Matt Millen

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Monday, August 21st

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Matt Millen (Former Raider and 49er, Raiders Pre-Season Analyst) for a deep dive on pre-season football. 


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Matt Millen is there self. I know you weren't happy when you are watching it live in an egg you know they've good thing as you pointed out this is something they can sixth but boy they were playing like they were standing up and on ice skates on a dirt they get pushed around a lot of sentiment meant. I think because the the rams are not that offensive line is. OK it's not like you know college you played against cal. A couple of offensive lines much better so. The thing that really bothered me the most is I I don't like I said on the air. From a linebackers perspective. You have to strike people you know you have the strikeout and shock of and when you do that you can't do that with your hands. I. I've been studying it for a long time. I've had you know arguments and disagreements with guys. And it's just come down he got it if it's and I sit on aired have to be patient and not hands and face. And could you can shock you with the court your body. But you can't shock with your hands and then. If you're not in good hands strength and I fight well you're not gonna get an edge and then you're standing straight up and and that was what the it looked like. It's so it was it is. Yeah look yeah. Yeah yeah that's correct that's the biggest thing having Jeff Rowe gave. Up in this week in no small ball lower and and it's so what you constraint. Yeah one guy I know you were a little critical of us are is you're not leading with his with his face mask in his face and more Hussein was marked only. Yeah he's got to have issues in in space we we know that he got to get abused by the the tight end ever in space. But I I thought he was show up a little better in the run game not surely like to pre season games he's got a long way to go. But just as far as his run fits what what are you see and from the guy used to Wear your number five mark LT and. Yes so it's it's it's all right just so he knows re going that's the good thing he's believing his lies so that's that's a good thing. So that part is fine the other part is just it's just gonna take time though I mean just. You know it's new forum there's some habits that you have to break there's into it that you have to form. A lot of it is you know the physical part so it looks like he's willing to be that. So as long as you're willing to be viewed you've got a chance of as the guys who just don't wanna do it. I hate it appeared to be that guy so it's just going to be it's just gonna take some time and and yeah but there's a couple things in there like I said that the rates have been pretty good and actually. He's going to be better than people think in the passing game. He doesn't understand yet. His drops. He doesn't understand how to push to guys he doesn't understand there's a lot of things that he's got to learn and it's it's a big learning curve. But he'll he'll learn all that and then once she gets past the initial stage prop then. Then he'll learn how to cheat him and that's when they get pretty good. Matt Millen one of the greats middle linebackers in football certainly fortunate Super Bowl champion for the raiders the niners in the Washington Redskins joining us after the call on. Saturday in the afternoon light with pop and not take or 95 point seven a game I remember talking to you last year about Corey james' number 57 overall learning exactly. Who he is in what he can do we played on the lot at Colorado State they moved from the middle. Guys are playing will but Leino and the raiders just sobbed Utley brought in July Jacobs on Saturday. Matt I think Corey went to Mike so you're starting it will went to Mike and gives one a green dot helmet. Not a good news I think in the line backing core is how fast he is playing well what are the cat Cora Jane so far. I think Corey saying that the will is a good spot for I think he's got excellent speed. And he has closings but he. And so it's not like straight line speed to it is one of those guys when he sees something he bursts in you can you can see. And so I think that the guy I think he can get keeper I think he's pretty report. I think I keep the weak side help thinking of middle I think who well but I have enjoyed Jenkins has stuck he can't teach. He's got he's got them. He gets an instinct too and in Matt Beck comes pretty natural to and so I think that physicians you know we've just got to. We just think the presence in the middle that's going to be the biggest piece and no we say presence in the middle or not talking about like I thought better goes yeah he got high in. I jelly. Cilic got pushed relevant discuss surprising because he normally doesn't he was vetoed real low center of gravity. But. Don't think we'll get corrected. But you don't want to have. The like the center of your defense and he says we have to be strong in the middle. It it can't come from those two inside guys have got to come from the middle backer there's got to be a physical presence where you just. You know you're just not good people around. And I'm hopeful they can get that done and like I said he looks like he's willing. Pretty echo of the day the dogs are out who the ducks got a terrific. It's used salt would just thought. I would be embarrassed. At. We have much white as too little rat dog. And so there there are. Half Poodle and half I don't know what they are. But once why in one's red and direct one thing if you like 800 pound they need about five pounds. If that. It's really attack each other it was start like a birth. New Hampshire situation I think linebacker they just need that he's data for lunch. You're talking about you know how the raiders need to be strong in the middle sec going over to the offensive line. And you and I were talk generally get on the plane to drive a flight Arizona got on the bus to drive to the airport to fly. About the interior three that the raiders have now and it's it's the most expensive interviewed three obviously. If you gotta pay in so much at today's standards but combined Alexio assembly. Rodney Hudson gave Jackson a 159 million dollars in contracts. His all your years where there was with the raiders in your head up the you know Gene Upshaw and Ngo Ottawa's there before you. In dealer in Hewitt most bar than all the different visual right there. As a middle linebacker you're going up against that the middle of an offensive line can you ever call a more powerful group than the raiders have at left guard center director. No I I think. It's the biggest fight for its probably the most powerful point four. Because you're talking about three guys so the triumvirate is. Is much stronger in its totality that it was individually in this group now individually. I think I think Kate Jackson really good for I think it will. He looks like a guard now I mean he's he's been down. He says he only lost like fifteen pounds and that may be. But what he did with the rest of the body mass having issues and he looks muscular. In the upper body looked seven pages look the party told people around. Psychology. He shows up that. With that attitude anyway and so. And an Huck does mark where is east peace he's Smart he's strong he combinations well inside their axis. That's probably the best three interior guys. Maybe we've ever had I mean that's. You know what you are talking about it so what it was pops. And an LP and then maybe peeler on the other side. That would that would probably have been at. An and they thought we showed up at me. Doubled the it was you know it was a pro bowler as well also. This group though I think this might be. As high praise there's no question and Rodney you know being flanked by trilogy and once I gave Downey he's playing a little nastier than they needed earlier and his career. And that you bring in Marshawn Lynch union guy I guess I knew that I just forgot for a moment how hard he runs he took that first off tackle run Ayers line and the knees up to his chest and that Callas in the black Colin crazy and I loved your lie at the open of the broadcast referring to Marshawn Lynch Mandy is that tip of the spear. If your gonna gouge teams this year he's a pretty good tip of the spear handed. Really is I mean when you think about the old Romans prayers. He use. He is right at the very tip that thing and it. And the weight doesn't mean. Yeah he's kind of ego run through a lot of tackles. There's a lot of guys gonna bounce off him he's a hard guided not call bounce himself he's got great balance that's. And he's powerful and so. Riggans was bigger you know John it was a bigger purpose their styles are kind of similar. It looks like a little quicker than John but John was still fast. This is the smaller Reagan's just with. He has some. Some of his own attributes that are really. He is going to be special and I think here's a piece popped I think you can under sell. And that is his attitude. Will permeate that whole group. He's got that. You know he knows what it. And it knows that he's got great toughness. And that kind of that's gonna. Still law into the other group rest of the group they're they're gonna start collectively figure like that. And now open up past demons because when you get a good physical front of upfront. And then you start sort of ball replaced that's that's a tough combination of these. He talked to some of the guys that played within and Seattle like Bruce servant or even some of the guys that are still there I think it permeated on the other side of the ball and I think part of the reason is Seahawks were so tough. Defensively in such great tacklers as they just fed off T the attitude of these small delay he ran the ball there. You know it's or talk about that's the thing echoed in my mind is the super bored why the heck did they throw the football game in the back. That is now that I see if I didn't see I see him up close and gotten a normal little bit. That is that is blows my mind I would added I think it would tell. Are you flying to Dallas of that united sit next to each other no vote for academic because it was second down. The only way you can ensure balance for Belichick would know that you would troll. On third or fourth Downey had to throw the ball on second down which is the ball got intercepted the nightly page up the the pick random legalized. I've I wouldn't care what doubtless. Pick. Your little light. Are you like that's our Australian in the eastern Ellison's that in. Boston LLC. We get there. It's Matt Millen.