The Chris Townsend Podcast
Wednesday, October 11th

Matt "Money" Smith on the keys to a victory against the Chargers. 


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I talked to Matt money Smith was Stanford cal big game at Stanford. And I remember he was doing play by play and I remember they had like got. Matt then play hardball every unit was like pouring rain. That was a few years ago right. The salad days then yeah I heard heard much and I love. Stanford football and doing games there wouldn't agree modeled Leland Stanford stadium they. Didn't think about national radio for their boot short so the national broadcast goes up on the roof with all the fancy folks in there are cardigan sweaters and it was a bit of inclement weather that night updated because it it wasn't my worst effort. As Stanford. Organ played there in the nineteen in the forget and they wore all white uniforms which still bird numbers. Oh he could not see from that I happened that was. Was not fun. Now while you you've been knocking it out in Southern California from radio on the NFL network and now Dylan the oh Los Angeles charged furlong times it's great to have you on the program once again and you know I just watched a little bit of the chargers. And the giants. And the coach's film came out last night and I'm seeing in Philip Rivers. Under center they're run and power the first touchdown play action. Thrown it sits at Gordon I'm I'm like you know what that's an offense that you know there and rhythm. I I was very impressed the record's not very good but Philip Rivers and a talent for that offense is would even see with the chargers. Different this week was different just because a run blocking I mean it was easily the best thing for Joseph Barksdale and I think he's really struggled on that right side especially in run blocking that's why the numbers had been so anemic now. I'm not quite sure exactly what they did you know approach was pretty that would say you know like they actually coaches just kind of short completion huge cliche riddled. They and he just said they simplified things you know we challenged some guy but we're owed for everybody can get challenged and I think there was also some challenge the Melvin Gordon. There was a lot of talk about often tackle following that 35 yard run on his first carry in his career. You know where you recognize that that does not Alain gap that it was slated to go through what an opening cut back to the middle. You know shoot the linebacker out renegade to that I try to download a little bit of the notice to Melvin Gordon. If you read harder than I've seen a run not about to do it didn't go all the way back the last year when he nearly at a thousand yards and it was the hardest most violent that I can Melvin Gordon run I think that sum up what you're talking about. A lot of play action that was very effective and you know what these pass catchers. Keenan Allen in honor Henry W Gordon's great pass catching back you know Tyrone Williams and if they get Mike Williams this week. On that can be very deadly. That they can really get that thing go on. How do you assess thus far told through Philip Rivers played because it seems like from the outside. I mean I get to see him more than an. Average casual fan because the raiders during their division always loved Phil rivers game but from a lot of casual fans panel looking immense I don't know. Inconsistent flighty. A hot head not a winner I disagree with that to give it. Jimmy did 2017. Season thus far and not so for him. Yeah Mike I think it. And I beat it there are those moments you know he's he's been really good you know he's got a couple three touchdown game. He'd let them back you know with Denver very hostile environment had a monster fourth quarter. Against the Broncos set them up for game time field goal obviously against the dolphins. You know chips are down note the run game is just not going that all the dolphins vendors can back they're coming after him he's escaped in the Russian making things happen but at the same time. You kind of see that that that all bull in the game against the Eagles on the first possession you see them constantly kind of find themselves and holed that he's got to dig out of so I think verb the only thing I would say about Philip Rivers this year vs yours past that that I call these games can seem like it's taken of a minute ago warmed up. And that the only thing I've noticed I mean second half late in games he had been absolutely. Lights out. And then still looks like he's got it and I think. That the offensive line Burke for the challenges that they've had. He's at least up right he's not taken a lot of hit you know what it did at his age that's probably important need to be rushed a little bit. He's taken a one year there but I think for the most part he's pretty close to the Pro Bowl you know borderline and I think probably likely hall of Famer. You know that he's been purpose that the great majority of his career. Let's face as we all get older it's takes a little longer to warm opera has really it'll. Yeah. Exactly chargers rookie wide receiver Michael Williams so dynamic. The number seven overall choice and it clumps and I has not been around looks like he's practicing it is it possible he will play in this gamers is so did say some time. It's hard to tell what I talked to Tom let's go he said look Matt honestly. We I have no idea where that Adam Schechter report came from I just don't know. And then the which I tried you know I think he said that regardless. If this same time you know sure there's not really a reckless. Reporter. You usually got that from somewhere and then williams' cat been practicing with the team they limited capacity out for about two and a half weeks. The it's an interesting week to bring him back because they pretty much set October when this first being when this thing first came up. Sold this kind of falls right in line with. What we were told you know about 56 weeks to go. And so what people care who bought all lined up for him to come back to date. Rivers was asked about him how do you look and and not that you would expect and say I would terrible I don't know what the hell we were thinking with a number seven did let. You know keep it was very detailed. About catch radiance about how quick he is blatant and how he was she being defenders and how important it again. You know in those third down that they had trouble converting all season long you know the chargers are one of the worst teams say converting third down. And that was something you specifically brought up if you wanna great things about him if he's just some of the nobody uses body to shield the defender so I got to crown and that thing and there. You know quickly he's really good at that and and I thought that was just. That purple whatever region that kind of stood out to mean that that it was more big game plan and staying in and Phillips mind. Michael yeah I don't I don't Holland and use him this week because this is what we struggled wit. Matt let's go to the defensive side of the ball a whim 67 dates round pick who's the quarterback into being successful. He's lauded and everybody knows his name like Tom Brady. When it's a safety who is passed on by every team through seven rounds and ends up being instead you don't hear a whole lot about him. But this guy just signed a four year 22 million dollar deal. Julie hill is it today or doubt. I di Leo it I yeah. Why why is the general public not clued in on what is a disguise. Yeah I'd you know I think part of it is probably because the numbers are great for the chargers defense that the whole wanting to I think it's also because truly boasted Melvin Ingram had been so good. And certainly draw the attention but you know they called the hit man he is dead in the box safety that will solve. He's also got the defense skills. And coverage. I know you all those cliches nose for the ball. He's been great the one challenge has been just either didn't Tre Boston to get really comparable in this covered three scheme or. You know whether or not trade. Kind of got those skills you know the dispute and look who had this still have no problems right that just single white BP. And I think that's been the challenge back there are so I think because. The secondary hasn't been you know what we had hoped it would be out there should say what most had hoped it would be in the preceded when they are projecting a guy capable out of one side TP Hayward who led the league in interceptions on the other. This big meeting safety man betrayed bought in can just be. Lead average. That's going to be a special unit. I just got blown to hack you know went for a went down and he was never right. Back there and with trade struggling a little bit in that role I think that may be overshadowed. You know how good a guy has been. So far this season you know it worked out last week the trade got the interceptions so maybe that that you know. You to get a little bit more shot this week at the week before TP Hayward was really good in coverage and get five passes defensed. Robin would pretty much glue on and I'll charge jeopardize the whole game. And so I think you know if they went a couple more games. Chances are he'll he'll start to get a little more shot because you're you're absolutely right that he's been making plays out there and you know what Detroit has been really good at that it just. On thirteen these undrafted college free agents. You know from the oldest one on the team. In audobin I'm in Austin and and Antonio Gates to the youngest one this this you know back it's gonna spell Melvin Gordon are the network. But it died it seemed that that that category do just that they've been very good scouting department finding those particular players. Matt money Smith Jonas Rihanna Chris Townsend show 95 point seven game and Matt when you get ready for the raiders. When you start looking at all the numbers and you see two and three you see the lack of offense how surprised are you. Very. I've been abducted you know that that just got a plate and a mighty you know the other job at fantasy football show what an NFL network. That it's crazy to me that this offense has struggled in. You know it I do not expect it to look like it did in Washington I wasn't ready for that just because this. This was arguably the best offensive line that we saw update that Dallas Cowboys right in the league last year. It was you know when when you're when they decide assembly and an Hudson Mary did you know couple years then I'll gauge reaction was great. It is just deal that's what you look for when that old line can coalesce and I'm a big fan of Derek hearts. I assumed that it was you know I think what I had said on that day you know one on the shows. You know undrafted raiders I want Crabtree I want Cooper does. You know what that defense in the struggle but I think they're gonna have in the secondary they're gonna be winning games 3128. You know 3431. That's what I thought I would see. And to see them struggle to feed it dropped come back and haunt Cooper again after they went away last year. IPod Jack and I think cook's been pretty good. In his role just been kind of up and down I think the biggest surprises just inept offensive line and how leaky. It's bit and it's almost like the film on Washington came out and everyone just followed suit. And it's supposed to that is being real dominant pass rush so it'll be interest in the that's going to be the key. I think that's going to be the key battle in this game is how good Melvin Ingram. Enjoy boat there have been vs an offensive line unit that was so good last year and he'd lead last year and has struggled thus far. Always great to have you on the program we will see you Sunday at the coliseum for some raiders and chargers I'll Ludacris.