The Chris Townsend Show
Tuesday, September 12th

Michael Wagaman of Silver and Black Illustrated, joins Chris Townsend and Mychael Urban to talk all things....well Silver and Black.


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Everybody in a good business deal as Michael lag human knows. Everybody needs to get their beak wet. Everybody needs to come away feeling good and everybody needs begin a little cash in their pocket. That's how wags as business. And he joins us here on 957 game wags. I wanted to talk greater fault all I thought it was a terrific opening game what do wind down in Nashville the way. Marchand closed it out like a closer. Well we have been waiting for it there's a long way to go but we now know where the rays want to build. You've covered this team you're a fan of this team what are your initial reactions. I think it's I mean obviously your mates and you have to be happy beat but since then has been talked about talked about are about three years. You know to get in the stadium. And I'm I'm always the the pessimist when it comes to this stadium deals I don't believe in being true life fees you know show his terror. And that's kind of how I still have about the Las Vegas deliberated there's still some curve of the need to be cleared their Patrice and the deal is definitely good news and you know majestic look tired out. I'm anxious to feel you know and artist's rendering you know what the stadium look like there and there is great not great news because they are staying in Oakland at a time when everybody else is ailing counts so. At least one of the teams is staying in now you have a plan to move forward with a new stadium. And you know in any given stadium just everything seems to work well. Routinely get a new deal it's yeah and they're happier players are more eager and more willing to come here and trying to stay year. So both the good news straight Stan that's just this is a tremendous tremendous step forward in this whole process now. You know now it's between what the mix well and Roland give it. Wags its Serbs could hear your voice brother hey any I know this is all positive all positive all positive but then you're here and there are gonna play their till when he 2.3. Plenty of time to be bombed about that but. Any any sort of clue what might be the hold up my leg 11 report says that they're not even in star construction. Until horny 21 I don't know how routine you've been throughout all of us a note to cover the a's for Associated Press. Com any idea what the delay isn't just starting construction. No. I can't control what I'd add that with the it would be when you're talking about where other where you are you about in the stadium. There's a lot of veto need to be ironed out and you know parking is going to be an issue and there's this is a whole infrastructure issues have to be taken care why they would. Start structure. Or here bad. I'd you know I'd. I would be surprised that it took that bong but again I don't all the little details there on. Against codes. Good for baseball bat for baseball. Good for baseball. Stadium that for FaceBook and it takes and again that your case. Sat around in this stadium crowd into the last eighteen years. Think you really mine waiting or more years ago. Team isn't going anywhere they are not English and they're not going anywhere staying in Oakland so. I think you're bridge keep their fingers crossed your location in the between different though. Love that you working do some more about the ball nicely done. You say you're at it because it's a big old worked where you aren't aren't just. Come back shrug this chart. Well there's going to be a lot that NASA renegotiated there's a lot then asked to go ala the school there's going to be a lot of building beyond the ballpark there's going to be stuff that you got new freeways. And so little oil well we'll see how the time line works out please we got some then and that's that at bats and it will all be happy about let's switch to the raiders. Marshawn Lynch the way they closed that came out Todd downing you know Jack Del Rio said at. Other Beatles and we don't know what he's got left well he had 18 carries and am. And ten in the fourth quarter and he was the ultimate closer he closed out goodnight the Tennessee Titans. Yeah and and you know I mean the way it is currently fourth quarter and we get to that and it just canceled physical. All gave law. Or about three or late in the right. Had a chance out in either high rollers scrimmage student here at the line of scrimmage and a guy either the media guide as. Recently rushed to tackle and you know I think more in just again the way late. Side to that or that attitude at spear. Whatever you wanna crawl. That being. Teenaged. And you know we look at play in the fourth quarter tracked down runner right before Georgia to their Q blacks Google wins Marshall Mitchell ran over. To relocate. Literally ran over never stopped retirement center are on the power lineman never slowed march on one Marshall ran him over. Sent him tumbling backward. It's between may do that given actor little when you're tired when the fourth quarter when you think you can't give anymore you guys that. A four under at how important that is. And now you talk tactical standpoint win yet. Our guys could run four bit off you can grow the market except what they would march on. They ran. Behavior which is an expert scored in the second quarter at all the little bit of quarter. They used to really effectively and then in the third quarter but they hammered down you know here comes the big guys from Oakland didn't and you know what I was stark as somebody earlier today I can't wait to see the reaction in Oakland. When not one kind of run this week. That plate is already going to be electric you know standard sold out there are really popular with a scheme nag at them on count very common in. It's going to be a matter how's it this week ago. He wags titans got pretty balls he on the with the onside kick attempt to open a game. And and the raiders made him pay for it in the right up to bat in with the new OC would Todd downing. In channel what would you think of his first game I mean obviously it's largely positive. And you know he he seemed to be pushed all the right buttons as you mentioned the way that he used beast vote. Was brilliant I thought I think that kind of established pattern that we're gonna see. For the rest of the season where it's almost like a bill Carr right back with the old Chicago Bulls they go to him early. To establish something to keep people honest and then you didn't really hear from him for a long time until maybe late I think we're gonna see. Marchand use that way quite a bit for the raiders but in general what did you think about. Of downing and his play calling. You know it it took opposite you know couples are trying to get their way. Look at the first it is. You know we talked about the weighted. All of you know you saw a Mark Cooper Nomar and they're warning that arms anchored over time but they were. Michael Crabtree had a picking up Roberts scored torture and and you let it be tried that was the one tree. How they would use him or cook it 67 catches and it really you know we knew that buyer power are really makes great calling. On saute organic you've got all those guys ball. He got. All re running backs are. Effectively she just reaching. And you know we that was not my trade back that was very creative way it is being. In the game plan in the track. NGD announced this you know and my question mark going into this game at ago. Whether the raiders be fired on all cylinders and whether. To hold it and you know the way the doctor operated. People can get away which in fact and indeed played. Much better than expected. Making it that gain ratepayers the worst raiders all you're looking at her. And the jets. They're not very good their coming to town on Sunday. They're that not a good team and again. Or because seemed to be lectured and expect I was very impressed. Hope to always and how cool paired caller who. You know people forget. We take okay he's just slipping back in that game for the first real game again counted you know first game mattered that you broke late. Just look like. They're court last year like you're simply had played last you know demeanor and the so called. Cool runner man that that offered only gonna get better more union tried counting. And develop their relationship. More than a year or so comfortable with. Your car the war that Marshawn Lynch feel comfortable running in the to me has eyed the limits as offered. Art craft. Define he better off that you find one that's comparable. Yeah by the better offered in the and so. Then what the raiders have right now they're big question mark bench there it was different racial in this game that was a good start one of them so that's integrates generators or in this first game. Well for program of course we are and you know so every week to say that Viacom. Very good very it's. Wags and everything I was impressed with the as it relates to the car. Was win do you HBO all the sudden showed up wearing number 89. And oops dropping passes left and right. The weight car handled that and the way he handled Coke. While that was going on I thought spoke volumes to his leadership it was just use a smile it was a shrug it was a pat on the back. It was like eight it's done it's over let's move on you know I I've seen some quarterbacks. No guy like Jay Cutler for instance you'll see him kind of throws into the nearly Kuo was my fault I mean I don't mean to throw Cutler and the bus but. There are QB's better like that they'll make shirk. That it's known by the television audience that it wasn't on him and encouraged seemed so secure in himself. And so encouraging of his teammates that it that that can't do anything to bode well for the rest of the season in the way they follow his lead. Absolutely in my hand and do you mean guide to get a little rivers San Diego class. And outlook below where he's still one of the best in the game. Let his emotions negative emotions show and that. Lead golf on guys and guys get a our on. With their card. And get a straight. Smack together something you know you talk orbit that they respect goal line series win. First and raise it first and goal crease shots to the goat Cooper each trying and there was one way we're really should look at church. Both teams cart wearing port cart kind of jarred the ball on the sort work that was that oh marks are the same thing you know it's interesting about beer cart TARP or Murray. Almost at the start of last year actually Evers and beer cart match you know and should you know my rookie year. I would all over. I would jump on every week all the ball. Just not who dare you get a true. And when you have a player at the most important position when you see him not as. We need CE OK the eighties and that adversity that player whatever it is and often. And actually it before I've never guy come into the and so so equipped to handle not only pressure. But analysts teen age there's just so different out there are. You hear coaches. Managers whatever term talk about players would be intangibles. Just guys that can. Tangible spay and you know I'm not surprised to see him and the way that way you won't see him lose his cool where offered and that's a big reason why. We rated it the fourth quarter duke which they hope they're almost there and there and whether they're right there be he doesn't pan. And it doesn't go. And that I can't understate the importance that at a court you know at the position of quarterback and it's widely been so effective. In the fourth quarter since he came into. Wags the bass will catch up to the on Sunday at the raiders jets game I QX. Are always my pleasure particular current.