Matt Steinmetz

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, April 25th
Co-host of the NBA This Week and Warriors Wrap-Up joins Joe, Lo and Dibs to talk about what's next for the Warriors in the playoffs.

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Let's go to Stein Mets this match. Sign mats NBA inciting catch him on warriors wrap up after each warrior games also NBA this week over the weekends study good morning thank you for joining us how is everything to you today. You're. Talking about woods. Now long answer. Okay and you said pop ago. I those were two weeks Doral but now that were really diving into the science here let's hear it app at a. I well. And I we look we all these guys are shorter than I believe or be on the now. Intact at this Clark Cody. Our producer right before you said that jumped into our ear pieces and set SS. Gotcha. Yeah. Or so look what you have another segment. After -- I always produce eggs and did any thoughts on who could be the fourth I'm not long answer more man would be tough to I'd just thrown out there without some good Cogent thought I would hate to diminish the mountain with just an off the top of my hand answer so no I don't have your right we don't want it cheap in the debt we now in the debuted at the visitor parties have achieved it. If he wanted to go out and going more outgoing more complete the best in my view if you wanna go you Google I appreciate that. Thank you well I asked tiny. Would you rather see in the next round jazz clippers what makes a better matchup for the warriors moved forward. Oh. Well if you're if you want the warriors to win the title you wanted to be as easy a broad route as possible so what would be the easier route through the next round. I think you would be clippers for sure. And I wouldn't sit there like written would have gotten hurt even though the warriors I'd be the first century ta. Because even if Griffin could tell you name it up play in the warriors. I didn't think it would have been in competitive. What that exactly mean I'm not sure but then they might get beat won't want. I think. There would have been pretty there were some close games in there. Now without Blake Griffin. I mean there's just no there's no. It's hard to find ways that they possibly beat. The you know what the warriors. Who were street corporate tent straight sides and their works and there the report where the clippers. Blue or the warriors staged a great comeback or or something like that. So. I don't think it will what is. They are not true to their partner. Is it this year what are they won a couple of days I realize people at that point they can't win. But what I'm getting ice scenario we'd like grip it which could have been competitive cheers not any longer. So against the jazz though you see a competitive series or is it really no competitive basketball on the horizon until Western Conference finals in your opinion. Well I think it'll be more competitive what you saw but I'm not sure. I'm Fletcher would that mean behavior can you talk. He's going to be well you call it like a closer series just because gains would be more low scoring. Chances are the warriors have less highlight reel pike place just because big game won't get up and down like the Portland series. And they do present some some different kind of challenges. The jazz. But I. You know again and I just so I don't see the warriors we've beaten more than a game or two hops and any urgent urgent. The collective media Q and their play up a plane eclipse you can tell. They'd been itching for this. Part of this season scholar. And they got a real good discipline job of playing out entire regular season. With beer professional it was really all about getting these year. And now the third year they are just totally locked in because. They they wanna win a title and they want to exercise what happened last year. And that that's I think they're they're on top of their game right now and even at the game with a bit in shock to their. You know they're not they're not playing well they're going to be played hard most of the time that's gonna win a melodic game suited shelves. Well and then when you talk about the warriors in just a way they're going about to win their business. This adolescent surprises we know that I think he's done well besides me keel who stood out to you in who showing you some things that we you know how. They've shown you a part of they games did not they had again they haven't cam and of aid ship but. Who showing you a lot you know far as a backup broke it truly shown you a lot on this dobbs team. Well it would now has been incredible last two who would have marched. In essence the warriors. Have. The force superstar. But now they've added Andre Iguodala from about thousand. Well which would result stellar year but he 2013. Point it and it would dollar player in my mind the best basketball at its four year career. I think Golden State I don't know why it happened now they're probably. Good reason with with a contract a monopoly. You know that transparency to because we're still talking about guys on MBE two years ago like. That spare time characterize the contractor I've got great moments that's clear which part of it. But I mean you use to give orders in essence of football star right now. And that on the other side I would say pats or. The fact it is second round pick. Dating playoff minute Golden State Warriors and handling it really solidly. I think he's a very good sign for the warriors who were users animal life. Ot I don't I added a line in front of me but I know report being turned the ball were tall oaks and enter little stuff like that. Is what. Great seeing you know didn't turn the ball over the whole series and won game. In particular we ought to remember seagate game Willard. A little bit of trouble when you don't play. Those are to such huge contributions. From a second round pick in first round playoff series in the NBA excel I would say macaw right behind now. Ian McCaw actually hasn't turned over the ball at all in the series and in other better news dining I found the fourth person for the mount on the heels of. Of that another answers. I don't give them use diet. No change. Done now hybrid are rejected. Us. It back in fact when we play by Jack. Undue 45 minute aren't acting to admit though that about. I sit going over a minute I start rapid enough. And the reason to get him on TV I try to take radio. Right up for example on get up about 43. Out and give it back sneaks. Or he can now obsessed. I apologize vote you know how these amount to work once it edged ads on its. It's a lock baby congrats you're in the Woodrow Wilson position. That list of mount long answer more Mets sign that week Joseph blow in bids on 95 points and the Matt congratulations on the success it's a big thing to be on one of deadly amounts. Legislation that now moving forward hopefully may be will be able to get you off if you don't have either but. Had enough those things are etched in stone like it said. Real. I. Think it's gonna come on just gives one word answers terribly abused thanks to Heidi you can see your. I his stepbrother.