Michael Wagaman

The Chris Townsend Show
Wednesday, December 6th

AP Writer Michael Wagaman joined Chris Townsend to talk about the Raiders against the Chiefs.


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Now joining as a good friend of the program from silver and black illustrated and the Associated Press follow him on Twitter that im wagon man. The great Michael wagon man wags. I hear you covered one held the game tonight. The like I like to say about that who Californian took it on and denied and about five different ways. To a central Arkansas emitted. It should be on the 17 at a good try to wipes and don't. Did a Scottie Pippen playing in this one. Is. They were down by one half and I talked to the Central Park tortured afterwards and they were like yeah what's gonna detour and we wanted to get this surge won't get to thirty wanted to get to forty. All the mail or did it. What did you think of the news we'll get to football belay jus think of the news today about the days and the crawl the site. Yeah but. Shocked saddened at the area. Sports because I'm one. Day and I want you get in new stadium. But not shocked because my. Model all along whether the eighties. And and net trading nearly college whether the raiders must swear it was the warriors getting their new orange characters go. And life and show it or. And there was something out. That he. Sound fully. Why for whatever reason. Important it was just. And yet you know it cherub like extra dollar eight dollar a basket. And she able like yeah I mean you know published this morning it was because I thought that they would kind of moving forward and so now. Now we ought to sit back and wait she where they go from here because. You know like brickyard mentioned earlier in the show you know there's something may count on. They're gonna have to scramble well and and you know where's Major League Baseball and they do on this and jumping. Into it just it leads the entire situation. So uncertain so clear. And an apology got effort for a loyal Ken Duke it out there every single night win or draw. You know and they thought it statement. It. Let's switch over to football let's switch over to the San Francisco 49ers drop below definitely look too good. I EC that this could be the future. What does she need to do the wrestle away for you to decide franchise and instilled date them or sign him to a long term contract. Mary. When you know talk of any 49ers ran after the game they're ready to sign him long term Baring. You know but it's like you know is it. Good or just that good comparison what they have I think that in the 49ers as a staff. French like that something may need to evaluate over these last four weeks what do I need to implement a more. What did we don't it in the pocket there I'll. Rolled the ball operatives. Looks like guy. Doing out there are a lot of arrange scrambling she could change. I mean indeed looks like on property and yet remember that bowl. Year and sit still learning bits and piece system so I wanna grow it as the couple weeks. I wanna see you again thing but he did it last week. Get that into a little bit more and then your are respective. Got okayed that we have as our guy that you are right now we have to build a program. Pubic don't have good luck and don't have. Have a good receiving corps and you're going to marry this guy you're gonna make your franchise quarterback you darn well better start put pieces in place around him. To make sure that not only stay here. The eight helped. It is one thing happening guy in the air that as it does. The skills to play the position. But it is constantly run in the current life like we shall some of the 49ers quarterbacks won earlier this year that it doesn't matter really have back so. I you know I I'm confident moves forward that it that this is the guy. That the 49ers will it leash happen in the next couple years. And you know in agony comes down to them building up the the piece around him and giving them some weapons to. Let's switch over to the silver and black they act Kansas City on Sunday. There's three different scenarios. Where the raiders can make the playoffs and win division when the division all three of those scenarios though. They have to weigh in Kansas City and they have to beat the chargers. Absolutely I mean I. Began and at that over the sixteen. In Kansas City series I had achieved winning out here. And the raiders winning in Kansas City. But now obviously that changed raiders holding court here I'll and a they're gonna. Check. Out there was not right. Now he. You have to. Chance if they wanna make opposing them one after making these well. How to beat Kansas City this week. Have to be either. Dallas or Philadelphia how it goes to game gripping and at the cold out. You know again and yeah it would match game. I think it's even larger than this because they're getting them in nineteen that is reeling him in that will be without art heaters. You know in every way shape and form a game the raiders should plan on paper you. You know but they had not come this year. This is again should we had been shot every now. That final game. Very well probably be if not it could not already decided that they will try to win the AFC west now LA entered. Now it's gonna happen for years is gonna happen graders was a big what's the biggest difference you've seen in the defense it's O'Donnell's take an hour. Now a little bit more active. They're player that the cars are in a little tighter coverage. I am not ready at all O'Donnell because they played Europe. You know. Seems that that aren't exactly world beaters. In his struggling Denver team and Eli Manning New York I am not written railroads are McDonald savior. You know that this could still had problems again. Denver wins came when Trevor Sammy came in Adam will also. Seeing seeing that they they're they're a little bit. Playing a little bit there. Or even get the eight track last two games bet they'd be regardless of your plane got a program that that pass rush. And bachelor a byproduct of kind of some things are good jump McConnell is doing now. You know I would like to see that secondary better that you portray. And you know they made they get caught a break because they got packed religion bronco future recipient or shall. Give Eli Manning are going out as well all four quarters. And this routine that broke. Into a lot of things in the air so I think we'll get a better read. John O'Donnell is decent impact on this team after this week a better read that we did you know the previous two weeks. Glad you're the best crack a beer and have a good night. Are trying to credential and and so. The other dude I'm body take care.