Michael Silver

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 26th
NFL Network Analyst joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on the competition in the AFC West, the Raiders not signing Gareon Conley, and his expectations for the 49ers. 

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He's an NFL analyst for the NFL network you can follow him on Twitter at Mike silver Michael Silver would Jolo in Dan's. On 95 point seven the game Michael good morning we hope you've had a great summer in your ready to dive into it word on the street is that you're at Denver Broncos can't today am I correct. That's right the season begin. About the colon to. It's recorder with but I speed only and shall or do all work. And work and get after it that's a good place start. Given that the and he won the Super Bowl recently but it obviously. Have been the road it is which. Oh yeah paper about the president global. All right let's start right there then with the Denver Broncos and obviously you're just arriving in the camp but when all's said and done who do you think is inevitably or I should say eventually going to win the starting quarterback job Trevor Ximian or former first round pick Paxson lynch. All the great question because you were sick all things being equal though packed the alleged. After the in the first round now if you're to read that and oh world where you know guys built later on. Typically anymore. And you know cover into. Let's agree. Last year I ruled in here early in camp police are sent or would that. And ended up winning hit and you're late in the year and I went through a lot more pain. But people realize so. That kind of dig into my. Caller former chargers coach is back here at the outlook coordinator simple but great raider fans know well quarterback coach so. Look to bury you our guys a lot of quarterback thing and available or after Greg. Michael I want talks about the quarterback position but to me that's the other blooming concerns for this tumor bronco team. Particularly up front often it's not necessarily run a ball as dumb as they'd like last year. Also defensively upfront how they solve those problems in what do you think having an affair in those two particular positions. We'll load great questions. To me that you'll clearing it. Our or all of Charlton. To lesion leaders who. Gentle Charlton and it still a pretty basic. I I am glad you brought the Russian defense. As. It that problems up front last year go back and whatever the radar and it really released looked better. And you know they lie a couple guy Michael Jackson got it you deal in Jacksonville. And then the next local picnic recruitment. Cited all arguing that when you go live back or lose disruptions. In the middle of the glad it. Bill the historical pattern that we're 02. So much success there. A government programs and that's why coats in restaurants cool. I can go to Google pencil and a lot of cutters you bet star quality. So. Kudos to the Broncos were seeking that schooling and rhetoric guys who really could be a star. I consciously optimistic about between. They and you Bob Miller and as. Secondary you can do a lot of Reading could be so. You know there was kind of an up and that the quietly he last year and there were no Peyton Manning could step that the upper part. Staying in the division and moving to Kansas City with the Tom Hall Lee Twitter and FaceBook mean rants and Andy Reid's response. Are these sort of distractions the type that can. Carry over into the regular season or will this be put to bed before camp ends. With that the quarterback and you read about. This is about Tom Hall Lee going to social media again. Let's get might it's early July. Yeah. It's going to be put to bed that means is. Probably that's what vision or loading it down a Twitter that outfitted theories do would please just the competitor who want the list. Is a little bigger than a letter to commit. You know I'm OK with football players. Already been done on what are what people are more important job. That it goes to the lives. To reduce I go more but it. You know within two so rude rude you begala talent. Allah tell that that position though a you know I don't mind if a guy who is. Accomplished that how it cornerbacks and disrupt output solo or the goat who the last. I think I equipment period excited secretly like that and is a community issue with chooses. Yeah now that they use their guy and mail like cement their leader but they obviously about a lot of other well a lot of side though is there a scenario where they. Make that sports. Michael Silver would Jolo and dibs on 95 points and in the game we bring you back to the bay and the Oakland Raiders were the number one story. He's the lack of first and second round picks under contract his camp is underway. Obey mill funnel the second round picks safety at UConn. And Darian Conley the corner out of Ohio State both remain unsigned. What's the latest on both and as it pertains to Conley how concerned is the organization regarding his legal status it. By you know obviously they're two different situations the conflict situation complicated. Thing and look. And nobody did the raiders draft him they knew the back kind of telling it I would imagine this look at the great. So it is and that you know they're they're trying to work through I mean honestly today and well. Are not that worried that throughout the marketing side now you know the calorie outlook you'd. The chargers delegate last year and died on the strange little lower lows weren't about all that and are and yet. You know they made Stanton. Came in late got hurt. They missed in the first game which were pivotal and then turned out yet. Lou impact player. I said they record it or slow. You know I don't know but the raiders. You know go about low bullet in my opinion it's what you'd do these rookie deal misses it was obviously a different. Sad situation become political but in general. Greg you'll. I would imagine it. We shouldn't get too worked up about it and luckily the raiders are so good that you know they're gonna hit the ground running anyway. At that over. One player that fans hope will hit the ground running as Marshawn Lynch with the veterans coming in the Mardi camp what is a reasonable expectation for Marshawn Lynch this season from may. Quantitative standpoint. It's suitable impunity. I definitely Lee Corso went to the Olympic people that it be you know that that's the turning renovated it's not. It doesn't seem farfetched to me you're there we have you know it is really really. And what that is sending quarterback who see it back to the already great. Re out of great opera on ten that. Old people and the French running back who. Absolutely it is very very productive but wrote her an attitude that is infectious. And and please that is expected to that and you know I. My city and it's an obstacle now running back pedal and things change. So we have to see what happens but it. Note it's super fresh and any semblance of you know the guy we've seen out there during your career with but the line. And back quarterback then. Those receivers. I am I think they're gonna just rolls people ostensibly it's going to be out. Michael what do you make of the situation in Dallas where Jerry Jones and company had no problems cutting a player like lucky Whitehead. Despite the fact that he was guilty of nothing someone had used his identity he wasn't even in the state. Yet when it comes to Ezekiel Elliott Jerry Jones will go right to the media and tell him he doesn't see any evidence or any reason to have any concern over Zeke what's. All yeah he'd like legacies. Like you like that it does put I say you know listen I would. Bourque the book production road again more consideration. And it's he did you. Obviously nobody should be terminated dignity. Completely. Colts charge against them. The outrage. Situation with the word. That they got in their minds pushed to the rank and ultimately allow. That suit. Like say you're not that important. It benefit the blood so I don't like that I beat you. To explore. Whether that okayed by you know I'm market well more and other. Or the I to do their credit they have been you know Jerry gets a lot of crap because it's you out there and to consult out there and where they'll go ought to respect without saying a word and so Alka ago. We'll try it guys that that's. All the stats and there's all the all you are currently here. In other though. And it says but yet that but it. Look at a completely alt chart. At any point during this season will Colin capita be under contract and an NFL team. So. I think if you can't cap it and I don't know what he's doing it is ridiculous that he's. Getting more interest but it. I figured him the player right now just chill. And you know unfortunately you they Teddy Bridgewater. Situation or something because I've ever and where in. Looking at a significant injury at really need a quarterback. Battle securing. If you're you know typical team metal pitcher and Dan Orlovsky boat or URG. I. We need to get a guy who compute at eye level and bring amendments that are treated and then there's only one guy like that out there. And that cabinet though in my opinion. Escalated to await. You'd get injured and see that as a result because. I don't at this point I don't know who have those and hook on as second or our quarterback our team that quoted a lot of. Michael Silver NFL analyst for the NFL network you can follow him on Twitter at Mike silver he's in Denver covering the Broncos today as he embarks. Upon training camp when he seventeen. Jolo and gives an odd points of the game Michael thank you for your time travels safe and we look forward to doing it against him. Yeah.