Michael Lombardi

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, December 28th

NFL writer for The Ringer & former NFL executive, Michael Lombardi, joins Bonta & Urbs on the Greg Papa Show. 


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They'll bring him Michael Martin here on a football our present in my Livermore Ford was a starter Mike got a lot to get to withstand Arnold jobs rove and cute -- the other day about Jimmy garrote blown Derek Karr let's start with Jon Gruden here. Yeah there's a report over the weekend that you started to reach out to assistant coaches. So well it happened wolf John Gordon finally step out of the money and I football Booth. NBA head coach in NFL team next season and what would be put the raiders or Willoughby would consider bay Buccaneers. You know look I shouldn't have to start this season you know John's gonna always have offers to come out of boot I don't know if he's actually line up assistance and Eagles don't do that and it assistance. You know are all predicated on their contract so you can line up all you want it they have an action you're on a contract you can't get themselves. I'm not sure that that that is the reason why he you might think he's coming back I think there's obviously conversations he's made up for the Glazier family that put his name on the ring of honor. And got contacts in Tampa. He's very close to the right pace and general manager of the Chicago Bears that's certainly could be an option if you want to come back and of course you know. His relationship with Marc Davis the raider nation and what they need to fix with the quarterback situation could always be at killing some and make a decision reject a real. Hypothetically if he does come back and you've got to make its choice you have to make a prediction. Is it truly just between the raiders in the box or do you have a wild card team you mentioned. The Chicago Bears put let's assume he's coming back who do you think she would be most likely to come back growth. While I think a lot of that would be the comparability of the process you know he had a working relationship or he has one was Ryan Casey's friends with him through his days in the warlords were shot patent. So they deal with John John recognizes wherever he goes he's gonna have to have a working relationship with the general manager. Whitbeck based field this year things on the same page I don't know that would be the case in Tampa Bay winner Jason white will remain in his job that I don't know what his relationship would be would Reggie. If that happened in Oakland so I would say that you know if he came back it's going to be embarrassed and have a Wilson will advantage of the fact that. You know that got a young quarterback they've got a young team. They got the San Jose defense scored there's some really good job that's kind of talent made for what John would want a much they're not going to be the case but it does tell before. Right Michael you would think that maybe Tampa Bay survey from concern that is youngest son is going to be a senior in high school he's right there in Tampa Bay he mentioned that he made a with the blazers and the as a young quarterback endgame S Winston and a young star receiver Mike Evans would that be. The most ideal situation for John gruden. You know I think I think so you know all but you know one thing when you're when you're making this kind of money helping it really matters he can get airplanes pretty much on your own so. You know you can fly from here to there I think it's about the message if John comes back it's not going to be conflict. Bad location it's going to be about the best fit. Hey your tweet raised some eyebrows seeing you rather have Jimmy ground below didn't dare car at this point would you care to expand on that a little bit. It ought to I think it's pretty obvious I think Jimmy get through the ball and throws down the field I think Derrick has to do a better job of pole for the Baltimore last second. Head and make it the team better and others say everybody looks of this situation so as well. You know look we went through the draft I was in New England we like Jimmy as a player we thought Jimmy could be a really good player at least turned out to be just because car got all the money doesn't make you better. It just you know he had the one great year but has not sit on the show numerous times until he throws the ball down the field yards per attempt. That's going to be the deciding factor he's got to get little ball the doctrine of command colleges and took too many check downs and I think that's really. What has been happening you've got to Fiat mind set up you know you've got to be willing. To accept what he can't do what you can't be like a fan and so while we love them because he's ours I think the challenge for the raiders as they've got a huge investment in making this young man. They better player or living up to the dollar amount that they gave them. A lot closer look perfect situation with a perfect coach. In the corporate dolphins that fits his skills set perfectly. So from me I haven't really changed my mind on this thing you know if you were if you ask me attitude fourteen draft that I like car problem that I would have took problem. Michael Lombardi from a ringer and former NFL executives joins us chairman got a little like Michael Irvin for Greg problem on sale here and and a 57 again this is a full ball over presented by a little more for you mentioned to our court outdoor and a ball downfield. Take a way to see super yard touchdown Omar he Cooper a car was fourteen it's when he for 77 yards Mike and how much is the blame is much of the blame can you put on Todd downing your rookie off into court and a possible angles that Jack Del Rio or how much of the blame goes to Derek harper kind of get flustered out there early gains and refuse in the pro ball downfield. I think it's a little. Bit of everything but look I mean last year when they were doing well okay lashed here when they were. Everybody had a go onto the Super Bowl we're gonna win everything and the raiders are back on me he averaged seven yards per attempt this second here in the NFL he averaged seven yards per cap. I mean this is something that hasn't changed musgrave you know notwithstanding the change of course there's this straight out of 67. He goes to 80% agency is relatively. Lower than what pleasures of assumptions are higher but I think ultimately it's got to come to. It's gonna hold the ball we look at some of the tribal strong apple holds the ball so we'll. The last seconds. And he lets it go the same thing Tom Brady does that how you get the ball down the steel that's going to be painful it's going to be hard to do but that's the challenge of playing quarterbacks if you take the path of least resistance if you take that shut down right now. You typically don't have a big average yards per attempt that's the one thing like you have to look at his rookie season even if I thought that's his rookie season right she'd think he's gonna grow on it. Took a huge jump the next took a while up to seven point out a significant. But he never been able to improve on that since that is Greg best year ever was last year and it was still seven point oh yards per attempt. Michael is get back to Jimmy G as good as he's been this dynamic is these bears is excited as the fan base has been. I don't know that they they've seen enough of him to offer him a long term deal now got a franchise tag option. I I'd give me the pros and cons on you hit them in the French Italian. You can't base period just got that most of the goal they they got the greatest Christmas present itself. You've got to you know like at some point you know like out they have issues is that someplace got to play the game right. At some point you just got to recognize what you say that this can upload the content for pre season games right. He just put 4401. Of the best defense is and he has well. Right he just knew they had this team that really you know they should put cracks me up about fans say they do for car you know cars lined isn't playing well the receivers are doing that. You can't even name five guys on the 49ers offense I think. Yeah those are playing which he gave that that they couldn't get 31 downs of the games. At quarterback makes a difference and when you get on and you see it. You pay for. My urgent garrote larger eight point seven yards per pass attempt and my calls and Jacksonville locker room after game a lot of just like Tennessee because safe she's good for their system. He's good for their scheme they weren't necessarily give him credit they're just saying hey he's a good system quarterback. Those just sour grapes stare because he looks like he's mastered this system and he could do a lot more and other systems in the NFL Jimmy brought what is. You know what they say the same thing about Tom Brady two right so when what Bill Walsh always used to say all the time it's the system. How can we have to get the talent of the player matched the system to that talent. And when that happens people have a hard time understanding is that the talent or is it the system and so they'd say it's a system you don't whoever wins because. Played a system quarterback OK fine. That you mean you really good player. I don't really think it matters how it is I just know that that's just on the way how coaches quarterbacks the way he handles it look connection that you just look at Atlanta. Look what Matt Ryan's don't throw. Every quarterback's got to play well for Kyle and when you have unique talent like a lot logos where he can control the football and throw it on the part diet to people with people on his face. Then you're gonna have a great system quarterback. Mightily surprised that a high second round is all the patriots can get for Jimmy ground below or do you think they had better offers out there and Belichick just wanted to send them. This far away competitively as possible IE the NFC. Well you know look I mean some people think the browns spell the browns they golfers whether they retreat on sigh I think bill knew we needed to make a deal I think. Obviously clearly under sold them the plan was never betrayed him but I think what happened is it that you know nobody thought that Tom Brady can keep playing past forty years old. So the reason distress that was in 2014 it was because. The best time to draft a quarterback is when you have one. And so that was a decision that we made a New England to fight the quarterback that we thought could develop. And nurture over time and had the charisma that had the competitiveness to lead the team and play well. And you know that was the right thing fortunately time ran out Tom did something that night and they ever could happen which is play at a high level they are forty years old so. You know I've no question I have the soul of my most normal people you know you're asking me the question would you I am. It's a fair question because what happens is most people but one that didn't think he was sort of he's another Matt Cassel. He's another Brian Hoyer he's another ex patriot quarterback that really can't play you get that all the time when people don't really evaluate the take from me I'll watch them practice every single that. And I solemn and I was around a much all the offensive lineman gravitate towards them a solid leadership skills. So you know I would pay whatever color to take our senate he's worked more than Jarrett dropped out he's worth more than. Then Mitchell Robiskie was able to get and so but people just don't see it that way. Michael Lombardi from the linger former NFL executives join us is joining us here on a football are presented by liberal more formally jump back over generators were quickly because and all the group gruden rumors and the tide downy rumors do you keep their Mark Davis he handed out Judd Dario conscious decision before the season. DT org Davis would fire Del Rio eat the rest of that contract do you think that's even reasonable Michael. I think Mark Davis is sitting there look at this football team and he's put a huge investment not an object so we are pretty huge investment into our car. And he's got a reap the benefits of that investment he's got to find a way to make sure that that Campbell. How we get there you know that's the challenge of Reggie McKenzie the general manager of the team that's the challenge to the people in this from office. To help mark understands what has happened in order to get it there. Because you have this you can't the only way you win honestly jobs are open because you don't have a quarterback. Rarely do jobs open because there is a quarterbacks make us fix this situation. And I think whatever the divisive Reggie delivery device of all the people and his executive committee told I think that's what you should do money shouldn't be an obstacle. It's Jack Dario that guy though to turn around their car is he that guy to help fix dirt car for next season. Well it'll jets' defensive coach so you obviously he's changed he thought that making the move from musgrave to doubt it was the right move it hasn't proven to be correct. So you got to figure out I was there for the thought process behind it but what happened. But you know she don't really know behind the scenes but the one thing is you you can't the one thing about coaching yet take pride they take every game. So your body of works on tape and you see it and what you do. And you know you look at it you have to make decisions based on the tape of the body of work and I think the one thing they've got to do is they've got to reach. Cars get a regional level which they pay them for because it's not there right now. And energize his hired Dave cattlemen as a general manager and I just broke about five minutes ago Michael and they may be in business for quarterback. And we've heard Josh we've heard from Josh Rosen we've heard from Sam Arnold send Arnold's been on record saying hey I'll look good in any NFL uniform it doesn't matter. We see Josh Rosen set up the cactus bowl. In and say hey I don't really wanna go to a bad team wanna go to a team that's so right fit so is that red flag for GM when the going into the trash and play I got this guy who really doesn't wanna be here because were bad right now and I got a guy who doesn't care were Eagles. Well I think look this is what I believe. Yeah and I believe this that the quarterback makes the set not so much weed out when he made that comment. Like for me it's about the quarterback that's what I don't seem is that why can't people understand actually not that complicated. Coli apple made the sense since San Francisco right that shot Watson made this fit in Houston cornerbacks make them fit. The reason you couldn't reach the team needs at quarterback you don't have wanna make the fit and if you're great quarterback you make different. I just think to me to read like we're just frozen look there's no perfect situation. And whatever happens happens you gotta make sure you do the right thing and go the right place and your talent will make a direct threat. Michael Lombardi from a ring of fire and all the good stuff there former NFL executives got a book coming out next year as well can't wait for that Michael. Happy holidays happy new year hopefully we'll talk to you next week here thanks why don't you. Michael Lombardi from the linger breaking it down there.