didn't he just did which Jacksonville Hugh Jackson. Oh by the way I'm taking I'm taking Shanahan over O'Brien. Lynn. And Maroney. And numero. Yeah well I don't I just a guy. I'd take Shanahan over hue Jackson had take Hillary over he Jackson I'd take O'Donnell over bulls T I'm taking hue Jackson I'm taken Shanahan. Just a little over hue Jackson but Hugh Jackson over Del Rio because I think hue Jackson at least has that opportunity. If he finds a quarterback for example they were traded for Barack apple Cleveland they were found a way to get him there's no telling that drop oil couldn't may be done with Cleveland what he's done with the 49. I feel for you Jackson in this sense because I think he's a terrific offensive coach and he's a terrific coordinator but look at hue Jackson's head coaching career. He gets hired by Al Davis what Al Davis is still alive. Al Davis passes away he winds up in the transition. Of that. What the raiders that the greatest transition for them maybe in history of the franchise because Al Davis was the franchise. And then he winds up with a click on sports towns who are just. As you know. Can't find a franchise and in greater disarray right. And Cleveland Browns it these are hard data evaluate. When you look at and in the context of that what is it about Sean McDermott. He's okay. He's OK I'd probably put in did you know defense a guy in their defense has been pretty good it's I mean I think I'd still take Del Rio channel for both. As usual I would take Del Rio Shanahan Shanahan and Del Rio all I know a few more I got a few more I'd take. Right dumb I. I immortal bellhop. Why do you have okay Dirk cutter how many gum and say I'd take till Rihanna as I say Mack adieu I'll take don't realize this when Jason Garrett. I think that's Jason Garrett in Del Rio are similar yes I think they narrative. I think Todd Bowles might Malarkey Vance Joseph for some other names that I would say. I'll take Del Rio over but I think I know what they know what this points out to me if you're right about that this is the it felt going through with the NBA's going through that bit about three pointers are spread the floor it's about. Scoring and have a multiple. People be able to contribute careful about. Play chess on offense instead of the instead of checkers it's executing its site its precision almost science yet creativity it's not. About organist smash in the mouth right in and be the biggest men on the block. It's not about that not much anymore then maybe he'll come back to that. Maybe come back to that but it. The starting point knows Hoosier quarterback. How do you get rid of the ball how do you protect you quarterbacks and an eagle put points on the board. Here's the other thing. How much to see the simple acquisition. Of garage below. Elevate. Kyle Shanahan in people's mind as a coach. For example he won one game grapple comes now he's put together four wins in a row allow almost had yourself Shanahan is a good coach she's got quarterback. What was Shanahan not a great coach before. I arranged these same code. Why I think we I think she in his demeanor is also a big part of this like I don't think we have a real good frame of reference on Shanahan as far as how easy game manager. Just because most of the day like I think he began the here. Trying to set the tone of fourteen that nobody thinks is going to be and it. So we're gonna take risks and go for fourth as a Brit couple that first game of the year against the Panthers were to meet heat coach like a team that had zero expectations right. We're a go for it way and it kind of bit them. And I think he played a little bit more conservative leader for a few weeks. Because maybe the first he says I felt like he was feeling himself out as a coach. As to what he wants to do I don't think there's a lot of game management and Ricky can feel low here we're gonna punt we're gonna go for this fourth down the salary and take our timeouts. I think we have almost zero frame of reference for Shanahan on that. Next year will won't get an idea of what kind of a coach he is it in that realm. So but I think as far as his demeanor. On the sideline his demeanor. With the media his demeanor when you observe how he interacts with the team I think all of that is. Positive positive positive. And I think you also to look at so far your remark noted so I think he gets the benefit of the doubt there. How is he is a white collar well I think you can make a case even early in the year when you look at a lawyer and that third that he was calling some pretty good play is that. Look at what's open and what's not being. Executed and why like why it it is it because of a drop this because somebody can't make a throw it if you can see a plate it's opened. Yet there's a drop forecast rower you can see that well that's paid coach Adam in the right. Position I think you could see a lot of that was Shanahan even though the execution was so poor at times. That he knew what you knew we had the right idea on that you put Jimmy drop below in the air you're like okay this is how it really would look what I. Company to really good quarterbacks I think already UC. Initiative pretty good and maybe he was even better than you thought he was when some grass is we're getting dropped the timing was off for quarterback wouldn't get rid of the ball. Drop blows me Shanahan looked pretty dead. I'm really interested to see how I expect tape because my art. I'm a firm believer in that expectations. Are what define the season. The 49ers had no expectations this year they're season's gonna go down as a success. Because I Jimmie go crop below the the raiders. There she's gonna go down as a failure because they were expected to the very least make the. Why else. Absolutely and you and look at the the disappointments are going to be and there's going to be many for the raiders on their side of it right but it's both Del Rio right is that you question and add to the point is 5050 to return and their car. Derek Karr regressed they're covered grass because he's hurt. Dare covered grass because you have confidence in his offensive line did their car regressed because the head coach wanted to make a change. At the offensive coordinator position. Either way you look at it those two are the are the issue you look at the forty underside of it. You'll love what you guys Shanahan and you'll like what you got drop below and wanna see more. Well now you so's that and now you're also say there's a place for mark he's good wood on this story and if you don't want maybe maybe Carlos Hyde does fit. Maybe we should bring Eric Reid back. It's. That's kind of the way it's gonna you're right I mean who on them and what I said it was a best player for the raiders this year you said without a doubt Coolio match. Well 49ers. Forty niners. Didn't drop below it there is bigger defense better. It is true that more competent look at grapple starts put points on the jacks and all of a sudden. Late corals is in a shootout what happens and Blake portals got to win a shoot out starts don't pick six is. I did it changes the game I mean that's good points changes the game see you had the jags completely out of their element where they wanna run the ball and they wanna punch in the mouth. And they're gonna be the aggressor while the 49ers played a team from a position of advantage. For the entire first half. The jags were playing catch up Nellie did catch up but then the 49ers had an answer and then play Portland showed that he couldn't he couldn't play. Full sixty minute game at a high level. Mostly worried are you gonna finish up the year with the Charlotte hornets tonight and they got the Memphis Grizzlies tomorrow is curry and then scurry out we'll talk about it after this. In 957. Big game. Jerry read one of the best songs my journey my best song hit turned bad. Less time as John Dickinson. 2017. Come under close. Here's go fast now that you're a little older boy you're telling me. 2000 remember when you were growing up and heard the year 2000 even your like that so far often some would say 20/20 to be like yeah I'm on the factor in points when it but I always tell young people this JD. When you're young you think somebody lets say fifty years old it's like look out it's over they mail they ask that's got to be grip. Still 550 yet. That's good now let's close kids life can get a little more fun believe it or not good and out there guys to think the only got more depressed she got how many GQ tell me that for the next fifteen years the good news is. You didn't do a better mood over the course of your life so that's why I think it's good to have friends that are a little older like I like. It is dead just dead. He used to you watch him you you're all right they they give him he'd hoped I died then that's what I'd like to. Consider myself an eternal beacon of hope for people. We can hope. The warriors. Put so what was a record exactly that occurred 111. Some light right it doesn't like it doesn't matter they're good without curry and their prop the plane went down tonight against the Charlotte hornets. Interesting they're ruled him out already tonight. I figured they'd maybe. And I'll leave it hanging just a little bit because of twists and if if if he plays tomorrow which there's rumbling she will why would you just play tonight and then not play him tomorrow when they gets the play and people in Charlotte concede imply. I think you wanna always. Give the extra day on the front end it if you can't play its immediate. Pay cut the opponent and all that out of it. And you just look at our mortgage and an extra day we're gonna. Plan on Saturday evening in Sunday's going to be an off day Monday's practice stating your travel and he can get back in their normal. Routine you also give my a couple of days where you you let him play Saturday in the you don't play you know Wainwright as they get a couple of days if there's any kind of issue that he can make sure see how it feels the day after seeing how it feels. A couple of days after side I think that's the right call for the warriors. I'm looking at right now 12345678. Nine and one night in one cause he sprained it against the pelicans late now again I want early and I want Charlotte Detroit and drum beat Portland Dallas. Lakers in their troubled times Memphis. At an all out and it's nine and one. Question from the tax line that I think is an excellent excellent question and it's from Paulo he's driving once upon on 650. Got a 680s on 680 you know 650. 680 says its first time it's in Dickinson. She teen star to adapt to the warriors offensive style of play playing pace and space how to shoot the warriors evolving. To stay ahead. Head of the rest of the NBA. Which. Many people believe they are now. It's how they stay ahead I guess is the question and I was thinking and I think they've already. I think they've already kind of started to do that. With with Jordan bell and then what I mean by that is I think they're taking. Their defense through another level. When the warriors started this whole thing everything was about their offense. Even though the people watch them all the time so there's still a really good defensive team and then over the course of these last two or three years people. Realize you're toward pretty good defense of ten. But I think there are now taking it to another level and when you say what are they doing. Stay ahead here's what I think it is. Their viewing a front line that the biggest characteristics. They want in a front line to me are blank. Quickness. And versatility. That's different Dan. We need size. Strength. Rim protection that kind of thing and I think they're ahead of the curve if it if they're gonna you. Essentially use pellets and her dream on a power forward and Kevin Durant at. Small forward if you look at their front line in terms of other team's front lines it's different. It's just very different and may and that's how I think. They're still gonna be a step ahead they're tired defense is incredible right now. Well I think the other factor is. You look at. The Hamptons five for the death one up right in the death client goes back to win yet it would Allen Harrison Barnes a drain on a senator before Durant was even here clay Thompson Stefan curry. And that lineup was historically great it was the best climate in the NBA it's that's warriors won at toward the end though that line at started getting beat. And then add Kevin Durant to that lineup and I think. As time has gone on that line at actually hasn't. Done as well this year right even with the race so. That was always the trump card that was always the card that the warriors could go to if they wanted to change the game immediately. I think what they're developing. Is almost a way to replace Andre Iguodala down the line. End to lessen the load on dream on dream a little bit. It's it's tooth and because Jordan fell almost allows you do bolts. If that line it gets cook it. Because you can play Ben Ellwood train month and now you have derail it. You've got three guys they can all move out there and end switch in blocked shots in and defend at an elite level. And then you still have enough scoring no because he's still got to rant and Thomson encouraged right so you can get away with. Avant bell out there almost a jury would dollar even though he plays a different position minutes away to. In essence not replace Iguodala. Because he's irreplaceable but give me another option or he can I know if it would dollars may be on the down. Yeah I didn't even like think with our future right. The the way most people thought me included was well Willie get better is. When he grew as it would dollar goes down much. Caught is the player that will become quote unquote he would dollar bill always is a player who's supposed to be Dray mind green boy you know what maybe bell is good enough. To play with its right mind green not just replace him in two years but I see what you say and they. They're compensating. For it would dollar is down trending which is natural. By plane somebody at a different place at five rather than at three which is the small forward prison. Yeah and you have that ability to get out and defend because it's so many teens now said all right. While the warriors to become the best team meant that play in small and shoot the three and spread the floor all it's an you just you look at. Just about every team in the league tries to do that to a certain extent at least two thirds of the league is trying to do it. From the 95 this is for you JD specifically JG can you explain further. What do you think is Kurz lack of trust in JaVale McGee the guy so athletic and skilled I just don't see what curb might not like about him. And I don't think Zahn does a better screen setter. He is a better strengths in honor first of all that's just he is there a better screen setter he's better passer. As well as. You can't throw the ball JaVale McGee and run your offense their own she can do now it's true you do that would Pachulia lawyers like to you know do what Pachulia. Just like they like to do that with Bogut. As well. It's a matter of Mickey is a great egged it now. Odds on the three point line using it using game but couldn't say Gaza is not good at that either. Right he's not you could say that but EU law but again brood there's also benefits for. The match up there's benefits right Chilean air to. It that I played out as far as I really offensive things that he brings to the table. It's also by Jordan now it's also about a bomb blew me. If those guys are little more personal those guys can do more different things. On the court. Big key not a great rebounder. And Jordan tells a pretty good rebounder it's it's really about Bell's emergence. You look at me funny noted this same guy who takes the question says thanks but I didn't say Zaza was a better for senator. I said does that put him over the top I got to. They'll probably three setting it's the passing. It's the physicality. So that's the thing like Zaza is different than your daily key which is why. He fits. The warriors like their senators to do different things and they defaming. Migs he has become redundant in a way and I think so too he's become redundant he's not exactly Jordan bell are exactly can bomb looney. Or exactly maybe damion Jones down the line but it. Dell does enough for the things that means he does and I think loonie does enough for the things it means he doesn't. Aware. Can't play everybody now. I I just don't. I don't. I don't think when he's gonna have a role this season premiere I think we're already see and that the one thing we do know is things do change but I. I just get back to. Who you're playing in the fourth quarter of a game now the other argument is like will again play the fourth quarter games anyway analysts to blow out which is true but at some point. You gonna shrink your rotation. You know at some point we he's out of the rotation right now and the rotations gonna shrink well so it. Quarreled in this is obvious if you watch the warriors he really follow it. Juliette gets the first six minutes of each half first and third corner west it's the first 56 minutes. Of second in the fourth quarter OK so what does that do Levy and that leaves you the final six minutes of each quarter yep and so. To meet Jordan thousand natural fit. Final six minutes of the first quarter final six minutes of the third quarter for shore. And then beyond that maybe he becomes a guided. One west and zinni goes back to the bench in the if you like what bells brought to the TV finish affluent where he finished the game went on. Or not if you wanna rolled it would dollar injuring Munson and you've got options there. To meet Jordan Dell's just another option. Not a pretty good when he's proven to be no doubt about it. Match like Michelle Dickinson 957 the game we come back when we talk a little bit so. It happened in 2017. And maybe what to look forward to this upcoming year. Now back. In 957. Big game. Imus John Dickinson with you on a Friday in the bay. Happy new year everybody it's an early happy new year. 2017 coming to a close 2018. Around the corner. Then there. The 49ers and raiders wrap up their seasons on Sunday no Sunday night came by the way. Nobody nine late games. Because the league tried did put every game that has any kind of a playoff implication in the same time slot. To avoid AD have seen results determined by an earlier game two words then a later game has nothing. Like that they wanna tol happen at the saint I actually think I predict although. There's only a couple of playoff spots one in the NFC. And a couple in the AFC that are that are even available in the division winner can be determining what in the NFC. South. As well skill but I think when you look at it. I think you're gonna have one of the crazier finishes and I think this you guys to just a prediction for Sunday. I think Sunday's going to be one of the wilder finishes of blown this scene look like they were gonna. Win the division and now they're not end and this team look like they were going to be in and then they blew a lead they know my goodness the Seahawks are coming back in. And I think this is going to be one of those games where. If you were able to watch a number of games. The end Sunday ticket or who he got red zone every year at your favorite bar. I think it's going to be. It's going to be a lot of fun. I'm just looking at the standings right now in and this is this how important you think is lute is the niners rams game this weekend. Because the fact that the rendition everybody golf included. It just. I almost feel like. The verdict on Barack blows in. It it doesn't matter what happens this weekend I know let's. Not to sound this logic. But I I just when he uses such so disappointing that the rams start playing friend. Yeah I think it would have been great because it would have been. The rams the team that the 49ers are trying to be like you're going up against him in this the two teams now what the coaching the quarterbacks. He think half the brightest futures they're among anybody in the NFC west. So that would have been fun to get a little taste of that go off verses. Iraq below Shanahan verses. McVeigh again. Although those two teams played pretty good game early merely by stating that Thursday night game that the rams and appointed by two and to be in a shoot out there are back and forth game. So I think it would've been the first three I think it also would have been the best. Two way team. But the best complete team overall Taylor ran the other ranks as the jags have a great defense they re running game their passing game leaves little bit to be desired they had a top couple wide receivers route for the jags. In nineteen. So this team you gotta be battle in a way if this it team that's got some big time players on defense has gotten big time players on offense the way it a lot of fun. I think now it shifts more toward. There's a hope and expectation that the 49ers are gonna go down there and win 'cause the rams are Satan players down. So I think there's a little bit of an expectation nickel rock blows also got to play well. In this game because he's played well the first few games Nvidia and he had lost as a starter so. I think almost look at it under a different led right to Wear. If he didn't play well not to you put more stock in it or be alarmed by it. But it would stand out because this is in some ways. The easiest game he had to play right now I hear you there those stakes really. But this is the game where you wanna see drop below go out there and and really play well so he doesn't it's gonna make a greater impression whether that's fair or unfair yeah. I Timmy there's a difference between high stakes low stakes and expectations. And I think this could be the more I think about it a preview. Of what is gonna be expected next year what's that. The 49ers are gonna be expected to win. Period and I this is the first game I think all these games are caught this great oh my gosh we turned around last week just look 44 points yet. But now they look at the rams and say for better in the rams team that they're gonna. Roll out when I got Donald and often yeah so early so I do think there's. A built in. Narrative has ever even though it may not be true if grapple it and play well Sunday you could say you know what that was the first day that he really had any expectations on him in this team had expectations on them. Look what happened they didn't respond though it's easier to play teaser play when you're the underdog on dogs champs you're the underdog but you got some talents and jeeps or about this should that should the 49ers be careful with any of their players Irish you know. I don't to show the momentum going ID Terrell. I think he keep that do we go when they're for the niners. Regardless of who's going into the ring eagle there. It's a game to win and maybe tomorrow winnable game certainly but it's a game you go get after it eagle letter all hang out you try and win it. You get the feel good of what being the first team under the for the the first team with a losing record to win five in a row since the 89 alliance. Prime her out of finish the year. While while I I think I heard disown Damon show. Of all the teams in NFL history that started 09. No one's won more than three games out after that star I know that is pretty. By the way yeah it's still on the 89 lions is that was Izod Center I saw this stat I saw this she conveyed the lions in 89. Though it's the longest winning streak to end. A season when you still have a losing record. OK okay so the lions' 8915. In a row to finish the year I know you got the next year are your mare finished the year seven and nine that year receiver to a 915. Finish seven enough. The niners are obviously trying to win five or get to six intact so the 1990 alliance. With six in ten. They actually were worse in 1990s. Than they were in 89 even though they won their last five games in eighty and. That you know and then. That can be a great job. Okay well you know what that's us that's a female in all sports they didn't have Jimmy drop below about the god no I mean look that's a theme in all sports how many times have we seen the warriors. Have a player maybe the last two months of the season do well or or or maybe a player comes up in baseball it's 333. The last 45 day you know a year back guys you're starting left fielder in the next year can anyone fifty and you'd go I'd want to. App then. But see that's what like I can't. I mean you shouldn't say you can't see it because it happens but I can't see your apple fallen off the table like that he's just there there's no way these games have been. Out liars. And then this game against the rams let's say is going to be. The real game if he throws two or three interceptions. I think you're right I think you're right about that but you wanna see the momentum going and you're you are your last game in many ways so I think. If he's terrible on Sunday. Is gonna change. It is fair or unfair I think it is gonna change the conversation a little bit I wonder. I wonder because I think maybe once we get a month or two removed. You don't remember the specifics you just remembered where we got better when grapple with here although I don't think that would be the case of the rams are playing everybody like if the rams were playing everybody. And needed to win let's say yeah make the playoffs. And grapple it and play while the rams kicked their tail. Then I don't think it would matter that much more about the rams are playing for a playoff spot the 49ers went down their beat them. That would be the all timer I actually crocodile is gonna happen a couple of weeks ago right within the rams went into Seattle and just blew the doors off Seattle. And they wound up. In a spot won the next week in now the division champions and they're they're locked DNA they're division champion. They can't get a bot. The thing about rock below is. You can think that he's better than this you can think that this isn't as good as he's going to be. But you don't nobody knows and all you have to do is look at Jared got off. I mean JD. What 1012 games into the season maybe if the whole season I mean he was considered. What I don't say a Boston and usually aren't and I used to worldly but he wasn't very good at your start to have those conversations for sure. And so you start to wonder why how did he really be and that's why. I do think there's something to you know. Iraq alone is not a lock he's not a lot he's been great. But things change fortunes change in a hurry look at golf last year to this year look at car last year this year who knows which you McGraw apple is going to be next years pick next year. Or speak in this past year let's talk about some of the big events that changed the sports landscape in the Bay Area match diamonds John Dickinson 957. Big game.