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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, April 26th
Giants Insider from NBC Sports Bay Area joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss the 49ers #2 pick, his thoughts on Myles Garrett, and how many QB's he thinks will be taken in the 1st round. 

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We're very happy to welcome in the extremely busy at this time of year. Matt Miller NFL draft lead writer for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter at. At NFL draft scout and downloading his podcast the stick to football podcast at new episodes each Wednesday check out episode one with quarterback Mitch Robiskie. And get ready for episode two featuring Ohio State's human joystick Curtis Samuel gotta love that downloads subscribe on iTunes. Or tune in Matt good morning and thank you for your time. Let's jump right in the next the thought process is miles Garrett number one to Cleveland what do you think San Francisco's gonna do it number two. That aren't record now because the good of neglect and Wagner up and number two overall pick because it is that we normally value. Quarterback pack and then. There's not one would take high this year so what I am doing my doctor about all morning. I would the ball out of Mel Hewitt and number two spot on which. Maybe you surprise people I think it was about players. And the company does it impact. Not only beat the crap that I think he could be. Early on in that group global at all growth. And Judy from that they thought. Matt when you take a look at sullen young man from Stamford. We talk about a guy they can play that three to five the wide nine. You see the most complete game ready offensive lineman or weaker word do you drink hump in this draft. Is it because of the vote coated letter of them the production. And ultimately up you know what it does break out only been together. But I think look importantly the on the personal character that you know that you're getting a guy who's going to be great locker. Very good effort. Quite the rendering that B fighter on the outline but that all though when you have the one that date without impacting you know trying to block that. It's a very very hard thing to deal because it could be a point where that could be at war. Let it drop it and beat you with power. I think that what makes him such and intrigue crop but it could stand up play out on record he could put it and the Berkeley you know he could have all local. Because of the cold during that. A lot of talk leading up to this draft about Mitchell trim risky being possibly the number two pick overall of the niners' do you think he will still be. The first quarterback taken or is all of this been a giant smokescreen and that the Shawn Watson will in fact be the first QB off the board. I think they're open to me about. Which one will be. I'd I would commit your record back up the board and the browns trading up to him at the public pick. What I think you're incredibly awful as of right now. You know there are seeing lobbed a lot and there are things that think he's a player you know they would like there's the big divide and I think company. Part of the scenes that need to quarterback middle of the child you typed it in the you know double outlawed or don't need to right away and they like it they're definitely the gap out there. Opinions about him and it. You know lack you jerk off. I know people backed off that now the year ago at all like the dependable scorer and the issue is whether the war. At home or watt. Or David Webb shot like there is. Like no one. There everyone agreed. NFL draft lead writer for Bleacher Report Matt Miller we Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game. Trip purely selfish gambling reasons how many quarterbacks DC going in the first round. A world war would have been over in yeah. Yet by. Yeah and you know it is probably picked it up late book around but I think that. Could this one home multiple in the crop it and move in the may be a welcome back to basically. Debate it. Well among they would put it in they cope with you know that that occurred when a tree back up what cornerback. They're not copy in my room at the Venetian because I'd like my smile I'll tell ya. Oh yeah absolutely Herat. Straight degenerate mode right now with a day did it's not gambling if you know you're gonna win and I tried to explain that to you. It's just really an investment that the raiders gambling ostensibly on Marshawn Lynch. The expectation is they that he'll officially Inky zeal what does that do to their draft board and where do you think they go with their first round selection. An Asian signature we're all on love mark I know he's an Oakland guy in the city. Very welcoming. I'm still not sure he is this year like it. You know it that the public leaping at the football all that it be city actually comment would be. In no way to go is he going to be an impact I would look at it. You don't need. And let you feel great about general martial art in and got reluctance and how they weren't owned by airplay economically. What about that turned out the looked horribly. Maybe at four I would grab pulling back like yeah appointment of equaling puck out of Toledo maybe logic you are almost like I think their own. The running back and upgrade guide and of the war are acting like your show on Twitter orbit then later there are a lot of Harwood Joseph nick and out of Oklahoma. Well more apparent than probably any other team in fact though. I would say that the good chance that and I know they got it in. Not picking players would abuse against women in the act they have spent way too much out of it but there to at least not become strong consideration to pick. Matt Miller Bleacher Report Jolo and is 95 point seven a game Gary and Connolly the cornerback out of Ohio State considered by many to be a first rounder but the news comes out yesterday of the sexual assault investigation. Taking place in Cleveland from an incident that occurred in the middle of April what do you see happening to his draft stock come tomorrow night. Right now I have him on it it did such a typical situation and you try to divide the ball berth with the Brooklyn and it is really hard to do it it true you know. Hopefully you're locked up and who care about what it is not true the allegations are true. Did that question but his career because he's gonna go from a top pick in draft pick potentially on practice and it reminds me a while now. You know it depicting real body at the top player the week before the draft. Police pointed out to them about a young ladies that. There were. At Auckland it but how would open in the back anyway undrafted. Is it that really. Typical thing to try to gauge where that drafted hopefully within the next point Howard. There's going to be some kind of clear on you know if he had considered. Back to peace partner interest or he's been cleared of any wrong doing. Hopefully. You know that Cleveland Police Department Europe occupied by. On the subject of players who have had some trouble on their past Joseph mix in the it seems that a lot of people are coming around the fact that may be mixed in will be taken in the second round where do you have him going in how much does is off field. Issues still don't want him. You know it it by acting thing they're gonna be seen how hard line. You know between employment and say. Doesn't matter how well you are it doesn't matter. What she did she get anything about you were not address the they're going to be the king day. Three years ago show more settled they would be if you they've relief in a statement the past week in the being held the ball. And we feel like he's he's going companies in Japan guy who held the ball where we're gonna grab it. About the board in the back ground out it probably in the range of enter adding New Orleans Philadelphia. You know right there the apple where you maybe the 48. And I'll that would not apple when the picnic and look out on the court. That final question for you biggest surprise you could see happening in the first round I know that might be a surprise of a question for you say deed is second to process that are just keep talking to make it seem like it's a long windy question as I'm doing right now with the but if you see a big surprise shaking down at tomorrow's first round what do you think that my day. I think the biggest prize will be the brown trading up get it shouldn't be making sure they get OPEC they want out here and that they're the and it happened in the draft they have only pick they can lose this year next year I'm Vega a topic of the pick and brought up. They can look back to you might yet. You've got to get the guy that really that you. Follow him on Twitter at. NFL draft scout this is his time of year Matt Miller NFL draft lead writer for Bleacher Report check out his podcast the stick to football podcast new episodes each Wednesday. Episode one with mixture mystique you ready for episode two with a Ohio State's human joystick courtesy annual. Subscribe on iTunes or tune in Matt Miller were Jolo and his -- we know you're busy thank you so much for your time today good luck with everything tomorrow night with a four to catch up against him. I.