Melissa Lockard

Rick Tittle
Sunday, January 21st

OaklandClubhouse editor and The Athletic staff writer Melissa Lockard joins Rick to talk all things A's



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It's always great to talk is baseball with someone who covers them for a living and Melissa locker article clubhouse and of course. With the Atlanta athletic is with us is while. Melissa during these hours looking at some of your tweets I know it's kind of the off season. And with your tweets you get a little more he'll he'll inject a little more of your personal feelings about things while you. Well he actually shared it. Like to have a little bit more and more fun with bank but what did not yet. Right now we have fan fest coming out this Saturday and it's always. I'm nice to get things rolling but unfortunately that's the whole rooted in Oakland thing commented get a kick out. Well and we heard that the profit colleges once it was given two voting is thought they are a little bit misled but it it wasn't definite maybe they shouldn't have announced that they were shocked that. The profit colleges says no no you cannot. How our land and dagger in the days are moving into their new front offices and Jacqueline and square it fills. I'll fans like me would dread that oh really of them all go to Vegas our wall go to Portland Iran go to Montreal. I ask how old real old should I think of fears like that or should I just don't quashed those fears. I mean in this situation and drag on for so long that it's hard not to feel nervous and that any candidate that that idea think they'd still remained very bad fasting committed to finding a solution that can work. And I don't think they've wavered from that at all and you know the new took Carl. I think they probably haven't a 100% given up on mad at option I think these things can be. Read litigated in the end we decided later on you know by college. Abort Rodman and then they may decide it economically that we're the better decision to go forward with its peanut and I thought. Another still investigating the other sites in the city and I'm I'm still hopeful that they want that they'll be able to find places that it this city want it to happen and they want to happen and that he's got to eat outside bet that wanna make it work in now. Hopefully they'll be able to get my approach. Obviously until they actually start digging a hole in the ground and that could wreck Barrera Eric in the. And and I would think or an I was surprised that air travel say the other day that that side is still alive and all I can think of was there must be. One of two approaches and wanna that would be. Like we're just gonna write you a bigger fatter Shaq or the other one would be if you just took a step back and would see that Laney college will get. Infant Casanova is amenable would get exponentially. Better have so many more amenities and so much more parking instead of just thinking about all know it's a baseball game are they gonna try to. Educate these quote unquote educators party think they're just gonna say I'll make it worth your while and got a bigger check. Yeah I I there's probably. Both sides of battle that it would have to happen minority get them out any you know a lot of that again you're right it's part of a situation where there's a volley in a little bit and decrypt that. In any of these are projects in I and other Litsch. For that step on a giant wanted to build a lot of debt exit epic that go anywhere they ended up front. The warriors had to go through it out of un understandable I mean it had to project. Are incredibly destructive when you work or live anywhere so obviously there's gonna be feeling like that. Did authority decision was made you know what made by aboard that. You know he had a group of people edit their interest are. You know where they're working at that particular time and they may not be thinking so far into the future and it they can target the picture that they they I. I economically did bid you know the college system need money and and though at the end of the day it attacked would be about it in the event our type. I think bully the and I are taking good approach that they haven't. You know gone out bad now. You know they're they're the whole situation and they haven't read it off completely at a bit the other is the relations that they take extra BP culled from that you know even if they welcome the move. At the out at oh yeah yeah I mean that I like how they've called you know Russian empire. Product in and the anti Vietnam that he had and you know I think that's that's what you mean helpful that there could be an acquisition. I love the new front office side and unfortunately there word I'm showing it to the media the exact same time of the gruden restaurants and then Alameda and I. I figured I can guess if I promise another time but the thing I love about it. Is as you know before. They had the old dilapidated ones in the coliseum and so they moved like half the people over to the ORACLE Arena. Now you have a state of the art facility and it's just something to say look we're not low budget we're not achieved. We're not old. This is new. This is expensive. In fact there's a batting cage and I know I talk a minute Brody Brazil just say let's they took some hacks Melissa did you take any tax. Now you know I I couldn't make it either avedon editing shifted the hauled it in print and got. They had the athletic guy writing and I had a baby at somebody get it back actually able published Tariq belt. I haven't seen the idea but I in the video and up I would like it's fake but accurate but a lot out there my glory days that. A well while cold but I did it by MIT had a good thing but you know I mean it I tell you it really matches what they did it or not appear to go to I think because better. Are not necessarily down there they haven't really seen the new facility if they haven't gone it's I can't Emma gone over efficient England the nightly I look like now. But you know that they went from I love seeing mini I think it was a wonderful. Well occasion and that you know then that happened no complex had a lot of charm to it got. What they moved into it incredibly thin the art there's how many marketability of the players there are either training a bench. Into equipment and his staff have you know their data they are opposite they can have a lot of art video act as a lot are out there and it bio training that they do in things like that. And though that there are sort of background development that it out of money it got toward that maybe you don't feel like that on the field in doubt it declared big eyed and and that hurt and that. You know maybe get a look at the market ability to (%expletive) they doing on the back end to that idea thank dead beat organizations as well as building up I'm from good foundation in areas like that. And putting money in play like that that they hadn't been done or they really on I a lot of other organizations are stuck. Plus a lock our from the athletics and days be right or Oakland clubhouse is said China's Hainan with him of the asylum mania I think as she really. I made out moving from Packard over there I love pop ago those those nights and the ACL. Were always fantastic let me think about in in the cactus league Gordon just about every team this seems so moved. Everybody shares. And it's nice that DA is don't have to share and now let's talk a little bit about the team because. I've had a couple people saying. And they're always fired up I don't wanna ran the pride always try to be realistic about it they say hey I think they were the Acer a 500 team. I don't think and I think you just have to look at the rotation. When you look at my nine and his ERA he's probably going to be the case you look at great men and what he did his ER is over for. And then why can't I mean Blackburn great buddy only patient Y at like eight games. Gosh it the last day of the season got five outs as CRA was over six Jesse on. As an experiment where he does one did start has three bad ones mangan was atrocious until he came back then this season and had what three amazing starts. I don't think any a's fan wants to see Al Contra back there because he's mr. goal for mall. And then I bring up Andrew Triggs who was doing well when he was doing terrible. And they got hurt so does that mean that the young stir pocket all come up I don't know I just think when you look at that rotation. And I know this might sound harsh but I do think DA is how the worst rotation in baseball so how can I pick the team with the worst rotation in baseball to go even 500. Yet amid potential under occasion I think it outright you know they have a bad year for sure left here and and there are a lot of and I got off to a good start them. Block all that weight locked locked the did not pitch well in the beginning of the year I think at the middle of the year and came back. It's an awkward BN. They mended actually and it was about five start that and really changed a lot of broached to you how he would decrypt it if it isn't so whatnot and more about. A lucky situation and I think an actual difference there I think judge Earl cotton you know it's. Which he'd seen in a moment with them and if he can figure out his sequencing I think there's a lot of potential there I. A lot of ethnic and you're right I don't they're not funny Redick you can say okay. On Geary could have counted on her made every day last year you hate about what really hate but. It did there's definitely a lot of security at it they get one of those things where. Inheriting break exactly the way that. They would lied they have the talent to put together very good rotation by. You're not answering it and what I'm you know feeling like you've got five guys talk shirt gonna be your horses I actually and I and I think there's obviously a lot to have happened in this I'll even get around it I don't know that it. I'm dumb but I really did think they'd probably bring in one veteran starter that you can now target Rich Hill got out there and it. A role that you could at least have a sense of what you're going to get tram. A man and they haven't had that yet and I do wonder if that's just because the market has spent so cragey at this point term upload. By yet I mean you know it. It could be a disaster again. But I do think there are a lot of guys that have had a track record I believe that being quite good and I love respect in and then you look at 8 o'clock I think he's the guy that. Only pump haven't AAA at the beginning of the year but. By mid eve and I need to be very realistic to see him moving into the irrigation and you know either arm that they haven't had that target special talent and maybe one Mulder and you know we're. Outback and at the beginning. As the 2000 though. I think ideally it but I think it I think I'll be better than they were last year I think it still a transition year but. They're getting closer to where they want the. I'll EI and and for me think about MP KD giving you forty in a hundred thing about the two match on the corners the entire year that's what's gonna bring. Me and I think a lot of fans to the ballpark on more question for you before particularly say they catching position also. Has me a little bit worried dad Bruce Maxwell it would always head and get near the end of the season and hitting went down. Some of the past malls like Norris like we're going through his legs I just thought maybe he was getting a little bit. Worn out not to say anything about his personal beliefs are protests hopefully he stays out of jail after allegedly pointing a gun at a a girl delivering a pizza and you have fatally who coming in the last year said all I've been set not my. Stand strong all these years and now I'm on now I know why I was getting hurt. And then he stopped hitting and then you look at darn know who was taken off the trashy I know they really like the Sean Murphy but he just was a double play. That as far as I can tell all they're gonna go live with Maxwell and fatally is that the plan. LA right now yeah I mean I Mac well you know he took a couple of shot up the back toward the end of the year and I think. That's typically they had taken a poll at the end of the cleared up any and eat healthy and you know all the legal issues search behind by a nice big you know really like what he present he can't currently meet. He brings a lot to begin calling you know he he does have a strong arm. Generally pretty good with that with the path all the things I think that again a lot of it at Buick with the shot that you talk Matt into not being. Completely clear on you know on some of those game you know mentally just what went to hold pat by. Done in by the very heat he's the guy that. And never quite fully reach his potential yet they you'd seen signs that you get on base. A little bit average got power the opposite field that that is kind of intriguing and I think in the year if you haven't shot Berkeley group back well combination that actually pretty good at nation. I'm embarking on the right side you got the power and it has the fact that it really is good that I've ever seen ironic at catcher Yankee in Roswell late. Contacted. Game well he blocks well. And need a big target those pictures really about trying to think you know he had a Pallet and look forward to. They also brought back both Taylor yeah even in their organization 2011 and had a really good year Terkel leg. And he would Miley create and they find him very early on in the off season until going to camp I think is that sort of pork Qaeda could collection of Arnault or even if sadly. And then could be some idiot did look at that. I don't I thought that they would bring and a chocolate batter and died at you know could be somebody that would would challenge for that backup. Apple in this spring and they haven't yet and again this proxy and upgrade Yemen or or to a quiet girl about getting to report date and you know have people that are available are still available so I think things could change but. At nominate uplink and they they'll look for Maxwell would be there at their main diet meant. A group that apple got India and how we still. How can working out to do. Yeah Willie I as I said you think about I'm announce some of the questions but the two mounts on the corners and and maybe what Fowler can do and senator filled and and Katie is back and there's a lot. To look forward to as well beyond the fan fest. I yeah I hope you yeah. OK if not a fight on C there I'll see you Don may said thanks Ramos and. Definitely thank you I appreciate.