Mick Cronin joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, June 22nd
Cincinnati Head Coach joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on Jacob Evans and the impact he can make on this Warriors roster. 

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Very happy to go to college right now he is the head coach. Of the University of Cincinnati men's basketball team Mick Cronin is joining us here I 957 game coach. It's such short notice thank you so much for your time. Welcome to the program what can you tell warrior fans about the newest member of their franchise. Jig about its. That first well good morning guys banks are adamant. Jacobs a great kid that's a person out there eighties. He's extremely mature or. And I think it is an honor for our program that. Golden State. Took one of our players we think the world of there'll than our organization in the way they operate the Puget Jacobs a guided does everything. Which hopefully. What helped film. Play right away. In I told him he's probably gonna have to be able to play right away with the salary structure. Four guys Reagan's all the money. He he's gonna have to come in there and then make some sort of impact so you know hopefully the fact that he's played a lot of big gains Garrett. And big east it is our defense of system where he is well versed and switch and we've been doing it for a long long time here. We're one of the first went to college basketball. To really implement. The group of switching and he's got a can gored in this had to guard everybody on the floor. So early eighties will worsen the communication. A lot of things Golden State does on defense. That's tremendous because he'll be a key piece in the second unit offensively. What is his best attribute is it his ability to distribute is it his. Basketball IQ may be is knocked down shooting ability what is it that will set you take him out of the park especially as a a score with the second team. Well I'd say he's good at everything you know I I think hopefully. What you'll see is negated if he's playing with the starters he's gonna know out of sit in. There and if he's told to be aggressive on the second unit. It would go back who was in college for me. Then and be aggressive you know I ought to be honest guys he can score a lot more points for us we had a really really good and we were 31 in five. You play with two seniors. That are big time low post score. So he didn't have but he wasn't last year to get 25 and nine per week. So he's got to do he does it all in play the point. If he needs to. And eighty million obviously slide off the ball and be aggressive. I think that's an area you know with the floor more open than the pro level. He you're gonna see a lot more of his death led a schism in the college game the force that very open. Especially with our team we have a couple of guys in the low post it to score shall we go our report that much of a spread team that also. The fact that he can do at all I I think there's hopefully what's gonna help him be a factor until the legal situation other title lecture. Coach amendment I don't mind good old days low down dirty nannies live though im blue fish it's imminent oh yes sir yes or so play with them all by angles there you know I. I grew we you know we we're we're the bad days at Kinko's we got to win so we're far from their 35 bad Sola. It was to order be in a dangle but I still may go Pro Bowl appearance in the man. Look at it this young man you talking about want to. You know there's a lot of guys you look at you say god you know they have the ability. But do they have the 12 in what drive position on penalties to the fiscal action boots I understand he has athletic ability but. When your opinion what's drives him what makes them want to be eager. Well you know here we spoke on WIN. You know that is saying we have our program so you know I'd. You know we're we we just don't. When we would we all just played a game you know last year we played a win and Jacob is trained to play to win he's always been that way. And so they are big some basketball players. They're just born discordant to they are at Waco and you know you've got to try to. Thank you don't defense will come a little bit or and hopefully they'll boxer read out on her on the glass. Take a better in that regard that he's a coach on the floor so patients economics and score the ball he did it for us and shot a great percentage. But he plays the game to win it it so you're you're not dressing room. Megan metal mistakes. That just not who he is he's he's in tune to winning. And he's a type of guy that as a freshman I complained. That multiple positions. Which is very very rare in college and that. Probably just where program pro game but for an eating only came in as a 1718 year old kid from me to be able to move him around. Wherever I needed to moving as a freshman. That that notion that the big east peace and all around guy visiting guard emblem to ask your question my long answer is winning motivate each week. Beautiful thing because they do a little bit of that here in the Bay Area a Cincinnati. This Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin joining us here talking about number twenty overall pick Jacob Evans right here on 957 game on. When you look at his game obviously. There's probably room for improvement all guys are continuing. To work on their craft to better their craft it gets to a whole another level at the NBA where could Jacob look to improve some of his skills that. Watch it number one of the consistency of his shooting. He was a guard. That he would go months and wouldn't miss a shot and Belmont. And he would struggle a little bit I think mechanically. And outspoken of the Golden State's staff about this Saturday in a mechanically. There's something to take to work on to be more consistent shooter. As far as his release point the average shot. And they always got to do is shoot around with the guys on this team I think you know throughout most as you might become a little bit better sugar hanging out with two of the yet the best score in the world can do to better shooters in the world on on your name so. I think it you know a bit that being around those guys is going to be such an advantage hill. These policy he hit the jackpot when he hit the jackpot. In a lot of ways. Being a great organization. He's got obviously for. The best players in the world learn from. But we both vogue you know I guess we know that the salary cap is what it is and Golden State can only sign of you know warriors can only bring back so many people and they're gonna meet in the place that not just beyond the king were a lot of rookies it's and I think thirteen ghastly in the there were first round predictions. Go you know gold space and they Jacob that was the place that he he's got opportunity. Which it is the key when your professional athlete you get an opportunity. Did you have a chance to visit with a last night after the pick was made and if so what advice did you impart to them. Would you just text in last night you know more argue you know my my advice as it's grown ups play in front of when you get you get to. The pro it's not college anymore where hey we recruited here committee we committed to your mother or tumultuous demand and you either I don't quit when he made the decision to go professional. I told him it shouldn't be based software is immediate threat that it should be based off of is he ready for grown men to try to rip this at all. I. That's a pretty big you know well what is debated if you're trying to you're you're trying to take somebody's job there's only 450. In the NBA. These these guys are grown men they have wives and children and bills and it's not what you see on television so that's what I've tried the training for an trident. Make sure that. I conveyed to him that it it's it's it's not usually but these guys hug and kiss and and rotten banana boats. The letter I ever ever materialized. I think Cody head coach of the University of Cincinnati men's basketball program Mick Cronin joining us here on 957. Game coach we know you're busy thank you so much for your time today on short notice we appreciate the insight into Jake amendments banks and get them ready. To join us here in gold savor the reported seeing them this year in the us Everly. Daycare my guy I'll be out there in Vegas supporting mossy got there we see them have a craps table with your name on awesome. I'll meet you there. Oh we know that Tony builds. And I are ever.