Matthew Steinmetz

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, March 29th
Warriors Wrap-Up Host and Co-Host of NBA This Week joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to recap the Warriors win over the Rockets.

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NBA insider co host of NBA this week. And warriors wrap up Matt Stein Mets would Jolo in bids on 95. Point 7 game starting good morning your thoughts on last night's officiating. I didn't really notice one way or the other what what was called off. But after. Second quarter was into staying Houston's 35 a 39 from the line last night that's. That they've got a player James are just like yours. And that. Of course the official. Position that they. Almost make a call every single play because he's just the man. Are packed. Some nights you're a lot about how familiar are with. Just to sports in general with somebody. You know officials. Teens give it a proper whistle from officials aren't. Let's stop the part of the game itself that aptly. Themselves really old pay attention Jude nearly as much to bear it and Morse a quick or gamblers. Yes good point sank his drama never gets teed up Rainey never Ariza any calls that you do your playwright we pay more attention in the officiating the dream on does. Well try to Mike green is now wires. And I absolutely. Agree is absolutely no wire. Or cock by. Oh. Just a doping questions I didn't expected to. You know to take that that attack it was a bit unexpected but. The other is James Michael enacted these tiny four minutes one block what impressed you the most about is for an instant. Impressive the most. Can he get correct in the was bleeding profusely. And get out an error on the locker room get themselves pitched. Most routes. I didn't think in the agreement to play area yet block shots. Minutes which yeah. Yes 359 according to my official box score one assist one block he was a plus seven both have pretty back before mentor and a. Very tackles for him absolutely actually get out of art couple aren't right now or it. Yeah a surprise lottery pick. What to expect out last night. A good defensive stretch as they get a point where they really needed it. And if that doesn't plus seven are really tough for me. Sure sure plus seven and it was second you. That it would dollars output steady but correct me. Occurred the trust non but yeah that he lets get some you know it's a basket by an icy. Yet they can stop debating now. You know that's. Sure sure. It would about the three ball last night and you know we look at the rockets they're one of the best three point shooters in the game. What was the biggest thing to do biggest difference last last night. For the non production they really didn't have that three ball falling. At all stems from the way the wars can guard James. Klay Thompson at odds are it would ala. And then you can throw it there straight mongering. And James Michael back it is sometimes it switched out. I can't imagine that scene in the NBA and better. At defending change part. So it's they're the change our. Really well that means they're contrast is more shots. It because it's such a nice job or apartment penetration. Either way it. He tried to make the move they'd have to it's all. Shooters. Didn't agree that other moves you do because. They can do such good individual double Orton match. That's what I think and so. Neither does it take a shot that I think a little tougher than normal or just because it darted. I try consider Iguodala. And that I think if you don't make a pastor make a play to a record shooter. They're to open as they are against other teams because the warriors don't have L. Quite as much against hard because their individual beat against him so good. I mean that's about Syria are. I think about this last night. The warriors have sold any players. They can have the same James Harden I think it just where now. I really do and I think over the course of the seven game weird that there's a difference in our warriors. Will be defused the rockets at a certain game more. And so tired of waiting game. Forty himself because he controls so much of the game but the war got away defending him that just makes you so difficult. Did you record he got well nearly perfect gay. Matt Stein mats would Jolo and Gibbs on 95 point seven the game when derail went down. Andre Iguodala. Prior to that but mostly after that really stepped up into his game to another level he's in a contract year what do you think the future holds is there any way the warriors will find a way to retain him next season. The great question and maybe maybe play himself contract the war right now. If you RG yeah. You're watching Iguodala let's say the first step in the year. You would say yeah okay. Really. The player used to be. And consistent anymore but if you watched him the last six certainly. You're GM's thinking. That player right there can help me. He can help me a big way I'd question are there to sell the news. Oh so real is this can string together two Dorsey and what are able to work it out to were so marred. I Togo. I don't know what could it be keep Iguodala anyway keep there were. At least play it like it's and it's going to be. Are going to be double up the other the other. He goes on its last contract can nodes in this is probably had it yet. A three year deal so. A player like that it's not likely to take a state where a specific team I think he's more likely to take. As much as you can get a outlet start tracked. Your in my dream nineteen and nine during the game but headlines made afterwards Danny with his comments about the raiders moving. To Las Vegas sayings fans shouldn't go or that he wouldn't go to future. Oakland raider games would you making his comments and do you think they'd Jamont green should should stay in his lane and not worry about other sports and relocation. No doubt at all I think we're about bringing them out. The bit about approaching the next two years is what were all they about. And how we're gonna approach the raiders did you have an Oakland I would and Oakland. If they go past few days look at what marketed. I didn't go to anymore raider game I you to go to one or two a year my raiders. I don't want I say. Cheney about giving this guy in this organization anymore my mind absolutely not leading. On the other hand. I'm sick of myself you know what I really enjoy myself out at the raider games integrated environment. It to dole Lotta people everybody's friendly. So I would I wanna. Take that away from myself why what I would not enjoy that pleasure just because somebody. Would somebody else and you'll actually say what yet assay is incredibly. A lot full. And I do normal credit for and I give him credit for saying this is the way you feel that way he's got to you'll. There's a wrong answer. I think if you say I'm never on raider game again. You have the absolute right to do that attic you say you don't want it. I'm not gonna let. Mark Davis take away my choice for the next two or three years I think that's very stared GO two I I think what he's said woods woods. Right on the money to tell you truth for the way he felt. Well sad NBA insider cohost of warriors wrap up an NBA this week. Mets and Mets would Jolo Indians are five point seven I guess yes nine. Two out you won via Pennsylvania high school state championship. Some. Day. Hey hey GO school to like four out. It could be a lot college in reading high school reading and so they. Were the first state championship and school district. Reading joke or basketball. You'd. I'm. Reading PA hope with a double. Great call in a refurbished stadium in the draw very well. Cities dumps died thanks for joining us we appreciate it we look forward to it next week oh art yeah.