Matt Miller

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 26th
NFL Lead Scout for Bleacher Reports to share his thoughts on the Raiders 1st & 2nd round picks remaining unsigned, his expectations for Solomon Thomas & Reuben Foster, and if there are any sleeper teams we should watch this season. 

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All right he's the NFL lead Scott for Bleacher Report you can follow him on Twitter at NFL draft scout one of the best minds in the business Matt Miller we Jolo in dad's. On 95 point seven the game mag good morning thank you for your time we appreciated. Let's jump right into the Oakland Raiders and their rookies. What are we getting them once they eventually get on the field and quarterback Darian Conley and safety Obey Mel final. Border law currently I think you're dating ones he most technically that quarter to come psychology bailout might be linked to. Incredible. Awareness I mean you under they have alignment in that and the leverage. How to play the ball. Often I don't want to acknowledge and correct me outlawed currently at. Marco more aptly. Hollywood. And he reminded me a lot of and the dog and Lugar are up it can take on the impact of public or a year ago. You know program. Well it that you have the Atlantic over the ball on the tremendous. And I'm so glad they're putting green it in our corner. Because that you are about around. And there are some talk about maybe it would put corporate companies began tight but. What I watched him not nuclear power and apple on bill did not apple. I think he did make a comment apple you know Cadillac I've read that you Cobb I did not see a guy who's. All I did the one who understood how to whether it on to make on the dominantly you'd expect from a guy who. I think it would be equally on the the only talk about them. There are critical of lol oh really he didn't need coaching there. So how much does that impact the raiders as far as what they wanna do in the secondary considering neither player right now. Is it camp you're saying that Conley has a better chance to play catch up then all of then now. On the fund does. They'll become probably I mean come coming out of well how well their coach the level of competition you play. And you could look at that good feedback they've turned out you're gonna. Our remark is that note I think Connelly is and what quote quote ready and he could be you know Davis. Cup live traffic here. Like digger currently in the mix early on I think we'll let you know you'll league. This year. So they're not gonna go well at all all law that the old. On the other side I think corner like he definitely the portrait you hope they make an impact though. I mean hopefully will eventually you know maybe he'll get by but it will go on what is. A legal situation because it odd in the quiet up that point. I couldn't beauty hordes of both. If Vicki said Davidson he they'll get slotted here you're drafting you're slotted you slid slid into us spot. Is it because these guys have the potential to play this year in that they did they're gonna. Many played this year that's what ages. Hold amount is it is it more for the incentives likely not to be earned so they think they're getting more play time so why wouldn't they sign you know you got to not one so. What in your opinion and when you talk about that report. I that there's you know there's no hold Al. You know quorum call you'd be because all over pot belly putting more money like bumper on it. Look you guys doing it all out because. It about if order of the vote be paid. It was the number of equipment that you know probably would only work it all blow but you have no reason. I'd be Altria not in the field I think what Connelly in light in the team waiting until. Essentially cleared. Up by police in Ohio and make it okay you look at all of the net. The other of these might be charged with anything catalog cover career a little bit about Apollo have liked it like. There. There's no re create these activities. The only check out there that I can think of that budget. He's one of only four players it's the two raiders Conley and Mel fund will. Do wide receiver at a Tennessee. Corey Davis and the port one Solomon Thomas Thomas which is a perfect Segway tells about solid Thomas once he gets I would of the niners get. Man I agree out structure at neglected by. I was a little late public how it bootleg or all wore those you know you Cutler when your when your might. I can't hear them out and the that hampered him get pampered. I'll go on the technical. With their political real deal I mean it he told me. That he's not a big guy but neither parent double and he pretty good and I think you can often compared because the how quick he used the gap I'll pull all glory years and during the important decrypt and neither was on. Art but it solid common now lineup. At that three technique position. And he connection that gap between the guard tackle over and over again. There there's nothing hole in the back having. Eight and back this year I think there and you can also put in a pack is quite an event. On the field. And to be and he's going to be and and that impact the mean it. Let's enjoy the impact of the chartered by here on the part of that after the nine the. I couldn't do Timorese avoid dogs that guy's quick he's strong he's physical Alex Solomon Thomas so much I think that the niners really got it Jim in that draft. A lot of the quarterback to people solid college and you know he plea Alabama. So Watson didn't go as high as I thought he should have. What do you think he's going to bring to the Houston Texans it is this guy want to take this team to the playoffs. Thought I would want the to get it and it's funny like you know he was my number two quarterback. But you go into a perfect couple while with. You know they have they have the Altman to learn it you know they spoke little like you were court last year and that you know that Ingraham. They have an emerging call it the blind they have a good run. I could watch that Rick how greed that is taken in the play out in the outlook due. Block out the color out of the recorder I don't want it coming and you know maybe he'd have. Rookie of the year type of Portland. He could be a solid enough driving that ship you know would not turn the ball over. They played the arbiter he did in the opposite their lack of we don't get enough yet another build it why. So you don't have to be probably the quarterback and you win nine analyst. Why does it I think it on the quarterback last year wrapped he would definitely. Mode ready could become right now. Agreed with that assessment Matt Miller Jonas are not a 57 the game what other team as we head into camp. Are you most excited to keep an ion as a possible surprise here in 2017. Although the that is what the topic all by the outcry anymore but it market more healthy. I'm telling you guys yet that I've been talking quarter reckoning though early this year. He doesn't turn the ball over here incredibly accurate mark and now he has web with. Adding Corey Davis with adding aired that young well and put one of these you're better to have a deep and talented backfield. Arm. So excited that mark in New York I mean might we got done. Give of their little it will all have structure they need guys that haven't gotten up. They needed or Jack in the this year but I am so about that and the deal. Matt Miller NFL lead scout for Bleacher Report would Jolo in bids on 95 point seven the game. Back to the niners for a moment there's some speculation. That perhaps fourth year running back Carlos Hyde may be a surprise cut by the in the training camp. Joseph Williams running back get a huge tall was selected by the niners in the middle rounds. Is he the type of guy that might be ready to handle a big workload for the niners should they need that early in the season. He could you know. And I would generally the public to mean is it that it walked away on the team. That the that the concerns from what heavily. And he had. And note the region that he wanted to be aware. That the big. There. And I think Kyle all the way you want that out I don't want one because we don't need support I. Like. You know he could go back and I think it'll Kyle well they're going to be incurred a lot happening on the table like I'd like. Oh in the area of my candor and who we're turn out well monitored and I don't know to wave them like people that you can at least it according to them and if some I haven't that you guys was draft because typically the popular vote. But currently being a partner to partner it would call upon it tell. And so when you have guys have bought. They're healthy he's not it could could. That makes you work and and and I would try to clean cut and if they're different directions. I out that would that would Tomlinson to a Kyle where I work out so you can't be the guy who's. Ultimately hurt you have contributed. Follow him on Twitter at NFL draft scout NFL lead scout for Bleacher Report Matt Miller. We Jolo Indians on 95 points of the game Matt thank you so much for your time this morning terrific insight as usual we look forward to duty and down the road. A report.