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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, April 10th
49ers Insider for NBC Sports Bay Area joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss Tremaine Brock's domestic violence case as the Niners have cut him from the roster.

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He covers the 49ers for NBC sports Bay Area Matt mail go joining Jolo in dips. On nine B five point 7 game Matt good morning the news out of Santa Clara over the weekend which remained rock starting quarterback was arrested. Charged with the domestic violence. Incident. John Lynch wasted no time sending a message so is it safe to assume that character is gonna play a big role in this roster construction. Yeah absolutely he utilized a package knowledge about this is during the off season and he knows it. You know a year now actively Korea roster. 53 man roster or in the offseason and ninety roster will solely with with choir. Unique EE especially early on anti did what they've tried to do is they talked a lot about changing the culture of the forty matters. And the name added in the message that that it's not as good lie. Over there in some cases there are going to be second chances. And wanna say and it healed just a few weeks ago I've been hearing that it would remain Brock was one of the guys. That they were talking about. As far as the contract extension you know he's not a bad player he's he's I think he's a guy who can be witty and cornerback on a winning team. And you basically the only real experience at a deposition. You know. Relatively young. He audited Rashard Robinson started it last year. The quarterback on the team who's started the but it the next most. Is gone Pete Johnson a guy who really hasn't done a whole lot in three C companies started six games mostly due to injuries. So now. One and that the goal of this team looked happier reposition it'll be for the draft. And you go into the draft and you just improve on what you already have now I think the screeners at the look at it like. That they capital spot. In the draft you know at will Redmond. Didn't play last year it may adopt a job at opposite Heatley there and I'm not sure that you can look it. At what their roster right now. It can't be clear with any certainty that they haven't NFL caliber. Us to NFL caliber starting quarterback. On the rosters so output immunity in a difficult position to the leak out of the draft. Matt what kind of message is this into the locker room throughout does a premium to up the locker room that hate. There's a new sheriff in town and this the way we do on business yeah how much was that message sent by John Lynch by this move. And it says goes to show you that hey John are make and it sure is a shot caller. Yeah I and so he I think what he did aptly says that. Then you know they they had been laugh activity. You already knew all multiple. Run in that all the met multiple planet before the 49ers. The old 49ers took a stand there. Ian Bruce Miller. You know the incident last year move with him was widget so egregious. That you know that they had no choice. It and you know dental and questions about due process. Finding out what really happened from the time that that Robert odd overdue in BC Bay Area. Route reported. That Jermaine Brock had been arrested in Wasilla Cassidy. It took less than four hours for the 49ers to respond will remain Brock has been released so. Nurture what and it. Due diligence. An investigative work they did this year. But I think that message is clear that others they're not saying any ease is guilty of the crime. But at the very least I think what you're seeing is that there are things a he's guilty. Up putting himself in a position. That he shouldn't have put himself and especially. With the opening of the opt in program. Just right around the corner if you want guys who were wholly committed to football and who are did you eat things off the the field. That could it impact. And their perfection. And it actually wing you know your earnings windows and player. It's so tight that's so narrow lecture weren't that Neil and you've just like forever. I mean he really think about me just chaotic or to focus on being a football player. It's actually. You win you're so close to really starting peaking at the program and and a guy like a mean rock guy who's been around in the NFL. And has some experience. Gilbert the team picture was looking to him to be a guy who could really. Help. Bold did these group of young quarter sold. You're you're probably holding a dialect to a higher standard. It'd if you could guide that people kind of gravitate toward among the quarterback in the the corner of that locker. In he's not doing is is there and now he becomes ill and negative. Instead of the positive that they expected to be here wanted him to be there and you shall in the door in you move law because. You know these guys. Aren't necessarily billing toward that the oh yeah they are at Ottawa in game no Palestinian want to win as many games he can't this year John Lynch doesn't want. His first year in general in the year ago that 214 he's. But he you'd they're also realistic. That. You know 2017. There can be brought. In. You know the they're trying to build this thing up so did in 2000 to have seen his. Is better than what in 2016. Before that that also this group arrived. At all though. Building toward 2008 team you know we in the house. Theoretically their franchise quarterback and in 2090. Win win that franchise quarterback could be in his second season in the roster better. In their more talent around also you know you're not ruling war. The next few months year you're building something that you want to stick and it will be successful Walter. Matt is it safe to say that that they won't be interest in drafting Oklahoma's Joseph makes and who obviously had a very violent incident in his past. Yeah yeah I would not. But yeah. It is they haven't said either don't know I don't know that but maybe helped make our company through the next couple days. Or you want that. But beyond acting he needs you have to look at every situation individually. I do know the Jill makes it will not be the 49ers local Cody barker. It's well so I would be Wednesday. You know whether whatever that. I'm sure they've done the homework on him. And I'm sure that it the only done the homework on on hundreds. Of draft eligible guys. Some probably at the checkered background that they are keeping on the draft board. Or their priority tree in board and others went with checkered background lecture they they did Mitt dismissed out of hand I would think. Debt. That they would have to think long and hard and I would be. I I guess I would be surprised if he was on the track or just because. Of the message that it stands in and help public. That incident was in the aftermath of that it took so it would surprise me. The key word but I can't say definitively that he's not. Forty niner insider from NBC sports Bay Area Matt mail go in Jolo Indians. On 95 points in the Matt thank you every time we appreciate it. Have a great week we'll catch W so.