Michael Lombardi on the NFL Draft

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, April 25th
Former NFL executive, Michael Lombardi, previews the NFL draft and discusses analytics in drafting players with Papa & Bonta on the Afternoon Delight.

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That's for split. An organization twenty miles here. This we don't comment on all the rumors that you weren't in the number one slot in the NFL draft is a ton of interest and popularity. Mary K and you know we just know that's what comes with the territory I mean last year were sitting here and we watch and LA have to answer questions about golf for once and who they've taken and who wanted to win their buildings just part of the territories we don't. Get flustered by that we keep movement on the senate comes with the territory assistant. That is such a brown part of the money ball front office the Cleveland Browns Mary Kay Cabot has been covering the browns for ever and ever asked a question and there was a report last week that Jimmy has them the owner wants them to take a quarterback potential trip this. But a little pressure on him to put it to take Johnny Mann cell in recent years so what are the Cleveland Browns going to do with the number one overall pick in the draft most observers think they're gonna take miles scared that. So she brown hue Jackson. And the money ball model there and got the owner there as well that should the certainly in play guy knows Jamie has the well work for missy. General manager and vice president of player personnel for the browns for a couple of years and women to work for. Bill Belichick in New England now back in the mediate worked with Bill Walsh and Al Davis and everybody in between Chile a lot to discuss for their friend of Michael Lombardi. A couple of days before the NFL draft on the afternoon delight with the pop in by to hear an an effect point seven again how are you Michael. I'm great great partner as a night. Two and well so let's let's start with here you want your employers the Cleveland Browns. And Jamie handsome and what impact teammate and ultimately. Michael what what what you see the Cleveland Browns doing with his first overall pick around 5 o'clock on Thursday. What if they're if they're Smart they indicate about where I mean look we have a Cleveland Browns and you know you have. You could talk about the money ball model all of this stuff which is fascinating. The conversation but reality about it but football and football players out there that lead quarterback no question. For whatever reason the analytical study has tribute he'd perhaps is the best quarterback carpenter shot blocked senate that. You know something extra that you'll be in the field consequence because Watson who over time. It in his career when he made a lot more plays in the whole lot more hate. Kaminsky could ever interest he could start their two years mr. Ohio with the North Carolina into the Ohio State there's some count of the well. But advocate that extra. Look opted out it is in the job because the analytics no background at all whatsoever lawyer right at Harvard. You know these decisions that a football decisions can be made not necessarily the ball well. Can't they made some really interest because obviously training for Brock us while there and then you know the what they're gonna do with him and taken out the money with etc. to get an extra check. It was I think sixty million dollar for a second there is a lot of money. You know I mean that's ultimately what they did it at sixteen million per second round pick when you break down the tree that would become popular and if it's a great trade. But it's over paid sixty million mean most people in the league will probably you know you to page six million salary that would make them. The Texans great and maybe that would have been the right deal for a second round of but this sixteen million for a second round harper I. That's obscene and think how could you just. Possibly do that what what what do you think they ultimately do with us whether Michael. Welcome welcome the pay 69 for a second round pick it cracks the Arco. The economy and their picnic on the salary for one here now the thing that comes on the salary cap so they can do it helps them. Have a lot of players most important point and start on the rookie contract so they're not paying their cap is gonna be really. Well below normal and probably the extremely unpopular with the minimal commercial but they eat so. The way they saw was that they succeed in effect lumpectomy. Talk and other head coach and Obama currently. On paper look great field but really you know it's a lot of money coming. As a precedent got to separate everything back. If they were to take back some of us Weiler salary Michael is there any market to trade forum if you could cut that sixty million and a half put anybody make a deal for him. I don't think so great and the only way he is the leopard belongs to the team so if they cut out all of the best they can hope we're probably get all hoped that page sixty maybe just paid fifty. So what else club a minimum salary contract and then. And then it'll go from there I mean not flout gonna get the money one way or the other is that twos and sixty million out broken down. Most of them up completely. And it's justices are ridiculous I just quickly before you move on to more pressing matters after they choose number one Jimmy has lumber you were there and work with him. How involved will will he get in the draft room on draft day on Thursday night Mike. Don't need to you know Jimmy that I knew I didn't really think it was he was involved of course much analytics Google for all guys that. Tremendous. Tremendous man how the pilot pilot flying today. And was really influenced by them mile Tennessee we had a long talk about football and I mean this is that really interest me trapped. But the browns are chosen to go down analysts look out not against analytics. But I think there's a plate and on the you can brought. Football. And baseball and we're not that numbers generated and it becomes more problematic when trying to evaluate it takes talent to lightly count that the key component. Jimmy go down the throats surprising to me Greg because that's not only was he was an old school football guy. You know like those old time coaches so this is a fascinating way to go I think you'd Jackson's ailments and the operative the deal football guy in the room and look the people that have never really understood. What goes into football game plan talk about what can help their team on the slushy Paul because they're so Smart man but they've never actually been around a football in the rom. That's why Michael so that Dante Natalee was it greater value later challenge that he really knew the game inside them Michael Lombardi. I don't work for a variety of people Bill Walsh to build bella second Al Davis in between lest we had you on the air. Michael you were talking about a book you're that are right the what was the bail out something about Walsh in Belichick will Wear you with that project. Well actually discuss the proposal back today from my editor ready to go up for bids so. It's about Walt Belcher and you know people in the at a product they want what got the experience the one thing about the appellate change. It is you know our round out. Visit chapel on grass and the very complex and you better understand everything about it. Opera try to explain in the Balkans but I cancel public site report. I'm moved on to the next chapter of my career would come in around and do the right up and enjoy. That's clearly favors from that book mr. you're gonna get an early draft said it's an Al devoured it in one night talking about the great people I. Before we talk about what the niners get a do everything else in this draft is to take us inside and I hate using the word you know war room because it's actually war but the draft room. You were inside there was Bill Walsh. With Bill Belichick in recent years and you know play going back to Cleveland and obviously with Al Davis just take this what what what's it like to draft football players with those three legendary figures of the sport Michael. You know it felt different on the coat also Belichick were very similar in the sense that it was all a lot with a lawyer. They fell in public with nick and thirteen better Alec you know Greg was and what would require one side bullets speedy what are the specific employer. For his team and he would do whatever it took to get on the it was straight. Two number three from a year down the road to pick a guy he would do it we're built ballot checked in multiple occasions and bury. Strategic and how they approach the draft not audibly they're very common thought process. Now you know it as the game kind of changed a little bit in the evolution of all went away from the backs all the B currency exchange. It became much harder to control the game in the way that Al wanted to do it and what we've learned a lot look like it industry. Although people like you mentioned we have Belcher Walt and the course at all. Learn from Al Amin we put together great system in Cleveland doctor kind of wrote about this in the for a piece the other on Monday so we shall allow the idea came from outside the concept. Understanding what he was trying to do out of the football and and then coach Walsh the same way and the coach also very very much about building that he's not necessarily pick in the best player he wanted to gut it used to eating what the scout inside out and out that he got the accent he wasn't worried about the other teams in the league east at eight scouts would come up on Wednesday. Goes the horrible wrap because belts out wouldn't use that the cop out. Re also not horrible east need twelve or this would only have twelve on the ball player nicotine that. You don't have to make batteries and figured you'd better go find the guys that it's something. That they can do on your team and that's the argument Walton Belichick and al-Qaeda or in the sixties and the seventies in the as the game it's what needs to change. It kind of got away the game comes out how you're gonna build routine and articles can do well and I. And you say he fell in love with guys you are the first guy they knew he was gonna draft Darrius Heyward made him and it made a lot of sense that her room when you set out or tweeters something that he's gonna drive to hate speeches. He fell in love with a guy like oh that was at Ellis gonna take that. I mean I I talked about that on my podcast today. On the ringer called union street and and it was funny great leadership and direct early out 1 morning. On the Saturday it was only the second day of the draft Al was up early which you know was never the case. And he came in really go out there before the clock which was unheard of amount it. And we sat down and he won addressed the receiver Carl Francis and we're watching Texas Tech offense with great. And this little dining walker is making. Eric and every point on the tree right. But yet we were close track different what one regatta but how about about a draft well. Welcome would not even all our conversation with all the children that. You're like I over currently a lot of play. We can we should think about them you know and like force next time on them and you. His years later tried over the next west developer to play slots well. The irony careless France's did last longer total dress stories at the Michael Lombardi. At work in the media now offered for years working with the legendary figures are pro football Bill Walsh Bill Belichick and lavishly Al Davis and others so. You were talking about your your grating process and I read where John Legend I wanna get your thoughts on what the niners may do a number two Michael. But John Lynch is adapting implementing some changes to their drafting process they brought them Peters. Who has worked in and new England and more recently in Denver in a lot of it is what you're talking about what you and Belichick implemented so. What what what what did you start there what do how to how to the patriots who what did you guys do as far as grating football players Michael why was it different for the rest of the people Italy. What starts with coach Walsh OK coach Walt hated when people with a monitor it's got a grounder that got around he never knew that there. It would go Michael on on and what does that mean. Tell me what a player can do for our team and that often that where we need draft. So using that as a backdrop great Belichick and I came into the round of 1991 most in the Brown's system before it got there where you get guys. Six by the great many was or rather give him an old portraits in the six to put them in the second round. Never translated so Belichick got a lot he understood that well that he needed that Latin language as well so we came up with a system. Basically users out there besides beats as the men followed separate prototyping players. And putting him in categorical how they would put our team we basically classify players that start from Taiwan central starters they were backup players with the back up developmental players. And in god we were just for special teams camp players. And then we broke little categories and the predicated on side and be where they would then you know you could get a pullback higher rated at 62 because we'll let. On oil on the game was walking away so the system that we develop we utilize that the coast. Goodyear to get it and they've not changed much that when they went don't want to install it there are some minor tweaks to pretty much the same language. The way we used to think about it is it was with a clean. Up. And then all the guys that kind of been through Baltimore. And new England and even in Denver because when Josh McDaniels went to them critique the pitcher releases the book on. He utilized that. And then they kept it there because it makes sense now. When I went back Cleveland 2013. I was speaking. Nobody really understood without talking about about talk about we don't greater round by players and it took some time to get on a crime to get people data. Most are white and all the way. Yeah I I love the concept of how is the player could have fit into what we do and we hear constantly. You know this time of the year the best available player verses a specific need and Agha senator drop back to the raiders before I go up today. Niners are number two Michael since for on this conversation I mean the raiders to me you're ready to win now. They just got to figure out a way in particular had a match up for the LaBella checks slot guys in all the weapons that Tom Brady. As on offense so if you're if you're similar looking at the raiders and what they have now and you're trying to plug in a players that can fill a role for this football team you look at it differently than you might just overall great football player. Let up at the greater diversification in the secondary I think were the areas where. Seems like the raiders and Seattle they goat on the one that does all the time because it looks like speed corners. When you matchup against a little slot receiver like what well or Julian element. You don't have a guy that can handle the slots so. You have to design your secondary much like about these power forward the center. Either small or your point guard you all you need to be able to create matchup with Seattle are. The plane and the man like it and it will organize at the end of the game. One and patriots moved the ball on the field because today the launch could get there and be at her side quarter but couldn't handle and direction. So that it happened versatility within our secondary. So putting it on the ballot or exit the corner from from USC he would be so good for the football team wore down player. He can create matchup problems in the gate I know they have court Patterson he's certainly dynamic. But also in the cover the slot receiver people are there every hill or whether. From oil and matchup like you can do it without getting up and side he'd gain because that's working gain the advantage you need a basketball team. As she urged either basketball team as quarters in the secondary. Matchup and the team that had that. Are the ones that create problems. You're just before lunch and just let Michael and I love each other again there love of Bruce Springsteen and everything it Taylor the what's what I've been preaching that is the raiders have got to match up better and everything at New England stewing in a you know Antonio Brown in Pittsburgh you have to beat these teams have talked to me more about Adori Jack's eyes that whole segment on them. I love the fact that you know he says he has great ball skills I worry about is tackling ability a little bit inside Michael and I don't see him go on the slot a lot I think Lee goes in there when other when he was shadowing receivers and that receiver took him right slot so dirty that tackle it's tough enough that he physical enough. It helped tackle I mean look he's smaller receiver he's not little small and so they'll tackle Arctic that guy has the unique he has opened that. Most corners have to have these exceptionally have to have now okay like basketball looked like football and basketball so you can learn so much watch in the India. And to evaluate out of football quarter because to a great rebounder basketball he's always imbalance twenty jumped for the ball. And in football quarterback to be in balance when he's in the ball down field if he's not in balance in the receiver gonna make a law. And he's not going to be able yup he's going to be on the law and order's going to be in the wrong companies that make life. And that's where you get a quarter with quite out often times that I always go vertical speed because with the size in the arm one you can accomplish. But it would the true vertical street unique burst and acceleration but most importantly these ballots. And that's what Jackson is great on these yet. Credible witness probably the quickest guy in the draft. And has great balance that he could jump on me that I can jump up that year and so. And when the ball the mayor economic plan on exactly. And so. Please support our player because he can make a play on any doubt that game but you really need and they are right great respect for what I would value understand the system that Trammell. We got to beat the team we got to play how would be a guy. You know you guys match up against the player and that's where I was so good that we need a player. Could do it and he went out out. And then that player would take it away and be occupied say to cover. You've got to on the way to get streaky come in and covered. And they got out so good that we take it back concept. Belichick and that's part of the great system you can find those the book by players because. Like anything if you just have one of the things you just throw out all in baseball well actually it's the greatest regret heartbeat court eventually got to get open. Michael Lombardi joining us he's one of the best and you're ready for the NFL draft which shall commence a live coverage for you right here and had five point seven again obviously it's going to be from the Ford theater fox theatre downtown Oakland oval let's talk about the raiders' 24 but before we let you go in your. Routes to the the niners in agriculture Bill Walsh. John Lynch uses he sees a well prepared he's got a sport all said and he's ready to roll. What do you think ultimately they able to Michael what would you do with that second overall pick for the 49ers. Well partly it would put Cleveland because anything happening Cleveland and at mile are apt to be directly to take. Extra for the 49ers. Look. Are they good. I think arms that can be really good player I think but there can be a really good player I think that job and our. You pass them on should they be and other beacons of life inside. And he can dominate the game and I think that's the way you could really go to the 49ers are building need to receiver if they take a receiver built walk. So apparently he was the king offensive football match and what he would say this to me you only take receivers on the road your team's complete. And I hope geologists hearing that in all the while to build. You only take receivers on the rescue team is complete you can find receivers you can't find out and Allan Big Three techniques like rush from the inside. You can't find god like all the problems unique player because he. He's versatile. And he can do some things I wish you a better inside out structure. But I think he's got enough skill to meet Jonathan Allen the bass player on the border shoulder pass rush from the inside 28 sacks. You can take all game and you combine it with two other relief could be put on. I think you have to make the ruling could be. Michael Lombardi we should be worth it as somebody's front office that you are working which are you working on and the ring here and all right Bill Simmons. Let it work in the but you have to create your. Angela. Opinion but yeah if you're. I had a right never take a stand just sit on etc. here forever. That's Michael Eric would like Michael ruled quickly how to excel and Thomas would it would Armstead and book of foreigners he's getting a lot of blows out here staffer. I think it would be really good at it in if he walked with a four man line and see if he's got to play and not for experiments at the church. And then on third and kick inside the problem is we would go to other guys are kind of inside Russia as well. And maybe it could go on the outside but to me that a look at Motorola does that allow the initial result of all not a dynamic structure Allen is towards being negative and believe in law. When you won a human pro football you need long and one because what happened to. To look like there is content that could result. Derek is play the two resolve with a look for a tree trees on the topic of all players don't walk in re arm. So when you play a one you've got a great arm like the cover up the gap that you're trying to cover. In terms that he and nobody pays you look at a blackboard nobody is in the gap there aren't there always spread that the and you get maligned outside so worn it's so important side like they are now out. Right from Michael Marty too outspoken or and it's a fun offices anymore he's right there are way too much you know patting itself up off so we're we're right where we're. And I can't wait to read this but we're like catching your on the ringer and I do hear you occasionally and Bill Simmons podcast and you're on Twitter we're we can. Over a moderator I'm on the ringer here and I have a ot get caught street which. You albeit usually in that regard we talk about now. Out. Like rock early and play the music in the background letter whatever you're. It 2005. And you entered ninth 1960. How to that it could. One of the room and you're 1960 locus. Or scream and the name he got correct. He would screen names out and you're like who wreck. He's everything that he worked hard line in all the time. Or I mean players are upper number remains. Well. What is it about three at the record industry like Cole I am Lombardi on and on board at a spell out what. Incredible stuff like to thank Michael thank you so much you to and we appreciate my friend are great you are. Our Michael news he's wrong thing.