Melissa Lockard

Rick Tittle
Sunday, July 16th

Editor of OaklandClubhouse joins Rick Tittle to talk about the Ryan Madson/Sean Doolittle trade.


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In our good friend Melissa lock art always love talking to Melissa and get her perspective of course she editor. Of Oakland clubhouse. And demo list so we we heard these rumors are running any of us served. Artose surprised at the rumors what are you what did you think of the return from Washington however. It calling card with trade like these have made real crime. Idea what you got act it's you know a lot of the players that are involved in deal like that are actually getting to the equally at that the are numbered years by. Are definitely try and that added admittedly a couple of years originally age it is now or allow. Had some of the most remarkable. Maybe you'll see immediately that haven't done. Yours now. You know he's got it right away and hopefully carpet. At. BP and get back and act like last year particularly dot national bullpen. On the other guys heard about that aspect that there you know goods industry deregulate being eight nation that they call up they'll bet that. If they develop the way that these well could be openly about dot crowd but you know it gonna be years now. And you know I was kind of hoping you just as a fan that they'd hold on a sunny like what's the big panic of dealing him right now but. We we went down to talk to have been a Billy before first pitch outside the locker room and he said Sunday and I don't think you ever heard him say before about a complete rebuild and I thought well that's that then Sonny is on his way what what did you think about when you heard Billy mentioned those words. I think probably depend currently at eight and started calling around at Belmont now LP would deal look like it go and back. Up back I think you know rebuild and he got a lot different ways to nearly. A hair cart. It's huge percentage of the current roster because a lot of roster are in the rebuilt at some. The veterans that are here I think you know that there's a pretty good chance that there ago that there could expand. The windows guys they have you know. Being part of their big league roster out its Arctic cat that they don't you know yet that really coming together Max Eden now. I think on the one handed out now it's hard would be watching your rebuild on the other hand. I think it was an active part Hewitt the last couple years it was it was I'm started making a commitment to wonder action. And Billy you know it's funny the quotes you saying about changing the narrative of rebuilding and not being able to. Hold on to the players and he said that he's been assured by ownership. That that's knocking that gonna happen anymore and and just for me I'm a little bit skeptical. I'd leopard change its spots that let's say Barreto becomes a 330 hitter and hits 25 home runs and drives an honor and money. I still don't see John Fisher given him a 180 million dollar contract but you do you think that. Maybe this stuff will actually change and they'll be like the Haas family and actually cut a lock guys up. Hey you know at an odd it hard to say and yet thank. Right now they don't have any players that they need to do that he'll let you know coming up on the next year or Q now. You know there's there's not and it really get past that accurately in expanding. The client is likely now. It other admonition that they would anyone but the question. Well they're probably. Actually eight for eight and and come together I hope there in a position where they. Upper include. I. It. Irk. But you know I'd it I think it it's really too early to say. You know have have really make act but acute contact you kind of look at the Dodgers in the market. All the big money in. I'm certain players obviously that are not that there's and quality captivity it topics and the guys. A lot of damage in the one at that. They didn't pay a lot of money toward that they developed themselves now. Throughout the game into that still questioning how a packed in the long term contract are. You look at the giant now you know me you know obviously they've got a lot on the player but at Pitt the credit. Our attract about it now. It declared that are a little bit pastor prime out. There's been debated how effective all that could be like you hope that there Meyer you know like rhetoric and add a comment that that they can be competitive and and soccer you know appeared on the road. One more quote Billy said was that the process has to be organic and I thought about the semantics of that word. Did you take that word to mean. Via the draft in developing young players or did you take that word to mean on the cheap. It means is it needs to happen in ways that there kind of growing it and not trying to make it happen overnight. At that make. Now there isn't going to be one trade that brings and there are going to be one draft. Let it change everybody. Outlook on the permit it gonna happen over time it happened that you all as well I mean you look at it as an organization they have. Out well they have to draft well they have China players when they GAAP and while they have out Internet. Nationally you know practically and then it got it all well and I have good people at all that spot and it got. One of the best player development at them you know and it not be back in Miami based on the cake eat. Talented people that there really talk a lot about turning Emmett to really get into declares now. If they can put that seed in the right place they've got the right people development. But it's gonna take some time and that that over right I think he would app colleague Ian and abolished not happen here and I think. But that probably more than finance that it would you are. A total of Melissa lock part of Oakland clubhouse got more questions from Alyssa. He talked about the organics and were seeing in now with Sean and I after his first six starts I mean you look. At the last eleven starts with a any RA. Under three and that's the kind of thing you say about guys like Kershaw insurers or what have you seen in the maturation of this kid so far. Yet you know he he decorate that money locating and really get anybody to pick up like that or right. Little bit lower delivery lot. He's being coming at you Albert. Park pick up. And you Smart you know that it is well I think that matter just started getting comfortable at what he was throwing you know. Being marked acted with businesses not catching too much the play would try to rest right. And yet that that and my energy up and a lot not respect art that even where at the well you know you really. Like quietly very good last year. And I think he's developing news in her top line Major League starter and it that the matter ankle and the you know throughout his career. Help at issue but yeah he had a guy you can ride a lot of in money aren't terrible issue. You know keep away from those kind of freak injury that he was having you got to build it can be at 220 innings art are. When you look at a guy like Madson and you know all the great playoff success he's had the you can see why he would be mouth watering proposition for someone to acquire him but. Of these next three names which one of them are you most surprised. At this point of the season has gone Curt Young being fired Steven Vogt being flogged off and and now Doolittle being traded. At a young vote and do how do you rate though loses in terms of while black guy is gone already in July. And probably most surprised that the little. Only because. Of how important part of the organization not dot com. What needed on the field but what he did opt appealed outlawed it in cart your nation it's every on and that it it. You know carry on did not have those relationships. He certainly did and and that you know even though one very important article about yadda it was but I think Doolittle and Ali. Sort of story at. What the organization to do require development having them I. Think that quite go the way and everybody projected beginning of their career and you represented a lot in addition to being you know are really struck out leader and a great guy or can't. Anyone that they need the kind of players that. You know it helpful any team in addition here and I think it. That it I'd made a little bit. You know I could see the value that he brings back in the trade panic at all that he'd be part of the met up goal or. A future run at while now. I get nothing really surprise me hitting. That Allen probably. At. Finally Melissa you know looking at a guy Brandon and noise as a third base prospect I'm sure a lot of people kind of thought what she's Chapman has just come up with a he's. Supposed to be there a long time in what about a outfielders that covered is the so bear. On outfielders. And then being said that he wasn't in a position. A draft for need it was almost like a basketball draft don't draft for need or you miss out on Durant and Jordan just get the best possible player at the bass upsides I mean that to me. Shows that you're really in a rebuild if you just getting the best possible players achieving yet. They all that happened a lot I I don't think that the usual at all and I think that he actually. Can play a lot of positions that you he played mostly shore up their bait I got a strong arm he Welker player at ID in the right fielder. Where they start not publicly urged. It. And where your are addition might be at your career Ashley figured it out each other that. Really dictate where you claim he came up. You know Matt cat and the guy that the people of colleague secret chart up to the never really know where you know people are and a lot out and you want to look I'd met. You think can make an impact with the bat amber Lyon. And you know have potential to be able. Around at that but at three years. Ago what you're looking at it realistically guys acted it out with sixteen probably isn't making it. Impact at that level that I'm now you know every team in there mightily at that need. Glared at the condition that. You know he's the guy that moved around a little bit and and help find a spot there and I don't think he attic up there ain't I mean I think at stake in the car out of touch it out cabins that are based iPod he get up and I don't think it means each botched. Yea thing about McGwire at third and Steinbach and Canseco third baseman and you're absolutely right about that and of course if you wanna get a look at a militia wanna drive to Rancho Cucamonga. You can see him Brandon and noise that with the imports. On now Thursday is almost the end Modesto and that's that. Banner island always great talking to Melissa Lockhart editor of Oakland clubhouse check out online follower on Twitter app. Oak clubhouse thank you so much for your time a friend and we look forward to having on again real soon. I our rights your reaction to all of the.